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The first unconventional form of art I have selected for my presentation is a manmade Christmas tree made of used CDs (image 7 in the list of top ten crazy Christmas trees). It was designed by an artist Tom Deininger and displayed at the Chelsea Market in NYC in 2010.

I must admit that the idea of creating this three-dimensional work of art from recycled materials was not only original, but also a rather successful one. This huge tree became a decoration of NYC. It was necessary to come close to this work of art to see what materials were used by the artist.

Due to the specific qualities of CDs and their ability to reflect light and display the different colors of the spectrum, this work of art creates a visual illusion. At first glance, it is hard to say what colors and materials are used in this amazing construction. The lines used by the artist are obscure, but the shape of the work of art resembles a conventional form of a Christmas tree.

In my opinion, the main message conveyed by the artist in this Christmas tree is his call to conserve the natural resources and not to use them for people’s entertainment. Another symbolic meaning of the tree composed of used CDs is the technological progress in the era of information technologies.

It is notable that all of the CDs used for construction of this unconventional work o art were used and obviously contained certain units of information on them. When I imagine all kinds of music, films and photos which might have been recorded on these CDs, I see this Christmas tree as an information web (Inhabitat, 2011).

Finally, this manmade Christmas tree clearly demonstrates that these are people who are responsible for Christmas miracles.

Costa – Covent Garden 3-D street painting shows how easily people can be deceived. Using the pavement as his canvas, Manfred Stader has become one of the most outstanding street painters in the world. The realistic picture of a giant cup of coffee created by Manfred in London is really stunning.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Regardless of the visual illusion of three-dimensional effect, this work of art is a two-dimensional one. The artists used only chalks and waste products received in the process of coffee roasting. However, the effect produced upon the audience is amazing. Therefore, these were not only special techniques, but also profound skills of the artist which enabled Manfred to create this masterpiece in London’s Covent Garden in front of one of Costa Coffee’s UK cafes.

The frog on the foam of coffee is an important detail made of chaff. The shadow from the saucer and the highlights on the cup and other details create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional object (3-D street-art, n.d.). The shapes used by the artist can be explained with his intentions to create the illusion and impress the spectators. However, when viewing the picture from other angles, people would not see the illusion.

Although this pavement work of art was actually used as a marketing technique by one of Costa Coffee’s UK cafes, it definitely conveys a symbolical meaning. By using the waste materials of coffee industry for creating this picture, the artist intended to say that coffee production can and should be sustainable.

Therefore, the visitors of this café not only enjoy the taste of coffee and desserts, but also can be certain that the administration of Costa Coffee tries to use sustainable manufacturing methods.

Reference List 3-D street-art. Costa – Covent Garden. Web.

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Health and Health Care Policy Essay a level english language essay help

The National Health Service of United Kingdom provides an all-inclusive range of health services to its residents. This healthcare system receives its funding from the public through general taxations. The focus of this healthcare system is to provide free medical services, which is usually expressed as ‘free at the point of use’.

This expression has had several interpretations over the years from different people in the United Kingdom leading to several questions concerning the free medical service. How does the system work? Any person with a National Health Service number is eligible for the ‘free at the point of use’ medical service, and this covers every individual in the United Kingdom including non-residents.

The main principles of the National Health Service are to provide healthcare services to all people, and this means all the medical services that the resident of the United Kingdom might need. Over the years, the principles of the NHS have been undergoing several changes in an attempt to determine which services a resident should acquire free of charge.

This has brought rationing of the services that the programme could cater for and to which extent it can cover the patient’s needs. The rationing of National Health Service should be practiced in the United Kingdom and other countries which have similar programmes for several reasons. There was a proposal of savings in the healthcare department and to achieve its main goals, the National Health Services should introduce rationing in the provision of healthcare services.

The efficiency saving requirements are meant to improve services to be provided by the programme, and this type of savings will make the nurses and doctors apportion the services they provide the subscribers of the programme with. In this case, under the moral claim for free treatment or service from the National Health Service, would fall the case where the patient, for instance, requires a surgery, threatening his or her life (Butler, 1999, p. 45).

The rationing may also improve the services provided by the programme and at the same time reduce the waiting lines, which many patients seeking for healthcare services face nowadays. In addition, the apportion of medical services provided by the National Health Service (NHS) will boost the private healthcare firms, which provide similar medical treatment.

There will be a boost in their businesses and people will not depend on this healthcare system but rather seek for the assistance of private healthcare. In the end, there will be competition from both ends hence provision of better medical services from both parties. For the above reasons, rationing in the National Health Service has been a proposal that so many people have debated on and others seem to welcome the idea; especially the funders like the government (Gorsky, 2008, p. 72).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The big question relates to whether rationing of the National Health Service should be carried out, because the scope of its services covers the following: long-term healthcare, dentistry, primary care, ophthalmology, and in-patient care.

If healthcare rationing is brought, it should begin with reducing the scope of the medical services the programme provides so that there can also be a reduction in the expenditure. In the recent times, some of the services previously presented in the list offered by the NHS have been removed. The following services like hip replacements, eye problems, and many others were qualified as ‘not urgent’ and were all added to that list.

However, this new healthcare “status quo” can only worsen the situation in this public sector as people start shifting from public to private medicine. However, most of the private practices do not deal with complaints and if NHS hires the staff who handles various complaints, including of primary care service, private healthcare organizations have no facilities to provide the patients with qualitative responses in timely manner (Ringold, Holla


Nuclear Weapons Should Be Abolished Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Introduction

Abolishing Nuclear Weapons



Introduction In the present day, Nuclear disarmament is top of the U.S and global agenda more than it has ever been before from the start of the nuclear era. For instance, it is reported that “George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, William Perry and Sam Nunn have urged turning the goal of a world without nuclear weapons into a practical enterprise among nations” (Perkovich, 2008, p.1).

It is also reported that President Obama has made a pledge to “renew the goal of a world without nuclear weapons” (Perkovich, 2008, p.1). Moreover, John McCain pointed out that it is now time to “take further measures to reduce dramatically the number of nuclear weapons in the world’s arsenals” (Perkovich, 2008, p.1).

Other leaders in the world like Gordon Brown, the British Prime minister, expressed the need “to accelerate disarmament amongst possessor states to prevent proliferation to new states, and to ultimately achieve a world that is free from nuclear weapons” (Perkovich, 2008, p.1).

All these people are leaders in the nations having nuclear weapons. The calls made by these leaders give a clear indication that nuclear weapons pose a danger to the world. In this paper, it is going to be argued that; the nuclear weapons should be abolished since they pose a great danger to life on earth.

Abolishing Nuclear Weapons The nuclear weapons are the only kind of weapons that exist which have the ability to wipe out all living things on earth. According to Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (1999), “the very existence of nuclear weapons leaves open the possibility that a nuclear exchange might take place”(Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 1999, p.1).

This could take place eiher deliberately or by mistake. Lack of absolute “nuclear disarmament” may lead to terrorists having access to the nuclear weapons. Reports have been given out of the attempts to smuggle “weapons-grade plutonium from Russia” (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 1999). Having fewer numbers of the nuclear weapons implies that there are very minimal chances of terrorists stealing these weapons. Each and every measure taken to abolish nuclear weapons will serve to bring up the level of security.

Without abolishing the nuclear weapons, the danger that will always be there is that more and more states will seek to obtain these weapons and this will eventually lead to an increase in the number of countries having nuclear weapons, making the world to be the most dangerous place to live in.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Feoktistov (2000) supports the idea of abolishing the nuclear weapons and points out that these weapons are immoral in the true sense for the reason that they are basically “directed against the civilian population and carry an inherent threat to life on earth” (Feoktistov, 2000, p.52).

According to Greenpeace International (2011), there is nothing like a “small nuclear explosion” and any explosion of the nuclear weapons will have disastrous impacts on life on earth. It is pointed out that “the existence and spread of nuclear weapons stands in the way of any real possibilities for true safety, security and peace and the only solution is to abolish them” (Greenpeace International, 2011, para 1) .

It is reported that in the years that have just passed, the threat coming from the nuclear weapons has turnout out to be even more unpredictable since the nations that have these kind of weapons such as Russia, the United States, France and the United Kingdom, have failed to fulfill the promises they made in the “Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to disarm” (Greenpeace International, 2011, para 2).

The entire international community and a number of key nations in particular, have to deal with the call for resolving the contradiction at the core of the “nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty” which some people say implies “nuclear energy is an inalienable right” (Greenpeace International, 2011, para 3).

According to Greenpeace International (2011), the “inalienable right to nuclear energy is a historical and political mistake; the real legitimate right is to clean and safe energy and nuclear energy is neither” (Greenpeace International, 2011, para 3). There has been acquisition of the “nuclear weapons capabilities” by nations in the world through what is referred to as “peaceful civilian nuclear programs” and this has taken place in such nations as Iraq, India and North Korea (Greenpeace International, 2011).

The invention of nuclear weapons has not prevented wars between the states that have these weapons and those that do not have. The states that have nuclear weapons have even engaged in more wars than those that do not have. Between the period beginning 1945 to 1997, the nuclear weapons states have engaged in an average of about five wars and, on the other hand, the non-nuclear weapons states have had an average of 0.62 wars (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 1999).

Those who do no support the idea of abolishing the nuclear weapons present claims that, weapons like these have at least prevented “large-scale conflict” between the superpowers and especially between the former USSR and the United States (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 1999).

We will write a custom Essay on Nuclear Weapons Should Be Abolished specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, although no more world wars have come up beginning from the time the nuclear weapons were developed and their use started, this is not evidence sufficient to indicate that they are the nuclear weapons that are responsible for maintaining the peace. It is not clear that any of the superpowers had intentions of engaging in war with each other on a large scale.

It is also pointed out that not all American leaders support the idea that the world without nuclear weapon is desirable (Perkovich, G.


National Health Service Essay college admission essay help

Table of Contents Brief Background

Importance of Public Health

Difficulties in Promoting Health


Brief Background Public healthcare in the United Kingdom is provided by the National Health Service where all citizens with permanent residence status have free access to healthcare. This program’s budget comes from the general taxation funds. The provisions of public healthcare differ from one territory of the United Kingdom to the other (Triggle, 2008). Healthcare programs throughout the United Kingdom have been created to aid citizens in taking care of their well-beings.

Importance of Public Health Public health does not generally concern with the individual level, but with the population level. With basically everyone in a location as the market, it is not easy for governments to device systems that will cater to everyone and in all aspects. The Nuffield Council on Bioethics (2007) stated that the central issue in public health is whether it is acceptable for the state to establish policies that will affect national health or not.

Liberties of individuals to act on their own health care on their own preferences are considered. However, the Council (2007) notes that constraining liberties to some extent play an important role in assisting people to act autonomously in the first place, like in establishing primary and secondary education as compulsory acts.

States, including liberal states, have the responsibility to cater to people’s universal needs, whether individually or collectively. Thus, healthcare programs are created that aim to reduce illness and promote health among the people. These programs also aim to ensure that health care is easily available to anyone qualified for it (members of its nation).

Difficulties in Promoting Health One reason the government has difficulties with promoting public health is that since the devolution of powers in the UK, the different nations implemented different healthcare systems amongst themselves. NHS Confederation boss Gill Morgan stated that the UK basically has four different systems albeit with the same set of values (Triggle, 2008).

England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have the same or similar healthcare goals but execute their systems differently. For example, in England, hospitals and community centres compete with the private sector for patients, while in Scotland; the private sectors have limited involvement. In Wales, health agencies work well with their local governments, while in Northern Ireland; political issues hamper innovations in the system.

The problem with this diverse system is that patients from one nation compare services they receive from patients of other nations. Joyce Robins of a patient group called Patient Concern said that the differences were “breeding envy” (Triggle, 2008) from patients across the UK. Patients of one nation observe patients from other nations and wonder why they do not receive the same services as the other. This incites negative reactions towards nations’ healthcare systems.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Health agencies do attend to the issue of promoting health by facilitating promotional activities. But they usually focus on only one health determinant at a time. The World Health Organization (1998) as cited in Ziglio, et al. (2000) observed that changes from these promotions were minimal and did not produce any major impact on the determinants of health or the development of policies.

Health promotion then must be dynamic and relentless in order for it to produce visible and positive results. All patients cannot be pleased by a single healthcare system thus government agencies must take note on improvements suggested by citizens to further improve public healthcare in the UK.

References Triggle, N., 2008. NHS ‘now four different systems.’ BBC News. Web.

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Influencing performance Essay college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Enhancing individual motivation and performance

One method of improving individual or group performance



Introduction Scholars indicate that employee’s performance is a fundamental aspect of organizational success. For an organization to enhance its performance, a need arises to embrace divergent recommendations to add worth to the organization. As such, performance management should influence organizational processes through individuals and teams.

Enhancing individual motivation and performance Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) should boost individual motivation and performance, which are essential aspects that affect the competence of the organization. Individual motivation should be managed to reduce the process loss and increase synergy. Additionally, management should comprehend that enthusiasm amidst workers involves sacrificing individual’s interests for the good of the whole company. The organization should use the competitive compensation method to motivate every worker.

The competitive reward method involves awarding persons when they successfully perform in a group. Further elaboration indicates that people in a team receive rewards basing on their performance. Indeed, the rewards vary depending on the routines (Griffin


Jane Austen’s ‘The text of Persuasions’ from a cultural stand point Research Paper a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Jane Austen’s novel titled Persuasion is a captivating must-read chef-d’oeuvre that presents an expression of the profound concerns she raised about the use of persuasion and the levels at which individuals use it in her society. Persuasion has proved a working tool based on how it influences an individual’s choices.

Although the book was tilted by her brother after she died, persuasion as a title suits it as the working theme of the entire story. Therefore, from a cultural point of view, as the paper exposes, Jane Austen highlights in the book her deep-seated concerns on cultural flaws through the voice of the heroine that determined the choices and the moral suasion of young women in her days.

Jane Austen recognized that the society she lived had flaws some of which deserved moral questioning but remained unquestioned. Although she was herself lucky to receive a quality education, which led her to start her writings early in her life, Jane Austen, in this novel, expresses her concerns about the various flaws in the society through the story of the heroine Anne Elliot and entire Elliot’s family. In this society, a person’s identity was majorly based on class and not other factors that matter in the contemporary society such as intellect, ambition and abilities.

For instance, choosing a suitor for a woman who wanted to marry was principally based on class. Seven years prior to the opening events in the story, Anne Elliot who was in love with the young navy officer by the name Fredrick Wentworth was persuaded to leave him on the basis that he was poor and did not belong to the gentry. This aspect of viewing people based on their social standing is among the cultural issues at the time that Jane Austen was raising concerns against in her book.

As the documentation of her life reveals, Jane Austen refuses to be part of the machinery with which people around her made their decisions. The character Anne Elliot was influenced trough persuasion by her confidante to break the engagement with Fredrick Wentworth who later came into her life with his context totally changed and this time rich and successful. Anne Elliot struggles with her emotions and attraction to Fredrick when they later meet while staying with the Crofts.

Fredrick had never forgiven her for rejecting him as it is revealed by the uncomplimentary comment he issues about Anne’s changed appearance. It is this social branding that trouble people later in their lives that Jane Austen was highlighting in the novel. To Jane Austen, persuasion faces moral dangers, as the decisions made afterward may not be to the person’s interest in the future.

In Jane Austen’s society as depicted in ‘persuasions’, a person’s place in the society was different from the manner it is in today’s society. An individual was not considered as so but as a social being whose place was influenced by their conduct and interactions with other people in the society. Manners were considered extraordinarily vital in depicting a person’s worth in the society.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Fredrick Wentworth is an admirable character in the book majorly because of his manners and an appealing character. Social interaction, which was the upheld expression in Jane Austen’s time, has been replaced by individualism. Appearing as a civilized person and upholding a strong sense were key factors for one to be considered as acceptable in the society. In choosing marriage partners, women had to look for suitors who fully conformed to a culturally set criterion.

The role of the family to an individual, when making personal decisions, is highlighted by Jane in her book. In her society, when a woman wanted to marry, she had to seek advice from family members and take the opinions of the family members into keen consideration.

According to Weissman, the character Anne Elliot made the decision to reject the marriage offer from the then young and poor Fredrick Wentworth after she was persuaded by her late mother’s confidante and her close friend the widow woman Russell (289). A person’s personal decision affected the entire family structure. That called for the need to make consultations whenever such a decision was to be made.

Inviting Fredrick Wentworth to become a member of the family would interfere with the family esteem and their reputation as the gentry. In today’s society, a person makes a choice based on his/her personal interests without putting into consideration what people would say about the family. In matters to do with love, putting the opinions of others into consideration does not hold for many people. Ownership of property in Austen’s society was mainly determined by the family in which a man was born.

Women in the 18th century were considered to be only in charge of the private lives while, on the other hand, men were considered determinants of the public affairs.

As a result, women were not entitled to equal opportunities as men in that society. Jane Austen had the rare opportunity of receiving education through her father who was a member of the clergy. Women in that society were, therefore, not able to own property or even inherit from their fathers. Therefore, marriage was left as the only way through which a woman could change her social standing in the society.

Through the depiction of the character of Anne Elliot as an intelligent and a courageous woman, Jane Austen introduces the notion of women as capable of doing the things that men are capable of and consequently triggered the women rights advocacy that came later. Anne administers first aid to Louisa when everyone else including Fredrick Wentworth just stood aside and watched thinking that she is dead. The place of the woman in that society is depicted as mainly indoors is challenged in ‘persuasions’.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Jane Austen’s ‘The text of Persuasions’ from a cultural stand point specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Through Anne Eliot’s words, Austen makes a remark about the women’s condition as living under the mercy of males and only recording history. “Men have had every advantage of us in telling their own story…the pen has been in their hands, and I will not allow books to prove anything” (Spacks 277).

Anne Elliot is the first character that Jane Austen used in her work that is well past the bloom of youth and yet hopeful for a love filled future life. Jane Austen writes, “Anne longed for the power of representing to them all what they were about and of pointing out some of the evils they were exposing themselves to and she did not attribute guile to any” (Spacks 279). The happy conclusion of the book places it among the best fairy tales, which uplifts the woman and portrays the woman’s eminent victory in the end.

In cases where England was involved in warfare, this was considered as just a war of making a fortune. There was no discussion before this as to whether gaining through engaging in warfare was ethical. Young men whose situations would not allow them to inherit joined the army to make a living. Fredrick Wentworth was rejected on the basis that she did not possess the economic and social status qualifications and so he decided to join the navy to be able to change his situation.

“The navy, I think, who have done so much for us, and have at least an equal claim with any other set of men, for all the comforts and all the privileges which any home can give. Sailors work hard enough for their comforts, we must all allow”(Johnson 280). The morality of gaining through conquering other people was not questioned before Jane Austen wrote ‘persuasions’. Jane Austen’s brothers significantly succeed in the Royal Army.

Therefore, based on the expositions made in the paper, persuasion stands out as the means that Austen used to address the then society’s cultural weaknesses. She assertively urged women of her time to accord her the due support to fight the intolerable cultural issues that had taken hold of the then society.

Considering the time when Jane Austen wrote ‘Persuasions’, there was the belief that the English society, as well as the English institutions, were superior to others from anywhere else in the world. Jane Austen, therefore, pioneered the struggle for the change of cultural norms that were elevated by these institutions. Otherwise, Jane Austen’s Persuasion is an informative piece of masterwork.

Works Cited Johnson, Claudia. The Unfeudal Tone of the Present Day. The text of persuasion. The Text of Persuasion. New York: Norton, 1995. Print.

Spacks, Patricia. Anne Elliot’s Education: The learning of romance in persuasion. The Text of Persuasion. New York: Norton, 1995. Print.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Jane Austen’s ‘The text of Persuasions’ from a cultural stand point by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Weissman, Cheryl. Doubleness and Refrain in Jane Austen’s Persuasion, The text of Persuasion. New York: Norton, 1995. Print.


Steps a Company Can Implement To Be Awarded Excellence in Service Essay college admission essay help

In the current competitive market customers are not only concerned with the quality and value of goods and services provided but also the manner in which they are treated. Customer service which is established from high standards of hospitality is more than providing quality products to the customers on time. A factor such as responding to customer’s complaints is important in developing trust and retaining clients in the long run. Excellent services to the customers must be upheld as a core element in a company’s operations (Goonan, 2009).

There are steps that should be followed in ensuring that excellent customer service is provided. These steps include; making the objective of excellent customer service provision a crucial commitment to everyone in the company. This is done through creating a written policy and posting it in a conspicuous position.

State clearly what the customer service actions entails for example; quick delivery of services, provision of reliable products’ information and polite character when serving the customers. Also setting a benchmark for customer service provision and rewarding those employees that meet them is important (International Society for Performance Improvement, 2003).

The other strategy to maintaining an excellent customer service is to create an environment that facilitates communication with the customers. This will enable the company to know what exactly is wanted by the customers. This can be done by requesting feedback on quality of products and shopping experience from the customers. Thanking the customers for shopping and communicating should also be practiced.

The staff that is in contact with the customers should be enlightened on the importance of being polite and listening to customers under all circumstances. The staff should also be taught on how to reduce stress and resolve conflict. Training staff on good language to customers that will show them their needs will be met is also vital. Staff are required to accept responsibility and be willing to apologize to customers when need be.

Arguments with the customer should be avoided as much as possible. The company should also be keen in ensuring that they have kept their word regarding delivery of products. The exact products should be delivered on the right time as agreed with the customer. The company should also treat their employees well who in turn will treat the customers well (Walker, 2009).

References Goonan, K. J. (2009). Journey to excellence: how Baldridge Health Care leaders succeed. Milwaukee, WI: ASQ Quality Press.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More International Society for Performance Improvement. (2003). Performance improvement, Volume 42. Silver Spring, MD USA: International Society for Performance Improvement.

Walker, J. (2009). Introduction to Hospitality, 5th Edition. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall.


Main Sports in Australia Essay essay help: essay help

Introduction Australia is a big country populated with diverse ethnic groups. Sports are major events in Australia. There are many sports practiced in this country, and this essay will briefly discuss the main sports practiced. The sports discussed in this essay are rugby, cricket, rowing, cycling and swimming. In addition, the paper provides the analysis of the reasons behind the popularity of these kinds of sports.

Main Sports Rugby: this is one of the most popular sports in Australia, and it has been practiced since the 1850s. Rugby in Australia is divided into three different kinds with each division ascribing to different rules. Rugby is a kind of a religion for Australians. The Australian rugby players have not let their countrymen and fans down and have continuously rewarded them with beautiful games and offer tough competition to other worldwide contenders in the sport.

Cricket: cricket is a big sport in Australia as well. It is probably the most popular sport in Australia as it is played by people of all the ages and gender. Cricket has deep historical roots, and has been played by the Australians for several the decades since it was first introduced by the British settlers.

The huge popularity of cricket is probably due to a number of reasons, which include its deep roots in Australia. It should be noted that the simplicity of the sport makes it a popular family sport as it is played by all family members irrespective of age and gender.

Rowing: Rowing is another kind of sport that gained a great popularity in the country. Technological advancement in the manufacture of the boats has led to the increased number of boats available, and the sport is generally practiced by both genders and people of all ages.

Australia has vast resources where rowing can be carried out including the Gold Coast canals among others. The fact that any age and gender can participate in the sport has probably made a significant contribution to its popularity. Rowing is very popular in Australia and therefore, very close to the hearts of the Australians.

Cycling: this is yet another popular sport that is dear to the Australians. Cycling is mostly carried out in the city streets. A good portion of the Australians often engages in cycling. Cycling is carried out by both gender and people of all ages, including children. Australians like cycling in the morning, and it is a common way for people to ride bikes alone, or in groups.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The ability of people of different ages ,as well as both genders getting engaged in cycling is probably the main reason why this kind of sport has become so popular among Australians. In addition, one should not forget about benefits of cycling to health, good mood and general well being.

Swimming: this is another very popular sport in Australia. There exist numerous swimming clubs, which make this sport easily available to people living in different parts of the country. The government and local authorities are very supportive of this sport. For instance, many cities, in their city halls, maintain public swimming pools. For the colder cities, the pools are heated. This clearly encourages swimming and has made it very popular.

Conclusion In this paper, we have outlines some of the most popular sports in Australia. It has been observed that each of the sports presented above is supported by the government. For instance, there are many play grounds, clubs and public swimming pools, which provide opportunities to practice these sports and encourage people to practice them.

A great popularity of some sports is due to their deep historical roots in Australia, for instance, rugby, while some, e.g. cycling, is because they can be practiced by all the family members and both genders. Finally, sport is very good for one’s health and this ideas is widely popularized by the governments and local communities.


“Sicko” a Documentary by Michael Moore Essay college admissions essay help

Sicko is a documentary film produced by Michael Moore, who is an American filmmaker. The film mainly investigates issues of health care in the United States where it focuses on the pharmaceutical industry and health insurance. It compares the non-universal organizations in the United States which make profit with that of universal health care organisations which do not make profit and are based in the United Kingdom, Cuba, Canada and France.

Moore was mainly dedicated to exposing social injustices and corruption in health care industry in the United States. He shed light on the issue by casting out those people who had been disappointed by the health care industry in the United States. Despite the fact that the documentary act as an entertainment, it is also very educative. In spite of raising staid questions about the United States Health Care System while emphasizing on its failures, one may be more entertained.

The comical atmosphere in the film is intentional; majorly to expose the United States broken Health Care System while addressing critical issue without raving on like violent lunatic. Moore could have also introduced a comic atmosphere in the film to attract attention to enable people watch the film. It was a marketing strategy to enable him sale the film to earn some money from it (Dokoupil 98).

However, despite what Moore’s personal reasons was, the film still managed to raise valid objectives and questions on unethical practices of insurance companies and broken system. Moore used anecdotes to demonstrate the predicament of 46 million Americans who suffered because they lacked the health insurance.

The documentary begins with Moore narrating how he invites different citizens to share their horrific stories about the health care. This was before he filmed the movie. The narration took one week to complete and therefore opened a website for it which was inundated with more than 25000 mails (Holtz 120).

This huge number gave most people the urge to want to hear what those who were interviewed said. Moore presented three cases in the first half of the documentary. The three represented the plight of 46 million people who suffered in America since they lacked health insurance.

Sicko managed to bring to light how Americans are not able or are ignorant to fix their health care system while those in Europe are capable of solving and fixing their own health care problems. The film enabled people to see and realise encroachment of corporate influences and greed in health care in the United States.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Those who are involved in health care politics and determining health care policies are corrupt since they have not fixed health care problems that affect a large population causing many people to suffer or even lose their lives or loved ones. The President Commission who are concerned with health care have fallen short of declaring all the needs for universal health care in America (Callenbach 110).

Sicko was an eye opener to many Americans since it left many people to inquire what has prevented many political parties or forces from developing heath care reforms yet many people still suffer. They should have done it for the sake of the citizens. The documentary clearly brought out the widespread consequences of American current health care system.

Today, both insured and non-insured citizens of America suffer. You may think that insured people do not face problems but that is not the case for Americans. The documentary made people become aware of the reality that exists in American health care. The plight of insured people is worse than those people who are uninsured.

It is time that America fixes out its health care system for the sake of its citizens. According to Moore, Americans should draw or learn from other countries such as Cuba, Canada and France. The Health Care expenses should be checked perhaps taxes should be regulated to enable Americans experience the best Health Care.

Works Cited Callenbach, Ernest. Sicko. Film Quarterly .California: University of California Press, 2008.

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Holtz, Andrew. National Survey Shows Michael Moore’s Sicko Did Indeed Provoke Discussions about US Health Care System. New York: Oncology Times Lippincott Williams


Housing Market Overheat in Canada Essay (Article) college application essay help

According to Bill Downe, President and CEO of the Bank of Montreal, the current pace of construction as well as the level of price differences between owning and renting houses in cities such as Toronto or Vancouver, has achieved historic shifts. To owe a house is 20 percent more expensive than renting it (BNN, 2012). This particular trend is due to increase in local real estate prices brought about by speculations over the supposed “health” of the Canadian housing market.

The inherent problem with this assumption, as Downe is apt to point out, is that the sheer scale of housing projects that are currently created, starts to mirror the problems that occurred in the U.S. from 2008 to 2009 (Economic Performance, 2010). There are far too many houses being built that people cannot afford to buy so the end result will be an inevitable downturn in the housing market within the coming years.

Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem if housing growth matched increases in a country’s population; however, due to slow local population growth it is not the case and as such it is not clear if Canada is setting itself up for a similar crisis that the U.S. experienced a few years ago. From the perspective of Downe, we should all be nervous over housing speculation especially in the booming housing markets of Toronto and Canada (Kirby, 2011).

It may be true that during the start buying a condo early on and then flipping it at a later date could result in a significant profit, but it can only occur if there is a market for it which Downe regards currently as decreasing one which will reach its saturation within the next 5 years.

Reference List BNN. (2012). Housing market ‘overheated’: Bmo ceo. Web.

Economic performance. (2010). Country Report. Canada, 15(6), 13.

Kirby, J. (2011). What’s the use of saving. Maclean’s, 124(38), 38.

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Conrad Hilton and Hilton Hotels Corporation Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

Hilton has set records as one of the largest hotels globally providing high quality and stylish hospitality. Currently Hilton provides full hotel services to more than seventy five countries with more than five hundred and forty hotel brands.

This is a rare achievement that makes Hilton a leader in the hotel industry. The reason why Hilton has been able to maintain high standards in the long run is the innovative move towards the provision of quality products, facilities and services. Hilton has always led the way in coming up with new ideas like having televisions in the guest houses.

Hilton was also the primary initiator of the notion in franchising hotels, in the industry, opened the first airport hotel and initiated the first system to provide multi-hotel reservation services (Walker 76). For the past ninety years, Hilton has worked hard to ensure that it remains the top in the industry and consistently revealed an unbeatable expertise.

The other feature that has been emulated by thousands of other hotels in the industry is Hilton’s spirit to uphold hospitality and its unique culture. Hilton members have always formed a strong team that works on shaping the traveler’s events every day. The team members are given an opportunity to explore their careers in hospitality in all Hilton hotels and resorts globally.

Besides the hospitality, Hilton undertakes a function in the global society by participating in charitable activities and encouraging others to join them in these activities (Walker 78). Hilton also values and appreciates the community in which it operates in (Walker 88).

Hilton is an impressive hotel that no one can resist its services. High levels of hospitality and team work in ensuring quality services makes all the difference. What makes Hilton even more appealing is the creativity to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Making itself part of the global community is also remarkable.

Works Cited Walker, John R. Title Introduction to Hospitality. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall Higher Education, 2008.

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Improvement of the Hp Touchpad and WebOS Case Study essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction It is common knowledge that Apple Inc. has taken much of the limelight for trending products in the tablet market. The Hp touchpad (web OS) was expected to pose a stiff competition for ipad and other competitors in the market but unfortunately, it failed to do so.

In fact, Apple’s ipad two stole the limelight after Apple Inc. launched the product in the first quarter of 2011. From this understanding, the Hp touchpad has been a declining product (but so are other tablets with the android operating system). Comparatively, Hp’s sales are a shadow of the industry’s giant, Apple Inc.

As you may know, in January 2010, it was estimated that Apple sold about three million ipads in less than three months (Nine-to-Five 1). In addition, throughout the year 2010, it was reported that Apple sold more than 14 million ipads around the world. Soon after the launch of ipad two, in March 2011, Apple sold more than 15 million tablets (Nine-to-Five 1). The Hp touchpad has only been able to sell a few thousand units.

In fact, it is known that the first launch of the Hp touchpad failed to meet your company’s expectations because few retailers reported good sales. Reports show that your company only managed to sell about 25,000 of the 270,000 units produced, thereby leading to the launch of the fire-sale offer, which marked a significant fall in projected profits for your company (Sheldrake 38).

The same reception that your company received in the US was no different for other markets across the world. For instance, in Europe, it was estimated that the Hp touchpad only sold 12,000 units across the continent, after which a lull in sales was reported. In addition, the Australian market did not react any differently because the Hp touch pad was on the shelves for only for days and it barely sold more than 1,200 units (Sheldrake 38).

Due to the poor performance of the Hp touchpad, many people started speculating the reasons for the poor sales performance of the gadget with some experts observing that the lack of Apps and the failure of your company to incorporate a lackluster advertising feature were the main reasons for the poor sales of the gadget (Sheldrake 38).

Some observers also speculated that the $99 fire-sale offer was part of an effort to get rid of your inventory, subject to the poor sales. Due to the above intrigues, Apple currently dominates about 75% of the tablet market in the world (Sheldrake 38).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Not many companies have undergone the experiences your company has had with the Hp touchpad but it is important to highlight that this experience can be used to better the performance of the Hp touchpad for the future. The fire-sale offer is one such experience but its importance will be highlighted in subsequent sections of this letter.

Competition in the tablet market is just one aspect of the tag of war between Hp touchpad and other products in the market because the main goal of these companies is making quality products (Nine-to-Five 1). Apple Inc. already has a strong reputation for making quality products but so does Hp. Going forward; Hp is expected to forge a formidable competition for Apple Inc. and other participants in the tablet market.

For instance, ipad two has been cited as among the highest trending products for UK and US consumers in 2011 (Shopvolution Ltd 1). Hp does not come any close. This trend needs to change. There is still enough room for growth and change because the Hp touchpad has a strong degree of usability considering it spans across business, education, healthcare and consumer sectors (Nine-to-Five 1).

Moreover, recent studies by Sheldrake show that the tablet market is growing with its increased popularity. In America, it is estimated that 19% of adults own a stake of some sort and 10% of the same focus group own tablets (Sheldrake 38).

Among the adult population, it is no secret that there are immense opportunities for growth. For instance, the 10% penetration rate of tablets in the American adult population indicates that about 90% of the market is still open to growth.

The uptake of tablets among the adult population is also steadily growing with recent reports indicating that the adult population owing tablets has increased by 18% over the past few years (Sheldrake 38). The same growth has been witnessed among e book readers but experts note that decreased costs of both gadgets may lead to the increased uptake of tablets and e book readers.

Nonetheless, despite the declining trend of the HP touchpad, it is crucial to point out that the technological world is subject to many uncertainties. This analogy means that there is room for improvement. This view is affirmed by the graph below which shows that Hp’s touchpad has witnessed increased tablet traffic compared to other android tablets

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From the above graph, it is correct to say that, the success of the Hp touchpad needs to be guaranteed (in the future) because there is growing competition in the touch pad market. This competition not only comes from Apple Inc. but also other technological companies such as Google and Sony (Nine-to-Five 1). Furthermore, there are existing concerns regarding the Hp touchpad and webos such as the lack of a social network, the inability to integrate with cloud computing and similar concerns (Nine-to-Five 1).

Since the Hp touchpad does not trend now, it is important to ensure that this market status does not remain the same. This goal can be achieved by adopting a raft of recommendations that will be highlighted in subsequent sections of this letter. I hope that this address will be able to convince the board of directors that the success of Hp touchpad lies in constant innovation and addressing pertinent customer concerns.

Recommendations The first component of the Hp touchpad that needs reviewing is its stylus. Your company developed the Hp touchpad with very little consideration of its stylus. Perhaps this view (of your company) stems from the commonly held belief that stylus does not have a place in tablet development (Raggi 6).

Though there have been tablets that have been developed with stylus, their success has not been realized because stylus has not been correctly applied (Raggi 6). Hp touchpad’s applications have a series of poorly developed applications. These applications have significant defects in them because Hp touchpad relies on the capacity touch screen. It is therefore important for your company to consider incorporating stylus into the gadget. This will improve the product’s usability (Raggi 6).

The second item that your company can do to improve the performance of Hp touchpad is to incorporate a sense of productivity to the gadget. Research shows that consumers want a product that not only provides entertainment but also gives them a sense of productivity (Williams 180).

Your company should especially consider this aspect in the product improvement stage of Hp touchpad because the current economic situation in most countries is not favorable to increased spending. Therefore, many consumers will be more attracted to a gadget that provides them with an economic benefit in the wake of poor economic performance.

The incorporation of the concept of productivity in the Hp touchpad should however be perceived as an improvement to the product because it would be unfair to say that the gadget does not have any productive elements in its application. For instance, the product has a word document-editing feature, and a program for developing presentations but none of these applications provide the productive features realized from conventional computers.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Improvement of the Hp Touchpad and WebOS by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More For instance, the lack of a keyboard is a great weakness of the Hp touchpad. Though I would not advise your company to copy another feature from a rival product, for explanation purposes, I would advise your company to develop similar features such as what the asus transformer does for other touch pads.

The asus transformer is proved to increase the productivity of touch pads such as transforming gadget into a notebook computer (Williams 180). Hp can therefore embark on a research and development process to improve the productivity of the gadget. This step eliminates the notion that the Hp touchpad is (almost) a pure consumable product.

It is also important to note that your company can adopt a consumer-friendly price strategy to boost the company’s prospects of achieving a high sales target in its future sales. I approve this strategy because it was evident from the fire sale strategy (which your company adopted) that price was a possible barrier to the sales of the hp touchpad.

With a sudden decrease in price, it was seen that the sales of the touchpad skyrocketed and most of the outlets stocking your products sold out in a few days. This event highlights a very important aspect in this analysis – consumers are willing to buy products at a relatively pocket-friendly price.

This event also puts to rest speculations about the quality of your product or its salient features being the main reason the product failed to meet your company’s initial sales target. However, this statement should not be misunderstood to mean that your company should not make any product improvements; it only stands to show that there is need for a careful balance between the pricing strategy and the product development strategy of Hp’s products.

From this understanding, I propose a flexible price strategy that guarantees profitability and commendable sales for your company. It is therefore crucial to ensure that your company carefully watches the market response with the launch of a new hp touchpad. When the uptake of the product is low, it is important to adjust the prices downwards to achieve higher sales.

Hp can also consider using windows eight for its next generation of touch pads because of the immense opportunities windows eight offers. Though there are concerns regarding the use of windows eight on tablets, it is important to note that when the specifications for the HP tablet are considered “a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor and a 9.7 inch, 1024 x 768 pixel capacitive touch screen display” (Sheldrake 38) windows eight would be successfully installed on the hp touchpad.

However, to stay on the safe side, it is crucial for your company to recognize the tremendous potential of building an Hp touchpad that effectively integrates with windows eight operating system. I say this with utmost surety because there is enough cause for concern to question the use of windows eight on existing Hp tablets. Using windows eight on the Hp tablet would be an interesting addition to the gadget because it will improve the user-experience.

There are many reasons to contemplate the use of windows eight operating system on the Hp touchpad. One such reason is that, windows eight is expected to ease the transition between applications in an almost natural manner (Sheldrake 38). In addition, windows eight will aid the increase or decrease of the size of different windows of the tablet (to the side of the screen) such that the user will find it easier to multitask.

The windows eight operating system is also expected to contain JavaScript, which will aid the functioning of program web-based applications to improve the performance of the touchpad. The use of other applications such as advanced browsers will also be easily accommodated in the windows eight operating system (Sheldrake 38). These characteristics will improve the user experience.

Finally, it is important to mention a raft of other recommendations that can improve the uptake of the hp touchpad. Some of these recommendations are minor but indeed, they will contribute to the increased uptake of your product. One such recommendation is the installation of a rear-facing camera. Other tablets in the market have this feature and though it is important for Hp to be unique, it is vital for the company not to lag behind other companies in adding fancy features, which will attract more customers.

The installation of a rear-camera will not be a costly addition to the design of the touchpad and therefore, such a recommendation can be quickly adopted. Another minor addition to the Hp touchpad would be the addition of a powered USB host to facilitate the easy integration of the gadget with other devices such as a camera, PC and the likes.

Similar to the procedure for adding a rear-view camera, the inclusion of a powered USB host is not a costly addition. Finally, it will be important to include a mini HDMI to improve the user’s experience. These recommendations are minor and they are inexpensive. In fact, these recommendations should be considered before undertaking any previously mentioned additions.

Conclusion The above recommendations are set to improve the performance of the Hp touchpad because they will solve some of the main inherent weaknesses of the gadget. However, it is in order to affirm that your company has done a good job in delivering a quality product in the market and as noted in this letter, Hp should realize improved success in its touch pad product segment. I hope you will consider some of these recommendations.

