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Table of Contents Determining When to Create a Job

Strategies in Outlining a Position’s details

What would the duties be?

Performance Requirements

Necessity for Pre-existing Knowledge and Skills

Re-Written Job Posting

Required Skills and Experience

Position Responsibilities


Determining When to Create a Job All businesses in one form or another come across situations where the need arises for more personnel to occupy certain positions. This can arise out of the natural process of employee retirement, company expansion, employee termination and other such instances where a position opens up that requires a person to fill it.

There are instances though where a position is created not out of availability due to the aforementioned factors previously mentioned but rather through necessity. In such situations complications arise in businesses where additional manpower is apparently needed yet there is no definable position that was previously created for it.

Defining how and when the need arises is thus a necessity of any competent manager/HR staffer since it is in their best interests to ensure that the company continues to function as efficiently as possible. In determining the necessity in creating a new job position several questions need to be asked, namely:

Is there a lack of efficiency in the work place as a result of accumulated tasked being subject to a single individual?

Would efficiency increase if someone were to be hired to accommodate these extra tasks?

Will the current budget of the company allow the hiring of new personnel?

What standards will be required for this particular position?

It is only when such questions have been answered that it can be determined whether it is in the company’s best interests to create a new job position and fill it with a person capable of doing the job.

Strategies in Outlining a Position’s details In creating an effective position outline what would be needed is to first define the skills and experience needed for a particular position and then define what responsibilities the position entails.

What must be understood is that several studies examining the responses ordinary job seekers have when examining a job posting is that they see the responsibilities a position entails and usually have the following response “hey, I know I can do these responsibilities”, this results in them developing the notion that they can do the job based on the responsibilities and as such even though their skills and experience don’t match those listed in the job posting they still apply anyway.

This results in two distinct problems:

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A heavier workload for the recruiter in charge of looking for the right candidate for the position wherein he/she has to wade through a literal mountain of applications all from people who think they can do the job.

A waste of time for the person applying since it is unlikely they will be hired if their skills and experience don’t match what is required in the job posting.

It is due to this that when creating a job outline it is important to first place the required skills and experience needed for a position so as to discourage would be applicants from applying assuming they have what it takes but in reality lack the necessary skills and experience to actually do the job properly.

What would the duties be? For this particular position (Executive Administrative Assistant / Executive Support) the duties would be to play the role of an assistant in the various aspects of the business that the manager/executive would otherwise be too busy to do.

This would come in the form of creating appointments, managing works schedules, ordering products when needed, creating effective time keeping records, inputting personnel data, contacting clients and a variety of other responsibilities as required by the company.

Performance Requirements While the job of an Executive Administrative Assistant is not what one would consider highly integral to the company the fact remains that due to the nature of dealing with clients, highly confidential company material, assisting the manager and examining various personnel records such a position would thus need a person to be deadline oriented, capable of receiving commands/ assignments on a moments notice, be available to assist even on weekends and thus quite literally assist in nearly every single aspect of a manager’s daily job.

While such a workload will not tax a person’s academic experience it still does require a considerable degree of attentiveness and an inherent desire to help. Thus performance requirements for this job will usually entail a person that is already experience in this particular type of job, is well versed with office protocol and is willing to forgo personal time in order to help the company meet tight deadlines.

Necessity for Pre-existing Knowledge and Skills Based on the type of work this particular position entails pre-existing knowledge of software systems such as MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Any further knowledge of particular software applications can be gained through experience on the job itself.

Re-Written Job Posting Executive Administrative Assistant / Executive Support (Job, 2011)

We will write a custom Essay on Analyzing a Job specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Required Skills and Experience Years Administrative Skills experience in creating travel and expense reports, time sheets, power point presentations and various administrative functions (Job, 2011).

Ability to meet tight deadlines

Excellent oral and written communications skills

Superb Organizational Skills

Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Ability to independently create effective and poignant business correspondence

Position Responsibilities Provide telephone support to the Director and staff

Manage Director’s Outlook Calendar

Book hotel/flight/car rental reservations for Director

Make travel and relocation arrangements for various members of the staff

Process expense vouchers and supplier bills

Schedule meetings and conferences

Track timesheets for Director


Aspects of Literature Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Authored by Margaret Fuller, The Great Lawsuit is a must-read captivating chef-d’oeuvre heavy-laden with literary aspects like plot, setting, themes, style, and images among others as highlighted in the paper.

Period, as an aspect of literature refers to the time frame a certain piece of work is written. This is important since it gives a reader an idea of what the work is all about. “The Great Lawsuits by Fuller was done in July 1843 and therefore captured the daily occurrences of the times.

When it comes to genre, Fuller adapts a pure narrative. The work is an observation of the author and her own experiences that existed between men and women during her time (Dickenson 187). Therefore, the author develops her story based on these experiences and also borrows from the past events and uses them in developing her work.

