At-Risk Factors For Youth In Alberta

In one of the provinces of Canada called Alberta, the protection of children and young adults is serious, and the level of at-risk occasions is insignificant. However, one of the massive problems that might influence the youth of the location and their future is an environmental disaster. For instance, global warming and lack of resources do not allow young people to predict their future and make certain plans. Moreover, these factors influence the general health condition of the Earth’s population. The province of Alberta has a specific website where the governmental authorities post different interventions and show how the plans are executed to protect the youth from unexpected events (Alberta). The changes in the environmental conditions are not the key problems that the experts face in this area, and more attention is paid to the problem of sexual abuse and parental neglect (Alberta). The number of cases is not significant in this part of the country, but authorities believe that parents should not underestimate this issue and detect the problem in the early stages of its development.

3 Several interventions aim to improve the young’s quality of life in Canada. For instance, according to Alberta, there is a program called “Child Abuse Hotline,” which provides parents and their children with an emergency phone number to help prevent the risk factor. Moreover, an intervention known as the “Office of the Child and Youth Advocate” provides a vulnerable part of society with a lawyer who can help defend their rights. Children advocates understand the psychology of young people and can find the right approaches to solve the existing problems (OCYA). The chart presents the services of the organization by their importance, where 1 is the most important aspect of the intervention according to OCYA.

Services of the office of the child and youth advocate

British Columbia is one of the famous provinces of Canada, but it faces several problems in the children’s protection process. The level of crimes in this region among young people is increasing due to the lack of high-quality education (Public Safety Canada). Children from the age of 12 to 17 commit different types of crimes like burglary or killing (BC Children’s Hospital). They also state that parents do not want their children to live in this location due to the increased risk of beings abused by others. Consequently, British Columbia experiences a lack of professional workers in different industries like healthcare and education. This issue raises an additional problem identified during COVID-19 when the percentage of child deaths increased rapidly (BC Children’s Hospital). The authorities of the province have managed to apply several interventions to solve this massive problem.

COVID-19 intervention

25% For instance, source selection intervention was produced to ensure that healthcare workers find the right treatments for the child’s symptoms of COVID and understand the difference between adults. Also, an important program called “COVID-19 resources for parents and children” was created to give potential patients an understanding of the problem in full detail and avoid restricted events during lockdowns (Public Safety Canada). This regulation has allowed children to avoid bullying while returning to school by conducting online interaction classes. Moreover, because an increasing percentage of children in the British Columbia province have psychological disorders, the intervention helped decrease the possibility of the increasing problem by allowing children to have informal communication during lessons and breaks. The program also included other information regarding life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The chart clearly shows four main interventions during the disease which have equal importance in this global issue provided by the governmental source called Public Safety Canada.


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