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Post a two or more paragraph response.

So for the spark this week, we’ll build up to everyone’s Reflections and Social Change posts by sharing some research and thoughts on environmental challenges and avenues to positive socio-environmental change. 


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I also provided some chapters from the course below as well as the interview files that you’ll need for this assignment. Although you don’t need to read everything you’ll need to read some of these in order to answer the questions. If more material is needed message me. 


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Below are also some course material from the class that you can use to help answer some of the questions although you don’t need to read all the material it will help you in answering some of the questions. If you think you need additional material message back. 


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Exam Content


Health care marketing requires a different approach than other industries. In this assignment, you will review current health care marketing and how it has evolved in the past 50 years, as well as how health care marketing compares to other industries. This will give you the necessary background knowledge to understand what impact competitive, regulatory, technological, and environmental changes have on health care marketing.




Research the following:


Identify different events or shifts in our health care system within the past 50 years that have led to a change in health care marketing.

Identify marketing ads for one healthcare-based company and one non-healthcare-based company, such as from the automotive or cellular phone industries, from the past 50 years.



Select 1 marketing ad for a healthcare-based company and 1 marketing ad for a non-healthcare-based company from the past 50 years.




Write a 350- to 700-word analysis that details the changes in health care marketing that have occurred in the past 50 years and why these changes occurred. Your analysis will include a discussion around the similarities and differences between health care and non-healthcare marketing based on the ads you selected. Your analysis should:


Describe how health care marketing has changed since the 1970s.

Describe how current health care marketing efforts should be adjusted according to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Identify advantages of health care marketing for an organization and its consumers.

Discuss whether you consider marketing an appropriate practice in health care.

Identify similarities and differences between health care marketing and marketing in other industries.

Review the ads you selected (health care and non-healthcare ads) and identify 2 similarities and 2 differences between the marketing in a health care company versus a non-healthcare company.

Consider readings related to the 4Ps of marketing.

Predict how health care marketing may change in the next decade.



Cite 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.




Format your analysis according to APA guidelines.




1-5 prompts : Marketing In The Health Care Industry best essay help: best essay help

Read “How Marketing Will Play a Critical Role in the American Health Care System” from Forbes.

Respond to the following 

What is the importance of agile marketing in health care?


2Your local hospital would like to provide a new program for the community based on different products, service divisions, or segments offered by the hospital. You have been hired to manage the marketing for the new program that will be used within your community. Your supervisor has reminded you that it is important to know your consumers to effectively market to them. You have been tasked with creating a proposal for the new program based on research conducted in your area.


Respond to the following:

How will you measure the demand for health care services in your community?

Which market attributes would you rely on to support this assessment?



3 .Respond to the following:

As a health care manager, what strategies will you use to market your health care clinic, facility, product, or service? Provide examples.


4. Respond to the following :

Why is a marketing plan important for a health care manager? Provide examples.


5 Respond to the following:


As a health care manager, how will you know if your marketing plan was a success? Provide details.


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Exam Content: As the marketing project manager, you are ready to present your marketing project plan and marketing campaign to your supervisor. 


 create a 10- to 15-slide  presentation using either Microsoft® powerpoint


Part 1:

The presentation should showcase your proposed marketing project plan and the integrated advertising campaign, and it should:


Summarize the need for your new hospital program in your community.

Identify key data points you collected that support the need for the new program.

Identify the chosen marketing strategy for your new program.

Define your targeted audience based on your market segmentation in previous assignments.

Include the specific message(s) you will use in your integrated advertising campaign.

Identify the tasks and their order of importance needed to implement your marketing project plan.

Explain when and how you will evaluate your marketing project plan.

Identify a projected timeline of evaluation.

Identify tools you will use to evaluate your plan.

Identify resources and data that will be used to determine success in your marketing project plan and new program.

Based on anticipated changes in the future, discuss how health care marketing strategies can change.

Consider external influences that may guide strategy changes.



Part 2:

Write a 400-word synthesis of how you would communicate your plan to the entire company if approved.


Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.


 Format your citations and references according to APA guidelines.