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Historical Perspective The hiring process is one of the most important tasks for the organization since workers are a crucial part of the business. The Human Resource department of the company is therefore charged with hiring new employees from the labor market. A major goal of HR personnel is to employ the most appropriate person for the job on offer.

In the past, the primary recruitment sources were through advertisements placed on the mass media and use of professional circles. The potential candidates were required to send his curriculum vitae and then attend interviews where he was asked some job specific questions. However, technological advances have led to the emergence of new recruitment sources. One of these sources has been Social Networking Sites (SNSs).

SNSs have emerged as novel applications that have attracted millions of users all over the world over the past decade. The increased use of social media has led to the rapid growth of this sector over the past decade and it is now a multibillion-dollar industry.

Individuals have exploited SNSs for a wide range of purposes including keeping in touch with friends, obtaining news from media houses, and keeping up to date with reports on their favorite celebrities to name but a few. This widespread use of SNSs by many individuals provides a unique opportunity for employers to use this media to communicate with potential hires through electronic recruitment.

There has therefore developed a trend of using SNSs for recruitment purposes by some companies in recent years. While some see this method as advantageous, there are those who argue that SNSs are not an effective or credible source of recruits.

The paper will argue that SNSs are good and effective recruitment source and should therefore be used more extensively by employers who are seeking to attract a wide pool of qualified applicants.

Debating the Issue Pros

SNSs give the company the means by which to reach thousands of prospective employees. Companies are in constant competition with each other to attract and employ the most competent staff. The probability of employing the best staff is increased if there is a large candidate base from which to choose.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More SNSs have experienced significant growth over the last decade with millions of users becoming active on SNSs. Sorensen (2009) confirms that millions of individuals all over the world have made SNSs use a part of their daily life. Due to this increase in user base, a recruitment message placed on SNSs has the potential to reach many eligible applicants.

Using SNSs for recruitment significantly reduces the cost associated with the hiring process. Without the use of SNSs, companies are likely to rely on traditional methods of recruitment such as advertisements through newspapers or magazines. These methods are expensive, as the company might have to post the same advertisement for a number of times in order to reach the maximum number of people.

Using SNSs, the company only has to post a message on their page or have their employees post the message on their profiles. This information is disseminated rapidly and at a low cost. Pollitt (2005) reveals that by using e-recruitment strategies, the multinational corporation Nike was able to reduce its recruitment costs by up to 54%.

Use of SNSs increases the speed of the recruitment process ensuring that the organization is able to hire new employees in a timely manner. Since SNSs are a part of e-recruitment, the candidates are often required to submit their resumes and testimonials online.

The HR department is not required to deal with many paper applications, as would be the case with traditional methods where candidates had to submit their CVs in hard copy. HR productivity is therefore increased because of using SNSs.


Opponents of using SNSs for recruitment argue that these sources are not credible. The two most popular SNSs, Facebook and Twitter are designed to promote informal relationships among individuals. People use these sites to network with their friends and obtain information about their interests.

This argument is corroborated by Brandenburg (2007) who reveals that sites such as Facebook are primarily used for social interactions with users engaging in casual rapport on the platform. By using SNSs, the employer might appear to have low credibility and this will negatively affect the ability to persuade potential applicants to submit their applications for the job on offer.

We will write a custom Report on Are Social Networking Sites Good Recruitment Sources specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, advocates of SNSs have argued that the informal nature of these sites might actually benefit the recruitment efforts. When friends post a job offer on their profile, they are regarded as highly credible by their friends due to the social relationship that exists among them.

A significant demerit of using SNSs for recruitment purposes is that it might lock our candidates who do not make use of this tool in their everyday life. While it is true that SNSs have gained increased popularity over the past decade, there are still people who prefer not to use these sites. Lievens and Harris (2003) illustrate that there are individuals who regard SNSs as time wasting applications and therefore avoid them.

Others lack competence in computer use or access to computers and/or the internet. An employee who relies exclusively on SNSs for the recruitment process will lock out many qualified candidates therefore reducing the number of candidates for the vacancy.

Important Court Cases/Events When Social Networking Sites are used for recruitment, the employer is likely to use the information freely provided by the prospective candidate on their profile for screening purposes. This raises a number of legal issues. Morgan and Davis (2013) explain that even though this information is provided freely, there are laws that prohibit employers from using some of the information to make employment decisions.

