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Table of Contents Introduction

Realistic Policy Goals for Obama

Regional Balance

Future Effect and Possible Solution


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Introduction Nine years after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, the country continues to be overwhelmed in mayhem with no noticeable reduction in insecurity, bloodshed and casualties. With no apparent signs of development and steadiness, Afghanistan continues to present the biggest challenge to the U.S. and its NATO allies.

The war that was originally waged to seek and destroy Al Qaeda and its Taliban handlers has taken a new shape after ally and nuclear power Pakistan has been victimized by an extremist insurgency in territory along its border with Afghanistan. Before vacating office, former President Bush promised to rebuild Afghanistan, revive its economy, and free the masses but these promises have turned out to be only empty words. Today, close to 90% of Afghanistan’s budget comes from international help.

As the situation in Afghanistan continues to become more volatile, analysts are trying to suggest what should be the realistic policy goals for President Obama to pursue in Afghanistan.

Whatever decision Obama takes, he will first have to consider how other regional hotspots like India, Pakistan, Kashmir and Iran will be affected. As Obama, continues to weigh his options in Afghanistan, he should be careful not to lose public support that doomed previous wars in Vietnam and Iraq. (Khan)

As the years go by, the situation inside Afghanistan continues to become more unstable. Afghanistan has been termed as the country with the most ineffective and corrupt government in the world. The country has also been termed as having the most thriving narcotics trade in the world accounting for 90% of the world’s marijuana.

The U.N. has placed Afghanistan 174th out of 178 countries on its Human Development Index and is also the last country in Transparency International fraud opinion index. Although the U.S. and its NATO allies have dispensed trillions of dollars to help the country rebuild its dilapidated infrastructure and financial system, most of the money has found its way into funding military operations.

This has relegated reconstruction and rebuilding into second place and the little that is ongoing has been marred by claims of corruption and waste on the government’s part, support agencies and contractors thus limiting the urgently required development and reconstruction. (Khan)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Realistic Policy Goals for Obama As Obama tries to come up with the right policy, one thing that he should put into perspective is how the American support has been aiding Afghanistan. In the last eight years, America has spent close to $ 200 billion in grants to the country. However, very little of this money has been used in helping the country. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), most of this aid has gone into the pockets of greedy contractors.

What Obama should do if he is to bring peace into Afghanistan is to first make sure that the money given out for infrastructure development performs the intended purpose. If this is not done, it will be hard for the U.S. to leave the country to clear a mess that the Americans helped in creating. (Khan)

Despite the US/NATO sending in more than 70,000 forces, the country continues to witness a growing Taliban uprising. This insurgency has continued to buildup and today the Taliban are believed to be occupying 72% of the country. From 2006, the situation in Afghanistan has been deteriorating on a day-to-day basis.

Until date, it is estimated that close to 25,000 have died since the expulsion of the Taliban government in 2001. This trend shows that what the U.S and its allies are doing is not sufficient to help the country regain its self-rule.

From the look of things, if the U.S soldiers continue to stay in the country, then the situation will only deteriorate further since the Taliban’s will not let up their struggle anytime soon. This makes it baseless for the U.S to continue sending in more soldiers in Afghanistan. What is sad is that this is what Obama and his advisers have been doing. (Khan)

If Obama is serious about his desire to restore peace in Afghanistan, one thing that he should do is to seek ways of restoring good governance. For a long time now, Afghanistan has been under a frail, unproductive and crooked government. It is a pity that both the Bush and Obama administration have been supporting a candidate who has failed to win the allegiance and support of the Afghan people.

Karzai’s failure to act and inability to reach out to his subjects has enabled the ejected Taliban’s to come back and fill the vacuum created. Analysts have pointed repeatedly that President Karzai lacks the political will to tackle a background of impunity and to end political meddling in the activities and functioning of the police force.

We will write a custom Essay on Afghanistan: The Way to Go specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There has been increasing criticism from both the domestic and international front regarding the Karzai’s policies on human rights and his government’s lack of good governance and fraud. The U.S has continually been criticized for allowing corruption to take root in the Afghan government.

According to analysts, President Karzai is believed to be electing his family members who are connected to the drug trade as high-ranking government officials or police chiefs. It is therefore illogical that the U.S has been supporting such a corrupt man and entrusting him to lead Afghanistan. If Obama wants to bring lasting peace in Afghanistan, he should help the country to come up with a focused presidential candidate in the future. (Khan)

Since coming to power, President Obama has been deploying extra militia and marines to counter the Taliban insurrection. In the early months of 2009, Obama dispatched 30,000 soldiers as part of his plan to tackle the revolting Taliban and the failing security condition in Afghanistan.

However, this has not helped matters and today the U.S is believed to be spending close to $ 100 million in fighting the Taliban rebels in Afghanistan. Although increasing the number of troops especially in Kandahar and Helmand, which are believed to be Taliban strongholds would quell the rebellion; this would only be a temporary solution.

Increasing the number of troops in the country will only mean that America will have to use more money to fund the war and suffer more casualties in the process. The more realistic policy goal for Obama should be to train and increase the strength and ability of the Afghan Security Forces.

This would help the country stabilize at a faster rate than a situation where the US/NATO Forces were in control. This is especially the case since the Taliban insurgency continues to gain momentum despite the high number of foreign soldiers in the country. (Gutman 14)

The American President seems to have chosen this path since he has promised to ensure that the Afghan national force is expanded. Currently, the force stands at 80,000 and Obama has promised to increase this to 134,000 well-trained soldiers.

This force working in coordination with the NATO forces should help in quelling the Taliban rebellion. Although well intended, this expansion program has been marred by corruption perpetuated by the Karzai government.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Afghanistan: The Way to Go by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The U.S has also been found to be lacking soldiers who can carry out this mentoring program. This has caused the Afghan National Police to have the highest number of casualties since 2007. This is something that Obama should seriously consider if he wants to end the Taliban rebellion any time soon. (Gutman 20)

Regional Balance By looking at the war, one is quick to notice that the Afghan people are not the only ones affected. The Afghanistan neighbors who include Pakistan, Iran, India and Kashmir all stand to benefit if the region has peace. This can be seen from the fact that the Obama administration has decided to engage these regional states in the peace process.

This clearly shows that no attempt at peace or steadiness can thrive in Afghanistan without support from Afghanistan’s neighbors, as they all stand to benefit from a calm and steady Afghanistan, as does the country itself. May be this is a reason why President Obama has announced the formation of a contact group for Afghanistan and Pakistan, that includes all the countries with an interest in the region.

Unlike Bush who approached the matter in a unilateral way, Obama has decided to approach the matter multilaterally. This will help in smoothing out the brunt of regional power rivalries and tensions on Afghanistan. If approached in the right way, this might help in reducing the tensions that has existed between India-Pakistan and between Afghanistan-Pakistan.

This will also help in steadying the sour relations between India and Pakistan that have emanated from the border problem over Kashmir. What is interesting to learn is that despite Iran being snubbed by the Bush administration it has key interest in Afghanistan. For a long time, Iran has been trying to control the narcotics trade, which comes from India and Afghanistan.

On top of this, failure to contain the Taliban insurgency would see millions of refugees to flow into the country. Therefore, Iran has a great stake in the war since a lasting peace would solve the refugee problem and clamp down the drug trade. This means that involving Pakistan, India and Iran in the peace brokering deal would not only help Afghanistan but the concerned countries as well. (Gutman 24)

Future Effect and Possible Solution After everything has been said and done, it is clear that the U.S needs to do something urgently or run the risk of losing public support that doomed previous wars in Vietnam and Iraq. As long as the citizens continue to see faces of dead American soldiers, the threat of losing public support remains a formidable threat.

What the U.S should therefore do is to look for a quick solution to the problem. Considering that nine long years have gone by while trying to find peace, a time has now come to seek other channels to find a solution to the problem. Despite the apparent misgivings about the Taliban, they are a significant factor in finding a lasting peace. (Coll 205)

Currently, the Taliban controls almost two-thirds of the country. What makes them a bigger threat is that they are Afghanistan people, they are native and they have established enduring power. The reason why the Taliban’s have been able to succeed for so long has nothing to do with military dexterity or external military help. On the contrary, the success has been because of the readiness of many Afghans to exchange never-ending fighting and disorder for a measure of serenity and protection.

This means that it will be impossible to attain lasting peace without initiating genuine and legitimate political ceasefire efforts with the Taliban. If anything, the main reason behind ousting the Taliban’s was to break the “perceived” link that they had with Al Qaeda, a link that was never found.

Although the Taliban has apparently distorted the values of Islam, the U.S should have negotiated with them to hand over Osama bin Laden instead of hastily initiating operation freedom after the proceedings of September 11, 2001. Just like the other factions, the Taliban’s should be allowed to have a share in the government if lasting peace is to be found in Afghanistan. President Obama should consider this option if he does not want to risk losing public support. (Coll 210)

Conclusion Nine years after the U.S led invasion into Afghanistan; the crisis is yet to be resolved. This is because of the policy goals that Bush and now Obama are using in trying to solve the problem. Although Obama is seen to be taking important steps in solving the dispute, this is not working since his main goal is to protect American interests.

The biggest mistake that Obama is committing is that he is treating Afghanistan and Pakistan as one stage of the same clash. What he has failed to understand is that Afghanistan problems lie inside Afghanistan and the answers can only be gotten from the country.

If anything, the problems that Pakistan is experiencing are the effect of the continued fighting in Afghanistan. If a lasting solution is to be found in the region, the Taliban’s must be included in the country’s political process. If this is not done, America will be standing the chance of losing public support as it happened in Vietnam and Iraq.

Works Cited Coll, Steve. Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001. Penguin, 2004. 205-210. Print.

Gutman, Roy. How we missed the story: Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and the hijacking of Afghanistan. US Institute of Peace Press, 2008. 1-26. Print.

Khan, Amina. Obama and Afghanistan, 2008. Web.


Is a college degree necessary? Essay college essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Argument Against College Degrees

A Case for College Degrees


Introduction The educational system of a society is fundamental for the development and ultimate advancement of the entire community. Governments all over the world have acknowledged that educational policies can have a significant impact on economic and social outcomes of their citizens. It is for this reason that so much emphasis is placed on the educational process by all the relevant stakeholders.

Over the past few decades, there have been considerable drives towards having more students attain college education. The current Obama regime has especially prioritized on having even more students graduate from college.

To achieve this, more effort has been put towards encouraging students to go to college which is advertised as being the key to a high paying job and as such a brighter future. Such sentiments completely ignore the importance that vocational training has to our economy and society at large. This paper sets out to argue that while the benefits of a college education are monumental to the society, a college degree is not necessary for all students.

Argument Against College Degrees The importance of vocational training in school cannot be understated for it is though such training that skilled blue collar workers are produced. These professionals such as mechanics, welders and carpenters to name but a few do not require a college education to be adept at their jobs. As such, insisting that everyone enroll in college would result in such professions lacking new apprentices. This would result in a situation whereby our society ran out of skilled blue collar workers.

Sadly, the united states is moving towards such a state where the demand for skilled blue collar workers far exceeds the supply. Such a society would be dysfunctional for these professionals play a very important role in not only the country’s economy but also the everyday functioning of our lives.

Different students have different ambitions and not all of them can be fulfilled though a college education. As such, while college education is important, it should not be focused on at the expense of other forms of education. Some students do not require a college education to gain the skills they need to make a living in future and be productive members of the society.

This is a fact that other prosperous Western countries have taken into consideration by implementing systems that demonstrate that college education can be focused on without neglecting vocational training.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The two track system that these countries have implemented has proved to be a success since students who do not fit into the college category have taken up the trades system. Such a system is beneficial to all classes of students regardless of their profession of choice.

Insisting that college degrees are a necessity for all students results in truancy and dropping out of school by some students who feel that the education is not relevant in their lives. Such students therefore view college education as a waste of time and are not receptive to it.

It the same were exposed to vocational training or other forms of education which gave them practical skills that they could apply to make a living, it is perceivable that the same students would be more receptive to the education system.

College education is therefore not universally necessary since different people possess different skills and aspirations and while college may help some people fulfill their dreams, it may impede the fulfillment of the dreams of other students.

A Case for College Degrees College education and by extension a college degree is also greatly beneficial to the country. College education results in the creation of experts who are required in certain fields such as engineering, biology and medicine to name but a few. These are important members of the society and they can engage in research work which results in great inventions which benefit the society as a whole.

In addition to this, the work that is done by these professionals gives our nation an edge over other nations. Also, people who have a college education can be used as expatriates in other nations therefore benefiting our economy even further.

Conclusion This paper set out to argue that a college education is not necessary for all the students. To reinforce this assertion, this paper has demonstrated that there are many professions which require skills and proficiency that one cannot gain through a college education.

We will write a custom Essay on Is a college degree necessary? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This being the case, having every student go to college would result in a lack of skilled personnel to fill in these important jobs without which the society cannot function properly. Also, the paper had shown that some people deem college education as irrelevant and as such, forcing them to go through college results in them being truants and causing trouble.

However, the paper has shown that college education is necessary since it provides professionals who play a critical role in society. From this paper, it can be stated that while a college degree is beneficial and necessary for some students, it is not necessary for all students and as such it should not be emphasized on at the expense of vocational education.


Disaster Recovery Plan Term Paper essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Background Information


Overall strategy

Off-site backup and coordinating group

Possible scenario 1

Possible scenario 2

Possible difficulties


Reference List

Background Information Nowadays people understand that preventing disasters is much more effective than trying to cope with the outcome of this or that catastrophe. For instance, Emerson states that “dollars spent in prevention are worth more than dollars spent in recovery” (Kunene, 2002).

There are a lot of examples proving such saying. Thus, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) reports that “only 43% of businesses that suffer an incapacitating disaster ever resume operations” (Hiatt, 2000, p. 9). Moreover, 29% of those 43% remain in business.

According to University of Minnesota survey 93% of companies which could not assess their data facilities (centers) for about 10 or more days became bankrupts during a year (Hiatt, 2000). Reputedly, average business loses about three percent of its “gross sales within eight days of a sustained computer outage” (Hiatt, 2000, p.10).

By all means, companies get more and more interested in development disaster recovery plans to avoid any possible problems (Business Continuity Institute, 2005). Being a fast growing company, AtHand should also pay much attention to preventing any interruptions in its business processes.

The successful examples of disaster plan implementation prove the importance of such planning. For instance, banks which are extremely dependant on the use of technology (computers, databases, etc.) are more vulnerable to various hardships which can be still prevented.

Lebanon Citizens National Bank president and CEO, Steve Wilson stresses the effectiveness of disaster recovery planning recollecting that after passing “Y2K with flying colors and, after September 11, the banking system remained operational” (Bielski, 2002, p.46). Wilson adds: “I think how the industry handled those two situations indicates that it’s serious about disaster recovery” (Bielski, 2002, p.46).

As far as catastrophic outcomes of September 11 are concerned another company reveals successful story of disaster recovery planning effectiveness. Merill Lynch’s CFO unit only finished working on their DRP, they did not even test the system, when terrorists attack on the World Trade Center towers took place (Duchac and Castellino, 2006). This catastrophe became their system testing. In spite of some difficulties the plan was quite successful.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Of course, it was quite impossible to think over all possible options since they were not expecting such damages in several parts of the city. However, in a week CFO unit was completely operational, and in 2-3 weeks most employees were working. There is no need to state that the losses of the company were minimal due to the effective planning and appropriate disaster recovery plan implementation.

In this perspective, according to Business Continuity Institute (2005) about 70% of companies have their business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans, and this rate increases up to 80% in the sphere of financing and retailing. As far as the use of such plans is concerned according to Business Continuity Institute (2005) 10% of companies resorted to their projects which is quite a big rate.

Of course Y2K was one of the major stimuli to work out such plans and September 11 enhanced the importance of DRP. However, Dzubeck (2001) reports that many businesses (especially small companies) have a disaster recovery plan with no off-site backup which can be too risky.

Recommendations Being a fast developing IT company AtHand also needs to secure its business processes. The most effective way is to work out an effective disaster recovery plan. Of course, first of all it is necessary to outline the overall strategy, i.e. the way the plan is worked out.

Overall strategy Thus, effective DRP is worked out in four major steps (Kunene, 2002). On the first stage it is necessary to analyze possible risks. This stage requires cooperation with the entire company, since the company’s managers can report about crucial points and about other major processes which require specific attention.

After risk analysis it is possible to pass on to the next stage, i.e. establishing the budget. In the majority of cases the budget will count about 2 to 8 percent of overall budget which is not much in comparison to possible revenues (Kunene, 2002). The third step is developing the plan itself. Finally, the fourth stage is testing. Some companies do not pay attention to the last step which is, in fact, crucial.

Only testing can reveal possible downsides of the plan. Besides, many issues emerge in the process of testing, it is worth mentioning that many of them can be quite unpredictable as in case with Merill Lynch. Basically, these are the four major steps which effective planning require. If AtHand uses such comprehensive strategy it will obtain the most complete DRP and, thus, it will be able to function without interruptions and delays.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Disaster Recovery Plan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Off-site backup and coordinating group At this moment it is possible to suggest two scenarios for the company. Of course, it is necessary to point out that these scenarios will be revised in accordance with specific information of AtHand employees. However, before depicting definite patterns it is important to stress the necessity to have an offsite backup.

So, the company should have some property or rent some facilities to preserve copies of the most important data. For instance, Duchac and Castellino (2006) portray the effective use of several sites, and report about cases when several sites were not available.

To launch such off-site backup it is necessary to define which materials (software and hardware) are the most important. Of course, such information can be obtained in cooperation with all the company’s managers. It goes without saying that in case the major resources stop functioning, the backup system can switch on automatically. This will enable AtHand not to interrupt automatic processes.

So, the customers (and to great extent the company since the scope of the essential information can be still assessed) will not suffer too much. AtHand will have enough time to detect the problem and solve it without any haste since the backup system will secure its uninterrupted functioning. Thus, it is essential to have at least one backup site.

Apart from this AtHand should have a group which will take the process under control and in case of some damages can coordinate the actions of the rest. Such group can be called Crisis Management Team (Penson, 2009).

It goes without saying that AtHand will benefit from having such a coordinating center (control team) since, on the one hand, the team will have the entire picture and can choose the most appropriate solution, and on the other hand, the members of the team will have several scenarios and will easily cope with any problem. Moreover, any employee of AtHand should know the major points of the completed disaster recovery plan. Thus, when some problems take place employees know exactly what they should do, they do not panic and just act accordingly.

Possible scenario 1 Reportedly, earthquakes are quite common damagers so AtHand should have a corresponding plan. First of all, the disaster recovery plan should contain information about certain immediate actions which concern employees’ safety (Penson, 2009). To successfully implement this part of the plan the Crisis Management Team should have updated data about the working places of disabled people and/or pregnant women, so that these categories can be evacuated as the rest of personnel.

Of course, the plan should cover the process of evacuation and the place where people can wait until the danger is gone since first of all AtHand should take care of its personnel. After this crisis management team should be immediately mobilized. In fact, this group coordinates the actions of the process. After people evacuation and when there is no risk for people’s life, the Crisis Management Team should assess the damages.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Disaster Recovery Plan by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Everything should be taken into account: the damage of building, facilities, etc. After evaluating the damage it is possible to consider possibilities of obtaining the necessary facilities. Thus, AtHand will be able not to waste money but acquire the most necessary facilities. Meanwhile, people can work in some particular site or they can work from other places (using some network). Of course, all security measures should be undertaken.

Moreover, it is important to follow the security measures on every stage of the recovery plan. For instance, it is advisable to use particular ways of communication so that no confidential information was revealed. In fact, the correct communication is very important since AtHand may have losses if some information becomes known to partners, clients or mass media. This is the brief outline of disaster recovery scenario which AtHand can use in case of earthquake.

Possible scenario 2 There is one more threat which is even more common than natural disasters, i.e. power outage (Kunene, 2002). So, in the case of power outage off-site backup is also essential. In fact, it can totally prevent from any negative outcomes since all data will be saved and some automatic processes will be still operational.

Of course, it is necessary to make sure that the possibility of power outage in the principle site and in backup site is very low. Again existence of several backup sites should be considered. In this case all the main issues which AtHand can face will be easily solved since backup sites secure the uninterrupted business processes. Besides, AtHand should consider possibility to start an emergency power supply. So, people will be able to do their work without any interruptions.

However, if such emergency supply is not possible there is a way out. It is possible to ask the employees to fill in certain questionnaire where they state what they can do with no power supply at their working places. Thus, people will know what operations are possible so they can complete definite tasks instead of going home and losing their money. AtHand also benefits from this approach since employees do certain tasks instead of doing nothing and having talks about what has happened.

Possible difficulties Of course, some difficulties may occur while operating disaster department. Thus, before AtHand starts launching the changes it is necessary to take into account the following factors. First, the employees can lack the necessary experience so it is crucial to choose carefully people involved in the process.

Secondly, the company should consider whether it can spend the necessary budget, or it is wiser to wait a little. Finally, many companies do not pay much attention to testing or do not take into account it, i.e. do not implement the necessary changes since it can lead to extra costs. Of course, this is an erroneous approach which can cause considerable losses.

Conclusion In summary, it is necessary to point out that nowadays most businesses understand the necessity to have an effective disaster recovery plan. The overall strategy of such planning presupposes the following stages: analyzing risks, establishing budget, developing DRP, and, finally, testing the complete disaster recovery plan. It is important to note that the disaster recovery plan should be worked out in cooperation with managers and directors of the company. As far as AtHand DRP is concerned it is possible to portray two possible scenarios.

However, both scenarios presuppose existence of off-site backup which ensures business continuity and maintaining the most important data. Of course, these are only draft plans since more thorough planning presupposes more detailed information. Thus, the first scenario deals with the natural disaster, earthquake. In this case, crisis management team will coordinate such actions as immediate reaction (evacuation), damage assessment and recovery actions. The second scenario dwells upon more common disaster, i.e. power outage.

In this case minor changes are necessary. However, before accepting any plan AtHand should still consider possible difficulties of implementing the plan. Besides, the company should consider carefully its financial ability to adopt any plans. Nevertheless, before making the final decision AtHand should consider possible negative impacts of interrupted business processes which the company can easily avoid using effective disaster recovery plan.

Reference List Bielski, L. (2002). Thinking the Unthinkable: Often Dismissed as Mere “Insurance,” Disaster Recovery Ought to Be Considered Part of the Lifeblood of Any Business. ABA Banking Journal, 94(1), 44-47.

Business Continuity Institute. (2005). Business Continuity Research [Data file]. Web.

Penson. (2009). Disaster Recovery Plan [Data file]. Web.

Duchac, J.,


America’s War on Drugs Essay essay help free

Introduction For close to four decades now, the American government has been trying to find a lasting solution for the drug abuse problem in the country. In his office days, President Richard Nixon identified drug abuse as a threat to the security of the nation. At the time, Nixon was concerned by the sudden surge of drug related arrests among young people and the relation that the trend had on the high rate of street crime at the time.

The American president felt that there was need to come up with a policy to fight the rising cases of drug abuse especially among young people. Despite the visible success of the Nixon campaign in the first few years of its implementation, the program lost its appeal causing the problem to escalate further. The reason why the program was not successful was partly due to some human rights campaigners who were calling for the legalization of drug use. (Grim, 2009)

According to the results of a poll released recently, majority of Americans want the usage of some drugs legalized. According to the findings, the people claim that if the drugs are made legal then they can become a source of income through taxes.

According to proponents of the legalization debate, the billions of dollars used by the government can be channeled into other development projects in the country. Further, they claim that some of the illegal drugs are not as dangerous as people depict them to be. In supporting their claim, they give an example of a substance like marijuana, which they claim to be less harmful than cigarettes.

On top of this, there are those who point out to the medicinal value of some outlawed drugs. The people in this category claim that outlawing a drug that is known to contain medicinal value is tantamount to denying the affected people medication and therefore the particular drugs should be legalized to make their access easy. (Grim, 2009)

Although some arguments presented by the advocates of drug legalization might be valid, there are other factors, which should be considered before they are adopted. As an individual, I am completely against the legalization of drugs. By looking at the claims presented by the legalization crusaders, one does not fail to notice that their claims are unfounded.

On the claim that the government would earn extra income from taxing the illegal drugs, one is led to ask what would then happen if all illegal substances were taxed to generate extra revenue for the government.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More I believe that the government can look for other ways of raising revenue without legalizing the harmful drugs. On the other hand, although some of the banned drugs are known to have medicinal value, legalizing them would only lead to their abuse. What makes this people’s claim irrelevant is that the market is full of other legal drugs that can alleviate pain.

This leaves people with no doubt as to the motives of those calling for the legalization of drugs. Majority of the crusaders are actually owners of cartels that make money from the sale of the drugs. By organizing demonstrations to call for the legalization of drugs, what these people are trying to do is to take the attention of the authorities off their back. (KidsHealth, 2010)

According to researchers, drugs do no good for anyone. However, these drugs have been known to cause more harm to young people and who sadly are the biggest users of these drugs. By legalizing the drugs, the government would only be making them more accessible to young people hence increasing the problems associated with the drug usage.

According to experts, abuse of drugs is known to be a leading cause of heart diseases among young people. If the drugs were legalized, their usage would increase since the drugs would be readily available. This would in turn increase the rate of heart related deaths in the community. On top of this, drug users are known to perform poorly in school as compared to other students.

Even among adult users, drugs are known to impair ones reasoning ability something that in turn leads to doing dumb things. On top of this, drug usage is directly linked to the rising rate of crime in our country. By legalizing drugs, the rate of crime would definitely go up causing more insecurity for the nation. (KidsHealth, 2010)

Conclusion The drug problem is not a new issue in America. For a long time, the government has been trying to look for ways to fight the vice. However, their efforts have been hampered by people who claim that banning the drugs goes against the constitution call for the protection of human rights. Although some of the claims presented by those calling for the legalization are legitimate, majority of them have ulterior motives in their calls.

If the government heeded their calls and legalized the drugs, then the problems associated with drug usage would definitely go up. These problems include drug related deaths and the rising rate of crime that is associated with drug usage. In order to protect the majority, the government should therefore fail to heed the calls made by these crusaders.

We will write a custom Essay on America’s War on Drugs specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References Grim, R. (2009) Majority of Americans Want Pot Legalized: Zogby Poll. Web.

KidsHealth. (2010) What You Need to Know About Drugs. Web.


A Clockwork Orange: Setting and Literary Devices Research Paper scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

One of the most important literary devices has traditionally been considered setting, because it is namely by providing an appropriate background for the development of literary work’s plot that author is able to instill readers with a proper cognitive mood.

For example, one of the reasons why Shakespeare’s tragedies were able to gain such an immense popularity with contemporaries is because the themes of love, treachery and revenge, contained in them, had been explored amidst clearly Italian settings. While referring to the role of settings in Shakespeare’s tragedies, Jones (1970) states: “Italian settings function as one of the allusions through which the world of Elizabethan plays is created, but Italy is not the world of these plays” (251).

The role of setting in Anthony Burgess’s dystopic novel A Clockwork Orange can be defined in a similar manner – even though it does not immediately affect the way in which novel’s characters address existential challenges, it nevertheless make it easier for the readers to gain a better insight into the workings of characters’ psyche. In our paper, we will aim at exploring this thesis at length.

The foremost reason as to why A Clockwork Orange is being commonly referred to as dystopia is that Burgess’s description of a futuristic society features the elements of capitalism and communism organically interwoven with each other.

On one hand, people in Burgess’s society appear to pursue with consumerist mode of existence, while taking a particular pleasure in being exposed to different forms of mass-entertainment, but on another – even the private aspects of their lives appear being controlled by the government, which in the novel serves the function of suppressing people’s ‘anti-social’ anxieties. Nevertheless, unlike what it is being the case in Orwell’s 1984, in A Clockwork Orange the government seems to be controlling citizens rather indirectly. This, however, does not weaken the extent of government’s oppressiveness.

In his article, while referring to the particulars of Burgess’s vision of dystopian future, Waterman (1984) states: “In Burgess’s dystopia, it is not the State which holds direct power over the individual, but rather labor unions to whom one owes allegiance… Only criminals and the insane would choose not to identify with the collective” (106). Thus, the foremost function of setting in A Clockwork Orange can be best defined as creating a proper perceptional framework for the readers to be able to affiliate themselves with ideas, promoted throughout the novel.

For example, while describing the Korova Milkbar, author had made a point in making this description utterly reminiscent of the way in which many today’s semi-legal bars in Western countries operate: “The Korova Milkbar was a milk-plus mesto… They had no license for selling liquor, but there was no law yet against prodding some of the new veshches which they used to put into the old moloko” (10).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thus, the very fact that Alex and his ‘droogs’ used to attend Korova Milkbar, despite being minors, and the fact that this bar was never closed down by police, despite its shady practices, creates an illusion that novel’s plot unravels in some rather Liberal society.

This impression is being strengthened even further by the way in which Burgess goes about describing the appearance of Alexe’s room: “Here was my bed and my stereo, pride of my jeezny, and my discs in their cupboard, and banners and flags on the wall…” (37).

The description of Cat Lady’s house also implies its owner being of rather individualistically-sophisticate kind – someone, who could only feel comfortable while living in intellectually liberated society: “In the room you could viddy a lot of old pictures on the walls and starry very elaborate clocks, also some like vases and ornaments that looked starry and dorogoy” (59).

After having been exposed to these settings, readers most likely to conclude that Alex’s real problem simply had to do with the fact that he never experienced any hardships in his life, which in its turn, caused him to grow predisposed towards indulging in anti-social behavior.

Nevertheless, there is an apparent dichotomy between how author portrays Alex’s sophistically flamboyant lifestyle and socio-political realities of the ‘street’, as he implies an essentially Socialist nature of these realities.

For example, the following description of a scene with the drunkard, leaves very little doubt as to the fact that it was namely Burgess’s time in Soviet Union, which had inspired him portray this drunkard in the way he did: “When we got outside of the Duke of New York we viddied by the main bar’s long lighted window, a burbling old pyahnitsa or drunkie, howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers and going blerp blerp in between…” (21).

Just as it used to be the case in just about every Socialist country, the existential mode, on the part of most people in Burgess’s novel, simply did not correlate with what governmental propaganda implied it should have been.

We will write a custom Research Paper on A Clockwork Orange: Setting and Literary Devices specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There is another memorable scene when, before walking into his parents’ apartment, Alex gets to observe a municipal painting on hallway’s walls: “In the hallway was the good old municipal painting on the walls – vecks and ptitsas very well developed, stern in the dignity of labour, at workbench and machine with not one stitch of platties on their well-developed plots” (36).

Thus, the settings that are being featured in A Clockwork Orange, provide readers with the clue as to what was the actual nature of Alexe’s behavioral inadequacy – apparently, on subconscious level, he was well aware that there can be no ‘dignity’ in labor, as Marxists used to believe.

As we are well aware of from the lessons from history, it is namely those endowed with high intellect, which used push forward cultural and scientific progress. And, one’s heightened intellect reflects his or her lessened willingness to indulge in physical labor.

In its turn, this explains why in the novel, the government’s visual propaganda of ‘dignity of labor’ appears being always supplemented by graffiti-like add-ons that ridicule such propaganda. And, just as it has always been the case in Communist countries, in A Clockwork Orange the government does its utmost to eliminate even the traces of people’s visually expressed discontent on buildings’ walls, even though it can never do it promptly, due to its Socialist inefficiency.

In the scene where, after being ‘corrected’ by an application of Ludovico’s Technique, Alex walks back into his parents’ apartment building, he gets quite surprised on the account of government’s unusual promptness in taking care of rebellious graffiti: “What surprised me, brothers, was the way that had been cleaned up, there being no longer any dirty ballooning slovos from the rots of the Dignified Labourers, not any dirty parts of the body added to their naked plotts by dirty-minded pencilling malchicks” (128).

Thus, it would not be an exaggeration to suggest that the role of setting in Burgess’s novel is being primarily concerned with exploring the metaphysical inconsistency between a variety of rationale-based social theories, aimed at ‘reengineering’ people, and the innermost essence of these people’s psychological anxieties.

Although, at the beginning, novel’s settings appear to underline the absurdist subtleties of a portrayed dystopia, by the time main character undergoes the ordeal of being ‘mentally corrected’, the role of setting changes to emphasize the sheer extent of Alex’s psychological fragility.

The validity of this statement can be well explored in regards to the scene, in which Alex is being examined by the consilium of psychiatrists, so that Dr. Brodsky would be able to prove the effectiveness of Ludovico’s Technique: “Curtains had been drawn in front of the sinny screen and the frosted glass under the projection holes was no longer there, it having perhaps been pushed up or folded to the sides like blinds or shutters” (118).

Not sure if you can write a paper on A Clockwork Orange: Setting and Literary Devices by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Despite the fact that, while providing readers with the glimpse into the setting of this particular scene, author did not specify much of details, it nevertheless did not deprive the scene of its situational intensity. Apparently, in A Clockwork Orange Burgess had made a point in trying to establish setting in a manner that would not disrupt the unraveling of the plot.

This, however, does not mean that the role of setting in Burgess’s novel is being underemphasized, as Soheback (1981) had suggested in her article: “There is relatively little description of places and objects in Burgess’ book.

The first-person narrator, Alex, is more interested in describing action and people, in describing his own feelings and the textures of music” (94). Even though Burgess never expounded on the subject of surroundings in every particular scene, as many inexperienced authors do, he was still able to turn setting into semiotically significant element of the novel.

The earlier articulated arguments, in regards to the role of setting in A Clockwork Orange, substantiate the validity of our initial thesis. Just as it being the case in Shakespeare’s Italia-based tragedies, in Burgess’s novel setting does not strongly affect the way in which plot unravels.

Nevertheless, this setting is quite indispensible within the context of defining novel’s overall semantic content, as the exposal to setting in Clockwork Orange helps readers to get a better understanding of characters as three-dimensional beings, rather than stereotypically depicted good and wrong doers. The following is the summary of conclusions, regarding the role of setting in Burgess’s novel, to which we had come earlier:

In A Clockwork Orange, the specifics of how author went about establishing setting, are being reflective of his intention to add plausibility to his description of simultaneously semi-Socialist and semi-Capitalist future.

In Burgess’s novel, setting helps readers to gain a better insight into particulars of characters’ mentality, as it subtly promotes the idea that it is namely the essence of surrounding socio-political realities, which can be partially blamed for these characters’ often clearly defined behavioral abnormality.

One of the foremost characteristics of setting in A Clockwork Orange is that, despite the fact that it helps to establish a proper psychological atmosphere, it nevertheless remains semantically non-intrusive, for as long as the actual action is being concerned.

References Burgess, Antony. A Clockwork Orange. New York: W. W. Norton


The Global Economy: China Analytical Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

China is ranked as the third largest global economy after Japan and USA with an economy of $3.4 trillion in 2007 (Miller para. 5). Its current great economy can be linked to its adoption of strategic economic reform policies in late 1970s.

These reforms were aimed at enhancing rural income and incentives, decrease central planning, promote experiments and business dependence. This approach for realizing these aims was referred as socialism.

With the introduction of these reforms, the local peasant Chinese farmers were now at liberty to trade their farm produce in a free market. Similarly at the grassroots level, the municipalities and provinces were free to invest in industries they regarded as more profitable. This promoted them to invest in light manufacturing industry (Making It para. 4).

This move was aimed at enhancing industrialization in the country and it succeeded to shift Chinese economy from agricultural based to light industry which was mainly for export.

The adoption of light industry that required little capital to invest in was a very appropriate move of the Chinese. This is because the Chinese were able to use the income they received from their new venture to reinvest into more advanced technologies that were more rewarding and required higher capitals

China economy is associated with very high level of investment over the years. Its entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001 was an important step in enhancing its economic growth to its current status.

This is because it was able to expand its market niche by sharing in the foreign market and also being exposed to the global competition that required it to strategize its products very strategically to compete well in this stiff and very susceptible market (Laurenceson 3). In early 1990s the China manufacturing industry was only limited to assembly of low quality products.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Due to the stiff competition that China predicted to face after joining global market in late 1990s it shifted its production from developing labor-intensive export oriented industries to high tech industries that were capital intensive. Therefore apart from the existence of a great output from the textile industries, china output now constitutes a great production of electronics goods such as mobile phones, automobiles and electric circuits.

The success of Chinese economy is closely related to its firm commitment to socialism and globalization. This is well demonstrated by the high contribution of the non public sectors that accounts up to 60% of the total GPD and more than 70% of urban and town employment (Miller para. 6).

China has adversely employed the strategy of opening up to the outside world through opening up borders, coastal and inland areas. This has enabled it to bring in large capitals, talent and technology through globalization to countries where it is doing business.

China economy is also greatly supported by its commitment to reinforce both local and global market and nurture intellectual property by actively enforcing intellectual property rights. This has greatly promoted innovations in China greatly which has enabled its products and services sell well in the global market.

In the process of promoting innovation, China has adapted a National Programme for Medium and Long Term Scientific and Technological Development. This programme have outlined 16 projects among them the development and adoption of nuclear energy, development and use of superior numerically regulated machines and development of very superior electronics devices (Laurenceson 4).

In addition the developments of new form of energies that are environmental friendly are also key issues. For instance china is the 2nd largest consumer of oil after USA. This has greatly impacted negatively on the environment. This has triggered the government to shift its effort to develop alternative source of energies such as wind and solar energies that are environmental friendly.

In its effort to develop these energies China invested US$ 34.6 billion on them. China predicts to produce about 700 million metric tons of renewable energies by 2010 and moreover to cut its carbon emission greatly by 2010. This will be facilitated by its success in completing its carbon capture and storage plant by then.

We will write a custom Essay on The Global Economy: China specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Although china enjoys one of the best economies in the world, it faces a number of challenges among the; High pollution, low household income, susceptible rural economy and low level of urbanization.

This can be overcome by the Chinese government adapting environmental friendly sources of energies. The government should also increase the urban and rural remunerations in order to boost household income. Furthermore the government should encourage people to embrace new technologies and

China can be considered as a country that have achieved a lot since 1970s after the adoption of the reform and opening policy. This is because it has been successful in maintain a Gross Domestic Product Growth of 10% since then.

In addition, it has been able to reduce poverty by 75% for a period of nearly 20 years. Moreover, the Chinese government has also been instrumental in the quest for enhanced economic development in the country by way of embracing such policies as would necessitate the attainment of this goal.

Works Cited Laurenceson, James. The globalization of China’s financial sector: policies, consequences, and lessons. Web.

Making It. China’s stunning economic rise. 2010. Web.

Miller, Don. China now the world’s no. 3 economy, supplanting Germany. 2009. Web.


Club IT’s Data Management Essay college essay help online

Table of Contents Data Management Issues

Data, Information and Knowledge

B2b and B2C Transactions


Data Management Issues The central issue inherent in data management, particularly in the case of Club IT, is that the data will be coming in from multiple sources and rapidly. In addition, there is also the challenge of data analysis which will have to be addressed by a dynamic solution.

Data management issues can be identified by taking an overview of the organization’s performance in key revenue and non-revenue generating areas. The establishment of targets and thresholds can help in performance assessment to identify data management issues.

I would propose that data management issues are resolved by making use of data management software. The use of data management software will enable the organization to handle different data types and perform comparative analyses through them without running into complexities.

