Based On The Knowledge You Have Gained In This Unit So Far, You Will Be Writing An Article About Essay Best Essay Help

Based on the knowledge you have gained in this unit so far, you will be writing an article about what life is like in Mexico City.

Please make sure the article is at least two pages, 12 point font, Times New Roman and double spaced. You must use at least two sources and cite them in MLA format.


Review Learning Resource 4 in the Week 4 Learning Resources module. Summarize what Sir Ken Robinson says is limiting public college essay help

Review Learning Resource 4 in the Week 4 Learning Resources module. Summarize what Sir Ken Robinson says is limiting public education in the US. Then, review Learning Resource 5 and review what the top educational systems in the world are doing. What practices could the United States adopt in order to improve its standing in the world?

Note: As an alternative route to access the articles: you can also see the learning resource week 4 mentioned above directly in the week 4 content>learning resources, item no. 4: Sir Ken Robinson TED interview 2018, and Learning Resource 5 also under the week 4 learning resources, item 3. Finland’s Revolutionary Educational System. 

2. Scholarly articles can be challenging to read. They contain high level language and scientific terminology. They include sections on statistics and include complicated graphs and tables that may not make any sense to you. To get some practice in wading through a scholarly article, select Learning Resource 6 or Learning Resource 7 and provide a response to the following items:

Note: you can also access the abovementioned articles directly under Content week 4>Learning Resources>items 6 and 7(Integrating Father Involvement by Pleck


Now that you have completed your decision matrix, you will discuss your decision-making process and how you have used online essay help: online essay help

Now that you have completed your decision matrix, you will discuss your decision-making process and how you have used the matrix. For this discussion, you should NOT post your matrix but rather use it as a tool to evaluate your business. In your initial post, address the following:

Explain how you could use the matrix in a different business/technology scenario. Give an example.
What was the most challenging part of applying this matrix to the final project?
What recommendations would you make to change your project, given some of the challenges you faced?


pages, double-spaced. Quote from the text to support your arguments. If you use outside sources of information, quote them, and cite the sources about the ” tale of sinuhe” college application essay help

In the writing make sure you answers the following questions: Does The Tale of Sinuhe indicate that obedience to the institution of monarchy is even more important than obedience to any individual monarch? If so, what are the deeper implications of this unspoken priority for Sinuhe as a character – as well as The Tale’s early readers as Egyptians? If this is not the case, what other lesson might The Tale offer about the relationship between the individual, the institution of kingship, and individual kings?


First Draft // Via googledocs February 15 // 3-4 pages Final draft is February 22 in class, typed up essay help free: essay help free

First Draft // Via googledocs February 15 // 3-4 pages
Final draft is February 22 in class, typed up
Final Length: 6.5- pgs / Times New Roman sz 12 MLA double space
PRE pedagogy research paper / two scholars
Research must be recent! 2000 (1990 being earliest date)
Research Paper #1
One Scholar from Class:
Wendy Bishop – expressivist
James Murphy / Horner – History of Writing Instruction *
Vershawn Ashanti Young – Constructivist
Stanley Fish – Current Traditionalist
Michael J. Clark – Alternative ? NOW WHAT? Article // anti CTP

One scholar directly associated with the other scholar:
Anna Leahy- WB
Trent Hergenader – World building and digital media
Doug Hesse – CTP / Expressivist
Jason Palmeri – Remixing Composition // digital / virtual / creative pedagogy
Stephanie Vanderslice –
bell hooks – codemeshing / construcv
Audre Lorde construcv
John Cage – expressivist
Derek Owens – no reading in the writing classroom!
W.EB. Dubois – double consciousness
John McWhorter – LINGUIST txting is a language
Your goal is to focus on one particular pedagogy/pedagogical theory/pedagogical history.

You might explore the benefits of a pedagogy, alternatives to a pedagogy, one scholar’s (or two scholars’ contribution to the pedagogy.

You might examine curriculums from specific states in connection to pedagogies.

You might review the pedagogies most dominant in your education and analyze the learning styles experienced and seek to develop growth.
You might examine a particular syllabus from a current or past course and discuss the means by which the literature supports or does not support particular pedagogies.



