After Reading “The Courtyard”, What Do You Notice About What The Speaker Included In The Introduction, (5 Points), The Body A Level English Language Essay Help

After reading “The Courtyard”, what do you notice about what the speaker included in the Introduction, (5 points), the Body ( 5 points), and the Conclusion (5 points)? 1. Give an example for each and support it with evidence from the text. 2. Find another speech where someone is introducing themself and upload the text or the video. (5 points) You will need to understand how to analyze the Intro, Body, and Conclusion for the upcoming test in this module.


social issues essay help: essay help

Identify one social issue that most people do not readily consider a social problem and explain how this issue meets Mills’ definition of a social problem and why it should be given attention.  Is this social issue also an issue of social justice?  Explain.

Typed, numbered pages, checked for errors.  Include “References” page for all sources used, including your textbook.  Use APA or ASA format for in-text citations and References page.  A separate title page is required.

2 ½ pages


I need 125 words for this portion – Is the Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule weaker or stronger today compared Essay essay help free

I need 125 words for this portion – Is the Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule weaker or stronger today compared to the periods of the Weeks and Mapp decisions? Why has this occurred? Do you think this is a good or bad trend? Explain your position and provide examples.

And at least 125 words for this portion. Give three arguments in favor of the exclusionary rule as it currently stands, and three arguments against it. Then explain your position on the issue, supporting it with logical examples.


Data Driven Decision making cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Thinking about COVID-19 and how heavily our industry has been using data to help make decisions.  Read the following article, relating it to our readings from this week, what is one tool you would use to help support in “modeling”.  

10 Tips for Making Sense of COVID-19 Models for Decision-MakingLinks to an external site.


Write a paper on the selected target audience for Amazon, answering the following questions… Question 1: Who is your essay help online free

Write a paper on the selected target audience for Amazon, answering the following questions…

Question 1:
Who is your target segment?
• Middle and upper-class consumers (evenly split between genders) with home computers or smart devices aged between 18-44 as of 2022.
• Additionally, 60% of Amazon’s target market are from the United States who prefer shopping online for convenience, fast delivery, and competitive prices.
From Source:

Question 2:
Why do you choose this segment or these segments?
These are the target segments chosen by Amazon because…
• The selected age range is because people ages 35 to 44 are the majority of Amazon Prime subscribers. Also, Amazon seeks to target a customer base that has access to and frequently visits the internet, making younger generations the ideal Amazon customer.
• The location was selected because the United States dominates the number of consumers and the number of products purchased. Over 60% of Amazon’s total internet traffic comes from the United States. Additionally, , 48% of U.S. consumers visit Amazon more than 1 time a week. And 89% of consumers based in the U.S. visit Amazon at least once a month.
• The selected salary bracket was selected because upper and middle-class social groups with average salaries of $51k prefer shopping online to save time and money, because they are often busy with their jobs and don’t have the time to visit a store.
From Source:

Question 3:
What information do you find about this segment or these segments?
• List information from this source:

Question 4:
How is this information relevant to a company’s brand and how will it be used to describe them?
• List information from this source:

Question 5:
What information about the target audience is missing


Writer’s Choice Essay college admission essay help

No Plagiarism

Pick out one of the many extended epic similes from Book I of Paradise Lost. Type it out. As you do so, be alert to the various senses, histories, geographies, etc. that get added to the picture with each new image or phrase. Be alert also to syntax (sentence grammar) as well as to lineation, assonance/alliteration, rhythm, etc.

Now try your own epic simile, basing your effort loosely on what you’ve just studied in Milton. Example: “My brother lay in bed, in bulk as huge / As whom the twitter-feeds name couch potate / Soprano, or Jersey-born, whom the dim bar / By old Passiac held, or that other beast / Hurley. . . .”  Have fun! Your creative imitation should be as long as Milton’s is, so you understand what is involved in building something that complex!


There are real problems in businesses and our lives. Review Jan McGonigal’s plan (located in Documents and Resources) to best college essay help: best college essay help

There are real problems in businesses and our lives. Review Jan McGonigal’s plan (located in Documents and Resources) to have us learn how to play games to save the world. Even if your have never thought of the value of gaming before, come up with some specific process improvements, games or ways to help improve your life and or your organization. Apply the ideas of game, structure design and quality. You are to demonstrate a process flow map for your suggestions. You do not need to buy this software, but this is an excellent quick explanation for a process flow chart. Be sure to refer to Swink’s example of process flow. Feel free to use a personal or a professional example. It is best if you use something that is causing you difficulty in your life (like not being able to pay off your Master Card, lose that last ten pounds, or stop procrastinating). Apply process, structure, design, intent and quality to your life to come up with an “epic win.” 300 to 400 word minimum initial post.


In part 1 each student is finding and summarizing one peer-reviewed primary research article for your group. (10 pts)
Directions essay help

In part 1 each student is finding and summarizing one peer-reviewed primary research article for your group. (10 pts)

Directions for each individual summary:

Find one peer-reviewed primary (Original Research) article on Topic 6.

Read and evaluate the article chosen.

Write a summary of the article that answers the following questions for the article:

Who were the participants of the study? (i.e. healthy men, postmenopausal women)

What is the intervention and control; or the comparison?