Data, Information and Knowledge The relationship between data, information and knowledge is that the three are not individual elements, but are associated through a sequence (Rainer, 2008). Data are raw and unstructured facts. Once data is processed, it is referred to as information; and once information is subjected to evaluation and an inference is derived, that inference is known as knowledge.

A knowledge management system enables the organization to make the most of the data it is collecting. It facilitates the organization in achieving its objectives by developing the data so that the organization’s management can identify problems and productivity-sinks through the collected data.

A knowledge management system can help enhance productivity by providing the management with an understanding of the performance of the organization’s processes (Rainer, 2008). This allows the organization to comprehend the feasibility of each process and improve the individual process to subsequently improve overall productivity.

B2b and B2C Transactions B2B transactions are those transactions that take place between two businesses. While B2C transactions can be found at shopping malls counters every day.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Under general circumstances, it is perceived that a B2B transaction will require relatively more sophistication than a B2C transaction. It is typical for an organization to have a limited number of B2B transactions but a continuously varying number of B2C transactions.

Using the internet enables the seller to engage in dynamic data collection to facilitate the development of future strategies (Rainer, 2008). The internet also helps stimulate business by enabling the seller to provide more information to the buyers. This understanding applies to both B2B and B2C transactions.

References Rainer, R. (2008). Introduction to Information Systems: Enabling and Transforming Business. New York: John Wiley


Thanksgiving vs. Christmas Compare and Contrast Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Every year Thanksgiving dinners are made, and a few weeks later, families gather to celebrate Christmas. In the first one the center is a symbol that says we were foreigners once and have found a home. In the second the center is a star on a tree that tells that once upon a time someone came to make it possible for us to say thanks.

In the first one there is a mad scrambling to prepare the food and then pause for a lengthy prayer, while in the second; more time is needed to prepare food, shop, exchange gifts, and then open them.

There are a variety of ways to understand the importance of these two but the best way perhaps is to see it from the eyes of a child. When a little one looks at Thanksgiving and Christmas he sees differences as well as similarities. But at the end of the day it does not really matter much because he received what he came for: a heart to be filled with love and a stomach full of goodies.

You cannot fool a child by saying that Thanksgiving and Christmas are the same. This is because he will surely tell you that the two are different. He knows that it has something to do with time and seasons.

Thanksgiving he will say is synonymous to falling leaves, dry crusty leaves in the backyard, in the front yard and even inside your shoe if you let them come in. Christmas on the other hand is pure white. There is snow falling gently on the bare trees as if to provide a blanket to protect them from the cold.

On Thanksgiving day Mom is focused on perfecting the turkey while on Christmas she is focused on perfecting the tree and all that goes with it, the decorations as well as the gifts under it. She has a mental list a mile long and she constantly reminds herself not to give Uncle John and Grandpa the same gift as last year.

Thanksgiving, a little child will say, is all about God and his blessings. And in the same breath he will tell you that Christmas is all about Santa Claus and his gifts. He will also tell you with a twinkle in his eyes that for Thanksgiving the most anticipated time of the day is the evening when family and friends are gathered for dinner.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More But for Christmas the most anticipated time of the day is sunrise, for no one was able to sleep thinking about the heap of presents under the beautiful tree. On Christmas Day the color red comes from the gift wrappings, on Thanksgiving Day the color red comes from the cranberry sauce.

On Thanksgiving Day a turkey or two can escape the chef’s terrible cut. Sometimes a politician can be seen on TV forgiving one and letting that turkey go. But on Christmas time no one heard of a pig saved from the chef’s knife, perhaps all of them are needed for the Christmas ham. All of these a child will tell you to be the reason why Thanksgiving and Christmas cannot be the same.

However, the same child will tell you that although there are differences between these two, there are also similarities that cannot be ignored. The first one is the busybodies that dart back and forth transforming a home into something like a beehive because of the energy and the determination to finish a task before deadline. Then there is also the sweet smell of cooked food that comes from the kitchen.

Thus, it does not matter what the season is, whether it is fall or winter as long as Thanksgiving and Christmas is in the air Mommy brings out the cooking utensils and buy the ingredients required because it is cooking time. He will also tell you that on Thanksgiving dinner he keeps hearing two words – calories and weight. Everyone seems guilty that they are eating good food.

The same thing happens during Christmas dinner, Aunt May keeps on talking about weight and calories while Uncle Roger tries to adjust his belt buckle, perhaps he wants to eat more but he is full.

When dinner time is near you can hear Mom’s voice get a little louder and the pitch a lit bit more discomforting but the child will say that it is alright, he knows it is either Thanksgiving or Christmas because Mom wants to get things done while the little ones want to laugh more and not spend time on the chores.

A child is also remembers with fondness Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day because it is a day without classes – no exams, no quizzes, time to bring out the game consoles and play until past bedtime. And finally the child will end the interview by saying that there are similarities between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is the happiness it brings.

We will write a custom Essay on Thanksgiving vs. Christmas specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion There are different ways to try to understand Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is even a variety of ways to understand their meaning and significance by comparing and contrasting the two. But a better way perhaps is two see them from the eyes of a child. Even with their limited grasp they can already articulate that there are indeed major differences between these two occasions.

It has something to do with the time and seasons. It is something to do with the purpose why people celebrate Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day a few weeks apart.

There is therefore a difference between the type of food served and the time of the day that is most important for a child. Dinner time and opening gifts are two important things but there is a major difference in the values attached to both. There is therefore a difference in the kinds of activities. But at the same time a child will also tell you that there are similarities. Good food and the smiles on the faces of the people.

There is buoyancy in the air that can easily lift ones spirit even if the rest of the year it has been dragged down by problems and challenges. And finally the child will say that at the end of the day, whether it is Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day, it does not really matter for him because he had received what he came for: a heart to be filled up with love by family and friends and a stomach full of goodies.


Assessing Academic Progress after Implementing Technological Changes Report (Assessment) essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Purpose Statement

Research Hypotheses


Significance of the Research


Reference List

Introduction The assessment of effectiveness of students’ academic performance is significant for further improvements and measures that may be taken to change the situation at school or any other educational institution. In this respect, it is necessary to evaluate the current situation and conduct research to evaluate the situation after implementing changes.

The evaluation should concern the methods of teaching as claimed by students (measure if students are satisfied with teaching methods and practical implementation of curriculum using a rubric); instances of technology use in classes, student and faculty attitudes, or changes in teaching practices should be measured as well. Analysis of changes in the situation can show how effective the changes can be and what areas of academic activity should receive more attention even after implementation of changes into academic curriculum.

Purpose Statement The purpose of the research consists in the evaluation of situation at an educational institution after the introduction of changes. The research is sure to demonstrate the most vulnerable areas of academic curriculum and technological advancement.

The results of the research will become the evidence for implementation of further practices into academic curriculum and professional development sessions. The purpose of the current research consists in assessment of effectiveness of changes and consideration of their further implementation.

Research Hypotheses The introduction of changes can affect all parties concerned and it is important to know how effective the changed are in terms of academic progress and satisfaction of students from practical implementation of academic curriculum. If the changes are really effective, researchers should share their experience and claim to make changes at a national level regarding all educational institutions of different academic levels.

If the changes prove to be ineffective, it is necessary to question a necessity of further application of those practices in the educational institution under consideration and prevent other institutions that face similar problems from introducing those changes.

In this respect, it is necessary to evaluate academic progress and effectiveness of teaching methods used by tutors after completion of professional development sessions and skills gained during those sessions to make students interested in class activities and get a feedback and constructive criticism on the strategies used after the reform.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Background It is necessary to note that every greater change involves minor changes that are sure to affect all areas relevant to the main field that should undergo changes. In this respect, it would be really interesting to take into account Guskey’s (1986 as cited in Walpole


Handling Difficult In-Basket Activities Report scholarship essay help

A special education supervisor is responsible for managing various activities in the education al establishments for special-needs students. Among the responsibilities of the supervisor are based on his/her experience and education.

However, the daily duties of every supervisor include creating district policies, lesson plans and direct instructions and performing various administrative functions for school. Supervisors who generally work with special-needs students may be specified in different fields, for example, some specialists may work only with emotional, behavior or physical problems.

However, a special education supervisor should know to handle different situation that can be related to different aspects of school in-basket activities. This piece of writing is aimed at finding a decision for handling two in-basket activities that are related to different issues, the first activity is related to work with visually impaired children, the second one deals with organizational activities (organization of work of school principals).

Situation № 1. An eight-year-old, visually impaired student come to your district. You should work out a program for him/her and provide special types of services for this student.

The first thing that a special education supervisor should do is to inform every teacher that a visually impaired child will attend their school. All the things should be arranged in order to provide this student with all necessary services, as there should be an individual approach to every student, especially, if he/she has some disability.

A supervisor should contact parents and interview them about the psychological state of their child, health and special conditions that should be provided. A supervisor should also ask about conditions of education in previous school.

The next step will be to get yourself acquainted with Program Guidelines for Visually Impaired Individuals of the Department of Education in your district and with other specialized literature on the issue (if the supervisor is not specialized in this field). Further, on, a supervisor should provide special instructions based on the student’s needs where he/she should outline teachers’ responsibilities.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Consulting with teachers is important in terms of solving all problems which can occur with methods of working with the student (student should receive detailed instructions from every teacher individually). A final step is to prepare needs-specialized equipment and materials intended for working with the visually impaired students.

Moreover, a visually impaired student should be provided with a person who will assist a student on the way home and to school. A qualified person (teacher of students with visual impairment) should also visit a student periodically. Even if there is no such a specialist in the staff of a school, the supervisor should arrange those meetings.

The needs of every student should be taken into consideration, especially, if the student has some disability. The Department of Education should provide teachers and supervisors with programs for work with people with disabilities.

In the Program Guidelines for Visually Impaired Individuals provided by the California Department of education indicates that its main aim is to inform parents, staff and administration of school about organization of activities (planning, identifying, evaluating and improving and providing cost effective program for serving visually impaired students (Corn


Structural system project Reflective Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Introduction The structural systems are extremely important for building, structural engineering, and construction. Theoretical knowledge applied to certain projects in practice can help in the process of solving complicated tasks. A complex approach used while analyzing and assessing the scale of work to be done can facilitate construction due to phased algorithm. In this respect, rebuilding a tower or analyzing resolve forces are parts of the complex project known as structural systems.

If I had to rebuild a tower to support a water tank, I would apply knowledge acquired during the procedure underwent in class. The knowledge concerns the scheme of designing the truss bridge which consists of separate sections that are built in accordance with the mechanism of dynamic load of compression or the one of resistance designed to join those elements.

In other words, separate components can be joined with the help of resistance forces regarding the nature of water towers. I can rebuild a tower to support water tank in accordance with the principles that work in truss bridges such as a set of load-resisting separate components.

As every science has some allied fields, construction and building should be learnt in accordance with other rules and methods used in physics and mathematics. Thus, resolving forces into components is really important, especially when designing truss bridges and other constructions that are aimed at supporting heavy loads.

Moreover, a failure may occur if a constructor does not take into account resistance and compression that are sure to ruin the structure of the project. In this respect, resolving forces into components can facilitate the process of choosing the most appropriate method to implement in a definite project.

Resolving forces into components presupposes many different options when one force can dominate over another. However, there is a concept of static equilibrium when all forces that work on a body are in balance or the total force on every part of the body equals zero. This concept helps to feel more confident while solving problems related to static equilibrium and resolving forces into components. This experience shows that all forces should be taken into account while assessing the project.

Every concept and every method used in engineering, building, and construction should be learned in order to be able to implement knowledge while dealing with practical assignment. Professional career and professional development depend greatly on the ability to apply theory to practice in an appropriate manner.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Skills and engineering concept acquired and understood from this project can be used in professional career because every professional has to know all stages of the project and act in accordance with the algorithm. Resolving forces into components, solving equilibrium static problems, and designing appropriate constructions for different types of building projects will be used in professional career.

Simulation and optimization in design are used to create a similar situation and see how all forces interact in different cases when certain changes are introduced into the construction. These processes facilitate the work of engineers and designers as it enables professionals to predict certain complications that may occur in the process of building or exploitation and make necessary alterations.

To conclude, every project should be assessed and designed with the help of simulation and optimization tools. All components of the construction have some peculiar features that can fail to interact with other parts of it. In this respect, engineering concepts and professional skills are aimed at solving problems related to various types of projects and their corresponding implementation into practical constructions.


Federalism in United States Essay argumentative essay help

Federalism was a constitutional topic in the United State that raised many arguments. Federalism is therefore defined as a coordination of the regime in which control and the influence of power is partitioned with an attempt to distribute it in the central government and the constituent supporting units.

This is therefore brought about by constitution when the territorial government wishes to establish centralized laws as the representation of the national legislature. In the United State, Federalism was a Constitutional topic even though it was not mentioned plainly in its Constitution but it was highly represented. This discussion therefore, focuses on the Federalism in the United State[1].

To start with, there were Federalists and Anti-Federalists who had different argument concerning the U.S Constitution. The Federalists argued that division of powers was a way to protect the rights of the populace in that each division represented people’s aspects thus no division could assume a higher control. They also argued that it was difficult to list rights which would promote violation of the listed rights.

On the other hand the Anti-Federalist argued that the Constitution would cause excessive power held by the national regime at state government expense. They viewed that there would be excess powers left in the hand of the executive branch. Among all these issues, the Anti-Federalist focused much on the necessity of the bill of rights thus campaigning against the constitutional ratification.

There are however some parts of James Madison’s argument in the Federalist No. 10 that I do agree with them. I agree that the best way to work out the crisis of faction is by “controlling its effects” as opposed to “removing its clauses” (Madison par 2)[2].

This is because with the enormous diversity of parties and welfare in complete state, there is reduced likelihood that the populace would have a common intention to assault the rights of the entire nationalities thus frustrating any attempt individual factional concerns. At the same time I agree with George Mason’s augment in his objection to the Constitution that the bill of right is very significant. This would promote the sense of security to the people as they enjoy the gains of the common ruling of the law.

I however consider the bill of right to be the most important part of the constitution. It protects a batch of other essential freedoms. It promotes the human dignity for instance one is protected from the over ruling like being sentenced for a life imprisonment for just taking someone’s 20 pounds. These rights protect one from mob justice until when judged in court thus the society is not allowed to take law into its hands and further promotion of justice.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In the constitution I would change the way people vote by allowing two election choices instead of one vote clause. This would promote political change as in cases where voters like one candidate, but only cast their ballots to the most popular candidate just as a means of throwing away of votes.

In conclusion, both the Anti-Federalist and the Federalist held rights of expressing themselves on their different opinions. No body can imagine the state which the United State could be without the bill of rights. Federalism is however important in that it outlines on the ideas of how regimes should be formed[3]. At the same time the nation and the federal regime draws the control from the public on constitutional format which describe the powers and accountability that the public have entrusted to their regimes.

Bibliography Bowles, Nigel. The government and politics of the United States. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 1993.

Madison, James. The Federalist No. 10 The Utility of the Union as a Safeguard Against Domestic Faction and Insurrection (continued). November 22, 1787. .

Footnotes Bowles, Nigel. The government and politics of the United States. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 1993. Pp 268.

Madison, James. The Federalist No. 10 The Utility of the Union as a Safeguard Against Domestic Faction and Insurrection (continued). November 22, 1787. Par 2.

Bowles, Nigel. The government and politics of the United States. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 1993.


Companies Web Search: PWC, Northwestern Mutual and Target Descriptive Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Price Water House Coopers Price Water House Coopers (PWC) LLP is a member of PricewaterhouseCoopers international where all the members exist as an independent unit. The company’s website on the World Wide Web is and it is very reliable. PwC is one of the most renowned companies that offer consultancy services regarding taxes, business, and assurance.

The company boasts of over 150 branches globally. The main objective of the company is to provide assistance to other organizations and private corporate entities that is necessary in adding value and risk administration to increase the productivity of the same organizations.

It is good to learn about the organization because it helps individuals, businesses, and community in economic matters. The organization is very active in helping the society. This is done in partnership with international organizations such as the Refugee agency.

Among the projects that have been undertaken by PwC include rural electrification programs and building schools for the marginalized communities. PwC employees contribute their skills and time to non governmental organizations in support of programs aimed at solving problems encountered in arid and semi-arid areas such as Dadaab refugee camp.

PwC has a program that’s called Early International Challenge that’s open to its members globally. The aim of this program is to provide an opportunity for employees to work abroad and experience the diverse cultures which will assist in improving their performance. The organization is very committed in giving women an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills and ideas towards the growth of the organization.

Fifty percent of the organization’s global manpower is reserved for women. The organization aims to bring more skilled women on board and to confirm its commitment a global gender advisory council.PwC plays an important role in preserving the environment. It strongly recommends its members and clients globally to avoid polluting the environment be dumping toxic waste which can impact negatively on global warming.

Northwestern Mutual The company’s web address is The website is very pleasant to the eyes and the utilities are very easy to navigate. The web content is written in a layman’s language.

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Northwestern mutual has top of the insurance products and they include life insurance, disability cover, and long-term care cover. The products are not limited to insurance cover only but they also include personal finance management services and investment products such as mutual funds, shares, bonds, and treasury bills and comprehensive financial advisory among others. The products and services have been tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers. For instance life insurance products have been categorized into various classes depending on the target market.

The company is a good learning experience because the step by step financial guidance provides useful tips on how to save for the future. It explains how to plan for the challenges that start from starting a family to saving for the education of children and also for retirement.

Northwestern mutual provides a window of opportunity for its employees to advance their careers while at the same time creating evenness between family and work. The organization has a virtual library center where clients can access their forms and make necessary amendments and then submit these forms to their corresponding address. This is very helpful because it helps to save money and time that would have been spent to travel to the company’s offices.

The website also contains a learning center that is used for research by advocates and business executives. For clients to access these resources it’s mandatory to have a user name and a password. Customers can also check the status of their accounts through the paperless transactions system that avails account details in electronic form only.

Target is an online shopping mall based in the United States. It has a wide range of products. The company aims at providing a wide variety of items for everyone in the market at subsidized prices. Target stores are virtual stores that include pharmacies, mobile dealers, photo studios and adverts. has all types of merchandise that include toys, beauty products, home appliances like fridges and microwaves, furniture, movies, and clothes to name but just a few. The site has a program that tracks all customer orders to the time the item is shipped to the customers address.

We will write a custom Essay on Companies Web Search: PWC, Northwestern Mutual and Target specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The site is helpful because it depicts a classic electronic commerce business model with customer focus. Customers are guaranteed about their safety while purchasing items on This has been enhanced by the installation of a program that informs the customers about items that have been returned due to lack of verification about their safety.

The items are then confined to prevent customers from repurchasing these items. For an item to be returned it must be in good shape and condition. Customers who refer others to shop at benefit from the attractive commissions they are awarded for promoting the site. gives its customers the freedom to cancel orders as they wish and also merge their orders into one shipment which helps in cutting down on shipment fee. Target is very concerned with supporting education.

That is why red cards were installed to allow shoppers to make monetary donations to their favorite schools. For every shopper who purchases an item using the red card, five percent of the full cost of his/her shopping is donated to schools and people with special needs.


The Catholic Church and the Black Death in the 14th Century Essay essay help online: essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Religious interpretation of the Black Death

Strategies used by the Catholic church to contain Black Death

Flagellants and religious movements

Effects of Black Death on the Catholic Church




Introduction Termed as Europe’s greatest ecological disaster, Black Death plague swept the continent at an amazing magnitude. Evidence shows that Black Death plague became prevalent in the West during the middle years of the 14th century[1]. Generally, when the plague struck no one knew how to prevent or treat the disease but many people resorted to bloodletting, prayers, and concoctions, which proved to be unsuccessful[2]. Estimates show that almost 50 per cent of the Europe’s population was destroyed by the disease affecting government, trade, and commerce activities, which literally came to standstill.

The effects of the disease for a long time affected the European society where for about 200 years; this society lived under the scary effects and implications of the disease. Religion’s role in interpreting the causes and cures for the disease became evident during this period for instance religion became a focal point in providing assurance to the people while at the same time explaining to the people that the disease did not just happen in vacuum but had a genuine cause[3].

For example, one of the earliest written tractate by James of Agramont who was a doctor in 1348 indicated that the disease had come as a result of sins people had committed against God, citing Deuteronomy 24, the doctor noted that, “God promised prosperity to those who keep his commandments, and plague to those who do not”[4].

Therefore, the essence of this research paper is to investigate the role of Catholic Church during the Black Death, specifically paying attention to the steps the church used to prevent the disease, the Flagellants and religious movements involved and lastly the effects of the disease on the Catholic Church.

Religious interpretation of the Black Death Religion interpretation of the plague was that it was a punishment that God was instituting and directing to humans as a result of pride[5]. According to Konrad von Megenburg who wrote the Regensburg, human in general had become sinful and that the plague was a culmination of God’s anger to the sinful behavior of humankind[6].

The position adopted by of other writers almost indicate similarities to these earlier positions in that they view the plague to be as a result of gross wickedness of human kind and that this wickedness had increased to annihilate God’s universal principles that held the society together. At the same time, other religious sentiments have held the notion that Black Death was inevitable in order to cure the fragmentation of the society that was being witnessed together with sin that existed in large scale[7].

Medieval Christians on their part associated Black Death with the book of Revelation and its aspects of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse-pestilence, war, famine and death”[8]. The understanding of these Christians was that there was no much human effort could do to save or prevent the disease since it was a biblical prediction.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More While other were contenting with this biblical fact, other groups of Christians were of the view that the plague largely signaled the coming of Jesus Christ to reign the earth and other groups blamed women expressing a lot of pride together with Jews who were fraudsters to be responsible for the plague in Europe[9].

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies note that European Christians viewed the Black Death to be God’s punishment for humankind due to immense sinful actions man was engaging in with his fellow Christians[10]. This view persisted for a long time although other opinions tried to postulate the role of other causative factors apart from religious ones.

The basis of this argument is that there were many plain communal sins that took place in most societies of Europe; hence, for God to restore His glory on earth, humankind had to undergo severe punishment for his actions[11].

The greater role of religion in interpreting the causes of the plague remain evidenced in contemporary European art and literature, furthermore the chronicles of the 14th century have largely associated the occurrence of the plague to the afflictions to divine retribution for the wickedness of European society.

For instance, Langland puts everything in summary and observes that, “these pestilences were for pure sin”[12].

Strategies used by the Catholic church to contain Black Death Upon the plague becoming dangerous, the church especially Catholic, which was the main church during the period, put in place some measures that intended to prevent or contain the plague. First, the church limited and regulated movements of people from one city to the other.

This was done through laws that were established and required every citizen of the affected areas to abide and failure to do so attracted fine[13]. For instance, to avoid contracting contaminated substances anybody from the nearby cities and regions bordering Pistoia were not to be allowed into the region.

We will write a custom Essay on The Catholic Church and the Black Death in the 14th Century specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Violation of this law resulted into a penalty of fine amounting to 50 pounds. At the same time those given the responsibility to guard the gates were given further instruction to ensure that no one is permitted from going or coming out of Pistoia especially from severely affected cities of Pisa and Lucca[14].

Anyone flouting this additional law was required to pay a fine of 10 pounds while at the same time citizens of Pistoia contemplating or planning to travel to the affected regions were required to obtain a license from the Council of the People, which was the highest organ responsible in making decisions.

The second measure instituted by the church manifested itself in a kind of order and obligatory obligation that anyone had to observe. For example, the law made it clear that no any citizen of the regions within the jurisdiction of Pistoia were to bring or participate in activities aimed at importing either linen or woolen materials that could be used as clothing by the two genders or that could be used for bedclothes. Flouting of this order or any attempt to disregard this law attracted a penalty of 200 pounds.[15]

In the same measure, citizens of Pistoia coming back to the country were provided with directives in that they were only allowed to carry with them linen or woolen cloths they had on their bodies and any extra clothing was to be carried in a bag or a small parcel weighing not more than 30 pounds. Those found to go against this order were required to remove or export the extra clothing within a maximum of three days[16].

The third preventive measure postulated that all dead bodies were to remain in their spot untouched until when such bodies have been placed into wooden caskets and covered tightly by a closure that is secured by nails. Anybody family member or close kinsmen of the deceased found or discovered to have flouted the order were required to pay a fine of up to 50 pounds.

At the same time, the dead body was to remain in the casket until when it is buried, and before any burial could take place, officials from the city of Pistoia together with rectors of the parishes found in the city were to report immediately to the government officials of the city of death cases as they occurred. They were to identify the locations in which the dead person lived and did and if any contravention of the order was found to have taken place, these officials were liable for the fine on the dead person[17].

Immediately the report reaches the government about the dead person, the podesta or captain, in whose capacity the reporting takes place, should immediately send an official to the said location where the dead person is and ensure that all contents and other law statutes are being observed in ensuring the funeral takes place within the statutes explained and any flouting of the statutes to be punished.

On a lighter note, the penalty prescribed in the law relaxed on those who were perceived to be poor and miserable in accordance to the declarations and statutes of the city concerning poor people[18].

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Catholic Church and the Black Death in the 14th Century by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The fourth law was to be implemented within precepts of ensuring bad smell from the dead bodies was not affected the general surviving population. As a law, all dead bodies were required to be buried in a ditch that was dug to a depth of 2.5 braccia and it was to be within the stated measures prescribed by the city of Pistoia[19]. At the same time, carrying dead bodies to the city of Pistoia regardless of the status, age or role of the person in society was prohibited.

In addition, any person with less regards to his or her authority position was to ensure that no dead body is returned or carried back to the city of Pistoia without first being placed in a casket and upon flouting this requirement the affected individuals were required to pay a fine not less than 25 pounds.

At the same time, gatekeepers from the various cities were instructed to ensure there were no such incidences of returning bodies before first being put tightly in a casket, and when any gatekeeper was found to have allowed such dead body to pass without fulfilling the requirements the affected gatekeeper was also fined[20].

The fifth law outlined and required those who had come for the burial of the deceased to avoid any conduct with the deceased body or close family members of the deceased person except and only in limited measure as to a time when procession to the church was taking place and to the burial location of the deceased. Furthermore, all people were instructed not to go back or come close to the house in which the deceased occupied before he or she died. Going against this order attracted a penalty of 10 pounds[21].

Putting more weight on this law, another additional law was constituted which required that all no any form of gift before or after burial was to be taken the deceased person place and no meals were to be served to those attending the burial except to the family members of the deceased. An abrogation of this law attracted a penalty of 25 pounds[22].

Other measures instituted by the church included a law that banned all gatherings or groupings with intentions of bringing the widow of the deceased person to outside the house unless such gathering was only taking place when returning from church or the cemetery location.

However, the law provided roofer the family members in company of four women to bring the widow out. All those operating butchers were required to exercise and maintain highest level of hygiene by operating in non-smelling environment and failure to observe this attracted a fine of 10 pounds[23].

Flagellants and religious movements Black Death plague resulted into the development, rise, and spread of flagellants’ religious movements. It is believed flagellants movements started in Northern Italy before spreading to other European nations[24]. This movements attracted and appealed most to the monks who from their tradition had embraced self-mortification which top them was a way of identifying with the sufferings of Jesus Christ[25].

Many monks would whip themselves for thirty-three days, which resembled the years Jesus Christ lived and carried out his work and as atonement for the sins that had resulted into the Black Death. Early literatures on flagellant movements indicates that all classes participated and generally put on white robes and marched in barefoot in procession from one particular town to another while engaged in singing hymns and wielding iron-tipped scourges[26].

After the Black Death, the Jews became victims to the movement anger where the movement would associate the Jews to poisoning of wells[27]. Many members of the movement in instituting the punishing seen and believed to be carried out in order to avert the world from experiencing another disastrous plague would meet in market places and participate in burning up the Jews[28]. Describing the movement after the Black Death, a religious historian, remarked that, “as the fervor mounted the messianic pretensions of the Flagellants became more pronounced.

They began to claim that the movement must last for thirty-three years and end only with the redemption of Christendom and the arrival of the Millennium. Possessed by such chiliastic convictions they saw themselves more and more not as mortals suffering to expiate their own sins and humanity’s but as a holy army of Saints”[29].

The historian further note that the flagellant movement during this period graduated into a complex social phenomenon as its apocalyptic desires largely became manifested as motivation to personal mysticism, anticlericalism, and social revolutionary ideas that among its many issues pivoted on destruction of private wealth.

Further, the movement became the bear or the symbol of European view and reaction to pandemic where they believed it was due to sinful acts of the Jews hence the movement took a greater part in persecuting the Jews[30].

Effects of Black Death on the Catholic Church Prior to the Black Death plague many Christians were undergoing persecution but a story detailing the tribulation of Sebastian who was a Roman soldier indicate that, after the plague many people resorted to accepting Christianity and abandoning their paganism nature[31].

When the Black Death plague struck, the Catholic Church accelerated efforts to raise money through the sell of masses for the dead and indulgences, which were believed, to pardon dead individual’s sins. Due to these activities, the church became a victim of heavy criticism where many religious leaders not in support of this move accused the church of hypocrisy[32].

In addition, the plague had a long-lasting effect on the religious thought as it resulted into despair throughout the entire family of Christianity. Many people re-visited their relationship with God and looked up to the church to mitigate the effects of the disease but more shocking to the Christianity family was the fact that even clerics died in great number from this disease.

As a sign of lack of faith in church, the Catholic Church lost its earlier “prestige, breaking down blind allegiance to the church and setting the stage for the Protestant Reformation”[33].

As a result of the Black Death plague, the number and the quality of clergy decreased in number as more clergies succumbed to the deaths of the disease leading to the church to scramble in trying to fill the positions[34]. Lastly, the Catholic Church became largely to be associated with scandals that made its followers to severe relationship with the church.

Many looked for new ways of how morality of societal values could be restored and in away to show their lack of faith and trust in the church they explored others avenues[35].

Conclusion Black Death plague has for a long time remained a significant period in the history of humankind. Its significance is traced to the devastating effects of the plague to the population of the humankind, the art world, and the literature materials. This is a period that Christianity foundations were shaken and severed, leading protestant reformation in later years.

At the same time, this was the period when the flagellant movements translated its values and it become more involved in social issues; while at the same time, promoting persecution of the Jews. What became important feature of this plague is that the role and position of the church in society underwent tremendous transformation. People doubted the powers of the church since prayers seemed not to work and miracles to save people became scarce.

Further, the responsibility of the church to take it upon itself the collection of tithes and sell of masses resulted in more discontent as more reports of corruption and misappropriation of funds became more pronounced among the followers. Attempts to rectify these anomalies failed as struggle for power and enrichment through corruption of alms and tithes heightened, the Catholic Church was unable to glue its fabrics that put it together, and reformations became inevitable which culminated in the split of the church.

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Causes of Technological and Economic Growth by Ester Boserup in Population and Technology and by college application essay help

Historical differences in technological change by Ester Boserup Beserup suggests a theory that population density was one of the most influential, if not the most, factors in technological progress. In this respect, civilizations that had increased population density in terms of people in a definite area were doomed to experience technological changes.

Some technological inventions, even being useful and quite applicable, can remain unrealised until the conditions change in terms of population density, food scarcity, and food supply. In this respect, knowledge can remain unimplemented for a long period of time.

The author claims that the period and timeframe necessary for realisation of some knowledge and its application in life can be predicted with the help of analysis of population density, population growth, and the growth rate. In other words, the historical differences in the speed of technological change can be explained in terms of the interrelations between population needs, demographic situation, and realisation of knowledge.

I think that her explanation is rather convincing because there should be some impulse in society or science to promote and encourage the practical realisation of knowledge and its introduction for the purpose of overcoming some problems faced by society.

Analysis of technological change by Lewis Mumford Lewis Mumford analyses technology as a scope of machines aimed at promotion of capitalism in human society. Also, this author called religious aspects and warfare strong elements that contributed greatly to the technological change. Besides, Mumford saw ‘technics’, as he called technology, in combination with religious and social values as a one whole or ‘organic mechanism’.

In this respect, Mumford analysed technological progress as the one related to capitalism and social factors: technological changes can restrict people to power or increase potential and exist as a ‘machine’ in combination with social factors.

Differences and similarities The concept of ‘technics’ by Mumford and ‘technology’ by Boserup

Boserup’s concept of ‘technology’ includes development of agriculture as she analyses the methods of people in overcoming famine and other stresses related to food scarcity, growth of population, or decrease of resources.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thus, Ester Boserup suggests agriculture and techniques used for intensification of crop growth, development of crop resistance methods, and other tools that can be used to fight the problems related to food scarcity and population growth.

Though Mumford claimed about the use of technology as he called it ‘technics’, he realised the threat of technological progress to the progress of social and religious sectors.

Approaches to technological change

Boserup approaches technological change as means to find an appropriate application of knowledge and overcome famine or other difficulties encountered by population because of increase in population density, decrease in resources, and other factors related to environment, land, and demographic situation. On the other hand, Mumford approaches technological change as the one that can make the human life more convenient or more restricted.

Explanation of ‘Promethean impulse’

Mumford explains the ‘Promethean impulse’ as a shift from the technology as a tool to narrow and restrict human life to power to personal use of technological progress products and methods. For Boserup, an impulse included appropriate conditions in society and environment so that certain knowledge, that could be potentially used to overcome certain difficulty, was realised.

Reference List Boserup, Ester, 1981. Population and technology. Oxford: Basil Blackwell.

Mumford, Lewis, 1967. The myth of the machine: Technics and human development. San Diego, California: Harcourt, Brace


Title VII Fact Situations Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

According to the title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the employees can sue the employers for utilizing the unjustified employment practices which had an adverse impact on the working conditions.

Regarding the appearance policy of Peace City Salon which required wearing a uniform and prohibited beards and hair longer than shoulder length, the owner of the salon rationalizes it with presenting a consistent image for the salon and relates it to business necessity of the enterprise. Though several employees object to the requirements, the practice does not violate the title VII and cannot be regarded as unlawful.

The main difficulties of proving the unlawful character of the procedures are caused with indistinct concepts of a disparate impact of the practice and the business necessity to which the employer relates it. On the one hand, the requirements are equal for all the classes of workers without discriminating representatives of particular racial, gender or ethnical groups. On the other hand, some of the requirements are too strict and it is difficult to prove the relationship between the practice and its impact on business.

It is important to distinguish between the generally accepted appearance standards and the biased perception of dress code requirements which can result in unjustified employment practices. Considering the norms that are generally accepted in the present day society, the employer could limit the appearance policies to wearing a uniform and cutting hair neatly that would be a less discriminatory but more reasonable method for achieving the business goals.

Regarding the case with Gourmet Grocery, which made knowledge of Spanish obligatory for promotion to the managerial positions, this practice does not violate the Title VII because it is based not on the criterion of ethnical origin of the employee but on worker’s knowledge and skills.

According to the Title VII, the practice can be defined as unlawful if the choice of applicants or candidates for promotion is performed on the basis of consideration of race or national origin as wll as sex and religion.

It is important that this requirement can be justified with business necessity of the store because the 75 % of its customers are Hispanic, and employees’ ability to communicate with the customers is crucial for maximizing the profit potential of the market.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Looking for a less discriminatory method of meeting the business goals, the employers could organize training courses for teaching the workers Spanish and providing them with opportunities to enhance their chances for promotion.

The policy of Martin’s Shoes Company which distributes athletic shoes prohibits individuals weighing more than 150 lbs (68 kg) to use the elevator to the third floor because of its maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Though this requirement is predetermined with the objective factors of technical characteristics of the equipment, it violates the title VII disregarding its innocent appearance. In this case the discriminatory practice cannot be justified with business necessity because there is no relationship between the economic goals of the company and the technical limits of the elevator.

The employers should have considered the disadvantages of the technical characteristics of the elevator while working on the project of the building for preventing the disparate impact situations. A less discriminatory practice is changing the construction if it is possible or allotting the third floor to some departments which are not of crucial importance for ensuring the equal working conditions for the staff.

Reference List Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Retrieved from US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website


Global Population Issues and Population in Our Country Essay scholarship essay help

The current world population is over 6 billion, half of the population lives in poverty. The global population trends have been increasing drastically and it is estimated that in fifty years time the world population will be about between 9 billion. The rapid global population increase has put humanity and the world at peril.

Overpopulation will lead to a number of problems in the world. To begin with, the environment will face the problem of air and water pollution. Habitats will be destroyed to create room for human habitation thus less cropland.

Due to dropping water table, levels and rising temperatures there will be a shortage of food. Water scarcity will be a major challenge because of the uneven distribution of safe drinking water. People with no access to clean water will die of water borne diseases. The natural resources will face exhaustion due to the great pressure of the population.

People will have to shift to cities and urban. The rapid urbanization will put a strain on governments’ ability to provide basic services such as sewerage, water, electricity and infrastructure. It is projected that more than half of the world’s total population will be living in urban areas. The scarcity of resources may lead to conflict as people complete for the available ones.

For instance, China the most populous nation in the world will increase in population despite its one child policy. This will lead to enormous demand for resources. The country will face a problem of feeding its population due to reduced food production because of reduced water levels and the rising temperatures due to global warming.

It will be forced to depend on other countries for its food supply especially on the United States which is a world major grain producer accounting for more than half of the world’s total grain production (Brown 1).

Modern medicine, declined mortality rates, improved sanitation are forces responsible for the world’s population explosion. The world’s population is growing the fastest in the developing world. The population is expected to hit 9 billion “nearly all of this growth will take place in developing countries” (“Population Growth” 1). The developing world has a high population due to high fertility levels.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In this part of the world, many females in the reproductive age are potential mothers. For instance in Africa where fertility rates are high the average number of children per woman is five. In addition, the mortality rates have gone down in the developing world.

With reduced deaths, many children survive and grow into adulthood due to improved sanitation and availability of medication. On the contrary, Population growth is declining in the developed world. These countries have gone through the four stages of demographic transitions and the fertility rate is low thus the declining population.

The implications for countries with declining and aging population are shortage of labor due to lack of energetic young men and women in the labor sector. For example, Japan is estimated to have 40 per cent of its population above 65 years by 2050. The shortage of labor leads to low taxes collection. This influences the economic development of the countries as they spend more money on payout the retirees (Bremner et al 4).

Consequently, the governments of these countries will be forced to take measures to drive the fertility rates up to cover up the deficit in population. In other instance, they might have to increase immigration although many people do not favor this solution. The countries are not headed for extinction per se because there is hope for rebound in fertility rates.

Moreover, the immigrants to the developed countries have high fertility rates for example the Hispanic community in the United States and immigrants in the United Kingdom. However, the demographics of such countries are likely to change with the immigrants surpassing the natives in terms of population size.

Fertility rates are lower in developed countries because there is a less young generation in the childbearing age and the opposite is true in developing nations. Furthermore, due to delayed marriages and high cost of living that forces couples to have fewer children and penetration of reproductive health education unlike in the developing countries (“Population Growth” 1).

The population in the US is growing at about 1% per year. The population is heading in the aging direction in about 50 years time because the big number of baby boomers will have aged and the countries that contribute to immigrants such as Mexico will have a higher aging population than the US hence less immigrants for the US and consequently a rapid aging population (Brown 1).

We will write a custom Essay on Global Population Issues and Population in Our Country specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The planet cannot sustain that a 10 billion population due the strain on natural resources. Policies have to be put in place to improve the situation otherwise the population will slow down due to diseases caused by lack of safe drinking water and hunger from shortage of food.

Potential solutions to the problem of overpopulation include. Educate people about family planning methods so that they can have fewer numbers of children. The education must include religious leaders because in some religions such as Islam and catholic women give birth to high number of children. For example, the teachings of catholic are against use of contraceptives expect the natural or rhythm method.

