6.10 Generate Random Instances Of Map-coloring Problems As Follows: Scatter N Points On The Unit Square; Select A Point X At Random, Connect X By A Straight Line To The Nearest Point Y Such That X Is A Level English Language Essay Help

10 Generate random instances of map-coloring problems as follows: scatter n points on
the unit square; select a point X at random, connect X by a straight line to the nearest point
Y such that X is not already connected to Y and the line crosses no other line; repeat the
previous step until no more connections are possible. The points represent regions on the
map and the lines connect neighbors. Now try to find k-colorings of each map, for both
k=3 and k =4, using min-conflicts, backtracking, backtracking with forward checking, and
backtracking with MAC. Construct a table of average run times for each algorithm for values
of n up to the largest you can manage. Comment on your results.
Each point represents a country.
An edge between two points represents a border between two countries, i.e., the two points should have different colors.
This type of graph, no crossings, is called Planar Graph.
By the Four Color Theorem, every planar graph is four-colorable.
It is fairly easy to determine whether a graph is 2-colorable or not.
To determine whether a graph is 3-colorable is NP-complete.
The objective of this exrcise to try to see if you can solve with 3 colors using CSP.


4 pages Paper 2 Assignment: Analysis Essay with Comparison and Contrast Below are the guidelines for the assignment. For Paper 2, select one of the three topics below. Select one of the two texts li college application essay help

For Paper 2, select one of the three topics below.  Select one of the two texts listed, and write an Analysis of that essay.  Although your Analysis will focus primarily on the essay you select, you will also be required to read the other as your essay will have a Comparison and Contrast component (see below).
 Immigration”There is No ‘Going Back’ – The U.S. Cannot Afford to Lose its Immigrants” by Katarina Wong
“Trump Crackdown on illegal Immigration Succeeding – America Benefits” by Matt Gaetz

National Student Debt “An Innovative Solution to Nation’s Student Debt Crisis” by Todd Young
“Student Loan Forgiveness Would Be a Bailout for Elites” by Kevin Roberts

Climate Change”Climate Change is Not Going to Kill Us” by Anthony Patrick O’Brien 
“We Need to Reduce Consumption to Slow Climate Change” by Nolan Perin

Review the Essay Guidelines below.  Your assessment–of the rough draft and the final draft–will be determined by how well you met these guidelines.  Further, other assessment criteria will be based on your application of concepts, terms, and skills covered in the lectures and assignments found in the relevant modules.
The paper will have a strong title–a strong title is original, creative, and provides a hint of the content and/or thesis.
The paper will have an introduction that contains:A specific and concrete example to “hook” the reader.  That can be a timely news account, an important fact, a personal anecdote–anything as long as it is specific and concrete and transitions well to the topic of the paper. Bad introductions usually sound like this: Since the beginning of time… OR Recently in class we were discussing… OR Nowadays many people…

Transition from the specific example above, and provide a clear overview of the topic of the paper.
End the introduction with a strong thesis statement–you have to have YOUR OWN position or opinion about the topic.Do not list in your thesis the different items that will make up your body paragraphs.

All body paragraphs will have:A clear topic sentence with a useful transitional word or phrase.
The required components of the assignment (analysis, comparison and contrast, etc.)

The first several body paragraphs will discuss the elements below.  Use the essay you selected for the analysis.Subject and Occasion
Speaker and Audience
Tone and Purpose

 The last two body paragraphs will introduce the second essay as a means to compare and contrast the elements of Subject, Occasion, Speaker, Audience, Tone, and Purpose. In one paragraph, explore the similarities and difference . 
In another paragraph, explore the strengths and weaknesses of both essays, focusing on three or more of the following: bias, figurative language, diction and connotation, assumptions, generalizations, euphemisms, and doublespeak.

The paper will have a conclusion that closes by returning to the specific example from the introduction, the specific example that launched the entire essay.
Once you are done, you will have an introduction, at least five body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  
Development of Body Paragraphs:
Use the text/s to provide textual evidence to support your ideas.  Do not include researched information.
The first six body paragraphs will consider Subject

Last body paragraph will offer a comparison and contrast between the two texts.Identify similarities and difference using the above elements as points of comparison.
Select 3 out of the 6 elements to compare and contrast. 