What type of study was done? (i.e. RCT, case-control)

What is the main finding of the peer-reviewed article?

List 2 or more strengths and 2 or more weaknesses of the study design (not the results).

Write this summary in a paragraph format.

Include the full references for the chosen article in AMA format. A guide to AMA is posted on Canvas. Note: This is NOT just the URL! Also, journal articles need to be formatted like journal articles, not the website you found the article.

Post this summary in the thread I started for Part 1.


Assessing Normality essay help online free: essay help online free

I sample of human brain volumes (cm’) is given below. Use the given data values to identify the corresponding z scores that are used for a normal
quantile plot, then identify the coordinates of each point in the normal quantile plot. Construct the normal quantile plot, then determine whether the
data appear to be from a population with a normal distribution.


to each question for a pharmacology case study, while using scholarly articles and the required text: Woo, T. M. college application essay help: college application essay help

HISTORY Josiah is a 9-month-old who presents to clinic for a well child examination. He appears healthy with no parental concerns. His height is 28.5 inches (60th percentile), weight is 9.8 kg (70th percentile), and head circumference is 18 inches (60th percentile). His growth is consistent along the growth curve. The infant’s diet is as follows: breastfed, some solids, mostly family diet pureed for baby, and no meats yet. He does not like iron-fortified baby cereals, but likes crackers and teething biscuits. His mother gives him vitamin D drops daily and no other supplements. ASSESSMENT Josiah is alert, pulls to a stand, babbles, and is interactive. The anterior fontanelle is flat. His skin is pale and conjunctiva is slightly pale. His skin is pink and warm, with no bruising. The rest of the examination is within normal limits. Finger stick hemoglobin (Hgb) is 10.2. 1. What additional information (e.g., clinical findings, laboratory test results) will confirm the diagnosis? 2. What are your differential diagnoses for this patient? 3. What is your likely diagnosis? 4. What is(are) the desired treatment outcome(s)? 5. What non-pharmacological therapy would you recommend? 6. How would your pharmacotherapeutic plan differ, based on special population patients (such as obstetrics, geriatrics, etc)? 7. What pharmacotherapeutic plan (include prescription and non-prescription drugs) would you design for this patient? Rationale for pharmacotherapy to include mechanism(s) of action list drug(s), dose, route of administration, frequency, duration of treatment and one monitoring parameter. 8. What are the clinically significant adverse effects and drug interactions for the agents discussed? 9. How will you monitor the patient’s response to therapy? 10. How will you counsel your patient about the pharmacotherapeutic plan?


and Respect Must be referenced. uk version no usa !!!! argumentative essay help

Assignment Task Read through this case study and answer the questions that follow: Martha Jayasekera is a 25-year-old young woman with cerebral palsy, who lives in her own flat. She uses a wheelchair and needs support with many activities of daily living. Her support needs include getting out of bed in the morning, washing, dressing and getting ready for the day and support with getting into bed in the evening. Martha Jayasekera enjoys going out with friends and working part time, as a counsellor for young adults with physical disabilities in a local community support centre. The home care organisation who delivers her service are requested to come and support her to go to bed at 10 p.m. but the carers frequently arrive at 7p.m. to perform this service and have continued to do this despite Martha’s complaints. When asked why this happens the care service says a lot of the staff do not wish to work such late hours and feel unsafe in the area around Martha’s flat. Using the case study above, answer the following questions: Question 1 What are the ethical concepts such as those pertaining to freedom, rights, responsibilities and the use of power in care which apply to this situation and what kind of strategies could the staff employ to support and respect Martha Jayasekera’s dignity? Consider how the staff can maintain effective communication and use their interpersonal skills including compassion, dignity, and respect to deliver the best care possible to Martha Jayasekera. (2500 words, Question 2 In a reflective account, explain how this case study has contributed to your own learning, self-development and practice in understanding dignity and respect. (500 words


1. Imagine you are the vice president of sales for a large security company and you have been asked college essay help: college essay help