Setting in any literal work is paramount in providing a clear picture of the story. For instance, in “The Great Lawsuit”, events occur in her place of residence in the Northern Europe. She builds her plot based on the experiences and how the community or the society behaves and believes. She therefore borrows more from her own setting and therefore builds her plot and provides suggestions to his audiences.

The plot of “The Great Lawsuit” is well developed through systematic occurrence of events. The book is about the self and individuality of the people and how these have resulted to inequity in the society. For instance, men and women should be able to uplift each other and eliminate their perceived differences. Women need to rise up and uplift their fellow women in order to be equals.

The author too uses various characters in ensuring that her message reaches the audiences clearly. Some of the authors that she uses are Miranda, a woman and a child born of a father who believed in equality of sexes. Others are Roland, Justina, and Mary Wollstonecraft commonly known as George Sand amongst others.

The theme of freedom stands out in the book. According to Fuller, women should be able to break the chains of slavery that have been subjected to them by their male counter parts (34). Other themes revolve around love, self or individuality.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The story comes from the third person point of view where the author mainly wishes to reach all the humankind. She sees the need for both men and women to abolish their self interests and be able to support each other in order for all of them to operate on the same grounds.

Style is also one of the salient aspects in literature. In her work, Fuller employs a simple style in propagating her message to the audience. For instance, she uses simple language, short and precise in her writing, which fosters quick understanding.

Example is, “They, too, raised the cry; God is living, all is his, and all created beings are brothers, for they are his children” (Miller 23). These were the triumphant moments; but as we have said, man slept and selfishness awoke.” This shows how the selfishness of men made them to mind their own interests.

In “The Great Lawsuit”, Fuller presents herself as the persona in addressing the key themes in her works. She also depicts illustrations of men and women as personas in bringing forward her ideas.

Images, Metaphors and schemes are styles employed in literature to advance the intended message. The author uses various images and metaphors in her work which makes it interesting. A good illustration of metaphor used is “We feel that the mind may “grow black and rancid in the smoke” (Dickenson 45). This means that men are hypocrites often doing contrary to what they say.

Ideologies are someone’s predispositions or thinking perspectives. Fuller adopts a mythology or ideologies that all people are equal regardless of gender, profession and religion amongst other parameters. A good example that illustrates the ideologies of the author is, “All men are born free and equal” (Dickenson 12).

Fuller’s work borrows much from culture and historical practices that society has been observing. She endeavors to bring into existence a new leaf on how people should relate and socialize. She wrestles with various technologies some including the place of a woman in the society.

We will write a custom Essay on Aspects of Literature specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Women are not given the full attention with their full capability not fully explored. She believes that things will only change when women will rise up to other occasions and lead their fellow women towards independence (Miller 34).This has seen drastic changes in today’s life as women have taken up their roles in different facets of life.

Fuller’s work represents the reality and the social injustices that various communities go through. There has been effort by various parties to ensure that all men and women are able to exploit their full potential in life. Therefore, it is true that her work has played a key role in shaping the current today.

Works Cited Dickenson, Donna. Margaret Fuller: Writing a Woman’s Life. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1993.

Miller, Edwin. Salem Is My Dwelling Place: A Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Lowa City: University of Lowa Press, 1991.


Medicaid Fraud and Influence on Medical Services Research Paper best essay help

Introduction Medicaid Fraud is one of the main issues that hamper provision of quality, reliable, and efficient medical services across the world.

Medicaid is designed as a health insurance that offers the less fortunate in the society a chance to get affordable quality medical services; they are edible to children, the elderly, and persons with a disability and funded to a large extent by Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Medical Assistance Administration.

The United States government medical department with collaboration of the office of the Attorney General has been on the fore front fighting the vice; however, the vice seems to be far from being won. As much as the practice is unethical and unaccepted in the medical fraternities, the efforts that the federal government has enacted remain focused on corporate level but they seem to be un-reaching to the micro level practices.

According to Steven Malanga, the rate of misuse of Medicaid Fraud has continued to increase with an estimated amount of 10% of the total cost nationwide, which translate to about loss of


Efficiency of Communications Research Report best essay help: best essay help

Communications research is a field that every successful organization should invest in, if it is interested in the maximization of service production and guaranteeing consumer satisfaction. The claim comes in because it equips an organization to deal with its research questions concerning issues such as usage, branding, advertising, new product introduction, and pricing among others.

Such insight is necessary both for making inter-organizational projections, and in judging consumers’ reactions to the organization’s policy. Therefore, the PR Department has to spend some of the organization’s limited funds to conduct such a research, with hopes of making amends on the image projected by the organization to the public, as well as to fellow personnel.

In terms of objectives, this research will aim at gleaning as much information as possible concerning the effectiveness of three data collection methods; interviewing, questionnaires, and observation, which are most commonly applied by the organization in research. It will also study other available options, their effectiveness, and comparability with the former three in terms of meeting the organization’s demands.

The knowledge drawn from such research will be instrumental in analyzing the organization’s ability to interact with the subjects of its previous, present and future researches. It will also improve the credibility of the organization should its competence, or integrity in the execution of its objectives ever be questioned by external forces.