Economic development can be a solution to the problem of rapid population growth because it will deter people from having many children due to the high cost of living as it has happened in Thailand and Mexico.

Finally, failure to reverse population growth rates will create a major problem for humanity simply because the natural resources available will not be able to sustain the explosive population many will face starvation with reduced food production due to global warming. Conflicts are more likely to arise to from the young nations as more developed nations such as Japan become less economically stable with their aging population.

United Arab Emirates 1. Total fertility rate (TFR) 2.49 as of 2005 and expected to fall to 1.89 until the year 2050. 2. Percent of population in childbearing years There is about sixty percent young population of people in childbearing years 3. Age of woman at first child s birth A woman in UAE will typically have their first child at the age of twenty. 4. Average number of children per woman The average number of children per woman is three. 5. The current population The current population is about eight million for both nationals and non-nationals. 6. The projected population for the year 2050 projected to double to sixteen million in 2050 The UAE has a population problem because its population is male dominated. Thus, results into an imbalance between males and females. The fertility rate in this region has been lowered by the society’s acceptance and use of family planning methods and services.

The governments in the region have embraced policies to drive down the high fertility rate. The conservative culture and religion is opening up and more girls are going to school and taking up careers thus a delay in marriage.

Women are making gains in their rights albeit slowly hence the women are becoming empowered. On the other hand, many labor immigrants come to the UAE and this will raise the population in the region as many immigrants come to seek employment in the region that has a high economy and can afford to employ them. However, it is important to note that most of the immigrants are male hence contributes to the sex imbalance in UAE.

Works Cited Bremner, Jason et al. “World Population Highlights.” Population Bulletin 63 (2008): 1-11.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Global Population Issues and Population in Our Country by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Brown, Lester. Interview by NOVA. “Voices of concern “. 2004. Web.

Population growth over human history. Web.


Environmental Health and Safety Problem Solution Essay essay help free

The need for waste management is essential in assessing the requirements for properly managed waste in a community. Needs assessment process would involve checking the existing waste management strategies, identifying the areas of importance, focusing on the critical needs, and identifying possible solutions. Waste management involves supervising the gathering, ferrying, processing, discarding and recycling of waste materials formed by human activity.

If this waste is not well managed, it can be a threat to humans and the environment in general. Thus, needs assessment for managing waste would be conducted by observing the methods that can be used to control the negative effects of waste. Waste is classified into four classes namely solid, liquid, gaseous, and radio active. Each of these four classes has its own methods of discarding.

To begin with, observation of how landfills are managed is essential in assessing the need for waste management. Landfill is whereby waste is collected and buried in an isolated piece of land that is relatively far from residential areas such as quarries. The waste is then compacted and covered in order to keep rodents away and keep the waste intact. This is the cheapest method of discarding waste but its effectiveness relies on how the dumping site is planned and run.

There are several problems that are associated with landfills. Lemann (2008) argues that if the landfill is not planned well, it might attract rodents such as rats and mice and also debris from the dumpsite might be blown by wind into residential areas. Secondly, these dumping sites generate a gas that contains carbon dioxide and methane which is produced by decaying organic matter.

This gas has a fowl odor and does not support plants life. This gas can be extracted using perforated pipes and then burnt to generate electricity. Thus, without proper management of landfills in a community, the community is deemed to be affected by waste.

Another method of waste management that can be assessed is incineration. Incineration is the most appropriate method of discarding solid, liquid and gaseous waste. Its best suited for places where land is inadequate. In this method waste is discarded by burning or by exposing the waste matter to high temperatures referred to as thermal treatment. The waste is usually put in a furnace where it is burned to produce gas which is then used to produce electricity.

Recycling involves collecting waste bins and ferrying them to a recycling center. Once they arrive at the recycling center, they are graded according to the materials that are used to manufacture them. This is to ensure that waste that is made from a common material can be remanufactured to make new goods. Good examples of products that can be reused are aluminum cans, plastic beverage containers, computers, glass jars, PVC and papers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Involving the Community in Needs Assessment Process Biological Reprocessing

This is one of the methods that can be used to involve the community in needs assessment process. Organic waste for example food bits and pieces, plants and papers is reprocessed using biological absorption and composting to decay the organic waste which is then used as manure (organic fertilizer) in farms.

This process is used to increase the process of decaying the organic matter. During this process methane is extracted and is thereby used in producing electricity. This method has been found to be more efficient than the other methods of discarding waste.

Energy Retention

The energy contained in waste material can be recaptured by converting them into other forms of fuel. This means that the waste material can be used in homes as fuel for cooking food and also the gas that is obtained from decaying matter can be used as fuel in boilers that produce electricity in turbines.

The process of extracting this gas from organic waste is called gasification. The waste material is put into boilers that are tightly sealed to create high pressure. The boilers are then heated at very high temperatures which in return change the form of the waste from solid to liquid and lastly gas. The gas and the liquid are reprocessed to produce energy while the solid material is converted to active carbon.

Methods of Avoiding Accumulation of Waste

According to Vaughn (2009), there are several ways through which accumulation of waste can be avoided. The first one is by adopting the habit of continuous use of items that had been used previously. To add on to that all households and organizations should be encouraged to repair their broken items instead of replacing the item with a new one. By doing this, all dustbins will remain empty.

Manufactures too can contribute to avoiding accumulation of waste by coming up with products that can be reused. For instance plastic shopping bags should be replaced by cotton bags because cotton can be reprocessed to make another shopping bag.

Consumers can also participate in this campaign by not using disposable products such as plastic knives, plates, spoons and forks. Manufacturers should also use light materials in their products for instance in telecommunications industry lighter phones are more preferred than bulky ones because they are easy to carry around.

We will write a custom Essay on Environmental Health and Safety specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More All companies that manufacture goods for local and external markets should be held accountable for the lifecycle of their goods from the time they are manufactured till they are fully exhausted. Individuals or organizations that will be found polluting the environment should be made to compensate for the damages they cause to the environment.

In conclusion, the pollution of air and water by discarding toxic materials and also polluting the soil by deforestation and emitting toxic gases that damage the ozone layer contribute to global warming which poses a great threat to human lives and those of other living things on planet earth.

References Lemann, M.F. (2008).Waste Management. Switzerland: Peter Lang AG, International Academic Publishers.

Vaughn, J. (2009).Waste Management. Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, Inc.


Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance Research Paper a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Introduction Peter Stuyvesant set up the Harlem village in 1658. The man who was a governor in the Dutch republic named the new establishment after a popular Dutch city known as Nieuw Harlem. The new village took almost 6 miles of Manhattan 96th Street.

In the first two centuries following its establishment, famous New York residents who had big tracts of land in the area took residence in the establishment. Towards the middle of the 19th century, the wealthy farmers abandoned the farms since they had lost their productivity. This opened the door for downtown New Yorkers to reside in the land.

This had been made easier by the newly laid railroad network. Within a short period, Harlem was transformed in to one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the whole of New York. There were many religious, learning and artistic establishments, which gave the area a rich cultural background. (Angelfire)

By the turn of the 19th century, people were so optimistic about an upgrade of the existing transportation network in the area. This gave rise to heightened speculation in the real estate industry something that led to exaggerated market rates and the subsequent disintegration of the sector at the beginning of the 20th century. Taking full credit of the collapse, an American by the name of Philip Payton entered into contracts that saw him acquiring property owned by whites for renewable leases of five years.

In turn, Philip and his friends rented the property to Black Americans who considered Harlem a better place to reside. Within a short period, Harlem had been transformed in to an establishment for blacks only. This was heightened by the animosity that existed between whites and Negroes in the period that preceded World War 1. (Poets. Org)

By the time the war had ended, blacks from every part of America were moving to Harlem. Among those who were moving to the establishment included black poets, critics, literary anthologists, painters, illustrators, musicians, composers and actors.

Within a short time, Harlem became a sort of an urban artistic center for black Americans. However, the increasing population and high demand soon gave way to skyrocketing rental prices. This left culture as the only prospering thing within Harlem. A few years after World War 1 ended, Harlem became to black artists what Mecca is to Muslims.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The activities that they engaged in are what came to be termed as the Harlem Renaissance. What influenced most of the participants was the style that Europeans and white Americans were using in their literature and music. To most of the artists within the renaissance, the only topic they addressed was the experiences of blacks within an American society that was predominantly white. (Hill 20)

The music and writing style within the Harlem Renaissance carried the same theme of black experience in light of a white society. Within the Harlem, all the club experience carried the same colored theme. This made African Americans to create a self-awareness attitude something that brought a greater rift between blacks and whites.

As a young man, Langston Hughes had settled in Harlem while pursuing his college education. From his early days, Langston had a flair for poetry and he read a wide collection of poems from various authors. By the time he settled in Harlem, he was on his way towards becoming an established poet.

Although Langston’s poems, spoke of the experiences of black Americans in light of a white culture, he took a different route from the rest of his counterparts in the Harlem renaissance. Where his counterparts would focus on only one genre of writing, Langston decided to mix two or more genres in a single work.

A good example is his first book of poetry known as The Weary Blues. In the book, Langston mixed jazz, blues and a light touch of traditional verses. This was a complete new level of writing that other poets in Harlem were not used to. This became a great influence for future works produced within the Harlem Renaissance. (Poets. Org)

Another thing that made Langston Hughes to be of great influence to the Harlem renaissance was the success he acquired as a poet within the movement. This especially came in 1930 after he published his first work of fiction known as Not Without Laughter.

This was achieved with the help of a rich white woman known as Charlotte Mason. The novel was such as success that Langston bought his first car. Considering that he was only 28 years at the time, this was a great inspiration to other writers in the Harlem to work hard.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More During this time, most artists in the Harlem Renaissance were not doing very well and Langston’s success must have been a big morale booster. Besides poetry, Langston also wrote novels, short stories, newspaper articles, and drama. This ability to write in almost all genres made him acceptable across the cultural divide. (Solloway, Bacon,


Mid-City at the Crossroads: Shaw Heritage Trail Descriptive Essay essay help online free

Washington, DC is the place where it is always interesting to be, to listen to other people conversions, and to enjoy the sights offered to the tourists, and Neighborhood Heritage Trails provides people with a number of magnificent opportunities to understand better the nature of the place and get involved into its rich history.

I took the Mid-City at the Crossroads: Shaw Heritage Trail for several reasons: my past was closely connected to this place, and my task was to choose the place rich in history.

While traveling this trail I recall some places I visited and never knew the history behind it. The stories of African American people serve the basis of the neighborhood as well as inabilities of people of God to get affordable homes, cope with racial inequalities and immigrant challenges.

Though our history is rich in magnificent achievements, amazing discoveries, and memorable dates, it is crucially important to remember about the dark side of the way to success and admit the challenges and problems which had to be overcome by ordinary people who built our history.

One of the major arguments claimed by the trail creator was about Shaw, a neighborhood built for native citizens and for newcomers to become their home. For a long period of time, this neighborhood was mostly a rural part of the city. The Seventh Street was the first street where the first roads appeared.

This street is known as the one that connected many significant parts at the same time: Maryland farms, Pennsylvania Center Market, and Washington docks. Within a short period, the Seventh Street was preoccupied with numerous stores and shops which promoted the market industry and provided various people with the same opportunities to achieve success in life and business.

Many doctors and shopkeepers got chances to live in three-story buildings. These buildings became their homes as well as their business centers. It was convenient, cheap, and effective. However, a number of changes and challenges appeared during the Civil War. Citizens who could not find good job were eager to join the rebellion troops and deserve the place under the sun.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The brave colonel Robert Gould Shaw tried to achieve justice during the war and help weak and poor people to be respected, still, in his attempt to conquer Fort Wager, he was killed. His image became a holy point in the history and the name for the place, where people tried to win inequality the way Mr. Shaw tried.

There are several subjects of the tour, and each piece of the story I heard was an amazing travel to the past where our history and our lives were developed. Still, the most amazing fact that touched my mind and my soul was the one about the nature of the district I was in. Shaw is always considered as the place between many other places. It was a kind of motto for our trip during which this phrase was supported many times.

There are several proofs for the chosen argument, and almost all of them are connected with our history: black people got chances to live in accordance with their own principles and interests in the chosen district; a number of migrants were able to find protection in this place.

When I passed through such places like Feker Sound, Lettie Gooch Boutique, or Wagtime Pet Spa, I cannot help but wonder how people tried to survive on these streets many years ago, prove that they were always worth of being the members of the chosen society, and win the Civil War that cause so many unjustified deaths.

Being a place between places, Shaw served as the Metro station during the Civil War. Shiloh Baptist Church was the place where free blacks were able to find safe protection. In spite of the fact that the churched was destroyed several times, human desire and abilities helped to rebuild and save the building for a long period of time.

To get prepared for the trail around the Shaw neighborhood, the class has been reading over the material so I decided to take a look for myself. After the Civil War, there were still a number of events and challenges which proved a true nature of the place with its attempts to fight inequality and injustice.

Carter Woodson was one of the brightest figures at the beginning of the 1900s. Still, there were no explanations of why Woodson made a decision to devote the rest of his life to historical researches and the place of black people in American history during the tour, I know a lot about the activities of this man.

We will write a custom Essay on Mid-City at the Crossroads: Shaw Heritage Trail specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More On the other hand, the author of the trail leaves some issues which, in my opinion, remain to be of critical importance for the tour. I was also deeply touched with the story about Martin Luther King and his assassination that had a considerable impact on people and the neighborhood. When the news that Dr. King was killed spread, so many people gathered around the 14th, U streets, H, and Seventh Streets.

On the vast majority of the streets of the district, people started their protests to close various businesses and stop activities to honor the life of this amazing influential person. In Stokely Carmichael’s mind what he was doing was beneficial for him and the black race. It would have never gotten out hand if the hatred wasn’t in people’s minds and heart.

The trail is properly laid out, and it was not very difficult to navigate the tour. There are 17 historical points which have to be visited, and the chosen tour is organized in the way that it is not only easy to follow but always interesting to find and forecast what kind of story could be presented.

I truly believe that such types of tours like I managed to visit turn out to be rather helpful for people to learn about history. Mid-City at the Crossroads: Shaw Heritage Trail is a good lesson to remember for a long period of time and to understand how rich and memorable American history is and how devoted people of any race, culture, and age could be.


Understanding Legal Aspects and Current Issues of Compensation Methodologies Argumentative Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Labor laws in many countries recognize the legality of a collective bargaining agreement, which basically entails the voluntary negotiation between employers and employees through their trade unions aimed at reaching agreements that functions to regulate employees’ working conditions in terms of setting standards for wages, working hours, grievance mechanisms, and other issues that may directly or indirectly affect employees (Lardy, 1999).

The right to collectively bargain with an employer is also recognized by a multiplicity of international human rights conventions in large part for enhancing the employees human dignity, liberty and independence through allowing them the chance to influence the development and implementation of workplace rules and thereby giving them some control over a major facet of their lives, namely their work.

As such, the workers had a legitimate grievance since the collective agreement, as explained above, gives them every right to protect their work interests, including resisting any attempts to render them redundant by taking away their jobs.

The collective agreement duly signed by the workers’ union and the management of the hotel states that all work shall be carried out by the union members and, therefore, taking away the work normally done by the employees amounts to an abuse of a legally binding agreement. In addition, the collective agreement gives employees a framework through which they can air their grievances whenever they feel their interests are threatened (Holley et al, 2009). In this context, the employees had a legitimate grievance.

The collective bargaining agreement underlines the need for liberty and fairness in employees’ dealing with the management in their work contexts (Lardy, 1999). However, the decision made by the previous supervisor to save payroll dollars by taking away the jobs of union workers not only infringed on their rights to influence the development of workplace rules, but it was taken in bad faith since the main objective was to enhance the bonuses accruing to the supervisors.

This demonstrates that the decision taken by the previous supervisor was not fair and didn’t have the interests of the workers at heart as per the collective bargaining agreement. The right to involve workers who would later be affected by the decision and enshrined in the collective bargaining agreement was also ignored (Holley et al, 2009).

As such, this situation could have been amicably solved by involving the concerned parties, including the management and employees, in discussions aimed at coming up with practical and workable solutions towards saving payroll dollars and increasing bonuses instead of taking away the jobs of other workers. The supervisor could have used this avenue to negotiate for increased pay.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The duly signed collective agreement between the management and the union give employees the leverage to not only negotiate their fringe benefits and allowances, but also their working conditions and other issues related to employment (Holley et al., 2009).

As such, the proposal to solve this situation would entail bringing the management, supervisors, and other employees in a round-table discussion under the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement and other labor laws in an attempt to air the grievances about bonuses from a collective standpoint.

The tripartite discussions will ensure the interests of all stakeholders rather than using the position of authority to sideline employees who are duly protected by the collective bargaining agreement. In addition, such a proposal will ensure fairness of the concerned parties, including the management.

Reference List Carrell, M. R.


Lighting System: Incandescent or Fluorescent Lamps Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Incandescent bulbs are filament lamps whose principle f operation is based on light production when the tungsten is heated. Compact fluorescent lamps are discharge lamps that operate on the principle of discharge between the cathode and anode of the lamp. They are efficient, long lasting and have a large lumen output for a small rating (Basic Facts about Residential Lighting, 1994).

Number of guest room; 200.bulbs per room; 4.Total number of bulb= 200*4=800.

Room occupancy=60% of 200=120 room.

Incandescent lamps: Lamp rating of 75 watts. Has a lumen output of 1100 lumens. Average cost of one bulb is about $0.5. Hence total cost=0.5*800=$400.Total lumen output per room=1100*4=4400 lumens. Total power rating of the whole house=800*75=60kW. Total power ratings considering occupancy=120*4*75=36kW. Kilowatt hour rating=6*365*36=78,840 kWh. Which in referred to as 78,840 units. Assume cost per unit of electricity=$0.1125, the cost for the year =0.1125*78840=$8869.5 (Kanter, 2009).

Compact Fluorescent Lamps: Lamp rating=20 watts, 1100 lumens, cost =$3.Total cost for installing the bulbs=800*3=$2400. Total wattage rating of the room=20*800=16kW. Total power rating considering occupancy=120*4*20=9.6kW. Kilowatt hour rating=6*365*9.6=21024 kWh. Which in referred to as 21024 units. Assume cost per unit of electricity=$0.1125, the cost for the year =0.1125*21024=$2365.2 (Basic Facts about Residential Lighting, 1994).

Memo Incandescent bulbs are bulbs that work on the principle of light production through heating of the tungsten filament. Compact fluorescent bulbs produce light through discharge of ions between the anode and cathode of the bulb (Ford, 2008).

Incandescent lamps are cheaper to purchase and set up as compared to the expensive compact fluorescent lamps. However, compact fluorescent lamps are more efficient as they use less power; this is proved from the calculations above.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Incandescent bulbs also produce a lot of heat and have a short life span of 1000 days as compared to the 10000 days for the compact fluorescent lamps. In addition compact fluorescent lamps have very large lumen output. As shown both 75W incandescent and 20W compact fluorescent produce 1100 lumens (Ford, 2008).

I advise you to use the compact fluorescent lamps over the standard incandescent lamps. Though the initial cost incurred in the setting up of the lighting system will be high for the compact fluorescent lamps, the long term effect are quite different. As shown in the calculations the amount of money spent on the system with incandescent lamps per year is $8869.5 while that for the compact fluorescent is $2365.2.

In the long run, a lot of money that could be spent on the electricity expenses is saved. In addition, less amount of money will be spent on the maintenance of the lighting system because compact fluorescent lamps have longer life as compared to the incandescent lamps (Kanter, 2009).

References Basic Facts about Residential Lighting. (1994). U.S. Department of energy. Web.

Ford J.D. (2008). Residential Lighting. Compact Review, 20, 541-561.

Kanter, R. (2009). Compact fluorescent lamps. New York: Free Press.


The Working Poor: Invisible in America by David Shipler Book Report college essay help

The working poor: Invisible in America By David Shipler Introduction America is a developed country but there still exists a group of people called the working poor. Although these people are working, they still languish in poverty. They live between a state of “poverty” and “well being”. Their efforts to move from “poverty bracket” to “well being bracket” are diminished due to negligence by the government. This book focuses on American working poor and what the government is doing to help the situation.

Summary The author writes about the group of individuals struggling to survive in the US. His focus is on the people who are working but struggling to live and meet their daily needs. He terms them as people who have been left behind. Existence of such groups of people at a time when the US is celebrating its prosperity is considered a disgrace. The author carries out several interviews with people who are struggling to meet their basic needs like medical care.

He finds out that most of these people are working and some are even engaged in full time jobs. He is not pleased with the kind of life these people are leading despite their hard work. He believes that the government is not doing much to address the issue of the working poor. He adds that the government is not implementing laws that can help the working poor improve their living standards.

Although there are laws set up to protect the working poor, the process of implementing them is very poor and this leads to their failure. The kind of leadership in place can not come up with strategies to ensure that the laws are enforced. Therefore, it is very difficult to change the situation.

This book also reveals many other facts about the life of the working poor. All these facts give an indication of failure of leadership at state as well as national level. This means that the economic prosperity can not be sustained. The author suggests various ways by which the working poor can be helped. He insists that the government and the private sector should work hand in hand with other agents to come up with collective strategies that will improve the living standards of the working poor.

In order to help the working poor, the author proposes wage reform strategy that will regulate employers on how they pay their workers. He also says that the wage reform should apply at the bottom as well as the top. It should be able to set the minimum as well as the maximum pay standards for the workers for equality purposes. The issue of excess wealth to some Americans should be considered. Some Americans are paid very high salaries leading to various imbalances and creating a huge gap between the poor and the rich.

The book ends by the author appealing for ideological debate. He says that unless the ideological debate is encouraged and incorporated in public policies, the situation of the working poor is likely to remain the same. He says that it is time to table the facts about the working poor so that proper steps can be taken to correct the situation. Silence means prolonging the problem but not solving the problem.[1]

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The central theme The main theme featured in this book is poverty. The author examines a group of Americans who are completely left behind despite their hard work. He refers to them as the working poor. Although these groups of people are working, their living standards are still low. Despite their effort and willingness to work hard, it is almost impossible for them to attain their American dream.

In case of a financial obstacle, the working poor may not be able survive and this may lead to an irreversible financial downfall. They live up to their means with no funds left for emergency cases. In this book, the author holds various conversations with the working poor. He finds out that the working poor are held in dead end jobs where chances for advancement and improvement are very slim. There are no benefits and opportunities for further development.

These are the factors that make the working poor languish in poverty. The author also blames the government systems that are set up to help the working poor. He says that most of these systems are only provided but not implemented. Their effects are not visible at all. Some of the working poor are also resistant to help from the systems. Others are completely unaware that there are such systems in place to help them.[2]

The quantitative role played by the US The United States as a cultural entity is not very aware of the factors that contribute to poverty. This means that the US is not so sure of the solutions that might fully correct this situation. However, there are many ways in which US play a role concerning the invisible working poor. Politically, the government has come up with laws that enforce minimum wage.

The only problem is that these laws are not implemented according to the government specifications leading to their failure. In fact the working poor are being charged high bills when it comes to health care and other public services. This raises their expenditures with no increase in income leading to poverty.

Although there are many upcoming ways to help the working poor, the author insists that no single way can succeed in correcting this situation. He proposes that the government should work hand in hand with the private sector to ensure that the laws are well implemented. Among the strategies proposed include changing of the present wage structure, fair distribution of public resources and coming up with programs that are more vocational.

The perception of the US in the book I think the perception of the US in this book is negative. Although US is considered as a land of opportunities, there still exists a group of people who are working but still live in poverty. These people have been neglected and their welfare is not a priority anymore to America.

We will write a custom Report on The Working Poor: Invisible in America by David Shipler Book specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This is because the laws that have been put in place to help these people are not enforced into actions. The government is not committed to evaluate its law system to make sure that the laws are being obeyed. This shows how the US is less concerned with the working poor. We are told that the working poor are handled like slaves despite the existence of laws that enforce humane working conditions and minimum wage.

As much as we expect the working poor people to be treated at low medical costs in hospitals, they are being charged much more money than they can afford. Any emergency treatments, transport and other medical costs are even worsening the situation of the working poor.[3]

Lessons that the book holds for US citizens There are very many lessons that this book holds for the US citizens. First, the US citizens need to be very careful when choosing leaders in future. They need to elect leaders who will implement the set laws and make sure that the laws are obeyed. This will reduce poverty among the working poor.

The US citizens need to learn that despite being a developed country, there are still groups of people who are languishing in poverty. With this in mind, they can be able to strategize on the factors contributing to this situation and come up with viable solutions that can help correct the situation.[4]

How to change the problems addressed in the book From a personal perspective, I would encourage formation of movements and unions that will protect and fight for the rights of the working poor. These unions and movements will be able to push for reforms and law implementations that will see the working poor improve.

From a perspective of US policy, the government needs to make sure that those laws concerning minimum wage and humane working conditions are enforced and implemented. This is through setting up of law structures and arms that will monitor the implementation process and ensure that everybody is obeying the laws.[5]

Conclusion Poverty is an urgent issue in the American society especially among the working poor. These issue need to be addressed by the government in collaboration with other agents for improvement of the living standards of the working poor.

Reference List Both, Deborah and Barbara. Zang. 2009. The working poor in America. Washington, DC: National academy press.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Working Poor: Invisible in America by David Shipler Book by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Shipler, David. 2004. The working poor: Invisible in America. New York: Knopf publishers.

Footnotes David Shipler, The working poor: Invisible in America (New York: Knopf publishers 2004), 21.

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Deborah Both and Barbara Zang,The working poor in America (Washington, DC: National academy press 2009), 54.


The Theory of Human Change and Growth Research Paper essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Biological Theory

Cognitive Theory

Do people really change?

What makes us change?


Works Cited

Introduction There are a number of factors that defines how human beings change as they grow old. Exposure to different environments is one of the major player to this change. Human beings like all living things begin their life as a single cell (when the male and the female gametes meet and the ovum gets fertilized) thus marking the beginning of life.

The interaction of the genes and the environment around as the cell grows from the embryo up to the adult stage makes us different and unique in everyway from others. For instance, the reaction to same environment is very diverse even in two identical twins.

Human growth can be defined as the increase in size and mass of the body, these two characteristics are measured by height and weight respectively. Other than growth, there is also development which is the progressive change in the body (either qualitative or quantitative) that helps one differentiate an undifferentiated or immature state to a highly specialized and mature human being (Bogin 15).

The theories of how human beings grow and change are several with each trying to explain how we all grow and react differently to diverse situations that we are exposed to, in life.

Biological Theory Charles Darwin theory of inheritance suggests that we behave according to the genes we inherit from our progenies (whether it is from the father or from the mother). As long as we carry out our parents genes within our system we will always behave in a way that relates to them.

Another theory which contradicts the inheritance theory is the selfish gene which states that genes not only affect our physical characteristics but also our behaviors thus we don’t need to have inherited them rather we can develop unique behaviors as we grow. For example, behaviors that are caring and nurturing such as the care shown to young children may be more about ensuring the survival of the next generation than altruism and loving behavior as most of us believe.

How we are brought up determines who we become. For example, a child treated with love and kindness is more likely to care about his her fellow collegues and seek fairness and equity in situations which call for the same.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Cognitive Theory This theory tries to understand how human beings think by understanding the thought process. The assumption that human beings are logical means that human beings make choices that have sense to them and thus will change as they grow as their environments change to meet the required demands (Fritscher 1).

The believe that development of human thought processes is an interactive one (between the individual and their environment) and that it takes place through the absorption of key experiences and differs from other behavioral perspectives which maintain that the environment shapes who we are holds.

For instance, when a child interacts with the environment he begins to understand the world only through active engagement with it, their understanding becomes more complex as they pass through the cognitive process and understand how the environment really is.

Self concept is another factor that makes us change as we grow. Many people define self concept as that perception one has for his or her qualities and attributes.

The argument is that infants have got no sense of self on birth but as they grow this changes; at two years most kids will have recognized themselves, at pre-school age the child self concept is concrete and physical and by 8 years of age the kid can describe inner qualities and by adolescent self concepts become more abstract. Cultural and family factors influence the development of these attributes and traits.

There are five genetically based needs that as we try to fulfill makes us change. They include survival, love and belonging, power or achievement, freedom, and fun. People will do everything to make sure that they have most of these for example who hates to be loved? We always act to control the world around us and the real world is important to the extent it helps us satisfy our needs although we may not always satisfy our needs directly (Anon 6-8).

Do people really change? As the editor of pick the brain explains (1) some individuals holds the view that people do not change, others say people only change if there is a reason to.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Theory of Human Change and Growth specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More He explains that although one may have some inner traits only known to oneself, we are not imprisoned by them thus we will always change. Believing that we can’t change makes us accept our weaknesses and stay imprisoned by them but the moment one realises that he can change then it becomes easier to overcome our weaknesses and move on with life (Pick brain editor 1).

Other people argue that individuals do not change but grow and if they grow it is sometimes not always. Their characters, personality and other qualities that equate to how human beings operate change only substantially.

They only improve and become better version of themselves. Though to some degree this may not appear as change, the fact that they are improving is an indication that they are changing from the past self to a better person or a worse person as they grow older.

As we grow older not only do we change but also our needs change. We make new friends while losing in touch with the old ones and we might even forget them. For example how many of us remember their childhood friends, those friends we could not sleep before seeing, those friends whom we thought meant much to us in this world more than our parents even did at that time, do we still have them? where they are and whatever they are doing is no longer our concern.

We would want to be concerned but we can not. We have made new friends, forged ahead as many say and though not entirely forgotten them.

But can we blame ourselves anyway? It is good to note that when we were young children we used to live, play, and act as we wanted. At that time we had no responsibilities or worries but as we grew older pressures and less freedom seemed to follow us everywhere, 24 hours began becoming inadequate for a day chores.

Old age has brought with it many responsibilities and reality is checking; in we have got limited time to do everything that we would wish. It is always sweeter than reality knowing that we will never go back to childhood (Anon 1). For example I remember my childhood girlfriend. I used to think that how I felt about her was so natural that one day we would end up together like our parents, mum and dad.

But soon after primary school she went to a different and far place from where we used to stay and so our friendship grew weaker and weaker; I don’t know what happened to her afterwards. I still feel sad about her sometimes that I cant tell what kind of a person she became or what she is doing now but all I know is that if we meet in the streets may be we could remember each other and the old things we used to do or may be we couldn’t.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Theory of Human Change and Growth by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More I wonder what would happen; a lot has happened between us and a lot of things have changed as we get older we view things differently and even argue differently. Even if I try to look for her it may not be productive as we may not even cope. The only thing that remains is for us to accept that things have changed and life has to move on (Nelson 1).

What makes us change? The reason why we change as we grow is that change gives us a chance to reach new heights, it makes us unique. Diverse exposures makes us change differently, be it in our thinking, beliefs or even the way we view things. Since we won’t always be in the same place we will at all times change no matter how much fear we hold.

Conclusion As we grow old things do change;memories fade away slowly as we gro old. We forget what our childhood dreams and the promises were, we get lost in making new unworthy priorities and synthetic emotions. We no longer do things because they benefit others but we do things because we are supposed to do them.

Because one said so or because everyone is doing so we forget who we are, what we want, and we become too scared even to follow our very own dreams.

The changes that happen in our lives are inevitable and so we don’t have to regret about the past which we can’t have hold of rather we should enjoy and do everything today that makes our souls happy for today is tomorrow’s past and once it’s gone it becomes part of our history.

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Principles of Bauhaus production Essay best essay help

The Bauhaus wants to get involved in the advancement of present-day housing. It is noteworthy that the modern man does not acknowledge traditional way of life. As a result, he requires his house to be furnished with all the modern equipments and furniture. Similarly, the surrounding environment of the machine and the house should be affirmed.

These products must serve the purpose for which they are meant. The products from Bauhaus workshops are of diverse invention and thus the design gives a consumer a choice to pick from. The idea of Bauhaus setting up workshop was original, and consumers are the main beneficiaries.

Bauhaus believes that an object is defined by its surrounding thus before the construction of a house or purchasing of a vehicle one must first study its surrounding. It is a fact that the frequent embracing of the technology will make an individual develop an innovative mind. Similarly, Bauhaus highlights that the standardization of the housing products are an important concept in human life.

Most importantly, individuals tend to appreciate more the design of products than any other thing. When a machine that produces standardized products is used it will lead to production of cheaper and more advanced out puts. Consequently, there are no worries that standardization will restrict the consumers to appreciate and use limited designs.

Bauhaus workshops are meant for the identification and advancement of a product design.

In order to create models of the required standards, an experienced and excellent manpower is required. In addition, these should be individuals who are ready to give out their best potential to ensure they adhere to the set laws and regulations. Bauhaus depict that the difference between industry and crafts mainly lie on the type of tools that are employed.

Similarly, Bauhaus is cautious that the two phenomenons are starting to relate. The ancient crafts are distancing themselves from the modern crafts which are adapting new production units. It is evident that speculative experiments are done to produce models used in the implementation in factories.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The models that have been constructed by the Bauhaus are copied by other companies affiliated to it. The mode of production by Bauhaus does not make it possible for competition in both the crafts and the industry. On the contrary, this setting provides them with the required skill to enable them advance their skill.

The Bauhaus make use of the skilled and talented individuals who work as per the training they have attained. In the end, these individuals will go a head and take over from industries. Most importantly, the models produced by Bauhaus are sold at reasonable prices.

It is noteworthy that the basic needs of life are the same in all human beings. Human beings tend to get enslaved to good household models. As a result, Bauhaus has exploited these weaknesses by producing well designed prototype. These products go a long way and impress the consumers who consider both their quality and price.

Bauhaus came up with the workshop and so as to address the immediate need of the people. This mainly consisted of style and beauty of the modern culture. Bauhaus believed the local population admired the possession of good and modern equipments; the only problem was the fact that they were very expensive.


William Bradford’s personality Essay essay help free

William Bradford was born to an influential and wealthy English family in 1590. In his childhood, Bradford had to endure the loss of several of his close family members. His father died when he was barely a year old and his mother died when he was seven years of age.

It is claimed that his lack of close family bonds may have led to the development of his determined personality later in life. For example, his joining the nonconformist religious group, which would later be referred to as the Pilgrims, may have resulted from this. Throughout his life, Bradford exhibited a resolute personality in what he believed in.

Since both his parents had passed away, Bradford went to stay with his uncles who had the intention of him helping them on their farm. However, because of his sickness he was unable to work and turned to reading spiritual books. This also played a critical role in the development of his intellectual inquisitiveness and his ultimate liking of the Separatist congregation.

When Bradford was twelve years old, a friend introduced him to a separatist congregation who believed that the Church of England needed strict reforms so as to do away with every vestige practice of the Catholic church. Consequently, in search of religious freedom, the group, together with Bradford, relocated to Holland in August 1608 (Doherty, 26).

After living there for about eleven years, the Separatists, with the assistance of Bradford, planned for the Mayflower’s voyage to America in 1620. In order to restructure the movement into a political body, he assisted in the formulation of the Mayflower Compact en route to the New World. Upon arrival, he assisted in choosing the best site for the establishment of the colony.

One year after arrival, he was unanimously given the responsibility of serving as the colony’s governor (Bradford and Davis, 10). He held that position for thirty years between 1621 and 1656. “His remarkable tact, honesty, and political ability proved indispensable in assuring the colony’s survival, and he helped avert numerous potential disasters.

He was instrumental in establishing and fostering the principles of self-government and religious freedom that characterized later American colonial government” (“Mayflower Compact,” para. 2). The success he had in the leadership position was largely due to his resolute personality.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Even though Bradford did not have adequate training in formal education, he had a native literary capability that made him write a number of books. His most renowned literary work is Of Plymouth Plantation, which was an elaborate description in manuscript form of the events that took place in the early years of the establishment of the Colony.

The book was published in 1865, two hundred years after his death. Received well by his contemporaries, the book demonstrates his determined confidence in the Pilgrim Mission (Bradford and Morison, 3).

Besides this, he also wrote poems, which mostly criticized the self-interest of the new generation. Bradford’s Dialogues, written in the form of conversations between the old and the young people, are a dramatization of his thoughts concerning the differences between the old and the new generation.

In conclusion, Bradford demonstrated a resolute personality throughout his life. He was part of the persecuted separatist congregation who fought for religious freedom. His position as one of the longest serving Plymouth governors was successful because of his unwavering character traits. In addition, his literary works also testify of this.

Works Cited Bradford, William, and Davis, William T. Bradford’s history of Plymouth Plantation, 1606-1646. Chestnut Hill, Mass. :Elibron Classics, 2005. Print.

Bradford, William, and Morison, Samuel E. Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647. New York : Knopf, 2006. Print.

Doherty, Kieran, William Bradford: rock of Plymouth. Brookfield, Conn. : Twenty-First Century Books, 1999. Print.

We will write a custom Essay on William Bradford’s personality specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More “Mayflower Compact.” C-Span. American Writers. 2010. Web.


Professional Research Project Problem Solution Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Introduction The aim of this paper is to present an implementation plan for the research problem that deals with the use of physical restraints in the intensive care unit. The steps and resources that will be used in the plan will also be presented. The paper also acknowledges the importance of evaluating any plan put in place to solve a problem.

Towards this end, the paper will present the evaluation plan of the proposed solution and the anticipated outcomes. Lastly, the paper will touch on the dissemination of evidence for nursing practice.

Description of Solution: Best Practice Staffing Best practice staffing is defined by the Emergency Nurses Association as “that which provides timely and efficient patient care and a safe environment for both patients and staff, while promoting an atmosphere of professional nursing satisfaction,” (Robinson, Jagim


Work Place Violence Research Paper college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Scope of Work Place Violence

Causes of Violence in the Work Place

Impacts of Workplace Violence

Implication of Workplace Violence in Managing Human Resources

HR plan

Implementation of the HR Plan

Works Cited

Introduction Work place violence can be defined as violence caused by employees on their fellow employees or vive versa. It may include abuses, threats, intimidation, and physical abuse among others. Work place violence is a serious issue that can even lead to a reduction in production in an organization. It also results in increased costs especially when physical violence is used.

Normally, a work place is supposed to be a place where people from diverse geographical areas converge to meet the specific needs of an organization. This is a place where we expect to find peace and tight safety measures because the people employed are actually working to earn a profit.

However, this is not always the case and most of the times some cases of violence are reported. In every organization we have employees who never feel satisfied with what they do or get and will constantly involve themselves in gossiping their fellow workers or the employer. This amounts to violence because such things can get to the person in question and they may cause him distress.

Work place violence is a serious offense that is punishable by law. If the organization is reported to have been abusing the employees, it is liable to pay certain fines and may be forced to compensate the person being abused. There are various types of work place violence which include but not limited to physical abuse, intimidation, threats or abuse, and the use of more aggravated weapons such as knives, furniture, guns among others.

Physical violence is the use of force on someone else it may include kicks, punishments, or slaps. Most violence cases in the work place increase the costs that an organization incurs because of paying medical bills and fines although some costs are indirect for instance destruction of the organization’s image among others.

This paper will look at some of the causes of work place violence, the impacts it has on the performance of industries, and its impacts to the management of human resources. It will go further to include a HR plan that can be used to address this problem and conclude by giving recommendations for the implementation and management of the proposed HR plan.