1. Imagine you are the vice president of sales for a large security
company and you have been asked to put together a sales
information system that collects, analyzes, interprets, and
distributes information from the sales force. How would you do it?
What information would you ask salespeople to collect?
2. As a market manager at Lenovo, what key information from outside
the company would be important to help in the design of a new
laptop for small and medium-sized businesses?
3. The marketing manager for Disney Cruise Line wants to know what
demographic trends will affect the cruise line business over the next
five years. What kind of research is needed to address this
question? Conduct some secondary research and try to identify two
or three important demographic trends that might affect the cruise
line business.
4. The market research director for John Deere has just received a call
from the marketing manager in the company’s lawn tractor division.
The manager wants to know how the new advertising campaign is
being received by current customers. Design a research study for
this research. Be sure to include a problem definition and research
5. The alumni director at your institution wants to know how to serve
the alumni better. Design a survey of no more than 10 questions
that the alumni director can use to ask alumni about their interest in
getting more involved with their school.
Customer satisfaction and loyalty are critical elements in any
successful marketing strategy, but they are essential when the
product is purchased only once every few years. It was, therefore,
of great concern to luxury automakers like Acura, Audi, and BMW
when in 2014 their customer satisfaction scores all dropped below
the average for the entire automobile industry.
34 For years these
companies had been gathering and using external primary data
from their own surveys, and also relying on secondary data from
sources like the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, yet
satisfaction was falling. Assuming the luxury automakers were
listening and responding to the data they received from existing
research, it appeared the old modes of research were missing key
insights. Management had a new research deliverable—learn how
we can improve customer satisfaction—and a new research
question—what specific product attributes or service components
are not satisfying our customers?
In situations like this, you don’t know what you don’t know.
Were less-expensive competitors adding features that satisfied
customers at a lower price? Were service amenities like free
loaner cars not valued by the customers? What were the features
or service components that were failing, missing, or just not
valued? Finding a method to ask questions that exposed areas of
dissatisfaction (or missed opportunities to satisfy), and ask these
questions in a way that was representative of the target customers,
became the market research problem. One of these companies—
BMW—learned how to listen and greatly improved its customer
satisfaction scores. It now ranks above the industry average for
customer satisfaction and higher in satisfaction than its luxury
automobile competitors.
35 BMW’s focus on understanding its
customers has helped it reach the top of its market, but its path
was only possible with an understanding of important trade-offs
different types of marketing research require.
Through a worldwide dealer network, BMW makes 10 promises
to its customers and then measures how well the company (and
dealers) keep those promises. Walk into (or visit on the web)
nearly any BWM dealership, from Idaho Falls, Idaho, to Hastings,
New Zealand, and you will see a display of the 10 promises of
service quality.
36 What you don’t see is how difficult it is to
measure and make sense of hundreds, thousands, or, at a country
level, hundreds of thousands of opinions about customers’
satisfaction with activities such as response timeliness, explaining
the bill, or offering a test drive.
In an effort to gather better satisfaction information, BMW UK
set about to solve two problems at once. Like most companies, it
had a difficult time getting customers to respond to its surveys.
And, with 10 promises to measure, the surveys were fairly long
and time-consuming to complete. This led to a falloff in customer
response rates. The second problem was making sense of the
incoming survey data. To make surveys easier for respondents
and for later analysis, market researchers use closed-ended
quantitative questions, typically with a one-to-five- or one-to-sevenpoint scale of very unsatisfied to very satisfied. Customers who
responded answered by bubbling in the appropriate number on
their survey. But, without context as to why they were very satisfied
(or not), it was difficult for BMW to know exactly what to keep doing
and what to fix. More context meant more questions, and more
questions meant fewer responses.
To address this problem and get deeper context, market
researchers often seek to gather deeper, qualitative information
through in-depth interviews, which are often one on one and quite
expensive to administer, or by inviting a small number of
customers (usually around a dozen) to a focus group, where a
professional moderator asks open-ended qualitative questions,
digging out nuances of why customers are expressing a given level
of satisfaction. One downside of both in-depth interviews and focus
groups is that they are not a statistically valid representation of the
population of interest (for example, a target segment such as
Lexus buyers). BMW recognized that focus groups enable the
company to gain deeper context and actionable insights through
qualitative data but do not allow for generalizing the findings to a
large group, so they only provide guidance on what should be
focused on in a broader, statistically valid study.
BMW faced what is, for all market researchers, a series of
trade-offs between different research methods. Qualitative
methods, such as focus groups, brought deeper insights, but at the
cost of being able to apply the findings to a more general customer
target. Other methods, such as quantitative surveys, brought
speed, generalizability, and a higher level of numerical precision
and statistical validity, but lacked an ability to delve deeper and
understand the heart of what customers value. And, in both cases,
the more information BMW sought, the fewer customers
responded. Realizing a need for richer and more representative
information, BMW set out to find a way to analyze representative
samples of large amounts of open-ended qualitative customer
Questions for Consideration
1. Assuming BMW wants to learn more about what customers
value in a luxury driving experience, and then make decisions
based on that research, what kind(s) of market research would
you recommend that might improve BMW’s understanding?
2. BMW is facing the classic quality–quantity–cost trade-off; when
it seeks higher-quality information (represented by more
questions), fewer responses are received or research costs are
higher. Since BMW’s executives all have 25 to 30 years of
experience in the automotive market, what would be the
advantages and disadvantages of trusting their own experience
versus spending more on market research?
3. When problems develop, like what BMW is experiencing in its
research data gathering, a new, often technological solution is
developed to address the issue. What might be some innovative
ways to approach gaining both statistical significance (through
higher response rate) and deeper context (through open-ended
qualitative data)?


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respond to this statement: The theory of Cosmopolitanism is the belief that all people are entitled to equal respect writing essay help

respond to this statement:
The theory of Cosmopolitanism is the belief that all people are entitled to equal respect and consideration, no matter what their citizenship status or other affiliations happen to be. (Britanica/2015)

My personal belief of attempting to bring countries together on major issues of justice is that it would be a difficult task. You will have to take into account the different cultures and what has been practiced for years as well as deal with the different victimology’s within that country/nation. Change has to come from within and not forced upon you. We have to have a common goal to work towards in order to achieve equality as human beings no matter what the ethnicity, race, gender, religion, or affiliation.