For example, if the employer uses information about the candidate’s sex, sexual orientation, or religion to make the employment decision, this might be considered as discrimination. The case of Gaskell v. University of Kentucky in 2010 illustrated that an individual can sue a potential employer for discrimination if the employer uses information from the individual’s profile in an SNS for screening purposes (Morgan


Difference Between Silent Films and the Contemporary Movies Research Paper college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Main Body

The Golden Age


Introduction Louis Lumiere receives recognition for inventing the moving image camera in 1895. Lumiere’s tool kit was significantly small considering the civilization at the time. It functioned as a camera, a motion processor and a display all folded in one.

Lumiere would film in the morning, develop it after lunch and display it for his audience during supper. His first motion picture was the entrance of the locomotive at Ciotat (Cook, 2004). Cinematography developed into complete maturity during the silent era (1895-1930).

In the late 1920s, synchronized sound was developed with the invention of Vitaphone system (Cook, 2004). Since that time, films have been produced with perfect sounds and dialogue. The striking difference between films produced during the silent era and the modern movies is the absence of sound in the former.

The introduction of sound in movies had far-reaching implications on movies. For example, the overacting evident in silent movies disappeared with the introduction of sound. This study examines the difference between silent films and the contemporary movies in terms of the synchronization of sound with motion pictures.

Main Body Human desire to document himself in activity dates back to early cave images. Clear examples are in existence in France and Spain. The Indonesian leathered puppet silhouette performance is a later illustration worth mentioning. Filigree performance silhouette are projected on a display as entertainment.

Movies that were produced later did not contain synchronized sound although they were accompanied by sound such as directives from directors or live performances as the movie was being projected (Christie, Felperin


Microsoft Case Study essay help online

Introduction The rapidly growing world of industrialization and globalization has witnessed a sharp growth of industries, which are substantial in economic and social growth. Technological advancement is probably one of the major characteristics of the industrial revolution in the postmodern world with virtually every important aspect of a technical profession, largely relying on technological support to operate efficiently.

Notwithstanding their aptitude to integrate business ideas that support them through the rapid diffusion globalized economy, corporate organizations are facing unrelenting challenges in their operations. Since its advent into the corporate world, Microsoft Corporation has been arguably one of the prevalent corporate names in the technology industry, with its performance positioning it among the fortune 500 organizations.

Analogous to other organizations, Microsoft has also been facing challenges that have marred its corporate growth. Fundamental to this notion, the purpose of this study is to analyze problems that Microsoft faces and provide possible alternatives and recommendation.

Symptoms of the problems Notwithstanding its long outstanding performance within the technological business paradigm with unbroken performance track record, Microsoft is experiencing something different in the contemporary days. Several critical symptoms to its downfall in the technological consumer market are becoming more eminent in the current days.

Dropping in Microsoft’s market value is one of the first symptoms that significantly demonstrate possible problems confronting Microsoft Corporation; hence, its fall in market prominence and dominance in the last two years before the advent of Apple, which has proved to be one of the world’s most honored technological companies.

Another significant symptom to the problems marring corporate growth is the gradual loss of human capital that has been forming potential strengths to the initial success of Microsoft Corporation.

As postulated from the case study, Microsoft is gradually losing a majority of its innovative human resources to the prevailing competition with many of its top executives withdrawing from the organization either through formal work retirement process or attracted by competitors.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Microsoft third most possible symptoms to its current problems is technological eschew or stagnancy with the case study report indicating that Microsoft is steadily losing value and lagging behind its competitors as the company has failed to continue producing modern technologies including gaming devices, tablets, mobile phones, and other media.

From its initial growth in productivity that made almost all its employees virtually millionaires, one of Microsoft’s significant symptoms of downfall is its low revenue generation as compared to its operating income. This performance trend started stagnating and fluctuating from the beginning of 2008 towards 2010.

From the case report, employee rapport with Microsoft Corporation started dwindling following the company’s inability to handle integral employees concerns including low pays of wages and reduction of benefits despite the company’s ability to record high profits. Indicative of these symptoms, Microsoft is now struggling to deal with numerous problems within its operations.

Problem statements Microsoft Corporation is facing a continuum of challenges in the recent days. One of the major problems that form a great challenge in the progress of Microsoft within the technology realm is low productivity, underproduction, or simply poor organizational performance. Microsoft is gradually falling short of market performance, which is characterized by low performance as opposed to its initial phenomenal success.