Finally, it will come up with the best approach of collecting information from subjects while best presenting it as their ally, which in turn will give it credence in the local community, and provide ease with which information can be obtained. Thus, the relationship with its publics will be secured further.

The research topics in need of exploration are outlined below; three topics of study, which this research will propose, and the reasons are outlined alongside each topic. These are:

Interviewing – as a way of communicating, an interview is only effective where language is not a barrier. This makes previous findings of research thus conducted suspect, as this is a foreign organization with a native language differing from that of the host community.

Questionnaires – this method requires the respondents to be literate or to understand researchers’ questions in the questionnaires. Again, the community in question is still developing and thus characteristic of rampant illiteracy thus invalidating most of the data presented in questionnaires.

Observation- this method has proved ineffective especially if the subject of the research is hostile to the researchers, as is the case with our organization’s relationship with the local community. Moreover, there is a high probability of reporting inaccurate findings due to a change in routine by the subjects, which would go unnoticed by the observer, as well as a lack of understanding of the subjects’ actions or behaviors, which the researcher is to report on.

The Relevant communications expert knowledge that supports the argument of the research is that communication is a complex process. Language eases part of the burden, as people are able to package ideas that can be transmitted between different minds.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, it acts as the channel through which these ideas are transported. When there is a language barrier, little can be done to pass ideas, opinions, beliefs and attitudes therefore preventing any understanding from occurring. Consequently, people who do not understand each other resort to basic human nature, which is lined with suspicion in turn triggering hostility, and the cycle continues.

Ultimately, no progress can be made without finding a way to remove, or go around this barrier. That is the quagmire this organization finds itself in.

Until we are able to resolve this issue, researchers will continue to be misinformed depicting much biasness in the subjects, and therefore their information will continue to be inaccurate. Locals will in urn never accept any policies made by the organization, and we will continue o exist at an impasse.

The proposed planning process for developing the research is as follows: The organization shall enlist the services of other foreign firms that have established a strong foundation with the local community and organize benchmarking sessions with our own personnel.

We shall also engage linguistic professionals to teach our staff the native language, as this will be necessary for the trial researcher within the research to gauge the effectiveness of the new principles learnt. Finally, we shall require he funds proposed by the budget of this research to acquire all the necessary materials to be used in the research.


Content Outline and Assessment Report college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Things to consider when writing a content outline




A content outline contain the following


Introduction A content outline and assessment is used to give students a guideline and help them study for their exams. It also helps the teachers to prepare their lesson and exams to be given to students. Students can use a content outline to assess their knowledge and experience in each topic covered. They are also able to identify areas that need further studying before they take their exams.

A content outline includes; the objectives of the study, information to be explained, procedures to be used, and the assessment criteria to be used on students. This paper provides a guideline on how to write a content outline, gives the things that are contained in a content outline and concludes by highlighting the importance of assessments and how to conduct them.

Things to consider when writing a content outline What do students need to know?

Which mechanism will be used to help students get what is required of them?

How will they be assessed to ensure that they have achieved the goal?

After putting the above questions into consideration, the content outline should contain the following categories.

Goals The outline should offer a general overview of the contents of the material as well as how the material will be handled for an effective delivery of the information to students, in some times it may offer guideline to tutors on how to approach different issues.

The goals should be written in reference to the National curriculum (Ritzel, 2010). If it is an outline for a specific unit, goals should be specific to that unit and the same should be assessed at the end of the unit.

Objectives This part concentrates on what students can do to increase their knowledge and skills. The following questions should be put into consideration

What is the students’ capability?

Which mechanism will be used to measure students’ performance?

How will satisfactory attainment of goals be judged?

How will the students show that they have thoroughly understood what was being taught and that they understand the objectives of the unit?

Prerequisites Prerequisites allow teachers to determine which activities can be used to ensure that students meet the objectives of the unit being studied. Every teacher should be in a position to assess the students’ state of readiness before introducing a new outline (Ritzel, 2010). He must be able to determine the concepts that will help in the accomplishment of objectives.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A content outline contain the following Introduction

It highlights how the objectives and goals of a certain unit will be introduced; the method is beneficial as it is able motivate and facilitate students to go through a content and grasp what the writer wanted to say. Additionally, the introduction provides a link between the past activities and the students’ interests. Also, the introduction highlights what is expected out of students

Main Activity

This is the main part of the outline which gives a framework of the expectation that the student should have. It is prepared in such a way that other teachers can be able to understand the flow. The main activity gives all the topics that are to be covered, experiments to be conducted, when assessment tests will be taken, among other things. It also includes examples that will help students understand the topics well.

The following is contained in the main activity:

Demonstration- this provides a list of all the steps to be followed in a sequential order.

Explanation- this is a sketch of the information that need to be elucidated

Discussion this section provides a listing of key questions to direct the discussion

Method of instruction- this specifies how the outline will be taught, how students will learn the information, time for each segment, materials to support presentations, key point that need to be emphasized (kellough