Change and acceptance has to come from within and then grow. An example of change coming from within is regarding the trafficking of human beings. Human trafficking is a global problem and one of the worlds most shameful crimes, affecting the lives of millions of people around the world and robbing them of their dignity. (UNODC/2022)

This is something that has been practiced for years since early ancient times. The practice of abducting blacks from African Nations was an accepted culture, until the Civil War in the United States changed that. (Wallace and Robertson/Victimology).

The Civil War was a huge step in the right direction in achieving equality. Civil rights movements made even more progress. The International Criminal Court is also a huge step in accepting the fact that this is a crime against humanity. But I still feel that even today, there is still a ton of work in the acceptance of all human beings and giving everyone equal respect. I do believe that cosmopolitanism can work with the major issues of criminal justice for most countries. But for the countries that are behind in the kind of progress we have made; this will not be an easy transition. You can’t accept and respect individual differences of people nationally until you accept them in your own backyard, in my opinion.


The class is medical terminology. The assignment is COVID-19. I’m required to implement 35 medical terms in the assignment. essay help: essay help

The class is medical terminology. The assignment is COVID-19. I’m required to implement 35 medical terms in the assignment. Thank you for all your help! If it could be expressed in simplistic terms. It’s for community college. It’s for my brother. And if you could add an abstract and if APA could be in 7th edition.


Required Textbook: McDonald, Danielle. 2017.Race, Gender, Class, and Criminal Justice: Examining Barriers to Justice. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press ISBN: 978-1-61163-752-6 YouTube Video: Evolution of Law Enforcement. custom essay help

Generate a discussion to the class from the assigned readings and video. This is intended to be an exercise in student-directed creative learning. Watch videos and book to analyze but you are not limited to only what is in the videos and websites. Post questions for other students to answer, post your thoughts about the readings and videos for any previous week (academic analysis, not opinion) or post an application of the material by analyzing a show, movie, book, news event, etc.; the point is to get a discussion going with your fellow students ABOUT the readings.


Cześć! Kolekcja Jacquemus Wiosna Lato 2022 przybywa na Hawaje essay help online free: essay help online free

Cześć! Kolekcja Jacquemus Wiosna Lato 2022 przybywa na Hawaje
Tegoroczna kolekcja najnowszych projektów Jacquemus będzie idealnym dodatkiem do Twojej garderoby. Na co czekasz? Zdobądź te modne ubrania, zanim zostaną wyprzedane!
➡️➡️➡️ Zaktualizuj najnowsze informacje na:Buty Wólka Kosowska

  Kolekcja Jacquemus Wiosna Lato 2022 znajduje się w sercu Hawajów

Kolekcja Jacquemus wiosna/lato 2022 znajduje się w sercu Hawajów. Ten stan, będący tyglem kulturowym, zapewnia wyjątkową atmosferę, która inspiruje kreatywność i nowe pomysły, które ożywają z każdym dniem, a jednocześnie jest otoczony pięknem natury, co sprawia, że jest to idealne miejsce na ziemi, w którym ludzie mogą znaleźć spokój, nawet jeśli po prostu odpoczywają od zabieganego życia

➡️➡️➡️Podążaj za nami: hurtownia obuwia

  Co nowego w Jacquemus Wiosna Lato 2022?

Jacquemus Spring Summer 2022 to kobieca odzież uliczna dla nowoczesnej kobiety. Nowa kolekcja zawiera odważne nadruki, miesza swobody i skale kolorów, aby stworzyć odważny, ale wciąż elegancki wygląd z odrobiną więcej klasy niż większość innych marek po tej stronie miasta!

  Rękawiczki operowe, spódnica pareo i wzór w kratkę

Rękawiczki operowe, spódnicę pareo i wzór w kratę możesz zabrać ze sobą do domu już dziś!

➡️➡️➡️Zobacz więcej: Wólka Kosowska hurtownia

POPULARNE WŁOSKIE PUNKTY SPRZEDAŻY: To, co najlepsze w autentycznej włoskiej modzie, jest na wyciągnięcie ręki. Nie przegap tych wspaniałych ofert – nie będą one dostępne wiecznie, więc kup to, co zostało, póki są jeszcze zapasy w naszym sklepie! Mądre inwestowanie pozwala zaoszczędzić pieniądze w przyszłości, kiedy kupno produktów wysokiej jakości stanie się trudniejsze, ponieważ ludzie będą chcieli je mieć, a nie ich ilość, jak ma to miejsce w dzisiejszych czasach w przypadku ubrań produkowanych masowo



Categorical Attributes In this Critical Thinking Assignment, you will install R and R Studio as well as explore a dataset and convert two categorical variables into binary dummies. Install R and R Stu college essay help: college essay help

Install R and R Studio by following the instructions here:      
R Studio Installation Guide (Links to an external site.)
R Installation Guide (Links to an external site.)
Explore the Toyota Corolla used car data in the ToyotaCorolla.csv (Links to an external site.) file by performing the following steps.
Follow the process under Loading and Looking at the Data in R in section 2.4 of our text.
Use the R code example shown in Table 2.3.
For your assignment submission, take screenshots showing the successful execution of the following functions. Your screenshots must include the system date and time.dim()
Three other exploratory functions are similar to those demonstrated in Table 2.3.

