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Introduction The fire safety teams are mainly responsible for reducing death casualties and injuries from fire, promote fire prevention activities in sectors that are most vulnerable within the community and effectively respond to national emergencies and disasters. However, there is need for greater decentralization, localism and favorable conditions that will help achieve greater and better results other than providing effective service to communities they serve.

This is achievable if a wide range of programs and projects are undertaken to provide the much needed support. England has46 FRAs (Fire and Rescue Authorities) used in the delivery of fire and rescue services. They often differ in terms of structure and size (Lancashire Fire Rescue Service 2011).

The Role of the Fire and Rescue Service In England, some of the key projects that the Fire and Rescue service are taking forward include: Fitting and properly maintaining smoke alarms to add to life safety; undertaking campaigns on dangers of fires, prompting fire-safer cigarettes. Efforts are also underway to introduce reduced ignition cigarettes in Europe. For example, tobacco manufacturers in the UK are involved in the implementation of procedures to ensure that they comply with the new test methods and safety standards.

This is estimated to save at least between 25 and 65 lives per year in England; manage financial frameworks in a fair and ethical manner to ensure that funding is available to enhance delivery of services; help in making informed policies on fire safety to reduce societal and economic costs of fire. Implementing and applying Regulatory reforms/ orders on fire safety in domestic and non domestic dwellings.

Conduct risk based audit programs in occupied and crown owned premises, Carry out research to get statistical data that informs policy formulation and revision of fire safety rules; and to provide fire related training to public and private sector agencies as well as other members of the public (Department of Communities and Local Government 2011).

All these efforts cannot be achieved by the government single handedly because of the needed insights and expertise, making it important to maintain partnerships with local fire and rescue services. Implementation of tailored interventions that are specific to the needs and aspirations of local communities can be achieved if the government works with other groups involved in public safety delivery because they are better placed and linked to deliver safety outcomes that are locally sustainable.

It is important to ensure that the safety of the community is guaranteed even during challenging times. This is in order to ensure that the available resources are shared adequately. Furthermore, there is also the need to work hand in hand with local agencies in order to not only identify, but also target the most vulnerable groups in the community.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The scope of work done by Fire Rescue Services should be recognized for its importance at the national and International level because they also respond to International Catastrophes like the recent devastating earthquake in New Zealand.

Road Trank Generic Risk Assessment This is a guide to addressing generic risks and hazards that relate to control measures when fire rescue teams are carrying out their duties. The road transport system doe not only differ in nature, but is complex as well, and as such, it becomes very hard to maintain and update local knowledge. For the same reason, the FRS requires to periodically update their local knowledge so that their operational plans are always current. Undertaking specific risk assessments assists in developing mitigation and control measures.

Significant hazards and risks when using Roads When attending to incidences on the transport systems, fire and rescue personnel face a significant number of risks and hazards which include: operational imperatives at the scene of the incident caused by the pressure to act fast and immediately from the large crowds that gather.

They may also have limited experience in the team making it hard to adequately address the problem. Resources, training and experience may be limited but they are still expected to save life.

Besides, moving rail vehicles may strike personalities working on or near the rail system if the vehicles are moving at a very high speed. The rescue can also be affected by existing weather conditions, topography of the surrounding area, and time of the day and track geometry. In addition, as vehicles move, air turbulence is created forming an area of low pressure adjacent to carriages causing a danger of sucking people towards it.

Vehicles driven by electrical traction current build up momentum that allows them to travel a significant distance even after power is shut down or even if the traction current is removed. Collision hazard is therefore caused because these vehicles are still moving. Electricity, diesel, steam and battery are some of the traction powers used in rail transport and may be drawn from low level electrified fields.

Severe death or injury may occur if people accidentally get into contact with electrified rails. Unearthed, overhead line equipments may recoil and remain electrically charged posing a threat to human life. Goods on transit like gas pipes and electrical appliances are also likely to be a hazard if appropriate measures are not taken.

We will write a custom Report on Assessing the Significance of Risk management in Relation to Fire and Rescue Service specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) In DRA, the assessment of risk is done before, during and after execution of an operation. Before executing a DRA, benefits versus risks must be evaluated and this system applies in situations that are unpredictable and if the risk environment changes rapidly. It also provides a consistent approach of assessing risks (Wilder 1997, 95).