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Curtailing Free Speech in Campus is more Costly than it is Beneficial Creative Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Introduction In early 2011, the Provost’s Office in Oregon State University was under fire following the way it was handling the invitation of a controversial public figure in the institution. The controversy revolved around Tristan Taormino, who according to Corvallis (1) is a “…..self- described feminist pornographer” (p. 1). This woman was invited to be the key note speaker in a conference that was taking place circa February 2011. The conference dubbed Modern Sex Conference was organized by the Campus Women’s Centre.

The controversial invitation and the even more controversial way in which the Provost’s office handled the whole situation brings to the fore the issue of freedom of speech in campus both in the United States of America and elsewhere in the world. There are those who argue that the American public colleges should uphold the so called codes of speech or free speech policy.

Others are of the view that speech codes employed by institutions of higher learning which are financed by the government are synonymous to what the American Civil Liberties’ Union [herein referred to as UCLA] (2) calls “government censorship” (2). Those who belong to this school of thought argue that the public universities should accommodate diverse opinions no matter how controversial they appear.

I totally agree with those who are against speech codes in public campuses. It is my opinion that the costs of curtailing free speech in campus far much outweighs the benefits accrued. This is given the various disadvantages of speech codes in these universities.

Controlling Free Speech in Public Campuses is More Costly that it is Beneficial It is a fact beyond doubt that The First Amendment to the constitution of this country is very clear as far as free speech is concerned. According to UCLA (4), the amendment protects “(free) speech no matter how offensive the content” (4). This being the case, it is my opinion that those campuses controlling or censoring free speech under the guise of codes of speech are interfering with the constitutional rights of the students, lecturers and other stakeholders in the university.

You will agree with me that a university is one of the most important social institutions in the society. This being the case, I strongly believe that such an important social institution should be open to all opinions regardless of how unpopular they are. Hate speech codes do not in any way help the social institution in fulfilling this role.

According to Uelmen (7), codes of speech are seen as protecting the “politically correct” students from dissenting or unpopular opinions. This is contrary to one of the universities’ most important roles. I believe that such students will not be able to effectively react to unpopular opinions in the society after graduation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More I must point out at this juncture that I am not advocating for the total abolishment of codes of speech in public universities. What I am saying is that the codes of speech should be flexible enough to accommodate beneficial unpopular opinions while safeguarding the rights of the majority in the campus. For example, the university should not allow hate speech that leads to “….an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment” (Uelmen 6). This is for example forms of speech that are offensive to minority groups such as gays, lesbians and the disabled among others. This applies to free speech in public places in campus and free speech for students and instructors in the classroom.

I agree with some of the arguments cited by those who support speech codes in public universities. For example, I totally agree with them when they argue that hate speech directed at a member of the university from a minority group more than hurts their feelings (Beito, Johnson


The importance of researching topics and outlining Report (Assessment) college application essay help: college application essay help

Information is regarded as a very important aspect in the day to day decision making whether by an individual or an institution. As such, communication has a very important part to play in ensuring that information flows from one party to another. Most importantly, the choice of the means of communication is vital for any organization (Caroline 8).

Organizations therefore put a strong importance on how information is being disseminated among the different internal communication points within the organization. This paper discusses the importance of researching topics and outlining in preparing written and oral communication.

Every communication targets to deliver information in the most accurate manner. The first step in ensuring excellent communication is researching on the problem (Glase and Strauss 36). Identifying the problem helps address the topic without much stray. It also provides guidelines on the outline of the presentation (Julia 3). Having an outline helps in communicating in a very effective manner since the information is arranged in different sections such as introduction, body, and conclusion.

Most business problems usually entail doing much research so as to ensure that the topic being addressed is given a holistic approach (Caroline 7). Various decisions such as to expand, move from certain markets or maintain the status quo, or even the internal decisions such as to hire more workforce, retrench employees, or to even to cut on costs require research on their feasibility. These decisions are then presented in an organized manner having considered all the relevant information.

Research has been defined as the act of revisiting an area of interest with an aim of making further discoveries on the topic. Therefore, it is important in writing process in several ways. It offers more information of the previous researches done, indicating the degree of correlation between the past research and the current one.

It also helps in the writing process since it gives an account of what has been justifiably found out by other researchers on the same or a related topic (Julia 6). Carrying out research is therefore an indispensable act that ensures that the writing process is not only complete but also justifiable.

Research always determined the quality of the finished work. It is from research that the findings and inferences are drawn. The final piece of the presentation is the most important aspect of research since it offers the views of the researcher as well as the recommendations. It is important also because it is gives the intended audience the materials from which the informed decisions are made.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The final product is therefore the written piece or the presentation. It should be noted with great precision that the final presentation should be as accurate as possible. This is because it is the only justifiable source upon which decisions are made. Whereas individual make uninformed decisions from their subjective minds, research usually offers justifiable sources upon which rational and objective decisions are made (Glase and Strauss 48). This is important to any individual who is making a decision that affects more than one person.

In presenting an upcoming piece of presentation, this process will be useful in ensuring that the presentation is done in an organized manner. The first step is ensuring clear understanding of previous researches on the topic as well as having all the facts before doing the presentation. Then the presentation should have a well documented justification of the content so used and finally a conclusion of the topic giving inferences and if necessary, the recommendations.

Works Cited Caroline, Pearce. “Voice of the Researcher: Extending the Limits of What Counts as Research.” Journal of Research Practice 2 (2007): 7-10.

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The period encompassing the invention of cinema Research Paper cheap essay help

Significant precursor of motion picture technology Motion pictures have been the most influential technologies of the past hundred years. A photographic technique for capturing action became a new medium, a significant part of the economy, and a dominant part of the economy and the popular culture (Stokes 28). A long series of technical development established the medium and allowed permission for it to grow as a way of expressing the visions of filmmakers and to offer entertainment for most of the world`s population.

A significant precursor to motion picture includes the Zoetrope. This motion picture was developed in 1834 and it provided the impression of constant motion when the viewer watched a suddenly changing series of still images. In 1892, a practical viewing apparatus was developed by Edison and Dickson. This allowed an individual to look through a viewer at the top of a cabinet that looked like a box in order to see the black lighted film. During the years around 1900, the basic technology of camera and projector was created and refined.

By about 1910, 34-millimetre film used by Edison became the international standard. Therefore, because of the establishment of the photographic film at that time that required the use of great illumination, the application of the electric spotlight that was introduced in 1904 in theatres became essential in making movies (Negra 84). In addition, in 1919, a much more intense carbon- arc lamp began to be applied although majority of the filming continued to use natural lighting.

The rate at which the motion picture grew was quite amazing despite the fact that there had been many previous storytelling films such as “The Great Train Robbery” by Edwin S. Porter that was released in 1903 and attracted much attention for its narrative style. In addition, Porter`s film “life of an American” is another film that made Porter to be a significant precursor of motion picture technology. For instance, this film was significant because of its outstanding manifestation of early cinema`s representational practices.

The picture represents a consolidation of Edwin porter s development as a filmmaker. Nickelodeons where film was projected on a screen began showing in towns in about 1905. These were mainly long, narrow rooms that a large number of people could occupy. For instance, in the U.S., there were over ten thousand nickelodeons serving over ten million viewers per week in 1910.

Therefore, with time, films were extended into theatres where they were most of the time part of a huge entertainment program that included vaudeville acts (Nickieann 32). In about 1910, particularly in Europe, there was a step toward feature films that lasted an hour or even more.

In the U.S., D.W.Griffith`s 1915 “The Birth of a nation” demonstrated this move. In addition, this period led to the emergency of Hollywood movies which was taken as a centre for making movies. Film companies gravitated there for its affordable land, climate, and lack of labour unions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More During the period of silent movies, it was moderately easy to transport films to other nations and as a result, the U.S. movie industry had to set up distribution offices overseas. However, World War I interfered with the European film production rapidly thus making Hollywood to gradually dominate the whole world. As years went by, there was a significant technological proceed in the expansion of sound movies.

The significant social and cultural pressures that the led to the appearance of moving pictures In order to understand the main purpose why a film was established, it is necessary that some interpretations concerning the historical role of the film are performed well. It is true that most filmmakers are after making profit and that in order for any film to attract and maintain its audience, it has to be interesting and engaging. Therefore, the social and cultural pressures that led to the appearance of moving pictures included gender, race, class, sexuality, religious, and moral values, and wars such as World War I (Manchel 45).

Some moving pictures were responding to the social and cultural pressures such as the rights of women as voters, race relations, pacifism and birth control. Therefore, such factors are undoubtedly part of the main reason in making these moving pictures.

Furthermore, a considerable number of other moving pictures respond or express their attitude toward the proper role of a woman in the society, racial equality among cultural diversified societies, and the environment of conflict or the folks with no declaring a position. In most cases however, reflecting these attitudes was not the main goal of filmmaking, but the attitudes themselves may have had a strong influence in determining a dominion of ordinary supposition.

Still, films in moving pictures may change effectively their main goal depending on the changes and pressures of social and cultural moves. These may cause the film to be redefined, by repositioning, addition of a different commentary, or simply because there has been a change on the background of the audience.

For instance, moving pictures of racist, humour, cruelty to animals or human creature or gender attitudes tacitly assumed to be shared by audiences familiar to such scenes, although it could appear strange to a contemporary viewer that a comic scene becomes tragic.

Almost all moving pictures have concepts about politics, society and morality. Therefore, in order to understand the ideologies included in films, it is necessary to know the writer and the reaction of the public towards the film. For instance, in the film “The Birth of a Nation” (1915) by D.W Griffith that was written during the time of the civil war, southern blacks are portrayed as inhuman and lascivicious while their northern white allies are portrayed as scheming, deceitful, and overconfident.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The period encompassing the invention of cinema specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Moreover, it demonstrates southern white characters as suffering frequent political and sexual humiliation under the rule of white northerners and black southerners before being comforted by the valiant riders of Ku Klux Klan (Musser 57).

Ways in which the modes of cinematic production, distribution, and exhibition changed between the end of the nineteenth century and 1915 The modes of the cinema lie in the progress of mass communication technology. According to studies, the cinema serves as the peak of an era that saw the discovery of the cable, camera work, the typewriter, the record player, roll film, George Eastman`s motion picture film, Thomas Edison`s motion picture camera and the motion picture projector.

For instance, Edison took responsibility in the growth of the gramophone, and energy, used the record player as a model for his discovery of the motion picture. The Kinetoscope along with the telegraph, photograph, the telephone, and the wireless telegraph changed the look of the late nineteenth century film culture.

Conventional ideas of space and distance that were based in section on how long it took to get from one geological location to another because conventional ideas of time went through revision as still photographs captured moments of the current in ways that had evaded more archaic appearance of representation.

For instance, sketches, painting and sculptures record events instantaneously before they disappear into memory. Therefore, the current and previous are saved from the passage of time, carried out of its constant process and frozen for all to view. Motion pictures as a result proof and replicate the stream of time in a manner that was not promising in the previous years, even in photography.

The film industry became more and more stable and in 1908, the main film producers joined together to create the motion picture patents company which tried to manage all features of motion picture production, distribution and exhibition.

Therefore, exhibitors and producers tried to enlarge the marketplace of consistent movie viewers to comprise larger and superior figures of those who had previously only reached high school amusements like the theatre and vaudeville. The development of the movies comprised considerably more than merely upgrading motion picture content form powerful people (Lanzon 56). Therefore, they were required to adapt more multifaceted story resources to the screen.

Furthermore, they were also forced to upgrade their own capacities as storytellers. American cinema advanced its intention on the perfection of narrative skills because mere theatrical portray demonstrated less and less capable of illustrating multifaceted quality of authors such as Dickens began to request for more complicated film narratives than had their precursors. Therefore, Griffith as a film director tried to offer these new audiences with the sorts of narratives with which they were familiar in the theatre or in literature.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The period encompassing the invention of cinema by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The cinema by Griffith aggressively described events, moulding the perception of the audience. He achieved this by devising an approach of corresponding editing which engaged wounding back and onward from two or more concurrent happenings taking place in detach spaces.

Therefore, production, exhibition and distribution went through a sequence of reorganizations in the two decades of the cinema. Previously, films and projection machines were produced by the similar company and these were provided to vaudeville theatres as a complete package. Thus, by revolve of the century, both films and machines were sold publicly, and entrepreneurs acquired the film and became exhibitors therefore marking the first differentiation within the industry.

Around 1905 the next essential differentiation happened as exchanges appeared and the middlemen purchased films from production companies and rented them to exhibitors (Fell 34). As a result, there was an increase of availability of films to exhibitors leading to the explosion of Nickelodeon. The furthermost change of early film style came with the adoption of new narrative codes that portrayed character motives and planned storytelling devices.

To a small extent, this transformation in the style of narration parallels the trials to regulate and rationalize the film industry that culminated in the formation of the motion pictures in 1908. This great scale transformation of American filmmaking has frequently been called the transitional time, marking its mediation between the radically different previous cinema and the development of the traditional concept.

How the aesthetic of the cinema of attractions defined by gunning function within the early public sphere of silent cinema described by Hansen According to Hansen, early cinema`s difference from traditional cinema reflects its function as an oppositional public sphere, permitting viewer relationships that would become suppressed in the traditional concept (Ezra 67). The multiplicity of exhibit evident in the cinema of attractions did not entice viewers to lose their sense of being present in a public space.

The direct tackle of the cinema of desirability motivates gratitude of the spectator as part of an audience, rather than as an atomized customer absorbed into the rational illusory world of the traditional theory. The lack of devices channelling observer attention into following a narrative meant that the cinema of desirability permitted more inventive liberty.

Why continuity editing and its features open a key shift in the history of silent film Continuity editing always maintains the aesthetic quality of descriptions prior to and after a cut of similar films are considered to diminish the disruption and uncertainty caused by cuts and to establish narrative causality (Barker 90). Continuity editing has the purpose to present events in sequential order and show events only once.

For instance, American director and film pioneer Porter assisted to transfer film making towards description of a story influential with such films. It involved editing features such as overlapping action and crosscut editing. The film was combined with prospects of the firemen reacting to the sound of the alarm.

How Hansen`s notion of the spectator help explain this development The Hansen`s opinion of spectator help explain the development of continuity editing through the cinematic acculturation by relating the learning process that the early spectators went through (Altman 78). The theatre body and its communication in the films pursue the progress of the filmmaking.

According to Hansen, the spectator materialized along with a set of codes and conventions, therefore, the learning process will bring the spectator to understand the cinematic illusion such as the boundaries between theatre space and space of illusion.

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Stokes, Melvin. D. W. Griffith’s the birth of a nation: a history of the most controversial motion picture of all time. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007. Print.


The Martha Stewart Trial Term Paper essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Key Details of the trial

Final charges and the verdict

Details of the appeal

Reference List

Key Details of the trial Martha Stewart, a renowned TV personality, author and magazine publisher as well as a businessperson who lived an exemplary life before being convicted in 2003. Her case involved charges of obstruction of justice and fraud of securities against her by the government. This forced her to go trial in the month of January 2004 (Kellman, 2004, p.1).

During this time, she stepped down in most of the offices and duties that had been accorded to her before her conviction. This section of the paper will be an in-depth analysis of the key details of the trial as well as look at the verdict and appeals if any.

The trial, which lasted for a period of six and one-half weeks having begun on 20 January 2004, consisted of a jury of four men and about eight women who were responsible for convicting Martha Stewart for the charges made against her. During the trial, Martha Stewart was represented by one experienced defense attorney by the name Robert Morvillo. The lead prosecutor of the case was Attorney Karen Patton who was then, the head of the criminal division.

In addition to these, were the witnesses of the case who included, Mariana Pasternak, Faneuil, and Armstrong (Kellman, 2004, p.1). These witnesses testified against Stewart and her financial consultant Bacanovic. One of the witnesses, Faneuil claimed that Bacanovic had on several occasions, demanded him to cover up the whole issue of the sale of shares.

In the first place, Martha was accused of making statements that were false, to the federal government among other charges of justice obstruction. Secondly, Martha Stewart was also charged with other cases of fraud including those of trade securities. In the trial, the prosecutors of the case brought to the attention of the court that Martha Stewart did not cooperate in the case and instead barred the investigation of the government, specifically in her firm ImClone Systems.

This business, which, had been founded and managed by Samuel Waksal, dealt with the production of drugs. Among its major drugs was Erbitux, a drug used to treat cancer yet the Food and Drug Administration was not to approve it (Kellman, 2004, p.1).

This meant collapse of the business since this company entirely relied on this drug. As such, Waksal and Martha Stewart decided to sell their shares while lying to the government agents. The court noted that the sale of the shares by the two parties was a decision by both since it was realized that the two had communicated before the sale.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More From the findings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the House Energy and Commerce Committee, it was clearly indicated that both Waksal and Stewart purported to sell the shares of the ImClone Company on a timely basis (Kellman, 2004, p.1). Despite all the allegations, Stewart informed the court that she purported to sell her shares when she realized that the stocks of Waksal were plunging. She noted, “Isn’t it nice to have brokers who tell you those things?” (Kellman, 2004, p.1).

Final charges and the verdict As mentioned earlier, Martha Stewart was convicted alongside Peter Bacanovic who was her financial consultant. The judge during this trial was Miriam Goldman who after listening to the hearings of the case made a ruling in which Martha Stewart was sentenced to five months in prison and another five months in home detention.

In addition to this, Stewart was fined thirty thousand dollars and a further supervised release of nineteen months after her confinement. After this ruling, Stewart decided to appeal, and was released on bail pending the appeal.

Nevertheless, Stewart decided to proceed with her prion sentence in which she served in prison for nineteen months. Her service was in the Alderson Federal Prison Camp, which is located in West Virginia although she had denied the prison given its remoteness, which made it difficult for her mother to visit (Meier, 2004, p.1). However, the U.S Department of Justice denied her claims saying that other prisons would make it easier for the media to have access to her.

The verdict of the judge came about three months after the trial had begun following an investigation that had ran for a period of two years. While Stewart was convicted with the aforementioned charges, Bacanovic was only convicted with one charge, that of making a false statement. Nevertheless, the trial judge dismissed the charges of the securities fraud that had been made against Martha Stewart.

Details of the appeal Once the ruling of the case was made, Martha Stewart through her lawyers noted that she would make an appeal on the same (Ackman, 2004, p.1). This is what she exactly said, “I am obviously distressed by the jury’s verdict, but I continue to take comfort in knowing that I have the confidence and enduring support of my family and friends. I will appeal the verdict and continue to fight to clear my name. I believe in the fairness of the judicial system and remain confident that I will ultimately prevail” (Ackman, 2004, p.1).

After saying this, Martha did not have any additional comments to make in the court. A legal advisor of the Clinton White House known as Walter Dellinger took upon the appeals of Martha Stewart. Walter Dellinger was an appellate expert as well as a former solicitor general. In this specific case, Walter took over from the leader of the defense team Bob Morvillo, to precede the case to the next stage. When Martha Stewart first made her appeal, it was rejected by the U.S Court of Appeals.

We will write a custom Term Paper on The Martha Stewart Trial specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They did the same in the second circuit of her appeal. In the appeal, Martha Stewart claimed that she had been a victim of a trial that was unfair. Her lawyers emphasized the fact that the trial was ‘fundamentally unfair’ arguing that the prosecutors had wrongly accused Martha Stewart of insider trading (Schwartz, 2004, p.1). The appeals of Martha Stewart were brief and concise, made public and indicated that the jury ought to have understood the difference between deceiving and insider trading of securities.

The leader of the appeal, Dellinger, requested that a new trial be done on the same case by forwarding his request to the Department of Probation. In fact, Dellinger argued that the trial judge was not in any case reasonable and the court ought to hold any sentence pending the appeal. Despite the fact that most of the statements made by the witnesses of the case were allowed to stand, Dellinger still decided to move ahead and dispute the facts alleged against his client.

Following the appeals, Martha Stewart was released in March 2005 since she had won in the appeals (Schwartz, 2004, p.1). It is important to note that the conviction of Martha Stewart had significant impact on her image, given the fact that she had much publicity through her career as a TV personality and an author of famous magazines.

Reference List Ackman, D. (2004). Martha Stewart Found Guilty. Forbes.Com. Web.

Kellman, S. (2004). Martha Stewart Convicted. Salem Press. Web.

Meier, B. (2004). Martha Stewart Assigned to Prison in West Virginia. The New York Times. Web.

Schwartz, J. (2004). Stewart: Appeal Claims She was Victim of Unfair Trial. Forbes.com. Web.


Password Protecting Wireless Technology Research Paper college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Benefits of Wireless Technologies

Password protecting wireless technology


Works Cited

Introduction The use of the wireless devices goes on to increase as they turn out to be cheaper and more affordable to the users (“Using wireless technology securely” 1). The increased use of the wireless technologies among the business as well as personal systems has led to better accessibility and interoperability.

But, on the other hand, this same ubiquity has as well contributed to a rise in the level of risks to the computer networks. The attackers have been offered fresh ways to engage in the stealing of very sensitive information, messing about with the business processes, and sabotaging “network security enforcement systems” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1).

While new threats as well as attacks “are found against wireless networks, they are addressed with changes and additions to the protocols and standards” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1). In this paper, the wireless technology is going to be discussed, including its benefits and security threats and later, focus will be on how to “password protect” the wireless technology.

Benefits of Wireless Technologies It is pointed out that, in the current day, more than 165 million mobile experts as well as organizations make use of the wireless technologies in solving business problems and gaining competitive advantages (“Wireless technology 2).

The increased reliance on networking in the business world and the internet growth as well as online services strongly indicates the “benefits of shared data and resources” (“Wireless technology” 2).

The wireless solutions bring these benefits to a high level by giving room for users to have access to the shared information and applications, and eliminating the constraints that are associated with the wired connections. In addition, the wireless technology makes it possible for the managers of the networks to develop or expand networks without necessarily having to move or install wires.

It is pointed out that nearly all the computing devices which include “monitors, desktops, tablets, workstations, printers and handhelds can be equipped to communicate wirelessly” (“Wireless technology” 2). The wireless solutions give out more convenience, productivity and more cost advantages as compared to the wired networks (“Wireless technology” 2).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Wireless technology allows a large number of benefits and this includes allowing business organizations to derive benefits “from the value of their information” (“Wireless technology” 2). The wireless solutions are capable of offering users, “access to real-time information from more places in their organization” (“Wireless technology” 2).

Such mobility offer support to productivity and also offer service opportunities which can not otherwise be achieved by using the wired networks. Companies are currently implementing wireless solutions with an intention of improving their competitiveness in the market. Having wireless solutions that are easy-to-use and more secure has brought about the opportunity to bring down the level of costs and has also led to improvement in performance.

It is also pointed out that “wireless networks extend core networks, provides greater utilization of existing networks” (“Wireless technology” 2). There can be configuration of wireless systems in various topologies in order to ensure meeting of some specific installations as well as applications.

There can be easy changing of configurations and “range from peer-to-peer networks appropriate for few users to full infrastructure networks of thousands of users that enable roaming over a broad area” (“Wireless technology” 3). However, these benefits that come with the wireless technology can not be enjoyed where appropriate measures are not taken in order to deal with the security threats that are associated to the wireless technologies.

Password protecting wireless technology Following the security threats that face the wireless networks, there is a need to protect these networks. The “wireless router or access point in a network is essentially a radio transmitter’ (Rodriguez 1).

Similar to the case if a radio transmitter, any person that has the right tools can be able to pick up the signal in case he/she is within the range. Since radio transmissions “are broadcast through the air to target devices, any system properly configured within the radio broadcast range can also receive the wireless messages” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1).

This implies that devices which are not supposed to be on the wireless network can get transmissions. It is observed that “the extension of the network wireless technologies has well increased the attack surface available to malicious users; an adversary can become part of a network and interact with systems that were not designed to operate in a hostile environment” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Password Protecting Wireless Technology specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The most common activity that is employed in the attack of the wireless technology is “war driving” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1). A person with ill intentions can engage in moving around with a laptop having a wireless receiver while listening to the “radio traffic that is being broadcast” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1).

There can be setting of the programs that are run on the laptop in order to automatically carry out the analysis of the data and make an effort to “break in to the networks as they are found” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1).

Moreover, a large number of attackers can as well engage in correlating data with GPS information to come up with a “wireless access points” map (“The risks of wireless technology” 1). Basing on where they are located, the attackers, at a later time, can engage in revisiting these access points in order to carry out more attacks.

It is pointed out that “password protection can keep intruders out of your network, maintaining the privacy of your personal information” (Rodriguez 1). In order to “password protect” the wireless network, this may involve use of encryption. It is pointed out that “data encryption is used to ‘scramble’ the signals the wireless network uses to send information back and forth between computers” (Rodriguez 1).

It is only those users who know the password can be in a position to engage in the unscrambling of the signals “into useable data” (Rodriguez 1). In the present day wireless technology, there exist two encryption forms and these are “Wired Equivalency Privacy – WEP, and Wi-Fi Protected Access – WPA” (Rodriguez 1).

WEP was the initial encryption form that was utilized in the wireless networks. This form of encryption is prevalent “in first generation network equipment and no-PC devices like PDAs, game consoles and media players” (Rodriguez 1). However, WEP do have a grave design weakness that enables the hostile entities to obtain the encryption key and be in a position “to see all traffic with relative ease” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1).

It is also pointed out that the “access control mechanisms that used the Media Access Control (MAC) address of networked devices no longer give IT professionals any guarantee a rogue device is within an easily identified physical area” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1).

The synchronization capacities of the ‘address book’ found in the cellular phones among other portable devices facilitates stealing of the ‘address book’ in case it is not implemented in the right way, such as the “Bluesnarfing for Bluetooth-enabled devices” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Password Protecting Wireless Technology by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is pointed out that having advancements in cryptanalysis, the software that is used in the analysis of “wireless network traffic and deriving encryption keys and passwords has become commonplace” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1). Allocating encryption key that is much more complex for WEP remains to enable an attacker to identify what the key is in a very short period of time by making use of such software as WepLab and Aircrack.

Making use of encryption algorithms that are stronger but which have keys that are weak still leaves the networks prone to the dictionary attacks that utilizes “list of words and permutations to try and guess encryption keys” (“The risks of wireless technology” 1) The WepLab as well as Aircrack support this operation method also.

However, it is noted that even if WEP is not strong enough as compared to other encryption techniques, it offers a fundamental protection level which is better than not having one (Rodriguez 1). If a person is making use of WEP, he/she can make it be more effective by engaging in changing of the password on a more frequent basis (Rodriguez 1).

In the current days, people prefer to use WPA as a “wireless network encryption” method (Rodriguez 1). This method gives room for passwords which utilize characters in addition to numbers and letters and this makes it possible to have passwords that are more secure to use.

The method as well offers stronger encryption which is regarded as being harder to ‘conquer’ by the intruders. The WPA method “may not be supported by all hardware, but is designed to drop back to WEP in situations where hardware is not compatible” (Rodriguez 1).

It is also suggested that, as an additional layer to the safeguarding of the passwords, one is supposed to consider enabling “MAC filtering” (Rodriguez 1). Every individual computer is assigned a “12-character identifier”, which is only one of its kind, referred to as MAC ID. MAC filtering enables creation of the MAC addresses which are permitted to access the network. The MAC ID serves as a second password and it enables “only a select number of computers in to the network” (Rodriguez 1)

Conclusion In the current days, a large number of people and organizations are using the wireless technology on an increasing level because it has become more affordable and convenient to use. There are many benefits that are brought in by using the wireless technology. People and organizations can now access important information that can enable them to carry out their activities more comfortably and conveniently.

The companies are becoming more competitive in the market as a result of using this technology. However, there has also been an increase in the level of risks to the computer networks. Attackers have tried to have access to information on the unprotected wireless networks.

There is a need to protect one’s information since it can be wrongly used by another person. To achieve this protection, there is a need for password protecting the wireless technology. This can effectively be done by using such methods as WEP and the more advanced method, WPA.

Works Cited Rodriguez, Gene. Password protect a wireless network. Life123, 2012. Web.

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“Wireless technology.” www2.hp.com. www2.hp, n.d. Web.


The Cask of Amontillado Essay essay help free

Introduction Fortunato has insulted Montresor, the narrator of “the Cask of Amontillado”. He, therefore, decides to seek revenge, but he wants to be careful in order not to risk his life. Fortunato seems to be fond of wine against Montresor, and he decides to use this as his weapon. The offender eagerly waits to taste the wine, which his friend plans to use to kill him silently.

It seems clear that the law does not exist in this book. Instead, when a person offends the other, revenge seems to be the best remedy. Montresor revenges in a way Fortunato could not have suspected. He befriends him by inviting him for the wine and he keeps on calling referring to him as “my friend”. However, his intentions are to kill him through starvation and dehydration.

When Fortunato nears death, he tells Montresor, “for the love of God….” This implies that he was already desperate because, for a long time, he has not religious. Indeed, he has insulted and injured his friend several times. Montrestor starts by saying that he had borne several injuries, but he could not stand the insult. This makes him revenge against his friend by killing him.

Passion of revenge seems strong and can be overwhelming at times. Revenge can be dangerous, twisted, and conflicted. It can also be said to be destructive response towards anger, humiliation, or injury. Many people will avenge to show pride after a shameful experience.

Different religions, governments, cultures and traditions clarify the cases when the revenge is applicable. A person will revenge as a way of self-defense in response to humiliation or anger. Revenge should however, be the last alternative. Strategies of revenge aim at changing the past.

This explains why most of them end up failing since an insult or injury, humiliation and any other loss cannot be mended. The avenger tries to assert dominance yet dominance cannot increase stature. Instead, revenge increases violence. Instead of revenging, an individual should seek forgiveness (Poe


Image Revision: “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” by Pieter Bruegel Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Table of Contents The meaning of visual perception

The thesis statement

Visual deceptions vs. the abilities of a person’s brain

The perspective of Brueghel’s painting

Works Cited

The meaning of visual perception Visual perception is an ability of our brain to analyze information, which is provided by the eyes. Although some visual elements can be broken, our brain tries to recognize every element of the picture, etc. Thus, some memories depend upon certain visual productions, i.e. photos, pictures, videos, etc. Sometimes, the production can be familiar, but we can’t remember an event or a situation, which is related to a visual item. Usually, there are some missing parts, which prevent the process of remembering.

The object of the analysis is the picture; I should investigate and explain perceptions, feelings and interpretations the production causes.

The thesis statement A person’s perception of a picture depends upon numerous aspects the picture includes. Thus, the most important visual elements are shape, color, texture, contours of the picture, etc. The context a visual item reflects is of great importance too, as it determines the way, a person understands a production. Generally, all elements should be analyzed jointly.

Visual deceptions vs. the abilities of a person’s brain The first and the most appreciable feature of the picture is that it reflects folk culture. The only point I rely on when making such a conclusion is the contour of the painting. The fact that the picture is black-and-white and there are no flagrant colors, which could affect visual nerve and create strong emotions can confuse the persons who are familiar with the production as well as those, who have no idea what picture I am talking about. I mean that there is a lack of the context of the picture, so, it is not so easy to make any conclusions.

As far as every image changes, the scopes of perception became wider. I suppose I could see it in some books on mythology or an art history as the landscape of the picture seems to be similar to various other mythological productions. The mood and emotions the picture provokes are still easy, but more vivid as some details appeared.

Generally, the picture reminds me of W. H. Auden’s poem Musée des Beaux Arts. On the other hand, the picture is also associated with the Greek tragedy of Icarus written by William Carlos Williams. Anyway, the fact that the production is related to mythology is indisputable. The emotions the picture arouses are positive, as colors are not obtrusive.

In my opinion, the reflection of the Greek tragedy of Icarus is a little sinister. However, there are some doubts as the production reflects some daily activities of the time. On the other hand, the silence the picture reflects seems to be ominous in some way. Thus, Cole is of the opinion that:

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A crucial aspect of Brueghel’s painting is its perspective. The force of the picture is thus, I think, to move the viewer not only to recognize the unconcern for catastrophe inherent in the preoccupation of ongoing life, but also to register a horrified protest that it should be so (1).

So, as far as the picture reflects the sign of catastrophe, some new features appear. This time I became alerted. Ominous silence of the picture as well as its reflection of daily activities puts me on my guard. The key point of the picture is the color of nature. Thus, although that the picture is color, its tints are still solemn. According to Hunt, “The mutual emphasis of both Ovid and Bruegel on the realms of nature and these three landscape elements is strengthened by the triple light” (1).

The point I think over is famous saying No plow stands still just because a man dies…So, my own perception of the saying is quite ambiguous. It is a touch of irony, which the picture reflects. The reflection of beautiful weather and catastrophe is really unusual combination. It means that there are no reasons to rely on visual perception as visual deception is always possible. In my opinion, death irony is the key idea of the picture.

The perspective of Brueghel’s painting To my mind, Auden’s poem reflects the protest which is related to the artist’s production. My own feelings are similar as there should be more details pointing to a disaster. The perspective of Brueghel’s painting is difficult to predict; there are some minor details which persons usually neglect when analyzing the picture. Gutman states, “In the simplest terms, what the poem tells us is that no one notices suffering” (1). In other words, people are to think differently in order to understand the meaning of the production.

Works Cited Cole, David. On “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus”, 2000. Web.

Gutman, Huck. The Power of Poems – and The Difficulties in Poems, 2011. Web.

Hunt, Patrick. Ekphrasis or Not? Ovid (Met.8.183-235) in Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, 2005. Web.

We will write a custom Essay on Image Revision: “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” by Pieter Bruegel specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More


Marketing Plan for Fizzy Time Soda Term Paper essay help online

Executive Summary Fizzy time soda is a company specialized in manufacturing of organic soft drinks which do not chemicals. The company decided to star in production of chemical free soft drinks after discovering the effects of chemicals to human bodies. The company had its objective and the mission aimed at offering its consumers with the quality beverages and at the same time taking care of human health factors.

This is the reason why the company prefers bottling the soft drinks in glass bottles. These bottles can be recycled hence avoiding the use of plastic bottles, which are unfriendly to the environment and human life on the long run. The company’s marketing plan aims at ensuring that products get to the market in the required quantities and quality hence meeting demands of the consumers.

The marketing plan has to ensure product awareness is increased in order to increase the number of consumers (Abrahams, 2009). This enlarges market share, because increased number of potential consumers, are made aware of the products. The plan has to explain in details the best methods to be used in promoting the products to ensure that competitors do not take all their consumers easily.

In addition, the plan has to detail how prices will be set in order for the products to remain affordable to the consumers. At the same time, profitability must be retained for the company to succeed in all its areas. The plan has to show how the products will be positioned in order to compete with similar products in the market. Positioning gives products a significant stake in the market because consumers will fight to get the product with certain abilities above other similar products in the same market.

For example, soft drinks from Fizzy time Soda Company are known to be healthy as they do not contain chemicals which affect some of its consumers. In fact, customer remarks prove that these drinks are preferred by consumers across the age’s bracket. Both the old and the young enjoy these products due to their chemical free nature hence not complicating their health conditions.

Current marketing situation The current marketing strategy is faced with several challenges due to changes in technology. Competitors are using advanced methods of creating awareness of their products, hence making it difficult for Fizzy time Soda Company to have its beverages sell in the market.

Some products need to be rebranded in order to have appealing looks to buyers who need to buy attractive products that will meet their demands. Depending on the previous results of products performance in the market, some products are doing well while others need more funding and marketing for them to win and maintain customer base (Abrahams, 2009).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Restructuring marketing strategy is vital in order to save some of the products from falling due to pressure from aggressive competitors. The market environment for these products is becoming unusually harsh each day. Therefore, the company has to come up with new strategies in order to keep selling in the market. If the company ignores the call to adjust its marketing strategy upwards, the competitors may weaken is market share.

SWOT analysis The company has its own strong and weak points which range from the assets owned by the company to other resources. One of the main strength of Fizzy time Soda Company is that it is known for producing quality soft drinks. This fact has seen the company enjoy market share full of loyal customers who can stand up to testify about the quality of these products.

This factor has helped the company to stick in the competitive market for so long regardless of many upcoming competitors. In addition, fizzy time company has the best equipment for manufacturing quality soft drinks. This has helped them to maintain their quality standards for so long making their products a preference to many consumers (Preston-Campbell, 2009).

On the other hand, fizzy time Soda Company needs to upgrade their production systems to match current technology in order to increase their output. Increase in demand in the market becomes hectic for the company as they struggle to produce large volumes. The company needs to increase its capacity in order to tackle deviations in market demand with ease.

The company has several opportunities in extending to new markets because the products sell themselves due to known quality. In fact, most of their new markets come up from consumers who demand to have fizzy time soda products near to them hence providing a ready market for those products (LLC, 2010).

However, there are threats from competitors who produce similar products with the aim of confusing customers who think they are buying fizzy time soda products. In addition, there have been companies trying to produce counterfeit products hence tarnishing the face of fizzy time sodas in the eyes of consumers. However, the company has been able to know such companies and sued them in the court of law at the same time.

Objectives and issues

This plan aims at ensuring that the company maintains over 98% of its initial share of the market. Advertisements should be placed in all media in order to reach each and every potential consumer. The marketing strategies should target individual consumers by involving the company in community based activities.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Marketing Plan for Fizzy Time Soda specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This ensures that the community learns and accepts the quality and usefulness of these products since they join in aiding community works. Attainment of these objectives may be hindered by several factors including competition from other firms.

Target market

The company is targeting youths since they are the largest consumers of soft drinks in the world. This is the reason fizzy time Soda Company is planning to hold youth’s events days in order to market their products. They should make sure that they offer fun and sports facilities and brand the occasions with their products.

Another segment of the market that fizzy time soda company targets are the elder people and the entire family members. This means that all people are advised to use these drinks because they do not contain chemicals which cause danger to human health (Carey, 2002). These beverages are positioned number one for quenching thirst and offering people with drinks for reconditioning their health complications.

Marketing strategy

The company has concrete plans aimed at making sure their products are known to the consumers hence retaining company sales. The company has come up with a plan for popularizing their products by thorough promotions. The company marketers have come up with adequate ways of making sure soft drinks of the right quality get to the market hence satisfying the needs of consumers (Preston-Campbell, 2009).

It is in the plan that the company sends its representatives to take stake in community based programs. It does this in order to present its face hence convincing the local people on the products. The company aims at creating awareness to the entire society hence increasing the market share.

Marketing programs

Marketing programs were focused on elements such as products whereby the company ensured that their products were to the quality promised to consumers to retain them forever. This means that these products have to be of a good standard and delivered in the right quantities to the market (Margles, 2011). On the other hand, pricing is another factor where products have to be priced in a way to make them affordable to the consumer.

This means that depending on prices of products from other competitors the company has to adjust its prices to attract consumers, hence increasing sales volume. On place, the company has come up with various channels of distributing the beverages to ensure that they get to the market at the right time. These distribution channels ensure that products are not damaged during transit to the market hence reducing the amount of products returned to the company due to damages.

The company has come up with promotion strategies to make sure that product awareness is enhanced in all sections of the market. Marketers approached both print and electronic media to advertise their products and gave some incentives as a way of encouraging consumers.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Marketing Plan for Fizzy Time Soda by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Financial plans

After implementing this marketing plan, the company expects to reap in a great manner because changes will have taken place in many areas. For example, the company expects to increase its sales volume by over 50% annually hence translating to large revenues (Carey, 2002). The marketing expenses must exceed normal expenses by about 10% due to increased advertisements and expenses in community based projects.

Implementation control

The management has to set up certain days in intervals of quarterly to discuss progress. In case they discover weak points in the plan, they should move particularly fast to correct and get the changes in place. All these will see the company meet its objectives hence maximizing on profits.

References Abrahams, M. (2009).Republic of Barbecue: Stories Beyond the Brisket. Texas: University of Texas Press.