Convert the attributes Fuel Type and Color to binary dummies by following the process under Handling Categorical Variables in section 2.4 of our text.
Use the R code example shown in Table 2.6.
For your assignment submission, take a screenshot of your entire R Studio window showing your code that is similar to Table 2.6. Your screenshots must include the system date and time.
Your assignment submission must be one Word document that meets the following requirements:
Conforms to APA guidelines 
Includes a cover page with the number and name of the Critical Thinking option you chose
Does not include an abstract
Includes a one-page description of what you did and what you learned
Includes screenshots of your R code showing the entire R Studio window as well as the system clock date and time
If the R code in your screenshots is too small to read, copy the code into the paper as a figure
All figures, including screenshots and code, must meet the APA labeling requirement
Textbook: Data Mining for Business Analytics: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in R
Galiet Shmueli


Review the Option 1 Portfolio Project requirements (attached) in the Module 8 material. Peruse the textbook and become familiar essay help online

Review the Option 1 Portfolio Project requirements (attached) in the Module 8 material. Peruse the textbook and become familiar with the information that supports the documents you will deliver in your Portfolio Project. Select a service project, which is the basis for your work. Service projects may include IT software development, healthcare delivery, or fundraising, among many others.
Provide a one- to two-page paper for your instructor’s approval that contains the following elements:
• Service project descriiption
• Organization where service project will be implemented, and how you will have access to project specifics (i.e., documents, data, names or roles of project team members, and stakeholders).
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
• Be one- to two-pages in length, not including the cover page, references page(s), and appendices, if applicable. As a reminder, the appendices should be included at the end of the paper after the references page.
• Be formatted according to APA7
• Cite a minimum of two sources (at least one of which should be a current, academic, peer-reviewed scholarly source) to support your responses, demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course, and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic.
Note: Current research in this class means the most recent five-year period. Although research older than five years may be used, it will not count toward the assignment requirement.

***If paper goes well will request same writer for final 9 page paper

Larson, E. W.,


I am working on a research paper that is due in May. My professor would like a two page college admission essay help: college admission essay help

I am working on a research paper that is due in May. My professor would like a two page update of my research on the topic below.

My topic surrounds the following: (I also need a topic for this paper)

looking at some of the TikTok versions of stories, and comparing how media do a TikTok version of a topic compared to how they do it for their “conventional” work in print or broadcast or etc. I would like to further discuss how are things similar — and different — in my estimation of coverage and style and approach?

Assignment that is due Friday is below:
On those two pages, answer the following questions (and use the capital letters so I know where answers start and end):

A. What’s your topic?

B. How are you doing in your thinking on this topic? Does it need more refinement?

C. What literature have you found? What else do you need to find?

D. What else do I need to know?


Cars 1. Use the calculator (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to decide how expensive online essay help

Cars 1. Use the calculator (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to decide how expensive of a car you can afford given the monthly and down payment you can make (scroll towards the middle (look to the left and put your curser on “Car Buying Calculators”, then click on it for it to take you to the “Auto loan calculator” to input the information as instructed in parentheses (input 5% sales tax and $500 for Dealer/Title/Registration Fees). Input your information, if you do not have a down payment enter zero if you want to put a down payment enter the dollar amount and use the same logic for trade in value; zero if no trade in and if you have a trade in list the dollar amount the vehicle is worth market value. Submit the loan information and the results. Observe what is happening from year to year. Write a brief summary explaining your observations if you finance an automobile at 5% for each year listed below: (9 points) a) Three years b) Four years c) Five years 2. Based on the results you received for a three-year loan, using the internet, find a car that match your results (budget) and explain (in a paragraph) why you selected that particular vehicle. Remember to use your lecture notes and textbook knowledge with answering the questions. (6 points) 1. Use website (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to calculate how big of a house you would be able to afford based on your annual earnings when you graduate. To determine if you can afford the home, Use the monthly income that you would be earning as a college graduate with your major (go to (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (enter the job of your desire and the city and state you want to work in and the information will populate with salary range for your degree (Bachelor)) to determine your monthly salary if salary is provided in an annual amount; divide by 12 to get the monthly salary. Enter the annual amounts $1,500 for property tax, $1,500 for home insurance, and $15,000 for down payment. (Remember to input your monthly car payment and input zero’s in the fields that do not apply to you; example: if you do not receive Alimony input zero). a) Calculate the numbers you get for a 5%, 15-year mortgage. (3 points) b) Calculate the numbers you get for a 7%, 30-year mortgage. (3 points) **Please click on the calculate button at the bottom to get the results and submit the entire page with results. ** c) 1) If you have five years to save $15,000 for down payment for your future house, what specific saving steps could you take to save the amount? Please consult your textbook and lecture notes. (5 points) 2) Calculate how much you would have to save each month for five years to meet your down payment goal of $15,000, assuming your bank offers you 1.50% APR on deposits. [Hint: use excel to solve it and/or (Links to an external site.) – click on simple savings calculator] Submit your information and results. (4 points)


Must contain minimum of two (2) references, in addition to examples from your personal experiences to augment the topic. argumentative essay help

Must contain minimum of two (2) references, in addition to examples from your personal experiences to augment the topic. The goal is to make your post interesting and engaging so others will want to read/respond to it. Synthesize and summarize from your resources in order to avoid the use of direct quotes, which can often be dry and boring. No direct quotes are allowed in the discussion board posts.