Also, as a software giant, flagship products are becoming rare. From the case report produced by the Wall Street, Microsoft was lagging behind its competitors in almost all aspects of business including technological advancement, marketing techniques, and relatively low financial capacity following the invasion of other technical companies.

Management is one of the critical success factors that determine the initiation and resilience of the organizations in its operations. Organizational management is normally responsible for administering leadership techniques that determine organizational performance as it controls both human and financial capital.

According to the case, as provided by Wall Street, poor management is one of the potential problems affecting Microsoft in the contemporary days within evidence of bureaucratic management that has significantly affected creativity and stock performance.

We will write a custom Case Study on Microsoft specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The case study indicated that innovative workforce is withdrawing with members claiming that Microsoft was responding too slowly to technological changes and other employees cited that Microsoft failed to address their concerns.

Any modern company aims at organizational success that is currently achievable by addressing significant production factors including actively focusing on quality of products that meet customers’ demands and preference. Research on this case study unveiled that Microsoft is currently facing stiff market competition from potential competitors in the technology industry, including the rapidly growing Apple, Mac, and Linux.

With demand for advanced technologies cutting across different devices and services, Microsoft is facing technological competition from the PC market to its services, including the Windows division that provides computer-enabled operating systems. This competition is stiffening from software production to hardware systems, which were Microsoft’s main tools for competitive advantage.

Problem Analysis Low and deprived productivity

Organizational productivity is determined by numerous factors that entail financial comportment and market performance. From the case study provided about Microsoft, market performance and financial status clearly indicate that Microsoft is currently surviving under deprived productivity.

Discussing on financial performance that signifies performance or productivity in organization, Exhibit 3 provided in the study can significantly demonstrate this concern. A closer analysis of annual financial statements of revenue and operating income of Microsoft from 2008-2010, the company’s financial stability is dwindling.

The financial statement indicates that Microsoft has been recording profits, but in quite unstable performance characterized by hikes and drops between the years. In 2008, the company recorded $ 60, 420 million values of revenue and $22,217 operating income (loss).

In 2009, the company recorded annual revenues worth $58,437 and reported annual operating income worth $20, 363. This financial performance trend proves that the company is recording unsteady performances.


Management forms an integral part in organizational performance as policies and objectives articulated by management and their competence normally influence organizational success. One of the useful indicators that point to management failure in Microsoft is the continued employee-management wrangles that have posed serious issues in the company.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Microsoft by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As indicated by the report, despite its uninterrupted track record in attracting and retaining significant human capital, the company has in the recent past witnessed a substantial loss in its key creative human resource. Top executives attached to business long term endeavors have resigned and others sought employment from other potential employers.

The current management has failed considerably in handling essential employees’ concerns including complaints regarding wages and benefits reductions, characterized by a widening compensation gap between executives and employees.

The management’s laxity in adopting new technologies that are integral for intensifying competition in the technology industry is keeping the company at stake, thus forcing it to struggle in the market performance.

Technological market competition

The response to the market demands and customers’ preference for certain products is currently one of the paramount business factors that entrepreneurs have recognized to have a potential impact on a firm’s stability. A key problem facing management in Microsoft is the constantly rising technological market competition that in most occasions has found the company unwary.

The fast pace at which other technologies are rising and their capability to respond to the rapid technological changes has created enormous problems to Microsoft. The company has lagged behind in realizing innovations involved in new technologies, including supporting the development of gaming services, tablets, mobile technologies, and other sources of media.

Microsoft has failed to recognize the rising demand for Smartphone technologies and continued to perform in dwarf of PCs. The company is performing dismally in server and tools and in providing online services while at the same time, the entertainment and devices section are dwindling in its performance in the technology market.

Alternatives for the problems and their Evaluation Problems normally occur in businesses, but they only become detrimental when alternatives and approaches to handle them never emerge. The main problem in the case of Microsoft that has a significant influence in the existence and continuation of others is the issue of management itself. The management is arguably part of barrier to implementation of important strategies in Microsoft.

In a bid to reclaim its aptitude and performance in the rapidly changing technological industry, reshuffling and changing the management style is paramount for positive results in Microsoft Corp. Bureaucratic management stifles performance and each significant change will begin by streamlining the management.

As stated from the case, the current management is autocratic and tyrannical, with little expertise as top executives, including the current C.E.O Steve Ballmer have not received any credible welcome from directors and employees.