Carey, C. W. (2002). American inventors, entrepreneurs


Political Reporting: the Readings of Garry Wills and Katherine Boo Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Table of Contents The introduction

The thesis statement

The body

The conclusion

Works Cited

The introduction While discussing the readings of Garry Wills and Katherine Boo, I would like to begin with some similarities between the writers’ works. First of all, I want to point out that both writers describe the issues, which are related to political journalism, but not political science as some persons suppose. General context of both fragments is another striking demonstration that the writers were unfamiliar with some specific data on political science.

They mostly appeal to the senses of the readers, their imagination, etc. To emphasize the readers’ perception, the writers use a descriptive method all over. For instance, let’s consider one of the descriptions of Nixon in the book written by Garry Willis: “His grades were good, his debating excellent, his political skills already apparent. But there was, then as always, a deep distrust of brilliance in him” (159).

Boo’s description: “The older woman’s lacquered fingernails were the same shade as her lipstick, pants suit, nylons, and pumps, which also happened to be the color of the red clay dust that settled on Sooner Haven every summer” (1). However, I want to point out that political journalism also requires some specific skills. It means that Garry Willis as well as Katherine Boo studied numerous articles and reports of political science bloggers, etc. to write their own works on specific topics.

The thesis statement Although political journalism can’t affect political science, political science can impact on political journalism. It is obvious, that the science influences structural context, various approaches to political news, historical trends development, and some confused questions.

The body Another important point I want to touch on is that both fragments unable to affect various political phenomena. For this reason, one is to make a conclusion that numerous storylines do not impact on persons’ decisions in relation to political aspects. However, when I was analyzing the context of both fragments, I understood that the writers neglected numerous points they didn’t comprehend well enough. It means that there were some basic factors the writers relied on. Thus, Boo says:

Traditionally, singleness has been viewed as a symptom of poverty. Today,

however, a politically heterodox cadre of academics is arguing that singleness

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More – and particularly, single parenthood – is one of poverty’s primary causes, for

which matrimony might be a plausible tonic (1).

The adverb traditionally shows that the writer relies on her basic knowledge. In other words, she uses the facts nobody can deny, as traditionally means a well-known detail from the history. On the other hand, when it is easy to show a logical development of a thought, the probability to convince the readers of some viewpoints increases. So, it is obvious, that singleness is one of primary causes of poverty and it can be easily explained.

Important empirical claims were omitted as there was no evidence to confirm some assumptions. On the other hand, Wills and Boo had no time to find relevant sources. However, it doesn’t mean that they lost some opportunities or didn’t do their best. On the contrary, political journalism means the writers or journalists are to disclose the current issues and academics are to investigate and explain various political phenomena. Thus, both fragments reflected political points at a faster pace. So, Wills states:

The true significance of nineteenth-century liberalism was not so much that

products are tested on the open market of free enterprise, or that truth will

triumph in the free market of the academy, as that man himself must be

We will write a custom Essay on Political Reporting: the Readings of Garry Wills and Katherine Boo specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More spiritually priced, must establish his value (“amount to something”), in each

day’s trading (165).

Boo’s says:

Using federal money to raise the marriage rate among the poor – the House

recently approved a three-hundred-million-dollar White House plan to help

states experiment towards this goal – is an effort to complete what the

Administration considers the unfinished business of the 1996 federal welfare – reform law (1).

So, both writers do not consider the points in details. There are only the facts they rely on.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Political Reporting: the Readings of Garry Wills and Katherine Boo by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More When talking about the differences in both fragments, I would like to point out one of the most significant characteristics of American politics. Thus, the economic aspect is considered to be one of the most popular subjects of discussion. Of course, everyone knows that economic issues and politics depend upon each other.

However, the point I want to highlight is the difference between the fragments. So, there is a need to notice that Katherine Boo’s fragment is related to “economic pressures, security and mainstream” (1); while the fragments written by Garry Wills do not contain information on some economic points. It doesn’t mean that Boo’s work is better; no, it means that the journalists had different purposes and described different issues.

Boo used economic aspects to draw the readers’ attention to some details of the topic she disclosed; while Wills mostly highlighted the issues of faith and politics as well as their interdependence: “There are many people who simply can’t have faith in God because they have no faith in themselves. How can they have, when the trading system for made and unmade selves has put a price tag on them?” (167).

The conclusion The writers relied on political science to provide the readers with more details. The actual effects of various political situations are mostly restricted and do not reflect the interdependence between certain events. In most cases, political changes are reflected in such a way to arouse the readers’ interest, but they are not explained in a proper way.

2. Obama Promotes Economic Plan in Election Swing States

The article is written by the journalist Kent Klein. He describes the promises of the President of the USA to speed the economic upswing of a manufacturing plant.

In my opinion, Klein’s article is effective, as the journalist uses the quotations in order to convince the readers of his mediated interview:

Companies get all kinds of tax breaks when they move jobs and profits overseas. Think about that. A company that chooses to stay in America gets hit with one of the highest tax rates in the world. That’s wrong. That does not make sense No personal opinion is added (1).

In other words, there is no personal opinion – the facts only. The journalist’s ability to combine quotations and paraphrases is considered to be his secret technique. The journalist uses political terminology to be specific: “The president also advocated policies that discourage companies from shifting profits to overseas tax havens” (Klein 1).

Works Cited Boo, Katherine. The Marriage Cure, 2012. Web.

Klein, Kent. Obama Promotes Economic Plan in Election Swing States, 2012. Web.

Wills, Garry. Nixon Agonistes: The Crisis of the Self-Made Man, 2012. Web.


Critical Analysis: Islamic Moral in Novel Hayy ibn Yaqdhan by Ibn Tufail Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

THESIS: Islamic moral is an important part of the novel Hayy ibn Yaqdhan as well as the author describes the contact of a lonely child with civilization and Islamic religion.

I. Picture of doe’s death as an example of the Hayy’s medical reflections

II. Demonstration of the characters’ behavior in the unusual situations as a will to show their moral principles according the norms of Islam

A valuable power of “Dweller” as an understanding of the superiority of moral essence over physical body

Hayy’s imagination while dancing in a deep trance as the connection with a supreme power

III. The connection between Absal and Hayy as a step of exploration of the Islamic principles

An Arabic novelist and Islamic philosopher Ibn Tufail wrote his philosophical novel Hayy ibn Yaqdhan, supporting the ideas of dissection and autopsy. Obviously, the author was inspired by Avicenninsm and Sufism.

As the novel tells us the story of a child who lived alone in a desert, we can see the results of lonely life together with the illness and in a close connection with the universal essence. Islamic moral is an important part of the novel Hayy ibn Yaqdhan as well as the author describes the contact of a lonely child with civilization and religion.

The story starts with doe’s death. Before its death, it was weak and exhausted. A boy who was near when it died tried to call its name loudly, but the doe did not respond. He tried to scrutinize it in order to see if there was anything wrong with it, but found nothing (Khadra 293).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A boy decided that the doe was just pretending unconscious and there still was the possibility to wake her up. The reason of his behavior can be found in his own experience in experimenting with his body. He saw that when he closed his ears with the fingers, he could not hear anything until he removed the fingers. The experiments with his nose gave him an idea about what was making the girl be unconscious.

He decided that doe could be awake again. However, after that, he found that the defects were in its internal organs that were intact. He concluded that it was inside the chest since all the organs depended on the organ inside it. He, thus, resolved to open doe’s chest to determine the problem and possibly to rectify it. Therefore, the author describes the physical and medical experiments which are based on his experience an interest of this sphere.

Although Ibn Tufayl uses the name of Avicenna’s work Alive, Son of the Awake, the Vigilant, the author provides more philosophical narration and demonstrates the characters’ behavior in the unusual situations, trying to show their moral principles according the norms of Islam.

Thus, we can see the trappings of religion in the text. The author emphasizes that the material goods only distract people from really important issues such as the truth and strong moral position. In this case, the material things can be considered as the distractions. Such position is a typical for those who live according to the moral principles of Islam.

The final conclusion of Hayy who tried to save doe was the supposition that there was a power that drove body organs and when it departed, the body also lost its powers. He referred to this power as the “Dweller” as a valuable power which is more important that body. After that, he started to be interested in the nature of the “Dweller”, thinking about its form, destiny, and how is it connected with the body (Khadra 294).

Ibn Tufayl provides a very interesting picture of the image that Hayy saw in miracle while dancing in a deep trance. There was a picture of beautiful sun and “sphere of the fixed stars” (Khadra 295).

The essence of the spheres contained thousands of faces glorifying God. Hayy saw some essences that looked like his own but which had belonged to other bodies. This image of the connection with God can be also considered within the Islamic vision. The author uses the esoteric tools, trying to express his philosophical and religious vision. Describing the story of a lonely and somehow wild child, Ibn Tufayl wants to present a human solitary, social isolation and also the first connection and comprehension of God.

We will write a custom Essay on Critical Analysis: Islamic Moral in Novel Hayy ibn Yaqdhan by Ibn Tufail specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More We can see the nature of human logical development. Moreover, such picture of the child’s isolation can be interpreted as the metaphor of the mind’s isolation, closed mind that is not able or not ready to see the real nature of things. It is a model of human development with Hayy as its prototype. The isolated child was growing in a contact with the kindness and gentleness that doe was giving him during his childhood.

When a character named Absal arrived to the Hayy’s island, life of the main heroe is going to be changed. Absal decided to go to the island using a boat and some money that he had saved.

After arriving on the island, Absal took to worshiping God, eating fruits and animals when he became hungry. Absal saw Hayy as a religious devotee, while Hayy wondered a lot about Absal (Khadra 295). Absal’s initial attempts to communicate with Hayy were failed.

However, later, Absal began teaching Hayy his language by telling him the names of various objects and things. Hayy learnt the language quickly and soon the guys could communicate without any barrier. Hayy told Absal about a doe, his vision of the essences and religion. Finally, Absal came to realize that Hayy was favored by God and he started following his religion.

The novel of Iby Tufayl can be considered as the historical and philosophical abstract. The author wants to show the power of the natural reasons as a significant tool that can help living in a harmony with the universe. Obviously, such position is closely related with the moral principles of Islam.

Works Cited Khadra, Salma. Classical Arabic Stories, An Anthropology. New York: Columbia University Press, 2010. Print


Pollution as a Big Problem That Faces the World Research Paper a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Forms of pollution

Effects of pollution

Environmental effects

Regulation of pollution

Refutation against pollution


Works Cited

As population is increasing, pollution is becoming a massive global problem with far reaching consequences. The lifestyles of the modern people have changed as their actions contribute to wider magnitude in polluting the environment. Air, land, water, radioactive and terrestrial pollution has affected millions of people lives around the globe, even causing death and contributing to the effects of global warming.

It is therefore evident that indeed pollution is a threat to the survival of people and if stringent measures are not improvised, it remains a bomb in waiting to explode. Pollution is human made, pausing devastating health issues among the community at large, and its management cuts across all spectrums of societies including cultural, political, ethnic, and educational backgrounds

Forms of pollution Various forms of pollution have contributed in the pollution of the environment. These include air, light, soil, water, soil/land, radioactive contamination, thermal pollution, littering among many others. Air pollution is one of the leading forms of communication.

This type of pollution results from emission or release of toxic chemical particles into the atmosphere (Bingheng, Haidong, Renjie, Songhui, and Chuanjie 1292). Some forms of air pollution include sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide; nitrogen oxides produced by industries, chlorofluorocarbons, and combustion of motor vehicles fuels.

Noise pollution consists of industrial noises, aircraft vehicle hooting and playing of loud music. This kind of pollution has effects o n the hiring capabilities of people as it may affect their hearing coordination. Radioactive contamination emanates from activities such as atomic physics and the generation of nuclear power such as manufacturing and testing of nuclear weapons.

Water pollution on the other hand results from discharge of ewer water or industrial wastes into water surfaces that are used for domestic use. Such water posses a health risks to those people depending on such water.

Land or soil pollution is yet another form of pollution that continues to affect the livelihood of human beings. This form of pollution occurs when chemical leak or spill into the underground soil. These chemical include hydrocarbons, heavy metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons, pesticides, and herbicides.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Such components have a health risk to the survival of human beings as they may hinder the growth of products hence denying people the opportunity to plant crops hence leading to starvation. All these forms of pollution are aided by human beings action in their quest to earn a living. Even though, these pollutions have bad effects on the health of the population and the society, many people do little to reduce these effects.

Effects of pollution Pollution has adverse effects on the health of the people. Adverse air pollution posses’ threats to many lives of living organism. For instance, pollution of the ozone layer may cause problems of respiratory diseases, throat inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, chest pain, and even congestion. Apart from posing health risks to human beings, pollution from air posses a threat to the survival of living organisms such as birds and other animals that, depend on fresh oxygen.

Therefore, pollution of air, concerns the whole community and society and for the problem to be averted, their input and involvement is necessary. According to Krautz, water pollution causes an approximately 1,400 deaths in a day (144). Most of those people who succumb to deaths as a result of water pollution drink contaminated water; untreated sewerage water from companies.

Most of deaths are in the developing countries, as most of them have no working policies on industrial water pollution. Poverty has also contributed to pollutions of water, for instance, in India it is estimated that around 700 million people have no access to good/proper toilet leading to many children deaths in a year averaging to 1000. Statistics of deaths resulting from air and water pollution are alarming.

In China, many people are dying as a result air pollution. An approximate of 527,700 fatalities is recorded resulting from air pollution due to increased industrialization. Noise pollution causes hearing loss, sleep disturbances, stress, and even contributed to high blood pressure among the people. These are problems that people continue to experience and unknowing they affect their lives and even shorten their life expectancy.

Environmental effects Pollutions have effects on the environment. All these forms of pollutions take place in the environment and therefore, this leaves it exposed to a number of effects. Pollution of the environment causes emission of green gases that leads to global warming that eventually affects the ecosystems in a multiplicity of ways.

Furthermore, smog in the air is able to reduce the amount of sunlight that is received by plants to carry out photosynthesis leading to crop failure resulting to an outbreak of hunger. Pollution can also make soil to become infertile and unsuitable to support plants. This may affect the living organs in soil and even the potential of the soil to support plants. Acid rain that is destructive is also caused by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that lower the PH of the soil leading to crop failure.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Pollution as a Big Problem That Faces the World specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Regulation of pollution The rate at which the environment is being polluted is alarming and as some of the measures to curb the ever-increasing rate, a number of policies and measures have been put in place. For instance, many nations in the world have enacted legislations and formulated policies geared at regulating various types of pollutions and mitigate the adverse effects of pollution.

In most countries, the initiative to regulate pollution is under the government while others have given the mandate to other branches or non-governmental institutions to regulate pollution from industries and households. As a result, there has been locking of heads and disagreements on how these programs should be implemented with parties with interests objecting some reforms because of fear of running into losses (Harrison 6). It is therefore, apparent that, for the environment to be free from pollution all members of the society should be brought into the framework and be responsible for their actions. The government, the education sector , the community members, all the ethnic groups should work in tandem at ensuring that they avoid polluting their environment.

Governments have come up with different policies in their quest to eradicate pollution. For instance, most of them have intensified their campaigns and they now look beyond their national borders in pursuant of clean environment (Harrison 4). According to Harrison, many governments are seeking priority pollutants that tend to persist in environments for longer periods and use them instead (4). Many initiatives have also been initiated geared at protecting the aquatic environment from priority pollutants in order to protect marine waters (Harrison 4). Furthermore, several governments have also accepted approaches of prioritizing pollutant control. Some of these include replacement of chemicals and using more environmentally friendly chemical, reduction of use of priority pollutants, careful use of these chemicals in order to reduce accidents and or adventitious loss and waste.

In UK for example, legislations have been enacted geared at regulating direct discharges to water and indirect discharges to sewer. These regulations are controlled via permitting systems (Harrison 4). The main legislations include the environmental protection act of 1990, the water resources act of 1991 and water industry act of 1991 for discharges to sewer (Harrison 6). These legislations serve to regulate, monitor, and control any illegal or not up to standard ways of discharge.

According to Sell, agricultural losses caused by air pollution runs into hundreds of millions of dollars annually (9). For instance, much of the losses and damages that are witnessed in California are caused by pollutions in the air. Damage caused to crops ranges from visible to those that affect the growth and productivity of crops leading to destroying of life (Sell 10). Furthermore, air pollution affects the climate both regionally and global wise. For example, regionally, rainfall can be altered through the presence of air pollution (Sell 12).

US for example, has over the past put in place legislations that would ensure that water pollution is contained. For instance, the refuse act of 1899 presented dumping of wastes into national navigation rivers. U.S army corps of engineers enforced the laws. The law was revived in 1972 by the then president Nixon. The law required an approximate 40,000 industrial plants discharging wastes into navigable rivers to specify the quantity and the type and to apply for a permit to discharge the wastes. This was one of the government initiate and will to control water pollution (Nelly 26).

Environmental conservation can also be management by educating the public and key industries on the importance of ensuring that they keep the environment clean. Schools and learning institutions should be entrenched in the school curriculum in order to educate the students on how to keep the environment clean. Furthermore, before granting a license to investors interested in investing in an industrial plant, the investor should comply with the environmental regulations that requires proper disposal of their wastes.

Cutting of trees contributes to pollution of the environment. A good case was in China in 1998 when China witnessed flooding along the Yangtze River. As a measure to curb further flooding, the government banned tree cutting hence leading to prevention of flooding (Hill 4).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Pollution as a Big Problem That Faces the World by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Main causes of pollution

According to Hill, the main cause of pollution is the growing human population, increased or growing rate of consumption and the large scale technological advancements when more industries are set up to engage in the production process (4).

These factors, to larger extend have contributed to almost all forms of pollution that the world currently is experiencing. For instance, higher percentage of atmospheric green gas emissions, carbon dioxide emissions, water pollution are caused by human actions. Therefore, the world will continue to experience effects of pollution if urgent measures are not put in place.

Refutation against pollution According to Lioy and Georgopoulos, pollution cannot be eliminated 100% as there are a number of causes (1352). This observation is true and therefore it provides a loophole in the laxities of laws by some government in dealing with such cases. Some governments have blamed the continued pollution on cultural and ethnic and politics. Yes, these factors may prevent effective war against pollution. Politics is one of the factors that has been cited as able to bar proper implementation of legislations to eradicate pollutions.

Nevertheless, pollution can be solved by legislations. For example, establishment of more smoking zones, putting smoke filters, can manage air pollution and chimneys in industrial buildings, control on the kind of fuels that are used in cars, power stations and aeroplanes. Water pollution can be avoided by the communities themselves reasoning logically and being wise enough not to pollute the water. Industries that lead in water pollution should be held responsible and monitored through legislations.

Soil or land pollution on the other hand can be managed through, anti liter campaigns aimed at educating people on responsible littering, dumping of organic materials in areas far from residential places and inorganic material such as metal and plastics, glass should be recycled or reserved a specific place of dumping.

Conclusion Pollution is a big problem that faces the world. The world population is increasing at a very high rate, technology is growing fast, and the rate of consumption of products is increasing. Every sound-minded person is supposed to be cautious about what they engage in and work hard to contribute in keeping their environment clean. Even with government enacting legislations, the buck still stops with the people.

We either destroy our ecosystem or try to make it a good place. Even though we cannot control pollution 100%, efforts geared at reducing the already polluted environment and that to ensure or curb further pollution should be exhibited. Therefore, the communities at large have the responsibility of ensuring that pollution is avoided.

Works Cited Bingheng, Chen, Haidong, Kan, Renjie, Chen, Songhui, Jiang, and Chuanjie, Hong. “Air Pollution and Health Studies in China–Policy Implications.” Journal of the Air


The Idea of Love in The Great Gatsby and the Parallels or Contrasts that Can essay help online: essay help online

Love is the feeling which may be expressed in many different ways. The understanding of love also differs and various people have different considerations about this feeling.

The problems of love have been discussed by many authors and each of them tried to show something personal in that love, something unusual and different from what has already been written. Reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Jerome Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, it is possible to state that the notion of love is presented there similarly even though the texts are absolutely different and the problems discussed there are different as well.

Therefore, the main idea of this paper is to dwell upon the problem of love in each of these novels and try to consider the parallels and contrasts which may be seen. Both novels, Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Jerome Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, express romantic love which exists in the dreams of the men and who never tell about their thoughts. In reality, their love is expressed roughly in case with Gatsby and is not expressed at all if to talk about Holden.

Further Research When and Why Did Gatsby Change His Name? 4.4 815 Which Excerpt from The Great Gatsby is the Best Example of Foreshadowing? 5 86 What Does Gatsby Want from Daisy in Chapter 6? 5 48 How Did Jordan Describe Daisy’s Background? 5 63 While reading Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby for the first time, one may notice a desperate but thwarted love of two people who seem to have a great desire to be together, but due to particular circumstances these people could not do it. Dwelling upon thwarted love, the discussion is held about Gatsby and Daisy. Considering the love of these people, it is possible to see the devotion and the desire to be together.

It is obvious that Gatsby is absorbed with Daisy, “There must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled of his dreams – not through hew own fault, but because of the colossal vitality of illusion” (Fitzgerald 78). Writing this, the author adds, “He [Gatsby] had thrown himself into it with creative passion, adding to it all the time, decking it out with every bright feather that drifted this way” (Fitzgerald 78).

And when do people dream most of all? It happens during the time when they are in love and when they are ready to dream about the object of worship. Even though Gatsby’s dreams are so great and passionate, the main character is faced with the problem that he is unable to tell about his feelings.

Each time he wants to present something, each time he wants to tell Daisy how great and devoted his love is, he is stubborn and cannot say anything romantic and passionate, like he can in his dreams. A great critic of American literature, Harold Bloom writes about this aspect of Gatsby’s character as follows, “Gatsby cannot tell his dreams; every attempt he makes to describe his love for Daisy collapses into banality” (Bloom 7).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, it seems that the actions better disclose human feelings and the desire to accept the guilt of murder of Myrtle instead of Daisy should be considered as the expression of love and devotion. But the funerals of Gatsby and the presence there just Nick with Gatsby’s father and several servants shows the level of Daisy’s love.

The problem of love and relations in Jerome Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye is absolutely different but the features of that love may be considered as the same.

The main character in this novel is fall in love and this state of mind and soil continued perpetually. Discussing the novel, Mendelsohn says the following which strictly underlines the romantic mood of the Holden’s love, “You cannot really fail in love because real love with a real person might be less than perfect (this is the adolescents’ dilemma), but you cannot really do anything but look for love” (Mendelsohn 124).

Reading the novel, it seems that the protagonist is afraid of growing up, that he is afraid of moving ahead as the fear of something unknown and strange frightens him. What is the result of such fear? Holden chooses the relationships, the live which is unavailable.

His relation to Jane is romantic and therefore it seems unreal as the world is cruel and Romanism may be only in dreams. Supporting the idea of unreachable love, Salinger makes the hero to become attracted with the mummies in the museum he visited “I loved that damned museum” (Salinger 79) which are unreachable as well. Therefore it may be stated that the novel points at the relationships which cannot exist.

More on the Topic How Does Nick Describe Himself at the Beginning of The Great Gatsby? 5 68 Who Attended Gatsby’s Funeral? 5 91 What Does “Owl Eyes” Reveal about Gatsby’s Books? 5 30 What Role Does Dan Cody’s Yacht Play in Great Gatsby? 5 50 Comparing and contrasting the novels The Great Gatsby by Jerome Salinger and The Catcher in the Rye by Scott Fitzgerald, it is possible to draw the parallel in expressing to love and in attitude to women. The male main characters of both novels are romantics as they are dreaming too much about their lovers but in reality none of them are able to express their feelings.

Even though the situations are absolutely different and Gatsby is dating with his lover and Holden just talks to Jane over the telephone. But both men are able to express their feelings only in their dreams. Thinking about their lovers, both Gatsby and Holden are able to express their feelings, they can tell them how they love and how they want to be with their women. However, the reality is absolutely different and both men do not have the words to express what they feel.

We will write a custom Essay on The Idea of Love in The Great Gatsby and the Parallels or Contrasts that Can Be Drawn with the Presentation of Love in The Catcher in the Rye specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Considering the situation deeper and thinking about the consequences of love affairs in the novels, the men who had never dared to meet with his love, Holden who just talked over the telephone with Jane remained with the same feelings while Gatsby was killed and his love was thwarted.

Therefore, it may be concluded that Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Jerome Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye are the novels which focus on absolutely different problems, but the idea of expressing love is the same. The authors consider various social issues and love is just the part of the discussion, however, these authors managed to show that in many cases love people feel remains in their minds.

The feeling of love in these novels is romantic as the men have great dreams, they can love, but they never express what they feel and this idea makes the stories similar even though the situations and circumstances have nothing in common. Thus, the presentation of love is different as the circumstances do not coincide, while the idea of romantic love is the same.

Works Cited Bloom, Harold. The Great Gatsby. New York: Infobase Publishing, 2010. Print.

Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New York: NuVision Publications, LLC, 2008. Print.

Mendelsohn, Jane. “Holden Caulfield: A love story.” J.D. Salinger’s The catcher in the rye. Ed. Harold Bloom. New York: Infobase Publishing, 2009. 123-130. Print.

Salinger, Jerome D. The Catcher in the Rye. New York: Penguin Books, Limited, 2010. Print.


Lilian Faderman’s Queer Essay college application essay help

Lilian Faderman’s main argument centered on the thesis that some members of the gay and lesbian community “have realized the political power that is inherent in renaming oneself, and the effectiveness of taking a word and diffusing its sting through claiming it as your own” (Faderman, 2004, p.543). She was referring to the word “queer” and how it had evolved as a pejorative term hurled at gays and lesbians to a term that was accepted by the gay and lesbian community.

The first time Faderman heard the word queer, she was still in elementary school. She did not know its meaning. But when she embraced the lesbian lifestyle, she learned to hate the significance of this word in her life. The reason of her annoyance is linked to the fact that “queer” was a term used as an insult. She was also offended because the word had nonsexual connotations that exemplified concepts related to the terms weird, eccentric and suspicious.

The gay and lesbian community was not the first to use this strategy. Faderman acknowledged the fact that it was the African-American community who first utilized this tactic when they adopted the term “black” and coined slogans to diffuse the negative impact of the above mentioned word.

A good example of the slogan was a phrase “Black is beautiful.” Faderman added that by using this stratagem, the aggrieved party was able to take the power of the pejorative term to hurt and transform it into a mechanism used to heal wounded feelings and injured pride.

Faderman also pointed out that the lesbian and gay communities were not limited to the word queer when it came to the need to transform the meaning of a derogatory word. In the past, there were other labels that gay and lesbian attempted to redefine and finally succeeded to do.

However, Faderman said that even if many claimed victory in this subject matter, it must have been made clear that there were other members of the gay and lesbian community who objected to the use of the term. The impact of the word created a discomfort within them, and they argued that they still considered the term as an insult to themselves and their identity.

Faderman, however, made the testimony that for those who embraced the word queer, the reaction could be divided into two different groups. The first group reacted in a way that resulted in lessening the impact of the pejorative term. The second group, on the other hand, used the term as a battle cry.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More With regards to the second group, they created a new community with an advocacy. They named their organization Queer Nation. It was reminiscent of the radical militant tactics of the 1960s. Representatives of the second group argued that there was a need to replace the term gay. In the past, the word gay was used as defiant label, but today, its meaning and connotation have changed to suggest that the term exclude blacks, poor people and women.

Faderman ended the article by saying that the new term became a fighting word. The intended effect is not only to mitigate the negative impact of the pejorative word. In some quarters, the word queer was not just a battle cry but became a word of pride and a warning to heterosexuals that members of the gay and lesbian community are not going to compromise what they believe in.

Reference Faderman, L. (2004). Exploring language. PA: Pennsylvania State University Press.


Evolution and Importance of Advertising in a Context of Modern Society Expository Essay essay help site:edu

Advertising today is an effective and powerful method of promotion. It is a collective term for every public announcement which is created in order to promote the sales or services. During its history, advertising changed the various form and tools from the pictures in the steels to the modern online facilities. Using the different methods and techniques, advertising strives for attraction and attention of people, persuading them to buy even those products which they do not need.

Advertising today is a perspective investment and an inseparable part of every business structure. Each year, companies spend millions of dollars on advertising of their products. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of advertising within the modern society as the main tool of persuasion of the audience and advancement of the companies and their products.

Dr S. Kaptan identifies the advertising as “the new and socially accepted tool for formation of opinions and collective decision making” (2003, p. 1). An article American Advertising: A Brief History indicates the difficulties of the attempt to define the term of advertising. Usually, it is a desire to persuade the audience to buy goods or use the services. However, the history of advertising development demonstrates that for a century this institute built its reputation without an evident appeal for the sales.

During its history, advertising had to respond the business demands, providing the new technologies. The evolution of this institute demonstrates that while the methods and techniques were transformed, the main purpose is always the same: an attraction of the audience. In Ancient Egypt, people carved some special public notices in the steels.

Today, there are social networks and other web-sources. Such evolution from the steels to digital tools had a number of steps. In colonial America, the most frequent type of advertising was an announcement of goods Benjamin Franklin in his Pennsylvania Gazette provided headlines and illustrations, he incorporated the advertising and editorial materials (“American Advertising: A Brief History”). In the XVIII-XIX centuries, advertising was served in order to notice about the slave sales or their escape.

The market revolution of the middle of XIX century provided the new methods of the use of advertising. In the second half of XIX century newspapers and magazines started to publish many announcements supported by the illustrations. Since that, advertising became the professional duty and started to consider as the significant tool with the powerful effects. In the 1980s, industries provided the new techniques of advertising.

Creating the standardized products, they needed to find such form of persuasion that could effective within the increasing offers and demands. Companies stated to use the mail-order catalogues. Suddenly, the advertising agencies turned into profitable business. Newspapers and magazines marked out a big space for the advertisements, paying attention to their design and creativity.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More At the beginning of XX century, the most popular goods and services to advertise were the automobiles, radios and the different activities like sport and films. The rise of mass-culture in the middle of the century provided the new facilities and requires. Since that, advertising as an institute had grown massively. New media facilities allow delivering the announcements immediately. The development of Internet changed the face of advertising, supplying it with an outstanding power.

Every business structure today understands the importance of a good advertising planning. It may take a lot of work, but the benefit is worth it. Paying for advertising today, companies make sure of the increasing of the customers’ number tomorrow.

The target audience is key aspect that should be taken into consideration while preparing the advertising. The best offers always should count the benefits of the clients. Even a highly creative and well-planned advertising does not work, if it has a little value of the audience’s needs. As it was mentioned before, advertising today is a significant part of every business.

The economic consequences of advertising are well-known facts. It affects the total demand, benefits, the ration between spending and saving (Liljenwall, 2004, p. 58). This institute plays a significant role in establishing and supporting the products. Market power of the company has a straight relation with its advertising planning.

It is clear that companies use only those arguments which can help achieving the better results. Therefore, advertising planning includes all strong positions of the company and its products. Today, the main goal of advertising is a differentiation of the particular goods and services among a wide range of the similar products. The cooperation with clients by the use of advertising makes company competitive within the industry. All economical strategies incorporate with advertising.

As a powerful tool of persuasion, advertising had a long evolution process from the ancient pictures on the steel to the modern high-tech facilities. It is a profitable business that helps companies builds the successful relations within the particular field. Moreover, advertisement can be considered as a perspective investment. Obviously, the importance of this institute can be overestimated due to its outstanding advantage and convincing effects.

Reference List American Advertising: A Brief History. (n.d.) The U.S. Survey Course on the Web. Retrieved from: http://historymatters.gmu.edu/mse/ads/amadv.html

We will write a custom Essay on Evolution and Importance of Advertising in a Context of Modern Society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Kaptan, S.S. (2003). Advertising Regulations. New Delhi: Sarup


What is the difference between compatibilsm and incompatibilist in relation to free will Essay essay help free: essay help free

Those who subscribe to compatibilism hold that determinism is attuned to free will. compatibilists support this view by arguing that a person who is deprived of his/her free will, for example by being murdered or raped, he/she lacks free will because the attackers disallows him/her choice through their actions, and not because of determination of the future by the past.

According to Compatibilists, determinism is immaterial and lack of domination of one’s desires by an external force together with ones desires being the sole influence of their will is what matters after all (Hume 85). Compatibilist does require one to subscribe to any form of free will concept, though they do not support the fact that determinism is incompatible with free will (Hobbes 56). This paper discusses compatibilism, with particular focus on its no choice principle.

Inwagen provides that determinism is the true thesis, and says that the way things happen determines a distinctive future. In his opinion, a single alternative of the future that comes about depending on a given moment is a possible persistence of the current situation. In other words, determinism can be understood to be the thesis that only a single persistence of the current situation is in tandem with the laws of nature.

Determinism can be commonly associated with the thesis that lacks free will, which actually causes a lot of misunderstanding. Many people support that compatibilism is not true simply because, they hold an initial conception that determinism and free will are not compatible. Through consequence argument, Van Inwagen supports this conclusion. In regard to this argument, Inwagen uses the no choice principle which according to Perry, Bratman, and Martin states that:

Suppose that p and that no one has (or ever had) any choice about whether p, and suppose that the following conditional (if-then) statement is true and no one has (or ever had) any choice about whether it is true: if p, then q. It follows from these two suppositions that q and that no one has (or ever had) any choice about whether q (156).

As van Inwagen argues that this principle is naturally reasonable “how could I have a choice about something that is an inevitable consequence of something I have no choice about?” (Hobes 56).

With the assumption of two other reasonable principles, it can be demonstrated that determinism is not compatible with free will; that is, if this principle holds some truth in it. Van Inwagen’s additional principles hold that choice about something is nonexistent in us.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The first principles states that we do not possess choice of the happenings which took place in remote past. The second principle holds that we do not have any choice in regard to what the laws of nature relates to. Summing up the two principles, an incompatibility of free will together with determinism can be constructed. (Perry, Bratman, and Martin 156)

To illustrate the consequence argument, we can assume ‘DINOSAUR’ to represent the situation of the universe during the remotest past when dinosaurs existed on earth. In addition, ‘DECISION’ can be used to represent the decision not to sing a particular song 10 times starting now. The no choice statement provides that if a person lacks choice in relation to p, and also lacks choice in relation to whether if p, then q, then there is no choice in relation to q.

Again, there exists no choice upon the happenings that took place in the remote past. Lastly, what the laws of the nature represent cannot be made choice upon. In relation to determinism, the state of the universe at a particular time and the laws of the nature establish a distinctive future. In essence, the laws establish that if DINOSAUR is the situation, then the DECISION hold the same situation. This can be demonstrated in Table 1 below.

No Choice Principle: If no choice exists in regard to p, and also no choice in relation to whether if p, then q, then there lacks choice in relation to q. → There is no choice in relation to DECISION. The events that took place in the remote past cannot be decided upon.→ There is no choice about DINOSAUR. → There is no choice about DECISION. There is no choice regarding the implication of the laws → There is no choice about: If DINOSAUR, then DECISION. → There is no choice about DECISION. Determinism: The state of the universe at a particular time plus the laws of nature establish a distinctive future. → Specifically, the laws establish that if DINOSAUR is the situation, then that is DECISION.

There is no choice about: If DINOSAUR, then DECISION. → There is no choice about DECISION. In view of the above discussion, I would strongly declare incompatibilism to be better because I support the fact that we have free will because determinism does not support full influence in making of choices and decisions. After all, there exists a fundamental indeterministic component that makes people strongly and eventually accountable for themselves and their actions.

It is mostly questionable that we can be excluded from determinism, though if we can, we cannot be morally accountable to our actions (Perry, Bratman, and Martin 156). In my view, I recommend that we should reorganize some of our beliefs and practices related to moral accountability since we are not free in the way such beliefs and practices require.

Works Cited Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: Of the liberty of subjects. London: Penguin Books, 1968. Print.

Hume, David. A Treatise of Human Nature SECTION VIII: Of liberty and necessity. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1740. Print.

We will write a custom Essay on What is the difference between compatibilsm and incompatibilist in relation to free will specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Perry, John, Michael Bratman, and John Martin. Introduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary. Oxford: Oxford university press, 2009. Print.


MacDonald’s Market Analysis Report online essay help

Introduction McDonald’s is one of the largest food stores and it serves more than 58 million customers every day. The company was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice, McDonald brothers. The company expanded its operations by opening of new restaurants in different countries including Costa Rica, Canada, Japan, Panama, Germany, France, EI Salvador and Sweden. The first store was opened in 1974 in Woolwich, London.

By then, the company had established 31, 000 restaurants in 119 countries across the world. The company has provided employment to more than 1.5 million people. Previously, the company operated specifically on traditional foodstuff such as burgers, soda and fries; however, there has been an advancement to include healthier foodstuff such as wraps and hamburger in their menu (McDonald’s 2010).

The company has also ventured into a new environmental policy that states that “we believe that being the world’s best family restaurant involves protecting the environment at the local and global level. We strive to ensure that our operations today do not have a negative impact on the lives of future generations” (Brown 1999, p. 56).

Other products that the company has introduced recently include eggs and free-range chickens, in addition to local sourcing of produce from different countries that the company has based its operations (McDonald’s 2010).

Review and analysis of the strategic analysis Following many decades of operations, the company is invigorating its products and using several initiatives to push its innovation ahead. MacDonald’s Company, which operates more than 30000 restaurants, serves approximately 50 million customers each day.

Its success has been attributable to its decades of expansion, profits and sales growth. For the first time, the company recorded a losing quarter in 2002. Following demands to get back McDonald on track, fresh strategies had to be devised. By use of its own 5Ps, MacDonald’s is refining and developing fresh policies to offer a variety of products, build value, and come up with modernized and contemporary stores.

This would result to delivery and balancing of value pricing with more valuable items and using innovative and bold promotions to market its products. Implementation of most of the company’s policies involves customer surveys and ranking of restaurants so as to achieve the company objectives.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More New menu products are some of the unique strategies that are likely to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, restaurant operation time can has been increased, in addition to acceptance of debit cards and credit cards as modes of payment. The company also collects important data from the suppliers and franchisees, which can help in product development. Smarter and cleaner restaurants are benchmarked from other renowned retailers.

There has been a remarkable reduction in the trouble experienced during the beginning of the millennium. The company has registered growth especially in terms revenue, and the core business will remain the focus. A 7 years ownership rights in Chipotle Mexican Grill is an example of the commitment to expand its operations or focus on its McDonald brand whose key aim is to attract more customers.

Another key market strategy which is very critical is leveraging of the menu improvement. Enhanced local coverage and ensuring the best experience of the customers is a central focus in Europe. Africa and Middle East markets have concentrated their efforts on building sales by extending the working hours. The top management is betting on the core brand and hopes that fruits will be borne.

McDonald’s mission statement McDonald’s vision is to become a world leader in quick service restaurant services. Being a leader in this case means providing excellent quality, service, value, and cleanliness such that every customer in every restaurant is satisfied. In addition, McDonald’s has a brand mission, which states that they want to be their customers preferred place and eating manner.

The company’s worldwide activities are aligned along the global strategy referred to as Plan-to-Win, focusing on five distinctive customer experience which includes products, people, place and promotion. The company is particularly committed to enhancing its customer experience, which is evident in the chairman’s message to the shareholders, when he states that:

As always, running better restaurants is our number one priority. We will improve operations excellence around the world through new technology, better training, and service enhancements that will make it easier for our managers and crew to quickly and accurately serve the customer (Brown 1999, p. 23).

Positioning strategy Product positioning enables the customer to identify with the unique nature of the products. The customer uses particular attributes to define the product relative to the competitors’ products. For example, a particular brand can be positioned as healthy, all-purpose. The customers should be provided with a lot of information regarding the product so they can identify with its unique characteristics.

We will write a custom Report on MacDonald’s Market Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Although the consumers can position the products in their minds without the help of the marketers, the marketers may not wish to leave the position of their products to chance. Instead, they find it important to plan the positions of their products in a manner that will yield the best possible outcome.

MacDonald’s takes the position of an affordable place to eat without negating the quality of foodstuff, hygiene and service. The peaceful surroundings and calm back ground music signifies the comfort that the company stands for in slogans such as “you deserve a break today….feed your inner child” (Brown 1999, p. 25).