• Initial Post: Minimum of two (2) total references: one (1) from required course materials and one (1) from peer-reviewed references.

Reading Material
• ANA (2015). Nursing – Scope and Standards of Practice. 3rd Edition. Click here to download document
• ACL (2016). A Profile of Older Americans. Click here to download the document


Process Analysis Assignment Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Read Chapter 10.5 Process Analysis and do Exercise 2. Please attach it to this site. Think of the Process Analysis Essay as the “How To” essay. You are presenting the steps to completing a PROCESS.

Please choose from ONE of the five topics from chapter 10.5 and construct a three paragraph essay that presents the steps to doing the following:

Prepare for a job interview

The essay should follow the rules of MLA format. The essay should be double-spaced and include an MLA formatted heading. See an example of a Process Analysis Essay in 15.6.


Descriiption Chapters 4-7 (attached) exposes the students to various means and metrics to measure the performance of various parts Essay college essay help near me

Chapters 4-7 (attached) exposes the students to various means and metrics to measure the performance of various parts of the supply chain
· Learn the importance of collecting the “right” metrics us to manage a given supply chain
· Analyze supply chain performance using various metrics and scorecards
· Become familiar with proper data collection and usage
***Assignment deliverables***
1. Write an essay comparing/contrasting performance metrics used in the reading
2. Construct a table for level 1 and for level 2 controls. Be sure to include the metric name, definition, frequency, value definition, expected range. (2 tables)
***Please use the attached reference and may also use other legitimate references to expand on the topic. Must cite all references.*****


Which of these articles confirms or negates your view on housing availability and affordability? ARTICLE: Butler, T. and Lees, custom essay help: custom essay help

Which of these articles confirms or negates your view on housing availability and affordability?

ARTICLE: Butler, T. and Lees, L. (2006). Super-gentrification in Barnsbury, London: Globalization and Gentrifying Global Elites at the Neighbourhood Level. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 31, 467-487.


ARTICLE: Sivam, A. (2003). Housing Supply in Delhi. Cities 20 (2003): 135-141.

I will use the following criteria to evaluate your original posts: Post by Thursday 11:59 pm

Must begin with a quotation from either article (with page number);
Must have at least 300 words (not including the required quotation) with proper spelling and grammar;
Must include your explanation of how the quotation address one of the Meta-themes


Of the articles below, select 2 and write separate reports on each of them. In your report you are Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

Of the articles below, select 2 and write separate reports on each of them. In your report you are expected to provide the following:
– Thesis and the problem offered in the article
• Research methods and line of analysis offered in the article
• Major findings and data provided in the research
• Your opinion on the article and how it may affect your future research and performance as a Mass Communication/Media major

Each report should be about 3 pages long. A report is not a summary. You cannot have quotations more than 1 or 2 lines. Each quotation must be referenced correctly. Your style of writing and usage of the language and discourse of the field will be evaluated. Your reports should be evidence based and well annotated; meaning you need to reference correctly and faithfully. You may follow the MLA style or APA. You must stick to 1 of these styles and not mix them up.

Article of reference (Includes citation and link to article)

Parameswaran, Radhika; Cardoza, Kavitha, “Melanin on the Margins: Advertising and the Cultural Politics of Fair/Light/White Beauty in India
Journalism and Communication Monographs; Autumn 2009; 11, 3; ProQuest Research Library pg. 213


Rose, Mike, “Opinion: Writing for the Public”


I will upload a document with the instructions for this assignment. This assignment is on chapter 8 of this Essay college essay help online

I will upload a document with the instructions for this assignment. This assignment is on chapter 8 of this book from pages 203-231 of the book. The textbook we use for this class is: Textbook

(Required) Nadakavukaren, A. Our Global Environmental: A Health Perspective. Eighth Edition. Waveland Press, Long Grove, IL. ISBN: 9781478637714.

Extra directions:

***We don’t need the exact location or name, but just describe the location and type of food establishment and the food prep you observed. Do it as thoroughly as you are able of the inside and if possible, the outside, to observe it. Do it as comprehensively as possible, how it is prepared and maintained, worker’s hygiene, cleaning of surfaces and utensils, cross-contamination, how it is served, how clean the place is, is the waste cleaned up or are the garbage cans full, restrooms clean or not, and if any pests are noticed. The more comprehensive is better. 10 images are not required but do it discreetly. You can take pictures of the food and utensils and table discreetly. Please use discretion. If they make you stop taking pictures, just document that and mention it. Be respectful. You can take a picture of the bathroom. Take as many pictures as you can, but 10 pictures are not required. Photos with descriiption under it can be added at the end of the document. Must be in the U.S.***

If you need me to pay more for the pictures, let me know and I will do that. Thanks!


Research week 12 college application essay help: college application essay help

Describe the difference between the Qualitative and Quantitative research; discuss what type of research reveals better outcomes and why?

Must address the topic.

Rationales must be provided.

You may list examples from your own nursing practice.

150-word minimum/250-word maximum without the references.

Minimum of two references (the course textbook must be one of the references) in APA format, must have been published within last 3-5 years.


Week 2 Discussion 2 2 unread replies. 2 2 replies. Please respond to the following questions: You own a college essay help online

Week 2 Discussion
2 2 unread replies. 2 2 replies.
Please respond to the following questions:

You own a massive manufacturing company that makes consumer apparel products. You have the option to expand your supply chain by building more facilities.