Your feedback should be a minimum of 100 words in length for each classmate. Make clear in your reply essay help: essay help

Your feedback should be a minimum of 100 words in length for each classmate. Make clear in your reply that you are giving feedback on blog post 1, as replies providing feedback for future blog posts will be done in the same place.

Your feedback should focus on helping your classmates forward with their topics. You could choose one option the author has provided and then recommend it based on some of the below criteria. Or you could provide a little feedback on each option the author has provided. Or anything in between. Here are some questions that may help guide your feedback:

Which option do you find most interesting and why?

Which topics or questions do you think are the most controversial and problematic?

Which topics or questions do you think are the most significant for the community?

Does the topic or question focus on joins or starting a conversation (via web article)?

Which topics or questions seem most manageable for a class research project in terms of scope and resources?

How interesting and original do you find the topics or questions? Why?

How can the author make the topics or questions more complex?

Should the author narrow or expand the scope of one or more of these? How?

Does the focus of the topics or questions need to be “tweaked”? How?
The classmate blog is:

A community is a commonality among a group of people.

I am a part of many communities including being a part of the military, a marine biology major, a female in STEM, and the college student community; and the list goes on and on.

The two communities that I belong to that stand out the most are the military and the marine biology major.

Being a part of the military is a very particular lifestyle. You start by talking to a recruiter, finding out what job suits you, and going to basic training. From basic training you are disciplined and taught to act, speak, and behave in very particular ways. From here, you are sent to your first duty station – another very intimidating thing. Then, your life is filled with years and years of work in the discipline you were put in with possible deployments and TDY’s (temporary duty stations). All very difficult things to deal with. Years and years of this becomes a lifestyle. Standing outside saluting if in uniform while the national anthem plays at 5 PM and again at 9 PM and again at 7 AM the next morning. Again, it is a very particular lifestyle. So, when someone leaves the military, how do they adjust to a life outside the military? In other words, how do veterans struggle to adjust to civilian life after leaving the military?

Well, the first and biggest thing is knowing where to start. Where do you live? What job do you do? How do you set goals for yourself? This can be very difficult for someone who spent most of their life in a position of being told where to go and what to do. Some veterans can struggle with direction.

Marine Biology is a highly underfunded and very important aspect of today’s world. With climate change and pollution as two of the world’s largest issues, marine biology is directly correlated. So, how does climate change affect coral reefs, and why are coral reefs so important?

Climate change is essentially a change in climate patterns that causes increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; produced by the use of fossil fuels. These changes in the atmosphere can prove fatal to ecosystems across the world (Anthony, 2020). All ecosystems are dependent upon the coral reef species and some places like Jamaica, are mourning the death of 95% of their coral reefs (Neufville, 1998). Without these coral reefs, ecosystems across the globe will suffer from the changes that will take place in aquatic ecosystems (Wepener, 2020). According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “Fishes and other organisms shelter, find food, reproduce, and rear their young in corals” and “…restoring corals can change the trajectory of an entire ecosystem” (2019). These are some of the few issues that coral reefs are facing making it apparent for these coral reefs to be protected.



week3 d1 college essay help near me

Exchange Rate Fluctuations Discussion Forum [WLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4]

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapters 6 and 7 of the text.

A company makes an export sale denominated in a foreign currency and allows the customer one month to pay. Under the two-transaction perspective, accrual approach, how does the company account for fluctuations in the exchange rate for the foreign currency? Why might a company prefer a foreign currency option rather than a forward contract in hedging a foreign currency firm commitment? Why might a company prefer a forward contract over an option in hedging a foreign currency asset or liability?


week 3 dis 2 college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Foreign Currency Translation Discussion Forum [WLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] [CLO: 5]

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapters 6 and 7 of the text.

What are the two major conceptual issues that must be resolved in translating foreign currency financial statements? What factors create a balance sheet (or translation) exposure to foreign exchange risk? How does balance sheet exposure compare with transaction exposure?


Write a 2-3 page paper on a business-related court case that is relevant to tort law. Introduction When one essay help free

Write a 2-3 page paper on a business-related court case that is relevant to tort law.