Attracting and retaining innovative workforce to help in innovating new technologies would help in reshaping Microsoft Corp. as talented human resource is imperative in analyzing problems, making critical decisions, and supporting management with progressive ideas.

One of the essential factors to consider in the technology industry is the trendiness in the products as integrating services and products with significantly advanced technologies would greatly aid in improving the market demand for its products.

After identifying innovative workforce that would produce competitive products and brands, it would be significant for Microsoft Corp. to consider expanding its market through strategic marketing techniques and enhancing the prevailing partner relationships. The restructured managed is capable of building more powerful partners.

Course of action (Recommendations) Step 1: The entire action plan would require one year for effective implementation. Each step would require three months. The first would be a three-month strategic action plan development, which denotes the beginning of changes. The first step would involve revamping the management to allow integration of significant changes in Microsoft Corp. Designing implementation committee is integral in this phase.

Step 2: The second phase of change that would create significant change to Microsoft is attracting new and innovative workforce that would help in generating ideas on developing new technologies. The new management can practice this aspect throughout the company’s operations, though for the start, three months are adequate to identify the desired workforce competent enough for improving Microsoft.

Step 3: In three months, the new talented workforce will work with the management team in critical decision making to improve the company’s operations including changing and designing new and advanced products that follow the market trend. This move would help restore the company’s reputation on the quality of products and subsequently improve its market rapport with clients.

Step 4: The last step that would significantly place Microsoft Corp. in the best market position would involve developing a global marketing team and designing strategic marketing plans that will aid in expanding the market share for products of Microsoft. For instance, a huge marketing team to market the new windows 7 and Windows 8 is paramount.


Horror Movies: We Are What We Are Research Paper essay help free: essay help free

When marketing a horror movie, it is essential to take into account a number of peculiarities of this genre. Horror movies have specific audience and tend to explore certain topics. As far as Jim Mickle’s “We are what we are” is concerned, it requires special attention. First of all, this horror movie is a remake of the Mexican movie called “Somos lo que hay”.

However, Mickle did not intend to simply translate the movie into the English-speaking reality, but he retold the story from a totally different angle (Olsen 2013). Thus, Mickle’s family consists of parents and three children (two daughters and a son). Notably, the protagonist’s wife dies which is one of the first major surprises for those who have seen the Mexican movie (McDonagh 2013).

There are lots of other surprises which make the viewer understand that the American version is a totally different story. Therefore, while marketing Mickle’s movie, it is possible to focus on such aspects as peculiarities of remakes, sequels and prequels, the movie’s audience, religion and traditions, and feminism in horror films. These aspects will draw the potential viewers’ attention and they will bring people to the cinema.

In the first place, it is important to focus on such aspects as remakes, sequels and prequels. Mickle stresses that his film is a brand new story with some remains of the original story (Turek 2013). It is crucial to make the potential viewers aware of the fact that the movie is based on Jorge Michel Grau’s “Somos lo que hay”. Firstly, it will attract attention of those who watched the Mexican movie.

They are likely to wish to see the American version of the film they appreciated. Admittedly, it is always interesting to view the story from different perspectives. Of course, it is necessary to stress the fact that the story is shown from a different angle to foster those viewers’ interest.

Secondly, the reference to the Mexican movie can also attract those who have not seen the original. The marketers should make this group of potential viewers aware of the fact that the Mexican film is a success and has attracted a lot of attention worldwide.

Furthermore, it can also be fruitful to mention that the filmmakers are considering the possibility to work on the prequel and sequel. Kohn (2013) notes that Grau is already working on the sequel. The very existence of a sequel and/or prequel is often seen as a proof of high quality.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More If the filmmakers are interested in exploring the past and the future of the main characters of the story, it means the story is rich and a variety of angles to look at. Admittedly, people eagerly watch movies which are regarded as successful and high-quality products. Therefore, the marketers should pay special attention to this aspect.

Apart from this, the marketers should not forget about the movie’s genre. It is a horror story set in an ordinary American town. There are no monsters or aliens but it is a horror story that creates the necessary tension. The marketers should also point out that the remake is based on an Indie horror film. Erbland (2012) claims that Mickle translates the Indie story into a movie with a wider audience.

People are often attracted by Indie films which become a topic of a heated debate. Indie films are often seen as a product for a group of the chosen who can understand the message and appreciate the movie. “We are what we are” is a good chance to become a part of the group of chosen and the marketers can also use this aspect in their strategies.