MacDonald’s has maintained a cordial relationship with its customers. It is this kind of pledge on quality food and service in a hygienic, clean and calming environment that enhances positive customer relationships (McDonald’s 2010).

SWOT analysis Strengths

McDonald’s has successfully been doing business since 1955, with a couple of its top corporate employees garnering vast experience in this field.

The company is very popular among the media polls, and it is ranked very high

The company is focused on community and social responsibility activities hence its popularity.


The company’s market testing of pizza generated insignificant results, hence placing them at a disadvantaged position in the midst of the fast food pizza chains.

Training of new employees consumes a lot of money for the company.

Capitalization of organic food trends is yet to be achieved.


Hamburger which is believed to lead to good health is provided by the company hence a potential for attracting new customer who are health conscious.

The surroundings of the eating place are industrial and Formica and it is probable to provide fashionable and classy environment such as the one in the New York City on Broadway. This attracts more customers who are fashionable and of high class.

The company can offer discretionary allergen free foodstuffs.


There are yardstick for making grave from cradle kind of marketing. Children who are merely one year can be entertained in the restaurants for special meals, playgrounds, toys and movies tie-ins. Children enter into adult hood while feeding on the company’s products. As such, the company is criticized by parent advocate groups for marketing its products on small children which is perceived as somewhat unethical.

Any form of contamination of the foodstuff, particularly e-coli, can lead to a very bad publicity.

The company is under threat from its competitors such as Taco Bell, Burger King, KFC, and Wendy’s together with other mid-range restaurants.

How McDonald’s spend its time and money?

The company spends its time and resource purchasing inputs, and providing outputs to its customers. This includes but not limited to the following activities:

preparing foods stuff for the customers

offering its services to its customers

marketing its products and bloods name

engaging in social corporate roles such as environment conservation

paying salaries on its employees

conducting research and development activities with the intention of innovating new products and improving the existing ones

Have the activities of the past year aligned with the company’s vision or mission?

The activities of the past one year were determined to maintaining the progress and efforts of the company’s brand across the world. Although the environment of doing business was full of challenges, the chairman claimed that the company pushed its way ahead.

There was particular focus on acquiring customer insights, strategy alignment, and buttressing of the pillars of business, from the company’s value and convenience and its value to its menu. All these activities were in tandem with the company’s mission and vision (Kotler, Jain


Freedom of Speech: Exploring Proper Limits Essay essay help free: essay help free

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution runs, “Congress shall make no law….abridging the freedom of speech or of the press” (U.S. Constitution, as cited in Goshgarian, 2011, p. 183). Judging from this, free speech of campus should be an inherent privilege of each student who cares about educational matters. However, questions restricted to the so-called “politically correct” speech have recently come to the forth due to the rise of political view on the campus life in the United States.

On the one hand, proclaiming freedom of speech among students on campus can contradict the firmly fixed values and beliefs accepted in colleges and universities. On the other hand, students should be able to express their opinions about different issues that matter to them. In such a way, they can learn and introduce changes to those questions. In this respect, students should not be limited to expressing themselves as long as their speech is genuine, consistent, and transparent.

Students who join the life on campus consider it reasonable to freely discuss things that concern and appeal to them most of all. In this respect, they can learn about issues that interest them. Discussing things and problems publicly can contribute to recognizing problems within a campus and providing possible solutions to improving quality of education.

Analyzing matters connected to quality of delivering materials by instructors, discussing different learning and teaching techniques, and offering solutions to more effective scheduling of an academic curriculum should not be ignored by college administrators. Even more, this should be the core concern of each university/college.

In this respect, Downs (2006) mentions the philosophy of educational establishments, where “the function of the University is to seek and to transmit knowledge and to train student in the process whereby truth is to be made known” (p. 4). Therefore, each college/university should have deep faith in intelligence and knowledge and, therefore, it should be more concerned with the ways to improve transparency of considering questions that gave rise to intellectual development rather than to passionate exposition of beliefs and thoughts.

Restricted expression and limited possibilities for expressing thoughts and ideas does not contribute to developing and improving of norms and values to college activities. Students should openly discuss the issues and identify existing problems, especially when it comes to racial and sexual discrimination. In fact, there should be distinction between passionate and subjective assaults of sexual and racial minorities (Leo, 2011, p. 187).

For instance, explicit debates on sexual and gender oppression will not contradict the existing moral and ethical codes. On the contrary, it introduces clarity and enhances the importance of the critical issue. As an example, Donna Shalala, a counselor of the University of Wisconsin, proved to be a rigorous advocator of speech restrictions on campus. In fact, the established code was quite primitive because it spread nothing, but horror and ignorance among students (Leo, 2011, p. 190).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In this respect, discrimination can be the result of those restrictions because impossibility to explore the roots of the problem can prevent from solving speech problem in a transparent way. In contrast, an overt approach to expressing opinions can bring shifts to solving the challenging problems of racial, social, and gender discrimination. Ignorance of the problem can be the result of prohibition imposed on free speech on campus.

Restriction measures taken by educational establishments can make students fearful of freely expressing their positions and opinions concerning urgent issues. In this respect, many students may find it irrational to be interested in the social and political life on campus because it can have a negative impact on the academic process.

However, students should realize that free speech should not infer the struggle between several political parties, but provide an objective and unbiased representation of their ideological, political, and educational views on life in a college.

However, it is important to note that dishonest and biased representation of thought should be discouraged and controlled to avoid conflicts among students. Both liberal and conservative views should keep aside from students’ rights to express their thoughts and choose which part they should protect (Leo, 2011).

In particular, most importantly, universities should not underestimate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, especially when educators apply to the law for their personal interests. As an example, Leo (2011) provides the case with Reebok, when the University signed a contract, promising not to express negative comments about the quality of footwear. This is the case when restricted freedom of speech negatively influences the policies and welfare of universities in whole.

In conclusion, students should have the right to express themselves freely unless it is a dishonest and subjective assault having no evidence. Students should be able to protect their rights and freedoms and apply to existing tools and laws supporting their positions. Therefore, while expressing themselves, they should be aware of the effects. More importantly, there should be a free speech should be independent of any political party, though students have the right to join either of political wings.

References Downs, D. A. (2006). Restoring Free Speech and Liberty on Campus. UK: Cambridge University Press.

We will write a custom Essay on Freedom of Speech: Exploring Proper Limits specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Goshgarian, G. (2011). What Matters in America. Canada: Pearson Education Canada.

Leo, J. (2011). Free Inquiry? Not on Campus. In G. Goshgarian (Ed.), What Matters in America. Canada: Pearson Education Canada, pp. 184-193.


Max Weber: Explaining the Tragedy of 1978 Essay online essay help: online essay help

Introduction Max Weber focused on major principles that governed human societies. He analysed theories concerning various phenomena which took place in human societies. Thus, he reconsidered Marx’s theory. However, his ideas concerning religion and the role of religion in humans’ life are quite exceptional. Weber’s theories can help to understand and, maybe, explain stimuli of people who lived in the notorious Jonestown. Weber’s ideas concerning domination and the Baptist Sects provide insights into the processes that led to the tragedy of 1978.

Domination According to Max Weber people tend to organize (or be organized) into groups. It is necessary to point out that these groups do not interact on equal terms. This is where domination comes into place. Weber (1978) defined domination as “the probability that certain specific commands (or all commands) will be obeyed by a given group of persons” (p. 212). There are many factors that affect people and make them obey.

Weber (1978) pointed out three types of authority that made people obey: traditional authority, rational-legal authority and charismatic authority. This classification can be used to explain the phenomenon of Jonestown. Jim Jones became a charismatic leader and created a group of believers (Jonestown, 2006). Those people followed him as they believed in his “revelation, his heroism” and his personal qualities (Weber, 1978, p. 216).

However, it can be difficult to understand what made people believe in that (even charismatic) personality. Weber (1978) provided an answer to this question as well. The renowned sociologist suggested several reasons which could make people obey. One of these reasons is particularly important when considering the case of Jonestown. Weber (1978) stated that people could submit from their helplessness as there was no alternative for them.

This was precisely the case of people who left their homes to settle down in Jonestown (or just believe in Jim Jones). People found themselves in the hostile society where multinationals and corporations ruled the world, where racism and other forms of discrimination were still there (Jonestown, 2006). People longed for a new world where equality and peace ruled. Jim Jones promised them to build such a society.

Notably, Jim Jones did not simply create an ordinary organization; he created a religious organization based on major principles of Christianity. Admittedly, this was one of the main qualities of the organization that attracted so many people. Remarkably, some called the People Temple a cult, whereas some considered it to be a powerful formation that could change the world. Nowadays people see this religious organization as an example of the other side of religious beliefs.

Religious Constituent Major Peculiarity of Some Religious Organizations

The fact that the Peoples Temple was a religious organization brings to the fore one more theory developed by Max Weber. Thus, he pointed out that

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More [a] strict avoidance of the world… were the results for the first Baptist communities, and this principle of avoidance of the world never quite disappeared so long as the old spirit remained alive. (Weber, 1930, n.p.)

In other words, Weber argued that numerous religious organizations (he used the word communities) were based on the principle of escape from the society they pertained to. The Peoples Temple was one of such organizations as people who joined it and followed Jim Jones did not feel safe in the contemporary society. They wanted to escape from various kinds of discrimination and they wanted to build a new better society (Jonestown, 2006).

Jim Jones gave people what they wanted. He portrayed a society where justice, equality and good ruled. He went further and called people to come with him to build a new place. Jones suggested a way to escape and many people followed. Thus, Weber’s theory turned out to be correct in one more case.

Ultimate Attempt to Escape

This theory is also manifested in the extreme way Jones’ followers chose. Weber (1930) noted that Baptist organizations largely relied upon the principle of salvation. Apart from mere avoidance of worldly life, many members of such organizations sought for salvation. Weber (1930) also stressed that those organizations were authoritarian.

In other words, leaders had a great power over members of their communities. Therefore, people were ready to follow their leader to the end. This was the case with Jonestown. More than 900 people obeyed and committed suicide as their leader claimed that they could not put up with the vicious world and had to leave it (Jonestown, 2006).

Legitimacy of Jones’ Organization

It goes without saying that such ideas sound like a kind of ideology. Some may say that Jones was trying to show the entire world that there was something wrong with it. However, if to take into account Weber’s theory it becomes clear that Jones pursued his own goals.

Weber (1978) claimed that the entire system is based on the idea of its legitimacy. When members of an organization do not obey, organization ceases to exist. Thus, organization can exist until there is authority and dominance. Basically, Jones’ organization was one of such examples.

We will write a custom Essay on Max Weber: Explaining the Tragedy of 1978 specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The organization was a powerful entity at the beginning. People believed in their leader. Many people joined the organization as they saw a real way out. They obtained the necessary alternative to the hostile society. Nonetheless, soon people got disappointed in the organization and its leader. They started leaving the organization (Jonestown, 2006). This was the point when Jones understood that he was not the great authority anymore.

He understood that he would soon lose everything. People did not believe in the organization’s legitimacy. Jones found the way to prove he was an authority. It goes without saying that Jones’ way to regain dominance became a horrible tragedy. However, it is also necessary to note that the instance of Jonestown tragedy does prove Weber’s theory concerning dominance and authority. Jonestown is the example that an organization cannot exist without dominance.

Conclusion On balance, it is possible to note that Weber’s theories on human society and religion are applicable in many cases. Thus, these theories can explain such events as Jonestown tragedy. Weber claimed that people were likely to form groups and societies which were governed by certain principles. According to Weber, one of the major principles of humans’ societies is dominance.

Thus, Jim Jones being a charismatic leader formed a religious organization which followed the basic principle of such kind of entities. The organization was based on principles of dominance, i.e. authority and individual desire to escape the hostile (worldly) society. It is important to note that the Peoples Temple should be regarded as an extreme as the leader of the organization used his authority to make people give their lives for some illusive objective.

References Jonestown: The life and death of Peoples Temple. (2006). Web.

Weber, Max. (1930). The Protestant ethic and the spirit of Capitalism. Web.

Weber, Max. (1978). Economy and society: An outline of interpretive sociology. Berkeley: University of California Press.


Critical analysis on Does Cultural Capital Structure American Consumption Analytical Essay custom essay help

The work of Douglas B. Holt titled “Does Cultural Capital Structure American Consumption?” in the Journal of Consumer Research, Volume 25 (1), is meant to give an insight into the debate on the sociology of culture in regard to Pierre Bourdieu’s theory, which relates levels of cultural capital to consumption patterns, and its application on the contemporary American society.

The author gives a summary of the Bourdieu theory as it relates to the Warnerian tradition of social class research. The author then identifies that the application of Bourdieu’s theory in the American context should be revised so as not to focus on consumption objects and high culture, but to rather focus on consumption practices as well as on mass.

The author identifies that the American consumption trends are influenced by the desire to experience a full life as well as the need to conform to traditional cultural practices. This, he identifies, is the reason behind their huge consumer spending and not the value placed on American products. This may be the reason that sometimes the population may be confused for their accumulation of things they may not even need.

The author goes ahead to conduct a research on the consumption patterns of a chosen group of American respondents and identifies their consumption patterns to be less related to their social standing, but rather to their financial status. He identifies that tastes also play a key role in their consumption and they are in turn influenced by work as well as the environment that the individuals live in (Holt, 1998).

In particular the author identifies one respondent by the name Lynn who claims that her consumption is influenced by the social environment as she connects more with her peers while spending. She says: “Usually, I’ll go to my grandparents in the county and cook dinner and go out to eat.” This, the author claims, is an indication that culture in whatever way is not linked to spending especially in the urban communities.

The author, however, notes that individuals with high cultural capital have a higher expression of cosmopolitan tastes that make them more susceptible to culturally inclined consumption. The author gives an example of rap music, where the respect to that particular genre is perceived positively among individuals with higher cultural capital than those with lower cultural capital (Holt, 1998).

It may be identified that the author has been very categorical to identify the particular consumption habits of the different levels of cultural capital. The fact that the author identified that there is a difference in the way people chose to consume products in the market, means that he is aware of the diversity that exists in human behavior, despite the common social setting that is America.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The extensive research done also validates his work on social behavior. The author identifies the weakness of the research by saying, “Instead of a macro-historical condition, it appears that each theory is describing, in an overzealous, exaggerated manner, a particular class lifestyle.”

The author has, however, limited his research to young respondents which may weaken the validity of his findings. This is especially because, while the young may conform less to their cultural capital to the point where it may not influence their consumption, the opposite may be the case for the older generation who are more conservative and more culturally aware. The fact that the study does not identify macro-historical aspects of cultural capital shows that the author underestimates the influence that history holds on culture.

Reference HOLT, D., B. (1998). Does Cultural Capital Structure American Consumption? Journal of Consumer Research. 25(1). Pp. 1-25.


Influence of Television on the American Society Research Paper college application essay help: college application essay help

Introduction The television was one of the most novel inventions of the 20th century. This device replaced the radio as the mass communication media medium of choice and its impact on society was phenomenal. Huston and Fairchild reveal that the television revolutionalized American society in the post World War II years and it grew to become an integral part of many homes (23).

This is because television played a versatile role in the society with the range of programs aired serving many purposes. Programs that were offered could be classified as: entertaining, informational, and educational. While newer technologies such as the computer and the internet have reduced the influence of the television, its role in modern society still remains major.

The television is today an integral part of the lives of most Americans and its influence continues to be great. With these considerations, this paper will set out to discuss how the television has influenced American society. The paper will consider the various negative and positive influences this invention has had so as to demonstrate the major impact that the television has had on our society.

Influences of TV on American Society Positive Influences

The television plays a great role in ensuring that Americans stay informed. From the reports of events aired on the television, people are made aware of events that are taking place locally, nationally and even internationally. Indiscriminate reporting results in people being given information on matters that affect them or other people throughout the world.

With this information, Americans are able to make sound decisions or react in an appropriate manner to situations. Huston and Fairchild reveals that most major stations dedicate significant resources to producing informative programs which result in a better informed nation (23).

Television has been critical in changing the manner in which Americans view other people. Specifically, television has influenced the perceptions that American’s have on minorities in the US as well as people from other regions in the world (Gentz and Kramer 31).

Television has significantly helped to correct some of the stereotypes and misconceptions about minority groups. Through TV programs, people have been able to obtain new information which has helped dispel the stereotypical views that were previously held. Gentz and Kramer assert that television provides a lens through which we make sense of new conditions and information that we receive in our every day lives (32).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This has been true for the American population where television has resulted in a better understanding of various issues from around the world. In this age of globalization, the television has ensured that people are aware of other cultures, which may be significantly different from their own. This knowledge has led to appreciation and tolerance for people whose traditions and cultures are different.

The television has been used to guide the consumption habits of Americans. This is because the opinions offered by the television reinforce attitudes and behaviors of people, hence influencing a person’s opinion on some things (Gentz and Kramer 156). Advertisement is specifically aimed at influencing consumers to adopt or maintain a pre conceived form of ideology.

The rampant advertisement that characterizes television has contributed to the culture of consumerism for which American’s are universally known for. Even so, advertisements have a positive impact since they inform the population about new products that have been introduced to the market. They also help the television to operate since advertisers are the prime revenue source for many television stations (Croteau and Hoynes 143).

Croteau and Hoynes suggests that television has played a major role in socialization which is the process through which people learn and internalize the values, beliefs, and norms of the cultures they are exposed to (132). Through forums and talk shows, people are exposed to different ideas and arguments are presented.

The television has been able to bring together people of different cultures, social classes, and races and allow this people to appreciate each others diversity. Croteau and Hoynes assert that television shows give people common topics to talk about with their friends and family (3). As such, television to some extent dictates the topics which people are talking about.

Negative Influences

One of the major negative influences that television has had on the population is that it has over exposed people to violence. Violence as entertainment has been a defining characteristic of the television industry and programs which contain high levels of violence are highly rated by viewers. This overexposure has resulted in desensitization to violence as people have become accustomed to violent scenes being played on the television.

Funk et al. reveals that constant exposure to violence through the TV leads to desensitization in subtle quantities which makes it hard to the individual to realize what is happening (25). This phenomenon eliminates the cognitive or even behavioral response that a person naturally has to violence. Television has therefore made American’s less empathetic when responding to violence and in extreme cases; it has brought about strong pro-violence attitudes in individuals.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Influence of Television on the American Society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Television has since its early years been used by governments as a tool of advancing propaganda and generally manipulating public opinion on various issues. While rampant propaganda through television has not happened in America, television is guilty of practicing favoritism in its news reporting which goes against the ideals of the media being fair, unbiased, and without prejudices.

Barker and Lawrence admonish television for telling the masses what to think through the use of forums where journalists give their opinions on political events with the sole objective of swaying public opinion (4). Television is therefore used to sway public opinion in favor of politicians whom the particular station is sympathetic to. In elections, television shows have been known to significantly influence the outcomes by praising some candidates at the expense of their opponents.

Television also dictates the topics which people should pay attention to. As it is, television stations are at liberty to choose the news which will be aired to their viewers. The stations concentrate on incidents which have the greatest commercial incentive.

This has resulted in a questions being raised concerning news reporting on television and how to determine what is newsworthy. Gentz and Kramer document that following the 9/11 terror attacks, television has over reported on terrorism activities (124). The US population is therefore inclined to view the world as a dangerous place with terrorist attacks being imminent.

Television acts as the principal mode by which our culture views itself. As such, Americans rely on the television to understand public issues. This is especially the case with regard to the political climate of country as well as economic and social issues. Huston and Fairchild protest that television has led to the trivialization of the content in public discourse (143).

This is because television places the highest value on entertainment and as such, the items presented are supposed to be entertaining in order to qualify for television time. Television therefore presents people with material that is sometimes inconsequential at the expense of dealing with serious matters that affect the society.

Discussion and Conclusion Decades after its invention, the television continues to play a critical role in society. It continues to fulfill its three primary aims which are: informing, educating and entertaining the people.

However, technological advances and in particular the invention of the computer and the internet have had some impacts on television. The internet has removed the previous monopoly as the information provider of choice that the television had. People today make use of the internet for information, entertainment as well as educational purposes.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Influence of Television on the American Society by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This paper set out to discuss the influence that television has had on American society. To this end, this paper has demonstrated that television has since its invention influenced the society in profound ways. The paper has discussed the many positive influences of the television including its educational and informational value.

However, this paper has made it clear that not all the influences of the television are positive. Television has promoted violence and it has been used as a tool for manipulating public opinion. Nonetheless, television viewing has continued to be a major recreational activity for many Americans. It can therefore be projected that television will remain to be a major influence in the American society for years to come.

Works Cited Barker, David, and Adam Lawrence. Media favoritism in presidential primaries: reviving the direct effects model. 11 Mar, 2004. Web.

Croteau, David, and William Hoynes. Media Society: Industries, Images, and audiences. NY: Pine Forge Press, 2003. Print.

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Antigone vs. Ismene Analytical Essay essay help online free

The play revolves around a family of four siblings, two brothers and two sisters bereaved of their parents. It follows that Eteocles the younger brother to the two sisters engage in a fierce battle with Polinices his older brother over who is to rule Thebes.

Both lose their lives and Creon their uncle assumes position of power. Creon declares that Eteocles is to be given a state funeral but outlaws the burial of polinices who in any case was the offended party as he had every right to rule Thebes.

Antigone the last of Cadmus family that was riddled with tragedy defies the king’s order against her sister’s advice and goes ahead to burry her brother. The events that follow clearly indicate how abuse of power by a reckless ruler can lead to oppression of women who often suffer in silence unable to act and the resulting consequence to a society that does not listen to the voice of its women.

Ismene is quick to stop her sister from carrying out her intention of defying the king’s order without success. She goes ahead to tell her sister that in a society dominated by men, it would only be prudent as a woman to follow orders given by men however unreasonable they may seem.

Ismenes position reflects the role that women were supposed to play in that society (Sayre 12). Creon is so offended by this action and he states that if the culprit is not brought to justice, the culprit would be the man and he the woman as he took it to be completely improper for a woman to defy orders given by a man.

Antigone was stubborn to the point of her death. Traditionally, few women would defy men but in the recent times, women of courage have taken steps to defy stereotypes that often limit their potential. Like Antigone, their attempt to do the right thing is often met with resistance but their courage has often seen them prevail (Sayre 97). For instance, in the recent times there has been an increase of women in leadership positions.

The play demonstrates that true courage grows stronger on opposition. Antigone’s convictions are so strong that her sister decides to join her in her execution. Haemon the King’s son who was betrothed to Antigone follows suit and tries to talk his father out of his folly.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The entire Thebes community knows Antigone is right but they cannot proclaim this in the open due to fear of offending their king. Teiresias the blind prophet tries to talk the king out of his folly but his arrogance which allows him to look down on women has blindfolded him and he only acts when it is too late.

His recklessness leads Antigone to kill herself and his son commits suicide. Her wife Eurydice who comes much later does not talk much. On learning about her son’s death, we are told that she “silently” gets away and later commits suicide. The appearance of the queen at the end of the play and her silence is symbolic how women leadership was suppressed then. T

he Play teaches that in a society whose leaders do not listen to the voice of reason or conscience by consistently looking down on women, such a society is likely to face tragic failure if women are not given equal chance with men. If the queen’s voice mattered, such chaos would not have taken place.

Works Cited Sayre, Henry. The Humanities: Culture, Continuity and Change 1st edition. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. 2008. Print.

Sayre, Henry. The Humanities: Culture, Continuity and Change 2nd edition. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. 2011. Print.


Concept of “Self”: Philosophical Description Essay (Critical Writing) best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Rene Descartes

Meditations on First Philosophy

Second Meditation summary and analysis

Analysis and definition of “I”

Other definitions of self


Works Cited

Introduction Throughout the history, the concept of “self” has received a myriad of descriptions and analysis from a host of philosophers, researchers and even scholars. In gaining this understanding, these people are important in explaining how the knowledge of this concept affects the world and how people perceive themselves and their ultimate relationships with others.

An understanding of “self”, therefore, affirms a person’s identity in a social environment, allowing him/her to recognize others besides oneself (Sorabji 13). In other words, the way human beings socialize solely depends on the way they perceive themselves and others through daily social interactions.

Even though there are innumerable philosophers who have immensely contributed towards gaining clarity in defining “I”, it is believed that some have been quite outstanding with regard to their input. In this category lies Rene Descartes, whose findings remain essential in defining the concept of “self” and how this definition affects people’s thinking and interactions.

This piece of work goes miles ahead in synthesizing Descartes’ findings in order to achieve a concise definition of the word “I” that seems reasonable and critical from a philosophical point of view. Besides Descartes’ meditations, this essay further digs into several research findings unearthed by renowned scholars and experts who have devoted their time and sacrificed their resources in studying and exploring the definition of “self” and how it influences interpersonal relationships in one’s life.

By compiling ideas from an array of thinkers, the essay intends to explore the implications of defining “I” in a given manner and how such a stance would affect our perceptions towards ourselves or how we treat ourselves. The survey also focuses on how these definitions would affect our knowledge of ourselves and of the world outside our “selves.”

Rene Descartes Born in 1596, in France, Rene Descartes was a great philosopher, thinker, writer and mathematician who spent his adulthood in the Republic of Dutch. He has arguably been dubbed as the father of modern philosophy with special emphasis on the Western school of thought (Smith 1).

As a result, his pieces of writing remain key reference materials for scholars across the global plane. For example, meditations continue serving as principal text books in philosophy departments of most universities in the world today. His contribution in mathematics set unbeaten record with his efforts being widely applied in calculus and geometry. In development of natural sciences, his input cannot go unnoticed.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More He believed that philosophy was a mega entity that encompassed all aspects of knowledge expressed through it. Although most of the works and thoughts have been widely considered, there has been a strong emphasis on Meditations on First Philosophy. As mentioned before, this essay will put emphasis on the second meditation in defining the concept of “I”, also known as “self”.

Meditations on First Philosophy These meditations are considered as the origin of modern western philosophy. In this coverage, Descartes criticizes most of Aristotle’s arguments and designs questions that have remained debatable in the world of philosophy today. He breaks from the norm created by Aristotle that knowledge is achieved through human senses, and that mental statuses usually resemble what they are. As such, Descartes is able to develop brand new concepts about the mind, ideas and matter (Frankfurt 185).

Second Meditation summary and analysis In this portion of his findings, Descartes explains the nature of human mind and that it is better than the body. His research revolves around the search for certainty and ignores every idea that carries any slightest doubt. Throughout his memory, Descartes believes that whatever he is happened to see is actually meaningless and may not ever exist in the real life (Descartes 17).

As a result, we can view place and movement as mistaken notions in human life since lack of certainty is the only certain thing that exists in his life. This is essential in defining ourselves our existence.

Is it possible for Descartes to believe that he does not have a body and senses yet he exists? What about the nonexistence of the physical world as proposed by the author? Ironically, he can only posses these doubts of nonexistence if he truly exists.

In other words, one can only be misled by the devil from within if he does exist. As such “I” has to exist in order to doubt and be deceived by the evil one. Nevertheless, it can generally be viewed that “I” is a necessary and true preposition when suggested by somebody or conceived in one’s own mind (Descartes 72).

After conceiving the existence of “I”, the mediator does not stop at this particular point but aims at defining and explaining the meaning of the “I am”. This approach makes it possible to be certain that we possessed a soul, which augments our thinking, nourishment, movement and sensibility. Furthermore, human beings have a body (Frankfurt 185).

We will write a custom Critical Writing on Concept of “Self”: Philosophical Description specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Regardless of these initial doubts, many people sink into a ditch of doubts and hang on the fact that one has the ability to think. In other words, our existence does not solely depend on the above-mentioned attributes of human beings, but we have no doubt about our breathing power.

This implies that thinking is essential for a person to exist regardless of whether he has other qualities like body and soul among others. By the fact that thinking defines “self”, it is possible to relate it with human existence and consider it inseparable from being. From a general perspective, we can view one’s self as simply a “thinking something.”

Analysis and definition of “I” The definition of “I” is enshrined in Descartes’ cogito argument based on its formulation in Latin, “cogito ergo sum” translated as “I think, therefore, I am”. This line is quite famous in the history of philosophy and most probably regarded as the origin of Western philosophy and other schools of thought that developed after Descartes. In this line, the mediator gets in touch with a grip of certainty after his continuous disbelief is manifested in the First Mediation (Frankfurt 186).

In essence, the cogito exposes a different view of the world and states the fact that mind is the only thing in the world that is able to know itself. Notably, an understanding of our mind first before any other thing has remained rooted in the Western philosophy even though the main point of contention has been the connection between the mind and the real world. From this perspective, the mind is no longer an aid to understanding the world but an internally locked thing (Frankfurt 186).

In analyzing Descartes’ Second Meditation, it is of immense significance to note the existing differences, between “I think, therefore I am” as described in the Discourse Method from the general formulation derived from meditations.

At this point of the synthesis, it is imperative to mention that the preposition, “I am, I exist” holds only when it is put forward by a specific individual and conceived by the person’s mind. The mediation is further divided into an argument of three steps, which are: whatever thinks exists, I think therefore and I exist (Frankfurt 188).

However, in understanding “self” through syllogistic reading and analysis denied by Descartes in other pieces of writing is the fact that there is no reason why “whatever thinks exists” should not be doubtful as portrayed by the mediator. This reading approach further analyzes the cogito to be a conclusion that has been reasoned out at a specific point in the doubtful mind of the mediator even when inferences that have been well reasoned out are called to doubt (Frankfurt 189).

The question that we need to ask ourselves in this definition of self is the path taken by somebody to know the cogito when everything else is doubted. As a result, several proposals have been put forth as reading formats and methodologies aimed at simplifying this reading process and step (Frankfurt 202). It would be impossible for a person to say he/she exits or even thinks of existence without being in a real state.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Concept of “Self”: Philosophical Description by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Consequently, the truth is achieved by the utterance concerning the concept of existence. In this line of thought, it can be argued that the existence of a person can only be confirmed by oneself in the present tense, “I am”. It is also important to double emphasize the fact that cogito can only work when one is talking about thought. One cannot say: “I sleep, therefore I am,” since the act of sleeping can be doubted. In explaining this, one cannot doubt the act of thinking because doubt on its own is a form of thought.

Besides cogito, the mediator also affirms that he “thinks” leading to an argument commonly referred to as sun res cogitans (Rorty 215). This comprises of three controversial views regarding the fact that one is a “thinking thing.” In this approach, it is essential to comprehend the meaning of “thing” and “think” to establish their definitive relationship with “I am”.

There are two approaches in defining “self” at this point. This can be done both epistemologically and metaphysically. In other words, body and mind cannot be one since one has got to either know both of them or none of them. As a matter of fact the existence of the body ceases since one is a “thinking thing with delinked body and mind. This gives way for the conclusion that one is a “thing that thinks.”

With preciseness, “I” can be defined as the “thing that thinks.” In addition, “I” posses other attributes apart from being able to think, understand and have the willingness to do certain things. These qualities include but not limited to imagination and the use of senses. In the understanding of “I”, it is worth noting that senses and imagination cannot be trusted (Rorty 214). This is because imagination can trigger all forms of things that may not necessarily be real.

How can one identify a wax? This is made possible through a sense of taste, color, smell, size, shape and hardness among others. When heated, the wax changes some properties but can be identified despite the deviation from the initial form. Due to the fact that wax can be identified even when its shape is infinitely changed, it suffices to mention that this cannot be possible via imagination but through the intellect alone and proper mental scrutiny.

Based on this argument, it can be conclude that the mind knows better than the body. In this approach, human view is that one has to know the mind more than any other thing in his or her life as a way of understanding self better (Rorty 214). There is no doubt in perceiving the identity of something and these actions of thought clearly imply that the item exists in reality. Confirming one’s existence is, therefore, core in order to ascertain the nature of the mind through the intellect alone.

Other definitions of self As mentioned before, the concept of “self” has been defined and described by various authors throughout history. According to Sorabji, the idea of “self” is real in the human history. He argues that “self” comes to play when the owner of a body is intertwined with existing psychological states (Sorabji 13).

He further notes that in explaining “self,” there is a stream of consciousness, which lacks the owner. In his description of this analogy, Sorabji asserts that his definition of “self” fits other members like animals as an embodied owner of the body. Based on this approach, Sorabji further double emphasizes the fact that there is a need to protect human way of life and not only base on its relationship with the “self” or the interaction between members of a given stream (Sorabji 13).

The broadness of “self” also encompasses the picture of human beings developing into male or female, baker or teacher, son or daughter, Indian or American among other development attributes. Importantly, these cannot be visualized through metaphysical conceptualization of the “self” because of its narrowness in determining the nature of pictures to be adopted. Additionally, the pictures are not considered to be essential and are likely to be altered under extreme pressure (Sorabji 14).

However, visualized pictures are important in describing a complete image of selfhood even though they can be philosophically studied differently. “I am” is also described by the use of unique features, which make human beings different from other creations (Sorabji 14). In essence, thoughts and actions executed by people are usually as a result of the self. It can be described as a substance which persists through time. This is to say that actions and thoughts experienced at different times of the day or in life may as well concern the “self.”

In most cases, philosophical definitions of “self” are discussed based on the first-person attributes. This is because third-person definitions do not identify unique identification properties. Viewed from a different point, “self” can be principally described through discourse and conduct of a person.

As a result, intentions can only be deduced from something being observed through actions undertaken by an individual. Of great significance is the fact that the characteristics of a given “self” have the full potential of determining its real identity (Rorty 215).

Based on this analogy, it can be argued that “I” can be divided into various concepts as defined by specific qualities and attributes. For instance, “self” can be viewed as an illusion (Sorabji 17). This is common in ancient spiritual traditions in which the human identity is conceived as a mere illusion for the existence of individual human beings. This identification further ensures that there is a boundary between humanity and other forms of creation, especially in terms of characteristics and abilities.

In general, individual existence is considered as the representation of a human being and advocates fighting for its rightful position in the world (Rorty 216). Moreover, “self” is linked with time and mind, which determine obsessive thinking based on the future than emphasizing on the present. Most religions advocate for the dissolution of human for human nature to prevail in the world. This is commonly known as nirvana, presence or enlightenment.

Besides viewing self as an illusion, other philosophers approach the concept by considering “self” as an activity. Among these philosophers were Aristotle and Plato, who defined the human soul as the principal essence of humanity but posited against differences in existence.

Unlike Plato and other religious traditions who supported separate existence, Aristotle viewed human “self” as an activity of the body which lacks the properties of becoming immortal (Sorabji 17). To be specific, the soul is viewed as the activity of any living body. In defining the soul, Aristotle divided his argument into four major parts including the desiderative, calculative, rational and scientific part.

Another renowned philosopher and psychologist today who defines “self” is Dr. Phil. He believes that a person dwells on a state of fictional self or authentic self as created by the Supreme Being. According to Dr. Phil, most people define who they are by explaining what they are doing, where they are or their role in the society.

However, Dr. Phil argues that one’s authentic self encompasses genuine existence of a person’s identity (McGraw 1). This is to say that an authentic self demonstrates core human qualities. Additionally, self is made up of the part of an individual that is not defined by profession or a given role in the society. It consists of an individual’s talents skills and wisdom.

The psychologist further argues that an authentic self revolves around the uniqueness of a person, including abilities rather than what he/she is expected to do or become. This, therefore, implies that when an individual does not live to the standards of his authentic self, he adopts a fictional self that has emptiness and incompleteness (McGraw 1).

Impact It is doubtless that the definition of “self” has a wide range of implications. For instance, this knowledge affects the way human beings view themselves different from animals. It makes them have understanding of their uniqueness and potential in using senses to recognize their surrounding and the imagination ability.

Additionally, definition of self impacts the way we interact and perceive others. In other words, human beings are able to appreciate others regardless of their shortcomings and differences since each one of them possesses unique qualities and attributes.

Although there are numerous philosophers who have devoted their lives in defining “I am” concept, Rene Descartes is regarded as the father of Western philosophy and a great contributor of several schools of thought. In particular, Meditations on First Philosophy have widely been used as learning at teaching materials across the globe.

Works Cited Descartes, Rene. Meditations on First Philosophy. Sioux Falls: NuVision Publications, LLC, 2007. Print.

Frankfurt, Harry. Descartes’ Discussion of His Existence in the Second Mediation. United Kingdom: Taylor


Diversity in the Workplace Expository Essay best essay help: best essay help

The introduction: the importance of diversity in the workplace First of all, I would like to point out that diversity is considered to be a business reality. Various corporations and government agencies tend to improve their competitive advantage as there is a need to comprehend the importance of management strategies to manage diversity in the workplace.

The idea to create inclusive corporations, governmental agencies, etc. is to be based on the contributions every person of the organization makes. For this reason, the growth of corporation’s business strategies as well as their impact on future success of the organization totally depends upon diversity training. Diversity initiatives are considered to be the steps a corporation is to follow to generate increased productivity.

The thesis statement To manage diversity in the workplace, there is a need to rely on cross-cultural competency, conflict theory, identification of the values, communication abilities and some other important points.

The body: the meaning of diversity training, mutual respect and workplaces development The members of Anti-Defamation League (2012) say:

The implementation of a diversity management-training program incorporates

these skills and an educational component that allows participants to address

issues of prejudice, discrimination and biased behaviors that could impact

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More employee and client relations. (p. 1)

Diversity training can be implemented if a corporation understands and can analyze the importance of demographics of a client base, the languages clients speak, the countries a corporation operates in, the quantity of employees a corporation includes, expenses a corporation spends every year on recruitment, the inter-group conflicts, a level of turnover, the attractiveness of policies and benefits a corporation includes. Finally, the employees are to feel that they are valued.

Another important point I want to highlight is that the employees are to exchange ideas, form interpersonal relations, communicate, and conduct debates with each other that can cause mutual respect. In other words, diversity protection is one of the most important issues; so, there is a need to foster an atmosphere where mutual respect is inherent.

The practical ways to develop workplaces undivided by gender and race-ethnicity should be based on non-discrimination compliance programs. Thus, it is rather important to develop organizational culture. It is necessary to establish workplace environments. In other words, employees are to understand the importance and meaning of diverse perspectives.

Managing diversity requires assimilation and pluralism exclusion, as the elements are important for racial and ethnic oppression. It is extremely important to understand the structure of a corporation in order to maintain its work. So, it is rather important to understand that all employees are recognized to be integral parts of the organization.

Of course, a conflict is an integral part of any corporation, organization, etc. Thus, management strategies should include the ways to reduce intergroup conflict. The authors of popular education website Umd.edu (1999) state:

Gregory Northcraft, Jeffrey Polzer, Margaret Neale, and Rod Kramer (in press)

We will write a custom Essay on Diversity in the Workplace specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More pointed out that problems arise because team members often assume that

differences are conflicting. In reality, many desires of different group members

are not as opposing as they might initially appear. (p. 1)

For this reason, conflicting differences can be turned into win-win strategies. It is possible due to the strategies of negotiation. In other words, the power of languages is the main instrument.

The conclusion: the importance of interactionism Interactionism is an integral part of diversity in the workplace. The reflexive origin of a person’s action is the key point of the interpersonal relations. Visagie, Linde and Havenga (2011) are of the opinion that:

Interactionist theory focuses on interactions and individuals’ personalities. It is

a subject-orientated approach that emphasises the subjective intentions and

orientations of individuals in relation to their wishes, motivations, wants and

Not sure if you can write a paper on Diversity in the Workplace by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More situations, in addition to their interpretation and understanding of symbols.

(p. 112)

Reference List Anti-Defamation League. (2012). Diversity. Web.

Umd.edu. (1999). Diversity in the Workplace. Web.

Visagie, J., Linde, H., Havenga, V. (2011). A Theoretical Approach to the Experience of Diversity Management: Mead Revisited. Web.


The Study of Comparing Pulse Rate between Athlete and Non-athlete before and After Physical Exercise Essay essay help free

Table of Contents Introduction

Method and Materials


Reference List

Introduction It is a well known fact that respiratory rates increase during moments of physical activity yet it must be noted that the subsequent increase in the amount of heartbeats per second differs from person to person (Drury, 2011).