Scope of Work Place Violence Work place violence is a problem that is present in almost all industries. It does not affect specific industries but is a common issue in almost every work place. However, the extent of violence differs from one industry to the other because there are some industries with tight security measures and it would be very easy to stop violence because if aggravates.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In other industries, employees have been ignored and few are the times when the employer seems to care about what actually goes on in the workplace. it is worth noting that, it is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that employees are provided with a secure working environment.

This includes providing them with necessary training on safety so that they are able to take care of themselves (King 10). Failing to train employees on safety measures amounts to workplace violence and an employee who has been denied this has a right to sue the employer if something bad happens to him while in the course of carrying out his daily responsibility.

But the question is how man industries provide their employees with the necessary training on safety before they commence their duties? The answer is, very few of the industries we have actually enlighten their employees on such issues. This kind of work place violence is referred to as negligence.

We have witnessed a number of industries where the employers are the ones who abuse the innocent employees. This includes government institutions where employees are forced to have sexual intimacy with their bosses if they want to retain their positions. Others have to part with a certain amount of money if they are to receive promotions.

Corruption has increased in the work place and people who deserve to be rewarded are not, but instead these rewards go to employees who do deserve. In other places, employees are exploited by their employers where they are required to work for many hours with no payment of overtime. Most of these companies are private entities where employees are threatened in case they try to sue the company (King 10).

It is not only employers who cause violence on the employees but fellow employees also cause violence on other employees. This mostly occurs if the employee causing violence is in a high position in the organizational structure. These are the employees who misuse their position to intimidate, abuse, or even threaten other employees.

In some cases, they force their subordinates to perform duties that they have not been assigned. Others are abused physically if they refuse to oblige to their request. The abused employees may fail to report such instances because they fear losing their jobs.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Work Place Violence specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Causes of Violence in the Work Place There are many reasons that can trigger employees or employers to cause violence on other employees. This includes anger, hatred, and grudges, among others. The causes of violence can be well understood through analyzing the common types of violence in the work place. There are mainly four types of work place violence; criminal violence, service user violence, worker-on-worker violence, and domestic violence. Criminal violence is caused by individuals or groups of people who do not have a direct relationship with the organization (Bensimon 26).

The main aim of this kind of violence would be to steal cash, stocks of other properties in the premises of the organization. While this is taken place, employees may be injured trying to protect the organization’s property while others may even be killed if they fail to comply with the criminals instructions.

The other type of violence; service user violence is also caused by individuals or groups of people who do not have a direct relationship with the organization but are in one way or the other indirectly related to it. This includes customers or other service users who consume the products or services of a certain organization.

These people many cause violence if they are frustrated with the organization’s products/services or if they feel as if their grievances are ignored or there are given substandard services. Worker-on-worker violence can be caused by grudges, hatred, or can be caused by an employee who feels that he has received unjust disciplinary actions. In other cases, it can be a protest to imposed redundancy.

Last but not least, domestic violence is caused by persons who are not employees or employers in a certain organization but are in one way or the other related to employees who work for the organization this includes spouses, partners, or friends. This kind of violence can be caused by family disagreements and it is perpetrated in the work place simply because the wrongdoer has knowledge of the place where the targeted individual is at that particular time (VanBuren, Anderson and Sabatelli 480).

Impacts of Workplace Violence The results of work place violence can be detrimental to an organization since they increase costs and cause a reduction in performance. Most of this violence reduces the morale of workers and their motivation to work reduces. It may cause death of some employees, others may be become disabled as a result of physical violence.

It can even cause a lot of pain and distress on employees who may feel frustrated with their work and start looking for other places. The result of this is poor performance both on the side of the employee and the organization. To some extent, workplace violence can be an increased cost to an organization in terms of increased rates of absenteeism.

As violence increases, the work place becomes an unsafe place for many workers who may opt to absent themselves from job rather than face the frustrations that present themselves every day (VanBuren, Anderson and Sabatelli 471).Others may take the option of sick leaves even when they are of sound health. The organization has to incur increased insurance costs, medical bills or even pay fines if the abused sue it in court.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Work Place Violence by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Work place violence may also cause an increase in employee turn over, requiring the organization to incur additional costs every now and then while looking for other employees. The recruitment and selection process is not only expensive but can result in reduced sales revenue because of the appointment of unskilled workers.

Implication of Workplace Violence in Managing Human Resources Human Resource Management is an indispensable element in the performance of a corporate organization and works together with other departments to achieve the organization’s goals.

There are certain agencies that are required to create and maintain a workplace that is free from the threat of violence. This is done through the development of policies and procedures which should be implemented in the work places through the human resource department.. These policies expect the agency to;

Communicate a policy statement that prohibits workplace violence

Appoint a coordinator who is responsible for overseeing that workplace prevention programs are implemented

Develop and implement a crisis management plan

protect employees who might be victims of violence

Establish a mechanism that would allow employees to report any case of violence

Train managers and supervisors on how to identity a condition that can lead to violence and how to address such a situation

On the other hand the human resources department is responsible for providing regular training on workplace violence prevention and management and assists agencies in developing and implementing workplace violence programs and plans. It is worth noting that, the main function of the human resource department is to prevent workplace violence and at the same time, this is the department that is the main target of threats of workplace violence (Bensimon 26).

HR plan Human resource planning involves analysis of skills of current workforce, forecasting manpower, and being responsive of customers demand. Human resource planning is important in every organization because it helps the top management to view HR practices in relation to business decision. Human resources become cheaper because HRM can foresee future problems and solve them before they become uncontrollable

To address the issue of workplace violence, I will create a plan which I think should be adopted by all organizations. The purpose of this plan is to prevent workplace violence from occurring and it also outlines the process that should be followed if cases of violence are reported. It is the responsibility of all employees to refrain themselves from cases of violence although they are instances when violence occurs with having intended to do so. This plan has various departments as named below:

Workplace violence prevention team- this team is made up of a group of employees and serves as a sub committee in the prevention of workplace violence. This team is composed of the director of safety and security, human resources manager and other senior staff. The main purpose of this team is to carry out regular reviews related to workplace violence and provide recommendations on the training or education programs that should be adopted to prevent the problem

Safety and security office-This office is responsible for receiving all complaints related to workplace violence and respond to the same in a prompt manner. It also has a duty of maintaining all records of violence.

Human resources office- This office is responsible for providing training to managers and supervisors on topics such as conflict resolution, teamwork, and discipline. It is also responsible for offering training and educational awareness to the other members of staff on ways of preventing violence, respond to violence and the importance of team work (Kirk and Franklin 523).

Supervisors- It is the responsibility of supervisors to ensure that, employees are provided with a secure working environment. In case of threats or incidents of violence, supervisors are supposed to notify the safety and security office so that prompt measures are taken.

Employee assistance- An employee assistance program should be put in place to ensure that, employees’ needs, grievances, and request are met at all times. They should so be provided with training of how to respond to anger, resolve conflicts, among other things (Kirk and Franklin 523).

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that, Workplace violence is prevented, all complaints of violence are addressed promptly and to provide employees with a safe working condition.

By providing the supervisors, managers, and employees with training and education awareness on workplace violence, they become more responsible and cases of violence reduces.

Implementation of the HR Plan To ensure that the plan is properly implemented I would recommend the workplace violence team, safety and security office and the human resources office to work in coordination in providing training to all employees, in ensuring that education and awareness is provided to all members of staff, including the support staff.

All cases of violence should be reported to the safety and security office and more severe cases reported to the nearest local authority. The office of safety and security should carryout investigation to ascertain the causes of violence and the human resources office should be informed of the same so that appropriate disciplinary actions are taken.

The safety and security office should then go ahead and file all cases of violence for reference in future. This plan should be included in Employee orientation handbook and in annual security reports for awareness and proper monitoring.

Works Cited Bensimon, Helen Frank. Violence in the Work place. Training


The Year 1000’ by Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger Descriptive Essay college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The Authors

The Julius Work Calendar

Life in the Year 1000


Works Cited

Introduction The extent of the primitiveness in the first millennium is quite incomprehensible to the current mind. The mind and the environment have radically evolved to the extent that primitive history seems to be very incredible. This essay is going to analyze how life was at the turn of the first millennium in England as portrayed by Lacy and Danziger. The essay will specifically analyze the cultural, religious, economic and social aspects of the Anglo Saxons during the first millennium.

The Authors Robert Lacey is a British historian while Danny Danziger is a journalist. Robert Lacy knowledge in history and archeology combined with the literary skills of the Danny Danziger forms a good combination for them to qualify to write about the history of the people of England in the first millennium.

The Julius Work Calendar This calendar shows the monthly activities of the Anglo Saxons in a period of one year. The calendar depicts economic and religious activities that were strictly observed by the priests and farmers. Lacey and Danziger described the lifestyles of the Anglo Saxons in the format of the Julius Work Calendar by having twelve chapters in the book related to the twelve labor months.

Life in the Year 1000 The people who lived in England in first millennium were Anglo Saxons who originated from Germany and they spoke Anglo Saxon, the primitive English. The Anglo Saxons lived a simple daily life since their lives were still under primitive evolution. Lacey and Danziger describes their clothing as “… they wore the simple, sack-like tunics with leggings that we laugh at in the Monty Python movies, though in colors that was rather less muddy (10).

Their clothes were very simple necessary give them minimal privacy with a range of colors obtained from the vegetables. The Anglo Saxons crudely fasten their clothes with thongs and clasps, since the improvised buttons were yet to be invented and this fastening made their clothes to be relatively heavy.

The Anglo Saxons had a very short life span due to high prevalence of the diseases. “A boy of twelve was considered old enough to swear an oath of allegiance to the king, while girls got married in their early teens, often to men who were significantly older than they were. Most adults died in their forties, and fifty-year-olds were considered venerable indeed” (Lacey


Market Research of Thomas Sabo Report custom essay help: custom essay help

Brand History In the year 1984, Thomas Sabo started his business of jewelry in Germany. He is a self made person. His brand became well known all over Europe and Untied States in the early years of his business. Today the Charm Collection of Thomas Sabo is popular in the whole wide world. He established his first jewelry company in the historical area of Bavaria.

The brand is famous for excellent quality of style and design and for the amazing quality in the silver jewelry. Thomas Sabo also has a keen interest in music and rock and roll, so it also reflected in the designs of his products in the fairly time of all the years (Thompson, 2010).

There was a time when an unwritten law was passed about the silver jewelry and the fair trade of the jewelry was announced, so the retailer’s demand of jewelry went high, it was the specific time when Thomas Sabo had an idea of introducing silver ornaments and started the trademark of his own.

At that time, the purchasers had to tackle only with the brand names and it was bought through the structure of trade fairs (Thomas Sabo, 2010). In the early 1990’s, he hired a designer named Susanne Kolbli who became the creative director of the company. With the help of team work and cooperation they were able to attract the customers and make the brand significantly successful. They both struggled exceptionally hard and through a constant support they created a brand having a unique look.

They emphasized upon every detail of the silver jewelry, showed an incredible consideration on the materials and had a great sense of fashion and design that helped to create a totally new segment in the jewelry market that is highly appraised by the customers. Today its Charm Club Collection which is well known throughout the world was also originated by Susanne Kolbli (Thompson, 2010).

As the brand achieved a massive success, so at the ending of the year 1990 the company became certain to open its own retail outlets. Exclusive and fashionable stores were built all over the United States, Asia, Europe and America. Due to the speedy success they also set sales agencies in different countries.

Thomas Sabo became a well developed globally recognized brand and came out from the world of enigmatic guard of fashion insiders. Fashion is introducing more and more diverse trends and so it is bringing more opportunities to Thomas Sabo brand to provide new and amazing collections (Thompson, 2010).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Target Customers Thomas Sabo jewelry is not prominent among the females of all ages but also becoming well known among men. Every person likes to look attractive with the striking rings, earrings, bracelets and other ornaments and for this Thomas Sabo is a leading brand (Reynolds, 2010). Its potential customers range from 35 to 55 of age although its jewelry is worn by people of any age groups.

It is extremely beneficial to analyze the social and cultural factors in selecting the target market. Thomas Sabo has carried a detailed research and selected appropriate locations for his outlets and shop-in-shop fixtures. It has used exceptional window displays to create a center of attention for the customers.

For instance recently, its Summer Spring campaign shows an outer space ground where robots and flying saucers have been displayed which helps to attract the female shoppers who like adorable, delicate items (Fashion Jewelry, 2008). Thomas Sabo also make small teddy bears, little high heels and lady birds etc as multipurpose charms that create an urge into the customers especially girls, they even collect them and keep them as little treasures (Fashion Jewelry, 2008).

Brand Strategies Thomas Sabo offers a unique collection to every individual. The sterling silver collection of Thomas Sabo brand presents a wide variety of products ranging from rings, necklaces to bracelets and brooches. The company has named its silver ornaments as Charm Club Collection.

The charmed bracelets are becoming immensely famous among the users and are available in 450 varieties. These charms are attractive, and in addition people have a belief that the use of these charms helps to bring love, victory and romance in the lives. They are designed according to the needs of the customers. Troll beads are also another collection of Thomas Sabo. Various designs and patterns have been engraved on these beads and built a feeling of fashion icon in to the users all around the world (Reynolds, 2010).

Initially it was decided by Sabo that he is not going to sell the word jewelry he had a firm belief of building a brand. He even used the phrase fashion accessory rather than using the term jewelry, and this brand strategy is highly flourishing now. Today it is generating almost twenty five million Euros in the international sales. The marketing director of Thomas Sabo said, “From the beginning, it was clear that we were selling a brand name, not a product.

We realized jewelry was a difficult category in travel retail. Our idea is to make the category simple for our retailers and attractive to our customers. We have created a concept in visual merchandising that appeals to the consumer, where they can find a huge variety of items of very high quality, attractive in their designs, colors and shapes.

We will write a custom Report on Market Research of Thomas Sabo specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Our customer is a contemporary woman looking for a fashionable accessory, not just jewelry.” (Thomas Sabo, 2006) The brand strategy is maintained by tough advertising promotions and strong public relations. The company has also established a self service concept which is highly accepted by the retail market and consumers (Thomas Sabo, 2006).

Thomas Sabo has also adopted another strategy of providing a facility to create your own jewelry ornament. Every person can make her own fashion statement by creating their own design. There are 500 varieties available and the customers pick their choice of jewelry from these wide options to create their unique design. The self made jewelry presented by Thomas Sabo brand helps to make the person’s occasion memorable and extraordinary.

Furthermore, Barbie and Disney themes are also well-liked by the novel users. These ornaments help the person to introduce their own fashion apart from exhibiting their personality. All the users of Thomas Sabo are totally satisfied by the products. It has become a universal designer brand and is well ahead in the market providing exciting collection to everyone (Reynolds, 2010).

Brand Positioning

Thomas Sabo has made the brand look fascinating and accessible. Its every piece of ornament depicts elegance, attraction and mythical preference. It is now ranked as the best provider of sterling silver jewelry throughout the globe (Thomas Sabo, 2006).

Micro Environmental Factors Competitors

Today Thomas Sabo has to face challenges as a number of replicas and fakes have become popular in the jewelry market. More and more offshore competitors are using their talent and resources and offering elaborated equally gorgeous and professionally engraved gothic silver ornaments to the rock n roll lovers and bikers at reasonable and affordable prices compared to the branded items.

These alternatives have provided feasibility and access to gothic fans. These competitors are diverting the attention of Thomas Sabo consumers, and fans and they are illumining the realty of trade marks (Thomas Sabo Charm, 2010).

The branded products are always expensive and it charges a premium price and every customer is not able to pay for it. So mostly they switch to its alternatives that are affordable and cheaper, but designer’s label jewelry is always rare and unique. However, the consumers should always know the status of the jewelry they are paying for as the fakes and replicas are similar but not up to the mark.

Thomas Sabo brand’s competitors vary from good quality substitutes and nearest replicas produced by real jewelers to wholesale manufacturers who are producing products in mass collection and using base metals (Thomas Sabo Charm, 2010).

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There are a number of suppliers that are dealing with Thomas Sabo. These include Deborah. A Thomas, Thomas Limited, Jie Yang City Hong Kong Limited, Sarita Thomas, and Thomas Wolf Enterprises they are selling the items on Internet (Bossgoo, 2010).

Macro Environmental Factors As the prices of gold is increasing every day so most of the costumers are shifting to silver jewelry, and as Thomas Sabo is selling their products in silver so that’s a plus point for the company, but if we consider the jewelry it is also facing a number of challenges based political, social and environmental factors. There are three main activities that are carried out in the manufacturing of jewelry and that are mining then polishing the product and then retailing. The jewelry industry has undergone various factors such as an abrupt rise in the prices of raw materials, the new and unique demands of the public and obligation of many rules and regulations announced by the government (Fashion Products, 2010). Various social and economic factors are helping to transform the fashion jewelry industry, but there are also some factors that are holding back and creating barriers in developing the fashionable jewelry. These factors include:

There is a shortage of providing supplies of raw materials. The drastic increase of prices of raw materials has made a significant competition among the regions that carrying polishing process. Due to the shortage of polished semi precious stones the prices of finished jewelry is increasing which is affecting the entire jewelry industry.

The change in fashion trends is also a crucial factor that Thomas Sabo and other leading jewelers should always consider. As the users are becoming highly aware of the upcoming, and new trends so their demands are also changing which are sometimes hard to cope.

The retail sector is also been affected as there is a lot of substitutes introduced in the markets such as bead jewelry, leather jewelry and other various types of materials and metals are being used that are diversifying the consumers interest (Fashion Products, 2010).

Long term Strategies Thomas Sabo is planning to open new stores in Melbourne and Brisbane, but there is no exact time frame as it is particularly beneficial for them to first evaluate and analyze the premium location of the stores according to the consumers demand.

According to Edward Thomas Sabo manager “No other stores planned at this stage and explained that the limited number of openings was part of a strategy to maintain the exclusive nature of Thomas Sabo. Further stores would only be considered on a strictly limited period by case basis” (Jeweller Magazine, 2010).

Ansoff Matrix Ansoff matrix also known as market matrix helps to identify the sets of growth strategies of the company to increase the market share. There are four main factors; market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. If we consider the Thomas Sabo brand it is planning to penetrate in the jewelry market by providing strong advertising and media campaigns and driving out its competitors by providing innovative products.

It is also increasing its market value by introducing new segments. For instance, its upcoming variety of Spring and Summer campaigns would attract the female shoppers who like cute and admiring products (Fashion Jewelry, 2008). It also carried out a beer festival party in year 2010 in Munich and its theme was known as “Hunting for Love”.

Company’s basic motto was to introduce their upcoming jewelry of sterling silver collection. This party was a massive hit. The guests were presented with little souvenirs which were Charm surprises especially the female guests were highly delighted, and Thomas Sabo brand got a positive feedback (Thomas Sabo, 2010).

The company is also planning to diversify their brand and is building new outlets in various countries its latest strategy is to introduce their products in Japan and for that the research, and development are carrying out various analyses to collect the primary and secondary data.

References Bossgoo. (2010). Thomas Sabo suppliers. Bossgoo. Web.

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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton Research Paper college essay help near me

“I wished I looked like Paul Newman. He looks tough and I don’t. The other thing-it’s a long walk home with no company…And nobody in our gang digs movies and books the way I do. So I lone it” (Hinton, 1967, p.6). From this passage, it is evident that the main character, Ponyboy Curtis, who is fourteen years of age, will be telling the story from the first person perspective. This is important to the story because he describes the events in a slangy, youthful voice that makes his narration easily believable.

I liked this passage because it shows that though Ponyboy belongs to a gang, he is not stereotypical as he loves being alone in pursuit of his own interests. On the other hand, this passage does not interest me in the sense that Ponyboy wishes to be another person, instead of focusing on his own strengths. The fact that Ponyboy regards himself as “superior,” despite his young age, to other gang members amazes me.

“…so I can still help Darry with the bills and stuff…Tuff enough. Wait till I get out…I told you he don’t mean half of what he says…” (Hinton, 1967, page 26). This phrase illustrates the method of communication between the gang members. Since they speak in street slang, this illustrates that the two rival groups of the greasers and the Socs share some things in common.

This potential for agreement is important for the story since the reader can feel the aversion between the two teenage groups when they are engaging in a conversation. I like this method of communication because it is able to harmonize the division between the groups. However, I hate it because it is full of grammatical errors. Though the interpretation of this street slang may be difficult, it is an interesting youthful way of talking.

“I could fall in love with Dallas Winston. I hope I never see him again, or I will” (Hinton, 1967, p.46). This quote is what Cheery told Ponyboy when they were having a conversation in chapter three. I like this conversation since it shows that Dallas Winston, the meanest person, could make a lady, like Cherry-a Soc girl with good habits, like him.

This also amuses me as well. I hate the words Cheery uses in this instance because she seems not to be considering the personality of Dallas. She is simply speaking because she has been driven by emotions. Cherry’s attraction to Dallas is of essence in the story since it illustrates that the conflict between the two teenage groups is reconcilable.

“I had to. They were drowning you, Pony. They might have killed you. And they had a blade… they were gonna beat me up…” (Hinton, 1967, p.57). These words were spoken by Johnny to Pony. I liked this phrase because it shows the sincerity in Johnny. Although he had killed Bob, he only did so to defend himself, otherwise he could have been killed instead.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One thing I hate about this incidence is that instead of finding an easier way of solving the problem, Johnny, a greaser, opted to commit murder. It is sad that Bob, who played a critical role in defending the Socs, lost his life in such an unfortunate way. The death of Bob increased the rivalry between the two contending gangs.

Ponyboy thinks, “That was the first time I realized the extent of Johnny’s hero-worship for Dallas Winston” (Hinton, 1967, p.76). This is another phrase that captures my attention in the novel. After reading Gone with the Wind, the boys come to terms with what they are going through.

I like this phrase because the book managed to open Ponyboy’s eyes such that he was able to seen the extent to which Dallas has been idolized. On the other hand, I doesn’t like the notion that the boys were unable to realize their own sense of worth by having a high esteem of the concerning the ideas of Dallas.

The tension between the two rival groups continued to increased after Ponyboy and Johnny came to that abrupt realization. And, Dallas even started to walk around with an gun so as to threaten his enemies.

“Greasers will still be greasers and Socs will still be Socs. Sometimes I think it’s the ones in the middle that are really the lucky stiffs” (Hinton, 1967, p.117). These words were spoken by Randy. He was informing Ponyboy that he will cease to engage in fights in the rumble. I find these words interesting because they signify the futility of the conflicts between the two groups.

Randy brings a good point by suggesting that the recurring Soc-greaser conflict will make them unable to rise above their social identities. This message is important in the story since it signifies the socioeconomic differences that were the root cause of the bitter rivalry between the two gang groups. These disparities between the social classes were the source of the tension between the greasers and the Socs.

Reference List Hinton, S. E. The Outsiders. (1967). New York: Viking Press, Dell Publishing.

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Is Taiwan Urbanization Rate Growing? Urban essay help free: essay help free

Definition of Urbanization The term urbanization can be looked at from diverse perspectives. First, urbanization can be explained to be the convergence of populations. Secondly, urbanization can be described as the process in which the movement of people into a given city translates into an urban way of living. Thirdly, it is the diffusion of the urban living to agricultural oriented regions.

Fourthly, urbanization is the progression in which the magnitude of people residing in urban places multiplies (Yeung and Lo, 1996). Due to its quantitative nature, the last definition is the mostly applicable. Urbanization can therefore be generally defined as the process in which the magnitude of people residing in urban places increases with the growth in economy (Yeung and Lo, 1996).

Urbanization in light of Taiwan In Taiwan, cities with at least 50000 people are considered as urban centers. Administratively, Taiwan is partitioned into central municipalities, provincial cities and prefectures that are two five and sixteen in number respectively (Yeung and Lo, 1996). Each prefecture encompasses at least one central city, a number of towns and several rural districts.

Whereas both central municipalities and provincial cities are bigger in size, prefectures are of standard sizes, each with their central cities acting as their respective administrative centers. On the other hand, prefectural rural towns comprise of rural regions and mid-urban townships.

Furthermore, Taiwan has been partitioned into four main parts: the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Central parts for planning purposes (Yeung and Lo, 1996). The ratio of the urban population to the total population determines the degree of Taiwanian urbanization.

Statistically, the level of urbanization in Taiwan has escalated over time, that is, from 24.1% in 1950 to over 74.1% in the twenty first century (Yeung and Lo, 1996).

Statistics also indicate that the gap between annual population growth rate and the urbanization growth rates has narrowed over time, since 1950 to most recently. This shows that the movement of people from the agricultural regions to urban cities had started to ease. Primarily, industrialization was the main cause of the high urban growth rate (Yeung and Lo, 1996).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Apart from industrialization, a high birth rate emanating from mass flow of youth to the urban areas is also another determinant of high growth experienced in urban centers. Administratively, cities in Taiwan are in four groups: “Central municipalities, provincial cities, prefectural cities and towns plus rural areas” (Yeung and Lo, 1996).

Statistics show that between 1961 and 1989, the yearly average growth rate of the central municipalities was more than the annual growth of Taiwan itself. Prefectural cities had the fastest growth, towns and rural areas had the lowest rate of growth compared to the natural population growth rate.

This shows that there has been much out migration. Most of the intermediary prefectural cities are located close to the metropolis, and in this way, they contribute towards metropolitan development (Yeung and Lo, 1996). Statistics also indicate that the rate at which small and medium sized cities are expanding is higher than that of the bigger ones. After 1980, majority of the Island’s (Taiwan’s) major cities have been located mainly in the central, southern and northern regions.

This can be attributed to the accompanying spontaneous rate of development in these regions. The Eastern part has lagged behind in development mainly due to its mountainous nature that renders both transportation and communication cumbersome. Since 1960, the spatial distribution of cities has been inclined towards the north and south. Although there is a metropolitan area in each region, the Eastern part is devoid of any.

Taiwan’s urban system “An urban system is defined in terms of size, function, and service area (or area of influence), and by differences in the social, economic, and cultural activities of cities within a specific region. Spatially speaking, a hierarchical relationship is formed. Cities higher in the hierarchy are larger and have a higher functional level.

They also have a more expanded sphere of influence and complex social, economic, and cultural characteristics. Cities within the hierarchy perform functions according to a division of labour. These close ties create an orderly relationship within the system” (Yeung and Lo, 1996).Taiwan can be classified into five hierarchical levels.

The first level is agricultural villages that are found after about every 2-5 kilometers and have an estimated population of 4000 people. General towns are in the second level with a minimum and maximum population of 10000 and 50000 respectively. They are found between like every 10 kilometers. Local centers are found in the third level. They are independent towns, with majority being located in metropolitan regions. Their population can range between 100000-500000 people.

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Gun Control in the USA Essay essay help site:edu

The US is among the most liberal countries in the world. In most of the states anyone who is above 21 years old is allowed to carry a licensed gun. The right to own a firearm is found in the second Amendment of the US constitution. This clause states, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” (Magoon 2008).

The second amendment provides for certain grounds that allow people to keep gun; however, this has been a subject of intense debate.

Those advocating for gun control point out that it is very easy to get a gun. They claim that only 60% of guns are bought from licensed dealers. The remaining percentage gets their guns from gun shows or internet sources. Hence this makes it very easy even for criminals who are not allowed by law to possess guns to easily access them.

Hence, advocates for gun control require that governments set tough rules, which would make it harder for people to own firearms. The government should also limit the number of firearms which one can buy monthly.

These people also feel that guns pose a big threat to public safety. Suicides or murders happen more often in homes, which have guns than in homes that do not have guns. Pro gun control lobbyists also feel that most gun sellers do not give background checks on their customers mental health and criminal background( if there is any) as required by law.

This they feel makes it easy for people who are prohibited by law to possess guns to easily access them and later use them to commit felony. Most of these arguments used by pro-gun control lobbyists are genuine. However some of the arguments have also be used by people who are against gun control.

Anti gun control lobbyists believe that if more people were allowed to own guns gun related deaths would decrease. This is because these people would use their guns for self protection hence reducing the fatalities which would have occurred if they had no guns. These people also believe that criminals will always find ways of getting guns no matter how strict the laws are to prohibit them.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore making it hard for people to get guns only makes it even harder for honest law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, hence exposing them from the risk posed by gun-trotting criminals.

These people believe that stricter access to guns cannot prevent suicide. This is because people who would like to commit suicide can use many other different means if they are unable to access guns. Some anti-gun control advocates believe that regulations are meant to discriminate against people who are perceived to be of a lower social status from getting guns (eg African-Americans during the 1960s).

Hence, this makes it easy for them to be oppressed by the state. These people also believe that background checks do not work as they are poorly enforced by the government.

The arguments presented by both the people who are opposed to gun control and the people who advocate it are somehow true. But it is important to note the fact that there is a direct relationship between the number of gun related crimes and the availability of firearms.

Gun related crimes are usually higher in countries where it is easy to get a gun than in countries which have stringent rules governing the possession and use of firearms. A good example is comparing the crime rates of the US, which does not have stringent regulation governing possession and use firearms with Japan which has very stringent rules governing the use and possession of firearms.

In Japan there were 22 crime incidents for every 100 people whereas in the US there were 43 crime incidents for every hundred people in 1999. The rate of gun murders for Japan in the year 2000 was 0.2 for every 100,000 people in 2000, whereas that of US was 3.72 for every 100,000 people.

This comparison clearly shows that the lesser the regulation the higher the rate of crime. The banning of all privately owned handguns in mainland Britain after the Dunblane shootings, which occurred on 13th march 1996, led to a continued decrease of handgun related crimes in Britain. This is a clear example that availability of guns fuels gun-related crime. In America guns have been used to kill some of the most influential people.

We will write a custom Essay on Gun Control in the USA specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Martin Luther king Jr was shot and killed by a gunman as he stood from the balcony a motel in Memphis. J.F Kennedy was also shot and killed while he rode on the back of his convertible car. These are examples of prominent people who have been killed by gunmen who could easily access guns and hence used them for evil motives.

The argument posed by anti-gun control advocates that criminals would always get ways of acquiring a gun with or without stringent regulation must not be used to make governments make it easy for people to obtain guns for self-protection. This is because making it easy for people to get guns would aid people with a criminal mind to easily be involved in crime. Otherwise more stringent regulation would have made it harder for them to get access to guns hence reducing the probability of them committing a crime.

The government usually has many arms involved in the protection of citizens. These arms include the police and the military. These are people who are paid by taxpayers for the sole purpose of protecting them. Therefore by allowing citizens to easy access guns in the excuse of self protection, these citizens would be performing the work of the state.

This can fuel impunity in the government arm entrusted with protection since their work would be performed by citizens who they are hired to protect. Easy access to possession of firearms for self-protection also proves a lack of confidence in the arms of the government entrusted with protection of its citizens.

Generally, criminals, children and people of unsound mind are prohibited from possessing certain kinds of high risk military firearms. These firearms include machine guns and some semi-automatic assault weapons. However barring these people from possessing this firearms does not really prevent them from committing felony since they can easily access other types of guns which are just as lethal as the other types of guns as they can also be used to kill.

Regulation requiring that people who sell guns provide records of all the people that they sell their guns to is in my view not effective in controlling the use of the guns in crime. This is simply because the authenticity of the information provided by the gun sellers is not easy to verify.

These sellers can easily collude with the criminals to enable them get whichever guns they want for them to use as they please. This is because the sellers are entrepreneurs who can easily bend existing laws to suit them as long as they are making money out of it.

However the most traumatic effect of easy access to guns is usually exhibited in some parts Africa which continue to be ravaged by war. In most of these countries guns are imported from countries where there are no stringent regulations governing the use and possession of firearms. This guns fuel the wars in those countries. Therefore people who are against gun control should know that people are the ones who kill but not the guns, however guns make killing to be far much easier such even a child can kill.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Gun Control in the USA by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Magoon, Kekla. Gun control. Minnesota: ABDO. 2008. Web.


Liability Insurance System Descriptive Essay argumentative essay help

The chapter that should be currently addressed in the Chapter Nine “Things Fall Apart: Product Liability and Consumers” of the second edition of the book by Joanne B. Ciulla, Clancy Martin, and Robert C. Solomon called Honest Work. So, the main story to be enlarged on is the one called “How We Got into This Mess” by Stanley J. Modic.

The story focuses on the principles of cooperation and mutual relations that have occurred during recent years between the tort law and the liability insurance system being one of the main reasons for public criticism. The author analyzes the reasons for changes in the liability insurance system and the shift that took place in this system year over year.

Liability insurance system has certain cycles and can face some crises as any other sector of human activity. So, the author claims that crises that took place in the liability insurance system and the tort law including their mutual operation were predictable. These crises brought changes in these systems and shifted the role of a person who is in fault and the injured one.

These changes made both people eligible for getting an insurance payment. Thus, the author gives an example of the industrial objects that are not likely to bear their responsibility for producing something not in accordance with established standards that should be punished in accordance with the criminal law.

Moreover, it is necessary to highlight the problem that appeared in the car-building sector being the main concern for people and creating a nice ground for mass-production of low-quality cars that could be easily damaged resulting in insurance paid to parties concerned.

The cost of the insurance is another important problem that arises from the combination of tort law and liability insurance system. As only people with high income rate could afford purchasing insurance at the beginning, it was impossible for poorer people to buy insurance.

Moreover, the costs that were paid out to the injured party were very low at the beginning which is also the reason for poorer people to have not bought insurances. The changes in the insurance system made it more accessible and enabled poorer people to buy insurances and get costs in case of insured accident.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, the automobile industry seemed to cooperate with insurance system because cars become less reliable and the bumpers could be easily damaged in an accident. In other words, car manufacturers did not try to make cars more reliable and solid; instead the insurance system made insurances more available. So, people had to buy insurances to avoid expensive repairs after an accident.

People that wanted neither to buy insurance nor to pay costs to the injured party in the case of accident were numerous. To avoid different problems and guarantee the payment of compensation authorities made all people pay insurance premiums.

The premiums were paid in small parts to avoid public criticism. One of the most criticised aspects of the insurance system change is its organisation in accordance with human values, beliefs, and expectations.

Thus, the system that is aimed at ensuring that injured are provided with treatment and the guilty are punished underwent great changes but is expected to decrease its negative influence over the tort system related to accidents and damages that has to guarantee a corresponding punishment for people and corporations in fault.


Facebook Pages and Local Saudi Car Dealerships Research Paper argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Analysis of the Internet Medium

Advantages of Online Marketing

Analysis of Saudi Arabia

Advantages of Facebook Advertisement

Social Network Populace


Works Cited

Introduction Interactive or online marketing is quickly gaining focus of most contemporary marketing strategies. Online marketing involve websites and other electronic commerce transactions potentials. The amount of sales is often the unit for measuring performance, thus the amount of transactions generated through online advertising determines the capability and effectiveness of this interactive form of medium (Plummer et al, p.33).

Analysis of the Internet Medium According to (Wimmer and Dominick, p.33), the internet is a medium that is generating a lot of enthusiasm among most people especially the youth and it is equally advancing at a very high rate. Today people engage in an interactive form of advertisement for fun as well as business growth.

Leisure is a strong advantage to the advertisers since they are able to easily find and capture attention of those who are better off financially and have the will to spend. The internet mainly captures attention of the young and middle-aged potential clients, who are dynamic and thus open-minded to capture any new ideas available from the virtual world.

There is a significant increase on the number of people using the internet at the workplace and home setting in the Middle East. According to Wimmer and Dominick (p.33), more than 70% of people in Saudi Arabia have access to the internet at the comfort of their homes and are thus potential clients.

Most of the common products for online trade include books, computers, software, computer accessories, gifts, food products and cars. The products are often not available for consumers within the local markets. The online purchasing provides ease of purchase, convenience, facility to compare product lines, ability to compare prices and easy way of paying (Wimmer and Dominick, p.34).

Advantages of Online Marketing Internet also offers remarkable possibilities for any form of marketing thus the ease of participation in interactive marketing. Most firms prefer such form of networked marketing, since there are high rates for diversification. There are various benefits of online marketing for both the customer and marketer.

Marketers are able to adjust quickly to the market conditions, are able to build relationship and the procedures are at lowest cost possible. Some of the benefits to the customer include convenience, ability to gain extensive information and little engagement means few or no strain associable to need for persuasion during trade.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Analysis of Saudi Arabia Among the Middle East countries, Saudi Arabia has one of the most important markets due to diversification of the market niche and profitable opportunities for marketing both internationally and locally. Some of the major significant aspects of the market include elevated purchasing powers, both locally and internationally because the country owns more than quarter of global oil reserves (Cooper et al, p.104).

This causes the country to experience high consumer demands for oil and other related products including automobiles. The population is also sizable and grows at a high rate. It also has a fast-growing and reliable economy due to dependence on the product imports. However, various factors such as economic instability of oil prices cause the current market trends to normalize especially for the subsidiary products such as automobiles.

The advertisement trends have changed from seller to buyer markets, thus the needs for strategising to the current and future advertising trends (Cooper et al, p.104).

Advantages of Facebook Advertisement Advertising is crucial in the efforts to get in touch with customers especially those with right enhancement or are on form with latest technological advancements. Face-to-face advertisement is very efficient in Saudi Arabia since it is a concrete reference measure. Facebook has become the current modernized word of mouth.

Most people buy something good and share the experience with their friends and family. The friendly advises on either the good and bad aspects of a product assist in protecting each other from unfavourable products. The aim of informing each other within the social forum helps the business to grow. It is equally a fast way of marketing a new and reliable product since people recommend them during normal conversation or while building rapport.

The benefits of e-marketing strategies are wide but having a facebook page for car dealership advertisement is an excellent strategy for a Saudi Arabian firm. The possibility of gaining unsavoury reputation is easy due to the unidentified promotion strategies but aiming to achieve business growth ought to be the main drive (Gill, p.6).

Beside the fun of enhancing facebook pages, one of the many benefits for the company would be to garner for page popularity. The pages must attract attention in relation to the subject matter, in this case, marketing of cars. The pages enable the marketer to customize information and capture the attention of specific category of audience. The marketer is also able to divert from the common advertisement strategies and build relationship with potential clients or give extra information to market the company as a whole.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Facebook Pages and Local Saudi Car Dealerships specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More When the readers know more about the company, they gunner confidence, trust and embrace the opportunity to know more about the cars. Clients are thus attracted to the site every time they are online because they confidently enjoy any new posting of new models.

Secondly, the company benefits from the ability to form a forum of friends, the use of facebook pages by Saudi Arabia car Dealership Company means that, they are also able to add new friends to the social site. Attractive car marketing article and new information is an attractive feature for most people conversant with internet technology, thus the company is able to capture more and add potential clients as friends.

The ability to provide clients with links to more information about the company and more cars is equally an advantage of using the social pages. Persuasive and encouraging marketing strategies are additional and easy strategies to utilize in social sites or pages.

The ability to avail the latest information about the company bolsters the list of amazing friends who will equally act as marketing entities for this style of social marketing strategy (O’Guinn et al, p.18).

Social Network Populace By having facebook page for the Saudi Arabia Car dealership, the number of people or potential clients grows enormously. Currently, facebook is the favourite social networking forum thus the best preference for marketers over other social sites like MySpace. The procedure of using facebook pages to market cars has to take the natural style of social sites, which is to reveal the business through building relationships.

Today facebook has over 200 million global users, thus the reason why is an appealing market niche (Wegert, p.3). Already thousands of marketers in different fields use facebook pages for their marketing reasons, but majority of them are amateurish Junk-mails distributors.