Mitigation Measures Personnel should be trained adequately to enable them deal with hazards and

Risks associated with transport systems. Level and nature of training should be informed by operational and individual needs based on Integrated Personal Development System, National Occupational Standards and any internal training plan. Trainings should move from simple to more complex tasks and structured to move from areas of lower to higher risk.

The trainings should adhere to the principles set out in the guidance documents. Standard operational standards should be adhered to and proper understanding of how to handle equipment is important. Provide Continuous professional development to maintain skills and update personnel on new strategies. Outcomes should also be evaluated to ensure that the training is effective and meet the existing operational plans (Wilder 1997, pp. 96-97).

Operational hazards for Fire Rescuers

Fire rescuers operate in hazardous and dynamic environments ranging from fire, road collisions, biological hazards, chemicals, water, radiation, acts of terrorism and heights. Statics have shown that effective partnerships with other local agencies are important in tackling the other needs of the community including floods. It is therefore important for the fire rescue service team to work with all stakeholders in forming an operational guidance and formulate a scope, specifications as well as recommendations.

How fire fighters are kept safe

Fire fighters are always encounter dangerous situations thus the need to use protective equipment and tools that help them accomplish their duty of protecting people’s lives. They put on turnout pants that are attached to boots for faster dressing in an emergency. In order to protect firemen from extreme cold or heat, they wear 3 layered jackets.

The hoods to these jackets are also fire resistant. They also put on colour coded helmets that are durable, safe and fire resistant. They put on heat and fire resistant gloves made from high performance fibers like leather and rubber. They also have breathing apparatus that they use to protect themselves from inhalation of smoke and dangerous gases.

For purposes of chopping, use is made of both the flat-head and pick-head axes. The halligan finds use in breaking of windows, tearing walls down, and opening of doors. Telescopic ladders also help fire fighters to reach inaccessible areas.

Principles and Application of Integrated Risk Management: Community Perspective

It is the community’s expectation that emergency services will provide appropriate control measures against all risks identified in risk assessments. It is an emerging trend for members of the public to seek compensation and punishment for negligent organizations that fail to deliver their duties. In the UK, the Local Government Act of 1999 is a legal imperative used to ensure that the process is transparent and comprehensible (London Fire Brigade 2011).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Assessing the Significance of Risk management in Relation to Fire and Rescue Service by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Publication of performance indicators also helps in scrutinizing the performance of fire service. This initiative positively encourages a holistic approach when handling risks related to life, property, environment as well as economy not forgetting the fire fighters themselves. Integrated risk management relates to service delivery relating to risk identification, provision and use of resources/skill requirement and competent and safe control of risks.

Risk management process can be done by: utilizing a generic approach that assumes that certain types of population or premise pose similar risks; individually risk assessing a single premise and drawing conclusions that are site specific; and evaluating historical data to obtain an area view or combine all the factors.

Risk assessment is the evaluation of available level of risk. It involves risk analysis as well as evaluation. Most of the assessment is qualitative because they rely on a person’s professional judgment based on their knowledge, perception and experience.

Risk analysis helps in determining if the existing risk controls are effective and also identify Acceptable risks and those that demand action. The sources of risk, possible consequences and the probability of occurrence are identified and compared with the existing control measures.

Risk evaluation refers to the magnitude of risk depending on the nature of environment whether built or non-built. Evaluations can be quantified and expressed numerically or descriptively. The results help in putting in place control measures and stir further action.

Risk control helps in coming up with an option range that will be effective in controlling risks. It involves assessing options, developing risk control plans and implementing them. This helps in learning from previous occurrences and identifying ways of improving the system. Uncertainties always exist when carrying out risk assessments but this does not give an opportunity for one to ignore taking action. A list of further action and control must be done and the risk control process applied.

Assessing Risks, Determining the Level of Risk and How Control Measures are specified

Changes in environmental conditions, physical and chemical processes helps in determining the level of fire spread in a building. The pattern of fire development is likely to be uncertain due to multiple interactions of processes. Uncertainties are also caused by unreliable systems used in fire detection, suppression and confinement other than behavior of people in such incidences.