The style will be clear and direct (no wordiness or extra “fluff”).
The sentences will vary in length.
The paper will have a minimum of grammar errors.
MLA Formatting/Styling:
The paper will be formatted in MLA, includingOne-inch margins
Double-spacing (with no extra spaces between paragraphs; set Before and After to zero).
12-point Times New Roman font
A heading with your name, the instructor’s name, the course, and the date, in day-month-year format (i.e., January 4, 2023 would be written 4 January 2023).
A header ½ inch from the top of the page with your last name and the page number.
A centered title.
Paragraphs that are indented one tab (or ten spaces).
Justify the paper left only—not both sides.

The paper will be styled in MLA, includingIn-text citations
Works Cited page

Other Details:
Paper 2 will be a minimum of four pages in length; this means a full four pages (and not three pages and some writing on page 4).
Paper 2 is worth 100 points
100 points are from the rough draft
100 points for the Upswing Copy
100 points are from the final draft
The rough draft will be graded based on length and effort.   If it is shorter than the minimum, it will lose points accordingly.  Though your instructor will comment briefly on the draft, you are strongly encouraged to use the tutoring resources available to you to help you revise your rough draft.
The final draft will be graded based on  this rubric 


25 question Multiple Choice Questions from content in this class. Use all of the uploaded files below For Class Content. TRUE OR FALSE QUESTION ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Please make make the assignment look good. USE FILES AND YOUTUBE VIDEOS PROVIDED. DO NOT MAKE SIMPLE OR BAD QUESTIONS. PLEASE MAKE LEGIT QUESTIONS. essay help online free: essay help online free

Create a 25 question Multiple Choice Questions from content in this class. All course content including readings, videos, podcasts, assignments should be used in completing this assignment. You must use an MS word document and provide the following: 1. 25 Questions 2. 4 Answers to each question 3. Highlight in Yellow the correct one 4. Document underneath each question in 1 or 2 sentences Which module (name) and content where you got it from with page numbers if from reading, video references, or content from the modules. Do not just put module one or two. You must be specific to the exact reference. YOUTUBE LINKS: https://youtu.be/eE-KbK6JlFQ https://youtu.be/apbIP5zutUQ https://youtu.be/wtPBOwE0Qn0 https://youtu.be/cmBf1fBRXms


Using the assigned readings related to self-directed care/management, prepare an essay on the efficacy of the proposed use of best essay help

Using the assigned readings related to self-directed care/management, prepare an essay on the efficacy of the proposed use of technology. Discuss the following questions:

Is it a practical approach to case management? Provide a rationale.
What are the benefits?
What are the disadvantages?

Remember, all assignments must be submitted in APA format with a cover page and reference page. This should be no more than two pages.


ever thought what technology and accounting has to do with perseverance? Are numbers, organizing, calculating, and assessing some key techniques that help us being more perseverant? essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Based on the attached paper, answer the questions of the topic following the structure below, the structure below is a guideline for a draft, that need to be used to develop the essay
Structure the way you want to research this question:
a. Fields of knowledge that the question covers.
b. Map the references where you can understand better the topic:
i. Historical background;
ii. Current events related to it;
iii. News, books, websites, videos, etc.;
iv. Main concepts that might help you address the issues related to the
c. Write paragraphs or bullet points to make your path through the question.
3. Outline some conclusions: where do you want to get with this question? What do you want to resolve with it?
Write down the references at the end with the correct form (if it’s a website, use the
same way and write down the link).
6. How to cite:
a. In the text: enter the information right after the citation using quotations marks or argumentation directly linked to the author/work statement/argumentation. Inside a parenthesis, you must insert the following information: (Last Name, Date of publication, Page). The page is in case you directly quoted the author. If you didn’t mention it, you might enter (Last Name, Date of publication).
i. Example: (Rose, 2003, pp.3-4)
b. In the references: present the authors’ work in a list, one below another, in
alphabetical order. You add the information in the following order: Last Name, First Name (can be abbreviated). Year of the published edition (between parenthesis). Title of the text you cited (if it’s not the title of the entire book). Name of the book (in italic). Publisher. For articles in journals, the title of the

journal comes in italic, followed by volume number and number of the edition, period of time, and pages of the article within the journal.
i. Examples:
1. Book: ROSER, D.; SEIDEL, C. (2017). Climate justice: an
introduction. Routledge.
2. Book chapter: LORDE, Audre. (2007). Age, Race, Class, and
Sex: Women Redefining Difference. Sister Outsider. Crossing
Press. pp. 114-123.
3. Article: ROSE, Nikolas. Neurochemical selves. Society, [vol.
XX, no.XX – if needed], Nov/Dec 2003. pp.46-59.


