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Organizational creativity and innovation have proven to be challenging concepts to measure. There is not a particular output that indicates organizational levels of innovation. To flourish, innovation and creativity must be fostered within the organization. They must be established as cultural values in order for the organization to see the benefits.

Write a paper evaluating business metrics for innovation. Although business metrics generally measure symptoms or outputs of an organization’s culture, we can find correlations between some business metrics and the quality of an organization’s innovation culture. Review the table shown below and answer the following questions.

Consider the metrics in the table and evaluate if each is a good measure of innovation and creativity.

Is the number of active products an indicator of innovation, or an indicator of whether the innovation is incremental or discontinuous?

Is research and development (R


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Snoopy and Woodstock both need to have some letters typed and some carpets vacuumed. The following table describes how much each of them can accomplish in one hour if that hour is spent either typing or vacuuming: 

Letters   Typed in 1 Hour:

Rooms   vacuumed in 1 Hour:


3 letters

2 rooms


4 letters

6 rooms


Tasks: 1 Page only Solar Panel paragraph identifying a basic budget for a solar farm and/or roof solar panels. 3 references exist in the paper but at least one more will be required for the roof-based best college essay help

3 references exist in the paper but at least one more will be required for the roof-based solar panels. The current solar references:  Brown, 2013. Hyder, 2019. US Department of Energy, 2021. 
Summary paragraph with final recommendation of alternative 3 with solar panels emphasizing the strategic advantage this would provide.  
Trying to think of a third task looks like “implement 3-5 sentences from source material” and “provide 2 more topics ‘additional information for management’ if possible”. 
Please you the cites below:


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Which aspects of the article did you find most interesting?
In what ways does this study expand your thinking (e.g., what did you learn, application, information, etc.) about wellness methods and strategies?
What is one question you have in regards to this article?
How will you use this information in the nursing or health science fields? 


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The purpose of this assignment is to develop a process for managing risk assessment, threat and vulnerability, and enforcement of policies, procedures, and controls within an organization.

Using the company selected for the Topic 5 assignment, communicate your plan for managing risk assessments, threats and vulnerabilities, and enforcing policies, procedures, and controls within the organization in a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation. The presentation should include speaker notes for each slide and should address the following.

Define operational risk assessment, threat and vulnerability management (TVM), and risk management.

Provide a flowchart that demonstrates the relationship between risk assessment, TVM, and risk management.

Detail the audit or security risk review (SSR) process to measure the effectiveness of risk management.

Provide a process flow for the TVM and how to periodically review the risks and measures in place (i.e., SSR).

Identify specific roles and responsibilities throughout the process.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.