Rationality should exist to deal with the random nature of fire risks and come up with effective safety measures. The probability of fire risk can be quantified by identifying possibilities of a fire staring and identifying the possible extent of damage (London Fire Brigade, 2011).

Factors Leading to Specific Risks in the Workplace and the Role of Health and Safety Legislation Untrained Staff

It is important to train all employees in a company on fire safety instead of placing all the responsibility on one person who might be specifically hired to undertake these duties. Continuous professional development on fire regulations and equipment is also important so that people can easily identify potential risks and take the necessary precautions.

Although it is a legal requirement that all companies should hire a highly competent person who is responsible for personnel and property, it is important for all employees to shelter the responsibility. Investing in such training motivates and makes employees more efficient and this in turn reduces the risks.


Companies should not just meet the relevant legal requirements on safety, providing higher standards of safety for large stocks of goods or materials are very important. For example fitting warehouses with sprinklers would reduce the extent of damage to goods and keep staff safe.

Cleaning storage areas on a regular basis helps in avoiding the risk of flammable materials, objects and chemicals from piling up. This includes paper and wood shavings. Dead ends that are longer than 15 meters should be avoided in storage areas and staff should be familiar with all exit points.

Inadequate fire equipment

Strict regulations that dictate the type of fire fighting equipment that should be used based on the potential risks of a premise. Where electrical equipments are many, CO2 fire extinguishers should be available and not water-based because they enhance the fire.

Regulations relating to fire blankets, smoke alarms and extinguishers should be strictly observed; all equipment should function properly and meet the industry standards apart from being replaced regularly. Carrying out comprehensive audits on one’s premises can fairly and easily solve major fire risks as long as people understand and cooperate (Hattangadi


Shakespeare’s Othello, the Moor of Venice Research Paper online essay help: online essay help

“Is Iago purely evil, or is Othello incredibly gullible? How does such a strong (or gullible) man become trapped in such plotting?”

Othello, the Moor of Venice is a tragic play written at around 1603 by William Shakespeare, which addresses the encounters of Othello, the protagonist. Othello is a Venetian military general and who falls prey of Iago’s devious schemes, which are triggered by jealousy, deceit and quest for power (Hundley 4).

Shakespeare’s Iago is amoral character who drafts devious plans to lure others into his vengeance mission. Equivocally, I ago is a significant character who participates greatly in Othello’s misfortune. He is also accountable for Emilia, Roderigo and protagonist deaths. He contributes to plot development in the play in that he relates to other characters significantly.

His most important role is to accomplish the tragedy of Othello, which brings out the themes of hatred, envy and vengeance. In addition, he distinguishes Othello’s character and that of Desdemona to expose dramatic irony for the audience to be occupied (Kolin 8).

Is Iago purely evil? Yes. His inherent evilness is seen when Iago makes friends to hate each other by taking advantage of their trust toward him. To attain his mission, he uses their worries and anxieties to “make the net that shall emesh them all” (Shakespeare II. iii. 321-2). His evil motives are mostly a soliloquy that are never attained and becomes forgotten entirely. His scheme is initiated when he desires Cassio’s position of lieutenancy, which he wanted to be his.

He is envious of him and claims that he deserves and will fit into that position. Therefore, he plots a scheme to deceive, rob and eventually kill Cassio to fit in his lieutenant position. He aspires to replace Cassio’s work as a lieutenant by taking advantage of Desdemona’s naivety. He dishonors Cassio by inciting him to finish Roderigo and free him the lieutenant position when he states that “Cassio, I love thee, But nevermore be officer of mine” (Shakespeare II.iii.242-244). As a result Cassio was become unaware of the outcome.

Iago’s devious plans persist when he tactfully makes Othello to believe that his wife, Desdemona, is cheating on him with Cassio even without any evidence to show for it. Iago accomplishes this mission by ensuring that Othello’s thoughts concentrates on the fact that he is being cheated on, an aspect that leads to his tragedy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Othello instead fall into his scheme and his furry makes him hate his wife whom she doesn’t believe. Significantly, Iago awards Othello with the evil thought that he could kill his wife Desdemona, which will accomplish Iago’s vengeance mission (Hankey 5).