As explained by Santtila, Keijo, Laura


Characteristics of the Group Development Stages Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Table of Contents Introduction







Introduction Working in a group is quite an experience, and the experience I got from the group assignment given by the human resource lecturer reminded me of the four stages of group development model. The group developed through the four stages of the model, exhibiting characteristics similar to those described by the model at each stage.

Forming At first, we formed the group, which is the first stage of the group development model; the group had a leader and other seven members. At the first meeting, we could not make any progress because some members thought that they were not fit to be in the group; they were worried of the ability of the group to work together to produce good results (Tuckman and Jensen, 2007).

Everyone was waiting for guidance and direction from the group leader; no one was willing to give suggestions because they feared creating bad expressions and being judged by other group members (Adelson, 2000). The first meeting was not fruitful, but the group leader instructed the members to research on the assignment.

Storming According to the group development model, the second stage is storming, which is characterized by interpersonal-relations conflict and competition on the task function dimensions. During the organization of tasks conflicts arise because group members have different attitudes, beliefs and feeling on how best tasks should be done (Lundgren, 2003).

During the second meeting of the group assignment, the group leader proposed that each one research on a specific section of the assignment, then present it to the rest of the group members before compiling.

This suggestion was opposed by some members, two of the group members thought that it was a waste of time while one thought that he was good at compiling; therefore, he should be given a task to compile researched work (Mann, 997). All these reactions created tension because everyone wanted things to be done his way; however, the group leader urged them to listen to the reason why he chose the working procedure.

All the group members decided to listen to the group leader, and at the end, they realized that the proposal of the group leader could help them learn more on the topic of the assignment. The differences were solved and the meeting ended with everyone responsible for a specific task of the assignment.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Norming The next meetings were successful with everyone giving updates on the progress of the research; I noticed a great change in attitudes of the group members, and during presentation, everyone acknowledged the contribution of members with little corrections and directions on the sections of emphasis in the research. In this case, the leadership was being shared by all members, and this is one of the characteristics of a group in the norming stage (Tuckman, 2005).

The group members became free with one another; I remember one of the group members called me to seek clarification on the scope of his task. This showed good inter-personal relations and commitment, with everyone sharing information at both personal and task level; at this time, everyone was feeling good being part of the group and according to me, this was the best group for the assignment.

Performing When it came to compiling the work, everyone was willing to do it, unfortunately, it had to be done by one person to ensure flow of the essay. According to the group development model, this is expected at the fourth stage, which is the performing stage.

Any problem that was presented was handled as a group, everyone wanted the best out of the assignment; therefore, unity was valued (Tuckman and Jensen, 2007). The assignment was completed successfully and handed in, and most of us were willing to come together again in the future group assignments.

Conclusion Looking at the development of the group, it is evident that it evolved through the four phases of the group development model, which are forming, storming, norming and finally performing. This shows that the group developed like any other group, and its development is according to the four-phase model.

References Adelson, J. (2000). Feedback and group development. Small group behavior, 6(4), pp. 389-401.

Lundgren, D. (2003). Attitudinal and behavioral correlates of emergent status in training groups. The Journal of Social Psychology, 90(3), pp. 141-153.

We will write a custom Essay on Characteristics of the Group Development Stages specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Mann, R. (1997). Interpersonal style and group development. New York: John Wiley.

Tuckman, B. (2005). Developmental Sequence in Small Groups. Psychological Bulletin, 63(4), pp. 384-399.

Tuckman, B.


Kosovo 1999: Hacking the military Report essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Chechnya 1994: Propaganda

The motivation of the attacker(s)

The attack methods used

The response of the defenders


Reference List

Chechnya 1994: Propaganda Advance in technology and easy access to the internet has resulted in increased cyber crime and terrorism. Hackers are on a daily basis getting access to information that belongs to organizations and government agencies without prior consent. This jeopardizes the security of information and data since the data is either made available to everyone or it is used for malicious purposes.

The attackers of websites and other sites on the internet use the internet as a tool to spread propaganda (Denning 2001; Bednarz, 2004). The major aim of cyber attacks other than the spread of propaganda is to sabotage organizations, political reasons, alterations of data and information, economic espionage, monetary gains, revenge, and black mail (Henry, 2010; Denning 2001)

The report is based on the 1999 hacking of the Kosovo military that affected NATO’s websites and computer servers, as well as the websites of both the US and the UK governments. The paper addresses the motivation behind the attacks, the methods of attack, and the responses of the defenders to these attacks.

The motivation of the attacker(s) The 1999 Kosovo military hacking by the Serbian Groups (Geers, 2008) was aimed at deleting information and data stored in the NATO database. Although this was not the major motivation of the attack, it is believed that the hackers’ “goal was to disrupt the NATO’s military operations” (Geers, 2008).

The kind of motivation where information is destructed through unauthorized entry into organizational systems has been supported by Henry (2010). With the information on logistics of the NATO’s operation under siege, the organization could not undertake its military operations conclusively as they were compromised. Database information was lost upon the attack and pictures and anti NATO messages posted on NATO’s website (Nuttall, 1999).

Basically, the attack was a form of propaganda that was being used to dent the public relations of NATO and the Yugoslavia military. Sabotage was another motivator to the attacks. This has been acknowledged by Nuttall (1999) who reports that the Serbia based Black Hand group attack of the NATO’s website was to sabotage the organizations military operations.

The attack methods used The attackers infiltrated NATO’s database and website by the use of a virus. According to the case study report, the UK, the US, and NATO computers were invaded through “email-of-service and virus-infected email (Geers, 2008). The attacks were reported to have defaced the White House website.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It was also reported that NATO’s websites at its headquarters in Belgium were inoperable. The virus that was used on the email had twenty five virus strains. From a single email infected with the virus, it had multiplied within a very short period of time. The email server of NATO’s become chocked as a result of multiple emails streaming in (Nuttall, 1999; Geers, 2008).

Following these attacks, NATO was forced to upgrading its system in a bid to ensure that its computer servers and network remain secure. Unfortunately, the network attacks started to spread to other parts of the globe thus affecting international network systems. Based on the Nuttall (1999) as presented on the BBC News, the `ping’ bombardment strategy was applied by the hackers.

Ping storm has been defined as a process that entails the use of a program to “send a flood of packets to server to test its ability to handle a high amount of traffic” (Nuttall 1999). It is also used with the intention of making a server inoperable. Based on these two definitions and the case study, applications were made. Database information and data were invaded by the viruses and deleted (Nuttall, 1999).

The response of the defenders The US responded by stating that its websites were affected but nothing had been lost. However, the UK reported having lost multiple databases that had vital information to the organization. The spokesman of NATO reported of having experienced line saturations which were blamed on the Belgrade based hackers.

The Yugoslavian Foreign Secretary was reported saying that they would step up efforts to win the propaganda war started b the hackers (Nutall 1999). The NATO spokesman later apologized on a briefing on the eventful attack on its websites and the information it provided to people.

Conclusions Based on the case study analysis, the hackers used virus and ping storm to attack the computer servers belonging to NATO. They also used the same methods to attack the UK and U.S Whitehouse websites.

The intentions of the attacks were malicious and intentional, with the aim of spreading propaganda and deleting important files that contained military operations. In essence, the main aim was to cripple down NATO’s military operations as its websites and servers were rendered inoperable. By sending affected email that multiplied and streamed itself to the NATO’s email server, the systems and network become inoperable.

We will write a custom Report on Kosovo 1999: Hacking the military specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The attacks were spread over to other destinations within a short period of time. The defenders of the attacks claimed that it was used to spread propaganda and the NATO was ready to fight it back. Although the US claimed the attacks had done little harm, NATO claimed to have lost data and so was the UK. Lastly, the attackers were used to sabotage the military operations and dement the public relations of the parties involved.

Reference List Bednarz, A. (2004). Profiling cybercriminals: A promising but immature science. Network World. Web.

Denning, D.E. (2001). Is cyber terror next? Web.

Geers, K. (2008). Cyberspace and the changing nature of warfare. Web.

Henry, J. (2010). Reducing the Threat of State-to-State Cyber attack against critical infrastructure through international norms and agreements. Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland, School of Public Policy. University of Maryland.

Nuttall, C. (1999). Sci/Tech Kosovo info warfare spreads. BBC News. Web.


Risks to Disney Consequent on Acquiring Pixar Case Study essay help site:edu

Disney acquired Pixar for $ 7.4 billion, which obviously is a whopping sum. Purchase at such a high price reveals Disney’s eagerness to gain Pixar’s animation capabilities, talent and the creativity culture that are the latter’s unique features. Disney, however, will have to confront several risks in achieving the goals of this acquisition.

Disney’s acquisition of Pixar was of utmost importance to Disney because the acquisition provided Disney the world’s most famous computer animation studio along with its human talent. The benefits for Pixar in such an acquisition were that Pixar could access Disney’s marketing and distribution capabilities. On the basis of such an agreement Disney acquired Pixar during January 2006.

Disney’s acquisition of Pixar had always proved to be fruitful and had resulted in the production of several blockbusters. This acquisition had also helped Disney to establish a close rapport to Apple and its chief Steve Jobs who was a genius besides being a visionary. With his participation Disney could increase the digital content through Apple. Steve Jobs, the then CEO of Apple had assisted Disney in availing better technological advice and this had enabled Disney to enhance their creative capabilities and innovativeness.

Thus, the benefits for Disney due the takeover of Pixar were tremendous. However, on the flipside, there were several risks also. These mainly concerned with the return on investment. Since the value that Disney paid for the acquisition was far too higher than the actual worth, it would take Disney a much longer period to recover any return on the investment, though they can rest assured of appropriate returns.

There were, however, no technological risks. Another risk was that paying such a premium price for this acquisition deal would bring in financial losses for the firm due the return on investment period being too long. This, albeit temporarily, would reflect as loss in the company’s accounts, which may reflect adversely on their stock prices.

Another risk that Disney faced during the acquisition period was the entry of Steve Jobs into the directorial board in the newly merged firm. Being a popular icon in the business world, he could easily surpass Disney’s CEO, Robert Iger.

This could result in the business being dominated and spearheaded by Steve Jobs and Robert Iger being sidelined. This was one of the fears shared by Disney team during the acquisition process, who thought that the merger instead of partnership with Pixar, “might make Iger second to the powerful and experienced Jobs” (Disney’s Acquisition of Pixar par. 4).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Pixar’s teams had extraordinary creative talent pool which would force Disney to become highly dependent on Pixar’s employees and this allowed Pixar the power to negotiate at a very high price for Disney. Thus, Disney had no option other than to pay the premium price because otherwise Disney would be losing its business.

Disney also had to compromise on other grounds. For example, Iger agreed to a long list of guidelines which protected Pixar’s creative culture even though the two firms were merged and known as one firm. It was quite understood by the CEO, Robert Iger that Disney could not stand alone and compete in the market without the merger with Pixar.

This allowed Pixar to raise its acquisition price because their stocks were, doing pretty well in the market. On the other hand, Disney sustained several flops in its creative films which had very severely impacted the prices of its share in the market.

Therefore, even though Disney was the acquirer firm yet they had been forced to compromise on several aspects because they considered this acquisition to be crucial for their survival and thus agreed to pay a premium price.

Work Cited Disney’s Acquisition of Pixar. ICMR: IBS Center for Management Research. 2006. Web.


Major Labor Laws Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

In the labor market, employers face different challenges when handling their employees. Some employees have unrealistic demands that influence their colleagues hence making it difficult for employers to handle them. Similarly, employees go through some challenges caused by their employers. For instance, some employers exploit their employees for their selfish gains. This makes it necessary for stakeholders in the labor market to intervene and enact labor laws that protect both the employers and the employees.

The railroad labor act was passed in 1926 with the intention of ensuring that interstate commerce is not interrupted by disputes between carriers and workers. The act has provisions that provide ways of resolving disputes.

Another labor act, Norris-LaGuardia labor Act was enacted in 1932 to ensure that employers do not mistreat employees. It ensures that the rights of employees are not violated. The Wagner act was passed in 1935 and ensures that workers are given their rights to form unions. Landrum-Griffin Act prevents corruption in unions while the Taft-Hartley Labor Act prevents disputes from occurring in unions.

Body The Railroad Labor Act, popularly known as the RLA was passed in 1926. It was jointly enacted by rail labor and management. In 1934 and 1966, slight amendments which led to the inclusion of aircrafts in 1936 were made on the act. The National Mediation Board, an independent federal agency is concerned with administering the policy.

One of the functions of RLA is to ensure that interstate commerce is not interrupted by solving disputes between carriers and their workers immediately. It also gives employees an opportunity to organize and conduct a collective bargain. It does this by compelling carriers and employees to pay duty intended at creating and maintaining agreements of collective bargaining.

Moreover, it settles all disputes that arising from the application of such agreements. In addition, RLA provides procedures of resolving mandatory disputes hence preventing strikes that arise from union representation and disputes related to grievances. The impact of this act in organizations is that it enables smooth running as well as making it possible for unions to serve employees well (Cihon, 2010).

The Norris-LaGuardia act was enacted in 1932, towards the end of the administration of Hoover. This was the first act among several laws that had been passed by the congress. The act enables labor unions to stage mass action and use other accepted ways of dealing with the management. In its first provision, it abolishes the yellow dog agreements or contracts that were enforced by federal courts.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Under the yellow dog agreement, employees were required to accept that they would never join any labor organization. The second provision of the act takes away the jurisdiction of issuing injunctions on non-violent strikes, patrols, assemblies or making public facts on labor disputes that the federal courts enjoyed.

The third provision of the act broadens the definition of labor dispute to include all the controversies related to the terms and conditions under which employees work. While its fourth provision warrants the issuance of injunctions by federal courts under strict safeguards.

The impact of this act is that it creates a limitation on injunctions that are issued as a result of violating no-strike provisions entrenched in agreements of collective bargaining. Another impact of the act is that it makes it possible for groups championing civil rights and unions to employ boycotts and picketing on controversial matters that ordinarily would not have been regarded as labor disputes (Bernstain, 2012).

The Wagner Act was enacted in 1935 with the intention of giving workers the right to form unions. After its creation, the National Labor Relations Board was constituted in order to ensure that the act was fully enforced. One of the provisions of the act is that it gives unsupervised employees a chance to form organizations and elect their own representatives who facilitate collective bargaining.

The act also aims at ensuring that employees have free choice and that collective bargaining is exercised as a way of sustaining industrial peace. The other provision of the act prevents employees from losing their jobs or being discriminated unfairly (Civics-online, n.d).

The Taft-Hartley Act which was enacted by U.S congress in 1947 was officially referred to as Labor Management Relations Act. Most of the national labor relations that were contained in the Wagner act of 1935 were amended by this act. The first provision of the act is the establishment of a system of controlling labor disputes.

Under the new system, the employer or union is required to give a notice to the other party prior to the termination of a collective bargaining agreement. The second provision of the act is empowerment of the government to secure an injunction of 80 days against strikes that are considered risky to national safety or health.

We will write a custom Essay on Major Labor Laws specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The third provision of the act is the prohibition of secondary boycotts and jurisdictional strikes while its fourth one prohibits unions from taking part in political campaigns. This act impacts union membership more substantially than it does on the bargaining power of established unions. Under this act, workers are given opportunities to form organizations and increase the impetus of unions.

The Landrum-Griffin Act was a crucial part of the federal Labor Laws. Its provisions were aimed at preventing corruption in unions and assuring the union members of democracy. It was formed after a publicized investigation that sought to reveal corruption in unions.

The first provision of the act is concerned with management and report delivery of union finances. Under this provision, unions are required to have bylaws and constitutions, copies of which are delivered to the U.S labor secretary. These reports indicate fees, dues, member qualification and financial auditing.

The second provision of the act is applied in situations when the autonomy of union locals is suspended by labor organizations. The provision focuses on the fact that national leaders of unions who are corrupt are capable of intercepting the control of unions with intentions of keeping power (Civics-online, n.d).

The third provision of the act focuses on the personal integrity and responsibility of officers of the unions and representatives. This provision stipulates that officers and representatives hold positions of trust in the organizations. This implies that individuals can be held responsible for acting selfishly. The impact of this act on organizations and union management is that it increases commitment and accountability since members and unions are held responsible for their actions.

References Bernstain, N. (2012). Norris-Laguardia Act (1932). Web.

Cihon, P. (2010). Employment and Labor Law. New York : Cengage Learning.

Civics- online. (n.d). The Wagner Act of 1935. Web.

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Discreditation of Michele Bachmann Actions During the Election Rhetorical Essay online essay help

Election years, almost all over the world, bring in spectacular shows or drama that either leaves the voters enthralled or offended. At other levels serious, campaign strategies bring down a whole party or an individual and in the most extreme levels, and civil wars arise. This is true for developed or developing worlds depending on the context of choice and the level of political maturity.

Many a number of candidates have used the elections campaigns seasons to swiftly place themselves at the front, ending up at the highest or desired offices while others have make life time mistakes that extend to kill even their political careers. In America Sara Palin, never made it to her desired position, and eventually fell out with the American voters due to some mistakes out of her own authoring; as well as from her running mate, John McCain.

These situations and events still prevent the former Governor of Alaska the needed grip to turn votes into her basket in this year’s elections. These moves have been repeated by her new rival Michele Bachmann who the writer of this article seeks to make the subject of concern.

The goal of this work is to discredit Michele Bachmann moves in signing a pact which the writer refers to as controversial. It focuses on anti-gay, anti-abortion and anti-pornography issues. The aim of the author is to let the reader identify Michelle Bachmann’s case cannot be expected to go far with such mistakes; and therefore, her rise will only be just another mistake as done in previous examples in the conservative party.

In this article the author attacks the source of the pact to underscore the seriousness of such heavy prices people must pay in political goofs. He has done this using rhetorical techniques of which this paper will analysis their effectiveness upon the intended goal of this article, Michele Bachmann, signs anti-gay pact that says times were better for black kids during slavery.

On the other hand, this article indirectly looks at the question of racism innuendos raised at such seasons. The article largely attacks the main point in a pact from a group known as the Family Leader, which recalls the days of slavery. In this move, the writer points to the audience, as the readers, that politicians like Michele Bachmann are appealing to the voters who are racists.

By juxtaposing Obama’s administration with the slavery period, the reader cannot help to feel that racism is a scorecard. However, probably the most intended audience of this article is the African American person, to vote against such figures with racists’ sentiments. Again, this article may be directed to the normal American citizen who believes in change and uses ideas and development records to score and rate a candidate.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In this article, concerning Michelle Bachmann, the writer has used diction where words like ‘controversial’ and ‘curious’ in the first paragraph as well as ‘strange’ help to allude on the attitude he has on the Pact and its origin. He dismisses the pact extensively using a didactic tone that distances him from Michelle and Bob Vaander Plats.

This is well exemplified by his address to Bob as the man who ran for Governor of Iowa but failed on three attempts to get secure a place in the public offices he vied for. It is worth noting from this perspective that the tongue is in the cheek towards Plaats.

On this same breath, the writer by using counterpoints underscores that Bob’s endorsement by known legendries, like Chuck Norris does not guarantee a bill of passage to the public office. It is ironical through the imagery of thumbs down that Bob thinks highly of himself as kingmaker. Campaign seasons are really of turns and events.

On the next level he uses pathetic appeal concerning the originator of the fact Pact. He casts him as a man who has been on the extreme by issuing outrageous statements and faked analogies of homosexuals and smoking through the technique of narration.

The reader’s feeling of disappointment with Bob is appealed for, and thus convinced that even on this occasion he cannot be left to guide or advice figures we expect to be presidents. In the net effect the reader is invited secretly to judge Michele Bachmann, on her views and relations to such notions! This is an effective technique that the writer has used to show that probably Michele is going nowhere.

He uses the technique of ethos where he appeals to ethics by quoting a respected black political writer, Cherly Contee. In this technique he wishes to introduce the superiority of authority that he is reading from the same page as Contee and thus he places himself high.

On the other hand, he may also appeal to ethics by introducing an authority like Contee in order to score a point that, he is on a middle ground and others including the reader must see these mistakes. If he intends the later, then he is not effective since this may seem ironical from his title and his attack on Bob Plaats. This reinforces the opinion of thesis of this paper concerning racism.

We will write a custom Essay on Discreditation of Michele Bachmann Actions During the Election specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In his appeal for logos to the reader, he states clearly that Michele Bachmann is not a novice to matters relating to racism, anti-gay, anti-abortion or even anti-pornography. Michele’s husband has been an opponent of such views and thus by extension his wife understands the complexity and impact of such. This lets the reader know that it is a clear case of choice and search for new controversy as a move to turn attention.

To make this more effective, he appeals for reasoning and he scores home by mentioning the Utah Governor as one who cannot join the pact of the social conservatives. He thus makes the reader rationalize that if the like of Governor Huntsman and a representative like Ron Paul cannot join such a cause then, Michele is too much flawed. By pitting these public figures against Michele, the reader is appealed to logically, that Huntsman and others are better and enjoy success rates in their work without such vendettas.

The writer has effectively pitched in the camp ‘no’ by letting the audience analyze Michele Bachmann and her group the Family leader. By subtly using description, narration as well as comparison, he brings in the point of racism without offending the African American voters, and thus successfully attacks candidate Bachmann strategies as well as her perceptions of race. This effectively analyzes the options that the voter has when the D-day comes late in the year. This illustrates that Malcolm is an expert political commentary as his records reveal.

The tone of this article assumes an outrage voice that depicts the writer as one who is admonishing candidates like Michele against racism. In addition, the transition of the story through its coherence, and explanations can also be seen to assume a tone humor to political stunts and efforts characterized by the span of election year’s candidates and chief campaigners. In this respect, he is able to convince the audience about his thesis.

I take that Michele needs to rethink her position and stand when dealing with the American voter judging by history. Choosing the road to racism is a ‘sinful’ attempt if I quote her husband, Marcus and she will be judged harshly when racial free, candidates beat her ten to naught (Malcolm, para. 10). The author choice of this method clearly represents that Michele’s star would take the same route that of Sara Palin and with no apologies to make or without being remorseful that she is on the path to failure.

Works Cited Malcolm, Andrew. Michele Bachmann Signs Anti-gay Pact that Says Times were better for Black Kids during Slavery. Los Angeles Times, 2011. Web.


Organized Change: Approaches to Implementing Essay college admission essay help

The need for organizational change consulting has significantly been impacted by technological advancements in the resent past. First and foremost, the world is rapidly shifting in terms of globalization, paperless business approach as well as competitive need for enhanced efficiency (Chaudron, 2009). As a result, corporate organizations have been forced to adopt new modalities to cope with the transforming market trends.

On the other hand, competition is taking a dynamic angle where new entrants come with modern systems of production and operational management. These adaptations are ideal for quick production, proper team management, reduction of costs as well as high efficiency in customer rotations (Tidd, Bessant


Critique for “Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters.” Essay (Critical Writing) essay help: essay help

Introduction The question of the extent to which nature determines one’s situation in life has occupied humanity for a long time. With the world almost evenly split between proponents and critics of the notion of free will, this question has been the subject of many debates.

Inherent in this argument is the question of whether one’s intellectual capacity is of more or less significance, relative to practice, in determining one’s success; and if it is, to what extent. This essay seeks to critique ‘Sorry Strivers: Talent Matters’ an article written by David Z. Hambrick and Elizabeth J. Meinz, published in the New York Times Opinion section on November 19, 2011. The article adds another voice to the long drawn talent versus practice question.

The writers’ aim was to use their authority as associate professors of psychology to discredit the meritocratic and wishful notion that talent only matters up to a point after which practice becomes the single most important determinant in hindering or aiding the achievement of high skills. I do agree with their argument, although it is not so persuasively put across.

Foremost, the article was written for the benefit of a general audience, a factor that influences its lack of depth in handling the subject in question. It does not go into the fine aspects of the talent versus practice argument. It cites only three studies for instance; one that supports the argument for practice and two in support of the importance of talent. By using these studies, it only gives a very shallow overview, one that can hardly be used to reach a conclusive position on the matter.

The article cites the study carried out by Anders Ericsson and on whose basis those who refute the significance of talent argue. Ericsson compared the success levels of violin students with the practice hours they had accumulated by age 20. He found out that the more the practice hours clocked, the higher the success levels (Hambrick and Meinz). On the basis of these findings, Ericsson concluded that it really was practice, and not innate genius that determines how good we become in whatever field.

Hambrick and Meinz don’t find these findings credible and taunt this study as the single supporting evidence that is cited by the champions of the practice argument. However, they don’t give reasons why we should question Ericsson’s findings. By say faulting Ericsson’s research design or methodology, the authors would have been more successful in influencing their readers to rejecting his findings.

At the same time, it could be argued that the apparent lack of motivation to practice on the part of those categorized as least skilled in Ericsson’s study was a manifestation of their being naturally predisposed to fail due to limits imposed by their intellect. Because of this oversight, the article loses its persuasiveness against the arguments fielded by proponents of practice.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The authors cite the findings of their own study, which found out that “where the practice habits of pianists were similar, intellectual ability accounted for the difference in their success” to support their argument (Hambrick and Meinz). This adds no real value to the article’s persuasiveness.

In a subject as divisive as the one in question, and in an argument that one has emotionally invested in, it would not be improbable for them to engage in attempts at finding evidence to support their side of the argument. Such undertakings would be expected to be marred by impartiality.

The findings of the study carried out by the authors might lose credibility to this argument. It could be argued that it was possible that they were incapable of achieving a sufficient level of detachment with the subject for objectivity to be achieved. Their findings are therefore easily questionable.

At the same time, the concept of working memory, which the authors employed in carrying out the research, is a source of controversy too. Whether one’s working memory capacity is fixed or malleable is the subject of ongoing study.

If working memory capacity can be expanded by means of mental exercises as has been argued, would mean that it might no longer be considered a fixed constituent of one’s natural intelligence. Until this contention is conclusively addressed, the findings of the authors’ study are not valid. They therefore can’t be cited as conclusive evidence in support of the argument for the supremacy of talent.

The article does not offer any new or conclusive take on subject at hand. It does not handle its argument against the disregard of talent very well. What it achieves is probably the sparking of public debate on the matter.

In my mind, naturally endowed capabilities are of great importance in determining what one can and cannot achieve. To completely disregard or to undermine the significance of one’s intellect in determining one’s success is, to use the words of the two authors, “wishful”.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on Critique for “Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters.” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The idea that the critics of talent stand for borders on the ideal, is without doubt politically correct. It serves to endorse the notions of meritocracy and free will. This however, sadly, isn’t true. Nature does, to a very significant extent, determine what we do and how well we do it.

Works Cited Hambrick, David.


TV Advertisements Aimed at Children in Australian should be banned Essay college application essay help

Introduction For companies to create awareness about their products or to persuade the consumers of their products, they use advertisements to reach this target. In most cases, the advertisements target the consumers’ needs by exploiting their demands and offering solutions. These advertisements always lead to increased consumption.

One major group, that advertisers have targeted, is children (Media Awareness Network 2010). The strategy is based on the fact that children have substantial amounts of money to spend, and they also have an influence on their parents’ spending. The advertisements targeting children have diversified from sweets and toys in the past to clothes, fast foods, computer accessories, shoes, sports gear and even included some adult-relevant products such as vehicles.

The impact of advertising on children has been a subject of debate with different schools of thought arguing on their suitability. In Australia, children are said to constitute a significant proportion of spenders as well as largely influencing their parents’ purchasing and, thus, a major target for advertisers (Sharon 1998). This paper will weigh on whether TV advertisements aimed at children in Australia should be banned.

Why TV Advertisements Aimed At Children in Australian Should Be Banned Australia has one of the highest proportions of children with obesity. Since 1980s, the prevalence has been on the rise. This has been attributed to the time children spend watching television. In addition, to reduce energy expenditure, there is the associated increase in food consumption resulting from the food advertisements on display. Australia has been shown to have one of the highest food advertisements rates per hour.

Unfortunately, most of the advertised foods fall below the recommended standards of healthy diets. Fast food restaurants and foods rich in fats and sugars constitute over half the number of food advertisements on Australian television (Coalition on Food Advertising to Children (CFAC) 2007).

The advertisements have been shown to influence children food consumption trends with a national nutritional survey in 1997 showing that only a small proportion of children consumed fruits. The consumption of fruits and other healthy foods was shown to decrease with increase in age in the children and was replaced gradually by high consumption of fast foods attributable, to increased awareness created by television advertisements.

With such a worrying trend, it would only be wise to ban such advertisements from television or stop airing them during children programs. This would greatly reduce the availability of such information to the children and probably reduce their consumption of such products with deleterious impact on their health (Neville, Thomas


The Game Changer Essay (Critical Writing) essay help online free: essay help online free

Synopsis Thesis Statement

China’s economic and military power is on the increase and as a result, the country is likely to experience a transformative impact in as far as global politics are concerned1.

Main points of the article

China has turned into a revolutionary power in its effort to maintain political stability and economic growth

Revolutions within the country have largely been responsible for China’s impact on the global economy

Chinese leaders have previously been less engaged in the world affairs but in recent years, they have realised that the country has to take an active role in such matters in order to fulfill the country’s domestic needs for raw materials and oil.

The current revolutionary changes are the result of a series of reforms and openness process that dates as far back as the late 1970s.

The new revolution in China has to confront such social ills as rampant corruption, pollution, environmental degradation, rising income inequalities, and soaring unemployment1.

China envisions greener cities and for this reason, the country has invested heavily in projects aimed at providing clean energy.

China’s bold economic transformation plans are faced with new challenges and pressures, including substantial demands for resources.

With China has embraced internet technology to a great extent and as a result, there has emerged a virtual political system in the country that includes online blogs and online “voting” to ensure justice is achieved.

The Chinese revolution went global in the 1990s, in a policy meant to seek natural resources. Consequently, China now offers technical knowhow and construct infrastructure for countries rich in natural resources and oil in the hope of getting a share.

The increased voting share of China within the international Monetary Fund (IMF) means that the country will have a lot of say in the future of international financial systems.

Although China has made admirable progress in the economic front, its military reach has not been satisfactory.

The impact of the transformational policies adopted by China have been felt across the world and now, the country wants to match its military and economic expansion “with an equally aggressive media strategy”1.

For example, a 24-hour global news channel that will compete with BBC and CNN has been launched.

Connections Environment

The author of this article has made a connection to the environment. For example, the revolutionary changes in the political and economic realm of China have led to skyrocketing rates of environmental degradation and pollution, largely due to urbanization. On the other hand, the article has talked of a desire by China to ensure that its new cities are green. Consequently, the country has invested heavily in the clean energy sector. Currently, China is among the leading manufacturers of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines in the world2. The country is also making progress in the clean energy sector, such as in the manufacture of electric vehicles and high- speed rail.


The author has talked of a growing culture in China where information received from the outside world is now being shaped not just for local consumption, but also abroad. In addition, the author has dwelt on the process of “reform and openness” that was started by the Chinese leader Deng in the late 1970s, and which has given birth to the various reforms that are responsible for the current economic and political reforms1. These reforms have transformed China’s patterns of interaction and social mobility. In addition, the Chinese societal values have also changed.

Governance and security (politics)

The author of this article has also dwelt on the issue of politics at length. To start with, she has pointed out the fact that the current political and economic reforms have turned China in to a leading global superpower. To be very candid, the reason why China is trying to sell its development and innovation agenda to countries rich in natural recourse and oil is not just to get access to such resources, but it is also a way of asserting itself as an upcoming global superpower3. In addition, the author has noted that China has had to encounter resistance form a number of countries in its quest to do business with them, on grounds of poor safety and environmental practices, as well as labor policies that appear to favor Chinese workers at the expense of the local workers. This is a more of a political debate than an economic one. Furthermore, the increase in the Chinese naval capacity is a pointer to the extent to which Beijing will go in order to ensure that its political interest is protected.

Resources and Development (economies)

The author has reiterated the fact that China’s case is one of the few economic success stories in recent years. As the second largest global economy, China is characterized by a booming export sector, a well managed currency, and a continuous flood of foreign capital. China has also increased its trade ties with many resources-rich countries in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. China has offered these countries various trade aid deals, technical and training opportunities4.

The author has also noted that as China becomes a knowledge-based and innovative economy, cash-rich investment funds and state-owned enterprises are being encouraged by Chinese leaders to acquire or take stakes in foreign companies.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Critique and Reflection Critique of the author’s thesis statement

I am in agreement with the author that China’s rise as an economic and military power will transform the country into a formidable player in the global political arena. This is because politics are affected a lot by economic advancement and military power. A robust economy, coupled with a growing military strength means that the country’s stand on certain political and economic policies may influence the overall stand of the global economy.


Every nation is now scared of the economic powerhouse that China has turned into. Considering its large population and the fact that it has now turned into a knowledge based economy, China will undoubtedly dictate the pace at which technological developments take place in the Asian region and the world at large.

In a few moths time, China’ current crop of leaders shall be replaced by young well-traveled, politically entrepreneurial and confident social scientists. These new leaders are expected to bring more change to China. Despite the fact that leaders in China have already established their vision and effected change, however, the buildup of both local and international pressures may produce a different outcome from the one that the new leaders anticipate.

Considering that majority of the revolutions are inherently unstable, other leading global economies such as the United States need to institute policies aimed at exploring the domestic revolution in China in order to forecast future opportunities and challenges that the international community is likely to experience as a result of such instability.

China is on the pathway to making global institutions and norms and for this reason, other global economic and political leaders need to come up with their own strategic priorities and ideals, and decide the best way that china may realize such objectives.

Bibliography Barnouin, B and Changgen, Y. Chinese Foreign Policy During the Cultural Revolution. London: Kegan Paul International, 1998.

Economy, Elizabeth. “The Game Changer: Foreign Policy Revolution.” Foreign Affairs, 89, no. 6 (2010): 142 – 152

We will write a custom Critical Writing on The Game Changer specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Gilboy, George and Heginbotham, Eric. “China’s Dilemma Social Change and Political Reform.” Foreign Affairs, (2010): 10 – 18.

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Footnotes Elizabeth, Economy, “ The Game Changer: Foreign Policy Revolution”, Foreign Affairs, 89, no. 6 (2010): 142 – 152.

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An Overview of the Main Challenges Facing the European Union Analytical Essay essay help online: essay help online

Introduction Before the dawn of the Second World War, there existed some empires that were forged on compulsion through strong military rule. Such empires can be dated back to Roman and Greek empires. After the Second World War, the world, especially Europe, witnessed one of the greatest horror in human history that brought death, destructions of infrastructure and economic decline.

The European Union was then formed to curb future occurrences of the same destructions and to help unify some policy that could bring expansion and efficacy in political, economic and social arenas across the continent (The Atlantic Wire 2012, par. 2). There have arisen problems that threaten the future stability of the European Union. This paper looks into the problems that the European Union is facing (Guardian 2012, par. 6).

An Overview of European Union The European Union is a unique institution with a complex administration (Schumann 2012, par. 3). For a decision to be effected, it has to be approved by three institutions that subsume European commission, the council of the European Union and the European parliament.

For the purpose of guiding the union on legal and economic matters, there are three institutions for the same purpose (Neal 2007, p.215). They include the European court of justice, the European council and the European court of editors. On the top of these, there are two other institutions that advice on matters on the ground.

They are the economic and social committee and the committee of the regions. Of importance in administration and business are the three multi-level systems that the union is built from. The complex administration system is where initial problems stem from. The complex administration system that has different acting levels has a further division of three pillars.

The first pillar termed European community is mandated with overseeing of economic and monetary policies, joint agricultural policies for all members, internal markets, and custom union among many. The second economic pillar deals with common foreign and security policies. Finally, the third pillar deals with cooperation of member states in the field of law (El-Agraa 2011, p.96).

Complex Administration Hurdles From the analysis of the complexities in the administration of the European Union, it is evident that the key area in the genesis of its challenges lies in its quest for harmony in administration. Since different levels and pillars of administration have different nation members as the heads, each of them is likely to present views that are in the best interest of the parent nation. The end result will be a tag of clashing policies that wants to have their way in the union (Staab 2008, p. 15).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Economic and Monetary Challenges Trying to boost trade and harmonize the economy of its member states, the European Union, with a help of the organ of economic and monetary union, embarked on ways of creating a common currency called the Euro. By the year 2002, the Euro had been accepted as the common exchange currency among only 12 members of the union.

The major problem for the European Union is to convince the United Kingdom to join the Euro. According to the news reported by the guardian on 29 Jan 2012, the United Kingdom will not yield to the pressures from the European Union and vote for the Euro. The United Kingdom’s intention is to remain a free state since lack of freedom led to the World War II (Guardian 2012, par. 6).

The reasons behind the United Kingdom’s decision to stick to its pound lay on several factors. Currently, the economy of Great Britain is doing well (Guardian 2012, par. 4). If the UK growth effects spill over to the Euro zone, they will suffer from some setbacks. Such setbacks will incur the wrath from the public who are the investors.

Furthermore, interest rates on things such as mortgages will be different and the economy of the nation will be tilted. For the European Union to have common market operations means to force the UK to yield to the euro, a task that seems to be impossible as per UK’s economic status.

Single Market Challenges Another challenge the European Union faced in its economic and monetary policy is the exceptions that hinder the smooth operation of a common or a single market. In its literal term, the single market was incorporated in the European Union so as to enable free movement of labor, capital, goods and services all over the states constituting the union.

Although this has seen some positives results in terms of wider market and increased competition, its survival is facing major threats from some rigid member states. The members of the European Union are looking at the project of a single market with a kind of phobia and suspicion that threaten its survival (Council of the European Union 2008, p. 75).

Some member countries such as Italy have opted to remain rigid to the point of refusing to implement full rules as per the single market policy document. Since Europe is a continent of cultural divergence, the European Union will find it difficult to fully stick to single market. A conservative state like the one based on Muslim’s cultural foundation will not change its cultural heritage so as to fit the European system of single market (Gaens, Jokela


Employee Turnover Ratio Essay writing essay help

The average number of employees that an organization replaces against the total number of employees working within that organization for a specific period defines the employee turnover ratio. Therefore, employee turnover ratio is defined as “the rotation of workers around the labour market; between firms, jobs and occupations; and between the states of employment and unemployment” (Abassi


Arguments in Who Framed Roger Rabbit Essay essay help online: essay help online

The great cartoon craftsmen – rude fantasists with a taste for the extreme – routinely dismiss the laws of probability, turning tree branches into catapults and a set of dishes into a symphony orchestra (Harris). But a cartoon short, however inventive, can take its toll on our interest.

A world which anything can happen is often more irritating than exhilarating, and the nonstop aggression and violence of so many American cartoons wears us out – after ten minutes, we’ve already seen too much punishment disguised as wit. Robert Zemeckis’s astounding Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which triumphantly mixes human and animated characters, captures everything we have ever loved and hated about cartoons. It reviews and transcends form.

This is a great, sad, amazingly soulful movie that at first seems to be about a rather specialized subject – our relation with cartoon characters, those relation with cartoon characters, those relentless jokesters who drive us crazy in order to make us laugh. But there are hints of something darker in the undergrowth (Wilson). The movie is set in Hollywood, back in 1947, when cartoon characters, according to the filmmakers, were just like any other actors.

One of them, a contract player with long twisty ears – the great Roger Rabbit, a stalwart of the Maroon Studio – is having troubles with his wife. Its Bogey meets Bunny when cartoon – loathing detective Eddie Valiant is the lone hope of the irascible and irritating Roger Rabbit to prove his innocence when he is accused of murder. Set in the 1940s in a shadowy world reminiscent of the noir classics, Who Framed Roger Rabbit cleverly combines Disney and Warner Brothers cartoon creations in the same scenes (Wilson).

Randy, red – haired Jessica Rabbit is one of the more enduring new noir characters and as it should be, it’s the diabolical dame who’s belied to the root of all evil. It’s a race against time for the accused bunny as we wait with bated breath to see if Eddie can solve the case and save Roger before he is executed by Judge Doom and his tenacious band of Weasels. Although the feature film was rated PG, the hard boiled novel it’s based on is definitely R – rated and has a completely different – and shocking – climax.

