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Introduction The death of Osama Bin Laden on mid-2011 by the US forces in Pakistan was received with minimal global opposition. The killing of the Al-Qaeda leader was a major step towards the fight against terrorism.

The following is a literature review on how the assassination of Osama Bin Laden was an example of how intelligence can make a real contribution to the international justice and the ‘rule of law’.

This paper presents the rule of law as the permissible code of rulings that administrate a country and not the subjective pronouncements by key government representatives.

On the other hand, international law will be presented as the set of policies that are universally acknowledged as obligatory when it comes to addressing affairs within and among countries.

Literature Review Issues raised after Bin Laden’s Assassination

In his speech to the US House of Representative Judiciary Committee, the US Attorney General, Eric Holder stated that the action of the US Navy Seal of assassinating Osama Bin Laden was within the tenets of law. Confirming the same claims, Hasian (2012) and Krech (2011) say that the move was a national self-defence on a military target.

Holder presents Bin Laden’s butchery as a kill-or-capture mission and that since he (Bin Laden) had defied orders to be apprehended, the Navy Seals were justified to kill him.

From another perspective, Dahl (2014) reveals how the acumen that led to the death of Osama bin Laden shed a light on the importance of intelligence with respect to global justice and the rule of law.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda group were held accountable for several terrorist attacks across the world, particularly the 9/11 attack in the US. In their view, King, Glascock, and Levitt (2014) assert that counterterrorism measures have been more intelligence-oriented.

Inkster (2011) presents a clearer picture of the situation when he reveals the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as among various intelligence agencies, which have created networks across the globe.

Although the agreement is not mutual, most commentators have agreed that the intelligence agencies have helped to attain global harmony and the rule of law as required by the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (UNGCTS).

According to Wachtel (2005), the UNGCTS has called members to enhance and enforce human rights and the rule of law when creating and executing counter-terrorism policies.

The Rule of Law and Osama’s Assassination

One of the basic principles of the rule of law is that all citizens or governments should be treated equally. Even criminals and terrorists should be treated under the same law.

In Oden’s (2007) view, terrorism hinders the enjoyment of human rights, demeans civil society, causes insecurity, and tampers with the socioeconomic development of victimised countries.

Thus, under the rule of law, countries should adopt counterterrorism measures to avert terrorism, apprehend, and prosecute suspects through a fair trial process. Presenting a similar opinion, Rollins (2011) says that countries should ensure that counterterrorism efforts are consistent with international laws.

We will write a custom Essay on Assassination of Osama Bin Laden Influence specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Legal commentators such as Osborn (2011) and Rolins (2011) have held a contrary opinion that the targeted killing of Osama Bin Laden was unlawful and that it defied the tenets of human rights and international justice because the Navy SEAL had option to apprehend him when he was unarmed.

Such legal experts consider it as an act extrajudicial killing. In their move to counter Osborn (2011) and Rolins’ (2011) position, law experts such as Dahl (2014), Chiesa and Greenwalt (2012), and Ellmann (2007) clarify how the international law permits a country under the principle of Jus ad Bellum to apply force as a means of self-defence against military invasion if the United Nations Security Council authorises it.

The Al-Qaeda group had declared a holy war against America. It attacked its embassies in Africa and the World Trade Centre. Thus, the US forces were justified to go to Afghanistan and Pakistan in an effort to protect themselves from the armed attacks of the terrorist movement (Ellmann 2007).

Based on the reasoning of the supporters of Bin Laden’s killing, since the UN members are sovereign, they are required to respect the boundaries of other countries. However, in an attempt to protect its citizens from armed attacks, the US was authorised to attack Bin Laden, even in a foreign country (Rogers


Gender in Business Practice and Theory Report essay help online: essay help online

Table of Contents Gender in business practice and theory

Contradictory perspectives

Contemporary issues and global perspective

Critical reflection on personal experience

Reference List

Gender in business practice and theory The past few decades have been characterised by an increment in the rate at which women are entering the business arena. The motivation for women to venture into entrepreneurship has arisen from a number of factors such as the need to achieve work-life balance.

The available literature shows that women have encountered numerous cases of discrimination at the workplace (Joanne 2013). For example, they are not provided with an opportunity to progress through the career path in addition to inequitable pay (Brush 2006).

Subsequently, entrepreneurship has become a vital element that women are adopting in order to achieve their personal goals. Through entrepreneurship, women are in a position to circumvent the ‘glass ceiling’ effect associated with paid employment (Brush 2006).

Therefore, their contribution to the global economy has increased substantially. Wang and Calvano (2015) affirm that the success of women in business has arisen from the adoption of better ethical business practices as compared to men. Women tend to approach business based on a strong moral-orientation.