His devious plan is manifested when he claims that Iago had had an affair with Emilia, Iago’s life. To ascertain this fact, Othello points out that “And it is thought abroad that t’wixt my sheets/ He’s done my office” I know not if’t be true/ But I, for mere suspicion in that kind; / Will do as if for surety”(Shakespeare I.iii.381-385). Iago’s paranoia is tremendous to an extent that his insanity is portrayed when he deludes Othello to kill his own wife.

As if that is not enough, Iago robs his friend Roderigo. He uses the funds awarded to him by Roderigo to entice Desdemona. On noticing that Iago kept the money for himself, Roderigo makes threats to Iago and becomes furious about his actions. Unexpectedly, when Roderigo is informed of the scheme to entice Desdemona, his mind is eroded to forget about the money and instead, kill Cassio, whom Iago is envious of and is supposedly having an affair with Desdemona (Hankey 8).

These instances show that Iago has no conscious and therefore amoral, as depicted through his actions. He is deceptive to his wife and friends, which emphasize his evilness. He is tactful in carrying out his schemes, which however portrays his diabolical capability allowing him to erode his friends and his fife’s thoughts.

His intellectual ability is astonishing to the reader since he achieves and gets away with his devious schemes. He is able to win over other’s thoughts by targeting their desires through twisting, playing and eventually brainwashing their psychological power. These instances clearly portray Iago as having no conscience therefore, purely evil (Hundley 5).

Is Othello incredibly gullible? Yes. Othello on the other hand is a gullible character unlike Iago, who falls into the trap of Iago and falls into prey of his evil tactics. Othello’s character is dynamic having been a villain in the beginning and.

His jealousness is exposed after Iago deceives him to become vengeful and kill his wife. Othello angrily point out that “`Damn her, lewd minx! O, damn her, damn her! Come go with me part. I will withdraw To furnish me with some swift means of death. For the fair devil. Now are the my lieutenant’” (Shakespeare I. iii. 122).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Shakespeare’s Othello, the Moor of Venice specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This susceptibility and jealousness causes his tragedy. Othello’s weaknesses is exposed by the allegedly wife’s infidelity which he takes as being unclean and disgusting. This is because he observes sex as a unifying force which bloats his paranoia. Iago’s quest to become powerful is manifest as he pursues to destroy Othello who is a Venetian military general since he is envious of his status. Iago in disbelieve wonders how easy it is to brainwash Othello and even appreciates how easy it was to do so (Kolin 203).

How does such a strong (or gullible) man become trapped in such plotting? To start with, Othello falls short of knowledge on brewing power and is therefore doomed to fail. He is in the military as a general and therefore has authority over war such as the Turkish fleet, an aspect which should be reflected in his life but fails to (Vaughan 35).

Othello’s faults indicate that his tragic end is justifiable although he did not deserve it. Being a ‘god of war’ he should have done better than having his several flaws dictates his tragic end. By doing this Shakespeare achieves the reader’s sympathy towards the protagonist.

In addition, Othello lives in his own world since he has distinct race and culture since he is not conversant with traditions in Venetian women and even marries Desdemona irrespective of her father’s disapproval. Besides, He takes women as being holy or as being filthy based on their degree of fidelity. His naivety is reflected as he does not believe his wife since he has witnessed her deceive her father before, a deception that she allegedly transfers to the matrimonial bed.

Moreover, Othello has immature communication skills leave alone his expression of personal thoughts, aspects which exaggerate his inadequacy. He says to Brabantio and Duke that “Rude am I in my speech and little blessed with the soft phrase of peace (Shakespeare 1.ll. 81-82)….. And little of this great world can I speak, More than pertains to feats of broil and battle (Shakespeare 1. ll. 86-87).

He uses violence instead of persuasion when addressing women and murders his wife for a single unproved reason of infidelity. This indicate Othello is unable to multitask and has no flexibility of reason as he trusts Iago, since he has proven to be sincere and friendly as well as being loyal to Emilia His wife.

He does not conduct introspection to evaluate his inner self but believes Iago’s incitement and insinuations blindly, becomes emotional, which leads to his irrational thinking. His gullibility ignites jealous which overwhelms him and controls his actions. Eventually, Iago accomplishes his evil schemes of destroying Othello and his wife who were deeply in love.