Conclusion As good marketer aims to use the facebook pages, the Saudi Arabian car dealership company should focus attention of the audience into their profiles. This step assists potential clients to learn and relate to the firm. People interested in social sites have interest in finding background information of the company beside the products.

There is equally a need to search for categories or marketing groups or environments that portray interest to cars. Social sites also provide group of people in similar field of interest where it is easy to share knowledge and new content regarding latest models of the available automobiles. It is also possible to share content among friends who may be potential clients.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Facebook Pages and Local Saudi Car Dealerships by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These strategies assist in reaching almost the entire network of millions of subscribers within the shortest time possible.

Works Cited Cooper, Scott. Grutzner, Fritz and Cooper Birk. “Tips and Traps for Marketing Your Business.” New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Inc. 2008.

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Wimmer, Roger. And Dominick, Joseph. “Mass media research: an introduction.” Cengage Learning, 2005.


Maintenance and Engineering Department for Wayward Hotel Problem Solution Essay writing essay help

Organizational chart Palmer (2005) says that, “maintenance provides a competitive edge in many companies” (p.1). This assertion underscores the seriousness with which Wayward Hotel must handle the setting up of a maintenance department. Proposed personnel are as follows.

Maintenance Manager: This position requires a degree in Engineering (preferably Mechanical Engineering) with experience as a maintenance supervisor for five years.

Electrician: A holder of a diploma in electrical and Electronics Engineering, with three years experience in a similar position will best fill this position.

Assistant Electrician: Someone holding an Electrical Wireman’s certificate will best fill this position.

Plumber: This position requires a diploma qualification in plumbing with relevant experience of two years.

Assistant Plumber: Someone with training as a Plumbing Technician will be ideal for this position.

Grounds-person: This position requires demonstrated experience in lawn and grounds management over a two-year period. It is not dependent on academic qualifications, provided academic background is reasonably applicable.

Maintenance Systems Wireman (2005) says that the Maintenance Manager has “responsibility for the entire maintenance function” (p.32). He is responsible for developing maintenance systems, with all the other team members reporting to him.

Electrical and electronics maintenance system: The Electrician and Assistant Electrician will manage this system. They will maintain an inventory of electrical and electronic consumables for replacements on demand. These include electrical bulbs, smoke alarm batteries, sockets, and plugs. Minor repairs on kitchen equipment will be their duty.

They will arrange for servicing of all electronic equipment, smoke detectors, security alarm, water heating systems, and space heating systems. In addition, they will operate and maintain the emergency power generator and ensure that the air conditioning is working properly.

Plumbing maintenance system: The Plumber and Assistant Plumber will maintain the inventory for plumbing consumables. These include showerheads, faucets, fire sprinklers sets, and lawn sprinkler sets. They will also maintain the fire hydrant system. In addition, it is their responsibility to attend to any leaks in the plumbing system.

Ground management system: Lawn manicure and hygiene is the Grounds-person’s responsibility. During summer, he will ensure the watering of the grass at least twice a week, and during the wetter months, he will keep the lawn trimmed. In addition, it will be their role to inspect the lawn after banquets to remove all broken crockery and misplaced cutlery, in addition to maintaining the general hygiene of the lawn.

Wordsworth (2001) defines planned preventative maintenance as “Maintenance carried out at predetermined intervals” (p.11). The need for it arises because of required system repairs and upgrades. The maintenance department will seal off alternate sections of the hotel for maintenance during winter months when there is low occupancy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Summer is the best time for the servicing of space and water-heating systems because demand for heating is low. There is generally low demand for carpentry services, which makes it easy to outsource to a contractor on demand. There is no need to retain an employee for this function.

References Palmer, D. (2005). Maintenance planning and scheduling handbook. Second ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional.

Wireman, T. (2005). Developing performance indicators for managing maintenance. Second ed. New York: Industrial press Inc

Wordsworth, P. (2001). Lee’s building maintenance management. Fourth ed. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.


Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Opinion Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Skaine (1996) defines sexual harassment as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature…when submission or rejection of this conduct explicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment ” (p. 11). The two types of sexual harassment identified by the law are quid pro quo and hostile environment.

Quid pro quo refers to a condition where an employee is forced to provide sexual favors to an individual at a higher job rank in exchange of benefits at the workplace. On the other hand, hostile environment refers to a state where employees are harassed by offensive sexual behavior or any other act or state that intimidates a person sexually at the workplace (Geffner


The Stubborn Twig Analytical Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

The stubborn twig is a book authored by Lauren Kessler and which explores a story of Yasui as well as the entire family of the Japanese-American. The book highlights the identity of the American people from the immigrants’ point of view in the history of the United States. This essay supports the fact that the Yasui family story is a true representation of the twentieth Century family immigrants who were being faced by identity problem (Kessler 10).

This was aggravated by the moving headlines in famous newspapers, famous radio dramas and prominent newspapers. At a time when people were not allowed to question reports given by the press, the opinion of the public kept on being intensified against the Japanese.

Few people could differentiate the Japanese staying in Japan from those who had decided to live in American and were seeking for an American identity. This pressurized the government to consider the Japanese issue concerning the American identity (Kessler 13).

This is typical of the twentieth immigrants who used train as a means of transport during migration. Just like many of the immigrants, Masui went to Hood River with empty pockets and big dreams. Many Japanese-Americans lived in Hood River where they worked mainly in fruit tree farms, saw mills including logging camps.

The Yasui family worked diligently in their orchards which later own flourished in Hood River. Masuo Yasui was a renowned businessman, an acknowledged community leader as well as one of the most successful orchard owners in Oregon Having been a successful in his businesses, Masuo provided fiscal help to Japanese –Americans who were in need.

He also supported the immigrants with legal advice alongside being an advocate especially when the Japanese needed help from the Americans4539. He also helped most of the Japanese immigrant in buying their own land (Kessler 17). This is typical of the twenty first immigrants where those who were placed in strategic position like Masuo assisted their fellow immigrants in finding their American identity, acting as a link between the white community and the immigrants.

Pearl Harbor bombing arouse notable suspicion and fear among the Japanese living in America. After the war, each asset belonging to the immigrants was seized by the United States government. This led to the closure of the store belonging to the Yasui family and banning the family from neither taking any goods from the warehouse nor withdrawing any money.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This was followed by the seizure of the land belonging to this family. After the wars, the federal bureau of investigation representatives arrested Yasui. This is because the American government viewed him as being a very dangerous alien with a great potential of causing harm to the American people. (Kessler 38). Most of the immigrants faced such kind of treatment from the white community to suppress their efforts of finding the Americans identity.

The United States government was afraid of the Japanese because this was a group that seemed so powerful compared to Asians and the Germany. That is why these group of faced all forms of discrimination as a means of suppressing their efforts of finding an American identity.

The Yasui family was then forced out of their dwellings and was taken to an internment camp. The camps were located were located in isolated deserts in the mid-west and west of the United States. The camps were enclosed with barbed wires and fully guarded by the armed officers a characteristic of the twentieth century immigrants.

Most of the immigrants were held in captivity without trial, charges or hearing. The American community only branded them as probable dangerous aliens based on their being of a different race. The immigrants were discriminated against race among other things. This did not however, stop them from forging towards attaining the American identity (Kessler 50). Racial discrimination has been highlighted when Yuka who was the first student of the Japanese ancestry to go back to UO (University of Oregon).

Yuka encounters a hostile environment at UO which results from the imprisonment of her family members. The Yasui family were imprisoned for being spies Discrimination made it difficult for Yuka to pursue her career at the medical school. This is because Japanese-American women were discriminated against attending medical schools.

Yasui imprisonment including the loss of his belonging raised much suspicion making Hood River inhabitable following the war (Kessler 87). Since the Japanese-Americans were out to find their American identity, Yasui did not give up the hope even after being imprisoned and his family evacuated from homes. Having moved to Portland, Masuo Yasui decides to have his energy directed to assisting his fellow immigrants who had been evacuated to go back to their lives and homes and become United States citizens. He devoted his time to teaching the Japanese women and men most of who were elderly to get ready for citizenship.

He even gives challenge to other immigrants’ by becoming the first person to have passed the tests offered and hence becoming an American citizen by naturalization at sixty six years old. The twentieth century immigrants devoted themselves in helping their fellow immigrants so that they could attain the America identity as one people. Having been evacuated from their homes to internment camps, they still recollected themselves back to their homes.

We will write a custom Essay on The Stubborn Twig specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Yasui family was ravaged by the 1966 executive order by which the immigrants were stripped of their rights as well as property alongside being interned. In the stubborn twig, Lauren Kessler chronicles the experiences the Yasui family, for instance when the federal bureau of statistics agents searched the homes of the Japanese for fire arms, cameras, radios as well as anything that appeared suspicious.

After searching Yasui’s home and confiscating maps drawn by Yasui’s children meant for school tasks, Yasui was then seized from his family by the FBI agents to unknown destiny. The twentieth century immigrants worked out all the possible ways to have justice (Kessler 58).

This can be seen when Yasui’s eldest son lost his life as a result of fighting for justice. After the strive ,Min devoted his time ,energy and skills in helping the immigrants in the fight towards attaining the American identity. Min was awarded for averting race related riots that spread to other cities.

He devoted his time and life to civil rights and public service and also to rectify the discrimination against the Japanese at the time of war (Kessler 12). Whilst the Yasui family battled for redress for those the all the immigrants and themselves having been distressed by the order, this act was very crucial in building a new world.

Following the struggle by the Yasui family to fighting for Justice, Kessler explains the events the events that took place such as compensation by the United States government.

This is important because shades some light to the victory achieved by the Yasui family. This is very typical of the Twentieth century immigrants because the American government compensated all the immigrants who were held up in enchantment camps. This is an important feature of the immigrants during this period of time in history.

It explains the struggle taken by the immigrants and finally the triumph victory against their enemies. The stubborn twig outlines measures which were put in place to solve issues of racism for instance students and pupils in school were prohibited from looking down upon the Japanese-Americans. This was a very big step towards attaining their American identity.

In conclusion, the Yasui family story gives a true account of the twentieth century immigrants. Having been faced with a lot of challenges such as discrimination against race, language barrier as well as hard work and low pay, the Yasui family struggled through these constraints with the aim of attaining their goal that is getting the American identity.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Stubborn Twig by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Despite the infliction caused to the Yasui family, the scattering of the family and the internment of the families, the Japanese community does not lose hope in fighting for their identity.

Most of the family members devote their lives as well as careers in assisting the fellow Japanese-Americans in fighting for justice (Kessler 214). The family however, continues to encounter success in the fight against racism and has finally managed to attain the American identity. The story is a true representation of the twentieth century Japanese immigrants to America.

Works Cited Kessler, Lauren. Stubborn Twig:Three Generations in the Life of a Japanese American Family. Oregon Historical Society, 2005.


Managing Creative Project and Team Expository Essay essay help site:edu

Harvard Business Essentials define creativity as “a process of developing and expressing novel ideas for solving problems or satisfying needs”[1]. Creativity in an organization is founded on three basic building blocks. These are expertise, creative thinking skills and motivation.

Considering this and other characteristics of creative teams, one realizes that managing creativity within a business context can be a daunting task. This paper seeks to identify the challenges associated with creative careers and how they can be managed within a business context.

The film industry can be a challenging industry which calls for creativity and innovation in order to stay afloat. Specifically, the animation industry calls for creativity in concept and technology all together. While viewers expect the industry to come up with creative animation films, the owners of the industries need to ensure that profitability is given an upper hand.

This means that being a manager within film industry can be a challenging task. The manager has to ensure that he promotes the creative processes with other non creative tasks which would together work towards achievement of company objectives.

In their analysis of creativity management, Seidel and Rosemann outline a myriad of challenges associated with creativity management[2]. To begin with, managing of creative risks is one of the greatest challenges that one expecting a career that requires creativity has to be ready to meet.

As identified earlier, creativity entails coming up with novel ideas. Such processes tend to have great variations of possible outcomes. The risks involve losing process, failure to come up with an appropriate solution or coming up with poor quality product and also opposition from external environment which could lead to dissatisfaction or lawsuits[3].

In the film industry, it is important that a company comes up with entertaining movies that would lead to great sales. In the animation industry, it is important that developers come up with films that reflect creativity in terms of plot and creation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Failure to establish this would lead to problems within the market and hence lead to business loses. However, coming up with such like creative ideas calls for risk anticipation and management. In the quest to develop a captivating storyline and sequence, the whole thing might end up messed up. This would translate to a waste of time and resources for the company.

Furthermore, the film might end up unacceptable as far as legal specifications are concerned. For instance, the use of sexual sensation is proved to be one of the best approaches in attracting a certain audience. However, using sexual sense could end up with an explicit video which might end up being banned. As a result, the film industry is creativity intensive industry in which one must be ready to meet the challenges expected[4].

Creative processes are usually flexibility demanding. This marks a challenge that creative careers meet. Unlike other working environments whose processes fit squarely in the normal working routines, creative processes demand for flexible working routines. Conventional working processes could not sufficiently allow creativity.

Using of processes such as exceptional handling or even evolutionary workflow might not be able to promote creativity despite their advanced nature. Therefore, creative processes might require working routines that have no specific design[5].

Unfortunately, very few organizations would offer a flexible working environment. Being a creative process work may then become a great challenge because one will, in many occasions find himself on the wrong side of the supervisors.

Other than having issues with the supervisors, the non-creative workers might feel that the one person performing creative tasks is being treated in a fair way as opposed to them this may result into technical problems in management. As a result, a person working in a position of creativity must be ready to face resistance from other workers who find him favored[6].

Budget allocation on a creative undertaking can be a challenging task. As mentioned earlier, the creative processes are prone to high variances of possible outcomes. In additions, they could end up with a disappointing outcome. Therefore, the management must put several aspects in consideration before coming up with the most appropriate budget for a given creative project.

We will write a custom Essay on Managing Creative Project and Team specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In a film industry for instance, development of an animations sequence might call for heavy time and resource allocation. It is therefore necessary that a clear picture of the situation is understood to avoid loses that could occur in a case where the outcome comes in a way that was not expected.

Seidel and Rosemann argue that it important that a person managing creativity understands the real tasks (what stage of the whole process) requires creativity[7]. This is in a case where some parts need creativity while others operate from a normal perspective. Second, he should understand the characteristics of the process. He has to what kind of person is well fit for the job and what communication is necessary.

Finally, the manager must understand the impact that the creative process will have for the whole project. In the film industry, the outcome of an animation movie highly depends on the creativity of its production. Creativity is needed in terms of storyline and quality of production. As a result, the impact of the process of creativity on the whole project is hence very great. It determines the end result[8].

Finally, operating in teams can be a great challenge within a creative career. Scholarship points out that homogenous groups tend to get results faster and more efficiently as compared to heterogeneous groups. However, the heterogeneous groups come up with results that are more creative and which point out high level of ingenuity.

This means that a manager in an industry that requires creativity has to make up his mind on whether to use homogenous groups that are easy to handle and come up with faster results but less ingenious or use heterogeneous groups that are harder to manage and take longer time but have better results. On the other hand, an individual that operates within this category has to meet challenges like listening to other people’s ideas so as to come up with a better solution[9].

For a business operation, creativity management is a great challenge but plays an integral role. It is through creativity that a business organization can survive competition from competitors. Also, creativity leads to outcomes that solve a given problem that eventually leads to better lives for the beneficiary of the product.

This means that a creative business organization will always have something for their clients. This is very likely to improve on the sales of the organization. What should a manager do to avoid the challenges and ensure productivity? He has to ensure that every creative process undergoes an approval stage. This will assist him to come up with a budget that best fits the process.

In addition, it will assist in reducing the risks of unfavorable outcomes. To promote creativity, flexible business processes should be developed. Exceptions for creative business processes must be put in place. Finally, communication must be given high priority throughout the whole project. First, the team handling the creative process needs to maintain a stead flow of communication.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Managing Creative Project and Team by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More On the other hand, others employees who are not involved in the creative process must be informed of the reasons for exceptions given to the creative workers. This might reduce chances of rifts among the workers. Eventually, the business organization might work better[10].

In conclusion, working in an environment that calls for creativity can be a challenging phenomenon. One needs to understand the challenges in order to maximize on the profitability of the organization as a whole. First, creativity needs flexibility, it also needs an advanced level of communication to enhance team work. Also, communication is necessary for brainstorming between the creative individuals in order to come up with a successful business idea or concept.

To promote creativity, the business organization must therefore ensure that they put appropriate measures in place in order to avoid conflict. This includes ensuring proper communication, process approval and increase flexibility. On the other hand, a business organization will not succeed without a creative string. One needs creativity to survive in the increasingly competitive business environment.

This is particularly true considering that creativity is the mother to productivity. Creatively designed products will increase overall sales. Therefore, every company needs creativity. With this in place, profitability is eminent.

Bibliography Harvard Business Essentials. Harvard Business Essentials: Managing Creativity and Innovation. Chicago: Harvard University Press, 2003.

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American History During the Colonial Times Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

American history during the colonial times has mainly focused on the thirteen states that were under British colonization that later came to form the United States of America. These thirteen states included Pennsylvania, Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New York, Virginia, Rhode Island, North and South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

These colonies claimed their independence from British colonization during the American Revolution which was viewed to be an Anglo-centric approach that shaped the history of the United States. The story that follows the American Revolution has created several distortions over what happened during the past two centuries (Taylor xv).

One of these distortions was that colonial historians could not differentiate the legitimate areas that fell under British colonization. These areas until recently have been identified to be the eastern seaboard of North America between Maine and Florida. Colonial history was therefore based on geographical areas that were seen to be relevant in explaining the history of America.

The second distortion was that many of the thirteen states that fell under British colonization were neglected when it came to compiling historical information. This neglect not only applied to the indigenous inhabitants of America but also to immigrants such as Africans and Europeans that were within the U.S. during that time. Other areas that were neglected included the eastern part of North America, Canada, the West Indies and Latin America (Taylor xv).

The British colonization of America began during the 16th and 17th century. These British colonialists were from different parts of England and they had different sets of beliefs when it came to religion, and culture. They also had different reasons for migrating to America with colonialists who settled in New England running away from the religious persecution that was taking place in England during that time.

The emigrants who settled in the South had moved from England in search of better land to conduct their farming activities and also take advantage of the unutilized land in the states that formed Chesapeake to create wealth for themselves (Rushforth and Mapp ix)

In 1700, the migration differences together with the different religious and cultural divisions led to the formation of Chesapeake and New England. Chesapeake or the Southern part of America was made of Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania while Northern part of America also known as New England was made up of Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts (Taylor 139).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The New England colonialists also referred to as the Puritan separatists were focused on the community, religion, shared values and beliefs while the Chesapeake British colonialists were focused on creating wealth by growing tobacco, mining for gold and trading with the Native Americans for food or money (Taylor 160).

Madison’s distinction of the two areas as highlighted by Taylor was evidenced when he noted that the British colonialists had instituted a policy in 1617 referred to as the head right system that would enable other European immigrants to settle in Chesapeake by offering them highly valued land so that they could increase the wealth of the regions. The head right system was successful as it saw more British citizens migrating to America to practice agricultural activities and mining activities.

In 1620, 102 pilgrims who were escaping the religious mutiny going on in England landed in Massachusetts without a royal charter which means they were not representing King James I. They found Massachusetts to be undisputed because 90 percent of the native Indians had been wiped out by smallpox. As soon as they arrived, they created their own charter known as the Mayflower which allowed their colonization of Massachusetts to grow.

The Mayflower colony was later used as a model for future Puritan settlements in America by focusing on religion, shared values, culture, beliefs and work ethics. The cultural differences and contracting views that existed between these two groups served to separate not only the British colonists but also the Native Americans during that time (Rushforth and Mapp ix).

The Puritan Separatists who were running away from religious persecution in England created an intolerant environment in New England because they saw themselves to be more godly that the other British colonialists. Their religion which was mostly focused on the family was characterized by a lot of piety with one clergyman for every 600 Puritans (Taylor 188).

The religion in the Chesapeake area was less severe with the Anglican Church being the main predominant force in the area. In terms of economy, the Chesapeake economy was mostly focused on the growth and sale of tobacco as well as slave trade and mining. The slave trade relied heavily on the tobacco plantations which needed many workers to plant and harvest the commodity (Taylor 140).

The tobacco industry raised enough money to import and export more slave workers who would be used in the plantation fields thereby increasing the production of tobacco. These activities saw an increase in the economy of Chesapeake which was not the same case for New England.

We will write a custom Essay on American History During the Colonial Times specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The economy mostly focused on shipbuilding, fishing and farming which was done on a small scale. Since the New England religion mostly focused on family and not economic gain, the amount of farming done was enough to feed one’s family. There were many family owned farms that created a secure household competency (Taylor 140). The New Englanders religious beliefs prevented them from hiring outside help or using slaves for economic purposes.

Whatever surplus the family’s garnered from their farming activities saw the wealth being distributed equally amongst the farmers and tradesmen living in the region. Because New England had a decentralized system of governance, the Chesapeake colonialists as well as the American Natives despised the New Englanders by referring to their system of governance as republicanism (Taylor 161).

According to Ulrich, the role of women in New England was divided into that of a mother, neighbor, mistress, heroine, Christian, housewife and deputy husband. These roles were described according to what effect they had on the New England society and the church.

The New England male community treated its female population in both a positive and negative way during the period of 1650 to 1750 although the negative treatment of women was more common (Ulrich 6). The Puritan laws outlined by the New England religious doctrines required women to submit to their husbands without question. When two people were married under New England law, they became one person under the law.

The legal existence of the woman was therefore terminated during the course of the marriage because her legal existence had become incorporated into that of the husband. Women who were married under New England law could not do anything without the permission of the husband (Ulrich 7). Women Chesapeake were viewed differently and treated with respect when compared to those in New England.

Works Cited Rushforth, Brett and Paul Mapp. Colonial North America and the Atlantic World. London: Pearson Prentice Hall. 2009.

Taylor, Alan. American Colonies: the settling of North America. New York: Penguin.

Publishers. 2001. Ulrich, Laurel. Good wives. New York: Vintage Books. 1991.

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Concepts of Development of Jewish Culture Compare and Contrast Essay argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Abraham and the Patriarchs

Moses and the Covenant


Works Cited

Introduction Like any other people in the world, the Jewish people are an ethnoreligious society that has its own way of life in addition to religious confederacy. These people have their own practices and beliefs that form their way of life-culture.

Thus, it is very difficult to differentiate between traditional culture of the Jewish people and that of Jewish as a religion. These people live in every continent of the world; have witnessed the development of cultural phenomena, Jewish in nature and not exclusively religious.

The Jewish culture incorporates factors from Judaism, and others from the interactions among the Jews. Additionally, the social and cultural dynamics of the Jewish communities are integral in forming this culture, rather than religion. Perhaps this is the reason why the Jewish culture varies from one community to another due to social and cultural backgrounds. History asserts that over the past 2000 years, there has been no unanimity of this culture among communities responsible.

Different types of Jewish people live all over the world due to dispersion. For instance, while the Ashkenazi Jews inhabited Europe, the Sephardi Jews live in regions of North Africa and Turkey. Additionally, there are also Mizrahi Jews mainly found in Arab countries. The paper examines the gradual development of the Jewish culture and the contract of the Jewish Culture among different Jewish communities (Tracey p.1).

Abraham and the Patriarchs Many historians tell the story of the Jewish people from the religious viewpoint. It all started from the creation of humanity in what many scholars term, Biblical Judaism. After creation, God instituted succeeding covenants with humanity through Adam, Noah and then Abraham.

The fourth covenant involved the setting of the Ten Commandments through Moses aimed at separating the Hebrews from those who went contrary to God’s wish. Each time they went astray, God sent a warning to them through prophets and other invading agents aimed at bringing them back to His ordinance.

Different history writers have written numerous articles explaining the development of Judaism. One article that illustrates the origin of the Jewish culture and its development is the “geniza”.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The article describes the debate comprising of wise men from Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious backgrounds that took place over 1000 years ago. Notably, the three groups agree that the all-powerful God formed the world in seven days.

Nevertheless, they differed when it came to the idea on development of the Jewish culture. Many historians believe that Abraham was the father of Jewish culture. Although Abraham never discovered his creator, God Himself called him and made a covenant with him. God established a covenant with Abraham and his descendants of moving out of Egypt to enter the Promised Land of Canaan (Paul pp. 2-15).

Moses and the Covenant According to historians, a great famine caused the migration of Hebrews into Egypt. Here, idolatry and all-manner despicable acts enslaved them hence separating them form their God. In order to reclaim the Hebrews back, God sent plagues and Moses to drive them out of Egypt. Earlier on, God had established a covenant with mosses on Mount Sinai and identified a new nation. This was just the beginning of the development of the Jewish culture. However, the history and development of this culture did not end at Mount Sinai.

Many historians assert that it all started from Mount Sinai. Through many successive years, the auditions and triumphs of the Jewish people led to the development of Jewish religion, a religion characterized by widespread philosophical workings and vast literature.

For instance, the gradual development of the Jewish culture saw incorporation of traditional experiences together with religious doctrines to create a stalwart religion. The development of the Jewish culture comprises of layers of laws and holidays.

To begin with, the first layer comprises of laws and holidays as written in the Pentateuch. These are the fundamental laws given by God Himself- Ten Commandments illustrating how the Jews observed and shall observe the Passover, the Sabbath and how they should be prepared for the Day of Atonement.

The second layer of holidays and laws involves those obtained or developed between two periods, that is, the first temple and the commencement of the second temple characterized by the observation of various laws from Sabbath to cleanliness to diet. Thus, laws were the basis of the development of the Jewish culture (Lendering p.1).

We will write a custom Essay on Concepts of Development of Jewish Culture specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion By the end of the second temple, the Jews at the diaspora had dispersed and written so much literature on the laws governing their culture.

Consequently, the Jews started observing a thrice format daily prayer, and the obliteration of the second temple ensued into the prime figure of worship. However, the dispersion of the Jews in different places around the world brought detachments and disconnections that led to variation of Jewish laws.

Some groups abrogated the laws to match their way of life. In addition, the ability of different customs and mentalities of people neighboring Jewish people to gain recognition is high, making it vulnerable to further sophistication and development. However, the Jewish people are currently reuniting their contradictory aspects in order to form a finer religion as opposed to culture.

Works Cited Lendering, Jona. The Jewish diaspora: Rome. (n.d). Web.

Paul, Johnson. A History of the Jews. New York: HarperCollins.1988. Print.

Tracey, Rich. Judaism 101. 2008. Web.


The American War of Independence Report cheap essay help

The American Revolution denotes the social, political and intellectual developments in the American states, which were characterized by political upheaval and war. This happened during the last half of the eighteenth century (Burg, 1). The revolution began in 1763 and lasted up to 1383 when the American Revolutionary war or the American War of Independence ended.

During this time, the thirteenth states of North America, which were colonies of the British Empire, joined effort to fight for their freedom (McNeill, para.1). These states came together and formed the United States of America.

The American people started by rebelling against the government of Great Britain and denying the administration structure and composition. The people rejected the authority of Britain’s Parliament governing them from overseas without local representation.

The British government had imposed many laws on their colonists and imposition of many taxes in order to demonstrate their authority.

The move by the colonizers seemed unpopular to the colonists and a violation of their rights. The colonists made plans to come up with their own congress.

This led them to expel all the royal officials. The American people then made local governments, which they replaced with the British’s ruling apparatus by 1772.

This triggered the British government to send combat troops to dissolve the local governments and impose their direct rule (Lancaster and Plumb, 66). By 1775, the colonies had mobilized their troops and war broke out.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In search for independence, the thirteen British colonies in North America started a war between them and the British government; a war, which was known as the American war of Independence, or the American Revolutionary war.

This war, which started in 1775 and lasted through 1783 ended in a global war between the many great powers of Europe.

The war saw the end of the political revolution of America, where the parliament of Great Britain was rejected as a legitimate governor of the people of America.

By 1776, all the thirteen colonies in North America had succeeded in driving out the colonial governors and declared the colonies states.

They set out their own legislation and this new constitution was used in each state (Mcllwain, 21). Newhampshire ratified its constitution on January 5, 1776 as the first state constitution. Later, the other states like Virginia, South Carolina and New Jersey created their own constitutions to decide what kind of government they needed.

In July 4, 1776, the Continental congress adopted the declaration of independence statement, a day that is celebrated as their Independence Day. On November 15, 1777, a new constitution was passed by the congress for ratification. This document was then ratified on March 1, 1781, a move, which saw the dissolution of the Congress and the establishment of the government of the United, States the following day.

After the defeat in 1776, the British returned between 1776 and 1777 to defend the revolution. In July 1776, the British defeated the continental army of Washington, which was considered as one of the greatest engagement in war. Later, the Americans formed alliances with the other nations like Spain, French, and the Dutch thus defeated the British and forced them to move southward.

We will write a custom Report on The American War of Independence specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The American people did not like laws and taxes to be imposed on them, an issue they considered as infringing their rights and thus had to undergo social, political and intellectual revolution in order for them to regain their independence and rights.

Works Cited Lancaster, Bruce, and Plumb, John H. The American Revolution. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2001. Print.

Burg, David F. The American Revolution. Clark, N.J.: InfoBase Publishing, 2007. Print.

McNeill, J. R. “How mosquitoes helped swarm the redcoats at Yorktown.” Washington post. 2010. Web.

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Possible Causes and Solutions to Global Warming Analytical Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Introduction Global warming is a climate change issue that has captured global attention, thus the worldwide debates by individuals, political leaders, business-related firms and international organizations especially the environmental activists.

It is arguably the leading concern compared to other environmental issues. Researchers concerns are connecting different but conflicting views, which make it difficult, understand the global warming issue, particularly the possible causes and solutions to the matter.

Thesis Statement This essay presents a critical analysis concerning the challenges of global warming. It provides an investigation of possible causes of the occurrence and particularly forms a critical view of the effects of population growth to global warming.

Is future population growth a major and potential consequence to the issue? The essay also forms a substantive argument in relation to researched solutions over the issue of global warming.

Some of the analyzed solutions include population growth, the possibility of reducing the emission rates through reduction of consumption rate, enhanced campaigns to inform people on the need for commitments to controlled population growth rate, and reduced pollution rates. The first part of the easy will form a general investigation of the possible causes and solutions to the problem thus elucidate facts from confusions and discussions that are not sustentative.

Challenges Various human activities such as excessive production of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are the root causes of global warming. The gases form part of the atmosphere and traps heat that would normally escape to the outer space. Natural occurring greenhouse gases assist in maintaining global warmth to adequate amounts that are able to support life.

Increase of greenhouse gases causes alteration of weather patterns and thus influences duration of seasons, leads to existence of severe storms such as El Nino and coastal-related floods. Use of fossil fuels also causes excessive production of carbon gases. Another significant source of global warming is the human act of deforestation. When the environment has few trees, there is production of more carbon dioxide than it is used.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Concerning the discussions concerning the effects of global warming researcher, scientists and activists often fail to incorporate the issues of population growth. According to Weiss (p.A-8), scientist have qualitative analysis concerning measures of reducing global warming effects such as floods, droughts or other climate catastrophes.

This is achievable through reduction of enormous carbon gas emissions. However, he raises a main concern over neglect of the issue of global growth rate (p.A-8). There is need to undertake an examination on effects of slowed population increase on global warming.

How the Global Population Growth Causes Severe Environmental Crisis As commonly known, the ‘green groups’ seem to lack considerable discussions concerning the issue of human population increase. Nevertheless, various suggestions as indicated by Lyon and Barnston (p.18), shows that, a collective demand on population growth reduction would be the biggest way to confront the issues and gain higher environmental development.

In accordance with Weiss’s article (p.A-8), if people would be in a position to put into practice a growth rate control and have a less than one billion population change by mid-century as opposed to the expected two billion, then this would translate to approximately 29% emission reduction. Current scientific research predicts that 29% emission reduction rate is the requirements by 2050.

Developed Vs. Developing Countries Is there a difference between the impacts of growth rate in third world countries against the developed countries like United States? The emission rates are higher in developed countries due to higher consumptions and consequently there is obvious excessive waste production. There are remarks from developed countries that place blame on poor agricultural practices such as horticulture in developing countries.

The U.S. has greatest influence due to the amount of emission in comparison to other countries. “An average U.S. resident emits four times as much carbon dioxide as a resident in China and twenty…times more than… an African” (Weiss, p.A-8). However, In relation to Weiss’s article (p.A-8), the population size is not the only major concern. People must change how and where they live.

According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (p.1), current population of people, sharing finite resources such as water and food is 6.6 billion, with an expected growth to nine billion by 2050. These environmentalists show that most, if not all environmental problems are due to worsened population growth rates.

We will write a custom Essay on Possible Causes and Solutions to Global Warming specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Leaders on the other hand fail to either note this factor, or ignore it due to the heated debate it may turn out. 194 nations met to discuss the environmental agreements and establish an accord at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December 7 to18, 2009 (Athanasiou, 1).

Each country agreed to set emission targets for 2020. According to Athanasiou of ‘The Cornell Daily Sun’ (1), United States submitted its goals to United Nations on January 28, 2010 when President Barack Obama’s commitment indicated a cut of green house emissions by four percent. These human induced emissions affect evaporation and consequently precipitation.

In relation to scientific results, unless all the other global countries follow the same style, then there is an urgent need to consider other fact such as the reduction of human population growth as a major way to reduction of resources reduction as well as excessive emission of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere (Lyon and Barnston, p.18).

Other Related Problems Brought About By the Adverse Population Growth The adverse population growth is the main cause of increased emission of greenhouse gases as well as deforestation that lead to loss of the wildlife and thousands of plant spices. Adverse growth is also responsible of the current land developments or commercialization of more than half the earth’s land surface.

The population growth rate is a simple indication that in a couple of decades, scarcity of water due to high consumption demands will have distressing effects to more than half of the world’s population. The ecosystem imbalance is due to lack of proper measures to address top environmental issues such as population growth (Lyon and Barnston, p.18).

Status of Population Growth Rates and Possible Solutions The developing countries lack proper family planning campaigns or mechanisms to enhance control over population expansion rates. They either lack access to control methods or suffer from traditional-related practices.

The leaders fail to tackle the issue straight on, since people are not enlightened and thus stick to cultural practices and traditional religious believes (Weiss, p.A-8). This is one of the main sources of the rapid population increase in such countries for instance, those across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. They lack access to clean water, food and adequate shelter.

Contrary in the developed countries such as the United States or Germany, the population rate is currently diminishing or levelling, but the consumption rates are high and thus a great drain of the available resources. For instance, Americans are only four per cent of the global population but consume approximately 25% of the international resources.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Possible Causes and Solutions to Global Warming by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Developed countries are highly industrialized and are thus heavy contributors to climate and ozone depletion, compared to developing nations. The issue of immigration to developed countries is a contributor to population increase in developed countries. When the residents migrate, they also emulate the heavy-consumption and emission lifestyles. According to Weiss (p.A-8), an estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates a population increment of 129 million-growth expectation by 2050, mostly resulting from immigration.

Policies that can assist to Control Global Population Growth The current relationship between the environmental problems especially global warming and population increase requires urgent redressing. Most people wish for changes on the consumption as well as emission levels in developed countries, while there is need for reduction of population growth rate in developing countries.

Environmentalist and human right activists consider support for family planning as the most efficient way of controlling escalating human population to relieve environmental pressures as opposed to endorsement of legal clauses in support of abortion.

Conclusion Main cause of global warming include human-related activities that cause excessive emissions of greenhouse gases, the use of fossil fuels and deforestation in the aim of attaining better development levels. One of the main concerns on the issue of global warming is ignorance by government, individuals and activists over effects of high population growth rates. Some of the common effects of global warming include distorted weather patterns, climate related catastrophes such as coastal hurricanes, floods and droughts.

The most important strategy is to project future effects of global warming from present. Current effect of global warming impact on most human aspects, spanning from human health issues to biodiversity. Immediate action may diminish the possibility of worse projected effects of global warming.

Reducing and eventually overcoming the effects of global warming requires a combination of factors such as personal commitment or implementation of viable policies by governments. Individuals have the greatest influence over factors affecting the environment such as global warming. Most important solutions to the issue include reduction of carbon gases emissions especially in developed countries, deduction of the global growth rates and control of carbon emissions.

Works Cited Athanasiou, Katerina. Copenhagen: Sustainable of Superficial? The Cornell Daily Sun. 2010. Web.

Lyon, Bradfield.


Food Presentation as a Form of Art Research Paper essay help site:edu

First Article Summary According to Kuehn (2005), food is a form of art, since in most cases it forms good presentation such as a table decor is a short-lived and unexpected phenomenon that is able to bring out an inner impression of those involved. This occurs even when those involved do not have a clue of the anticipated taste or aroma.

The main question is whether food is art in the current social settings or can be fine art. There is need to develop the aesthetic nature in food before teaching people the art in it. In line with Kuehn (2005), definition of artwork has a primal basis on classification therefore; it might be something for use such as ornaments of exhibits.


There are various creative skills and transience utilized in food production, but in line with Ridley and Neil (2002) writing, there is lack of endurance in the work of cuisine.

Another critic posed by this writing is the meaning of taste and taste of meaning. The mimetic nature of food and outcome after preparations may be present two very different themes, which makes the assertions that considering food as an art is a mistake even before assessment of possible existence of aesthetic pleasures.

The rejection of food as art due to visual characteristics is due the coarse idea that aesthetic art forms must possess some unique aesthetic and relevant properties. If it is possible to analyze the use of food accrue through their usage, some types would have unique constant usage for instance, cereals are associable to breakfast.

According to Ridley and Neil (2002), another reason to disagree with the acclamation that there is art in food is the fact that people engages with food on a daily basis.

It is possible to measure and enlighten people on their aesthetic experiences through analysis of possibility to have aesthetic in food and drink. Particular ceremonial use of food also helps to define their meaning, for example, the turkey is a meal associable to a historical event called thanksgiving feast.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to Ridley and Neil (2002), despite the wide consideration of view in support of food aesthetics, the rejection of food as art is due to lack of ritual settings that can provide most of the properties in support of aesthetic nature.

Unlike aesthetic nature or properties of other artworks, the accrue meaning of food exceeds its quality. Finally, the rejection is due to the fact the historically people do not treat food as fine art.

Second Article Summary According to Korsmeyer (2002), today there are various new inventions concerning the art of packaging and preservation of food such as fruits. Packaging requires decorative appearance in the aim of attracting customers.

The visual aesthetic reactions are thus achievable through admiration. In most instances, the wines and gourmet connoisseur presents some reasonable quantities of aesthetic satisfactions. The support of art in foods is also present in the analysis of aesthetic reactions that distinguish the link between smell and taste.

Common personal reactions to foodstuffs form the reading (2002), are concern with fashion, nourishment and association to respectable regimes such as political elite.

Aesthetic characteristics of food make the consumer to have personal awareness and ability to notice content vividly. General judgement of art in food can combine the vivid, non-influential and purposeful reactions to produce impartiality.

In relation to Korsmeyer’s writing (2002), preference is a major influence to personal judgement. This is an indication that foods and drinks contribute to the arousal of aesthetic reactions. The negative reactions against food as work of art are due to various objections from different artists such as an indication that, not all objects that are able to facilitate aesthetic reactions are artworks.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Food Presentation as a Form of Art specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Various complexities are involved in definition of an artwork in either classification or evaluation or natural and fabricated objects. Even the natural objects are termed man-made since human actions are involved in some aspects such as labelling and placing them strategically in a gallery. In this case, an artwork must merit some aesthetic considerations (Korsmeyer, 2002).


