Assignment 4: Psychological Disorders And The Movies Purpose: The Purpose Is To Help You Identify And Apply Psychological Concepts In Terms Of Psychological Disorders And/or Treatment In Movies Pr Cheap Essay Help

Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors and provide in-text citations and reference any of your sources using APA format
Watch one of the movies listed below and discuss the main characters and/or plot line in terms of psychological disorders and/or treatment. (Some of the movies portray several characters struggling with a disorder; you need to focus only on the one or two that most interests you.) 
Movie Options: These movies have been previewed and pre-selected for their content and relevance; please do not make your own substitutions:
A Beautiful Mind (Psychosis)
As Good as It Gets (Anxiety Disorder)
Benny and Joon (Psychosis)
Clean and Sober (Substance Related Disorder)
The Deer Hunter (Stress Disorder)
The Fisher King (Variety of Disorders)
Gia (Substance Related / Mood Disorder)
Girl Interrupted (Variety of Disorders)
Off the Map (Mood Disorder)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Variety of Disorders)
Ordinary People (Mood Disorder)
Rachel at the Wedding (Substance Related Disorders)
Sybil (Stress Disorder)
Three Faces of Eve (Stress Disorder)
Transamerica (Gender Identity Disorder)
Twenty-eight Days w/ Sandra Bullock (Substance Related Disorders)
What about Bob? (Anxiety Disorder)
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Address the following questions:
➢ What psychological disorder was illustrated in this film? Did the person meet the criteria for “abnormal” in this portrayal?
➢ What symptoms of mental illness did you see in the movie? After considering typical symptoms and behaviors for this disorder, determine the extent to which you believe this was a realistic portrayal of this disorder.
➢ Were any causal factors for the character’s disorder suggested in the film? If so, which ones?
➢ What types of treatment, if any, did the person in the film receive? Provide specific examples. Based on what you’ve learned, is this form typical for individuals with this disorder? Why or why not?
➢ What impact did the person’s disorder have on others in his/her life? Do you think the impact was realistically portrayed? Why or why not?
➢ After viewing the movie, what do you think it would be like to live with this mental illness?
➢ What was your overall reaction to the movie and how mental illness was portrayed?
➢ This assignment is worth a possible 100 points


Overview: The current Administration’s Build Back Better Plan proposes several changes that are intended to help working class Americans. Instructions: Review the Plan and address the questions below. best college essay help

Review the Plan and address the questions below. Your responses need to be supported by relevant well-researched facts.
1. What are the major changes proposed in the Plan?
2. What is the projected impact on our GDP?
3. How will the changes benefit you personally?
4. If you feel that it will not benefit you personally, please state that in your response
and explain why.
5. Who benefits from the changes in the Plan?
6. Does it favor one group over another?
One possible resource – please use more:
The White House Statements and Releases (October 28th, 2021). President Biden
announces the build-back better framework.
• 7 pages minimum excluding the Title and Reference pages.
• Submit a Word document in APA format.
• At least three resources and all relevant facts are properly cited in APA format.


Each week, beginning in Unit 3, you will create drafted PowerPoint slides representing each piece of Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas (BMC) and how your new business is designed to function. After essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

After getting instructor feedback you are able to revise your slides for the final submission of the presentation in Unit 8.
• PowerPoint Slide Deck – The deck will be comprised of 14 slides including: the first blank (white) slide, an introduction slide, one slide per element (total of 9 elements), a summary slide, a reference slide, and a final blank (white) slide.
• Complete, supporting notes representing each slide – Each slide will have the Notes section completed with at least two cited references detailing the individual element of the BMC as it represents your business. Your grade, in part, will be based on the completeness and thoroughness of each slide’s Notes section.
• Be sure to include your name and email on the bottom of each slide.
• Presentation must utilize APA citation methods.


WEEK 2 QUESTION 2 essay help



 Module 2 DQ 2Apr 28-May 2, 2022

If an action is considered ethical in one society or culture but unethical in another how do you determine if the action is ethical or unethical? Explain.