When one party damages another party, in a non-criminal context, the aggrieved party is entitled to restitution. This is one of the most important concepts of tort law. In other words, making a party legally responsible for damages is the main purpose of tort law. A judge or jury will attempt to determine exactly what needs to be done when an aggrieved party can demonstrate damages, and what those damages should be in order to return the aggrieved party to the state that they were in prior to the alleged action. Of course, no one can go back in time and change what happened; therefore, damages are always paid in the form of money.

One reason why torts are important in a business context is that virtually all commercial enterprises deal with the public by providing products, services, or other commercially relevant activity. Unfortunately, consumers often suffer harm due to unintentional (or, rarely, intentional) damages caused by faulty products or negligent services.

Criminal penalties cannot be attached to business entities. If a crime is committed, the government charges specific individuals within the corporation who may be responsible, not the business entity. Yet, society recognizes that businesses, out of negligence, ignorance, or malfeasance, may cause injury to another party. Tort law imposes standards by which such injured parties can seek recompense from the corporation in civil court. Whereas an entire corporate entity cannot be tried in a criminal court, it can be a defendant in a civil court. Keep in mind that there is a significant difference between tort law and criminal law. Criminal penalties could be applied to individuals if there is evidence of an illegal motive or criminal negligence. Torts, on the other hand, typically involve negligence, which is a breach of a duty of care.


Tort law is based on the notion that if one party harms another intentionally or by being careless or reckless (“negligent”), then the aggrieved party may be entitled to restitution and be made “whole.” In some cases, there is strict liability, as in cases of defective products. If a product is found to be inherently unsafe or defective, strict liability is imposed; “strict” means that neither intent nor negligence needs to be proven.

Sometimes, a tort may also be a crime, as in the case of assault. Such a case can be brought both civilly and criminally. Here, we are only concerned with civil court cases. The court (using a judge or jury as fact-finder) will attempt to determine what damages are appropriate where a tort has been committed.

A court will attempt to determine exactly what needs to be done when an aggrieved party can demonstrate damages, and what those damages should be, in order to return a party to its state prior to the alleged action. This remedy is almost always money because, in reality, no one can go back and undo the wrongful action.


The first step in preparing your case law analysis is to locate a published court decision and select an organization you believe would be impacted by the decision.


Once you have selected a decision and an organization impacted by the decision, assume you’re a senior manager in the organization you selected and that you were asked to prepare an analysis of the court decision and brief the executive team of the organization about the impact the case might have on the company. Your briefing should include a summary of the case, as well as an evaluation of how the court’s decision impacts the organization from a business, legal, and ethical perspective. Be sure to list your case citation in the References page at the end of your briefing.

Step 1: Exhibit information literacy skills as applied to business law.

Identify the court, the parties who are before the court, and the date of the decision.
Ensure that your briefing provides an accurate context in terms of who brought the lawsuit and the outcome of the case.
Report research from a recognized authority that adds insight into the meaning, history, or impact of the case with relevant legal research from credible databases or online sources.
Step 2: Summarize the facts and ruling of a legal case and its impact on businesses.

Provide a brief background and context associated with the case. Summarize the facts in no more than 1-2 paragraphs.
Identify the specific disagreement between the parties. Was there a dissenting opinion? If so, explain it.
Summarize the court’s ruling, including its rationale.
Analyze the impact of the case on businesses, including both negative and positive impacts.
Step 3: Explain how the court decision impacts legal and ethical compliance in a business environment.

Identify the ethical and legal implications for a business that were suggested by the court’s decision.
Discuss whether or not the conduct of a party in the case was ethical or unethical.
Propose and explain an ethical theory that describes why a party’s conduct was ethical or unethical.
Step 4: Explain how a legal case could impact a specific organization not a party to the case.

Explain the impact of the court’s decision on your selected organization. In light of the court’s ruling, how might the executive team of the organization make future decisions or policy?
Additional Requirements
Based on your executive audience, your executive briefing should be no more than three pages, in addition to a References page, and should be well organized and written in clear, succinct language. Follow APA rules for attributing content to sources that support your analysis and conclusions.

Your submission should meet the following requirements:

Written communication: Write in complete sentences free from errors that detract from the overall message.
Font and font size: Arial, 12 point.
Format and length: Double-spaced, 2-3 pages.
Citations: Include complete citations of your sources along with a References page. Review Evidence and APA for more information on how to cite your sources.