Aesthetic reaction is an artistic or visual impression based on the appearance of objects or the sound of things for personal or individual inner feelings and not for the benefit of something else or others.

Reaction to the flavour of food due to flavour and textural effect can be termed as an aesthetic response, but when the reaction is due to pleasurable combination of high-fibre and low-calorie ingredients, the reaction is not synthetic. It is presentation of quick flash of forked lightning, which is very hard to capture in its analytical form or attention (Ridley and Neill, 2002).

Anaesthetic reaction is thus a pleasurable response to something amazing or an intrigue. According to Ridley and Neill (2002), in some situations, food is or can be art but if the implementations are temporary, it lacks formal expressive meaning.

Food is thus a simple form of art, since it is difficult to have a fine discrimination between tastes and smell as it is with the visual and auditory senses. It is also difficult to combine sense of smell and taste in a complicated technique. Due to these limitations, it is rationally difficult to renounce aesthetic pleasures in foods or drinks over the favour given to major arts.

References Korsmeyer, C. (2002). Delightful, Delicious, Disgusting. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 60.3: 217-25.

Kuehn, G. (2005). How Can Food Be Art? The Aesthetics of Everyday Life. New York, NY: Columbia University Press. Print.

Ridley, A.


Buddhism and Hinduism Research Paper college application essay help: college application essay help

Introduction Both Hinduism and Buddhism religions share their origin from the Indian subcontinent. They are known to share long but rather strange and uneasy relationship in many ways. The Buddha was born in a Hindu family and many believe it gained huge number of followers since it released people from the oppression of Hindu caste system.

The religion brought on board salvation hope as well as freedom of preference in the society. Hinduism may not be entirely regarded as a religion but a collection of sectarian and religious associations united by some fundamentally comparable beliefs, origin, and custom of their descendants (Jayaram 1).

The Different Ways the Hindus and Buddhis Meditate Meditation involves developing a faith in something else other than oneself. This means being able to give applause for little things and above all express gratitude for having been born as a human. Both religions meditate differently.


According to the Hinduism teachings, each and every living being is filled with an everlasting soul. They hold the belief that Brahma (the creator spirit) is intertwined with an individual’s soul.

Thus it is each individuals role to return the soul but this is not possible because of the sins and impurities one becomes exposed to once living in this world and since the process of becoming pure again is very difficult no one can accomplish the fete in one lifetime thus the soul is forced to live after life till the purity can be achieved and then the soul returns to the maker. Thus, one has to go through rebirths until fully cleansed.

Hinduism is a religion made of numerous gods and the followers are at liberty to choose among the many. In order to become a Hindu there are things you must believe in and promise to live by among them includes believing in karma and reincarnation.

The Hindu society is divided into castes and the different castes do not mingle. The divisions are largely exhibited by the belief in Karma and Dharma that expresses the idea that if someone is born into a specific caste they must stay there until death (White 1).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Meditation among the Hindus commonly known as the Yoga in Hindu is the path of salvation. Hindu meditation is a state of relaxed contemplation of the present moment it is the freedom from all thought. It is classified according to its focus.

Among the types of Hindu meditation are Vedanta and Raja Yoga. To cover one of the types, Verdanta means culmination of the knowledge and deals with reality nature while raja yoga is concerned with primarily cultivating the mind through meditation


This is a version of Hinduism and based on the four noble truths which make the foundation of the Buddhism as a religion. In order to escape reincarnation Buddhists believe it can be done by passing through the eight fold which says to practice moderation by having the right mind set, not lying nor insulting if these are practiced among others then one can reach the Brahma in one lifetime (White 1).

One is not a Buddhist until he has taken refuge in the triple gem. The triple gem in which one takes refuge in consists of getting refuge to the Buddha, refuge to Dharma, and refuge to Sangha. This is repeated twice or more. The going to take refuge in the triple Gems entails pure surrender of oneself, acceptance of discipleship among others.

Though surrender is delusional it is the hardest sacrifice which until made, enlightenment remains a dream (Yorke 8).

Then once a day a few minutes should be devoted to the compassionate meditation. This entails developing in the heart the feelings of love and kindness to oneself. This helps in keeping the follower within the religion framework. Before coming into meditation one has to clear the air by saying what it is not.

According to Buddhists the only person you surrender to is your meditation master. There are no prayers to God or anything you are your own except from the help of your teachers and fellow disciples. As research shows mindfulness is in the core of Buddhist meditation and it entails clear and single minded awareness of what happens to us.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Buddhism and Hinduism specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Similarities in both Religions

The two traces their roots on the Indian soil. Furthermore, Buddhism was initiated by a Hindu and as a result they share origin. The two religions share karma. This is the belief in law of consequences. It simply states your actions revolve around you either as blessings of good deeds or curses of evil deeds.

They could take several lifetimes to be enacted depending on your actions while in this world. The revolution or the rebirth is either to reward or punish a person for his actions while he was in this world (Woinarowicz 1).

The two religions believe in the existence of several hells and heavens or higher and lower worlds (Anon 1). They hold the belief that one deeds determines how one will reincarnate after death

The two religions also believe in the existence of gods or deities. What really differ are the powers they place to these gods.

Both believe in certain spiritual practices like meditation concentration which helps them to try and discover their own selves and how they relate to their gods and themselves. In order to join the next world a believer in either of the two religions has to detach and forget everything about the worldly life in order to enter the spiritual life.

Contrasting the Two

Unlike Buddhism whose founder was a telepathist, Hinduism initiator was never a prophet. Hinduism believes in the worth and preeminence of the VEDAS (scripture) whereas the Buddhist does not believe in any religious scripture. In addition they (Buddhism) do not accept as true the idea of soul existence.

Hinduism recognizes that Buddha reincarnated from one of the religion’s gods (MAHAVISHNU) whereas Buddhists do not buy the idea that there could be a superior god fro their known (Buddha). Buddhists hold the view that the earth is a place of distress and believes that man is in the world with the sole aim of fighting the unhappiness whereas Hindus posit that there are four main objectives that man fights to accomplish in this world.

In Hinduism the four phases of life must be followed to the latter whereas there is no set condition in Buddhism. Buddhists stay in groups. Hinduism is basically a religion of individualism

Not sure if you can write a paper on Buddhism and Hinduism by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Hinduism believes in Mayaism while Buddhists do not deny or support Mayaism which states that anything seen in this world is illusion. This dissimilar perception could mean no objective reality but subjective that is found in the perceiver mind but because everyone views the object differently then it qualifies not to be an illusion.

They argue if it was an illusion then the perception could be similar. The Maya nature is a practice in Hinduism but Buddhists do not hold any belief on the same. Dharma another aspect of Hinduism which is translated as obligation is another concept not shared by the two religions. Hindus must live by their castes while in Buddhism one can belong to any group just because you were born in an upper caste it does not mean you cannot intermingle with the people of the lower caste

The two religions are almost similar but there are differences in the attempt to make the world a better place; the Buddhists have beliefs going beyond and even contradicting those of the Hindus. Buddhism advocates equal love the populace and upholds the caste system, a thing that Hindus never practice.

Acceptance of god is another factor that differentiates the two religions. The Hindus have many gods including Brahman the super creator but Buddhists refute their existence. Not that Buddhists preach that there is no god rather they refute the need to search for one. They say one should concentrate in what you can know rather not on what you cannot know.

Conclusion We can conclude that religion plays a vital role on how we behave and relate to one another. Thus we should always take the best in our religion and compromise what might not be ethical to others in order to avoid conflicts that may arise due to religion affiliation.

Works Cited Anon. Buddhism and Hinduism. 2007. Web.

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SWOT Analysis of Covad Communications Analytical Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Analysis of Covad’s Strengths and weaknesses

Comparison between Covad and other ISPs


Introduction Covad Communications is the principal supplier of broadband voice and data communications in the United States. In February 2001, Covad announced plans to provide Internet services directly to consumers as opposed to using resellers. It spent about 200 million dollars to buy a DSL retailer company by the name of Bluestar Communications Inc.

This move was to be a substantial threat to their business as it had them competing with their resellers in offering Internet services to the end users. Blue star communications already had links to small businesses and individuals making its acquisition by Covad a strategy in eliminating the resellers. Covad rebranded Bluestar Communications to Covad Business Solutions.

Analysis of Covad’s Strengths and weaknesses The management of covad took advantage of their new branch, Covad business solutions, and used it to get feedback from customers. They started by listening to their users and giving a positive feedback to their recommendations.

They diversified their distribution channel. In responding to the needs of consumers, Covad lowered their Internet charges and in the process attracting more end users and small businesses.

Having lowered prices, Covad adopted new mechanisms of marketing and selling their products. Covad communications started using a web-based sale, and telesales to reach out to Internet consumers as well as deploying consultants and experts in the field. Consultants and experts interact directly with the end users.

Small businesses that do not want to interact with these experts have telesales and web-based options at their disposal. Telesales as the name suggest involve the use of a telephone. Web-based sales are whereby customers and staff interact via the Internet using chat or messages.

Covad Business solutions’ strategy to deal directly with small businesses enables them to develop the range of the services they provide. Customized services that suit the needs of the end users are now available. One significant achievement is the customization of Internet speeds. One uses the speed that the business requires and pays for that speed only.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A company that uses only the web interface to access files over the Internet cannot pay the same amount as one that streams and downloads large files. Different DSL speeds offered attracted many consumers from other Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Small businesses and individuals started to enjoy superior web hosting services and given unlimited email addresses for their offices at a reasonable price. Other customized business services include domain name hosting and computer networking (Schneider, 2008).

Covad experienced many challenges in their strategy to serve end users. One such problem is the elimination of resellers. By going directly to the consumer market, Covad acted as a competitor to them. This created a corporate rift between the two partners for a while.

Covad currently faces competition in the cable industry by Time Warner, Cox and Comcast. These competitors are no match to them because they already have a large client base within the United States.

Covad as a company has its strength in the prominent-brand name and its availability in the stock exchange making it a trusted firm. Its weakness was the inability to interact directly with end-users.

Covad identified an opportunity in the form of Bluestar Communications and took it by buying the company. One threat that the company face is a new Internet regulation and copyright rules that limit their customers from downloading anything and everything (Heckmann, 2006).

Comparison between Covad and other ISPs The major difference between A T


Design Concept for a Convention of Medical Doctors Essay writing essay help

To provide a successful entertainment party for 500 medical doctors, it is very important to consider a number of steps: to choose an appropriate convention center, to evaluate the building and think about proper lighting and decorations, to understand how it is better to locate tables, and to occupy the guests with interesting and funny activities.

Considering the fact that it is a cocktail party where guest will not be seated, no speakers are invited, and icebreaker reception is required, it is necessary to pay more attention to available event space and design concept.

The Grand Prospect Hall, to be more precise the Grand View Ballroom, is the chosen convention center. It is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn (The Grand Prospect Hall, 2007) and is considered to be one of the most amazing historical places in New York. Cocktail parties are available for more than 500 people (Cvent Supplier Network, 2010) so that each guest may enjoy the offered comfort and beauty.

The size of the hall provides planners with numerous opportunities to develop any kind of entertainment and invite some famous singers or musicians. Such idea meets the requirement set – all guest will mingle and certainly feel relax. There is no need to organize some thematic party and oblige guests to dress themselves accordingly.

Now, more attention should be paid to the design concept for the chosen event. Subdued light is a successful decision to be made because guest may relax, be unnoticeable if necessary, and choose any attitude. As all guests do not have an opportunity to seat, it is necessary to have an empty space in the middle of the room: cocktail tables should be located around the whole room, and some space should be provided between the tables so that the guests are free to stand there and enjoy the time spent.

In spite of the fact that there are no places for sitting, it is crucially important to consider some space with chairs in case some guests will be in need to sit and relax. It is also necessary to take into consideration the tables for empty glasses and plates.

It is an entertainment party, so, it is possible to make use of funny posters or even helium balloons may be appropriate. It is necessary to consider the fact that these balloons should not prevent appropriate illumination of the room. Another considerable part of entertaining program may be a concert of some singer-star. There is no necessity to listen to the whole concert offered by a star, still pleasant background music seems to be appropriate for a party.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Icebreaker reception for guests may become paper badges with nicknames for each guest. To succeed in such activity, the planner should be aware of every guest and have solid background about all of them. Such badges will be helpful for all guests specially for those who are not familiar with each other in a good way.

Drinks should be also properly chosen for an entertaining party especial for such party where guests will not be seated (Shock


Chiefs Restaurant: Action Plan for the Cooks Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

A successful business thrives on services offered by well skilled and trained personnel. That is not the case with a recently established restaurant, Chiefs.

A close evaluation of the restaurant’s employees reveals a striking skills gap for the restaurant’s cooks (Marshall, n.d). To ensure better service delivery and increased productivity, the proprietor of Chiefs restaurant resolved to introduce a training program for the cooks.

Code named ADDDI, the training program’s model incorporates various training elements. To conduct an effective training based on this model, the initial step involves conducting an analysis of employee performance and assessing their training needs.

Having identified these needs, the model involves moving on to the design stage where training objectives are set. At this stage, test items are developed, and knowledge for the training is evaluated, information content is classified, and instructional strategies such as the use of presentation aids are designed.

This is followed by the development stage where the trained personnel and the training are evaluated and implemented through various strategies. One of the development strategies is prototyping (Marshall, n.d). A prototype will be used to evaluate and analyze the efficiency, productivity, benefits, and performance expectations.

Marshall (n.d) notes here that the developed system is put on a pilot test. A Pilot test is used to evaluate the system for implementation and to isolate flaws that have been incorporated in the design and development stages. Further tests are used to evaluate and identify any weaknesses in the system, system organization, work flow control, system efficiency, and possibly to re-tailor the system if it does not perform to the restaurant’s objectives in meeting the stated business goals.

Successful testing leads to system implementation. Once the system has been put in place and running, it undergoes formative and summative system evaluations. One of the evaluation models is a bottom up approach that includes evaluating if the cooks perform to the established benchmarks and whether service delivery is satisfactory.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition to that, the cooks are evaluated to determine if they can perform as per the newly acquired skills. According to the ADDIE model, the cooks are then tested for consistent application of the acquired skills before the whole training is evaluated for strategy propagation.

The ADDIE model comes with a host of benefits. The system employs empirically proven scientific principles in system development. The system is also defined, it is self-correcting. The self correcting nature makes it flexible for use in any environment and with people of different skills levels. The system is characterized by a unique ability to help in planning within available resources.

The system’s development strategies help evaluate whether the system has been developed in line with the goals and objectives of the restaurant’s business goals.

According to the paper Strategy Process (n.d), the process is also flexible to implement and it can be tailored to meet the restaurant’s different business goals. In addition to that, the system provides system evaluation tools to enable the manager evaluate the performance of the cooks in terms of productivity and service delivery.

Startsz (2005) asserts that such as system will help in the current work situation by providing a model for training the cooks, identifying training needs, evaluating employee training effectiveness, and implementing the training in line with identified skills gaps with the employees. Once used, the knowledge acquired through this model is self-regenerating (Startsz, 2005). There could be no need for new training sessions as the model is always self-regenerating.

References Marshall, J. Don Deans’s Personal Knowledge Management System. Instructional System Development. San Diego State University. Web.

Strategy Process. Web.

We will write a custom Essay on Chiefs Restaurant: Action Plan for the Cooks specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Startsz, J. (2005). Measurement for Process Improvement. Web.


Honesty in the workplace Term Paper college admissions essay help

Is Business Bluffing Ethical?: Albert Z. Carr Carr argues that bluffing is business is normal. There is nothing novel to it and there is nothing morally wrong to it. He based his argument on the difference between what we consider as normal morality, such as one has come to understand it from a religious perspective, and as seen when one is playing poker. He said that business is a game and it has to be played using the rules of an unforgiving sport.

The illustration he used was that of a poker game, the players are the businessmen and they have the right and the duty to win at all cost as long as they play well within the boundaries of the game.

This is an interesting argument because it tells the truth of how businessmen are trying their best to win at all cost even if it requires them to bend the rules. As long as they will not break any law it has become an accepted practice among businessmen and even society. It is difficult to disagree with Carr because of the numerous cases that his argument has proven true.

It is also very much evident in the business world, the way corporations try to exploit the rules and use every type of loophole they can find to make it work to their advantage.

But Carr’s argument is not all negative, he seems to be proposing a stricter set of rules and invited the public to monitor what is going on in the corporate world so that they can force businessmen to provide quality products and services and not sell them anything that can harm their health or their wallets.

Does it Pay to Bluff in Business?: Norman Bowie Norman Bowie on the other hand does not believe that bluffing should be allowed and considered as ethical business practice. He used the example of what can happen in an acutely adversarial world of labor relations, specifically collective bargaining.

Bowie said that in this context bluffing is implicitly or explicitly used but resulted in more harm than good. Bowie said that the repeated use of white lies creates an atmosphere of distrust.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In collective bargaining management will bluff by telling the labor union that the roof is falling over their heads because of competition and other types of business problems that they cannot solve without the help of the workers.

As a consequence they needed them to give back something to the company and this comes in the form of cutbacks in salary in order to preserve their business. A win-win situation is supposed to occur because everyone keeps their jobs.

But the moment the workers realize that they had been lied to then there would be no more concessions in the future and they would pressure management to give them something that they know management cannot provide but they had to bluff because it is part of the game. This is the reason why Bowie said that it does not work in the long run.

Building Trust : Robert Solomon and Fernando Flores Solomon and Flores said that building trust is necessary but easier said than done. Trust is a word that many would love to hear but fear its implications especially in the corporate world. According to the authors trust should not be used as a noun because it is a dynamic; a thing that requires initiation and maintenance from CEOs down to the rank and file employees.

They asserted that if the whole world understands the beauty of trust then things get done and it is easier to accomplish the impossible because less energy is used to discern if the other person is trustworthy. Solomon and Flores also argued that deep down every person is ready to trust as long as they know that the other person will not take advantage of their trust.

Therefore, the only thing needed to be done is to initiate trust and to sustain it by showing that everyone is in the same boat – that there is a need to build trust to live, survive and succeed.

Conclusion It is easier to agree with Solomon and Flores’ theory on how to run a business as compared to what was proposed by Carr.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Honesty in the workplace specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Bowie also said something that made a lot of sense but he was unable to provide a clear solution to the problem, he was merely providing a counter-argument to the controversial proposition made by Carr.

Trust is better than bluffing. Bluffing is tedious work. If business is played like a poker game then it can be compared to a lone worker slaving his way. He does not understand teamwork because he views everyone with suspicion.

A thief can never sleep peacefully at night. And just like the poker player he holds his cards close to his chest and he cannot ask for assistance. In order for that person to win then he must either be an expert liar or he must be an expert in the game – he must know everything there is to know to outmaneuver and to outlast his opponents. But in real life no man is an island. A businessman is not created overnight, he must go through a process of learning and how can this be done if he trusts no one?

The Issue of Economic Justice Justice as Fairness: John Rawls

John Rawls argued that in order to have justice there must be fairness in all levels of society. In the context of who gets what and why they get it Rawls proposed that there should be no equal wealth distribution. In other words justice and fairness can be achieved without resorting to socialism. Rawls pointed out that this can be achieved if men and women come together and decide that there must be equality when it comes to the assignment of basic rights and duties.

He also added that although it is imperative that members of that society come to terms with the fact that there will be inequalities in terms of wealth and authority it is permitted for the attainment of the common good. In addition Rawls said that even though there are those who will start out with greater wealth and greater status in the community, everyone must be given a chance to reach the same level of affluence and authority if they so choose to be one.

Rich and Poor: Peter Singer

Peter Singer said that there are rich and poor people in this world. However, he clarified that many are not aware of the seriousness of the divide between rich and poor. There are those who thought that they are poor and yet in fact they are not. Many citizens of affluent countries are living their life without the slightest clue that there is such a thing called absolute poverty. And it is a level of poverty wherein a human being cannot be expected to live life in a decent manner.

Children born into this type of poverty cannot even afford to eat correctly for their brain to grow the normal way. On the other hand people living in rich countries such as in the United States, Europe and oil-producing nations of the Middle-East will eat not to sustain their bodies but for enjoyment. This is unacceptable according to Singer and he proposed that the rich should give to the poor.

Exploitation of Need: Joanne B. Ciulla

Joanne Ciulla said that it is wrong to exploit the needy. She said that many justifications were made to ensure that exploiters have a clear conscience after they exploited the needy but she argued that this is wrong.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Honesty in the workplace by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Even if he desperate mother or is in need of food there is no excuse for the shabby treatment she received from her employer. She also said that there can never be any type of justification that can be used to make slavery an acceptable practice.

A poor and desperate person enters into an agreement without her full consent because he or she was forced by circumstances. Although Ciulla opposes exploitation she is did not give a clear alternative. She said that workers should be paid and not be enslaved and yet she laments the loss of freedom that comes hand-in-hand with employment.

Conclusion The best argument with regards to economic justice was spelled out clearly by Peter Singer when he pointed the huge gap between those who are truly rich and those who are truly poor. It may sound as if it is a dole out – a practice frowned upon by many in the West – but his argument is sound if one looks at it from the perspective of assisting someone who is stuck in a hole and could never get out of it unless an outsider is willing to offer a hand.

Singer’s proposal is even more helpful if one will realize the chain-reaction of events that will occur if there are less hungry and desperate people around the world. There would be a reduction in forced migration, less sickness, more productivity, and less number of desperate young men who may be attracted to terrorism or banditry as a way of life.


Cross-Cultural Implications or Interactions Term Paper college application essay help

Introduction Globalization has led to an exposure of a very large market. The large market in return offers a great variety of goods and this makes the businesses competitive; thus making the suppliers and the demanding parties learn intercultural negotiations and build relationships that will enable the smooth flow of goods and services across different cultures (Fisher


Thomas Jefferson as the Greatest Teacher and Source of Inspiration Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

History is the greatest teacher and source of inspiration. Our country, the United States of America, is home to the greatest legendary heroes and scholars who have forged the shape of the today’s world. Former President, J. F. Kennedy, when he “welcomed Nobel Prize winners into the White House in 1962, he out rightly admitted that he was obliged to share the room with the world’s greatest sources of knowledge with the exception of one, Thomas Jefferson”[1].

Thomas Jefferson was a former President, Politician, Architect, archeologist, paleontologist, musician, inventor, revolutionist and scholar. If I were given the humble chance to travel back in time and get a chance to interview Thomas Jefferson I would ask him the following questions:

What is your own opinion what do you have to say about banking establishments and the role they play in their environment?

As a politician and the president of United States of America, which has just gained independence which elements do you intend to enshrine in the domestic policy?

Following the hot debate and conflicts involving the thorny issue of slave trade, do you consider yourself as a crusader for or against slave trade?

As The United States of America tries to establish itself as a giant nation in the world what are the various foreign policies you are putting in place to govern the relationship between The United States of America and other countries?

What is your take on the majority rule and what way should the minorities take to redress any wrongs done on them?

What are your take on education and its importance on the advancement of United States into one of the strongest countries in the world?

The Response In 1816, Jefferson noted “banking establishments were more dangerous than standing armies and therefore if necessary that such institutions be properly controlled.”[2] Thomas Jefferson was against most banking institutions and their famous discounting techniques which allowed people to spend money which they have not earned at the price of jargons called interest rates.

He thought that banks and their aggressive search for money would swindle the children of America who would wake up homeless one day in the land that belonged to their fore fathers. For instance, from his personal experience, he got into a lot of debt and hard to mortgage his property and slaves.

He believed that such institutions would be used by hereditary aristocrats to further their ambitions at the expense of the citizens. Although Thomas Jefferson tried to lobby policy makers to accept his line of reasoning but they refused only to regret later in 1812 when a financial chaos was formed as a result of war.

He would in turn be very categorical and blame the current financial institutions such as the Wall Street and credit card institutions which have handed massive debt to the citizens of America. It is this debt and their discounting techniques which have ended up leaving Americans with no cash money in their pockets leading to shortage of funds and unemployment.

This is because he thought that banks snatched wealth/power from the people and concentrated the wealth/power between a few people. Therefore he would consequently blame the current financial downfall on the banking and financial system.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Jefferson’s domestic policy was aimed at liberty and freedom. He believed that America should not enter into any association with any country that hindered the rights and liberty of the American people. He believed in republicanism and American exceptionalism. The term republicanism argued that the country and nation belonged to its citizens[3].

No man and woman should therefore have his/her rights violated since they are enshrined in the declaration of independence. Having championed for the release of slaves with no success, and was the first president who came up with a formal Indian removal plan that was considered humane.

In a letter to one of his friends Samuel Ker cheval, Thomas Jefferson insisted that the foundation of the republican governance was to secure equal rights for all American citizens are it in person or property. Arguably, Thomas Jefferson was a defender of civil liberties.

He further went a step to oppose the principles of hereditary aristocracy that would go ahead to form a big gap between the rich and poor. IT is these same hereditary arrangements that would aggrandize opportunities for a given sect of people and kill the spirit upon which the country was founded on[4].

As far as the issue of human rights and slavery is concerned, Thomas Jefferson would advocate for human right s and ensure that all human beings should enjoy the liberty and freedom of the land. Thomas Jefferson did not advocate for slave trade he in fact educated and trained all his slaves with exemplary educational and literary skills.

Although Thomas Jefferson had many plantations of slaves he often admitted that slavery was a shame and many a times tried do fight the institution of slave trade. In fact in 1907 he went ahead to sign a bill banning importation of slaves into the United States of America. In his notes on the state of Virginia he attacked slavery and thought that it was duty of the state and society to release slaves.

In fact in the first draft of the declaration of independence he condemned British slave trade and violation of distant people human rights who did not offend her.

We will write a custom Essay on Thomas Jefferson as the Greatest Teacher and Source of Inspiration specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Unfortunately this was dropped from the final draft of the declaration of independence. It is therefore clear that Thomas Jefferson was opposed to slavery and slave trade. Therefore it is right to say Jefferson found slavery not to be right and this is why he treated them with dignity and even went ahead to right and publish books on slavery, acting as a voice for the rights of this people who were slaves.

As far as foreign policy was concerned Thomas Jefferson was a famous fan of international trade but was strongly opposed to country alliances he was once quoted in 1779 saying “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.”[5]

This is why he was considered to be a strong republican and therefore a champion for republicanism calling for Americans to love their country and that the citizens be the people who decide who should govern them. It will be true to derive that this was America’s foreign policy. Thomas Jefferson wanted to maintain America’s freedom and liberty and not involve himself with European wars and disputes.

His overall foreign policy was friendship peace and prosperity for all nations of the world. He thought that America’s national security would be compromised by meddling in other peoples affairs. Which is consequently true to date many Americans are being kidnapped and the American government is often asked to release foreign political prisoners or even withdraw troops from certain areas.

Thomas Jefferson believed that it was better to make no treaty than make a bad one; he was opposed to treaties that called for power sharing and preferred peacemaking treaties that lead to stability and peace of nations and regions. Therefore America struggled to separate its systems from European systems.

Thomas Jefferson said to Benjamin Waring (in 1801) “The will of the people… is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object.”[6]. Thomas Jefferson believed that for decisions to be made and a country to be ran smoothly than the will of the majority must prevail, therefore incase a minority decision that was to be imposed on the majority would be considered an evil.

In this case Thomas Jefferson knew the dangers that could arise out of entrenchment by malicious individuals who would want to impose their opinions on other citizens of the republic. This goes ahead to support that Jefferson was among the first supporters of democracy. He also went ahead to advice those who were minorities and felt deprived of certain rights by the majority should search for good avenues to redress their plight.

As far as education was concerned Thomas Jefferson led from the front. He was a polymath who had ability to tackle many disciplines ranging from mathematics to arts. He even made sure that he educated his slaves in reading and writing and also other technical skills.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Thomas Jefferson as the Greatest Teacher and Source of Inspiration by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More He is considered the father of the University of Virginia where he made an elaborate plan of seeing able students through university. He tabled a bill in 1817 that intended to unearth talent that was buried in poverty; he believed that by doing this the number of educated brains would triple output in the United States of Americas compared to other countries.

The bill further supposed that there be a school within every county and district collages near every locality plus a good university system. Being amongst the greatest scholars who have ever lived in this planet it is clear that Thomas Jefferson took education seriously and understood its importance in developing the nation and spreading his spirit of republicanism which aimed at improving the lives of every citizen.

Bibliography Bernstein, Richard. Thomas Jefferson. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005.

Holmes, Jerry. Thomas Jefferson: a chronology of his thoughts. Boston: Rowman


Security Bid Proposal Research Paper writing essay help

Abstract Security is a critical issue that tends to be overlooked by so many businesses yet it is of much significance to the operation of any given business. This includes security of both information system and also business property. Poor information security may lead to poor performance since competitors are most likely to have access to the business documents, data and workflows.

It is therefore the obligation of any particular business to ascertain appropriate security of information from the intruders and promote accountability as far as business property is concerned. This bid is a simple proposal of a workable security system within an organization to ensure business information is properly guarded against any intruding persons and guarantee maximum protection of business property.

Introduction Information is a very vital issue to a business and hence should be given first priority at any given time. To come up with an effective security system for both information and property within a business; assets, threats and available resources must be put into consideration. This security system has been designed for a small business and it safeguards information and property from intruders.

Methodology Information security system

Business information may include but not limited to information on employees, consumers, commodities offered, financial status of the business, business policies and also future plans of the business hence such information should be inaccessible to everyone ranging from the business employees to the outsiders including competitors.

To protect business gadgets from damage by viruses, spyware and other malevolent codes, a regularly updated anti-virus and anti-spyware should be set up in all the computers belonging to the business and also personal computers for employees since some use their computers while at home. The application can be bought from software vendors.

After installing, the software should be set to automatically check for updates and scan the entire system at certain specified times to ensure better protection from any threat.

Internet connection exposes the system to threat throughout hence to counter this, the business has to subscribe to the wireless firewall access from hardware vendors. After installation, the administrative password and name have to be changed immediately followed by frequent changing to ensure hackers are kept at bay at all times.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More All computers including those for employees must be installed with active firewall software to ensure all sources of risks are sealed. The organization should patch and update its executive program, applications, business automation products and other products to ensure efficiency in data security. Automatic updates must be turned on for all the windows in all the computers.

Support copies of relevant organization data need to be made on a separate disk regularly for easy retrieval of data in case of computer breakdown, hard disk fail, floods, fire and even theft. These files may include word documents, electronic spreadsheets, databases, financial files, human resources files, accounting files and any other relevant information.

This has to be made automatic and the separate disks kept elsewhere from the business premises followed by regular checks to ascertain that the stored files can be read.

The computer room needs to have automated door system that is sensitive to fingerprints. This implies that only business employees will have access to the room. A database must therefore be created to carry all the fingerprints of employees. The computer room has to be fitted with a CCTV inside to monitor the activities of the users.

This will help in accountability among employees for all their actions. It should be made a secret and no one should be able to locate it. The door system needs to be set such that only allow access during business operating hours and days.

A separate database has to be made to store very critical information to the business that can only be accessed after common accord among the managerial staff. It has to be set in such a way that in case of any access to it with or without permission, a security message is sent to all the executive staff and the IT personnel.

The business needs to contract an IT firm to install all the above software, create databases and set up the files back up system. An IT personnel has then to be employed to maintain the system and update it whenever necessary.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Security Bid Proposal specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Policies Physical access to computers must be highly limited and computers have to be positioned in such a way that displays are not easily visible to passers by. There should be an effective system incorporated as far as staffing is concerned. New staff should be properly vetted.

Employees should also receive proper training on information security. The business should create separate accounts for all the employees with passwords that cannot be easily guessed.

No staff at any given time should be allowed to browse using administrative accounts. This will help limit set up of unwanted software. After any online transactions, all the history, caches and cookies should be deleted to avoid anyone tracing the links. The organization should ensure staff has limited access to important business information.

The authority to give out information concerning the business has to be limited to a few especially the management. This will help curb the issue of social engineering used by many hackers and spies. Employees should sign a commitment promising to safeguard business information under all circumstances.

Property security The business should contract a security firm to be in charge of general security of the business property and personnel. There has to be limited entry and exit points into and out of the business premises respectively.

Business property needs to be labeled to minimize theft cases among employees. The contracted firm has to sign an accord to guarantee protection of the enterprise from interlopers and business property from damage or theft.

Conclusion Information is an important tool to any business hence it is the business obligation to ensure information security. Any leakage of this information might lead to unhealthy competition and bring adverse effects onto the business.


Economic Analysis of Stone Crab Season Report (Assessment) writing essay help: writing essay help

In the article, “Fishermen face rough seas, economy during stone crab season”, Miami Herald’s Elaine Walker looks at the expectations of various fishermen and restaurant operators about the stone crab season which begun last Friday , and is set to run up to mid March next year.

She discusses the issues that are likely to influence the outcome of the stone crab season. She documents that the weather hit preparations at the start of the season.

She says, “Rough seas and the threat of tropical storm Paula created delays last week in getting traps into the water” (Walker 2010). She reports that the economic down turn affected the crab market negatively in the last season, with fewer people opting for the delicacy, since many normally consider it “a luxury item” (Walker, 2010).

She briefly discusses the process of getting the crabs from the water all the way to the table. After the fishing boats dock, the claws go through boiling, chilling, and packing before transportation to distribution centers for delivery.

A report by Fred Tasker also of the Miami Herald looks at the start of the stone crab season from the restaurants’ point of view. He reports the optimism with which the General Manager of Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami is looking at the season. He contrasts this optimism with the more reserved view of the season by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. The Commission likes the fact that there have been no hurricanes yet this season, but feels it is too early to celebrate.

Tasker also reports about the process of hauling the crabs in. He says that the anglers catch the crabs, then twist “off a single claw from each crab” (Tasker 2010), then they toss the rest of the crab back to the water. It grows a new claw in a year or two. He mentions that there are fears among restaurant owners that customers may be reluctant to eat crab this season because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. He then goes on to give the requisites for recreational angling.

Eric Staats of Naples provides us with a perspective of the stone crab season that focuses on statistics relating to prices and quantities, and the factors affecting them. He reports that, “prices will fluctuate depending on supply and demand” (Staats, 2010). In his report, he discusses the best conditions for catching stone crab.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This includes, “muddy water churned up by stormy weather” (Staats, 2010). This ensures that, “crabs stay on the move” (Staats, 2010). He also includes warm weather since in cold temperatures, “crabs bury themselves and hunker down” (Staats, 2010).

The key economic issue these writers raise is that the six-month stone crab season supports an entire economic system with anglers, restaurants, researchers, and regulatory agencies all having a role to play. They all show how natural conditions like the weather interact with regulatory conditions to provide the environment for the economic activities relating to stone crab fishing.

They also go to show that larger economic issues, such as the global economic down turn affect regional economic activities since it erodes the buying power of individuals. Each of them, however, uses a different viewpoint to express these issues.

In my view, there is an interrelation between economic systems. A factor in one end affects the outcome in another. To the extent that angling depends on natural factors, there may be a better season compared to last year. However, to the extent that it depends on the economic environment, things may be bleak.

The US national economy failed to picked up as quickly as anticipated, and closer to Florida, the economic effects of the BP oil spill are yet to fully surface, both of which will determine just how well the commercial side of the crab season goes. If these factors slow down the industry, eventual winners will be the crabs because they will have both claws until next season.

Works Cited Staats, Eric. “Stone Crab Season Starts Slow, Prices Expected to Be Higher”. Naples Daily News., 15 Oct. 2010. Web.

Tasker, Fred. “Stone Crab Season Has Arrived”. Miami Herald. Miami Herald Media Co., 15 Oct. 2010. Web.

We will write a custom Assessment on Economic Analysis of Stone Crab Season specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Walker, Elaine. “Fishermen Face Rough Seas, Economy During Stone Crab Season”. Miami Herald. Miami Herald Media Co., 16 Oct. 2010. Web.


thinking skills Construct an appropriately sophisticated thesis-driven essay Understand how to utilize pre-writing and revising techniques Demonstrate critical reading skills Analyze, evaluate, interpret, and respond to college-level texts Define a research topic of academic and public significance best essay help: best essay help

Instructions PROMPT: After using Everything’s an Argument to help you think through and plan your argument, construct a proposal of at least 750 words that something should or shouldn’t be done. Use “should” or “shouldn’t” in your thesis statement. In constructing your essay, offer analysis of at least two sources from the Opposing Viewpoints database


Green Supply Chain Research Paper cheap essay help

Abstract Global warming and other ills that have threatened our environment have put many consumers on alert. It is increasingly becoming more common for consumers to begin questioning whether they are contributing to the sustainability of a green environment.

By so doing, more and more consumers are purchasing products from manufacturers who have lowered emissions and have a ‘green’ policy. Green supply chain management is one way of reducing a company’s carbon footprint and enabling it to lower its harmful impact on the environment (Thayer, 1998).

It involves evaluation of the purchasing, planning, shipping and distribution of the company’s products in a manner that is environmentally friendly. Though most executives may frown on the idea that they have to depart from the norm, green supply chain is increasingly being shown to actually lower costs and improve the company’s profits (Murray, 2010).

Introduction Green supply chain management has come out as a forerunner in the new styles of environmental-friendly management. It has now been shown that companies that have adopted the practice are enjoying cost savings through reduction of the environmental impact of their operational processes. These savings are coming mostly from the use of greener raw materials and recycled products in manufacturing which are actually cheaper than the ordinary materials (Murray, 2010).

However, there has been sluggishness by many business executives to act on the environment even with the public’s focus on environmental conservation.

Quite clearly, the benefits of reducing a company’s environmental impact have not reached these company executives. Most of America’s executives are still in the dark on the fact that improved environmental performance leads to lower waste-disposal and other training costs, fewer environmental licensing (permitting) fees, and reduced materials costs due to recycling (Mc Daniel et al. 2000).

With more public pressure on these corporations and the branding of consumer goods that are environmental friendly, business executives will have to eventually open up to green supply chain management. This is not only good for their firms but also good for the world upon which they owe certain responsibilities to.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Success stories from firms that have already embraced green chain management will also boost confidence in this style of management. However, consumers have to be on the lookout for greenwashing which is the false exaggeration of a company’s green environment policy so as to attract publicity (Murray, 2010).

Overview of Green supply chain management, cost and benefits It is become common for companies to change their supply chains and how they are managed. This practice is leading to better customer-supplier alliances that are improving trade techniques. Now we are seeing suppliers who are directly replenishing most of their customer’s inventory.

This form of directness in supply chains is enabling companies to beat transaction costs, decrease the levels of product obsolescence, reduce unnecessary bulk inventory levels, trigger quicker market reaction and increase sensitivity to customer needs and preferences (McDaniel et al, 2000).

Materials management, which refers to the overall management of processes through which raw materials are purchased, produced at factory level, shipped, warehoused and eventually distributed as finished goods, is becoming the key concern in supply chain management. This is because it is only through the monitoring of these processes that a company can properly ascertain its carbon footprint and level of greenhouse gas emissions. It thus goes without saying that materials management is a key component in green supply chain management.

McDaniel et al, (2000) state that there are various ways through which managers can improve materials management so as to achieve a green and effective supply chain. However, they must first understand how most of their decisions impact the processes of purchasing, handling, storage and recovery of assets.

The second part involves logistics which refers to the totality of activities from the acquisition of raw materials to the final distribution of products to their retail points within required time and in the required specifications.