Masses – friendly director Zemeckis decided to tone the adult themes of the book down and change the ending, but wisely added dimension to the portrayals and changed the comic strip characters to known and loved cartoons (Wilson). Social tensions are consequences of conscious pursuit of what may be termed as exclusive values by one or more people within a social group.

This is usually driven by an aura of competition that arises between two or more groups within a social setting. There are themes arising from this film which bring to the fore the issues that might cause social tension. The racial stereotype in Who Framed Roger rabbit? The “others” bungle work because of shiftlessness and incompetence; they cannot get the simplest thing right, but they work very cheaply (Klein). Physically they are strong, practically indestructible, but they are also unpredictable and emotional.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They are more affected by liquor than sober whites. They are colorful and interesting, vibrant and alive, but also threatening and dangerous. The danger and the fascination come together in the sexiness that is part of the stereotypes as well. Considering the Toons of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The movie presents the Toons as distinctively other.

Our first clue to their otherness comes when Roger walks off the set of the opening cartoon a violent, frenetic animation from which all joy seems to have been deliberately expunged and which inspires, from my point of view, only nervous or maniac laughter (Wilson).

Roger, hitting himself over the head with a skillet, walks past Bob Hoskins’s character of Eddie Valiant, who walks away from him and spits scornfully, “Toons!” In Valiant’s conversation with the studio head, R.K. Maroon, we learn rapidly that Roger is unreliable, physically indestructible, but emotionally creampuff.

The Toons are almost indestructible, and the villain, Judge Doom, turns out to be one of them, though he has been passing as a human. At the scene of crime which Roger Rabbit is framed, Eddie Valiant meets Judge Doom (Klein).

The blatant stereotypical aspects of this scene are many: Judge Doom’s flunkies are weasels that caricature pimps; Judge Doom executes summary violence on Toons by substituting “the dip” for lynching, and the judge says solemnly to Valiant, “a human has been murdered by a Toon – don’t you understand the magnitude of that?” more subtle are the self hatred of the judge’s actions, along with the racial self hatred they point to, and the way the reference to Chinatown works.

“This is the way we handle things down in Toontown,” says Judge Doom, re calling the closing lines of Chinatown in one of a number of references to it throughout this movie. In conclusion, this movie gives a glimpse of advancement in technology yet it does so in a convincing and humorous manner that leaves the viewer both perplexed and amused.

This enhances the well being of a person who might be stressed owing to what a person may be going through at a given point in time. Owing to the ingenuity created in this movie, one cannot help but be caught in moments of laughter as Holt has previously stated that jokes are products of human ingenuity.

We will write a custom Essay on Arguments in Who Framed Roger Rabbit specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Harris, Judy. Time Capsule:Reviews of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Films and TV Shows from 1987-1991. London: iUniverse, 2002.

Klein, Kathleen Gregory. Diversity and detective fiction. New York: Popular Press, 1999. Wilson, Staci Layne. Animal Movies Guide. New York: Staci Wilson, 2007


Sweatshops Development Research Paper essay help

Table of Contents Brief history

Arguments for sweatshops

Anti-sweatshops arguments

A case in San Francisco

Fighting sweatshops


Works Cited

Sweatshop is a term used to refer to any working environment whose conditions are unacceptable. The overriding characteristics of the industry are long working hours and poor payments regardless of the law provisions in those countries. In most cases, violation of child labor laws is prevalent and employees are subject to abuse by the employer without an easy way out.

The definition used in the United States for a sweatshop is, “an employer who violates two or more of the federal or state labor laws governing compensation, child labor, occupational safety and health, industrial homework workers’ compensation, or industry registration.” In most cases, sweatshops are involved in human trafficking. In almost all cases, sweatshops in the United States are companies in the garment producing companies ranging from the mega companies to their contractors and subcontractors.

Brief history The concept of sweatshops has its origin from the early 19th century in which case, an intermediary- normally referred to as the sweater- directed others in the process of producing clothing, under arduous conditions. The tailors would contract an intermediary who would in turn subcontract another intermediary ultimately; the subcontracted sweater would engage the worker at piecework for each garment.

The intermediary would make profit by looking for desperate workers whose payments were minimal and end up paying least per unit of labor. The term sweater for the intermediary and sweating system for the process of subcontracting characterized earlier works by critics of this system. In the last half of the century, sweatshops had attracted many people to the growing cities immigrants being from neighboring countries being most among the numbers.

The exploitation of workers by the sweating system was unopposed by other parties for a short while. In the late 19th century, a party named National Anti-Sweating League founded in Australia and a few years later, another body with the same name started in the UK to fight against the abuse of workers by the sweating system.

The success of these two lead to formation of other parties to defend the rights of the sweatshop workers. Ultimately, this made the existence of sweatshops rare especially in the original sense but did not eliminate them. History has proved that sweatshops are a difficult issue to deal with since it is first an economic issue.

Arguments for sweatshops Thefight surrounding sweatshops has taken two sides with one group advocating for them while another fighting against them. Both groups have put forward arguments to support their views on the issue.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The proponents based their first argument on the economic theory of comparative advantage in which case they argue that international trade will work for the good of both parties. This therefore means that as the developing countries lack the technology of production employed in the developed countries, they should employ what they have for production of those goods.

About the working conditions, they are adamant that they are better than what they would have. According to the proponents, the sweatshops provide a better substitution to other activities like street prostitution, trash picking, and the like. According to them, it has made the lives of the workers at least better than if they did not employ them.

Anti-sweatshops arguments Thefirst argument from the opposing side of sweatshops is that, most workers in the industry are unable to buy some of the goods they make even though they are commonplace commodities. According to them, economic development would result from other activities as opposed to sweatshops. Another argument is the aspect of violation of the labor laws, connection with human trafficking and child labor, which leads them to lead slave-like lives with the vulnerability of abuse and sexual harassment from the employers.

A case in San Francisco Companies can be deceiving when you listen to the ideas and slogans shouted from the management desk. Indeed, many companies known by the public to be socially responsible in contrast violate the labor laws including the minimum wage requirement. Esprit- a company known for its garments made from organically grown cottons and wools tinted with natural dyes- is such a company (Udesky, ESPRIT: Sweatshops Behind the Labels ).

By 1994, the management had played consumer level politics and it worked perfectly in promoting the company as socially responsible. On the other side, the companies play politics at the production level in that even though they invest in community-based projects, in their quest to minimize the cost of labor, they result to sweatshops that violate the labor laws, their behavior going beyond irresponsibility meaning that at time the workers are not even paid.

Fighting sweatshops The fight against sweatshops has not come without pains. In 2005, the San Francisco Chronicles reports that the number of garment workers in the bay area had dropped to 3500 from the 30000 that worked there in 1982 and the 12000 in 2002. According to the report, Esprit and other two largest garment manufacturers in San Francisco had their production carried out in other nations.

The closure of the local factories implies the level of job insecurity of the garment workers and the struggles the subcontractors have to face. The reason for this shift to offshore production is the expiry of the global system of quotas, which had provided restrictions for clothing coming in from member countries of the WTO.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Sweatshops Development specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This shift to offshore production should not be taken to mean non- existence of sweatshops in San Francisco. Reportedly, in February 2007, the department of labor forced Reuben’s Garment Cutting and Marking Company to pay $66,066 withheld from 57 employees. Allegedly, the contractor did not record the number of hours the employees worked, paid the on Saturdays, and denied them overtime (Santa Clara University n.d.).

Conclusion Ultimately, it is of great importance to note that the fight against sweatshops has not been easy. The battle started back in the 1th century but in the 21st century, it remains to be a problem in the society. The fight has not been without pains for we consider the contradicting interest of the owners of the factories and that of the government to protect its people and the economy.

The formulation of laws to address the problem has yielded uncomely response from the factory owners by them investing in other countries. Those who did not close their factories are still violating the labor law requirements and abusing their workers. In San Francisco, these factories still exist and even though they operate as underground factories; they still close and reopen at times. This existence calls for the government especially the department of labor to act towards the elimination of these factories.

Works Cited Santa Clara University. “US States News.” n.d. Web.

Udesky, Laurie. “ESPRIT: Sweatshops behind the Labels.” n.d. 30 Jan. 2012 .


Methods of Defense in “On Liberty” by J.S.Mill Essay argumentative essay help

Introduction A matter of liberty has been the centre of disputes and disagreements between the government and people. No consensus has been reached concerning the definition of freedom of humans with regard to the limits of governmental power. As a result, many literary works are dedicated to uncovering the actual meaning of liberty of the individual in an attempt to defend their rights and introduce changes to existing legal and regulatory issues.

The Federalist Papers presented by Hamilton and Madison, along with Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty form the exodus for further discussions concerning the role of government in shaping individuals’ rights and freedoms. What is more important is that these papers aim to defend the liberties of the individuals with regard to common moral and ethical codes.

At this point, John Stuart Mill is concerned with the rights of the individuals on personal sovereignty where their liberties are not limited unless other individuals suffer from their actions. Mill’s essay, therefore, is one of the first attempts to define the role of the harm principle. In their turn, Hamilton and Madison defend the Constitution as a powerful tool for protecting people from the tyranny of the government and for introducing positive changes to society.

Main body Overview of Methods of Defense Exercised By Mill in His Essay On Liberty

Mill’s work relates to the Victorian era because the author was more concerned with economic and moral freedom of the individual from the government. According to the essay, the core of liberty consists in the fact that “over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign” (Mill, 1978, p. 9).

Mill was determined in opposing to the tyranny of the government through introducing greater control to ethics and morale that should be introduced to all social classes. Because society also constitutes a serious threat to the government, it can be considered as “a means of tyrannizing” (Mill, 1978, p. 4).

As result, the governmental power fails to predict the extent to which the society can rebel to existing penalties and restrictions. Consequently, the government should be aware of the dangers and establish acceptable limits for each individual in the society. In order to strike the balance between societal needs and those promulgated by the government, Mill advises to keep closer to the harm principle.

Hence, the principle is “that the sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or collectively in interfering with the liberty of action of any of their number, is self-protection” (Mill, 1978, p. 9). Judging from the above-presented assumptions, the author emphasizes the greater role of the society in ruling the state. Further, Mill enumerates the advantage that can be enjoyed by the authorities if the concept of liberty is expanded.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Aside from the importance of protecting liberties of the individual, the author also places a specific emphasis on defining the actual concept of liberty.

At this point, Mill (1978) believes that human liberty contains “…the inward domain of consciousness; demanding liberty of conscience…liberty of though and feeling; absolute freedom of opinion and sentiment on all subjects” (p. 11). Most importantly, the essay attains much importance to the concept of pursing individual good, which should not interfere with the welfare of other individuals.

Understanding the techniques of defense presented in The Federalist Papers by Hamilton and Madison

While exploring the main positions upheld by Hamilton and Madison (2003), specific attention should be placed on the reasons for protecting the Constitution from criticism.

In particular, the author believes that the Constitution can define the strict boundaries of governmental influence on society and shed light on the actual rights and freedoms of people. While focusing on the necessity to introduce common laws and regulations, the authors also consider it vital to limit the power of government that creates obstacles to shaping the New Constitution. To defend the document, the new sets of regulations are represented through the themes discussed in essays.

In particular, The Federalist Papers cover several topics disclosing the utility of the ratification with regard to the political prosperity, inconsistent policy of the Confederation toward preserving the Union, the necessity of introducing the Constitution as a means of enhancing the power, evaluating the Constitution as the basis for the republican government, and enhancing security and liberty (Hamilton and Madison, 2003).

Judging from the content of essays, the authors strongly believe that the Constitution required solid defense in the press. Therefore, the essays are considered to be the most remarkable expositions of political thought. In addition, the papers provide a sufficient explanation for the main underpinnings to establish the Constitution and explain its advantages over other legal documents.

Apart from protecting the rights of the individuals, the given papers also reflect the authors’ intention to abolish the current government and establish a new form of rule. Specifically, Madison explains the basic differences in classes of people with regard to their right to property.

We will write a custom Essay on Methods of Defense in “On Liberty” by J.S.Mill specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In particular, Federalist 54 runs, “government is instituted no less for protection of the property than of the person of individuals” (Hamilton


“The Road Not Taken” and “When Death Comes” Poems Comparison Essay best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction Whether there is value or purpose inherent in our lives, other than that which we ascribe to, has remained a matter of speculation. And if one was to consider the idea of the immortality of the human soul, the possibility of the afterlife and the certitude of our physical death, life becomes an affair of profound perplexity; and at times, one of little value and significance. It is our conscious or unconscious take on these questions that shape our attitude on life and, consequently, how we go about living it.

These questions have plagued humanity for a long time and have made the subject of many a poem. This essay will be based on two poems; the “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost and May Oliver’s “When Death Comes.” I will show that implicit in these two poems is the celebration of the sublimity of the present moment and the intrinsic value of the novel experience. Indeed, I will show that, according to the two poems, life is nothing but an accumulation of experiences.

Discussion Mary Oliver’s “When Death Comes” at first seems like a poem about death. This take is implied from the first three stanzas which, in quite morbid a manner, allude to the suddenness and inevitability of death. The use of ‘when’ as the first word in the first line may seem simple enough. The word though conveys certainty, an unquestionable surety of something to come. The use of similes such as ‘like a hungry bear in autumn’ and ‘like the measle-pox’ serves to show us the unannounced nature and unwanted presence of death in our midst (Oliver).

When one reads on and when closer attention is paid to the significance of every word however, one realizes that the poem is indeed a celebration of life. From the fifth stanza onwards, the persona expounds how she, faced with the certainty of death, sees fit to lead his/her life.

The persona says that s/he will celebrate the uniqueness of every life and appreciate the harmony of our immortal nature: ‘and I think of each life as a flower, as common as a field daisy, and as singular’ (Oliver). Thus, Oliver gives life an almost surreal quality. She advocates for a holistic lifestyle, one in which we appreciate all living beings, where we connect with every other human, marveling at whatever one beholds, where nothing is taken for granted:

“and each name a comfortable music in the mouth tending as all music does, toward silence,

and each body a lion of courage, and something precious to the earth.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was a bridegroom, taking the world into my arms” (Oliver).

The last line of the poem, ‘I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world,’ foregrounds the significance of experiencing our world (Oliver). If we don’t take it all in while we still had the time, we would have been mere visitors to the world. The supremacy of the ‘now’ has been brought out quiet forcefully in the poem. When death is certain and sudden, and eternity is ‘just another possibility,’ the only reality we know is now (Oliver).

The Road Not Taken on the other hand is a poem about decisions. The persona of the poem is faced by a moment where a decision has to be made. Frost has used the analogy of a forked road. The persona, after a lengthy consideration, takes the one less travelled; the one which was ‘grassy and wanted wear’ (Frost). In doing so, he hopes to travel the other road some other time: “Oh, I marked the first for another day! / Yet knowing how way leads on to way/ I doubted if I should ever come back” (Frost).

In this decision, to take the road that fewer people had trodden, while he knew that he probably will never come to travel the second, lies the meaning of the poem. Frost impresses upon us to be explorative, to not be afraid to find things out about which no one else seems to have bothered. Not taking the popular road made all the difference in the persona’s life. The persona looks into the future and predicts that he will look back upon his life and be appreciative of that one moment that he dared to explore:

“I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference” (Frost).

Implicit in the meaning of this poem is the value attached to new experiences. Such an attitude, where great significance is attributed to the present moment, is informed by a lack of certainty about the future and apparent distrust in the notion of immortality; a concern to be found in Oliver’s “When Death Comes.”

Conclusion At first glance, the two poems seem to clearly expound divergent subjects. When deeper analysis is carried out though, it is revealed that they actually share thematic concerns and are informed by similar attitudes.

We will write a custom Essay on “The Road Not Taken” and “When Death Comes” Poems Comparison specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Frost, R. “The road Not Taken.” 2012. Web.

Oliver, M. “When Death Comes.” 2012. Web.


Definition of Dance and Its Genres Essay writing essay help

Dancing is an art that refers to the movements of body parts and especially to rhythmic and to music. Dancing is taken as a form of nonverbal communication that is used to express emotions, ideas or tell a story. Dances are social, participatory or performed for an audience. Moreover, dancing can also be ceremonial, erotic as well as competitive.

Jazz dancing is the most famous dancing styles in the 21st century. It is popular because it’s the most common dancing style in movies, television shows as well commercials. Jazz is considered as fun and energetic dance. It is a form of dancing that portrays a dancer’s individual styles as well as originality. Jazz dancing is a unique dance as it consists of dancers interpreting steps as well as moves in their own way. It is fun and energetic as it involves unique fancy footwork, moves, quick turns and big leaps.

In order to ensure uniqueness in jazz dancing, dancers are encouraged to be innovating and to incorporate their own personality in the dancing. Some common jazz leaps include; turning jumps, jazz walks, tour jetes as well as grande jetes, whiles jazz turns, piques, pirouettes and chaines are the most prevalent jazz steps (Giddins 10).

Tap dancing very exhilarating. Dancers use special shoes with metal taps to produce exciting sounds. The term Tap originates from the tapping sound that originates when the metal taps hits on hard surfaces. Tap dancers create rhythmic patterns and timely beats using their feet.

Classical tap is a common style of Tap dancing that mostly uses jazz or ballet in their tap routines. Some common Tap steps include; flap, shuffle, brush as well as ball change. Tap dancers initially practice single steps before learning incorporating steps as a series of combinations (Bedinghau par.4).

Hip hop dance is a dancing style that evolved from several cultures that include; jazz, tap Latino culture, rock and American culture. Hip hop dancing is often danced to Hip hop music. It is a very energetic style of dancing. Jazz dancing encourages dancers to include their own movements in order to make it unique. Hip hop dancers requires a lot of skills and experience to perform the Hip hop steps. Thus, they practice a lot in order to master the Hip hop steps (Bedinghaus par.5).

Ballet Dancing is famous because of its elegance and grace. Ballet dancers and especially female dancers use their pointer shoes to raise themselves. When learning ballet dancing, the dancers first learn five fundamental ballet positions. It is necessary for them initially to learn the five ballet positions because every ballet dance starts and ends with one of the five positions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Social dance is any dancing that is mostly done for socializing purposes. The dance is done for pleasure and therefore does not appear very appeasing as it is meant for the people but not entertaining the judges. Most social dances leads to romance and are considered as perfect meeting opportunities for single men and women.

It is noted that many successful social gathering are characterized by the use of social dances to break the ice. Social dances do not require mastery of certain turns, moves, leaps or jumps as every participant has his/her own unique style of dancing depending on their past dancing experiences (Williamson par. 2).

Works Cited Bedinghaus, Treva. “Types of Dance.” About.com Guide. 30 Jan. 2012.Web.

Giddins, Gary. Vision of Jazz: New York: Prentice Hall, 2000, Print

Williamson, Peter. Personal interview. 30 Jan. 2012.


Comparison of output price and costs Essay online essay help: online essay help

The firm’s output price is $25.00 per unit. This is against the average variable cost of $22.0 per unit. This means that if the firm has no fixed costs it can operate at a profit of $3.00 per unit. However, adding the $1,000,000.00 fixed cost, the total costs exceed the total revenues and the firm operates at a loss of $3.00 per unit.

Using the second assumption of $3,000,000.00 fixed costs the firm’s average variable cost is unaffected. However the total costs of production comes to $7,400,000.00 hence making huge losses. Under this assumption the total cost per unit comes to $37.00 hence making a loss of $12.00 per unit. Under the first assumption the firm should shut down once the fixed costs reach $1,000,000.00. This is because the firm shifts from making profit to incurring losses.

Fixed cost is the cost that remains unchanged at the various levels of output. An organization’s management should be able to analyze the fixed costs properly so as to set a required markup that will ensure that the total revenue exceeds both the fixed and the variable cost (John, 2006).

This is the only way that a firm can ensure that it breaks even or even better, record profits. The other importance of analyzing the costs of a firm is to be able to track, monitor and set the desired level of productivity that will ensure that it makes the targeted profit margins (Peter


International Relation Term Paper writing essay help: writing essay help

Table of Contents Introduction





Works Cited

Introduction It is important for individuals to think theoretically in order to understand the factors that lead to the occurrence of events and their outcomes (Nosotro 4). It is also important for people to be aware of the current affairs of the world and the impacts they have on their lives, their societies, their states and the world at large. At the present moment, the world is facing a number of issues.

For instance, the United States of America is pulling out its troops from Iraq, the European Union is meeting to come up with a strategy that will solve the economic crisis in its member states, presidential candidates are trying to win the support of the US citizens, Palestine war prisoners were released by the Israeli government to save one Israeli soldier and Libya is trying to recover from a change in regime. These are just but a few of the current issues that the globe is facing. All these issues are as a result of politics.

It is politics that drives the manner in which a nation is run and the relationship that it will have with its citizens, neighbours and other states of the world. However, different individuals have different political ideologies. Thus different nations of the world are run by leaders who have different missions and visions and definitely, they have different methods of achieving these goals and objectives (Hoffman 31).

In addition, the larger majority of the community also have different political ideologies. It is due to this fact that scholars have developed various theories that explain these ideologies and the impacts they have on world politics. This essay shall therefore focus on the theories of realist, liberals and feminists. Through critical analysis, it shall expound on their differences and the impacts they have on world politics and international relations.

Realism Realism is a political theory that bases its arguments on the notion that world politics is based on the self-interests of nations (Adler 19). Due to this fact, nations try to gain superiority or dominance over other states. Realists therefore believe that nations are in a race of proving which one amongst them all is more powerful over the others.

To achieve this, nations need to have a strong military to protect its boundaries and interests, a strong economy and a society that is loyal to the state (Burchill 41). According to Burchill (2000), in the process of struggling for power, the success of a nation will definitely result to failure of another. This is referred to as the Zero Sum-Game.

The elements of realism with regards to international relations can be traced back into ancient history. Sun Tzu (544-496 B.C), the Chinese General and the author of The Art of War and Thucydides (460-399 B.C), the great Greek Historians are believed to be the earliest realist in history (Cohen 412). Through their words and actions, they managed to impart this ideology into the minds of masses. However, in modern times, realism was exhibited through the words and actions of strong political figures.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) is among the earliest rulers to apply the concept of realism in his regime. Through his realist beliefs and actions, he managed to unify Germany under the control of Prussia. However, the concept of realism was widely applied after the First World War. Many scholars state that it is through realism that the Second World War emerged (Sodaro 226).

The development of the League of Nations to protect the interest of the allies, the partnership of France, Britain and USA to form the allies and the struggle for Germany to control Eastern Europe clearly shows the application of the realism theory into practice. All of these nations were fighting for dominance and to protect their interests. As Cohen (2002) asserted, international politics, like any other form of politics, is a struggle for power (21).

Realism has two schools of thought; classical realism and neorealism (Kapuscinski 118). Classical realism is pessimistic about human nature. According to the believers of this school of thought, it is hard for a specific nation to trust other countries and their citizens. (Locke 31)

This is due to the notion that man always has a dark side and since politics is a ruthless and dangerous game, man will always strive to gain dominance over other. In the process, rivalry and enmity develop. Neorealists on the other hand still believe that the cause of conflict in international politics portrays the human urge for power.

However, according to them, the source of conflict in international relations is its anarchic system (Delaney 27). According to the theory of neorealism, the world is made up of many states that have self-rule. However, there is no law that governs independent states. This therefore results to a system of disorder since there is no common law or rule that different states can follow.

Therefore, to protect their own interest, these nations utilize the resources they have to the fullest. However, since there is no law that will govern the manner in which each state will utilize its resources, these states normally use any means possible to achieve their goals and objectives. This, will in most cases result into conflict of interests among different states (Voltaire 98).

Through realism, there is always struggle between nations while they strive to achieve their national interest. According to the words of one realist, states normally follow the rules of Charles Darwin in the process of achieving their goals and objectives (Drakulic 67).

We will write a custom Term Paper on International Relation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More With this respect, the nations that have the powers and capabilities to achieve their goals and objectives normally survive while those nations that are weak normally perish. It is just like the theory of struggle for the fittest. Thus, in the eyes of a realist, a nation is successful if its national interests strengthen and improve its military, political stability and national economy (Jean-Luis 15).

With regards to the dark view of politics, realists have little faith that the anarchy in world politics will come to an end. Morgenthau stated that the only way that the international system can be rectified is through the emergence of a unified global power that has the interest of all states and regulates their actions (Weinberg 261).

However, he went on further to state that having a global government is impossible thus each and every state will always be after its own interest. Realists thus believe that it is essential for states to have equal power. This can only be achieved if these states have a strong military and economic background.

Partnerships and alliances should thus be formed for those states that find it difficult to achieve stability on their own. This will ensure that there is equal distribution of power in all states and reduce the chances of domination by a specific state or region (Creatorix.com 3).this is because realist believe that peace can only be attained through power and might.

That is why realist presidents such as Ronal Reagan and George W. Bush advocated for a strong army that would not only protect the national interest of USA but also the security of the globe. It is only through might that world peace can be attained.

Liberalism Liberalism is an approach that contends that individuals and the nations that they represent can come into a consensus on their matters of interest (Southhall 36). Liberalism also believes that it is possible for different states to have a common interest and work together to achieve their individual and collective goals and objectives.

However, for these states to achieve this, they have to form alliances and international bodies and follow international law. Unlike the realist, liberals do not believe the notion that for a nation to achieve its interests, another nation should suffer the consequences.

Instead, they believe in non-zero sum game (Smith 191). According to the liberal theory, it is possible for states to have a win-win situation. Liberals also have the beliefs that man has bonds that not only ties them to the boundaries of the states, religion or culture but also binds them on the grounds of human nature. Therefore, men from different states, religions or cultures can have a mutual agreement on various issues.

Not sure if you can write a paper on International Relation by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Just like realism, liberalism is a political ideology that has been with us for years. However, much of the modern liberal theories seem to have developed from realism theories. However, there are major differences in the ideologies and beliefs of these two theories. According to the liberal theory, justice is a basic human right that has to be respected by all.

This concept can be traced to the era of Mesopotamia (2500 B.C.) where individuals developed the sense of universalism in a bid to find peace and justice. During the 14th century, Pierre Dubois advocated for all Christian around the world to unite and form a global league of peace. Just like realism, liberalism also played an important role after the end of the First World War.

Through the actions of President Woodrow, the League of Nations was formed to check the actions of every state in the world in a bid to stop the occurrence of another world war. It is however, during the period of the cold war that the ideology of liberalism was put into practice. During this era, man had developed nuclear power that could end the entire human civilization (Hoffman 67).

Through their idealistic beliefs, the United States of America and the Soviet Union had embarked on an arms race. This led to the development of lethal weapons of mass destruction. During this era, scholars and humanitarians preached liberalism. These individuals stressed the importance of values such as peace and justice in international politics. As a result, many nations embraced the concept of democracy (Hoffman 91).

This led to the decline of socialism and dictatorship. Many nations strived to work together to achieve their goals, objectives and world peace. This led to the development of the United Nations, European Union, African Union and currently the International Criminal Court. Realism could not explain the growth of such international unions and the development of the international law (Dunne 15).

Similarly, liberalism has two schools of thought; classical liberalism and neoliberalism (Dunne 31). Classical liberalism is believed to have developed from realism. Just like classical realism, classical liberalism lays its basis on human nature.

However, unlike in classical realism where the theory was pessimistic about human nature, classical realism is optimistic. It follows the arguments presented by individuals such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau. According to his argument, Rousseau stated that it is easier for societies to live in peace and harmony and achieve much through collaboration rather than individual competition.

In the current world, this has been exhibited by states forming partnerships that aim at achieving global peace, growth and development. Neoliberalism on the other hand developed during the 1970s and 1980s (Hoffman 112). This ideology has the same belief as neo realism that increased competition among states might lead to the development of conflicts and in some intense cases, war.

However, neoliberalists differ from neorealists about the anarchical state of world. Neoliberalists state that nations have high degree of interdependence from activities such as trade and commerce, social, cultural and other ties (Delaney 28). These ties increase their interdependence and embrace the formation and development of international bodies and laws that govern and regulate international activities. In the long run, liberals argue that the world is not as anarchical as realists claim.

From the arguments that have been presented so far, it is evident that liberals do not believe that manifesting, acquiring and preserving power has always been the main goal of international relation. Liberals believe that foreign policy among states can be achieved through cooperation and altruism (Jean-Luis 18). However, it should be noted that liberals are not against war or military power. Liberals believe that it is essential for a state to protect its boundaries, subjects and interests. In the process, a nation can use military force.

Other instances where liberals advocate for the use of power and coercion include instances where world peace is at stake through genocides, holocausts and terrorist attacks. These wars are should thus waged by the United Nations and other international bodies. For instance, President Woodrow joined the allies in the Second World War as a means of ending the war and bringing peace to the world (Wibben 27).

The dream of liberals is for humanity to develop a peaceful, effective and efficient international system. Although the realist put much emphasis on state power and sovereignty, liberals believe that for the world to be peaceful and experience economic, social and political growth, states must rely on the United Nations and International Governmental Organizations as forum to embrace international cooperation.

However, classical liberals believe that states can still maintain their sovereignty and participate in international cooperation. On the other hand, neoliberals believe that it is essential for states to give up some of their independence to international bodies for maximum cooperation to be experienced.

Neoliberals are thus encouraged by the current trends that the world is currently experiencing. The European Union for instance has taken over the economic power and control of its member states. The body is thus in a position to implement policies and measures that its member states have to adhere to. This has brought about a lot of growth and development in the region despite the harsh economic conditions that the world is currently experiencing.

Feminism Feminism constitutes a number of movements that aim at defending equal opportunities for the women in the various fields of politics, social rights and other aspects in the society (Wibben 25). Approaches of feminism to international relations became rampant in the late twentieth century and these approaches demanded that the experiences that women had were to be ignored from studies to do with international relations theory.

Feminists who study international relations argued that gender issues apply in international relations. This was based on influence of the spouses of diplomats in the promotion of sex trafficking. Feminist international relations approaches in the past used to be part of the major debate that ensued between the post-positivists and their counterparts, the positivists (Burchill 51).

Four major varieties of feminism exist. They include marxist, liberal, radical and socialist (Burchill 54). Other categories may include black feminism and functionalist feminism. Liberal feminism occurs when prejudgment revolves around ignorance of individuals. Education is said to be the key to the fight against discrimination brought about by ignorance.

Marxist feminism is a form of a class relationship that is the major cause of women’s oppression and discrimination. This occurs when men transfer the exploitative relationships at work to their wives at home hence become a burden to them.

Tickner (2005) identified and used a number of contemporary feminist situations to the issue of international relations in her book, Gender in international relations: Feminist Perspective on Achieving Global security (15). This perception suggested viable criticism to the Marxist, liberal and realist theories. She also points out the gender differences that came about during the construction of state identities and the roles that the citizens played in the state.

Feminists have always criticized the manner in which men perceive international relations. For instance, men normally interpret peace as the absence of war. This is what feminist refer to as negative peace. For them, positive peace should include equality, social justice and economic balance (The Economist 4).

Thus, women have embarked on the process of bringing peace and equality into the world through politics and humanitarian movements. This does not mean that feminists desire a nation that comprises of women, but it means that women desire their states to have feminism consciousness.

Conclusion International relations is a key aspect that determines world peace, growth and development. To achieve these goals, it is essential for individuals to think theoretically. This will not only enable then to understand current affairs but it will enable them to understand political trends, actions and outcomes.

To achieve this, we need to understand the main political theories that are present in the world. This includes realism, liberalism and feminism. Through realism, states normally strive to power and dominance over other states. Liberalism on the other hand relies more on international cooperation among states while feminism advocate for equal representation of women and other oppressed individuals in the society.

Despite the differences that are present in these theories, it is evident that they all have one objective; to achieve economic, social and political stability of the globe. Thus, with the help of these theories, individuals are capable of determining the most efficient means to solve the global crisis that we are currently experiencing.

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Loud and Clear Mobile Communications Research Paper a level english language essay help

Introduction Background information of the industry

The Australian telecommunication industry is expanding very rapidly given that 99% of the population owns a mobile handset. Over 25 million Australians have subscribed to one of the major mobile phone operators.

With the advancement in technology, the industry has seen major changes and new entrants in the industry. However, the major key players of the mobile Australian telecommunication industry include Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone, and Virgin Mobile. The service providers have a market share in the same order as they appear.

With the introduction of new hardware like the Smartphones, iPhones and other applications, mobile broadband has become popular. The mobile services have so far increased far compared to SMS and voice usage. The Australian Communications and Media Authority is the major regulator in the industry (Access Economics Pty Limited 2010, p.10). The organization ensures that the market operators comply with the set regulations and requirements.

Some of the ACMA responsibilities include licensing, ensuring that the operators complies with regulations, monitoring performance, and giving reports on matters related to the communication industry (Access Economics Pty Limited 2010, p10). Based on the Access Economics Pty Limited (2010, pii) “mobile telecommunication industry contributed $17.4 billion to the Australian economy” in the financial year 2008-2009.

History of the service provider The leading service providers in the Australian mobile communication industry are Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone, and Virgin Mobile.


Telstra dominates the Australian telecommunication industry with 99% of the mobile subscribers. The company which was owned by the government before its privatization offers the best network coverage despite its high charge rates. The company also owns and manages the largest share of copper network in Australia (Telstra n.d).

Its services are in broadband, mobile, and landline. The company was founded in 1901 under the name Postmaster-General’s Department (Telstra n.d). It was then operated by the Australian Federation and it managed the postal, telegraph, and domestic telephone services. It was the only company in the telecommunication industry thus enjoying natural monopoly.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Through the telecom, the company established the first mobile based network in Australia in 1981 as the Public Automatic Mobile Telephone System (Telstra n.d). It was later renamed the Australian Telecommunication Corporation. The company underwent several changes such as branding and mergers until it changed its name to Telstra in 1997(Telstra n.d).

Because of the emerging key players in the Australian telecommunication industry the company was privatized in 1997. Currently, the company provides mobile services to an estimated 12.2 million Australians, which is almost 50% of the whole Australian market share. However, because of increased competition from other service providers, the company market share has reduced in recent years compared to the early 2000’s.


Initially, the company which was founded in 1981 was referred to as Aussat Pty Ltd. It is a subsidiary of the Singapore telecommunication. It is located at Melbourne, Australia with its operations in Adelaide. The company is ranked as the second service provider with interests in broadband, mobile and landline services (Optus n.d).

Although the company owns most of its network infrastructure, it uses the network of other providers especially that of Telstra wholesale. The company has been undergoing numerous branding with the aim of changing its corporate strategy and culture. As of 2008, the company had over 10, 000 employees with a revenue of 8.321 ASD dollars. The network coverage of the Optus covers 97% of the Australian population. The company offers low rates compared to Telstra which makes it affordable and cheaper.


Vodafone, which is a subsidiary of the Vodafone Plc UK, was founded in 1992 and licensed in the same year (Vodafail.com 2011, p3). With regard to the Australian population, the company has coverage of 94 % (Vodafail.com 2011, p3).

It GSM mobile services are provided between 900MHZ and 1800HMZ. In the metropolitan area, the company covers an average of 10% of the regional centers. The company was operating singularly until 2009 when it merged with the Australian based operator Hutchison 3G to form the Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd (Bingeman


How the works selected relate to life as we know it? Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

The stories the Storm and the story of an hour are two allegorical fictional writings that reflect on major issue that affects relationships in the current society.

Written by Kate Chopin, she humorously and romantically highlights the impact of infidelity in a lighter tone. The author focus on the on the way couples struggle to keep their emotions secret because of marriages. Authentically, the two stories intertwine with various relationship factors in the modern society.

Contemporarily, most families are unstable mainly because of unfaithfulness. The media is one of the channels, which has recently concentrated on the issue of divorce in the contemporary society. In comparison with Kate Chopin stories, the aspect of divorce /separation is not evident therefore, what is the secret in Chopin’s story that most couples in the current society shun?

Nearly all constitutions dissolve marriages when infidelity is evident. Personally, I have attended a divorce case in a local court, which involved a tycoon. During the proceedings, one of the elements that lacked in the estranged couples was respect.

Respect of each other is the major step, which can save a marriage. In her stories, Kate Chopin indirectly tackles the issue of respect between a husband and a wife. For instance, although Calixta rekindles her love affair, she not only prepares supper for her family but also welcome her husband with open arms and happiness. When her husband returns after the storm, she says “Oh, Bobinôt! You back! My! But I was uneasy” (Chopin, section III par. 5).

Contemporarily, most women who are having affairs embark on hating their husbands an action that leads to conflicts. Some even hurl insults to their partners. Despite of having an affair, Calixta carry’s out her role as a wife and a mother. She not only prepares food for the family but also expresses her love to both her husband and son.

Similarly, Alcee decides to write to his wife a love letter assuring of her freedom to stay away from home. Clarisse does not find fault in her husband’s letter. However, any woman in the contemporary society whose husband gives away such freedom will accuse him of having an affair.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, according to Kate Chopin freedom is one of the issues that may keep a marriage relationship to grow stronger. During the divorce case, one of the issues that became evident was that most spouses did not trust each other. Furthermore, spouses spy on each other, an issue that greatly contributes to divorce. Although Alcee and Clarisse are miles apart, none of them cites a problem in their brief separation. Therefore, respect and trust are major elements that keep marriages alive.

On the other hand, during the court proceedings the woman did not only hold a contemptuous attitude towards the husband but also revealed some secret family affairs to the public. In the story of an hour, although Louise Mallard hates the oppression nature of her husband she openly mourns his death as though it was a blow on her life.

Intuitively, Louise is happy because silently “She breathed a quick prayer that life might be long. It was only yesterday she had thought with a shudder that life might be long” (Chopin 10). Mallard hates her husband but she keeps on a bravery face to ensure that the marriage stands.

Louise behavior shows that she does not only respect the marriage institution but also respect her husband. Analysis of the divorce case reveals that secrecy, respect and a guarantee of freedom are some of the factors that contributed to breakdown of the marriage. Although Alcee has an affair and lives apart from the wife he, writes, “A loving letter full of tender solicitude” (Chopin section IV par.1).

In addition, appreciation is also a vital factor that lacks in most marriages. As the divorce attorney examined both couples, none of them could appreciate each other yet they had lived together for ten years. Authentically, can two people stay together for a decade without either of them performing an appreciable task? More over, the couple had two children who were at the centre of their controversial marriage.

In the storm, Bobinot appreciates his wife by buying her shrimps, which are her favorite. In retaliation, the wife prepares a feast for the husband and son. Likewise, Clarisse is happy to receive her husband’s letter and heeds to his request of staying away for sometime. Eventually, the court dissolved the marriage due to lack of trust and infidelity. However, if married couples emulate the characters in Kate Chopin’s fictional writings then dissolve cases will decrease.

In conclusion, in her stories Kate secretly highlights the elements that lead to divorce cases. However, despite of the challenges, she highlights that appreciation; trust and freedom are some of the factors, which can establish a good marriage. Through personal experience during a divorce case proceeding, the couple ended the marriage based on infidelity and mistrust. However, people who cannot prevent affairs should learn to respect and appreciate their spouse to avoid conflicts, as it is the case in the storm.

We will write a custom Essay on How the works selected relate to life as we know it? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Chopin, Kate. “The Storm.” The Literature of the American South. Ed. William L.

Andrews. New York: Norton, 1996. Print

Chopin, Kate. The story of an hour. USA: Vogue publishers, 1894. Print


Macroeconomics: Interest Rates Essay best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Analysis and discussion on Interest rates

When the interest rates increase Y decrease

Liquidity trap



Introduction There are two major theories that are used to explain the demand and supply of money in an economy. The classical theory developed by Irving Fisher used a simple equation to explain the demand and supply of money. Fisher’s theory was a modification of a theory advanced in 17th century (Mudida, 2003). The 17th century theory identified a connection between prices and supply of money. Fisher on the other hand identified four variables that affected demand and supply of money in his equation of exchange:


In the above equation, M represents the quantity of money present in an economy, V represents the velocity/speed of circulation, P represents the general price levels and Y represents the total number of transactions or the aggregate income. This theory was based on assumptions that the velocity was constant in the short run period and a full employment in the short run. He also assumed that each variable was independent of the other. However, this theory had its shortcomings and further research was required.