This is the second of three stock journal assignments that you will complete during this course. For this assignment, writing essay help: writing essay help

This is the second of three stock journal assignments that you will complete during this course. For this assignment, add your work for Week 8 to your previous work from Week 3, following the instructions and using the provided templates below.
In the Weeks 3, 8, and 10 Stock Journal Project Excel Template 1 [XLSX] template you began in Week 3, enter your chosen companies, the share prices, and the number of shares you will be purchasing given your budget of $25K.
Note: The above Excel template has been provided for your use for the stock journal assignment. You will notice that there are directions for your work in Weeks 3, 8, and 10. When submitting your assignment for each week, you may use the provided Excel template above, your own Excel template that you create or a Word document that you create as long as it communicates the requested information.
Note: There are locked cells in the Excel template. The cells have been locked to prevent the formulas from being disturbed. The cells that you will need to use to complete this assignment are not locked. You may create your own templates, however it is recommended that you use the templates provided.
In the Weeks 3, 8, and 10 Stock Journal Writing Assignment Template [DOC] template you began in Week 3, write your rationale/summary.


Read the case overview carefully before proceeding to the subsequent sections and questions. Each section will describe a practical Essay essay help

Read the case overview carefully before proceeding to the subsequent sections and questions. Each section will describe a practical management problem that can be addressed by answering a question. Each question can be solved by drawing on techniques learned in Lab 1 through Lab 7 earlier in the term.

use Tableau or Excel to investigate trends in the tenders to determine whether there are reasons to be suspicious about the way that the Government of Nova Scotia sells to companies. Can you help keep the government accountable?


what is the best strategy to remanagement the IT department in Gas and Oil company with 500 employees. report cheap essay help: cheap essay help

what is the best strategy to remanagement the IT department in Gas and Oil company with 500 employees. report on how the IT department works with other departments, and how it can be improved. the rules etc. how it is right now, how it influences the company, the profit etc, and how it can be in the future.
including the re-use the ERP software in the system.
report and suggestion of another software, and why.


Panic of the US patriarchal society in response to female Hookup culture essay help

I will choose Option 2 and possibly use the title “The Moral Panic of the US patriarchal society in response to female Hookup culture and sexual promiscuity.” The main object of analysis is the US hookup culture, female promiscuity, and why the US society develops moral panic. Males, who engage in hookups and
promiscuous sex, are viewed positively, while women are viewed negatively. The paper explores if the growing hookup culture among US females is their way of asserting themselves and achieving equality with males. And whether moral panic related to such changing sexual scriipts is an attempt of the patriarchal society to maintain the gender roles and power balance. The first theoretical framework is the works of Gagnon and Simon on Sexual Scripts and sexual conduct. I will explore the layered three dimensions: ‘cultural scenarios,’ ‘interpersonal scenarios,’ and ‘intra-psychic scenarios.’ I will investigate what genders the existing sexual scriipts benefit the most and infer what scriipts the US society considers appropriate for both genders. Another theoretical framework is moral panic and the works of Stanley Cohen. I will explore the stages of moral panic and agents of moral panic. I will investigate why the US society panics that woman use various hookups and dating apps/websites and freely engage in promiscuous sex. Also, I intend to use the ideas of Erich Goode and Nachman Ben-Yehuda in the book “Moral Panics: The Social Construction of Deviance” to investigate why female promiscuity and hookups are viewed as deviant and inappropriate by US society. The paper will also include the concepts of sexual norms, social norms regarding sexuality, deviance and restrictive behavior, sexual desire, symbolic interactionism, and sexual behavior. It will incorporate the works of Gagnon (2004), Gagnon