Managers can improve greatly their performance by cooperating with the suppliers, shipping lines, distributors and finally consumers so as to achieve efficiency in supply chain management. Increasingly, companies are assessing their environmental impact and reducing emissions through careful evaluation of the supply chain.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Green Supply Chain specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In turn, they have become competitive, reduced product obsolescence, improved waste maintenance, repaired and operated more efficiently on materials through better inventory management, lowered training costs, decreased overall material costs and improved safety through reduced use of hazardous components (Murray, 2010).

Companies that have incorporated green supply chain and realized better financial results include;

General Motors which saved $ 12 million through a reusable container system in their production

The electric company Commonwealth Edison which made $ 25 million extra through improved resource utilization

Andersen Corporation which realized a 50% increase in returns through improved waste management systems

The Public Service, Electric


Family Night Agenda Handout and Presentation Essay (Critical Writing) argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Topic for family night

Ice breaker activity

Breakdown of events

Book that covers the agenda

Website that covers the agenda

Community resource that addresses the problem

Topic for family night The topic of my family night is one that many families around the world can relate to only too well. For my family night, the main agenda will be to discuss the issue of drug abuse given that it is amongst the many social and health problem that affect many families in the society.

Almost each household is in one way or another affected by drug abuse and as such, it is important to discuss and create awareness about this issue as this could help discourage drug abuse among family members and help one get help if she or he is already in the problem.

Ice breaker activity Discussions about drug abuse may involve opening up, asking and speaking about sensitive issues and this can only be possible once everyone is relaxed and feeling as part and parcel of the discussion. One way of encouraging this is to engage an ice breaker activity which in this case will be a fun activity. Our fun activity will involve all the family members writing four things about themselves of which three are to be true and only one false.

The papers will then be exchanged so that a different person reads another’s sentences to the family so the family members can attempt guessing which of the sentences is wrong. After all the guesses, the writer will reveal the wrong sentence of the four and then the next set of questions will be read out. This will continue until all the papers are read out. Apart from being a fun activity, it will also help the family members know one another more and feel more at ease around one another.

Breakdown of events The discussions are meant to last for roughly an hour and we will begin by defining what we all understand by drug abuse and why we think people engage in drug abuse. Given the difficulty that many find in admitting that they have a drug abuse problem, the family night will discuss signs that can help one identify and know that he or she is abusing drugs and what steps to take towards tackling this problem.

The discussions will also cover the roles that parents or guardians should play in discouraging this vice especially among the youth. These discussions will entail everyone being encouraged to voice their opinions and ask any pressing questions.

Book that covers the agenda As a way of getting a deeper understanding on the effects of drug abuse in the society, we will overview some published information on the issue and recommend that everyone reads a certain book, explores a certain website, and find out more about the activities of a community based center.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For this topic, one of the books that best explores the issue of drug abuse in the society is “The etiology and prevention of drug abuse among minority youth,” which is authored by Gilbert J Botvin and Steven Schinke and published in 1997 by Haworth Press Incorporated.

In summary, the book examines issues related to racial identity, the use of alcohol and marijuana by young people and additionally, suggests some ways of tackling this problem by involving the whole community.

Website that covers the agenda The website that satisfactorily covers our agenda for the family night is “Panorama” and is found at This website extensively covers the dangers related to drug abuse in the society, especially by the youth.

Community resource that addresses the problem There are numerous centers that can be very helpful in providing information about drug abuse and for our family agenda, we shall explore the activities of the New Hope Recovery Centre, which is situated in Chicago at of Lincoln square locality.


The major point in Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong Analytical Essay college essay help near me

The book criticizes erroneous approach of the majority of textbooks in history There can be no surprise that the school is the place which forms the basis for the development of critical thinking of many people. Children get their basic knowledge in the most important disciplines. One of the most important disciplines is history: there is even the famous saying that people / nations who do not know their past are doomed to repeat it.

Of course, American scholars understands the importance of students’ understanding of past events, however, some academics claim that there are too many controversies in history that are not revealed in textbooks on history which can produce negative consequences for the development of the entire nation.

One of such academics is James Loewen who considers the controversies of history education in the USA in his famous Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong. The entire book is permeated with the idea that students in schools are taught “refined” history which distorts their perception of reality.

Loewen states that the vast majority of textbooks provide only one-faceted opinion, they present the “Disney version of history” omitting controversies and blemishes in the American history (Loewen 27). He also states that such erroneous approach to history education can lead to wrong passive position of people who believe in their heroic country which had no difficulties throughout its history.

The role of text-books in education and their drawbacks Loewen points out that the majority of people in the USA know the history of their country from the school course and the textbooks. He states that many textbooks have few references to secondary sources. Thus, Loewen stresses that there is a large gap between the knowledge of historians and the amount of facts the rest of Americans are taught (Loewen 267).

Moreover, Loewen provides the results of the research held in 1990 which revealed that 40% of teachers (who participated in the research) had a B.A. or M.A. (Loewen 280). This situation only contributes to the fact that students get information about the history from their textbooks only.

Of course, not only textbook authors but teachers as well try to omit any controversies in history. It is easier to enumerate particular names, dates and events without discussing various backgrounds, downsides and impacts on the further development. Thus, textbooks authors pick up some historic events that seem to them heroic or essential and omit many other details associated with these events.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Unrevealed Wilson’s blemishes One of such erroneous representation of facts is illustrated by the period of Woodrow Wilson being the President of the USA. According to Loewen numerous textbooks depict this personality as a hero who led glorious policy, but in reality introduced many controversial changes in political and social life of the country (Loewen 25).

For instance, Loewen pays a lot of attention to Wilson’s racism and anti-communism (Loewen 25). There is no information in the majority textbooks as for Wilson’s policies in these areas. Numerous textbooks omit mentioning suppression of African-American people. It was Wilson who succeeded in depriving African-Americans from their rights; for instance, even positions in government which were assigned for African-American during Wilson’s presidency were occupied by white Americans.

Many textbooks ascribe the witches hunt to Wilson’s government not him, but, in fact, he was a great supporter and initiator of many anti-communism campaigns (Loewen 29). Thus, textbooks in history have created a heroic president instead of a man who made many mistakes, however, at the same time introduced lots of positive changes.

Positive example of Lincoln’s development remains unexploited Another good illustration of the wrong representation of historic events which Loewen provides is another American president, Lincoln. Loewen stresses that correct depicting of this remarkable leader can be very useful for the development of analytical skills of students who could learn that politics address every audience in different ways and that it is important to analyze officials’ words rather than take them literally (Loewen 172).

Moreover, the “internal struggle” of this man can be a very good example how people can develop under the pressure of circumstances (Loewen 172). Loewen points out that it is essential to provide different points of view instead of trying to create positive image of the country and the government. People should understand that sometimes their government may act inadequately, erroneously. Students should learn about various blemishes in the history of their country to be ready to some controversies in their real life.

Social controversies are also unrevealed in textbooks Loewen also mentions that textbooks in history are often produced from the perspective of the upper-class. He states that such sources omit dwelling upon some social issues since a “theory of social justice” can hardly be in line with the data about wealth distribution in the country (Loewen 206).

Another disputable question is a depiction of immigrants. As a rule, textbooks in history reveal successful stories of immigrants who became respectable members of society, but they do not dwell upon those difficulties immigrants had to cope with (Loewen 195). According to Nieto Loewen raises very important issues in his book: he stresses the importance of presenting different points of view on the same event or personality (Nieto 44).

We will write a custom Essay on The major point in Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The “linear and fixed” representation of events from the perspective of the dominant group makes student think that they are “passive in making any changes” (Nieto 44). Of course, such dangerous perception should be changed.

Loewen’s suggestion to problem solution Loewen stresses that students should be able to analyze the historic events carefully and make corresponding conclusions. He suggests a possible way out and states that it can be helpful to include fewer events in textbooks and pay significant attention to discussion of controversies or different points of view on the same event (Loewen 309). Thus students will be able not only to remember some important landmarks in the history, but will understand the background of these events and their impacts on the modern life. Of course, students will have critical perception of the reality and will be able to influence the course of history when it is necessary.

The main idea of the book Thus, the main idea Loewen reveals in his book Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong is that students should have the opportunity to consider various points of views and different facets of the same historic event to have the right perception of the past, present and future.

Students should know about the controversies of the American history to respond adequately to different events taking place in the contemporary times. Students should know that not only wise government is responsible for the development of their countries: first of all, each person should make the necessary contribution to build a strong and really democratic state.

Works Cited Loewen, J. W. Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong. New York: New Press, 1995.

Nieto, S. Language, Culture, and Teaching: Critical Perspectives for a New Century. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002.


“Virtual Students, Digital Classroom” by Neil Postman – Article Review Essay essay help

Neil Postman begins his article by highlighting the “god” status that people have given new technology and in particular computers. The article shows how this new technology gives access to so much information. For this reason, some proponents of technology suggest that in a few decades, classrooms may be rendered redundant. A world where children are motivated to learn by virtue of technology making information accessible to them is envisioned.

Postman goes on to decry this vision as being overly confident and unrealistic since it envisions model students who are inherently motivated to learn at all times and just need new technology to enable them satisfy this quest. The article also addresses the role that new technology plays and the changes that it will bring about.

Postman notes that instead of focusing on how to use new technology, we should focus on how computers use us and the effects (adverse and positive) that it will bring to society. The question of technology being seen as the solution to every problem that exists in school is also addressed with Postman illustrating that problems that cannot be solved without computers can neither be solved with them.

The article shows that Problems such as inequality, poverty and alienation which some claim will be addressed through technology can only be responded to through traditional classrooms and not new technology which may in fact only lead to their prevalence.

The article concludes by stating that educational institutes will only be rendered irrelevant when technology that can make civilized people is come up with. Until then, the traditional classroom with all its shortcomings remains the best place to teach students how to be civilized individuals who will be integrated into the society.

Postman makes a strong case for the role of community-building and social reform that schools play in our community. According to him, this are attributes that computers which lay emphasis on the individuals role cannot fulfill since machines lead to the creation of people who lack a sense of civility or community since this two attributes can only be learnt in the traditional class setting.

Postman’s critique of technology is mainly directed at its implementation to younger children. According to him, these children attend school for more than just the information on algebra and science that schools provide.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Children get to learn how to function in harmony with the society through the education process. This is something that cannot be learnt through any technological implementation as enthusiasts of technology seem to suggest. An interesting proposition by Postman is that the role of schools is to “help students learn how to ignore and discard information”.

This is a concept that I find particularly contentious since schools are essentially institutes for “gaining knowledge and information”. Postman’s statement assumes that people go to school with an information overflow and the major role of the school is therefore to help them shape this information.

I find this proposition by Postman at best contentious since most people go to school with limited information and it is only through the education process that they gain immense information and knowledge. While Postman does not negate the important role that technology will play in our education systems, he emphasizes that technology will not solve problems such as boredom in students or even psychological issues as some proponents of technology suggest.


Idealism and Realism Essay essay help free: essay help free

Table of Contents Introduction

Basic principles of idealism

Basic principles of realism

Ministers’ proposals


Works Cited

Introduction Plato, the philosopher, was the first to work on the subject of idealism. Idealism deals with what constitutes a perfect human being, viewing him as one who contains both spiritual and material characteristics. Of the two, spiritual is considered the most important human aspect because it focuses on the mind and character but not the physical human body.

On the other hand, realism is thought to have risen towards the end of 19th century. It is often applied in different areas such as arts, international relations, law, among others.

This paper views realism as used in the last two areas, international relations and law. It is more of a thinking that focuses on the security of a country. It is naturally imaginary implying that it is made by man, and thus contains errors because man is well known in creating mistakes.

Realism theories range from classical, liberal, legal, to mention a few. The two, idealism and realism operate under certain principles. The following paragraphs deal with the basic principles of each.

Basic principles of idealism A major principle in this philosophy holds that there is a mind powerful than that of human beings. It is often called the principle of universal mind. It is believed that there is a special man, greater than human beings, whose ability of thinking is better than that of all men.

The principle holds that this special person is invisible but has the power to influence the minds of human beings and that is why the principle views this special person as God, who creates people, gives them life and their present minds that help them think. The other principle views people as being holy. It says that the strength of the minds of people is greater by far compared to other animals. Basing on this, it constitutes the most important aspect of life, making people special than all other animals.

This philosophy is also built on the principle of the advantage of information and standards. It claims that people have more advantages compared to animals. They have a superior knowledge of things than animals. This is thought as a gift from God whom they believe exists and gives them the desires of their hearts including their desire of knowledge.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The other idealism principle says that real things originate from the mind and not from the common senses of people. It holds that the ability of people to think is what enables them make real things. Real things do not come by seeing, hearing, feeling, but through thinking.

Basic principles of realism “Realism assumes that interest defined as power is an objective category which is universally valid but not with a meaning that is fixed once and for all. Power is the control of man over man “(Hans 7). One of these principles says that people are ruled by laws that are made by other people but not God.

This philosophy includes the principle that people should be respected in terms of their powers or academic knowledge. Therefore, the more educated or the more powerful a person is, in politics, the more respected he/she becomes.

Realism considers the lessons learned from politics enabling it to know what to and not to do in order for a nation to succeed politically. The principle of identity used in realism says that the laws governing a country cannot be separated from those governing the universe. The two are almost the same.

Realism depends purely on the nature of people and hence varies depending on the people. There are no realism principles which can be accepted by all people. They apply to some nations depending on their interests. According to Thompson, the common ways of thinking of people is subject to deviating from what is right to evil (Thompson 165).

This is what forms the basis of realism as determined by the people for the people. From the knowledge of the above principles and the provided hypothetical scenario, the following are the proposals of the two ministers.

Ministers’ proposals The major cause of the calamity that the prime minister wants to be solved by the two other ministers is the oil in the province of Hegemonia that has been occupied by a foreign nation.

We will write a custom Essay on Idealism and Realism specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Hegemonia oppresses the people of this province in order to move them away so that they can own the oil. Of the two ministers called to solve the problem, the defence minister applies the realism principles. This is because he believes that people have to follow laws made by other people and that is why he calling for a meeting of the U.N security council to create rules that will interfere with the trade of oil between the oppressed nation and other nations.

Because Hegemonia is powerful than the oppressed nation, it is respected more and this is why the laws made will be favouring them and not the other nation. This is a principle of realism that gives respect to powerful people.

On the other hand, the foreign minister applies the principles of idealism, based on godly reasons. She posits that friendship between the two nations can help solve the problem.

This is so because where there is friendship, there is no oppression and enmity. It will make the two, benefit by sharing the oil. It will also help stop the diseases and dangers brought to Xandu by the refugees because they will not be there because there will be no oppression to make them move to the place.

Conclusion Basing on the knowledge of idealism and realism, idealism seems to be the most efficient when applied to solve a crisis. It produces a permanent solution where all benefit by sharing the resources available in a country. Should it be applied everywhere, then all countries will be at peace.

Works Cited Thompson, Kenneth. “Politics among Nations.” 6th edition, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1985, p. 165.

Hans, Morgenthau. ”Hans Morgenthau’s Principles of Political Realism.” New York: Word Press, 1999.


TRUenergy and Its Steps in the Implementation of Green Power Report argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Executive Summary


Importance of taking the steps

New South Wales Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme

Economic threat

Market definition

Competition analysis



Executive Summary TRUenergy is an energy company with its headquarters in Melbourne Australia. It was founded in the year 1995 where it was involved with the generation of electricity and the retailing of both natural gas and electricity. The company consists of both retail assets and generation assets which are purchased and owned by CLP which is Hong Kong based.

The company is also known to be a supplier of electricity to homesteads and many businesses estimated to be at around 1.2 million businesses in the entire Australia.

Above the retail major, the company also boasts of other portfolios like industrial customers, commercial customers, energy assets, storage of underground natural gas, an agreement with ecogen for gas fired electricity adding up to 966 megawatts and various power stations like Yallourn and Hallet.

The company is the sole one in Australia which has dedicated its commitment to both short and long term greenhouse reduction in the energy sector. The approach for the company on the greenhouse gasses effect is to cut down its entire greenhouse gaseous emissions by over 60 percent by the year 2050.

To add on, this particular company has embarked on spending millions of dollars on its clean energy portfolio and much more on its commitments and efforts towards the solar systems based on Melbourne. This is a progress that allowed the company to be able to construct a very efficient concentrated solar station in the world over.

Truenergy has also joined hands with Roaring 40s, a Tasmania based hydro company. It has 50% stakes in this company which is focused on the development of wind farms in India, china and also Australia (BloombergBusinessweek 2010). The company also has some other clean energy production departments and systems as follows:

A natural gas system in Wollongong which will be providing gas fired electricity to over 200,000 individuals.

A deal with Petratherm to steer geothermal power

Study of the reduction of greenhouse emissions from brown coal

Commissioning and construction of the 180MW Mallee solar park.

Finance and economy

The company has been able to have economic and financial support from various organizations which have boosted its production. The recent boost by the government of the state of Victoria enabled it to deal with the Mallee solar park.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This plant can be able to produce an additional 180 megawatts which is enough electricity for close to over 60,000 homes in the country. This move has helped the organization to avert the production of 11, 000, 000 tons of the emitted carbon to the atmosphere.

In another move against pollution through carbon emissions, the organization pushes for an increase in the price charged at carbon emissions.

If this move can be effected by the government duly, companies would dare to spend more on alternative means like the current $2.8 million TRUenergy is willing to spend on a new generation mode which is gas fired.

According to some sources, the issue on carbon is bound to assist transition. If the current government failed to protect the resources and have bans on carbon, then it means that there will be an impending power shortage in the near future in the company.

This has led the government to lead efforts on the imposition of the prices on carbon so as to cut down on the emissions of carbon in the country owing to the fact that Australia is one of the leading coal exporters in the world today.

This is bound to bring in controversies due to the fact that two sides are involved. There is an issue on the investors and the respective job security which will be threatened after some power stations are set to be closed down. At the same time, when the emissions scheme is imposed, there is bound to be an economy with lower carbon emissions.

Coal fired power

According to the TRUenergy website, it has invested over A $5 billion in terms of generation and retailing in the Yallourn station in Melbourne. This station is responsible for over 22% of electricity supply in Victoria State. The management of AGL has stated that TRUenergy is in discussions with the government to have the target for renewable energy amended.

We will write a custom Report on TRUenergy and Its Steps in the Implementation of Green Power specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This was met by an acceleration of plans for the development of the MacArthur wind farm in Victoria State. This looked to be a very difficult portfolio according to the government with a requirement of quite a lot of skills in negotiations. This is due to the difficulty involved in imposing a price on carbon emissions as much as it is very important

Investment risks

On the occasion that the law does not change on this issue, it will not be possible to have investments in large scale as it was anticipated. Some replacements of the power stations like from coal to gas will not be likely. The company is said to have risen by 1.8% to $15.82 by close of the market in Sydney Australia.

Within this only, according to S


Anthropological Comparison between the Chinese and Hindu Society Compare and Contrast Essay college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Death According to the Hindu Society

Death According to the Chinese Society

Similarities in Their Views of Death

Differences in Their Views on Death

The Role of Culture in Shaping Society


Works Cited

Introduction Humanity has made great strides in technological advancements, so great that extra caution is now being taken to ensure these advances do not turn out to be ticking time bombs that may go off sometime in the future. Unfortunately, none of these breakthroughs has managed to beat death.

It is inevitable. Having this in mind, different cultures have embraced it and tried to prepare themselves for whatever comes after death. This paper will analyse the cultural and social stances of the Chinese and Hindu from an anthropological standpoint.

Death According to the Hindu Society The Hindu believes in reincarnation. They believe that the soul (jiva) is immortal, and for this reason, they do not consider death a tragedy. They only acknowledge and appreciate the fact that the soul has moved on to another lifetime and arrange for a respectful send off.

Another key feature of the soul according to their culture is that it cannot be destroyed; they can only shift worlds in accordance to the characters they displayed while in the previous world, that if the dead was of good will and used to help the needy while alive, his/her soul proceeds to a world seen to be higher than its previous one.

This is to ensure that its faith keeps growing in intensity as it will be better nurtured in the watch of the Lord Krishna. The final stage for a soul is when it finally reaches the Lord Krishna. Here, it settles peacefully with him.

Death According to the Chinese Society Similar to the Hindu, the Chinese believe in the existence of souls in living human beings. These souls exist in form of a cosmos consisting of the Yin and Yang, a dark spirit and a light one.

They can be referred to using numerous terms depending on the context. “In the…bodily existence of the individual…are…two… polarities, a p’o soul (or anima) and a hun soul (animus). All during the life of the individual these two are in conflict, each striving for mastery. At death they separate and go different ways. The anima sinks to earth as kuei, a ghost-being.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The animus rises and becomes shen, a spirit or god.” (Baynes 64). The anima (yin) is the spirit the Chinese claim to be the driver of all evil in humanity. It is the dark spirit left behind with the body after death. The yang (animus) on the other hand, is the spirit credited with all the good in humanity. This includes humility within the being, self actualization, honor and respect of one’s life, culture and ancestry.

Similarities in Their Views of Death In their view of death, the Hindu and Chinese share a lot in the way they treat their dead and how the deceased is supposed to carry on. They both regard death not as a tragedy, but as a necessary rite of passage in a soul’s lifetime. This is guided by belief that souls of human beings are released from the body at death.

The Chinese believe that once they have been released, the yin and yang head in separate ways to their respective destinations, where they keep on maintaining humanity’s well being. On the same, the Hindu believe that once the souls have been released after cremation, they go to a world of corrective suffering if they did wrong while alive, or one of more pure souls as it continues the ascension towards Krishna, the final destination.

Though mortal, two philosophers in Chinese anthropology, Russian-born Peter Ouspensky and Armenian Sage G. I. Gurdjieff (1877-1949) once pointed out that human beings could acquire immortality. This was received as very good news by all society, though the process was almost unachievable. It instead created a controversy as he indicated that all humanity was asleep. If only they could reach to their self conscious and wake up, they would achieve immortality.

This results in different levels; physical, emotional, and the intellectual level (way of the fakir), the emotional level (way of the monk), and the intellectual level (way of the yogi), following Fakir, Monk, and yogi’s criteria respectively. In the same context, Hindus believe in reincarnation. At cremation, 5 elements of being are released i.e. fire, water, air, earth and the jiva are released. The fifth element is the most important due to its immortality.

One’s death does not does not translate to ceasing in existence, as many situations determine the destiny of his/her jiva (soul). One is the state of mind during death.” if a person is thinking of money matters at the time of his death, very likely he will travel to the world of Vishnu and will be born as a merchant or a trader in his next birth.” (Jayaram Para 9).

Differences in Their Views on Death Just as much as they are similar in a number of situations, they contradict in ways more than a few. The Hindu believe that cremation is a ritual…intended to release the soul from its earthly existence (Mailer India Para 3).

We will write a custom Essay on Anthropological Comparison between the Chinese and Hindu Society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This is to grant it the ability to move to another world as it is destined to. Contrary to that belief, the Chinese believe in preservation of the body as it is destined to remain with the yin upon death. This allows the yang to advance to the world of the pure spirits.

The Chinese believe that death means the end of the person’s soul as the yin and yang will under no condition ever come together again. They are totally opposite spirits with contradicting roles in the beings they occupy. “In life, as in death, these souls were most indefinite, vague, and feeble.

After death, when this small troop of colorless spirits was dispersed, how could they possibly be gathered together and reformed into a unity? … (The body is unique, and serves as the dwelling place of all these spirits….” (Maspero 177). The Hindu on the other hand believe in the possibility of the individual coming back in another form, and even better off joining his/her own family lineage.

Moreover, the Chinese believe in the fact that beings have only on lifetime. Upon death, this lifetime comes to an end and that will be it. The soul elements disperse never to meet again, hence making it impossible to have multiple lifetimes. The opposite of this belief is heavily emphasized by the Hindu.

The soul only goes through this lifetime as part of its stages on a long term quest to achieve ultimate holiness and take a place beside the Lord Krishna. This promotion and demotion to different worlds is inevitable until the soul reaches its expected purity level.

The Role of Culture in Shaping Society Such culture as that of the Hindu and Chinese shapes greatly the way society reacts to certain phenomenon. Children nurtured in them tend to grow up respectful to their ancestry and of good ethical morals. By naming after the dead, these cultures keep in mind that the new born children in Hindu societies are reincarnations of their fore parents; hence they are brought up in utter discipline.

The Chinese often train their young ones to overcome temptations originating from the yin and to pay attention to their yang (conscience) as they try to reach out and guide them. Finally, with the thought that there is some form of severe punishment with the wrong people do on earth, people tend to try as much as possible to do more good than possible evil.

People believe in such after reading them from aged articles about the consequences of behaving otherwise. Such include the Chinese Oracle, the I Ching (pronounced yee jing) (Life after Death), and through such realizations as the Fourth Way. To add onto that, in times of calamities, individuals resort to seeking hope from such beliefs, and increase their belief when the situation settles down after their soul searching.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Anthropological Comparison between the Chinese and Hindu Society by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion Everyone in the world belongs to a certain culture. No matter where from, cultures often work to the advantage of society. This is specially noted when they result in the establishment of strict behavioral discipline with the belief that the almighty one is watching. This is then take more seriously with the ever looming thought on everyone’s mind that judgment day gets closer with everyday gone by.

Works Cited Baynes, Cary. Wilhelm, Richard. The Secret of the Golden Flower. 1962. 64.

Jayaram, Victor. “Death and Afterlife in Hinduism.” London: Word press, 2010.

“Life after Death.” The Chinese after-life: Taoist approaches to immortality. Spiritual Book Store. W.Va, 2010

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Maspero, Henri. “Le Taoism.” Smith, Howard. Chinese Concepts of the Soul. Paris, 1950. 177.


At 18, Is It Time for a Drink? Argumentative Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

An American teenager who is eighteen years old is allowed to do several things, such as vote, join the military, and get married; however, drinking is not allowed until he or she is twenty-one years old.

The officially permitted drinking age in the U.S. was raised from eighteen to twenty-one in 1988 due to the National Minimum Age Drinking Act that had been signed into law four years earlier by President Ronald Reagan.

The main reason was maturity; that is, at eighteen one is not mature enough to drink responsibly (Kiesbye, 2). However, I agree with the verdict of the group of university and college presidents that the drinking age should be lowered from twenty-one to eighteen.

Opponents of lowering the legal drinking age usually refer to the dangers of binge drinking. They say that the practice is increasing and that any person who is below eighteen is simply not responsible enough to have an alcoholic beverage.

This type of drinking most of the time occurs in the underground and hidden places where the teenagers cannot be discovered. However, although binge drinking is a problem in America, the root cause is the high drinking age that our lawmakers have instituted ignoring certain realities.

Let us face the reality: if a person wants to drink, he or she will definitely find a way to do that. And since legal adults (those over eighteen) are unable to get hold of alcohol themselves, they will inevitably go to hidden places and drink excessively without any supervision or guidance.

When the drinking age is lowered, teenagers can drink responsibly without having to hide themselves. Therefore, “the current limit ignores the reality of drinking during college years and drives it underground, making binge drinking more dangerous and students less likely to seek help in an emergency” (Gordon and Holland, para. 2).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More I think it is of essence to question this law: why is it that the age of twenty-one is the “magical’ age that a person is considered as intelligent and mature enough to drink alcohol? Truly, some adults consume alcohol irresponsibly. On the other hand, some young people are able to drink responsibly.

At eighteen, Americans are regarded as adults. It may seem odd to allow those above eighteen years to marry, drive their own cars, and do other sorts of things, and yet to be prevented by the same law from taking a glass of wine in a café or even a glass of champagne at their own wedding party. I feel that it does not make sense to have a limit that is higher than the legally recognized age of maturity.

Young people look at alcoholic beverages as something exciting (Bishop, 19). They consider it an activity preserved for the adults; however, young people want to be adults As Soon As Possible. Therefore, as is the case in most institutions, they usually carry fake identity cards to drinking dens; thus, leading to more problems, or steal the drinks from their parents’ drink cupboard.

Maintaining the drinking age at twenty-one does not encourage responsible drinking. In addition, when the opportunity to take alcohol arises, “Let us compensate for the lost time” attitude crops in resulting in binge drinking, which leads to results that are even more disastrous.

By reducing the legal drinking age, it would inevitably water down some of the temptation to take alcohol since the young people often say that it is more fun when it is illegal.

And, more so, in most cases, young people tend to engage in illicit activities. Therefore, lowering the age will reduce this tendency. In reality, increasing the drinking age is even worse than not doing anything at all simply because most individuals would want to get drunk as a sign of rebellion to the authority. “Not much can be done to control student drinking.

Americans younger than 21 casually defy the law by secretly drinking. If the law was changed, the practice can take place in the open, where it could be better monitored and moderated” (Snelgrove, para. 22). I think that the obsession of wanting to consume alcohol would lose its appeal if drinking were not regarded as purely an adult thing.

We will write a custom Essay on At 18, Is It Time for a Drink? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As pointed out by the article, “At 18, is it time for a drink?” teen drinking is longstanding problem, which has affected the American society and the drinking age limit has not done enough to cut short.

The American society does not care to instruct the teenagers’ on limits or responsibilities; however, they apparently assume that the teenagers will know their limits and be responsible consumers of alcoholic beverages upon attaining the lawful “magical age” of twenty-one.

A number of developed countries in Europe, such as France, Belgium, and Italy, have established a legal minimum drinking age at sixteen years. It is interesting to note that in those countries one is allowed to drive at eighteen years of age.

If the American society can focus more on educating the youth on responsible drinking habits rather than restriction, then several problems can be prevented (Gordon and Holland, para.16). The youth in the U.S., unlike their counterparts in Europe, are not able to learn how to consume alcohol and other substances gradually, safely and with caution.

Even though the average daily consumption of alcohol in some European nations such as France and Spain is higher than in the United States, the percentage of alcoholism and irresponsible drinking is much lower due to education on safe drinking habits and enforcement of gradual drinking behavior.

Supporters of the legal drinking age often cite possible increase in car accidents as a reason to maintain the drinking age. However, they fail to realize that individuals of all ages get into car crashes, teenagers and adults, when they abuse alcohol.

Educating the public on the dangers of this vice can be more beneficial than simply giving restrictions. In most countries in Europe, teenagers are permitted to drive at eighteen years of age, and also to drink responsibly at the same age.

Therefore, they are able to learn early about the dangers of drinking alcohol and practice good drinking habits. I think that lowering the drinking age would be able to reduce the number of car crashes that are related to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Not sure if you can write a paper on At 18, Is It Time for a Drink? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Restrictions can be put to prevent the teenagers from drinking, but can they really be stopped? No one was there to stop the over ten million American teens aged twelve to twenty who have already drunk an alcoholic beverage at present. Out of this number, it is astonishing that about half of them are engaging in binge drinking.

To put more facts on the table, it is estimated that about eighty percent of students in grade nine through twelve will have tasted at least one drink of an alcoholic beverage in their lifetime and about fifty percent of these students have tasted at least one drink of alcohol in the last one month.

So, tell me, are restrictions stopping them from pursing their illicit courses? Abuse of alcohol among the teens is a real problem that we should not ignore the way we are doing now through unfair restrictions.

Since more and more teens are destroying their lives, I suggest that we try something different, something that can ultimately bear fruits since the high drinking age seems to be taking us nowhere. Therefore, I strongly believe that lowering the drinking age and then educating the teenagers on the dangers of alcohol consumption can reduce this problem.

We should all recognize that America has a huge problem with teen drinking. The only way to find a solution to this problem is by stopping to ignore it. “It’s time we look at the issue afresh and see whether there are better solutions than we currently have in place because, after all, we haven’t solved the problem” (Gordon and Holland, para. 8).

The American teenagers should get more education about the effects of alcohol, rather than giving them punishment. The legal drinking age should be restored to eighteen since the current age at twenty-one lacks any real basis. A lowered drinking age will bring us to reality and institute better ways of curbing the vice. Consequently, fewer problems would arise.

Works Cited Bishop, Bruce. Effects of lowering the drinking age. Salem, Or. : Legislative Research, 1979. Print.

Gordon, Larry, and Holland, Gale. “At 18, is it time for a drink?” Los Angels Times. 8 Aug. 2008. Web.

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Arguing against minimalism, and the notion that – less is more Argumentative Essay best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Definition of Minimalism

Concept of Minimalism Artwork

Examples of Minimalism

Effects of Minimalism


Works Cited

Introduction I am a casual fine art enthusiast like majority of the people and I highly appreciate majority of the art movements such as the modernized impressionism, cubism or surrealism. There is a mystery behind minimalism, which I fail to understand. Minimalism is a unique type of art that one can easily fail to understand and be pleased.

It is a presentation made of simple arcs or shapes arranged in series to form a pattern may be overwhelming but an unbearable collection, if one is not able to find content that they can positively receive. This paper wills try to analyze minimalism in the aim of finding meaning and probable appreciation.

Definition of Minimalism From a personal point of view as an art professional learner, the definition of minimalism in art has basis on the “Less is more” concept. In most cases, this notion lacks applicability because unlike all the common art forms such as sculptures, paintings or drawings, an artist has the freedom to use only the basic shapes such as the geometric shapes or elements of art.

Common minimalism involves sculptural figures that have been reduced to structures made, drawn or painted from basic geometrical shapes (Obendorf, 2009, p.310).

Through my personal interest to learn more about minimalism, I found some sense in the work and appreciated common and favourite artists of the style such as Dan Flavin, Richard Serra and Donald Judd.

Concept of Minimalism Artwork According to Meyer (2010, p.18), In order to appreciate minimalists’ artwork such as Dan Flavin’s collection, there is need to remain open-minded and accept any new ideas which might meet the requirements as art. From a personal point of view, very few people are able to have such kind of reaction over fine artwork. Critical analysis of specific objects or shapes in a collection is also very important (Meyer, 2010, p.18).

Most up-coming art professionals, artwork admirers and those pleased about general art will often perceive the contents in a collection or as a complete form just like a painting, drawing or a sculpture. Minimalists on the other hand perceive objects as single entities detached from the main work (Meyer, 2010, p.18).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Examples of Minimalism A good example of minimalism is the “Tilted Arc” done by a renowned artist, Richard Serra. The artwork was a gigantic 12-foot high steel tilted to an angle as its reference phrase indicates (Kleiner, 2009, p.792). The sculpture was set up at New York’s Federal Plaza but was later brought down due to negative public debate.

Arguably, the public could not understand the artwork especially when they had various views from ether sides, thus the controversies. It was taken apart since people did not appreciate. The sculpture represented a different effect depending on the side of view. The confusion brought out by contractions and expansions depending on the position of the viewer changed the entire environment.

From an artistic point of view, the sculpture made the viewer to be aware of his/her movements. This is an indication that simple art objects are detachable from the entire form to interact with the viewer, and thus assist in defining their movements through the plaza.

This type of interaction is mainly found in minimalism especially in sculptural work. The simple shapes are the key pieces that enhance change and results to a form of interaction with the viewer. The pieces determine the feeling and perception of the viewer during interaction (Buskirk, 2005, p.22).

Placing basic shapes individually such as geometric shapes, lines or arcs, presents a collection of boring objects. When the same shapes are merged to form an art form, they interact with the viewer due to dynamism of shapes from various angles. They pieces therefore become more powerful and influences one’s movement around the artwork, thus altering perception or feeling.

Minimalism may not have similar effects as other common artworks, but the viewer is able to feel some effect from the collection. Another good example of minimalism belongs to Dan Flavin who had a strategic setup of coloured florescent tubes to form a collection (Marzona and Grosenick, 2004, p.48). Different colours of the fluorescents formed an interaction between the lighting.

The lighting interacted with the observer. Colourful lighting combined with simple but dynamic shapes presents a delightful effect that can easily alter moods. Common application of this artwork is in our home where we decorate our rooms with glowing glass light sheds. Spectacular effects are achievable from very simple by combined elements; therefore, ‘less is more’.

We will write a custom Essay on Arguing against minimalism, and the notion that – less is more specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Effects of Minimalism Unlike other common artworks such as drawings or paintings, minimalism has more effects that are negative because it requires the observer to act or respond in order to understand and appreciate. One has to be part of the artwork to realize the artist’s message.

The drawings, paintings and defined sculptures are easy to appreciate without necessarily understanding the artist’s motive or theme, because the technicality is evident.

With minimalism, it is not easy to appreciate an oval, a cube or a splash of paint on the surface. It is intimidating to have a collection of basic shapes and convince people there is artwork when, characteristic theme is not visible.

Conclusion Regardless of the rejection, minimalism receives; it is possible to overcome the intimidation. The basic pieces used in this form of art have a close link to life than the typical or general paintings or drawings.

The only problem is that the link is more hidden and one must interact with the art to find meaning or inspiration.

With powerful interest and concentration on objects made from minimalism, one can understand or appreciate the exclusivity of the work. Te interaction means that minimalism is able to fulfil true success of an artwork, which is interaction with the viewer.

Works Cited Buskirk, Martha. The Contingent Object of Contemporary Art. Massachusetts MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Press, 2005. Print.

Kleiner, Fred S. Gardner’s Art Through the Ages: The Western Perspective. Massachusetts, MA: Cengage Learning, 2009. Print.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Arguing against minimalism, and the notion that – less is more by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Marzona, Daniel and Grosenick, Uta. Minimal art. New York, NY: Taschen, 2004. Meyer, James. Minimalism. New York, NY: Phaidon Press, Incorporated, 2010. Print.

Obendorf, Hartmut. Minimalism: Designing Simplicity. New York, NY: Springer Press. 2009. Print.


Globalization and Globalization as an Economic Phenomenon Report essay help online free: essay help online free

Introduction Globalization is the integration of trade around the world to form an international marketplace where goods and services produced in one continent go to another. Advanced transport and communication technologies facilitate this integration. It has led to a drastic transformation in the way people live around the world, as more efficient processes result in higher quality products.

Labour exploitation With globalization came diversified labour. Corporations outsource production of certain goods and services to countries that specialize in their production.

Labour outsourcing saves immensely on production costs as corporations seek to utilize fully the cheap labour available in third world countries. Some even go to the extent of targeting countries that offer subsidies on their establishments.

Critics call this labour exploitation as these corporations take advantage of poor workers desperate enough to offer their services for income enough to provide food for their families for the day.

Moreover, diversion of these resources leads to the reduction in the purchasing power of the population in the home country. This then leads to an increase in unemployment rates in the same country the products will be up for sale.

Environmental degradation Globalization raised the volume of trading taking place as it gave rise to technology that increases the amount of goods produced per unit of input.

Advances in the financial sector then made this trading more efficient through possibility of making of product orders online and clearing the bills instantly.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Improved standards of living also result from “increased personal incomes brought about by growth-induced trade” (Panayotou) as an added advantage.

Consequently, increase in trade meant increase in pollution from industries and automobiles. Pressure to produce to meet the high demand then led to destruction of cultivating land and forests to avail space for industries.

Changes in climate then follow, condemning the surrounding areas to calamities that include famine and floods. No corporation ever offers to take responsibility for such reactions, as finger pointing ensues when such issues come into light.