In conclusion, Othello’s imperfections justifies his tragic end an aspect that Shakespeare implants in the reader to depict that Othello and his like are not the best people to lead the world due to their inherent imperfections. Although he defends the residents of Venice in war, through his victories and abilities, he emerges a tragic hero since he lacks a sound reason and falls into Iago’s plot. This guilt haunts him and ultimately drives him to commit suicide as he sees it as a means of sacrifice to pay for the death of his beloved wife.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Shakespeare’s Othello, the Moor of Venice by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Iago’s quest for power, vengeance is accelerated by jealousy and this does not benefit him in any way. As a result, Intellectual power is necessary to enable one to have a rational and an independent thought before carrying out an action. Othello’s predicament awards sympathy to the reader, which appears more real than fiction (Vaughan 5). Therefore, Iago is purely evil while Othello incredibly gullible since he falls prey of Iago’s devious plot.

Works Cited Hankey, Julie. Othello. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2005. Print.

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Knowledge as perception or opinion Essay online essay help

Socrates was a Greek Athenian philosopher who was known for his contribution to western philosophy. His students, Xenophon and Plato, accounted for most of his work in some of their dialogues and writings.

He is credited for his contributions in ethics. In the dialogue, ‘Theaetetus’, Socrates gets into a serious discussion with a student of Protagoras on knowledge. A similar discussion is witnessed in Russell’s book ‘The Problem of Philosophy’. Protagoras defines his statement that ‘man is the measure of all things’ by arguing that truth is relative and depends on an individual.

To illustrate this he gives an example of a blowing wind where an individual can only feel the warmth in the wind if he or she has a temperature which is lower than that of the wind and vice versa (Burnyeat , 12). Similarly he uses this argument to defend his opinion on knowledge. According to Theaetetus, knowledge is perception, an opinion that is disputed by Socrates. Socrates puts it clear that knowledge is an opinion that is beyond stimulation of the senses.

Theaetetus, being a student of Protagoras, must have shared the same definition of knowledge with Protagoras. At the same time the theory of Protagoras has implications of perception being true. A large part of the conversation is about setting up definitions of knowledge and science.

The conversations move from lower to higher stages with three main clear issues of discussion. These issues are reasoning, opinion and perception and they are thoroughly examined. Socrates first removes the doubt and confusion that exists between types of knowledge and the idea of knowledge. Theaetetus defines knowledge by giving an example of knowledge. This quickly finds rejection by Socrates with the argument that it is not sufficient enough to define something by giving an example of that thing

He compares two sensations and argues that this has implications of a higher principle beyond knowledge. This principle resides in the mind meaning that knowledge is a true opinion. It is possible for an individual to be able to sense something that he or she does not know. While at the same time one can have the knowledge of something that he or she cannot feel or sense in any way.

For instance, according to Socrates’ arguments, you can know that a friend or anybody you recognize is standing next to you when you see them there. If you close your eyes immediately you cannot see them but you are able to know that they are still there meaning that knowledge is a mere opinion that is viable and true at the same time it is beyond sensation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Socrates expounds further on his position by asking Theaetetus if it is true that whenever we see or hear things we already know them. It is impossible to assume that someone can know a foreign language he has never heard before by hearing somebody else speaking it. Yes it is true that it is possible to hear the words but one cannot know what is being said (Burnyeat , 162b).

Socrates clearly disputes the definition of knowledge as perception. Since perception is as a result of stimulation of the senses, and the senses only give us the appearance of objects not there reality (Russell , 7), then it is wrong to consider perception to define knowledge. Similarly knowledge cannot be derived from our daily experiences because we experience through perception and feelings.

But however it has been agreed that experience to some sense can derive knowledge and at the same time, perception is not only the sensory stimulation or awareness of things (Russell , 4). Sometimes we could perceive divine things. There are several deceptions that can come as result of perception.

Russell in his book uses an example of a table and critically analyzes it in terms of the change in appearance as a result of change in condition. If the lighting condition is changed, the table changes its color. This creates distrust in what our perception, in this case the eye, tells us. All these changes in appearance with changes in condition may claim to be the reality. So we are uncertain of what exactly is real.

Protagoras explains knowledge as perception and expresses it alternatively as man being the measure of things meaning that all men judge what is. Knowledge depends with the individual and he explains his definition with an illustration of a cold wind that blows on an individual’s face.