The Final Project will include a 4-5 pp  evaluating and analyzing an investment topic of interest to you. This topic college essay help near me: college essay help near me

The Final Project will include a 4-5 pp  evaluating and analyzing an investment topic of interest to you. This topic should add value to the final program paper you develop in your capstone course. This will demonstrate the knowledge, comprehension, application, and analytical skills you acquired over this course. I would love to have something related to Elon Musk and his decision of trying to buy Twitter as an example of Strategic Valuation. 


Final Paper(Book) Precious essay help free: essay help free

Final Research Paper (APA Format) 

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Patrick Lencioni 

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Ben Horowitz 

What you do is who you are: Ben Horowitz 

First Break all the Rules, Jim Harter, Marcus Buckingham 

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Workbook: John Maxwell 

Please choose one of the books listed above and complete a 5 – 8 page book report focus on the essential skills needed to become a better leader and effective manager. Requirements:  5 – 8 pages; double-spaced; 10-12 point font.  APA style citations of sources require reference page.  This is a graduate level academic Paper. The structure of the paper is up to you but remember to write to academic and/or professional standards.


Prompt: What does the climax of the film reveal about human nature and human society? Length: 1000-1400 words of essay essay help free

Prompt: What does the climax of the film reveal about human nature and human society? Length: 1000-1400 words of essay (not counting the works cited page) Sources: Required to use the primary source (the film) and at least four (4) secondary/research sources for a total of five (5) sources Quotes: Required from the primary source (the film) and at least four (4) secondary/research sources for a total of five (5) sources Works Cited Page: Required to include the primary source and at least four (4) secondary/research sources for a total of five (5) sources


this assignment, you should discuss major changes to the Intel Community (IC) and how it affects its mission to support the POTUS. 1. Provide a short overview of the major changes the IC has undergone. 2. Examine the impact to the IC mission ability to support the POTUS. 3. Discuss additional changes you would recommend. college essay help online: college essay help online

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Paper length is 8-10 pages. 2. This paper must include at least 8 references. 3. The cover page needs to include this statement: By submitting this assignment, I attest this submission represents my own work, and not that of another student, scholar, or internet source. I understand I am responsible for knowing and correctly utilizing referencing and bibliographical guidelines. 4. The paper will use APA format. 5. Sources of information from Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedia will not be accepted. 6. Biblical based topical analysis and biblical integration needs to be specific to the subject with a depth that is greater than a general Christian worldview. Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


This is a comprehensive assessment and will count as 20% of your grade in this course. Use the resources and skills you have learned throughout this course thus far to start on the assessment. This a essay help

Use the resources and skills you have learned throughout this course thus far to start on the assessment.  This assessment is due by November 29th and you can work on it throughout the course and submit when you are ready.  You may submit it twice to receive additional feedback.  The third submission is your final submission.
You have been tasked with building a PC from scratch for a user named Joe.  Joe will be using this PC for high end gaming along with everyday tasks such as e-mail and web browsing.  Cost is not a constraint, but Joe would like the best bargain he can get.  Write a report detailing what you recommend for each component of the system and why.  Note that the details of the scenario are left deliberately vague.  Have some fun with this!  Design a top end system for the best price you can get.  Be creative!
In the below list, the first part of each item is the PC component, and it is followed by its specifications that need to be included in your report.  For instance, first in the list is the PC component “Operating System.”  It is followed by its specifications of which version of Windows you are choosing and either 64 or 32 bit.  
Make sure and address the following components and their specifications:
Operating System
System Board
Video Card- performance, compatibility with system board, output ports
Power Supply
Data Storage
Input/Output Ports and Cables
Requirements and details:
-At least four pages long (it can be longer) double spaced using Arial 12 point font and 1 inch margins.  Note that the title of the document and any header will NOT be counted as part of the length.
-Provide links to all PC components you are recommending (this doesn’t count towards the length).  See the