In the year 1936, Keynes advanced a general theory that explained the demand and supply of money, employment and interest rates in an economy. Keynes identified three motives for demanding money:

Speculative motive: money acted as store of wealth either in terms of bonds or in terms of money. People therefore held money or bonds with the aim of making future profits.

Precautionary motive: people demanded money for unforeseen events in the future. For example health emergencies, job loss and any other sort of emergencies

Transaction motive: individuals hold money for the day-to-day activities. Money in this case used as a medium of exchange.

The difference between the Keynesian theory and Fisher’s was that the Keynesian theory explained the concept of interest in the economy.

Analysis and discussion on Interest rates Keynesian theory of interest has been used to explain the effects of changes in the Federal Reserve rate on the general interest rates and prices in the economy (Fukasawa, 2003). Keynes elaborated his arguments using government securities as an example of how interest rates changed in the economy.

He used the open market operations strategy to explain interest rates. This strategy has been used to regulate the excess reserves held by commercial institutions. These commercial institutions were observed to change their lending habits depending on the excess reserves.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The amount of loans being lent out would generally increase when the excess increases and reduce when the reserves are low. These institutions have the aim of maximizing their profits and would therefore lend any excess to increase their profits (Fukasawa, 2003).

Keynes came up with as simple equation to determine how market interest rates were affected by the open market operations. He stated that the market rate of interest was directly proportional to the federal discount rate and inversely proportional to the market prices of securities.

It follows that when the market prices of the securities are high the interest rates are low. It can there be said that when the interest rates are lower the speculative demand for money increases. With the high demand for money in the economy, the supply of money increases.

The following graphs show the relation between the interest rates and the liquidity preference for money (supply of money) also known as liquidity preference for money (LM) curve and relation between interest rates and demand for money also known as the Investment Saving (IS) curve.

The LM curve

The IS curve

When the interest rates increase Y decrease In case of inflation or recession the Federal Reserve has various methods to combat it. Most of the times the federal reserves observe trends associated with the inflation or recession before they take action. Sometimes the inflation may be short term and can naturally correct itself by an increase in the number of transactions in the economy.

We will write a custom Essay on Macroeconomics: Interest Rates specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In such a case the federal reserves lets the market forces of demand and supply of money to control the inflation. If the inflation is severe and cannot be contained by the market forces of demand and supply, the federal reserves may use the monetary policy of open market operation. In this method, the Fed sells securities to the commercial institutions.

By selling the securities, the Fed is reducing the amount of excess money in supply (Fukasawa, 2003). With little amount in supply the commercial banks tend to reduce lending. If the demand of loans remains high and there is no excess to lend then the commercial institutions will raise their interest rates, eventually.

In case of depression or recessions the Federal Reserve purchases back the securities from the commercial institutions. This has the opposite effect to that of selling the securities. With lower interest rates, business investment will be stimulated since business ventures will be more profitable.

Decline in the interest rates may also induce the propensity of consumers to purchase durable goods such as houses, motor vehicles and furniture (Fukasawa, 2003). This is because credit is available at a cheaper rate and most consumers can afford it.

It is usually not a guarantee that use of open market operation will work. Other factors have to be considered before employing this strategy to reduce inflation or to combat recession. Economists have different opinions on how the method works.

There are arguments that have been advanced by economists to dispel use of this method. Economists argue that the Federal Reserve cannot control the amount of deposits made in financial institution. Therefore, after selling the securities to reduce the reserves customer deposits may still lead to excesses.

Another method employed by the Federal Reserve In case of inflation is raising the discount rate of the Federal Reserve. Federal discount rate is the amount of interest that the Federal Reserve charges on loans advanced to financial institutions. An increase in the Federal Reserve rate of interest has a ripple effect in other rates of interest in the economy. When the federal interest rates rise, the market interest rates will also increase as per the Keynesian equation on interest.

The effect of high interest rate is usually a reduction in investment habits and a reduction in consumer spending. Since the cost of obtaining credit is high, most businessmen will shun the prospect of borrowing to increase the capital on investment (Fukasawa, 2003). On the other hand, consumers will be reluctant to spend on durable goods since the cost of services such as mortgages and loans has increased.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Macroeconomics: Interest Rates by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In the case of a depression or recession, the vice-versa is true. The Federal Reserve reduces the cost of lending in order to increase the probability of investments and consumer spending. Like the open market operation, this strategy has its weaknesses and needs careful consideration before implementation.

Economists believe that this monetary policy like any other is affected by the time lapse in that it takes some time before it comes to force. Matters on time and economic demands should therefore be considered before using this method.

Liquidity trap According to Keynes, the total demand of money is given by the summation of the active motive for demanding money (Mudida, 2003). Therefore, the total demand equals to the sum of speculative demand and transaction demand. Liquidity trap is reached when the rate of interests reach a point where government securities offered by the Federal Reserve and the liquid currency can be substituted perfectly (Brevinge, 2009).

Using the IS-LM curves liquidity trap can be understood to be the region where the LM curve flattens (Brevinge, 2009). At this point the interest rate is near zero and any addition of money to the economy will neither lower the interest rate further nor increase the affect the output (Brevinge, 2009). The graph below shows the liquidity trap.

The liquidity trap in an IS-LM framework

Figure 1

The liquidity trap in an I-S equilibrium

Figure 2

From the figure 1, it can be seen that if the LM curve is moved to right the supply of money increases but the effect of the movement is that output does not change and equally the interest rates do not fall (Brevinge, 2009). In figure 2 the I-S curve the investment – saving equilibrium is reached at when the nominal rates of interest are below zero. But since the nominal interest rates cannot go beyond zero the resulting outcome of this situation is excessive saving and less investment (Brevinge, 2009).. The Income-Saving equilibrium therefore indicates that the main reason behind a liquidity trap is the lack of investment opportunity.

Currently the United States can be said to be in a liquidity trap where there is fewer chances of investment and there is a high supply of money in the economy. The inflation rate is higher and the propensity to save has increased among the America people.

The demand for government bonds are high and people are avoiding risks of investing in. according to Brevinge (2009), by means of more inflation the United States economy can be pulled out the liquidity trap by the means of more inflation.

Bevinge (2009) also was of the notion that the United States economy has been having negative interest rates for one third of the years between 1945 and 1996. Therefore, he concludes that an economy does not need extreme situation to require negative interest.

Conclusion The Keynesian monetary theory has been used to explain a number of economic theories. The concept of interest rates and money supply are explained in the general theory advanced by Keynes. Keynes elaborated his arguments on interest rates using the open market operations policy used by the Federal Reserve. Inflation and depressions can be controlled by various methods. Among the methods is letting market forces of demand and supply correct the situation naturally.

Monetary policies are also used to correct these situations. The Federal Reserve can either increase the interest rates or reduce them depending on the situation. Open market operations can also be used to reduce the inflation rates or depression in an economy. However, the use of these methods is subject to various considerations. Economists argue that the each of these methods is applicable under certain conditions to correct inflation or recession.

References Brevinge, J. (2009). Escaping a Liquidity Trap through Monetary Policy: An Overview of Policy Proposals. Copenhagen: Copenhagen Business School.

Fukasawa, Y. (2003). How Does the Federal Reserve’s Lowering Interest Rates Affect the Economy? Texas Labor Market Review Newsletter. Texas: Texas Workforce Commission.

Mudida, R. (2003). Modern Economics. Chicago: Focus


Bless Me, Ultima Essay a level english language essay help

The role of cultural identity and the moral independence are significant in human life. Those who managed to agree personal moral independence with the cultural identity are lucky people as they should not live in constant struggle between personal considerations and social demands. Even though the novel Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya does not show the direct conflict between inner considerations and social beliefs, Antonio appears in a very complicated situation.

Searching for his place in the world, trying to understand his personal significance and role he meets Ultima, a person who becomes his teacher. The death of Ultima influences Antonio greatly as being guided by this person he appears in the situation when he has to understand that his future life depends only on him and it is his personal responsibility to search for his future path in this world.

Antonio is a six-year-old boy who appears the witness of several deaths. Each of the deaths is significant in Antonios’ life even though Ultima’s death plays the greatest part in Antonio’s understanding of the future life. Having witnessed several deaths Antonio tries to understand and questions himself,

God! Why did Lupito die? Why do you allow the evil of the Trementinas? Why did you allow Narciso to be murdered when he was doing good? . A thousand questions pushed through my mind, but the Voice within me did not answer. The mass was ending, the fleeting mystery was already vanishing (Anaya 22).

The boy tries to understand why God allows such cases, why good people have to die. These are the first notes, the first signs of Antonio’s understanding of the lack of ideality in Catholicism.

Therefore, having become the witness of several deaths Antonio becomes doubt the religion of Christianity and the God’s abilities “Did God listen? Would he hear?” (Anaya 21). Therefore, considering the role of deaths in Antonio’s life, it may be concluded that these events impacted Antonio’s vision of social culture and negative attitude to Catholicism as religion.

To understand the role of Ultima in the formation of Antonio’s perception of the world, it is better to consider the final Ultima’s words, “I bless you in the name of all that is good and strong and beautiful, Antonio. Always have the strength to live. Love life, and if despair enters your heart, look for me in the evenings when the wind is gentle and the owls sing in the hills. I shall be with you…” (Anaya 247).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These words are considered to be most important in the novel as they this shows that the Ultima played significant role in Antonio’s life. Ultima was Antonio’s teachers, he helped him make choices which Antonio cold not make himself, as he believed.

After Lupito’s death Antonio became to question the nature of God and such notions as sin, innocence, and forgiveness appeared as the most questionable and doubtful. The place of Ultima in Antonio’s life may be characterized as the teaching. Ultima helped Antonio make decisions and choices individually, without referencing to the point of view of others.

It was really important for Antonio to have such a friend as having appeared in the situation when he was unsure in the personal identity he managed to find someone who helped. However, it is possible to question whether Ultima helped to Antonio to make choices as it seems that she entrusted her beliefs into a small boy who appeared on the way of personality formation.

What was significant in Uitima’s death for Antonio? Why is this situation considered as the most crucial in the novel? It is possible to state that after the death of the teacher Antonio understands that he has to choose his way himself. Having a teacher, Antonio did not understand how influential she was and how she influenced his mind. Only being left alone, Antonio had an opportunity to realize the place of religion in his life,

In two days we would celebrate the mass of the dead, and after mass we would take her body to the cemetery in Las Pasturas for burial. But all that would only be the ceremony that was prescribed by custom. Ultima was really buried here. Tonight (Anaya 248).

Therefore, right at this place, at the moment of Ultima’s death Antonio understands that he is to make decisions himself, that his is his life and there are no people who will guide them through the whole their lives. The burial of the owl represents the burial of Ultima but not in accordance with the Catholic rules, but corresponding to mystical burial which is closer for a boy.

Reading the scene when Ultima dies, her words are remembered, “The tragic consequences of life can be overcome by the magical strength that resides in the human heart” (Anaya 237). This phrase reflects the main idea of the whole story, that only the power of the human heart is significant.

We will write a custom Essay on Bless Me, Ultima specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Anaya, Rudolfo. Bless Me, Ultima. Wheeler Pub Inc, 2008. Print.


Does God Exist? Essay essay help free: essay help free

The problem whether God exists or not remains unsolved and many philosophers of ancient times and modern period offer their arguments which either support or contradict an issue. It is possible to support any of the ideas as well as it is possible to contradict any argument.

I believe in God and I absolutely agree with the explanation offered by Aquinas based on the possible and necessary issues. Therefore, God exists because he is the beginning of everything and there are no other things which may be possibly or necessarily exist as the reason for God existence.

Considering the Aquinas’s theory, it is possible to state that God exists due to his necessity without any particular reason. The main idea of his theory is that God exists as there are things which may exist and may not exist, and there are things which are necessary and cannot be ignored and there are things which are unnecessary and therefore they may possible be and may possible not be present.

However, those things which are necessary may be based on the internal necessity or on the necessity for other issues. There are things which are necessary without any possible reasons and this provides the arguments for the necessity of other things. This thing is called God (Aquinas 337).

God exists as it is the beginning of everything, as God is necessary just for the personal existence and this is the beginning of other issues which may be possibly exist or not as well as they may be necessarily exist for other things and not necessary exist. This directs at their possible and non possible existence as well as necessary and unnecessary nature.

Many objections may arose which are aimed at contradicting the idea of God existence. How can God necessarily exist if the presence of God is not necessary for other issues? Aquinas states that God exists because of the entire necessity without being based on any reasons.

Thus, appears an adequate reason for the necessity of such existence. Thus, it appears that he God existence proved by Aquinas questions God’s existence. Why should things exist if they are not necessarily need in the world? The necessity of the thing on its own account makes no sense.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, reading Aquinas’s work, it is possible to consider the arguments which state that the things with the necessity only for their personal needs are not necessary in the world, however, such creations is necessary and according to the arguments based on the possibility and non possibility the creations which are reasons only by the own account must exist. God is exactly such creature whose existence is based on the own account.

Thus, there are things which may possibly be and may possibly not be. There are things which are necessary for other issues and which are not necessary for others and here comes the question of their necessity in general. However, the presence of the thing which is necessary just for own account cannot be questioned. The absence of such thing in the material works pushes on the idea that this thing is God.

Therefore, it may be concluded that the existence of God is based on the reason that it is impossible for God not to exist. The reasoning offered by Aquinas and based on the possible and necessary issues which may and may not be. God is exactly the creation which is based on the idea of necessity of the own account as such things must be but their presence in the material world remain doubtful.

Works Cited Aquinas, St. Thomas. “ Does God Exist?” Medieval philosophy; from St. Augustine to Nicholas of Cusa. Eds. John F. Wippel and Allan B. Wolter. New York: Free Press, 1969. Print.


Test Instrument Characteristics Essay best essay help

Conventional assessment Standardized tests and essay exams are two examples of conventional types of assessments. Standardized tests are commonly used in academic institutions as a means of summative evaluation after the end of an academic period.

Essay tests involve a short piece of writing about a particular subject by a student as part of a course of study. Essays require that the students express themselves in writing from their understanding of a topic. However, there has to be key points that the examiner would look out for when reviewing essays.

Advantages of Conventional assessment Standardized tests

Standardized tests have been proven statistically to provide objective, measurable and concrete verification that learning has either occurred or not. The tests are both reliable and viable because of the statistical vetting and as a result it is possible for teachers to measure student’s learning outcomes and progress using the test.

Standardized tests are used to provide meaningful feedback of student’s progress. Since the measure of learning is objective, the feedback can be used recommend appropriate learning programs for the students (McKenna


Creating a scoring rubric Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Analytical Scoring Rubric Unsatisfactory;

Minimal competence;



Scoring rubric for social science essay assignment

Aspects Criteria (Descriptions of Scoring Levels) Score Editorial Aspect 1: Clarity, organization, word usage, and understandability Student has shown no evidence of clarity, organization, word usage and ease of understanding. Articulation of response is poor Response articulation is not detailed. There is limited evidence of clarity, organization, usage of words, and understandability Response articulation is plausible. The candidate has shown competency in clarity, organization, word usage, and understandability of paper Response articulation is competent. The candidate has shown high competency in clarity, organization, word usage, and understandability of paper Editorial Aspect 2: Grammar punctuation and spelling The student’s work has numerous grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes that interfere with the flow and meaning of essay. The student’s work contains major grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes that disrupt the flow and clarity of response The student’s contains no grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes but has a few detectable minor mistakes The student’s work has no grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes that are readily detectable therefore the response is meaningful and clear Editorial Aspect 3: Paper quality Student’s paper is completely substandard with no quality Incompetence in writing and research skills The student provides sufficient logical explanation of the five required point of view. The student displays paper of high quality with no errors. Student show impressive understanding of the topic Editorial Aspect 4: Introduction and conclusion The student fails to provide a logical conclusion that summarizes the five required points of view The student provides an insufficient summary of the main points. The conclusion is generally weak and does not explain much The student provides sufficient summary of the main points. The conclusion is generally strong but too short with few details The student provides sufficient and well articulated summary of the main points. The conclusion is strong and does not leave out any detail of the discussion Content Aspect 1: Five different point of view: slavery, nationalism sectionalism, territorial crisis, and state rights The student fails to provide a description and comparison of any point of view as to why the US civil war occurred. There is no clear evidence of the relevance in the student’s discussions The student clearly provides only two of the five required point views as to why the US Civil War occurred. There is limited evidence of relevance of discussion The student only provides at least four of the five required point of view as to why the US Civil War occurred, and compares and contrast them properly to create a relevant discussion The student provides all of the five required point of view as to why the US Civil War occurred, and compares and contrast them properly to create a relevant discussion. Content Aspect 2: comparing critical aspects The student fails to provide a description and comparison of any point of view as to why the US civil war occurred. There is no clear evidence of the relevance in the student’s discussions The student clearly provides only two of the five required point views as to why the US Civil War occurred. There is limited evidence of relevance of discussion The student only provides at least four of the five required point of view as to why the US Civil War occurred, and compares and contrast them properly to create a relevant discussion The student provides all of the five required point of view as to why the US Civil War occurred, and compares and contrast them properly to create a relevant discussion. Content Aspect 3: Depth of research The student fails to provide a logical explanation of the five required point of view. The student only mentions a few of the points with no logic detail information about the issues The student provides a logical explanation of the five required point of view but with minimal competency. The student only mentions a few of the points with no logical detail information about the issues The student provides sufficient logical explanation of the five required point of view. The student mentions at least all of the points with no logic detail information about the issues The student provides sufficient logical explanation of the five required point of view. The student mentions at least all of the points with logic detail information about the issues Content Aspect 4: in-text citation and references The student fails to use 3 primary and 2 secondary sources or fails to include any in-text citation or references for the primary and secondary sources used The student only provides at least two in-text citation for the required number of sources The student uses five sources ( three primary and two secondary sources) and gives appropriate references and in-text citation but with formatting errors based on APA standards The student uses five sources ( three primary and two secondary sources) and gives appropriate references and in-text citation but with no formatting errors based on APA standards Level of performance Unsatisfactory

The lowest level of performance is unsatisfactory. This level gets a score of 1. Generally, a candidate who gets this score did not understand the assignment in any way (Tierney and Marielle, 2004). There is an obvious lack of understanding of what is required. Both editorial and content aspects are poorly displayed (Tierney and Marielle, 2004). Clearly, the student did not take time to do the assignment well.

Minimal competence

This is the second lowest level of performance. Student’s work in this level has a few major mistakes and other minor mistakes (Tierney and Marielle, 2004). The student shows inadequate understanding of the assignment. The logic of argument also lacks clarity making it hard for the reader to understand (Tierney and Marielle, 2004). Basically the student failed to take time to do the assignment and therefore was forced to do it in a rush (Tierney and Marielle, 2004).


This level of performance is good and satisfactory. The student will show an understanding of all aspects needed to be measured. There are no major mistakes but there can be a few detectable minor mistakes (Mertler, 2001).


This is the highest level of performance. The student shows high competence of understand and responding to the assignment (Moskal, 2000). The work is free of major and minor errors. This level shows that student spent quality time to research and do the assignment (Moskal, 2000).

References Mertler, C. 2001, ‘Designing scoring rubrics for your classroom‘, Practical assessment, research and evaluation, vol. 7, no. 2. Web.

Moskal, B. 2000, ‘Scoring Rubrics: What, when and how?‘, Practical assessment research and evaluation, vol. 7, no. 3. Web.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Tierney, R.


Human Intelligence and Technologically Oriented Intelligence in the USA Research Paper essay help free: essay help free

Abstract Intelligence in the United States of America has undergone a series of drastic changes that has seen it advance both technically and technologically. It is only a few decades after the full implementation of intelligence in the United States yet the notable improvements made are conspicuously salient. The various threats to national security and rapid growth in terrorism are some of the factors that have necessitated such an increase in the level and expanse of intelligence.

Introduction In the recent past, there has been a notable drift from the predominant use of human intelligence to the technologically oriented intelligence. This can be attributed to the recent technological developments that have taken the planet by storm. It is naturally evident that the intelligence sector has been caught up in the wake of this storm. However, whether this move from human intelligence to modern technologically dependent intelligence has been a desirable and worthy one is still a debatable point.

This paper will present facts about both human intelligence and technologically oriented intelligence and attempt to explain why the move from human intelligence to the later was desirable. The paper will also discuss the various aspects of the art of collecting intelligence since the cold war to the present war on international terrorism.

Furthermore, the paper will look at how and why the United States of America has drifted from human intelligence and started relying heavily on modern technological intelligence. Lastly, the paper will explain the different types of intelligence gathering in relation to human intelligence and discuss the role of intelligence in welfare.

Human Intelligence In The United States Of America Human intelligence was not considered as a serious weapon of national defense in the United States of America until the first half of the twentieth century. Although localized groups had been put in place by various leaders to assist in gathering information about matters of national interest, it is the Second World War that highlighted the need and significance of human intelligence in the United States.

The leadership of the nation at that time came to the shocking realization that the United States was by no means secure from external attacks and other security threats.

Franklin Roosevelt, the then president of the United States of America, can be regarded as the pioneer of human intelligence in the nation. The development of human intelligence in the United States began when he selected William Donovan to survey and determine the feasibility of meeting the intelligence needs of the nation through an independent intelligence body.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More After some time, President Roosevelt was quick to implement Donovan’s suggestions about the implementation of a body that exclusively dealt with intelligence. The body was to gather information and present it to the president. This act is the one that signified the commencement of human intelligence in the United States of America.

Ever since the step taken by President Franklin Roosevelt was adopted, human intelligence was extensively used in the United States of America as well as in dozens of countries overseas (Theoharis, 1978).

One notable use of this intelligence was during the Second World War when it was used to encourage an allied bombing against Germany after carefully surveying and analyzing the vulnerability of the Nazi industry. The intelligence was successfully used in many other projects where it was able to achieve its objectives as well as suffer great losses which will be discussed in this paper.

Human intelligence is therefore a mature practice in the United States in the sense that it has been in use for many decades now. The fact that human intelligence is still used in the United States even with the advent of technological intelligence portends the significance of the former cannot be disparaged. Even though human intelligence has suffered a number of shortcomings that have led to a miss or two in the fight against international terrorism, it is also responsible for countless other victories in the same fight.

Technological Intelligence In The United States Of America With the introduction and rapid growth of modernization and computerization, it was not a question of if but that of when technological intelligence will surmount human intelligence in the United States of America. Technological intelligence has been in place in the United States ever since the faults in human intelligence were discovered and laid bare.

Currently, technological intelligence can be described as the face of intelligence in the United States. More resources are being spent on this type of intelligence compared to human intelligence. The viability of technological intelligence in the United States cannot be doubted.

According to Donner (1980), this is because the nation has been successful of maintaining a war-free atmosphere within its internal borders. The nation has also gone as far as intervening in the conflicts of other countries in a bid to restore peace and stability. An example of this is the US-Iraq war. The United States has also been on the forefront of tracking down international terrorists such as Obama Bin Laden who was successfully killed last year.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Human Intelligence and Technologically Oriented Intelligence in the USA specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The two bodies which have been the face of technological intelligence in the United States of America are the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The use of technological intelligence has seen the two bodies carry out major security operations both internally and externally.

The bodies have put in place sophisticated equipment which are effective in carrying out the intelligence process. Technological intelligence is responsible for the two bodies’ worldwide acknowledged as renowned intelligence bodies (Blackstock, 1988).

Shortcomings Of Human Intelligence In The United States The move from human intelligence to technological intelligence by the United States was a favorable one that has stabilized the security of the nation at large (Boyer, 2012). Other than the infamous bombing of the World Trade Center, no other major security issue has been witnessed in the United States.

A comparison between the security threats posed to the nation when it solely relied on human intelligence to when it is engrossed in technological intelligence will reveal that the later has fewer such cases. The following are other reasons that point to the fact that the move from human intelligence to technological intelligence was a viable one:


A good percentage of the information gathered through human intelligence was mere postulation. In most cases, there was no tangible evidence that could lend credence to whatever was being claimed by those who provided the evidence. It therefore became hard to determine whether the nation was to be warned or not.

It is this dilemma that often led to premature judgments that could be wrong. Human intelligence can therefore be regarded as a primordial method that has the potential to misinform the authorities about the situation on the ground.


Human intelligence is not a suitable method of gathering information in foreign hostile countries because the personnel face the risk of being discovered and being subjected to purgatory. Apart from the personal security of the personnel, the nation also faces a security threat.

This is because those captured while carrying out intelligence activities can be coerced to reveal confidential information about the security details of the United States. Unlike human intelligence, modern intelligence is not subject to this threat because it uses few or no human involvement.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Human Intelligence and Technologically Oriented Intelligence in the USA by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Politicization

Another shortcoming of human intelligence is that it is subject to policies and acts put in place by authorities (Theoharis, 1999). Those taking part in the intelligence of restrictions that they are not supposed to go beyond. These policies hamper effective intelligence work from being carried out.

This hindrance can prevent important intelligence information from being found out. Bureaucracy is also another challenge when it comes to human intelligence (Davis, 1992). The information collected must follow an established chain of ranks. There is a high possibility of loss of information or distortion of the same in the process. Unlike human intelligence, technological intelligence is suitable because the information passes through fewer people. It is therefore secure from loss or distortion.

Information Gaps

According to Kate (2004), human intelligence often furnishes analysts with insufficient information that can’t be effectively put together to arrive at a perfect conclusion. Most of the information found out through human intelligence may be sketchy or with lots of missing explanations.

Analysts are therefore left with the formidable task of arriving at a suitable conclusion without all the information. This is a risky process especially in cases where delicate issues of national interest are involved. Unlike human intelligence, modern intelligence provides information that has been fully collected and analyzed for easy interpretation by the analysts. The use of modern intelligence is therefore unlikely to lead to cases of lack of enough information.


Human intelligence can have a limitation if the people gathering the intelligence are opinionated. This is because this will hinder them from asking other vital questions. This is especially the case where the subjects being investigated have a history of a constant character trait that is known to everybody. Human intelligence is therefore subject to bias. Unlike human intelligence, technological intelligence is not subject to bias because there is lesser human involvement.

Expertise Building

There is a big problem in human intelligence when it comes to finding the right people to carry out the intelligence. The intelligence requires smart people who are in a position to put mundane and small details together in order to unravel a hidden meaning or strategy. Such people may not be easy to come across. The intelligence may therefore be forced to take people who are unable to deliver desirable intelligence, which may undermine the security welfare of the country.

Apart from the hiring of people who cannot perform to the required standards, human intelligence also faces difficult task of training these people. The training may take several months or even years. Human intelligence training is among one of the hardest because some aspects of intelligence are not easily expressed in words. That is why the sector is best served by people of high intellectual capacity because they are able to discern things with the slightest effort.

Unlike human intelligence, technological intelligence does not necessarily need people of extraordinary intellectual capability. An averagely smart person can perform the duties found in technological intelligence because most activities are automated by machines. The nation therefore spends lesser revenue on hiring and training personnel. This is probably one of the reasons why the United States has drastically laid more emphasis on technologically oriented intelligence as opposed to human intelligence.

The Role Of Intelligence In Warfare And Terrorism Intelligence has gone a long way in supporting the fight against terrorism and during warfare. In fact, it can be argued that intelligence has played a bigger role in this fight compared to military combat. It should however be noted that the two depend on each other for success. Military combat will achieve little if any without intelligence.

In the same manner, intelligence will not contribute to world peace and termination of terrorism without military combat. This symbiotic relationship between the two mean indicates that the country that effectively merges them will have success in the combat against terrorism and national security threats. On the contrary, a nation that predominantly relies on one of them or inadequately uses them will not achieve national security and get rid of terrorism.

Intelligence has played a big role in warfare and in the combat against terrorism internationally. The United States of America made good use of intelligence during the cold war. The USA used organized intelligence that was collected by a professional team of high intellectual capability. The nation had a strategy that had the intelligence as the major basis and determiner of its moves in the course of the war.

During the cold war, the United States of America was keen to make maximum use of its intelligence, which had now grown to maturity. The intelligence bodies comprised of other smaller functional units that made it easy for them to access the information easily. With the Central Intelligence Agency in full function, chances that the United States would emerge victorious were high.

The use of intelligence in warfare has a long history which dates back to the Second World War. Intelligence was used and is still being used to find out the weaknesses of opponents between warring parties. One party then relies on the intelligence to capitalize on the weakness discovered. This has been a common feature in almost each and every single war fought in the second half of the twentieth century and the twenty first century.

Intelligence is being used today to monitor the military actions of countries that are feared to disturb international peace. For instance, intelligence has been used to reveal those countries that are in the process of manufacturing atomic bombs.

This intelligence is useful because such issues have been brought to the attention of the United Nations and an amicable solution is set to be reached before it is too late. Intelligence has therefore been instrumental in watching the moves of countries in order to avoid a repeat of the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War.

Intelligence has also gone a long way in helping to reduce the level of terrorism (Ramana, 2012). For instance, intelligence has revealed information about strong terrorist strongholds which has enabled the relevant authorities to capture them. The information about these strongholds in acquired in the following two ways.

First, intelligence officers may infiltrate terrorism cells and seek to gather information from arrested suspects. In some case, however, the suspects may be reluctant to share any information with the officers. This may make the officers to decide to use force or infliction of physical pain in order to make the suspects cooperate. There are reportedly a few rare cases where the suspects refuse to utter anything irrespective of the pain inflicted on him or her.

Secondly, the intelligence officers can go as far as buying some members of terrorist groups in order to get the information they want. Such deals are normally conducted with a lot discretion so as to avoid the prior knowledge of the rest of the terrorist group members about the deal. Members of terrorist groups who manage to discover the undercover operation being carried out on them end up killing those who are in the process of betraying them.

Intelligence has also helped to discover the roles of prominent people in the activities of terrorist groups around the world. The intelligence is normally gained from members of the same terrorist groups or by intelligence officers who masquerade as members of the terrorist groups but are quick to withdraw as soon as they obtain the information they need.

The information collected is then relayed to the concerned authorities who take the necessary legal measures. It is through such intelligence that a number of political leaders have been successfully prosecuted at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Human Intelligence And The 9/11 Bombing The 9/11 bombing was as a result of a laxity in the intensity of human intelligence. It happened due to a small degree of negligence on the part of the intelligence officers. It is an act of irresponsibility that although some officers were aware of the presence of wanted suspects the United States, they did not report the same to the relevant authorities so that appropriate security measures can be taken. Instead, they treated it as a triviality that will have no significant effect on the nation’s security.

This act of negligence on the part of intelligence officers points to the fact that human intelligence be subject to errors committed by intelligence officers. It is therefore not a reliable method of collecting intelligence because the success of the entire process depends on the discretion of those involved in it.

This can be regarded as yet another reason why the United States’ drift from human intelligence to technologically oriented intelligence was desirable. The latter is less prone to errors because machines conduct most of the analysis. The only possible errors can arise if the machines being used have grown obsolete or have a breakdown.

Conclusion In conclusion, it is evident from this research paper that human intelligence was born in the United States of America with the onset of the Second World War. It can also be seen that then President Franklin Roosevelt played a big role in pioneering human intelligence in the United States.

Furthermore, it can also be established that from the discussion that the shortcomings of human intelligence and the advent of modern technology have seen the emergence of a more technologically oriented form of intelligence. Finally, it can be concluded that the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center was as a result of failed human intelligence.

Reference List Blackstock, N. (1988). The FBI’s secret war on political freedom. New York: Pathfinder.

Boyer, P. (2011). Intelligence gathering and espionage. Retrieved from: https://www.encyclopedia.com/

Davis, J. (1992). Spying on America: The FBI’s domestic counter-intelligence program. New York: Praeger.

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Corporate Social Responsibility of University of Dubai Essay a level english language essay help

The Executive Summary This paper covers issues on the organization’s roles in delivering its services in social responsibilities to its immediate environment. This shows how the organization has set out strategic plans in ensuring all social responsibilities are carried out in the right order. Furthermore, this paper shows also the organization’s background and how the organization has developed over years to its present level. This paper will also show how the organization has implemented its corporate social responsibility strategies or plans.

This will also include the shortcomings that have been experienced in implementing corporate social responsibility. The paper will also provide recommendations that will ultimately lead to improvements in future. Finally, the paper has a conclusion that gives the findings of the whole work covered.

Company Background The University of Dubai was established in the year 1997 seven by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The main aim of establishing the institution was to fill up gaps in human resources in the whole country’s workforce. This was in line with the country’s human resource development programs that targeted both private and public sectors.

The university has two main campuses that are known even though there are some new developments in terms of campuses. Concerning academic issues, the University of Dubai has a few main schools or colleges that offer various courses. The schools include the College of Information Technology that is abbreviated CIT and offers extensive programs in Information systems and Computing.

Secondly the college of Masters of Business Administration, abbreviated MBA, aims at enhancing critical thinking while increasing both written and oral communication for business leaders who need successful careers in organizations around the country and all over the world.

This program also helps in building appreciation for diverse cultural outlook. Finally, the College of Business Administration that offers various major business degree programs, including business economics, supply chains and logistics management, accounting, finance, entrepreneurship management, and human resources management. The institution has scholarship programs that target each governmental authority or department.

The mode of qualification depends on whether the beneficiary is a Dubai national. The scholarships cover all tuition fees for the beneficiaries. On the other hand, the university receives its support and authority from the chamber of commerce of the Dubai government. The authority is including the board of directors is appointed by the Ruler’s Court of Dubai, while the board of trustees is channeled from the chamber of commerce.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the University of Dubai Corporate social responsibility programs are very essential to any organization that wants to have an outstanding image in the environment it is situated, the responsibilities are far more of the organization’s responsibility than it is the community’s or society’s needs and requirements that leads to creations a safe and friendly environment.

In ensuring the implementation of corporate social responsibilities, the University of Dubai partners and does dialogue with the communities around it through activities such as voluntary programs to the good of the society.

This program is meant to help the community in protecting and putting value to the environment around them. The university partners also with the Center for Responsible Management. This helps in having active participation in environmental projects that are aimed at improving the environment around Dubai and the country at large.

Furthermore, basing on the university’s principles, it implements corporate social responsibility program through the incorporation of the values of global social responsibility into its academic activities. This is meant to be in line with the international initiatives like the United Nations Global Compact. In this way, the implementation program does not only benefit the immediate environment, but it goes as far as to students’ home towns.

This move ensures that the society as a whole has people who are well versed with corporate social responsibility implementation programs. In addition to that, the incorporation of this value into the curriculum makes the practical part of implementing the program easier as students set out corporate social responsibility programs at various times in the future.

In implementing the corporate social responsibility program, the university has set out ways of creating educational frameworks, processes, materials and environments that ultimately enable effective learning experiences for responsible leadership. This means that the university aims at making every individual in the university responsible and aware of his/her environment and its requirement.

This move improves and makes Corporate Social Responsibility implementation process easier. Therefore, the program is implemented by people who are so much equipped with the required information that is much needed for a successful implementation program.

We will write a custom Essay on Corporate Social Responsibility of University of Dubai specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Furthermore, the university does the implementation program by engaging in research that aims at advancing understanding of the dynamics, roles, and impact that corporations have in creating a sustainable social and environmental value. This makes many stakeholders who may in one way or another, be involved in social and environmental issues.

This move makes corporate social responsibility implementation everyone’s role. Therefore, many people are directly or indirectly involved in the daily protection of the environment. Furthermore, the research helps the stakeholders to gather important information on how to successfully launch CSR implementation programs. Through the same research works, the university has made CSR implementation easy and interesting.

The university extends its implantation strategies through the facilitation of dialogue and debates among various stakeholders, including educators, government, civil society organization, consumers and the media. This debate touches on critical issues related to global social responsibility and sustainability programs, among many others.

Civil society organizations and the media help a lot more in spreading the awareness programs and thus make the implementation of the corporate social responsibility program easy and acceptable to the society at large. Some of these associated parties, like the government helps in facilitating the implementation process and also creates rules and laws governing the whole idea.

Civil society organizations extend their services in bringing critical ideas in debate sessions. The ideas may include the how to deal with the challenges involved in some implantation stages and the alternatives that may ensure the goals and targets of implementation strategies are met. In all this dialogue and debate, the university has made the implementation everyone’s responsibility including the central government.

From research, we get to know how the university helps to carry out corporate social responsibility programs well; there is a good curriculum change that aims at helping faculty members in covering case studies that deal extensively with corporate social responsibility, environment and ethics.

This effort ensures that corporate social responsibility implementation process is continuous and grows better every time as experience builds up. The university also ensures that all the materials required as extra resources are availed for the purpose of carrying out the implementation program.

In addition to the efforts carried by the University of Dubai in implementing the corporate social responsibility, research shows that expatriate knowledge is sought through the invitation of guest speakers who are experts in handling corporate social responsibilities. This effort equips students with the required knowledge that propels them to implement the Corporate Social Responsibility in efficient ways without much assistance (University of Dubai 5).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Corporate Social Responsibility of University of Dubai by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More From research studies, we get to know that the university has many environmental programs that it actively engages its students as one way of ensuring the implementation process goes on well without any hindrances as awareness gets underway through similar programs. Some of these programs include visits to wildlife parks, clean up the world, and the program your tree in Dubai. The programs aim at increasing the forest cover or replace trees that have already been cut.

This is achieved through the awareness program that enhances the need for protection through planting of more trees and recycling of some materials to reduce cutting down of trees. They also target making people aware of the importance of wildlife and how to conserve or protect the environment that holds them. The clean up the world program helps to sensitize everyone to take responsibility of ensuring the whole environment around them is very clean.

The visits that are made by members of various clubs, mostly the environmental club to the wildlife, help them to know about the endangered species. This enables members to know and create ways of overcoming the challenges involved in protecting endangered species and the whole issue of corporate social responsibility (University of Dubai 8).

Analysis and Recommendation of the University of Dubai for Improvement Concerning the university’s values and the principles, the university should emphasize more on the values of global social responsibility so as to make the stakeholders aware of the global moves and roles in developing corporate social responsibilities. This effort will help the concerned parties to improve in both sensitizing and implementing the programs that foster growth internationally.

In this way, the university will always aim at meeting the required standards for implementing the corporate social responsibility well and successfully despite the challenges. In addition, good methods that will enable the creation of good and reliable leadership within the educational framework will ultimately help the individuals become more aware of the social and corporate responsibilities and implement them to the later without fear.

Furthermore, when more research is carried out more information is availed to involved parties that make it easy for them to carry out the implementation process well. Through the same research, studies reveal that most skills are taught on how to engage different stakeholders in the programs.

Better ways will be devised on how to deal with serious problems or challenges before and after the implementation process. Furthermore, when people access information more frequently and easily through the research, they become more reliable and responsible for how to execute the implementation process easily. Therefore, the whole research process leads to more improvements if it is used in the right way and with the right aims.

On the other hand, the university should aim at making partnerships with international corporations so that they get exposed to the challenges that this corporation face in handling the implantation process on corporate social responsibilities. This effort will increase also the technical know-how of the university in delivering information concerning the corporate social responsibility programs abroad. In addition, a partnership with international corporations avails various effects approaches on board as the various institutions do exist in different environments set up. Thus the university will at the end have a universal way of approaching the corporate social responsibility implementation programs in the future.

When more debates or dialogues are held frequently, students and the university as a whole, gets channeled and links up their views and experiences to and from other stakeholders in the field through the media. Also to ensure that the communities are more involved dialogues and debates between the social organizations because many of these groups are found within the larger society.

Thus many individuals in the society will get almost fast hand information and in the end the university will have improved on how to engage the society in environmental processes and responsibilities.

In addition, for teaching, research and learning to improve, long term strategies have to be put in place. These long term strategies should be aimed at making the teaching process more targets oriented and this move will ensure good service delivery that is in line with the universities values and principles.

More resources should be channeled in research work that are aimed at improving the environmental status of the immediate surroundings of the university to reach that global standardization level in terms of implementing the corporate social responsibility programs well. On the other hand, learning should be made more practical and interesting by having more field trips to the sites that need the university’s intervention, this move helps the concerned parties to visualize more on the real factors that have to be considered.