The difference in perception of the coldness of the wind depends with the internal temperature of the individual. If Protagoras admits that all opinion judged by man to be true then any opinion against his own is also true. But however Socrates refuses to agree that the opinion of Protagoras to be true

He disputes the claim by saying that the word ‘is’ used in this statement implies ‘appears’ and ‘appears’ implies feeling. It is incorrect to refer to perception, appearance and feeling as being. Being is a phenomenon that exists beyond the natural sensation.

We will write a custom Essay on Knowledge as perception or opinion specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It involves the mental and mind and knowledge is more than perception meaning there is no way that we could have a true opinion by relying on our feelings. We can only perceive using one means or instrument at a time. We cannot use our ears to see a color neither can we use our eyes to hear any sound. Perception is limited to the power used for perceiving but knowledge is beyond these instruments of perceiving.

The only sure thing that we can know we know is nothing, according to Socrates. He says that his wisdom is limited by his ignorance. He was of the opinion that wrong doing is as a result of ignorance and the people who do wrong are only doing it from ignorance. Personally such an opinion is incorrect.

Every action of human beings is not as a result of ignorance but choice. People make choice to do what they want whether wrong or good. Wrong actions are defined wrong because they are deficient of love. According to Socrates love seems to be that one thing that he consistently knows. He refers to love as the concept of loving wisdom. Socrates loved wisdom because he linked wisdom to philosophy.

Still on the dialogue of Protagoras, Socrates explains that all is motion and motions takes part in two forms: passion and action. From these two forms, infinite concepts and ideas are created and sense is given birth. The eye is designed to sense whiteness while objects are filled with the sense of whiteness.

The object gives birth to sensation of whiteness while the eye gives birth to whiteness. There is no other element that can produce a similar effect meaning that things are not, but instead they become. Hence there is no name that can really define something.

Socrates never used to refer to himself as a wise man in fact he says that he has no wisdom of his own and he is only offering the wisdom of men. His intention in the dialogue is to deliver Theodorus and Theaetetus of something. Personally, his explanation on the falseness of perception is very true and has a strong ground. Madness and dreaming are cases where perception does not hold. We spend a huge part of our lives a sleep and dreaming.

Dreaming not only occurs when we sleep but it is possible to day dream in full consciousness. It is also not verifiable if at this very instant we are dreaming or not dreaming. Mad men when they fantasize, do they having a true opinion or false opinion? There are different perceptions produced in every patient. Socrates explains this by illustrating that he may be sick or well. When he drinks his favorite wine when sick, it tastes different from the moment he drinks the wine when he is well. It actually tastes better when he is well.

To criticize Socrates’ arguments, it seems that he relies mostly on dispute rather than reason to put across his points. He seems to be attempting to trip opinions that he does not agree with. He fails to recognize that dispute and reasoning are not the same thing and there is a distinction between the tow.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Knowledge as perception or opinion by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More With reasoning, some one makes an effort to understand an opinion before beginning to identify errors made in that argument. Most of his explanations to dispute Protagoras were based on one aspect of sensation which is the sense of sight. Other critics of Socrates identified him as not as a proponent of philosophy but some one with bad intentions of undermining the society of Athens.

Socrates also had some good virtues that personally I tend to identify with. He believed that people should spend more time trying to develop their lives rather than accumulating material wealth which is absolutely useless. He always encouraged people to be focused on building friendship and truth in their communities. He ended up becoming a philosophical martyr because of sticking to his believes. In most of his teachings, he emphasized that virtue is the most expensive of everything.

Works Cited Burnyeat, Myles. The Teaetetus of Plato. Trans. Jane Levett. Hackett: Indianapolis, 1990.

Russell, Bertrand. The Problem of Philosophy. Cambridge: Cambrigde University Press, 1912.


“Never Marry a Mexican”: Theme Analysis cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Table of Contents How It Began

Sandra Cisneros: “Never Marry a Mexican” History of Creation

Long Way to the Insight

“Never Marry a Mexican”: Summary

Negative Mexican Stereotypes and Consequences

Never Marry a Mexican: Analysis

Critics’ Assessments



Sandra Cisneros’s women reflect the Mexican immigrant’s struggle to assimilate the parts of themselves that negative cultural stereotypes have taught them to hate. “Never Marry a Mexican” analysis shall be provided in this paper.