Would you consider building these manufacturing plants in developing nations? Why or why not?

Do you believe it would have a positive or negative impact on the economy of a developing nation? Why?


Native English Writer Please! I previously had paper written by someone who was obviously not an english speaker and Essay essay help

Native English Writer Please! I previously had paper written by someone who was obviously not an english speaker and I had to re-write the whole thing.

You, an Employee Relations Consultant, have been asked by a large multinational organisation to prepare a report on the following:

“The strategic importance of having, and applying comprehensive grievance and disciplinary policies and procedures.

You have been asked to specifically address the following points in the context of grievance and disciplinary management:

– An explanation of what grievance and disciplinary procedures are, how they work, what their purpose is etc.
– The roles played by relevant parties, representatives and institutions, e.g. trade union, the employer.
– Legal issues which arise in the context of the procedures.
– Practical advice for the multinational.

N.B. To writer: Please refer to Irish Law.
Useful resources:

I have also attached slides along with other resources from books etc.

Please reference these and any other books used (preferably irish books mentioned in slides)


The purpose of Assignment 4 Career Report is to help you identify and conduct research about a profession in argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

The purpose of Assignment 4 Career Report is to help you identify and conduct research about a profession in public service. This Discussion helps you lay the groundwork for this report.

Please answer the following questions:

Identify the specific career, the type of organization where this career is situated, and describe the responsibilities associated with the position.

What led you to seek information about this career?
Who will you interview and what is their role? Why was this individual selected?

Please provide a list of the questions that you intend to ask this interviewee. (About 5-8 questions are sufficient)

Potential topics could include the following: interest in the identified career, skills and background, education


Hello there, I’m struggling lot with this coursework. So, I decided to get some help from well skilled tutor. I have attached this coursework brief please take a look. This report need to be around 20 college essay help near me

So, I decided to get some help from well skilled tutor. I have attached this coursework brief please take a look. This report need to be around 2000 words. Please chat me if you have any queries. It would be great help. Thank you looking forward for your response.
Assessment aims
This coursework is designed to allow you to demonstrate your attainment of relevant learning outcomes in the module specifications; specifically, that you are able to:
 (1) analyse and evaluate how the general law affects all types of construction contracts.
 (2) describe the legal framework relevant to construction projects.
 (3) research and analyse data and produce a well-structured report. 
Task Description Scenario
JCL Ltd is a groundwork’s contractor. JCL’s assets include a quantity of shovels and wheelbarrows. It hires in all heavy plant and equipment, on a job-by-job basis, from Plant Pool Ltd.
On 1 April 2010, JCL commenced work to repair a fractured sewerage pipe at No.43 Ashby Street. The job was allocated to Dylan, an employee, as he was particularly good with a shovel. When Dylan arrived on site, he phoned the office to ask for help. JCL had no labourers spare and so hired in a mechanical digger from Plant Pool. The only digger available at short notice was a Komatsu PC8000 large capacity excavator. Plant Pool told JCL’s manager, “don’t worry that the PC8000 is a big beast, any fool can operate it, you’ll be fine with it”.
Dylan had never used a digger anywhere near the size or complexity of the PC8000. Dylan thought he would have a play and commenced to pull and push on all of the levers to see what would happen. Unfortunately, he failed to see a high voltage overhead electric power cable. He raised the digger bucket to its full height and as he did so the bucket severed the power cable. Brooke Power Transmission owned the power cable. 
The power cable fell onto a 1995 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van (owned by Brian McCoy, a ceramic artist), parked in the driveway of No.45 Ashby Street. The van caught fire and was completely burnt out. The burnt-out van contained tea sets (with a retail value of £2,000) that had to be scrapped. Brian had bought the Sprinter the previous year for £1500. He had recently restored it to showroom condition at the cost of £6,700. The week before, Brian had advertised the restored Sprinter for sale at £9,595. He had turned down offers of £5,000 and £7,250 and had been holding out for his advertised price, which he thought was a bargain for such a rare vehicle. 
Brian works from a purpose-built studio in his back garden, where he has his potter’s wheel and various kilns. When the cable was cut, his power went down and all of the pieces in the kilns were ruined. He was unable to use his workshop until power was restored the following week. Brian had been in the middle of manufacturing a series of fine ceramic sculptures in performance of a contract for a Birmingham interior designer. The batch of ceramics was to have been the first batch to be delivered later that week. When he informed the Birmingham designer, the contract was cancelled. As the power was down, Brian was unable to carry out any pottery, so rented space in another potter’s studio at a cost of £1,000. Brian values the ruined ceramics in the kiln at £15,000. The contract with the Birmingham designer would have made him a further £50,000 in sales. Brian wants to claim against someone for all of his losses. 
Your Task
Advise Brian as to his rights, liabilities and remedies (including the extent of recovery of his losses). Include in your answer a consideration of the rights and remedies of other parties, if any, arising from the facts in the scenario.
Additional Information
The citation of legal authorities should follow the OSCOLA system of referencing (Note: the OSCOLA referencing guide is available on the module Learn page). The word count is from the first word in the introduction section to the last word in the conclusion section. State the total word count on the cover page of your submission. Appendices are not allowed. Do not reproduce (portions of) the coursework brief in your submission.   