Nevertheless, though the genre of the movie has already been identified as a horror movie, it is possible to state that “We are what we are” refers to another subgenre. The story is not a pack of horrific situations and monsters killing people. The story explores a variety of psychological and spiritual issues. The family has certain traditions and they are trying to preserve them as well as fit in the society.

There is a constant struggle within the main characters who try to come to terms with themselves and people around them. Apart from pure psychology, the movie is grounded on spiritual aspect of human life. Catholicism as well as devotion to the family is central to the film in question.

Hence, it is possible to note that the work in question is a psychological and spiritual horror movie. The marketers should pay certain attention to this as people are always interested in new genres and new aspects of something they know well.

These three aspects do not only help to market the movie, but also provide a valuable insight on potential audience of the movie. As has been mentioned above, fans of (or just people who have seen) the Mexican original can be a part of the audience. People interested in Indie movies and their remakes can also be a part of the audience.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Horror Movies: We Are What We Are specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, the major part of the movie’s audience will include people who like horror films and suspense. At present, horror films are popular and they have already become a part of the contemporary culture (Teusner 2005). Therefore, while marketing the movie, it is necessary to focus on this group of viewers.

Admittedly, to attract people’s attention to any film, marketers have to mention certain issues explored in the film, if any. When it comes to the movie in question, it addresses a number of serious issues which are now in the spotlight. For instance, one of the major themes in the movie is religion and adherence to traditions. It is important to highlight this aspect of the film.

Thus, Teusner (2005) claims that horror movies have always referred to religious beliefs and tried to explore a variety of religious issues. The family in the film is a group of devout Catholics. At the same time, they cannot be regarded as righteous people.

Thus, Mickle explores the gap between religion and the contemporary world, i.e. religious values and individuals’ actions. Clearly, this topic appeals to lots of people and discussion of these issues is likely to attract potential viewers’ attention to the film.

Furthermore, the topic of traditions is also transparent in the film. The members of the family do not simply want to commit certain crimes due to their sinful nature, but they follow certain tradition which has existed in the family for generations. The filmmakers try to explore the extent to which it is acceptable to keep family traditions.

Mickle shows that some families can have peculiar traditions which make them totally different from the rest of the world. The founding father of the family started the tradition and the contemporary members of the family do not think they have the right to stop it. They believe they are doing the right thing and are not going to change their ways as it is impossible to change own nature.

Notably, people living in the modern globalized world are often preoccupied with preservation of their identity (ethnical, religious, etc.). Thus, the movie is also a reflection of the modern society and different groups within it. This aspect can also be used to market the movie.

Admittedly, one of the major themes in the movie is cannibalism. Mickle tells a story about a family of cannibals. Of course, this is a horror story, but the filmmakers do not create monsters eating human flesh. The Parkers are seemingly an ordinary American family.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Horror Movies: We Are What We Are by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Again, the film refers to the ongoing discussion of the issue. Notably, some people are trying to justify cannibalism or at least find the justification. For instance, Wisnewski (2007) provides a philosophical analysis of the problem.

The author also mentions the Kuru disorder and tries to reveal positive aspects of cannibalism. Importantly, Mickle makes the horror story as real as possible and the Kuru disorder is also mentioned in the film. The film can be regarded as another illustration of the discourse. This realistic presentation of the horror story can also attract people’s attention.

Finally, the marketers of the movie can also resort to the feminist approach. As has been mentioned above, Mickle’s story is totally different from the Mexican original and in the American version females (the mother and the daughters) are central characters.

Brewer (2009) notes that the contemporary culture (movies are a part of the culture) is characterized by feminist approach to different aspects of human life. It is also important to mention that Mickle brings to the fore female’s attempts to remain on good terms with themselves and the world.

Apart from the discussion of the themes revealed in the movie, it is also essential to mention the filmmakers and their expertise. Of course, the marketers should refer to Mickle’s previous works (“Stake Lane” and “Mulberry Street”) which are very successful. Thus, Mickle is now regarded as one of the most successful horror film directors (Tallerico 2013).

He manages to create the necessary tension and the stories he tells are full of suspense. Duhamel (2013) stresses that Mickle creates a number of symbols to explore the issues related to cannibalism.

The story told by Mickle is a combination of a children’s tale about Ogres, children’s nightmares, and discussion of family values (Duhamel 2013). The director brings a horror movie to a new level which is more complete and sophisticated. Clearly, people are now seeking for new experiences and they strive to see new techniques in their favorite genres.

