Analyze And Evaluate The Major Points Of Your Case Study For Research To Write Your Analytical Essay. Use Your Writing Essay Help

Analyze and evaluate the major points of your case study for research to write your analytical essay. Use your time to develop a deep understanding of your topic to fully explain your stance on the topic. You are required to give an in depth introduction of your topic. Provide transitional sentences from one topic to the next. Then develop the body of the paper fully using no less than 3 full pages and no more than 5 pages, this does not include the APA format title and references page. Finally, provide a summative conclusion. Provide a total of two references for your references page. Ensure you use Times New Roman 12 point font and the current APA Writing Style.


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Electronic media provides you with many options for creating effective messages in business. Many scenarios come up in which you will be asked to craft a positive message in response to a customer’s issue. In this assignment, you will be asked to compose messages from both the perspective of a customer and a customer service representative. Instructions:

• Choose a recent purchase or customer experience you have had that did not meet your expectations.

• Write an email to the company expressing your dissatisfaction and concerns. • Place yourself as the customer service representative receiving your email and

respond appropriately.


• Your email messages should be brief and to the point.

• Be sure to use the proper tone appropriate for the scenario.

• Include a clear subject line in each email.

• Use a professional tone.

Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.


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After a policy is created and approved, and then implemented, it needs to be evaluated after some time to determine its impact and whether it was a successful policy.  Select a policy from Saudi Arabia healthcare and describe the policy and its expected outcomes. Address the following requirements:

What data would you require to determine whether the policy is working in practice?

What other elements of analysis would you use to evaluate the effect of the policy?

Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which will require supporting citations along with at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed reference in supporting your answer. 


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Since Sociology is the study of people, we have direct involvement every day in our
communities, schools, family, and neighborhoods. Talking to people is a major part of
the sociology field. This paper will allow you to broaden your understanding of a
particular sociological concept.
Written Assignment 1 will require you to interview someone in your community that has
dealt with any of the social conflicts that we have discussed in the first half of the term.
For example, suicide, bullying, depression, homelessness, discrimination of any kind.
These interviews can be done in person, via computer or other means of
communication, but a one-on-one interaction is necessary. As a last resort, if you
cannot find someone to interview, you can also choose a profession that is front and
center with current social conflict and discuss your choice in detail to include
sociological perspectives and or other course related material that you see fit. This is
an introduction course, so you have some leeway with your direction of your paper, but
please make sure you relate it to the material in the first 4 units.
• Two to three pages in length, excluding the Title and Reference page.
• APA format, including an in-text citation for referenced works.
• At least three resources (not including your textbook)


Notice for the Assignment Students should work the assignment using MS-Word I expect you may at least spend more Essay college essay help online

Notice for the Assignment

Students should work the assignment using MS-Word
I expect you may at least spend more than 2 pages (with Times New Roman 12 Size with 1.5 space): If you need to insert diagram (s), you may use the PPT or other sources, then copy the contents into your final solution – Be professional