This assignment is based on the premise that leaders need to develop other leaders in their overall strategy to essay help: essay help

This assignment is based on the premise that leaders need to develop other leaders in their overall strategy to support optimal organizational performance. This requires resources and support from other decision makers in an organization. Consequently, leaders need to identify this need and articulate it in the context of leadership as a process to enlist others for support.

Write a 4-5-page paper (plus title and reference pages) assessing the need for developing leaders based upon your understanding of leadership as a process. Include a biblical perspective on desired leadership characteristics to support leadership development.

Include the following line items content requirements:

1. Describe leadership as a process to support leadership development (Leadership Process)
2. Argue the need for leadership development as part of an overarching strategic plan to support optimal organizational performance (Need)
3. Potential consequences of not developing leaders (Support)
4. Biblical principles and support with examples from biblical leaders in modeling the way (Biblical principles)
5. Use Process, Need, Support, and Biblical principles as headings

Include clarity of content, structure, and formatting:

1. Clear presentation of content
2. Organization of content/Headings
3. Grammar
4. Spelling
5. APA 7 formatting
6. Minimum of 5 references
7. All references used for citations in body of text at least once

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. The tool is a starting point for instructors to check overall Academic Integrity and higher scores generally indicate a higher probability of Academic Misconduct. The higher a score the higher the probability that there are too high a percentage of quotations included in the narrative, and/or there are passages that have not been properly cited.


1. Write a response paper to “Run for the Wall.” Your paper should address the following questions: • What Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

1. Write a response paper to “Run for the Wall.” Your paper should
address the following questions:
• What is the main problem or issue that the author is addressing?
• What is the author’s central claim, argument, or point?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the text?
• Why are the problem(s) and the argument(s) interesting or important?


For this discussion, you will conduct research on the economic development of one of the three developing regions listed Essay essay help

For this discussion, you will conduct research on the economic development of one of the three developing regions listed (India, South Korea, and Africa). The research should cover the impact political, legal, and economic systems have on the country’s growth. Additionally, part of your comments should discuss the impact that their systems have had on their economic freedom.

The discussion post should be supported by a minimum of three references not including your textbook. The assignment should be according to the Writing Style Guide and the references should be written in APA format with a total of 300 words.


Discussion board #1 Some experts say that since it is impossible to predict who will be violent, there is not much employers can do to prevent violence in the workplace. Do you agree or disagree wit best essay help: best essay help

Do you agree or disagree with this position? Why, or why not? Explain your rationale, and offer ways that employers can prevent workplace violence.
Respond to post:
Not really knowing anyone who has worked in a union, but it  seems in some states, it is necessary to have a union as workers. The benefits of being unionized have been exceptional for the employees being given bargaining power during negotiations to being shielded from unjust termination and power during strikes. During negotiations, the one in a better position is likely to win. In the case of unionized employees, they get a representation as a block and hence have the bargaining power. They can push for better wages and salaries, a better and safe working environment, and more benefits. These are privileges that all the employees would wish to have and hence need unionization . Also, when the employers and the unions sign a collective bargaining agreement, it shields employees from unjust termination or unreasonable layoffs of employees. This immunity cannot be given without the agreement. Therefore, unions are highly needed by employees to enjoy job security, and termination has to have a cause. Focusing on the employers, unions have been a disadvantageous trend because they feel that as much as it takes care of their needs in terms of productivity and employee turnover, they have lost power over the employees and are left at their mercy. Through the bargaining power that employees enjoy having been unionized, they can push for the benefits and pay they need. Employers can no longer decide which amount to pay the employee under the working conditions they want. This is, therefore, the main reason why employers resist them so strongly.
Discussion board # 2
If you were an entrepreneur looking to open a new company, what do you think would be the biggest benefit to researching case studies of other companies in the same industry? Why?
Respond to post # 2
A good long-term strategy and consistent implementation are necessary for a company to be competitive (Finnie, 1997). The strategy implementation phase has three steps 1) programs and tactics, 2) bugets and 3) procedures. Strategy implemation is primarily about how the goals set by the company will be achieved. Each of these steps are vital to the process. Programs and tactics identifies methods that can be used to achieve goals, the budget allocates the funds for achieving the goals and of  course procedures provide the structure for how they will be accomplished. So it is hard for me to determine which one has more importance because each step is necessary. 


Instructions: In this unit, you will complete the case study of the company that you chose in Unit II and have been researching throughout the course. Respond to the four writing prompts below. Your r essay help online free

Respond to the four writing prompts below. Your responses must include information from academic and scholarly research, including at least two online sources.
1.      Create a case study summary of the company you have chosen, including a general overview of the company, its external environment, and a list of its current strategies and objectives.
2.      If the company continues with its present strategies and objectives, where will it be in five years?
3.      If you were the CEO of the company, what strategies would you recommend, and why?
4.      Describe the competitive strategies used by the company’s main competitors. Which of these strategies are the most effective? How can your company combat these strategies? Support your answers.
If you paraphrase, quote, or use ideas from any source, you should cite your sources using APA guidelines. Your case study should be at least three pages in length, excluding a cover page and references page.