How It Began In 1954 author Sandra Cisneros was born in a low-income family of seven children, based in Chicago, Illinois. Her mother was Mexican American, and her father, a full Mexican. Cisneros grew up the only girl among six brothers and has described this experience as “being similar to having seven fathers” (Yudin


Should We Allow Gay Marriages as Civil Unions? Research Paper online essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Gay Marriage


The origin of a Marriage Institution

Improper Family Set up

The Need for Correction


Works Cited

Introduction The issue of gay marriages and gay institutions has attracted much attention and arguments with each passing day strengthening and intensifying the arguments.With modernity and civilisation creeping in to the contemporary society,the current stance seems to be taking a new perspective.

Should we or should we not allow gay marriages as civil unions? This is the question that many people would like to get an answer for. This essay gives an argumentative approach to this question by discussing the current stance on the issue as well as reasons as to why gay marriages and unions should never be legalized.

Gay Marriage Gay marriage refers to the marital union between two males. Traditionally, the marriage institution consisted of only heterosexual unions but things have changed and with modernity and civilisation the issue of what constitutes a marriage has been questioned as more people strive to have the interpretation allow for marriage between people of the same sex.This issue carriesa lot of weight and significance in the society.

Statistics Diverse societies all over the world take this issue differently with some societies opting to fully support gay marriages as civil unions.Others have decided to remain neutral while others have taken a strong stand against the issue. A recent report by NCSL indicated the diversity of the issue of gay marriages and unions. The report presented the following conclusions:

States which license gay marriages areMassachusetts, Connecticut, California, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, District of Columbia; states which acknowledge gay unions include Rhode Island, New York, Maryland; states which support gaycivil unions include Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey; states which allow full spousal rights to domestic gay partnerships include California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington and states which allow limited spousal rights to domestic gay partnershipsinclude Hawaii, Maine, District of Columbia, Wisconsin. (NCSL 1)

These statistics are a clear indicator of what the society thinks about gay marriages and unions.It may be justified to respect the thoughts and feelings of other people based on the fact that we are all different and we view issues from different perspectives.A critical look at all the facts and perspectives of the marriage institution makes it apparent that gay marriage legalizationneed to be questioned or better still be discouraged and banned altogether.

The origin of a Marriage Institution The first question that we need to ask ourselves is, where exactly did marriage institution begin? Come to think of it, all the theories of creation, be it evolution or creation all depend on the structure of heterosexual relationships. Evolution would not have brought us to where we are withoutheterosexual concept.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Creation theory from all religions and cultures began with male and female including animal and the plant kingdoms and through heterosexual relationships the world came to be what it is today. Why did creation or revolution not start with two men or two women? Glenn put it straight and strongly opposes this opinion (Glenn 4). The answer is simple; nature does not recognize gay marriages or unions, a fact indicating how unnatural gay marriages are and why they should never be legalized.

Do gay marriage supporters fully support the whole idea? Surprisingly they don’t. Suppose we all woke up one day and agreed in unison that all people get into gay marriages. Definitely that would mark the end of mankind and that is why gay marriage supporters want to have adoption rights; to adopt children from those who obey natural laws of nature or have multi sexual relationships.

Dulle has a strong argument against homosexual relationships “homosexual ‘families’ of whatever type are always and necessarily parasitic on heterosexual ones” (Dulle 1). And since they are parasitic, who would certainly want to be the victim of such parasitism? Definitely not me, and that is the reason why I will not support such parasitic gay unions (Dulle 1).

Improper Family Set up Imagine yourself being brought up in a gay set up where both parents are men.Seeing other kids cling passionately with love to their sweet mothers while all you have is two men in your life. How would you go through puberty and adolescent issues as a girl without having a natural motherly love to lean on during those trying moments?

The fact is that it would be a traumatic experience for children to grow up in such a family set up. It is argued that“the marital family is also the foremost setting for the education and socialization of children; children learn about the world and their place in it primarily from those who raise them” (Dulle 1). This is one big reason anyone should agree with me as to why gay marriages should never be legalized.