The cast is also worth mentioning as critics praise the performance and state it is really exceptional. For instance, Duhamel (2013) praises performance of the two leading actresses, Julia Garner and Ambyr Chiders. The young actresses manage to reveal the doom of the family. The girls’ appearance and their ‘reluctant’ moves create a really tensed atmosphere of doom and devotion to the family (Duhamel 2013).

Bill Sage, Wyatt Russell and Michael Parks reveal the strong male world where each of them is trying to pursue their goals in their search for self-identity, justice and happiness.

The marketers should stress the exceptional performance of the cast as some viewers (who are not horror movie fans) have certain prejudice and they do not want to watch some horror films as they believe these works are characterized by poor performance. One of the advantages of the movie in question is the great performance, so the marketers should stress this.

It is noteworthy that there is a lot of information on the film available in media. In the first place, the film was premiered at Sundance Festival and it was praised by critics. It was also shown at Cannes Festival where it was also warmly accepted. Admittedly, these two movie festivals are influential and positive reviews from critics can be seen as certain evidence of the movie’s high-quality.

The marketers should stress the movie’s success at the two festivals. Favorable attitude of critics is one of the reasons to watch a movie. It is widely known that people tend to rely on critics’ reviews. Therefore, the marketers should refer to numerous favorable reviews available online.

More so, the very abundance of the information is a sign of the movie’s value. If people keep talking about a film, it means the film is worth seeing and viewers should understand that Mickle’s movie has been discussed for months. It can be useful to refer to some peculiarities of the movie’s production. Thus, Mickle’s struggle with the ‘bad’ weather can foster people’s interest to the film.

The director tends to stress that the major symbol and even the ‘character’ of the film is rain (Tallerico 2013). Mickle claims that the story is set in the middle of a natural disaster, i.e. heavy rains, storms and flood. The place was chosen with specific deliberation, but they did not have rain.

The way the director created the ‘natural disaster’ and the atmosphere of certain rainy doom is worth specific attention. This curious detail can draw a lot of attention to the film as well.

In conclusion, it is possible to note that “We are what we are” is a horror movie which is rather easy to market. The film has already attracted a lot of attention and there is a lot of information in a variety of film magazines. While marketing the movie, it is possible to focus on numerous aspects of the film. First, it is essential to mention the original Mexican version.

The marketers should also pay special attention to the movie’s genre which is different from a mere horror movie as it is full of psychology and spirituality. It is crucial to make the potential viewers aware of the upcoming sequels and prequels. Besides, the marketers can refer to the major themes in the film. Such themes as religion, traditions, cannibalism and feminism have been topics of quite heated debate recently.

Finally, it is also important to mention the cast’s performance which has been praised by many critics. Al these aspects are likely to attract potential viewers’ attention. Notably, the audience of the movie is really wide as it can include horror movie fans, psychological thrillers fans and those who are interested in exploring the issues revealed in the film.

Reference List Brewer, C. 2009, The stereotypic portrayal of women in slasher films: then versus now, Thesis, Louisiana State University. Web.

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Turek, R. 2013, ‘Comic-con 2013 interview: Jim Mickle on “We are what we are,” the prequel


Krishna Das (Jeffrey Kagel) Research Paper essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction


Style of music




Works Cited

Introduction Krishna Das is a vocalist from the United States of America. He was born Jeffrey Kagel in 1947. He is famous for compositions and performances in a music genre known as kirtan. He has released eleven albums since he started his music career in 1996. Das is the most famous American singer of the kirtan genre of Hindu music. Even though the music style is not very famous, he has sold more than 300,000 albums worldwide.

His versatility and creativity are the main reasons why his music is famous in the western countries and certain regions of eastern countries (Dwyer and Cole 39). His prowess is evident form the number of records sold and albums produced in a genre that is not common among artists in the world.

Bibliography Das was born in the year 1947 in New Hyde Park, Long Island. In his childhood days, he learned to play several musical instruments such as piano, cornet, and baritone euphonium. He was an active music participant in high school, and played the euphonium as a member of the Marching Band (Titon 46).

The first genre of music that he was interested in was rock ‘n’ roll. In his teenage days, he became involved in basketball, which he played during the day. However, during the night, he attended music concerts by artists such as Skip James and Bukka White.