According to the Gilligan’s moral expectation theory, women are highly emphatic on moral issues in conducting business practices (Kim


Management Changes: Non-profit Organisations Research Paper argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Research Question and Context

Methods of Data Collection

Evidence for the Use of a Structured Systematic Approach

Effectiveness of Data Collection

Importance of Data

Evaluation of Methods of Data Analysis


Research Question and Context Non-profit organisations are unable to meet their daily objectives due to inadequate financial resources. They rely on donors and well-wishers for funding. Therefore, for non-profit institutions to stick to their call and achieve their objectives, they should come up with alternative sources of funds.

The purpose of this dissertation is to identify management changes that can help non-profit organisations to become financially viable institutions. The research question intends to determine how change management process can facilitate to fashion a fundamental shift of non-profit institutions to empower them economically.

The objective of the research question is to identify how non-profit corporations may change their culture and employee behaviour to become financially viable institutions.

By the end of the study, the researcher should understand the present position of non-profit organisations, the financial challenges that they experience and what they are doing to become financially sufficient.

Besides, the research question will assist the research to identify what should be done to liberate non-profit organisations from financial hardships.

Methods of Data Collection Methods of data collection determine the precision of a study. They determine the methods of data analysis that researchers use (Russell, 2005). Hence, it is imperative to use the most appropriate methods of data collection in order to achieve accurate results.

The dissertation will use numerous methods to collect data to enhance the accurateness of the results. The methods include group and private qualitative interviews, observation, and secondary data. The reason the dissertation will use group and private qualitative interviews is to facilitate collection of inclusive data.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Myers and Newman (2007) alleged, “Qualitative interview approach helps an interviewer to collect complex, in-depth data that is not as easily obtained through questionnaires or question-and-answer interview approach” (p. 12).

Qualitative interview will give the researcher an opportunity to gather data on a number of related issues based on participants’ responses. Besides, it will give participants an opportunity to confirm areas that they do not understand. Qualitative interview will enable the interviewees to expound on their answers.

Thus, it will assist the researcher to gather accurate data.

According to Myers and Newman (2007), qualitative interview gives researchers a chance not only to gather truthful and hard data, but also conduct perception assessment. Therefore, the dissertation selected this approach because it will assist the research to gather emotional data.

For instance, the researcher will ask participants to describe how they manage to meet their daily financial needs, particularly when donors and well-wishers fail to disburse money. Besides, the researcher will request the participants to describe how they feel when their organisations are going through financial hardships.

Such questions will assist the researcher to gather more comprehensive data compared to requesting members to describe particular processes. In addition, qualitative interview will enable the researcher to collect first-person data. Myers and Newman (2007) argued that qualitative interview does not use the antique methods of questioning.

Hence, it gives the researcher a chance to garner first-person evaluation of circumstances. For instance, the process will help the researcher to ask questions that directly relate to experiences of financial hardships in non-profit organisations. Such questions will assist the researcher to gather more expansive information.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Management Changes: Non-profit Organisations specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The correctness of this dissertation will depend on the ability of the researcher to gather honest and accurate data. In most cases, participants answer questions according to what they suppose an interviewer wish to know. Consequently, they do not give accurate and honest feedback.

However, qualitative interview does not enable interviewees to figure out what an interviewer wants to know. Hence, respondents are likely to be frank in their responses. As a result, the method will guarantee that the researcher uses precise and correct data to compile findings.

The researcher will also utilise observation method to gather information. The method was chosen because it enables researchers to get first-hand data. Observation method will enable the researcher to visit non-profit organisations and gather direct information.

The researcher will visit some of the institutions that experience financial challenges and observe how they cope with the hardships, rather than relying on information from individuals who work in non-profit organisations. Besides, it will enable the researcher to identify factors that lead to economic hardships in non-profit organisations.

Therefore, the researcher will be in a position to come up with viable recommendations of what transformations ought to be implemented to enable non-profit institutions become financially empowered.

Adler and Adler (2002) posited, “Much of human social behaviour that may be of interest to the researcher is highly transient” (p. 44). Observation method enables researchers to record activities going on in the field. Hence, a researcher can later refer to the record when analysing his/her data.

This approach will enable the researcher to compare varied non-profit organisations when probing his/her data, thus ensuring that s/he comes up with comprehensive findings.

Observation method will boost the validity of the dissertation’s conclusions since it will enable the researcher to understand the hardships that non-profit organisations encounter. Besides, observation method will play a great role when preparing for group and private qualitative interviews.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Management Changes: Non-profit Organisations by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It will give the researcher an allusion of what s/he ought to include in the interview questions.

The dissertation will use secondary data due to numerous benefits. First, secondary data will enable researchers to identify some transformations that should be implemented in non-profit organisations. There is a lot of secondary data that details how non-profit institutions can be transformed into financially viable corporations.

Hence, such data will be of great help in this research. Second, secondary data will ensure that the researcher does not collect irrelevant information when using other methods of data collection.

Adler and Adler (2002) posited that secondary data “helps to make primary data collection more precise since with its help, researchers are able to make out what gaps and deficiencies and what additional information needs to be collected” (p. 45).