Proponents argue that the society defines marriage and as such its definition should change with the changes with time. What is wrong with such an argument? Logically speaking marriage is not defined by the societybut rather acknowledged as the basic building block of the society.

Marriageought to build a family intofamilies and the families in turn make a society. That is the reason why cultures, religions and legal structures do not recognize gay relationships. Ever seen a building made of stones alone or cement alone? Society made of men alone or women alone would not certainly be the best for you and that’s the reason why gay institutions should not be legalized (Newton 50).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Should We Allow Gay Marriages as Civil Unions? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is argued that legalizing the act will only bring to light what is usually done in the darkness. But does legalization make things right? I don’t think so. Just because you can now eat ash doesn’t make ash a new wonderful type of a delicacy. Ash will still remain ash however legal it might be and it will never benefit the body.

Likewise legalizing gay marriages will never make them right and on contrary it will only make matters worse by opening up avenues for experimentation which is so detrimental for the well-being of any society. Legal systems are societal protective mechanisms against any threats to its existence by encouraging good ethical behaviors and discouraging potential unethical behaviors such as gay marriages. That is the reason why legal systems should desist from supporting gay relationships (Newton 51).

Proponents argue that gay marriages promotes faithfulness by fulfilling ones desires the best way one may see appropriate. But we all have our own desires to do things some of which are not moral. It then becomes a moral question, whereby we have to exercise high degree of self-control for moral purposes.

If we allow gay marriages because they have that kind of sexual orientation then we should as well allow man animal,grownups versus children, brother sister marriages or more still legalize things that we feel in ourselves as good to us irrespective of whether they harm the society or not. We all have feelings some of which might not be the best for the social fabric but we suppress them and we still remain human and happy. To make the point even clear, the legal system ensures that we stick to that which is moral.

Hargrave shared the same sentiments “I don’t deny the reality of those desires, or their strength – heterosexuals feel them as well;for the social good, they should either control their desires, or satisfy them discreetly” (Hargrave 1). From this argument gay marriages then depict weakness and lack of goodwill to exercise self-control at least for the sake of respect of nature. You agree with me that legal systems should help them exercise self-control just like the rest of us by prohibiting gay unions.

The Need for Correction Proponents of gay marriages claim that gay people are born that way and that it is genetically entrenched in them. Research done to find proof of this claims concluded there is no such gene. To make it clear we all know there is no gene for killing, stealing, bestiality, pedophiles, rapists let alone gay people.

Same sex attraction is not genetic but rather a social behavior which according to Hargrave “is the behavior of persons with child and adolescent Gender Identity Disorder” (Hargrave 1).If a child develops rickets,it is not because of her own making or genetics do we then satisfy her need for quality life by implementing rickets sports and rickets lifestyle? Certainly not but on the contrary control the rickets and make the society rickets free. The same argument applies to gay people.

By understanding the root cause of this contentious issue and finding a permanent cure would be a celebrated achievement rather than trying effortlessly to accommodate this unnatural, unethical and uncultured behavior that we ourselves as a society have created by poor upbringing of our kids.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Should We Allow Gay Marriages as Civil Unions? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It has been argued that prevention is better than cure and as such we should never legalize gay marriages instead use the energy resources to treat the root cause by of course letting our children grow in the best society possible. It is evident that by a gay union cannot make up a family.

Gay marriages by default cannot have children that can be claimed to belong to the family biologically. As argued from above therefore such kind of marriages cannot sustain a society. It is worth noting that if suchkinds of practices are allowed to take gain strength in the society then there is a likelihood that after some considerate period of time the society will likely be affected with an issue of under population.

Conclusion Much debate, campaigns and arguments have taken sides. A closer look indicates that the society is divided across the board on whether to agree or disagree and to what extent. By a critical look at the issue and calculated argumentative thought it has become clear that gay marriage and unions should be phased out of the society and such acts should never be legalized.

Some of the reasons that were evident in the arguments were that gay relationships are against laws of nature, gay institutions are unnatural and parasitic hence only work to complicate family institution and furthermore gay marriage institutions were never the plan of God, nature or even evolution. Root cause of gay affiliations hasbeen attributed to adolescent gender identity disorder which needs to be addressed. These and other facts clearly validate the argument why gay marriage and gay unions should never be legalized.

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