His interest in music intensified when he joined Stony Brook University (Titon 48). He joined a group of young people and formed a band but later separated from them. Afterwards, he joined the State University at New Paltz to study Eastern philosophy. However, he dropped from the university after a short period.

However, his stint at the university was fruitful because he met Ram Dass, a spiritual teacher who influenced him significantly (Propp, 51). At one time in his life, Das found himself at crossroads. His childhood friends invited him to join their band. On the other hand, his spiritual teacher invited him for spiritual lessons.

He chose to follow Dass, and they both travelled to India in 1970. He participated in several pilgrimages together with his spiritual teacher. He learnt Bhakti yoga and as a result started to chant hymns (Propp 53). After two years in India, he returned to America on a short visit with intentions to return.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, after the news of the death of his yoga teacher, he decided to stay in America. To fight grief, he practiced yoga and joined other artists to form a band called Amazing Grace (Propp 53). The band performed and recorded several Indian songs. Das also formed a recording studio known as Triloka Records.

Style of music Das specializes in Hindu devotional music popularly known as kirtan. Kirtan involves singing while chanting the name of God (Titon 62). He is known for his expertise in combining traditional Hindu chants with modern instrumentation and melodies. As a result, he has been labeled as a rock star.

His style of music has made him the best-selling chant artist in the world. In other instances, he mixes chanting with rock ‘n’ roll. For example, his album titled Heart As Wide As the World was produced by incorporating aspects of both kirtan and rock ‘n’ roll (Titon 63). His music style incorporates several aspects of western music such as chord progressions and instrumentation.

His performances start at a slow pace and gradually grow into fast chants. Chanting is an important aspect of Devotional Yoga that characterizes kirtan. In some cases, his performances start with devotional chants that are accompanied with instrumentation, and later followed by chants without accompaniment. Some performances include yoga teachers who guide participants in sessions of devotional meditation.

Discography Das had produced 11 albums since he started his musical career in 1996. His first album was titled One Track Heart. It included chants from traditional Bhakti yoga. The second album was titled Pilgrim Heart and was produced in 1998 (Dwyer and Cole 44). It featured an artist known as Sting. His third album was titled Line on Breath while the firth album was titled Breath of the Heart.

The fifth album, Door of Faith, was released in 2003. Three years later, the album All One was released. The album is a remake of the mantra of Hare Krishna that combines contemporary styles and South African traditional styles. Other albums include Gathering In the Light, Flow Of Grace: Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa, Heart Full of Soul, Heart As Wide As the World, and Live Ananda (Dwyer and Cole 45).

Flow of Grace was released in 2006 as both a book and a CD. It contained chants from Hanuman Chalisa, and an Indian hymn. Among his albums, Heart Full of Soul is the most unique because it includes songs that were recorded in live performances. Das has sold more than 300,000 albums around the world (Dwyer and Cole 46).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Krishna Das (Jeffrey Kagel) specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More His music is more famous and widely accepted in the west than in other parts of the world. Hearts as Wide as World was released in 2010 and it was reminiscent of his youthful days. It explores the development of his music style through fusion of rock ‘n’ roll and certain concepts of Indian spirituality (Dwyer and Cole 47). The album also contains several songs that incorporate both eastern and western instrumentation styles.

Influences Das has influenced many artists significantly. His influence in kirtan motivated fellow musicians including Sting and Hans Christian to produce music together with him. Other artists that he influenced include Prana, Mike D, Stanley Jordan, and Baird Hersey.

He has produced music with many artists whom he influenced with his unique style of chanting. Das is one of the most significant artists in the kirtan genre of music (Dwyer and Cole 69). He is considered to be the greatest artist who has contributed to the growth of the genre. His inclusion of instruments and melodies has contributed towards evolving the genre, which has increased its acceptance in the west.

Conclusion The musical contributions and achievements of Das are numerous. He has contributed significantly in the evolution of the kirtan genre of music. Since launching a career in music in 1996, Das has produced eleven albums. He has collaborated with different artists including Prana and Baird Hersey. His style of music incorporates kirtan chants with modern instrumentation and melodies.

Das has been labeled as a rock star because of his revolutionary and versatile style of music. His achievements include emerging the best selling kirtan artist and nomination for Grammy Awards. He has influenced many artists and has great influence in the kirtan genre. He is a versatile artist because he possesses the ability to incorporate several music styles into his own style without altering it.

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