Therefore, secondary data will act as a guideline when deciding what to observe in the field and the questions to use during research. The primary objective of this dissertation is to identify how change management can be used to transform non-profit organisations into financially viable institutions.

Failure to come up with correct recommendations will lead to the situation in the majority of non-profit corporations getting bad. Therefore, secondary data will be used to analyse facts gathered through other methods and enable the researcher to make informed decision.

It will help to determine if what is collected from the field corresponds to what is already known. Besides, secondary data will enable the researcher to identify what scholars recommend.

Evidence for the Use of a Structured Systematic Approach A structured, systematic approach entails conducting research in a step-by-step manner (Adler


Change Management Strategy: Verizon Evaluation Essay essay help online: essay help online

Abstract This research paper entails a critical review of organisational change management strategy. The paper is based on Verizon’s case study, which is in the process of implementing an extensive organisational restructuring.

The firm’s decision to implement organisational change has been spurred by the need to achieve operational efficiency, hence coping with the turbulent business environment.

The purpose of this case study is to evaluate the change management strategy adopted by Verizon in order to determine its effectiveness in enhancing the attainment of organisational, cultural, and business goals. Furthermore, this paper identifies gaps within the organisation’s change management strategy.

The paper further proposes the change management strategy that the firm should consider in order to improve the probability of attaining the desired outcome. The potential benefits and risks that the firm might encounter in the course of implementing the proposed new change management strategy are identified.

Introduction Organisations must respond to emerging circumstances and events in order to achieve sustainable development. This assertion underscores the significance of constant adjustment to the strategic and operational practices. Such transformations culminate in remarkable impact on organisations and their employees.

The significance of change to organisation’s long-term excellence is evidenced by the emergence of diverse change concepts. Some of the most notable concepts include right-sizing, total quality management, turnaround, organisational restructuring, and turnaround.

Despite the existence of diverse change concepts, Kotter (2007) argues that the objective of most change initiatives is to transform business operations and cope with the prevailing business environment. However, successful change implementation depends on the change strategy adopted by a particular organisation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Ates and Bititci (2011) emphasise that managing change has become a major organisational challenge and it requires firms to be resilient in order to survive the turbulent business environment.

Verizon Communication, which operates in the US telecommunications industry, has encountered numerous challenges arising from technological changes over the past decade.

Moreover, the firm is facing intense competition from major telecommunication companies in the US such as AT


Critical Decisions Made by Rick Stallsworth Case Study college essay help

The character that has been chosen for the case study is Rick Stallsworth, the founder and CEO of The Games Forum. Rick is very arrogant and does not like the idea of other people challenging his decisions.

For example, whenever the sales and marketing director gave a suggestion, Rick would be quick to remind her that he was the boss. Thus, everything he said was right and should not be challenged. Rick is also demeaning. He starts to criticize and demean the sales and marketing director whenever she disagrees with his actions.

Additionally, he also dismisses the opinions of other directors accusing them of being alarmists. Cherry (2010) explains that an alarmist is someone who often sees the bad things in life. Alarmists often get too scared to do anything as they see danger all over. Such people often fail in business because business involves a lot of risk-taking.

Rick made a lot of decisions that touched the careers of the directors. For example, he decided to penetrate the Chinese market by the end of the year. He made this decision without consulting anyone, and the directors clearly have had a hard time trying to push this agenda through.

Rick also made a promise that everyone would get a 10% pay increase if they did the job on time. This decision falls under the ethics nature of business. It would appear that he bribed the directors with the promise of a 10% pay rise so that they do not oppose his expansion plans.

This essay will analyse various decisions that Rick made and attribute the decisions to several psychological and sociological theories. Three theories will be used in explaining Rick’s behaviour. The three theories are stereotyping, Hofstede’s framework and the Big Five theory.

Analysis of the Critical Decisions As mentioned, Rick is the founder and the CEO of the company. Davey (2011) and Heynoski and Quinn (2012) assert that many founders of companies believe that they can make better decisions than any other person in the company. As the ‘boss’ Rick’s first main decision was the penetration of the Chinese market.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is obvious that he did not think the project through as he has allocated very little time to the implementation process. The sales and marketing director decides to challenge his plan in an attempt to stop a disaster. It is at this point in the case study that one can identify stereotyping.

Maddox (2006) defines stereotyping as the use of common, yet not necessarily true, assumptions that people have about other groups of persons based on their culture and behaviour.

The theory is evident when Rick claims that Sue, the sales and marketing director, was only complaining so that people hear what she wants to say, which is typical of an American. It suffices to mention that Sue studied in America, thus, probably has some character traits that can be associated with Americans.

However, in this particular case, the statement is a stereotype because it cannot be proven. In addition, the statement was used to dismiss the argument raised by Sue and make the other directors view her argument as unimportant.

According to Hofstede’s framework, cultural influences can affect the values and attitudes of people in a society (Imada