An Occult Website’s Design Analysis

This page is an occult web resource whose task is to present the audience with a conspiracy theory about the future coming of aliens. The page’s content is a mixture of Freemasonry theories, Christian theology, science fiction, and contemporary American politics. The fabrications of the author of the site are presented in a chaotic form. However, they pretend to be reliable information. The famous crop circles attributed to the superior alien race are linked with the second coming of Christ and the advent of the Kingdom of Jerusalem on the planet.

The site’s color scheme is overflowing with primitive colors with bright and sharply contrasting elements that irritate the eye, which is typical for an amateur resource. The author does not make a meaningful spatial distinction between the news, which is why they are read in a continuous stream. The visual information is of low-quality design, apparently being made in the most basic image editor. Many graphic elements of the site are presented in low resolution with noticeable pixelation. The site is designed as a continuous news feed, which first demonstrates visual information and then factual information. This deprives the information of a logical sequence, forcing one to first perceive conspiracy theories and then correlate them with the interpretations of the author of the world news site.

Many headings can only be perceived in the context of the specific logic of the site’s author and are subjective in their emotional coloring. The news feed is often in capital letters and exclamation points galore, like a cheap tabloid with fake news scoops: “THE ISOSCELES TRAPAZOID – WHO KNEW THIS SHAPE WAS SO IMPORTANT? THIS SYMBOLISM WILL ASTOUND YOU!!!” (Mason, 2000). The creator’s emotional incontinence and imbalance is also noticeable in the news selection, where both politics and popular music are found – and the subheadings are related to the general philosophy of the site: “THE ANSWER TO ALL OUR PROBLEMS – IMAGINE – BY JOHN LENNON” (Mason, 2000). Thus, this site represents a resource created by a fanatic for complete freedom of expression, which is observed in a lurid design and a chaotic and loud manner of expression.


Mason, J. (2000). Dreams of the Great Earth Changes. Web.