Quality of life and economic measures for the family (Central Intelligence Agency) Life expectancy: 76.11 years

Infant mortality rate: 12.7 deaths/1,000 live births

Number of children per family: N/A

Household income: $9,925

We will write a custom Report on Globalization and Globalization as an Economic Phenomenon specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Percentage of population below the poverty line: 19.5% (2003)

Literacy rate: 77.9% (age 15 and over can read and write)

Unemployment rate: 2.4% (2001)

Population with telephones: – 9.358 million (2008) (Mobile Cellular) (% N/A)

31.4% (2008) (Main line)

Population using the internet: 60.9% (2008) 4,798,491

Economic Measures for the Country (answer below) Total GDP: – $186.8 billion (2009 EST.)

GDP real growth rate: -2.7% (2009 EST.)

GDP by sector: – Agriculture: 1.1%

Not sure if you can write a paper on Globalization and Globalization as an Economic Phenomenon by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Industry: 48.5%

Services: 50.4% (2009 EST.)

Labour force by occupation: – Agriculture: 7%

Industry: 15%

Services: 78% (2000 EST.)

Total exports: $174.7 billion (2009 EST.)

Exports as a percentage of GDP: 93.5%

Inflation rate: 1.5% (2009 EST.)

The UAE has proven to be an economic winner after its successful strategies saw it survive the economic recession. “Successful efforts at economic diversification have reduced the portion of GDP based on oil and gas output to 25%” (CIA).

They heavily depended on oil and real estate revenues, which were the hardest hit, but their wide investment portfolio that includes fishing and ship repair cushioned them. Reassurance is that “There are signs of recent increases in hydrocarbon revenues (and) merchandise exports.” (The World Bank Group).

Conclusion As much as globalization advances, people need to understand that it is both to the positive and negative. Currently, advances are in progress in a drive that intends to patch up the zones rendered useless as a result of activities enhanced by globalization. It is only right that corporations contribute all they can to such drives.

The phrase, “patch up the zones rendered useless as a result of activities enhanced by globalization” means,globalization has resulted in land degradation leading to once fertile land being turned into waste land by irresponsible developments. For example, when minerals are discovered in forests, the forests are cleared to give room for extraction.

After the minerals are exhausted, the land that remains cannot be used yield any vegetation, hence is useless. Therefore, globalization has now led to development of technology to return usefulness back into these pieces of land. The most popular method currently is refilling the pits with soil and replanting vegetation.

Works Cited Central Intelligence Agency. CIA – The World Factbook. 29 September 2010. Web.

Panayotou, Theodore. Globalization and Environment. Cambridge: Centre for International Development at Havard University, 2000.

The World Bank Group. “The Middle East and North Africa region shows tentative signs of Recovery in 2010.” June 2010. Web.


Maternal Mortality: Situations, Policies and Programs Essay best essay help

Table of Contents Scenario Differences

Policies that could Hinder EmOC

Design of Effective Programs

Works Cited

Scenario Differences Maternal mortality is responsible for over 514,000 women’s lives every year. Almost all of these lives can be saved in case an affordable, high quality obstetrics care is made available 24 hours a day, every week.

Most of these deaths are as a result of hemorrhages, sepsis (infection), eclampsia, obstructed labor, and unsafe abortion (Lobis, Fry


Analysis of Businesses Effort to Become Carbon Neutral Report scholarship essay help

Introduction Background to t he study

Over the recent past, there has been an increment in the degree of sensitivity with regard to corporate social responsibility amongst the large and small enterprise operating in various economic sectors. According to Epstein (2008, p.288), management teams of firms in different economic sectors are becoming more concerned with the stakeholders and other social issues.

As a result, they are committed towards ensuring that they improve the publicity of their business enterprises thus becoming good corporate citizens. The shift has resulted from an increment in pressure by either the stakeholders or due to an increment in government regulation.

In addition, the shift has also been occasioned by the high rate of globalization. Fisher (2009, p. 1) is of the opinion that the high rate of globalization is culminating into an increment in the rate at which the world economy is becoming integrated. This presents numerous opportunities for firms to exploit. However, a new set of dynamics have also resulted. Some of these challenges are relate to climate change.

There has been increased criticism towards business as being one of the major contributors towards various environmental issues being experienced currently. One of these issues relate to global warming.

This is evident in that businesses have a significant contribution in the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted to the environment. These gases are a major factor in the rise rate of global warming which is a major reason for the current climate change.

In an effort to minimize environmental degradation, various governments have formulated climate change strategies and regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a particular baseline within a given period. In addition, other policy packages which firms are required to implement include adoption of cleaner technologies and emission trading.

Some countries such as the United Kingdom have established energy tax which is charged on firms depending on the amount of carbon they emit (OECD, 2002, p.81). The objective of these policies is to ensure that firms become carbon neutral in their operation. The major driving factor why firms are emphasizing on becoming carbon neutral is to be “clean” in their operation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The resultant effect is that firms will be able to attain their profit maximization objective via reduction in the cost operation and improvement in their publicity. As a result, firms in different economic sectors have adopted the concept of carbon neutrality in their operation via incorporation of various strategies.

Given the level of awareness with regard to the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment, various firms have implemented strategies aimed at attaining carbon neutrality in an effort to comply with the environmental regulations. The strategies being implemented play a significant role in reducing the amount of carbon they emit into the environment.

Businesses are making adjustments either to the inputs used or their quantity so as to reduce the amount of waste generated. For example, firms are adopting cleaner technologies in their operation. Some of these technologies utilize green energy in their operation. The resultant effect is that there is significant reduction in the treatment of the resulting waste. In a quest to become carbon neutral, various firms are making changes to their corporate strategy.

The core objective of these changes is to minimize carbon emission. According to Howe and Gerrad (2010, p.306), increased incorporation of these strategies has led into firms claiming to be carbon neutral. Not only is the credibility of claims by firms being carbon neutral evident in their operational strategies but also in the product they supply to the consumers.

For example, Dell Company which deals with technology products supplies cost saving and environmental friendly products. In addition, the firm has also invested in renewable energy such as solar energy. These claims are credible considering the significance of the strategies in enabling a firm to attain carbon neutrality.


The report is aimed at analyzing businesses’ effort to become carbon neutral and whether the claims made by businesses indicating that they are carbon neutral are credible.


The report is organized into a number of sections. A discussion illustrating the importance of sustainability in business operation is outlined. The various ways through which the environmental regulations implemented are influencing business actions are discussed. In addition, the concept of carbon neutrality and its benefits to businesses is analyzed.

We will write a custom Report on Analysis of Businesses Effort to Become Carbon Neutral specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The role of intermediaries which can help organizations attain carbon neutrality is evaluated. The report also discusses the concept of offsetting. Finally, conclusion and a set of recommendations are outlined.

Sustainability In order to cope with changes in the environment, it has become necessary for firm’s management teams to formulate a new set of operational strategies which would enable the firms to survive in the long term. The resultant effect is that firms would be able to attain the concept of corporate sustainability.

The term sustainability is used differently according to the phenomenon being described. For example, environmentalists use term ecological sustainability while business individuals use the term economic sustainability. On the other hand, sociologists use the term social sustainability.

Considering the dynamic nature of business environment, it has become vital for management teams to consider integrating the concept of corporate sustainability planning. Fisher (2009, p.2) defines corporate sustainability planning as the process of ensuring that there is a balance between a firm’s economic growth, its commitment towards environmental protection and ensuring social equity.

Attaining carbon neutrality is one of the ways through which a firm can consider to be committed towards environmental sustainability.

Corporate sustainability is currently being considered as a new management philosophy. In the 21st century, the concept of corporate sustainability planning is being appreciated by businesses of all walks. According to Fisher, one of the reasons why the concept of sustainability is gaining so much attention is associated with firm’s effort to operate cost effectively (2009, p.1).

By being carbon neutral, a firm can be able to be cost effective in its operation. This arises from the various strategies being implemented such as utilization of renewable energy. In addition, via incorporation of corporate sustainability, it is possible for firms to address key aspects of its existence as outlined below.

Organizational growth


Social justice

Environmental protection

Equality in terms of environmental, social and economic issues

Fisher asserts that by being conscious of the environment in which the firm is operating, every firm will be committed towards reducing their waste disposal. The resultant effect is that the firm is able to save money while at the same time protect the environment.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Analysis of Businesses Effort to Become Carbon Neutral by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In addition, the concept of sustainability enables the firm’s management team to align its organizational goals such as its profit maximization objective with environmental principles.

This means that sustainability presents a classic opportunity for firms to maximize profit and minimize cost while at the same time improving the planet and the livelihood of its people (2009, p.2).

Increased attention on sustainability amongst business enterprises is highly warranted. This is mainly so with regard to the environment. Currently, the world is experiencing numerous challenges. A report by the World Bank (2008, p.11) asserts that environmental issues are one of the major concerns in the world.

All countries around the world have increased their environmental concern especially with regard to carbon emission. However, it is the less developed countries which are hardest hit by changes in the environment and climate change.

The World Bank has been a major advocate in ensuring that firms incorporate the concept of environmental sustainability. The current environmental damage is a cause for concern amongst business enterprises.

As result, it is right for environmental sustainability to be of priority amongst business enterprises. According to Wilhelm (2009, p.12), business leaders are considering for more comprehensive ways through which they can gain a better understanding on the impact of climate change on their businesses.

This would enable them to develop effective strategies to deal with environmental changes. This arises from the fact that environmental damages and challenges arising from climate change present a threat to a countries economic growth. Wilhelm (2009, p.3) is of the opinion that both businesses and individuals have started to feel the effects of climate change.

For example, the resultant effect of a decline in a countries economic growth is that the consumer’s disposable income would be significantly reduced.

As a result, individual’s consumption behavior would be negatively affected. The businesses economic sustainability would be hampered via a reduction in businesses profitability. Therefore, it is important for business enterprises to consider ways through which they can increases their profitability while at the same time address issues related to climate change.

According to Dunphy, Griffitths and Ben (2005, p. 3), some of the challenges being experienced due to climate change and environmental degradation are as a result of business enterprises. Dunphy et al (2005, p.3) asserts that business enterprises are an important part of the society.

The current success being witnessed in business enterprises over the past decade have had a phenomenon impact on the world through exploitation of resources. In their operation, businesses continue to impact the world. It is therefore imperative for businesses to be concerned with the environment.

According to a report by the World Bank on climate change, both firms operating in the private and public sector must collaborate to in order to ensure effective mitigation of various environmental issues. This would be of significant benefit to business enterprises. According to Willard (2005, p.10), sustainability presents numerous opportunities for businesses.

For example, via sustainability, business enterprises are presented with new avenues with regard to product innovation and development and maintenance of stakeholders’ relationship.

Ways in which environmental regulation is influencing the action being taken Various regulations aimed at controlling business operation with regard to the amount of carbon they emit into the environment have been formulated. This arises from the fact that there is a strong correlation between environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality. According to Jenkins, Barton and Hesselberg (2007, p.21), increased environmental regulation presents a challenge to businesses with regard to loss of competitiveness.

To cope with these challenges, businesses can implement various strategies in an effort to maintain their competitiveness. For example, businesses may exaggerate the impact of such regulations to prevent it from being implemented. For example, a study conducted by the Canadian government with regard to carbon emissions by firms in the pulp and paper industry indicated that the firm’s incurred a compliance cost of $4 to $5 for every ton.

However, firms in this industry were complaining that the cost was four times higher. In another case regarding regulation of sulphur-dioxide emission in the United States, the cost was found to be half what was estimated. The main reason for such overestimation with regard to compliance cost is to ensure that firms conduct their operations as usual.

Increased environmental regulation has stimulated firms to take various actions. Some of these strategies relate to their corporate strategy. For example, one of the strategies being integrated by firms in their operation entails inclusion of carbon foot-printing strategy in their operation. This refers to a form of control mechanism which helps business enterprises to baseline the amount of greenhouse gas that they emit. The framework below gives an illustration of carbon footprinting process.

Carbon foot-printing requirement have made firms to adjust their corporate strategies. Through carbon foot-printing, firms’ management teams are able to gain a comprehensive understanding of their operations which are considered to be carbon contributors. This strategy is an essential component in a company’s effort to reduce the amount of carbon emission.

As an environmental regulation strategy, carbon foot printing has a significant influence on the action being taken. Through carbon foot printing, it has become possible for management teams to identify other areas of inefficiency in their organizations systems. This means that this form of environmental regulation does not only enable a firm to reduce its carbon emission but also to operate cost effectively (Wilhelm, 2009, p. 12).

This means that businesses can be able to make the necessary changes to their systems thus attaining their environmental sustainability objective.

Ensuring effective implementation of carbon foot-printing as a form of environmental regulation is paramount. To achieve this, business organizations are required to formulate and implement a carbon foot-printing process. Implementation of this process is having significant influence on the actions being taken. Three main steps are involved. These include;




A number of activities are undertaken with regard to planning. These include setting the boundary, determination of the operations to be measured and setting the baseline year. With regard to setting the boundary for the process, the firms’ management teams have to make a decision which aspects of its operations will be included.

For example, the firms’ management teams have to make a decision whether its leased assets will be included in the process. The firm is at discretion to include such assets even if it is the actual owner.

Decision to include these assets in the carbon foot-printing process lies in the fact that it is the firm’s which is responsible for the resulting carbon emissions as a result of its operation. In addition, the management team has to set a boundary whether to include other components of its supply chain such as the suppler and customers.

According to Wilhelm (2009, p.14), most business enterprises are starting small with regard to carbon foot-printing. However, it is important for firms to include as many aspects as possible in the initial phase. This will enable the firm to identify other areas of carbon emission resulting from its operation thus reducing the cost. Setting the boundary will also involve the firm determining the various sources of its carbon which result from its operation.

Some of the sources include from transportation and freight methods such as via air, train, ship and trucks, solid waste such as garbage, office disposals such as office papers. A baseline with which the firm will track its carbon emission has to be established. The baseline may be backdated to a particular event such as when the firm undertook a merger or setting in of the century.

According to Wilhelm (2009, p.17), this decision is left for the company to decide on itself. Collecting the required data is challenging since the firm may not have sufficient mechanism to track all carbon related information. After completing the carbon calculation, the firm has to set clear reduction goals and formulate a strategy to attain them.

In order to achieve this, the management team has to ensure that a timeframe is well established. In most cases, the reduction target selected is dependent on the firm’s goals, size and its maturity (Wilhelm, 2009, p.18).

Upon completion of the process, the management team has to communicate the results obtained to the employees. This has to be done in such a way that the employees and other stakeholders will understand.

Carbon neutrality Improving their publicity

In their operation, businesses are charged with the mandate of ensuring that they operation in responsible manner. In order to attain this, firms have integrated the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This means that firms’ operations should not have a negative impact on the environment. Effective implementation of the CSR results into a firm improving its publicity. This means that the probability of the firm surviving in the society as a going concern entity is improved. The need to improve their publicity is one of the reasons why firms are incorporating the concept of carbon neutrality. This arises from the fact that business enterprises are a major contributor towards the change environmental change which is currently being experienced. Via improving their publicity, businesses can be able to continue with their operation due to reduction in the intensity of criticism. The resultant effect is that the firms will be able to attain their profit maximization objective. As a result of the financial crisis which occurred in 2008, there has been a shift in individuals’ consumption behavior. Most of the consumers are developing preference of products which they consider to be more sustainable. In addition, consumers are becoming more conscious of their health. In order to attract and retain customers, it is paramount for firms to be conscious of their impact on the environment (Wilhelm, 2009, p.147).

In the 21st century, the concept of carbon neutrality has been integrated within the firm’s CSR profile. Carbon neutrality refers to the concept whereby the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere is equivalent to the amount removed from the atmosphere.

According to Tolhurst, Pohl, Matten and Visser (2010, p. 57), carbon neutrality is attained via offsetting the amount of emissions via a number of ways. Some of these include investing in technologies which have minimal carbon emissions such as renewable energy projects and planting trees. For example, HSBC which is a public limited company operating in the banking and financial services industry in United States invested $ 4 million towards implementation of a programme aimed at minimizing its energy consumption and also to reduce its carbon emission via utilization of green energy for all its energy needs. In addition, the programme would also enable the firm to plant trees. Despite the increased incorporation of the concept of carbon neutrality by financial institution, most individuals perceive this as a publicity stunt. This arises from the fact that activities of these institutions contribute significantly to environmental degradation. However, the effort of firms to adopt carbon neutrality in their operation should be applauded rather than be criticized.

Intermediaries which help firms to become carbon neutral Becoming carbon neutral may be a challenge to both large and small business enterprises. This arises from the fact that these firms may not have the sufficient mechanisms to become carbon neutral. In a quest to become carbon neutral, there are a number of intermediary organizations which assist firms to become carbon neutral as discussed below.

The CarbonNeutral Company

The firm was established in 1997 and has managed to become a global leader with regard to provision of services aimed at reducing carbon. Since its inception, the firm has helped approximately 300 large business enterprises and thousands of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) (The CarbonNeutral Company, 2010).

In its operation, the firm is committed at ensuring that its customers attain value from its services. In order to attain this, the firm has formulated comprehensive carbon management strategies. The firm provides tools to enable firms’ management teams to develop an effective carbon reduction programme.

In addition, Carbon Neutral Company helps its clients to set their reduction targets. In pursuit of carbon neutrality goal, it is crucial for firms to communicate the results of the programme to all the relevant stakeholders.

In order to attain this, there has to be a well developed communication mechanism. The management team has to ensure that all the parties understand. As an intermediary, The Carbon Neutral Company provides management team with the most effective communication mechanism.

Beyond Neutral

This is a firm which was established in 2007 in Australia and operates on an international scale. The core objective of the firm’s establishment is to provide businesses with meaningful ways through which they can deal with the challenges of sustainability and climate change.

Beyond Neutral helps other organizations to improve their sustainability credentials while at the same time reduce its greenhouse emissions. With regard to carbon neutrality, the firm helps its clients in the identification, tracking, verifying, validating and auditing its carbon emissions.

As a result, businesses are able to take advantage of market opportunities and avoid the negative impacts of greenhouse emission. In an effort to ensure that firms attain carbon neutrality, the firm provides its clients with a carbon offset portfolio. The portfolio entails a variety of offsets which are obtained from different projects (Beyond Neutral, 2009).

Commitment to the environment in pursuit of carbon neutrality, necessary changes and investment To achieve the concept of carbon neutrality, businesses must be totally committed towards attaining environmental sustainability. In order to attain this, firms should analyze the impact of their operation on the environment with regard to carbon emission.

According to Kollmuss, Lazarus, Lee and Polycarp (2010, p.1), it is a must that emission of greenhouse gases be reduced by 80% by mid of the 21st century in order to abate the risks of climate change. This means that it is vital for firms to undertake drastic changes in some of their practices.

In addition, these changes will require a significant investment of resources for them to be effective. For example, some carbon emission resulting from the firms’ operation cannot be avoided. However, pursuing the concept of carbon neutrality requires that there should be zero carbon emission coming from the firm’s operation.

Carbon neutrality relies on ‘offsetting’ There is a strong correlation between carbon neutrality and offsetting. To attain carbon neutrality in their operation, firms will be required to purchase carbon offsets. These are financial tools specifically designed for projects aimed at preventing carbon being released from various activities from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

In their commitment to attain carbon neutrality, firms will be required to incorporate a portfolio of offsets. In addition, a considerable amount of investment will be required in the implementation of technologies which are carbon-saving in nature.

In addition, firms will be required to change some of their practices. For example, with regard to the firm’s energy needs, it is paramount for firms to incorporate green energy and other types of renewable energy. This will play a significant role in the firm’s effort to become carbon neutral and hence its commitment to the environment.

Kollmuss et al (2010, p.1) assert that carbon offsetting is gaining attention amongst individuals and organizational policy makers as one of the most effective ways through which firms can address the challenges associated with climate change. Incorporation of carbon offsets is paramount in a firms effort to attain carbon neutrality and hence its environmental targets.

This arises from the effectiveness with which carbon offsets avert carbon emission. According to Taiyab (2006, p.3), carbon offsets neutralizes the carbon dioxide equivalent (one ton) which is emitted at one place. This is achieved either by absorbing another tone of carbon dioxide equivalent released elsewhere or preventing its release. The offsets are developed via various projects. Some of these include;

Renewable energy

Destruction of industrial gases

Energy efficiency

For example, if a particular business enterprise emits approximately 20,000 tones of carbon dioxide every year, it can offset its emission by planting trees which will absorbs an equivalent amount within the same time period. Alternatively, the firm can invest in a renewable energy project or energy efficient stoves which would be supplied to the poor.

Through such projects, a firm is able to offset the amount of its carbon emissions thus becoming carbon neutral (Taiyab, 2006, p.4). In addition to that, carbon offset projects have the capacity of absorbing other greenhouse gases from the environment. This makes it to be an effective strategy for firms in their effort to achieve their environmental target.

Conclusion The concept of sustainability has proved to be very important amongst businesses in the 21st century. This is due to the fact that it is one of the ways thorough which businesses can maintain their competitive advantage amidst numerous challenges. There are various aspects of sustainability applicable to businesses.

One of them includes environmental sustainability. In their effort to achieve environmental sustainability, business enterprises are increasingly incorporating the concept of carbon neutrality.

This arises from the fact that businesses are a major contributor of the carbon emissions which is one of the key causes of climate change via global warming. Therefore, the priority being given to sustainability as an environmental issue is warranted.

Incorporation of carbon neutrality will play a significant role in businesses effort to attain sustainable development hence surviving into the future as going concern entity.

In addition, attainment of carbon neutrality will also enable businesses to attain their profit maximization objective. This arises from the fact that business organizations will be able to improve their publicity. This arises from the fact that the society will develop a positive attitude towards the firms hence considering the firm to be a part of the society.

As a result, there is a high probability of businesses attaining customer loyalty. As a result of being carbon neutral, firms will be able to operate cost efficiently.

In order to for firms to be regarded as being carbon neutral, there are a number of changes that the firms’ management team will be required to undertake. Despite the cost involved during the change process, the firm will benefit from being carbon neutral in the long run.

Recommendations In order to be carbon neutral in their operation, it is paramount for the firm’s management team to consider implementing the following recommendations.

Firms should ensure that they incorporate the concept of carbon footprinting in order to determine the amount of carbon they emit into the atmosphere as a result of their operation.

If the firms do not have all the necessary mechanisms to undertake carbon footprinting, they should outsource these services from other intermediary organizations. This will enable the firm to be effective in measuring the amount of carbon it emits into the environment.

In an effort to achieve carbon neutrality, it is paramount for firm’s management team to consider integrating the concept of carbon offsetting. This will enable the firms to prevent carbon emissions and at the same time operate social responsibility. The concept of carbon offsetting will require a substantial amount of investment. It is therefore important for the firm to rely on its own reserves other than sourcing the required finance externally.

Reference List Beyond Neutral. (2009). Company profile. Retrieved from

Dunphy, D.C., Griffiths, A.


Examples of Punctuality in the Workplace – 1000-Word Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

The term punctual refers to appearing at the regular appointed place at the specific time while punctuality refers to the attribute of being able to finish a requisite duty prior to the allocated time.

According to Brooke and Price (140), some of the reasons as to why there is lack of punctuality among employees include; different work attitudes of job satisfaction, job involvement and organizational commitment.

Webb (46) argues that a positive attitude towards ones work can help foresee if the employee will be punctual during their work term and also deadlines affect the completion of the tasks given to employees.

Wardy (105) study found out that the three main reasons as to why employees are not punctual at the workplace are; lack of respect, lack of accountability and lack of organization. Lack of respect is whereby the employees who running late do not inform or call prior to inform the respective people of their delay this results in time wastage for their fellow co-workers and loss of money for the company.

Lack of accountability is when employees arrive late at work, for a meeting or submitting work late. Employees should be held liable and they should be able to effectively give answers and explain their mishaps.

If the managers themselves are punctual and include punctuality as part and parcel of deadlines and yearly evaluations, the employees will in turn be punctual as they will be expected to do so. Lack of organization is when employees do not manage their time or they do not effectively plan their time and the tasks they are supposed to finish at an allocated time period. Therefore these employees end up with a lot of things to do and with no time to finish their tasks resulting in lateness.

Most employees are usually not punctual to the work place at the beginning of the week, because during the weekend most people tend to relax and enjoy the free days as much as possible. As the week progresses employees are more punctual to work as they have gotten used to the idea of waking up early heading to work.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Other days when employees are more frequently not to be punctual are the days when it rains, or snows heavily in the mornings these natural weather patterns seem to cause snarl ups of traffic jams therefore affecting the punctuality of employees and also employers.

At the time Wardy was conducting his research; he was an employee at different American organizations and observed his findings from a natural setting. In his findings, he made the conclusion that not even once did the employees or the supervisors apologize for being late.

On the other hand while he was an employee at Panasonic, a Japanese company, his superior profusely apologized for coming into a meeting late although he could not help it as an emergency had caused the delay. These two similar situations show how different people react to punctuality and how if they are running companies how the employees would react differently to their supervisors.

Promoting punctuality in the work place Webb and Chapman (78) suggested the following ways in which employees can improve their punctuality records at the workplace;

Ask the employees to envisage every appointment as an interview and make sure you arrive at the designated area earlier than the actual time stated. This will give one ample time to relax and compose one self for whatever is coming afterwards. Also budget in emergencies or unplanned mishaps like mechanical difficulties with the car or traffic delays so that you can arrive before the time agreed upon. If all employees would imagine that every day they are going to work, they are attending an important interview that they cannot afford to miss, they would always be punctual for work and lateness would be a thing of the past. Soon they would have formed the habit of getting to work early and starting their work on time hence maximizing profits for the company and minimizing on loses.

Request the employees to imagine that they own the company or they are shareholders in the company and how they would feel if they were always counting losses because of lack of punctuality from employees. This will give employees a feel of what the employers go through when they come into work late and may make them change their behavior of arriving late for work and wasting valuable company time while catching up with their colleagues.

With the employees empathizing with their colleagues who are punctual at the work place and getting their work done on time, may make the employees change their behavior for the better. Most employees get angry at their colleagues who constantly keep arriving at the workplace late as they feel their time is not being respected and constantly being wasted and therefore creating a hostile working environment whereby work can not be carried out effectively. A hostile working environment will make employees antagonistic affecting their productivity to the company.

An employer should expect each employee to make a verbal commitment to being punctual during the tenure employment and they should be held legally responsible to their word. This will make the employees feel as if they are going back on their word and cheating themselves hence prompting them to be punctual to their places of work and in doing their work.

Modesty should also be put in practice at the work place this will ensure respect of everyone in the work place whether junior or senior in position. Employees and employers should also get into the habit of apologizing when they arrive late for work or hand in late reports or delay in passing of some information. Employees should also take responsibility for their actions at the work place and not let their colleagues suffer unnecessarily because of their mistakes or short comings.

However, a study done by Buehler, Dale and Michael (128), reveals that when men and women are compared at the workplace in terms of their punctuality, no specific gender seemed to be more punctual than the other.

Although women seem to be more absent from work than men due to unavoidable circumstances like maternity leave, while men walk into work late and waste a lot of time reading the newspapers during company time.

In conclusion punctuality in the workplace depends on the company values, time allocated for the completion of each task as well as the individuals themselves. Employees with a longer deadline are most likely to finish their tasks later than those with a shorter deadline due to procrastination.

We will write a custom Essay on Examples of Punctuality in the Workplace – 1000-Word Essay specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Employees should strive to be punctual at the work place and in their work so that they can not only improve the quality of their work and the image of the company. However, there are more ways of promoting employee punctuality in the workplace other than the ways suggested and discussed in this paper.

Depending on the nature of the work and the locality of the place of work, an employer should be able to identify and focus on how he or she can promote the virtue of punctuality among its/his employees.

In addition, the employers should give more incentives to encourage employees to be punctual and they should also take note of employees who alack in punctuality and act upon it, hence measures to promote and check on employee punctuality should be put in place.

Works Cited Brooke, Russell


The Promotion of Justice Essay best essay help

Justice is a broad concept that basically refers to acts of fairness as a way of creating order of philosophies within a society. “It is basically a concept of moral rightness that is based on ethics, natural law, fairness or equity, religion and rationality along with the provision of punishment for the breach of such said ethics” (Rawls


Ethics in Public Administration. Case 2 – Paul’s Scenario Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Outline Introduction.

Main Body

Principles defining each character.

Implementation of the traditional ethical thinking skills.

Utilization of the ethical triangle.


The ethical approaches need to be combined for the purpose of more effective decision-making in public administration. The elements of the ethical triangle may be used as filters for ethical analysis of the situations and appropriate decision making. Kent Chartwell, Marion Meriwether and Winston Battle in case 2 Paul’s scenario are examples of Peter, Mary and Paul schemes of human behavior.

Only combining the three traditional ethical approaches (virtue, principle and consequences) and acting in accordance to the ethics triangle, the mayor could achieve the greatest good for the greater number.

Interacting with Marion Meriwether and Winston Battle, Mayor Chartwell had to deal with specialists possessing Mary and Paul charts of competence. Thus, being competent, enthusiastic and creative but not promoted, Marion is an example of Mary scheme of professional behavior.

Actually, she retrains, knows all the angles of the sphere, generates brilliant ideas, and does all the work, but her contribution seems to remain unnoticed because she is offered to be an assistant or co-director but not to take the lead.

Winston Battle is an example of Paul competence chart. On the one hand, this employee lacks creativity and enthusiasm. On the other hand, he is reluctant to work on the project and seems to be tired and over burnt. It is possible that he has performed well in the past but he is absolutely useless, running the summer recreational program.

The virtue, principles and consequences approaches have been implemented by the participants of the scenario. Mayor Chartwell decides on the principle approach, insisting on leaving Battle as the director of the program, supposing that if an individual has been appointed for the position, he must have deserved it and can do his best, contributing to the greatest good.

Marion Meriwether used the virtue approach, intuitively defining measures that can be beneficial for improving the project and enhancing its effectiveness. The consequences approach has been chosen by Battle as he was not interested in the process and its details.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More He used the summer program for padding his personal payroll and being informed that he would have to make some efforts for making the program more effective, decided to leave the project. Thus, overutilizing a single model, each of the characters would have failed to reach the greatest good.

Only using the ethic triangle can help to balance virtue, balance and consequences approaches and to promote the public interest. Thompson


The role of morphemes in the English language Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Every day we use the language in order to express our opinion and in order to understand what we hear from others. The conventional use of language involves the knowledge of grammar, spelling, language in use, etc. However, sometimes the general rules are violated with different purposes. One of the cases is a word play.

Word play can often be met in our daily life. For example, in the television show “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, the cartoonist Charlez Schulz presented a scenario, in which Linus tells Charlie Brown: “Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you’re the Charlie Browniest.” This sentence is with no doubt an example of excellent sense of humor. However, what is more obvious, Charlez Schulz is a professional writer, who knows how to use all the tools offered by language to achieve the desired stylistic effects.

For instance, in this concrete example the writer used some morphemes in order to make the sentence sound funny. The first proof is the word “Browns”. The author used the morpheme “s”, which in English language is applied to denote the plurality.

Despite the fact that the sentence was addressed to a concrete person, and there is no other person similar to the addressee, the writer points to the plurality of the name. Such paradox emphasizes the uniqueness of the person, meaning that there is a little chance for existence of many Charlie Browns in the world.

Another unusual use of morphemes is observed in the second mentioning of the name. Charlez Schulz uses the phrase “the Charlie Browniest”. Here the morpheme “est” at the end of the surname is added by the author. This morpheme is traditionally used in the English language in order to show the highest level of comparison.

Thus, the message of this morpheme is that the addressee has the most characteristic features and qualities of Charlie Brown. Instead of writing a long explanation, the author preferred to use one morpheme to express this idea.

Interestingly, the use of the morpheme “est” plays one more role in this sentence. The personal noun, which denoted the name of a personal, changed its grammatical category into general. Indeed, while “Charlie Brown” is a personal noun, the word phrase “the Charlie Browniest” means that there are other Charlie Brown, or people having more or less qualities of Charlie Brown. This changed “Charlie Brown” into a general notion.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another peculiar detail about using the morpheme “est” in this case is that it is used with a noun. In fact, such use of this morpheme is unacceptable, as far as this morpheme can only be used with adjectives. If so, than what does the word “Charlie Brown” mean? If the author wants us to treat this word combination as an adjective, than what qualities should it represent? In any case, the listeners are left to decide.

The author was directed not with the grammar rules but with his own vision of the words and their meaning. As a result, words changed their grammatical categories, subcategories, properties, and changed their lexical meaning. All these transformations helped the cartoonist to achieve the desired effect in the sentence.

As we can see, the role of morphemes in the English language cannot be underestimated. Being the smallest part of the spoken and written language, it can have a huge impact on the meaning of the words and sentences, make them either sophisticated or witty, formal or jargon, etc. The example of Charlez Schulz’s scenario proves the stated above information.


C. P. Ellis, One Writer’s Beginnings, and The Story of my Body Essay best college essay help

C. P. Ellis, One Writer’s Beginnings, and The Story of my Body show a life story that describes some important events and people who changed their views on life. The first story is about the former Ku Klux Klan leader, C. P. Ellis, who had to overcome his prejudices. One Writer’s Beginnings by Eudora Welty tells about the writer’s experiences and the way they influenced her decision to become a writer.

Like the previous two stories, The Story of My Body is also based on personal experience where the author describes skin, color, and appearances as the parts of the body that influence social attitude. The stories show that people’s judgments are based on appearances rather than on people’s interactions.

All the stories are similar because they have the same narrative structure and character development. Considering the stories’ setup (place and character’s background), the works depict the past events that happened to the protagonists. The characters use their experience to change something in their lives.

In C. P. Ellis, the writer discusses the past events the moments that made a character become a separatist. In the second story, the writer depicts the feelings and senses that the character had when she wanted to become a writer. Finally, in The Story of My Body, the author pays attention to appearances that influenced a Puerto Rican girl.

When discussing the character development, all stories present the idea that all characters realize the changes that happened to their lives. The reasons of those changes were the need for self-realization and analysis of the past events.

Hence, the protagonists have to face their prejudices. However, One Writer’s Beginnings provides a different way to stress the climax of the story which is also similar to its resolution. While recollecting her knowledge, she explains how she becomes a fiction writer. However, the narration of the past belongs to non-linear type.

The other two stories belong to a linear structure because one event causes another. Nevertheless, one can observe that the narrative structures run logically because they are not interrupted by flashbacks from the past. Therefore, the climax appears at the end of the stories.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Despite some differences in character development, the resolution of the plot line is almost the same in all the stories. In particular, the heroes realize problem, face it, and find a logical resolution to it. In addition, all stories show the way characters face racial and gender differences and break stereotypes and prejudices.

However, One Writer’s beginnings is focused on the analysis of recollections that are considered to be the greatest treasures. They helped to put all the moments form life together in one logical image.

In conclusion, in the end of the stories, the protagonists realize that the best way to change oneself is to face the problem and overcome it. All the stories are based on personal experience and the way it improves people’s life for the better.

Hence, the main protagonist of C. P. Ellis manages to put up with his racial stereotypes and start a new life that is free of hatred and aggression.

One Writer’s Beginnings proves that a person can reach the goal if he/she really wants to. Finally, The Story of My Body shows that personal interaction is possible only when a person can accept his/her originality.


Drug Use by Employees Essay best essay help: best essay help

Drug testing coupled with reference checks among medical practices are some of the pre-employment tactics subjected to employees. Though some may consider them as a waste of time and resources, they are a priority to various job markets. Employers have sought to use these tests in getting quality workers and improving the productivity of their businesses.

They carry them out to all people seeking for jobs. They have put in place powerful gadgets that detect any signs of drug use by employees. Employers should know and monitor drug use amongst employees for the performance of any company depends on productivity of employees and inappropriate drug use may affect this.

Drug use carries with it consequences, some of which are positive and others negative. The healing brought about by use of drugs can be viewed as a positive consequence whereas drugs taken to arouse feelings may be viewed as bringing a negative impact. According to the National Drug Intelligence Centre (2006), the negative side effects of drugs affect the user, his/her family and friends, as well as his/her business.

Since business is among the affected areas, any employer willing to offer a job in his/her business has to know the drug status of his/her willing employees, if at all he/she is looking forward to maximising his/her profits. This on the other hand gives all employers a right to know the drug use of their employees.

In a discussion like this, one student argued that not all drug uses affect the employee’s performance and according to him, if this is the case, then employers ought to show no concern to the use of drugs by their employees.

This is true but to some extend. Box (2002) says, even if the employee’s drug use does not affect his/her performance, the fact that drugs affect their corresponding users is an implication that the business has to be affected at some point.

“Quality results in whichever field, are only achieved by drugs-free employees” (David, 2004). These observations make it clear that employers need to consider drug use as a barrier of the performance of their businesses because there exist an unarguable negative correlation between business performance and drugs oriented employees.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Some drug use constitutes a serious health risk and ultimately death. Another student pointed that, health issues are private and if the affected can rise up and carry out his/her duties, it will be against his/her rights for any person to claim the status of his/her health.

Jeremy (1998) puts it clear by giving the illustration of pilots, drivers, as well as train managers. He emphasises much on consequences that arise untimely. For instance, blindness is an effect associated with the use of some drugs and shows up anytime the respective drug is used. For the aforementioned people, a case like this arising from one person can turn catastrophic.

“Prevention is better than cure” (Ferroglio, 2000). This is true and to the point and if a drug test can help prevent such a disaster, then, it becomes a right for employers to know the drug levels of their employees, failure to which their businesses can fall abruptly.

To sum up, as a manager, given the opportunity to address the issue of employee drug use, I would call upon all to join hands in the fight against drug use not only to employees, but to all in general. This is because it is only a few people, who are aware that, maintaining and developing ones life is the greatest business we have.

The fact that we are living is a sign that we have a business to manage and among the barriers of its growth, drug use is one and ought to be fought against. That is why I, in no doubt, encourage all employers to claim their right in knowing drug use by their employees.

Reference List Box, L. (2002). Drugs and Employment. New York: Heinemann Publishers.

David, L. (2004). Drugs: Effects and Treatment. West Virginia: W.Va Press.

We will write a custom Essay on Drug Use by Employees specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Ferroglio, P. (2000). Employers and Employees Rights. Morgantown: W.Va Press.

Jeremy, O. (1998). Employment: Quality Results. Martinsburg: Appalachian editions.

National Drug Intelligence Centre (2006). National Drug Threat Assessment. Retrieved from


Lobbying and Bribery: The Fine Line between Legal and Illegal Influence Critical Essay writing essay help

Many arguments have been made whether a difference exists between lobbying and bribery. There are those who feel that lobbying is a form of polished and sophisticated bribery, whereas others are of the view that a clear line of demarcation exists between the two. This essay is going to look at the differences between lobbying and bribery and what legislations in the United States of America treat the two.

The story carried by the Washington Post on January 15, 1999, brought to the fore the arguments supporting or refuting the differences between bribery and lobbying. The paper reported that lobbyists of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games have been accused of bribery in their efforts to influence the members of the International Olympics’ Committee (Washington Post, 1999).

The story reveals that a fine line which is sometimes blurred separates lobbying from bribery. Lobbying can be conceptualized as efforts to influence politicians and other key individuals to make decisions on ones favor (Atkinson, 2008). On the other hand, bribing is also described as efforts to influence politicians and other key individuals to make decisions on one’s favor. However, the difference between the two is the fact that lobbyists offer no money or gifts.

But the main motivator in bribery is the offer or promise of money and property by the individual (United States Department of Justice, 2008). This means that lobbying is legal and is carried out overtly. In contrast, legislations such as Foreign Corrupt Practices Act illegalize and criminalize bribery. Bribery is mainly carried out covertly (Rich