Another thing that should be more emphasized is the invitation of guest speakers more frequently; this will help in the exchange of ideas as the invited guest speakers will be mostly people who are experts in the field of concern. All these efforts are meant improve the university’s way of implementing and handling challenges of implanting the corporate social responsibility.

The other thing is that, the university should channel more funds in support of the environmental activities that the students are engaged in. This support should be through the clubs like the wildlife and the environmental clubs. Through these clubs, the university should put more emphasis on the value of conserving the environment and protecting the endangered species through awareness programs.

The awareness programs should be put in place through the partnership with organizations and civil society groups that easily associates themselves with members of the community more frequently. This move makes relaying of information between concerned parties. This at the end improves ultimately the way of communicating both ideas and processes required for every engagement in the society.

For effective learning that meets international standards, the university has to put in place internationally acclaimed frameworks that aims at improving the environment, while raising the educational standards. This will foster the realization of more effective ways of implementing strategies concerning learning and most importantly the corporate social responsibility.

The same efforts may be realized through implementation of innovative programs and processes that help in improving learning and which also focus more of meeting the standards of putting in place the requirements of global corporate social responsibility strategies. This efforts and strategies help the university in finding global partners who may be more conversant on how to deal with challenges that are associated with implementing the corporate social responsibility.

In doing so the university gains a global image that will help it stand out as a good place where many people will want to get involved with. This idea, therefore, makes it easier for the university to penetrate easily with its environmental programs to the hearts of its followers both locally and world over.

Through instructional research, the university should target at finding more ways that are interesting and easy to follow in realization and instilling of sustainability values that will h4elp individuals realize more on the needs and importance of corporate citizenship around.

This effort will help build more rounded individuals who are more responsible and focused in ensuring that corporate issues are dealt with in the rightful way. In this way, the university will have made the environmental issues or matters everyone’s burden and responsibility. Thus the university will have created both an interesting learning environment as well as facilitating the acts of concern among associated parties or partners.

Through more partnerships with the immediate communities around it, the university will have easy time engaging the individuals in most of its programs like the engage program and many others. This make the community feel part of every undertakings tat the university gets its hands on.

These efforts help in creating awareness programs in the community more easily and frequently. When more information is channeled in the right way to the individuals in the community, the whole community move in the same direction the university tends to go.

This improves the relationship between the institution and the community, which sits in the immediate environmental setup. This partnership also makes functions like tree planting more successful and enjoyable as every member of the community will feel part of the whole system or process. The tree-planting program should be made a regular issue to incorporate many individuals in the exercise.

Further still, for the university to ensure that the capabilities of the students are developed and shaped to generate sustainable values that will foster the realization of a sustainable global economy, more emphasis should be put on the global partnership with major corporations that seem suitable in handling the same matters well.

This way, students will begin seeing things in reality and thus helps their understanding. This global cooperation avails so much information to the students through exchange programs that may be associated with the main program.

The association with global partners helps the students more in meeting international thinking and problem-solving. In this way, efforts are made by the concerned parties in the learning area to help understand more on the needs and requirements of one working globally, thus the general standards are raised to new levels that suit global corporations’ demands.

Incorporation of the global values of social responsibility in the curriculum should be done in a way that signifies the importance of the global social responsibilities to the society as a whole so that the students may focus on beginning their responsibilities socially right from where they live towards the whole environment with an aim of reaching the global environment.

These important steps make the institution work on global levels and in doing so it raises every standard of doing things around the university and which makes thrive to be a global institution in the near future. Being a global institution, the university will be able to meet and deal with global environmental issues more conveniently. This capability makes the University of Dubai a world-class institution that meets and values global social responsibilities.

On the other hand, the awareness programs have to be more focused and should be carried out every time when more needs arises than being held only on during the first weeks of every semester, this will make sure that the program runs through out and doing so helps to create more time require to channel information on the six principles that in the end this puts more emphasis on the same principles as enough time will be there to assure this. Small posters should be created so as to be distributed to the students at different levels.

This brings the information and principles closer to the targeted individual students, this move also makes it possible for the students to file some copies of their own and reviewing them from time to time. When the students understand the principles to this level, there is smooth running of daily activities.

On the other hand, other than just case studies that faculty members cover in other courses; the university should make it more practical so that information may be both form textbooks and field works that are taken during or within the course time stipulation. These efforts and provisions make sure that students get equipped with enough knowledge about; the general ethics in the various course categories, more knowledge concerning corporate social responsibilities are availed throughout the course and it is done so in more details.

Also of much concern is the information about the environment should be availed through the same way and this guarantees much more improved outcomes in terms of environmental conservation and the general corporate responsibility relating to the environment.

Finally, for the university to acquire more ways in which it can devise innovative methods of delivering lectures, the university should highly focus on organizing workshops where many issues concerning how to better the teaching methods and also embracing the technological advancements to foster the growth or imp[rove the educational material delivery in the university curriculum. This way the university will gain improvements to meet its targets of being a world-class university.

Conclusion In conclusion, the university should aim at creating more dialogues and debates with related or concerned parties for this opens up more links and also serves as a means by which more information is channeled and availed to the concerned parties. The implementation process should be adopted when more information has been gathered about the whole process and the challenges associated with it.

In addition, the implementation process becomes more successful when all stakeholders, including the Partners are put to task. Some of the faculties that do not have the right ways of covering the classes or information about the corporate social responsibility and the general environmental issues, should be more considered when changes arises for improving lecture delivery.

Works Cited University of Dubai. Sharing Information on Progress (SIP). Dubai: University of Dubai. 2010.


Macroeconomics Notions Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

Supply and Demand Supply and demand are the economic model of determining prices in a competitive market, wherein supply refers to the quantity of commodities available in the market and demand refers to the quantity demanded by consumers. The law of demand states that the higher the costof the good or service, the less people will demand it, while the law of supply states that the higher the price of a commodity, the higher the quantity required (Supply and demand, 2012).

Macroeconomic Equilibrium Macroeconomic equilibrium is a condition of a nation’s economy wherein aggregate demand is met by aggregate supply (Macroeconomic equilibrium, 2012). The total demand of a final good or service in the economy is called its aggregate demand, while the total supply of a final goods and services the economy plans to sell is called the aggregate supply. Significant changes on demand or supply will affect prices, employment, and resources of a nation.

How Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Determine Equilibrium Price and Output In The Short- and Long-Run Macroeconomic equilibrium is computed by relating national price level with national output. The market is in equilibrium when price and output are equal.

Changes in the price or output of a commodity prompts shifts in its aggregate demand and/or aggregate supply. In general, expansionary policies shift aggregate demand to the right while contracting policies shift it to the left. Looking at the diagram below, when aggregate demand shifts to the right, equilibrium will occur at a higher price level and a higher output in the short-run and at a higher level in the long-run. When aggregate demand shifts to the left, the opposite, will occur.

Figure 1. Macroeconomic Equilibrium

Shifts in the aggregate supply are usually prompted by shifts in aggregate demand. When aggregate supply shifts to the right, aggregate demand dictates that equilibrium will occur at a lower price level and a higher output in the short-run.

When short-run aggregate supply shifts to the right, aggregate demand dictates that equilibrium will occur at a higher price level and a lower output in the short-run. In the long-run, when aggregate supply shifts to the right, a lower price level and higher output is required for equilibrium. When it shifts to the left, a higher price level and lower output is required.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Gross Domestic Product, Unemployment, Inflation Three ways to measure a country’s economy is through its GDP, unemployment rate, and inflation rate. GDP or Gross Domestic Product is the measure of total value of commodities by a country for a specific period (Gross Domestic Product, 2012).

Unemployment is the state of a person who is looking for employment but is unable to find or does not have one (Unemployment, 2012). Inflation is the rate of increase of the general level of prices of commodities in a country. As inflation occurs and prices go up, purchasing power of people fall (Inflation, 2012).

Business Cycles and Economic Growth Business cycles are series of patterns affected by employment, industrial productivity, and interest rates that show the expansion and contraction of economic activities. There are five stages on a business cycle, namely, growth, peak, recession, trough, and recovery (Business Cycle, 2012).

Economic growth is the measure of an economy’s increase of commodity and capacity to accommodate its population within a period of time (Economic Growth, 2012).Productivity, inflation, population growth and introduction of new commodities in the economy are factors of economic growth.

Multiplier Concept Multipliersare factors that quantify the changes of capital investment to total income of an economy. They are used to measure the effects of government spending on income. Multipliers are calculated by dividing the marginal propensity to save to one (Multipliers, 2012).

John M. Keynes was made the second father of economics after Adam Smith because of his contribution on multipliers. The limitations of the multiplier concept include its restriction to economies (It is only for closed economies.), its lack of social factors, and its low adaptability to change.

Fiscal Policy Fiscal policy is a government policy that deals with the spending activities of the government that influences macroeconomic conditions. These policies are concerned and implemented in taxation, interest rates, transfer payments, and borrowing (Fiscal policy, 2012).

We will write a custom Essay on Macroeconomics Notions specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Two tools of fiscal policy are the Automatic Stabilizers, attributes of fiscal policy that smooth instability in consumption over the business cycle, and the Discretionary Fiscal Policy, the conscious manipulation of implementation of taxation, purchases, transfers, and borrowings. An example of this is the Federal Income Tax (Kelly, n.d.).

Macroeconomics in Contemporary Economic Issues As previously mentioned, business cycles have five stages, namely, its growth, peak, recession, trough, and recovery. In recent years, however, the flow of the stages in the cycle is unsteady, not following the regular cycle. This is because of the impact of improbable events not forecasted (or were not heard of) by economist.

One significant event in recent time is the sharp decline in housing prices, resulting in a recession in the economy. This event in economy happened in 2007. Before the year, housing prices grew rapidly and collapsed by nearly 20 percent over the next two years, due to low interest rates in the 2000s, and lowering lending standards.

Another macroeconomic event in recent times is the rise of prices of oil and other basic commodities, such as natural gas, steel, corn, wheat, rice, and coal. Oil consumption in the United States lessened in the first half of 2008 (Jones, 2008). This was offset, however, by the oil consumption of China, India, and the Middle East, which resulted in an outward shift in demand. This occurrence created a chain of price increases on basic commodities.

Reference List Business cycle.(2012). Investor words. Web.

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Gross domestic product.(2012). Merriam-webster online. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Macroeconomics Notions by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Inflation .(2012). Investopedia. Web.

Jones, C. I. (2008). Current macroeconomic events. W. w. Norton. Web.

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Thanksgiving’s Day History Descriptive Essay cheap essay help

Primarily celebrated in the United States and Canada, thanksgiving has over the years transformed itself from the original idea of showing gratefulness to God for his favors to a fully fledged national holiday observed on the last Thursday of every November and the second Monday of every October in the United States and Canada respectively. During this festivity, a lot of brain and body input is swung into action as a result of the various activities carried out by various groups of people to commemorate this event.

From the ancient days to date, certain activities have remained as they were while others have been continuously been revolutionized, all in the name of observing this highly observed occasion. Virtually all the human senses are put to the test while observing thanksgiving taking into account the fact that it is a highly anticipated occasion or holyday rather. According it the kind of importance it deserves is hence quit imperative.

In the modern day thanksgiving festivity, the most utilized human sense is that of taste. This is because the entire citizenry in these countries which observe thanksgiving always strive to see to it that they direct a considerable amount of time, energy and resources to the kitchen so as to enable them put a decent meal on the table.

Despite not being a replica of the original meals ate while observing thanksgiving during its early years of inception, a constant trend of feasting on a specific caliber of food which more often than not include the turkey has been noted to characterize almost all the dinner tables over the last couple of years.

This state of affairs hence renders the sense of taste the most utilized one with respect to the fact that almost all the households prepare their meals with missionary zeal. Striving to satisfy everybody’s sense of taste during this festivity also has a multiplier effect on yet another vital human sense; that of smell. This is occasioned by the endearing aroma that always emanate from every household’s kitchen. It is hence safe to say that the human sense of taste cannot be completely satisfied without appeasing that of smell.

This momentous occasion is also characterized with outdoor events that involve utilizing the human sense of sight quite expeditiously. Sight often comes in quite handy during this event since several open field activities take place on this date too.

In the United States for instance, a massive parade constituted of giant floats, matching bands and even convoys of celebrated icons in the entertainment industry often match along the 5th avenue in New York. This event always attracts thousands of sight seers who come to enjoy themselves either by observing or taking part in the activity.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Song, dance and even prayer also decorate this callous celebration. Very appeasing tunes often heard both live or on television also seek to satisfy the human sense of hearing. In as much as the satisfaction of the senses of smell, taste and sight are of great importance, it is equally important to acknowledge the fact that these celebrations would be out rightly dull and unbearable if the sense of hearing was to be neglected.

It hence makes much sense to conclude this essay by attesting to the fact that for a fulfilling commemoration of the thanksgiving event, the satisfaction of almost all the human senses is deemed necessary. It is also important to take part in this celebration since it helps to renew one’s commitment to the family and the general nourishment of the society. These activities also help to encourage or promote unity by encouraging a sense of belonging among people hence emphasizing the importance of harmonious living.


Ethics Issue – Organ Transplants Essay essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Justifying the Decision Making Process

New Hospital Policy


Introduction In a perfect world all needs could be met with unlimited supplies of products and services, yet we do not live in a perfect world. What is present is a state of inequality where many are denied access to necessary services and though we endeavor to provide as many as we can with affordable services our resources are being stretched to the limit as is. In matters of life or death these limitations are all the more evident especially in cases where organ transplants are necessary.

The fact is that there are just not enough organs to go around based on the number of cases that need them. Hard choices need to be made yet these choices need to factor in not only to whom the organs can go to but rather who would benefit the most from them. on the one hand we have the choice of framing our decision based on an adherence to a particular set of rules in that individuals who are “ahead” so to speak on the organ donation list should be the first to receive organs.

Justifying the Decision Making Process Such a method of decision making would be the most fair in terms of distributing the limited supply of organs yet it must be questioned whether such a method is truly the most effective approach.

Many within the current list for organ transplants have advanced ages and may not live long while others are on the list due to conditions that they had deliberately inflicted on themselves (i.e. excessive smoking and drinking leading to cancer of the lungs and liver failure. In such cases it must be questioned whether it is moral to pick such individuals over those who are in need of organs through no fault of their own.

There are also cases where the possibility of survival is so low that conducting an organ transplant could actually be considered a waste since it is likely that such individuals will die anyway. Individuals who have many years yet to live and those who have no evidence of prior substance abuse would be able to live fuller lives and be less likely to squander the gift of life as compared to others who will most likely squander such a precious and limited gift.

It must also be questioned which choice would result in the greatest degree of happiness. For individuals that have shown evidence of living longer and substance free lives the potential for generating greater degrees of happiness is that much more likelier as compared to individuals that are old or are more prone to self destructive behavior.

New Hospital Policy Taking this into consideration it will now be the policy of the hospital to eschew the normal organ transplant list in favor of prioritizing patients with higher life expectancies, few self-destructive behaviors and above all are young enough to fully enjoy the benefits of the organ.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More While it can be considered unfair in the case of those who are “ahead of the list” it must be noted that not all individuals can be deemed as being “worthy” for organ transplants. The hospital must make decisions in light of limited supply and as such it is necessary to implement selective and purposeful decisions that take into account utilitarianism and deontological ethics in order to do what is right for our patients.

Conclusion What must be understood is that these decisions are made in light of limited supply and as such must factor in the potential each individual possesses. Without such decision processes in place the organ donation process will continue to be mired in ill- fated consequences in which the ethics of specific organ allocations will be questioned.


Business Value of Wireless Technology in Chemicals and Automotive Industry Case Study argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Wireless technology has been widely used in industrial processes because of its benefits that contribute to total quality management. Chemical and manufacturing industries have particularly used wireless technology because it adds value to the industries. Like other information technologies, wireless technology has many business related benefits, which include contributions to “customer service, finance, sales and marketing, information and technology operations, and operations management” among others (Baltzan and Philips 7).

These benefits help in achieving cost effectiveness, higher customer satisfaction, business growth, and improved competitiveness (Baltzan and Philips 7). Chemical and manufacturing companies use wireless technology to enhance their efficiency in time utility. This is because the technology helps in saving time, facilitating faster response, and improving productivity (Baltzan and Philips 7).

Other manufacturing applications that benefit from the technology

Other manufacturing applications that benefit from wireless technology are branding and packaging applications (Baltzan and Philips 7).

Why they benefit

The two applications benefit from wireless technology because they form part of the manufacturing industry (Baltzan and Philips 7).

Business benefits of wireless technology in finance and investments

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Business benefits of information technology are also realized in the finance and investments sector. Finance and investments involve activities for enhancing an enterprise’s worth through financial avenues and information technology helps in monitoring trends and changes in market factors. The use of wireless technology to gather information about a target market is therefore important in identification of new products and market segments (Baltzan and Philips 7).

Other recommended application

Other suitable applications for finance and investments include internet applications through mobile phones and computers (Baltzan and Philips 7).

Reason for recommending the applications

This is because the technologies are significantly effective in enhancing communication and tracking online information (Baltzan and Philips 7).

Business benefits and challenges of using wireless technology in retailing

Retailing has also been a major beneficiary of the wireless technology. Economic benefits, derived from time and operational efficiencies, have been realized in the sector as the technology is used to facilitate communication in retail enterprises. Using the technology in stocktaking has also enhanced their advantage through time efficiency and accuracy in records keeping.

We will write a custom Case Study on Business Value of Wireless Technology in Chemicals and Automotive Industry specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Economic implications of wireless technology have however been its major disadvantage with its high installation cost making it too expensive for some retailers. This has limited its use. Complications in supply chains have also imposed a disadvantage on application of wireless technology due to the incompatibility (Baltzan and Philips 81, 82).

Other applications that might be beneficial to consumers

Like parties to financial and investment sector, retailers and consumers can alternatively use internet services through mobile phones and computers to facilitate communication (Baltzan and Philips 81, 82).


Mobile phones and modern computers have even better communication facilities than the wireless technology (Baltzan and Philips 81, 82).

Suitable substitute for HP pocket PC

Suitable equipment that Celanese would have used, as a substitute to HP pocket PC, is GPS. The system that was developed four decades ago is faster. It is suitable because it identifies object locations. It is also more efficient because its communication system is initiated from a centralized point (Baltzan and Philips 174, 175).

Features of HP pocket PC

Not sure if you can write a paper on Business Value of Wireless Technology in Chemicals and Automotive Industry by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Features of pocket PC include processor, storage capacity, and games. The processor and storage features allows for creation and transmission of information from one point to another (Baltzan and Philips 174, 175).

New possible devices

New devices that can be used for better services today include GIS, mobile phones, and LBS technologies. LBS also track location of objects while mobile phones provide instant communication. The new technologies are therefore more efficient than the HP pocket PC (Baltzan and Philips 174, 175).

Cost of RFID tags

There exist varieties of radio frequency identification tags at different costs. The costs and choice of a particular tag depends on its features.

Implication of RFID cost on its use by retailers

Availability of a wide range of prices for RFID tags means that more retailers are able to afford the tags. There is, therefore, a wide application of the technology among retailers (Baltzan and Philips 187).

Works Cited Baltzan, Paige, and Philips, Amy. Information Systems. California, CA: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2011. Print


The Greco-Roman influence Essay essay help online

When used as an adjective, the word Greco-Roman refers to regions culturally or even historically influenced by language, cultural practices, government and religious practices of the ancient Greeks and then the Romans. Grant (1995) further defines this region as the Mediterranean world (p.67).

The region was subject to cultural integration, as those from the other cultural settings had to live together under one government. The paper discusses the nature of the cultural influence between the Romans and the Greek revealing the commonalities and discrepancies existing between the two. It also highlights how they influenced the western culture.

The Greeks and Romans had accepted the use of the Greek language as the language of the intellectual culture. Latin was also the tongue for public management. In either the times of the Greek rule or the Roman rule, there was a universal acceptance of the languages by the people (Sanders, et al., 2006, p.29).

However, it is worth noting that these languages were mostly evident in the cosmopolitans while the people in the rural areas spoke their own mother tongues, which they regarded as vernacular. Men spoke and wrote in either Greek or Latin regardless of their ethnicities.

The Greeks influenced the majority of the cultural practices in the region ranging from the education system to the religious belief in many gods, cults and the building of temples. In this respect, the Romans gained from the Greek influence in sectors such as Banking, political administration, literature, philosophy and art (Bentley et al, 2008, p.24). Upon adopting these cultural values and beliefs, the wall that existed between the Romans and the Greek dissolved according to the extent of the influence.

The two cultures also portrayed similarities in the cultural activities such as sports and festivals that they conducted (Bentley et al, 2008, p.36). Fighting in the coliseums was a substantial sport that the two cultures appreciated. People from both cultures fought either voluntarily or involuntarily in search of glory and honor. The practice of slavery was justifiable according to the values of the two cultures (Thornton, 2002, p.45).

However, there were noticeable differences between the Greek and the Romans in terms of their philosophies. The Greeks were more considerate of morals, as opposed to the Romans who were promiscuous (Sanders et al., 2006, p.47). In most cases, self-satisfaction and the greed for power and glory acted as the driving force of the Romans, as opposed to the Greeks who observed moral standings.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Both the Greeks and the Romans influenced the western culture tremendously when it came to social stratification and the observation of the status quo. According to Grant (1995), people considered the Greek language a significant factor in assessing a person’s social standing in the society (p.36).

The western culture borrowed this in that for a person to qualify as educated, he/she had to master Greek and learn Greek philosophy. Another influence, which is majorly from the Romans, was the form of government adopted in the Western culture (Grant, 1995, p.56). Certain families considered having the breeding for leadership passed it from generation to generation. Monarchs and noble families had the duty of governing state entities.

The two cultures influenced each other for the purposes of co-existence. This is despite the fact that the Romans had conquered the Greeks. The Greeks considered the Roman cultural values as a step in civilization, which explains why there were few cases of resistance.

Some Romans, however, were suspicious of the Greek influence to the Roman culture. Among them was Cato the Elder who prophesied the demise of the Roman Empire through blindly adopting the Greek culture. Cato even did not trust the Greek actors in Rome whom he though had a mission of poisoning the brains of the Romans (Grant, 1995, p.64).

Reference List Bentley, J., Ziegler, H.,


The kind of death Sara Case Study college application essay help: college application essay help

When doctors carried out medical test on Sara Thomas Monopoli, they found out that she was suffering from lung cancer. According to the medical experts, lung cancer is a life threatening disease that causes death. Sara Monopoli’s problems had started with a cough and a pain in her back and by the time, the doctors discovered that it was lung cancer; the disease had already spread to the lining of her chest. Sara and her family did not believe the findings of the diagnosis because she had done nothing that would have brought this to her.

The disease had first started in her left lung and it had spread very first to most parts of the body by the time it was discovered. As explained by Dr. Paul Marcoux, there is no cure for lung cancer when it has spread to this level.

However, Sara underwent several blood tests and body scans in trying to seek for the right treatment that will cure the disease and hence prolong her life but all this was in vain. Her body continued to fail; she suffered from a lot of pain since there was no right treatment for her. She endured severe pressure as the disease spread to her brain and she finally died.

According to religion, the kind of death Sara died was a physical death. This kind of death occurs when a person’s spirit departs from his/her body and his/her body then ceases to function. Religion teaches that we are tripartite in nature that is spirit, soul, and body. Our body is our physical person, the flesh and bones and blood, this is what died in Sara but her soul and spirit remained.

Dr. Gawande’s right things

First, his stories about patients, research findings and healthy policy are so touching in the sense that they encourage believers to figure out the purpose of their life in fulfilling God’s mission while on earth. He took his time to describe to us the cultural, costs of care at the end of life, the quality of life and psychological barriers that make it difficult for patients, family members, and doctors to prepare for good end of life decision making.

He encouraged people to find time, attention, and ability to have meaningful conversations about what really matters to them during the critical stages of their lives. Dr. Gawande was always present for the sick and their family members who were very much concerned about the health conditions of their loved ones. He handled difficult conversations with patients, their families and friends effectively. This indeed is very much encouraging for all religious believers since it is good to care for people regardless of their conditions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Dr. Gawande also helped people negotiate the overwhelming anxiety about life threatening diseases and how to deal with them while remaining optimistic. He also cared for and participated in hospice care programs that helped prolong life of patients. He did his best to ensure that all patients got access to the programs conveniently.

As a general surgeon, he operated a woman who had metastatic colon cancer. When the woman returned to him later, he clearly explained to her how much bowel was removed from her. This shows that the Dr. Gawande had a good attitude and he knew how to deal with patients of all kinds. He therefore dedicated his life and career in serving humanity. This should be the call for all of us as religious believers since by serving fellow human beings we indirectly serve our Almighty God.

The wrong things Dr. Gawande

Although Dr. Gawande did several things that were right, as a human being prone to the sinful nature of this world, some things he did were wrong. For example, he was timid with Sara Monopoli. He told Sara directly without consideration that it had not been possible to remove all the disease from her. This direct information shocked Sara who later asked whether she was going to die but Dr. Gawande lied to her that the doctors were going to use Chemotherapy to cure her.

He also believed that death was a very dangerous enemy with superior forces in the sense that there was no way to defeat it. This shows that although Dr. Gawande was committed to his work, he had little faith when it when comes to life threatening illness like cancer that has no cure. Thus, this implies that if he had power, there would have been no need to treat and care for patients suffering from these diseases because after all, they have to die at the end.

What I would have done differently if I were Sara

If I were Sara with such kind of advanced illness, after physicians had made a diagnosis, I would have created a positive mindset before encountering various methods used for treating lung cancer. I would not have undergone several blood tests and body scans in trying to seek for the right treatment that will cure the disease and hence prolong my earthly life since as indicated by the doctors, the disease has no cure. I would therefore have accepted that what was coming was a physical death and confront it by repenting my sins to God.

We will write a custom Case Study on The kind of death Sara specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Since lung cancer, can have emotional and physical effects that may be mishandled if both the patients and their family members are not prepared to accept the consequences of treatment, I would have explained about it to family members and friends.

This would have strengthened them and give them more hope not to worry too much about my situation since religion teaches us that at some point in time, we will meet again after the physical death. This will have equally reduced the expense incurred in treating my illness and prepare family members psychologically about my death as well as strengthen their faith in God.

Final reflections Physical death is something that usually scares those who are non-believers. This is because the fallen nature of man does not understand death. Some people fight very much to stay alive using all means of scientific knowledge available. However, scientific medicine cannot play saviour to the dying. It is God only who can keep human beings alive indefinitely or satisfy the soul when the body fails. Therefore, we all need to pray very hard so that God can reveal to us the correct meaning of physical death.


A Miracle as an Extraordinary Happening Occurring in the Physical World Descriptive Essay college essay help: college essay help

A miracle is an event that violates natural laws and happens in the physical world. A miracle, therefore, is an extraordinary happening occurring in the physical world that surpasses the natural capabilities and powers known to human beings. Therefore, a miracle is an event that surpasses human understanding, lacks empirical evidence on its cause, which makes its classification by human beings as a miracle.

Miracles are viewed as happenings that violate empirical evidence, which relies on scientific evidence and natural laws to justify their happenings. In other words, miracles do not have underlying causes that obey natural laws, but happen spontaneously when unnatural forces are brought to play.

However, when natural forces that obey the rules of nature cause an event to happen, human beings ascribe that event to an unnatural cause, therefore, calling it a natural event. Natural events occur and do not break the laws of nature. They occur according to the laws of nature and there is always empirical evidence that points to their causes.

Although there is no evidence that points to the cause of a miracle, human beings make observations on events that have occurred and when trying to investigate the genuine cause of the event based on natural laws and empirical evidence, find no connection, hence regard the event as a miracle. However, different events happen that are regarded as miracles, but find a connection between empirical evidence and natural law.

These examples include exceptional occurrences or events or unexpected outcomes from a certain action such as succeeding in a difficult task. However, the current study concentrates on miracles, which are extraordinary events whose happenings are not justified by natural laws and empirical evidence. Empirical evidence implied here is evidence with attributes to natural laws happening with strong connections with their causes.

A miracles, as discussed above has to possess unique characteristics or attributes to qualify to be known as a miracle. One of the attributes is that a miracle has to surpass the natural capabilities and powers known to human beings. The natural capabilities and powers of a human being exist within reason and empirical evidence or scientifically known boundaries.

Anything that lies beyond the natural understanding and capabilities of the human mind and scientifically proven evidence are regarded as miracles. Therefore, a miracle violates cause and effect if the cause cannot be explained from the perspective of the natural capacity of the human mind and natural laws. Natural laws, in this case, are a set of procedures determined by nature and are universal.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They apply to every human mind, appeal to reason, and are founded on empirical evidence. If there is a violation of empirical evidence, then, the laws are violated and any happenings beyond the prescribed evidences provided by the natural laws, which are based on empirical evidence, are regarded as miracles.

A miracles, according to the discussions above, violate occur in the physical world and violate natural laws. Natural laws, as has been mentioned above govern the happenings in the physical world, and violating these laws in the physical world is regarded directly as a miracle. Therefore, a miracle is an extraordinary happening occurring in the physical world that surpasses the natural capabilities and powers known to human beings. Miracles are a direct caused by supernatural happening due to a supernatural cause.


Labor Law in the USA Essay college admissions essay help

Introduction Labor laws have for a long time been used to provide guidelines on how workplaces ought to be governed. The laws have been enacted for several major reasons which they have managed to achieve so far. These include employee protection, environmental protection and the legal protection.

By employee protection, the labor laws seek to promote the welfare of employees through dictating the maximum working hours that an employee is required to work. They also set minimum wages that any employees must be paid and also promote the rights of employees in the workplace

Environmental protection seeks to promote environmental friendly operations in the workplace while legal protection seek to ensure that the businesses carried out by organizations do not contravene the legal provisions of the constitution. The employment law therefore mediates the relationship that exists between the employees and the employers. This is achieved through the trade unions and other employees’ welfare agencies as well as employers’ welfare agencies (Blockwell, 2003).

There are four main areas of employment which are governed by the employment laws. These areas cover wages and hours of work, Safety and health standards, Family and medical leave, and whistleblower protection. The U.S department of labor is the federal agency that regulates this area. It enforces the compliance to minimum wages by employers as well as dictating the terms and conditions of overtime compensation.

The Minimum wages by the United States of America government has been set at $7.25. It is required by law that all employers comply with this rule failure to which legal actions are taken on the organization. The law also stipulates the minimum wage payable during over-time and this is set to at least 150% of the normal pay during the normal working hours.

This means that an employee who extends works past the normal working hours is entitled to earn an extra fifty percent of the normal pay calculated per hour. More on the wages and hours of work can be found on the United States Department of Labor publications which can be retrieved from their website.

The Agency also regulates the safety and health standards that ought to be adhered to by both the employers and the employees. These are the requirements that are set out by law to ensure that the working conditions and the work environment are conducive for human habiting. Such conditions provide for such things as wearing of protective clothing whenever the nature of the work present a potential danger to the employees such as intoxication or physical threat of suffering injury.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The United States federal law requires employers to grant employees qualified unpaid leave on several accounts. These accounts include family and medical reasons. The agency that oversees this law is the United States department of labor.

This law allows up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave if an individual can legally prove that he/ she has a new child whether born or adopted, he has a serious family member who is seriously ill and needs care, or such any other matter that may be consistent with this provision. A more detailed report on the provision of the Family and Medical Leave Act is available in the website of the United States department of labor.

The employment law that relates to whistleblower protection is administered by the Merit Systems Protection Board and the Office of the special Counsel. This is a federal agency that seeks to adjudicate and investigate whistle blowers complaints. These agencies also seek to provide protection to the whistleblowers who are often regarded as social misfits in the modern day work environment.

Whistleblowers come in where they notice such errs as gross mismanagement of funds, non compliance with the regulations, abuse of authority etc (Fletcher, Sorrell,


Benefits of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Audit (EA) to an organization Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Literature


Discussion and Findings


Works Cited

There is an ongoing discussion on various issues of environmental assessment, originating from presence of evidences concerning ecological deprivation as a result of economic expansion (Mohamed 138). Currently, because of economic crisis, client understanding, supply chain relationships and environmental practices pressure the organizations to implement environmental programs.

The community, especially from established states is greatly concerned regarding the impacts on health as a result of pollution. But similar concerns are a bit slow in establishing states. To avoid farther abuse on environmental protection, regulating institutions have endorsed various regulations concerning environmental protection, particularly in the UK and Europe, but the enforcement of such laws is subject to debate (Mohamed 139).

External pressure from legislations and society concerns, as well as business avenues based on environmental concerns, have forced organizations to incorporate environmental initiatives as part of their business organizing process by indicating company involvement in a broad variety of environmental operations, particularly in the manufacturing sector (Banarjee 38).

Both EIA and EA have become important tools in the monitoring and evaluation of environment-based and significant growth programs. The data derived from environment impact assessment and environment auditing activities offers significant details to numerous diverse interested groups.

Although assumed principally as tools in business, innovative use of EIA and EA approaches can enhance precision and communication in various aspects of community where there are needs for higher appreciation of relationships between environment and ecosystem (Pernilla 21).

This essay presents the benefits of using the two tools in an organization. To effectively illustrate these benefits, the essay aims at the application of EIA and EA to assess the basic metrics regarding the environmental initiative as successful tools to assess and improve business operation.

Literature Dunk (720) examines how product and integration of environmental initiatives positively impact quality improvement. He proposed that adopting of environment concerns into production decision practices by applying EIA and EA would be an important step towards the promotion of quality products and overall company production. Although, the writer mathematically showed that the adoption of EIA and EA positively impacts quality improvement, he failed to measure extra aspects that can compromise quality standards.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Pernilla (22) discusses on the application of website as a data system for distribution of environment-based data to the society. Pernilla also explains the information about environment impact assessment for programs in Athens, as well as the geographical data platform and its application.

This particular program entails the usage likelihoods indicated above while incorporating ecological assessment and auditing through the web. The outcomes presented by Pernilla illustrate an important growth in the capacity of regulative institutions to expand their environment planning capability and to disseminate information to the society about possible environmental dangers.

Dittenhofer (42) explains the qualitative data about environmental concerns needed by managerial and the audit group in order to safeguard the company. Dittenhofer discusses on EIA and EA process. The author asserted that external auditing firms could carry out environmental assessment and auditing.

Also, the author discussed the right of polluting the ecosystem to a restricted level as described in the Clean Environment Legislation of 1990. He also outlined 13 ways for carrying out a successful environmental audit. The author failed to vividly indicate the use of EIA and EA operations to evaluate and determine possible environmental crisis and its associated costs.

Methodology Environmental assessment and auditing framework in production sector was applied so as identify the benefits of EIA and EA. In this framework, the environmental assessment and auditing are applied in order to identify benefits of conducting Environmental Impact Assessment and auditing on the main ecological elements of pollution (figure below).

The framework is in addition applied to assess the environmental impacts created in all necessary procedures (Dittenhofer 48). This information platform will improve business operations through suitable deployment of funds towards environmental programs.

Discussion and Findings Environmental planning platforms (EPP), is a basic portion of a general planning model that comprise organizational structure, coordination, goals, operations, roles, processes and protocols for establishing, adopting, attaining, assessing, and sustaining environmental practices as described in ISO14001:1997 legislation; section 3.5.

We will write a custom Essay on Benefits of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Audit (EA) to an organization specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As environmental assessment and auditing for organization have increased with time, significance has increased to develop a healthier appreciating of environmental assessment and audit and tap from the benefits accruing due to EIA and EA application.

The principal incentive is increasing support that environmental-associated elements can improve the profit margin and monetary level of an organization. Environmental Impact assessment is applied to evaluate all environmental implications related to operations and/or manufacturing processes before implementation, while Environmental Auditing identifies environmental implications of an ongoing/existing project (Mohamed 140).

Environmental assessment and environmental audit, in addition, can be applied in tracking environmental wellbeing of a business in more transparent way. The main regions that require assessment and auditing are: air emission, contaminated water, soil pollution and high noise rate as described by the above model.

Conventionally, EIA and EA were applied as tools for evaluating and disclosing environmental impact reducing influences towards environmental protection expenditures. However, indeed today the EIA and EA in organization have developed; interest has developed to establish a more improved appreciation to environmental-associated benefits and monetary implications as a factor to traditional assessment and auditing.

It is significant for these tools to intrinsically determine and project the gains derived from organization operations and gains from the environmental assessment suitable for a company’s strategic plan and as per the UK’s legislation on environment. The businesses require identifying the ecological impact capability and/or environmental impacts in all processes, measure and assess the environmental impacts.

The firm also needs to measure and evaluate environment protection expenditures incurred by entire production lines and activities regardless the cost advances socio-economic impacts, organization profit margin, and regardless the environment effect of organization operations suit the company’s growth that results to a system for environmental assessment and auditing (Banarjee 43).

Conclusion The relation between the environment and business is experiencing growing awareness. Today, discussion about climate shift and ecosystem is gaining popularity in management, as well as debate on air, water and soil contamination.

Even though the continuity of financial growth is an equitable role of company, regulatory institutions and stakeholders, but the companies can assume important responsibility in minimizing environmental deprivation. This is because a company has monetary capabilities, technological know-how and organizational ability and long-lived goal of finding environmental solutions.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Benefits of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Audit (EA) to an organization by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Firms contribute to maintainable environment through innovation and improvement of their manufacturing process so as to utilize inputs more sufficiently, reduce wastage from manufacturing processes, improve effluent discharge techniques and create a good work environment. Through effective EIA and EA, a company can witness a growth in general environmental appraisal, stakeholders’ fulfillment and organization performance.

Works Cited Banarjee, Subhabrata. “Corporate environmental strategies and actions.” Management Decision. Print, 39 (2001): 36-44.

Dittenhofer, Mort. “Environmental Accounting and Auditing. “Managerial Auditing Journal. Print, 10(1995): 40-51.

Dunk, Allan. “Product Quality, Environmental Accounting and Quality Performance.” Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal. Print, 15(2002): 719-732.

Mohamed, Ismail. “Environmental Accounting as a Tool for Environmental Management System.” Journal of environmental Management. Print, 11(2007): 137-145.

Pernilla, Gluch. “Costs of Environmental Errors (CEE).” Greener Management International. Print, 31(2000): 20-23.


The Force Field Analysis for Leadership Team Effectiveness Essay custom essay help

Developed by American social psychologist Kurt Lewin, the force field analysis is an important technique used for brainstorming the factors/issues that are either driving movement towards a desired objective (helping forces) or blocking movement towards the desired objective (hindering forces), in an attempt to objectively weigh the pros and cons of the desired objective.

Organizations and teams undertake the analysis in a focused attempt aimed at either strengthening the forces that support a particular decision or reducing the impact of the forces that oppose the decision (Turner, 2010). A force field analysis aimed at addressing critical issues toward the attainment of leadership effectiveness is outlined below.

Helping Forces Hindering Forces Ability to establish an enabling team structure to guide the process Barriers relating to cultural diversity of the team, that is, the team is made up of members from diverse cultural/racial groups Ability to Establish a compelling direction to be followed by team members, assisted by expert team coaching capabilities Change resistance coming from some members within the team Having a supportive organizational context and culture within the team Leadership Team


Sustained lack of mechanisms for emotional convergence among some team members, leading to the progression of differing viewpoints Ability to work closely together within and across the organizational context of the team to get tasks accomplished quickly Perceived lack of goal sharing among some members of the team Capacity to avail the necessary knowledge and expertise towards successful task completion persistent leadership wrangles progressed by dissatisfied members of the team Capacity to facilitate effective interaction among team members in a way and manner that will guarantee good problem solving, decision-making and effective coordination of team efforts lack of productivity and innovation by some team members capacity to understand the bigger picture of what is needed, and of sharing in common goals and objectives Lack of cohesion as some team members are not satisfied with their positions in the team Availability of the resources and training needed for team members to develop the skills and expertise needed for successful completion of tasks Lack of adequate attention from management with regard to team’s needs and achievements Capacity to keep strict timelines on the team’s projects capacity to elicit feedback from constructive communication Source: Kayworth