(1) The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) Defines Music Therapy As An Intervention That Is Clinical In Nature And Evidence-based That Encapsulates An Individual’s Goals Within A Therapeutic Se A Level English Language Essay Help

, and promotes rehabilitation (AMTA, n.a.). Several studies have shown that music therapy is beneficial in areas concerning behavioral health.  
A book review by Wylie (1992), asserts that within the scope of music therapy “attention is given to people with mental retardation, mental disorders, physical disabilities, autism, learning disabilities, sensory disorders, and the elderly”. Additionally, a study by Landis-Shack et. al. (2017), emphasizes the benefits of music therapy on individuals with trauma exposure and those diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The researchers in the study point out that music therapy assists in “community building, emotion regulation, increased pleasure, and anxiety reduction” therefore allowing for individuals that struggle in the related areas lead healthier adaptive lifestyles when seeking professional intervention(s) (Landis-Shack et. al., 2017). Therefore, it can be concluded that music therapy can benefit everyone including individuals struggling with mood dysregulation as well as those coping with brain injuries and disorders. 
Using music therapy as a tool to help individuals with ASD is a very unique approach to treatment. I never thought music could have such an impact on stimulating the brain’s functioning, but it can. Music therapy can stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for mood and learning(Papagiannopoulou 2015). Using this as a tool to help guide the social learning of individuals with ASD can be very beneficial. For instance, using music in social situations that might cause anxiety can help the individual focus on the music rather than their social anxieties. As a side note, this is a technique I use in my everyday life and I can say with certainty that it does work. I have generalized anxiety so being in large crowds of people or a new environment has always made me anxious. But when I turn on my music all of that anxiety slowly but surely melts away. Over the years music has helped me cope with my social anxiety so I can understand the benefits of music therapy to help individuals with social disabilities. And as we’ve discussed in previous units, music allows people to express themselves. So individuals with ASD  also use music to express themselves and connect with other individuals. Building connections through music allows individuals with ASD to show others that they’re more than just their disability(Bakan 2015). The ethical implications that might need to be considered when using music therapy for  ASD treatment have to do with it being very limiting. I understand how music therapy can help individuals with ASD cope in social situations, But this doesn’t help in situations where music isn’t present. They can always reach for an instrument or listen to music to calm themselves down in stressful situations. So because of this, I believe that relying solely on music therapy would only be beneficial some of the time. I think the best solution to this would be using music therapy in conjunction with another form of therapy so individuals with ASD can get a more well-rounded treatment. 


In a 6-page paper (not including title page or reference page), write a well-organized paper on DOROTHEA OREM including the following. 1) What is it about her theory that makes sense to you? Briefl college essay help

1)    What is it about her theory that makes sense to you? Briefly describe the theory in your own words.
2)    Why does it resonate with you?
3)    How will this theory help you organize your thoughts for critical thinking and decision-making in nursing?
4)    Explain why this theorist is important in the development of the profession of nursing.
·      The paper should follow APA format (7th ed.), proper grammar, and references.  The paper must be submitted to Turn-it-in with a Similarity Index of no more than 15%.
·      Must use 3 SCHOLARLY SOURCES


2.5 Project: Precursors (ESSAY) Story Choice: Plato’s “Parable of the Cave” (VIDEO IN YOUTUBE) (9:00 minutes) Directions write an essay with the following requirements: Research Socrates, his beliefs, cheap essay help: cheap essay help

5 Project: Precursors (ESSAY)
Story Choice: Plato’s “Parable of the Cave” (VIDEO IN YOUTUBE) (9:00 minutes)
Directions write an essay with the following requirements:
Research Socrates, his beliefs, and his practices.
Explain why Plato chose Socrates as the speaker for this parable.
How do Socrates’ beliefs and practices relate to the themes of this parable.
For example, what is the literal and symbolic significance of lightness and darkness?
750 –1000 words
Content (50 points) Thesis statement, quality of research, textual support for claims, and organization
Mechanics (15 points) spelling, grammar, and punctuation
MLA formatting (10 points) in-text citations, Works Cited page format, and citation


Create an agenda scholarship essay help

One of your main goals as a first-year preschool teacher is to keep the lines of communication open with parents in several different ways. One of the methods you find to be effective is to have brief check-ins during drop-off in the morning and/or pick-up after school. However, you soon realize that some parents are not available during these times. You watch the video Parent–Teacher Communication: Two Informal Methods of Communication and are struck by the way the teacher in the video stays in touch by sending text messages to parents and calling them on the phone. You decide to begin the first open house of the year by outlining the benefits of frequent informal communication between home and school, drawing from the advice of the teacher in the video. Next, you describe in detail the specific communication options you would like to promote with families throughout the school year as part of building a strong partnership (e.g., text messages). Last, create an agenda item that invites families to give feedback on the benefits of frequent communication and the styles that would fit best with their daily routines (e.g., right after school).

Focus Assignment

1. Create an agenda to outline the topics you plan to discuss at the first open house of the school year. For item 1, include three to four key points to summarize the benefits of frequent informal communication between home and school. Next, for item 2, write three to four specific informal communication options you would like families to engage in with you. Last, for item 3, add a few sentences inviting families to offer their views on the benefits of daily communication and the styles that would work best for them (e.g., e-mail updates).


1. For each item on your agenda:
     a. Explain how this item addresses the issues in the scenario.

2. Describe and justify how your agenda would improve teaching and learning in the scenario.


Interior design best essay help: best essay help

Select ONE option and write a minimum of three paragraphs. 

1. Research the word string of “competitive bidding” or “competitive furniture bidding” or “specifications furniture”. (Do not research bidding on furniture at auctions.  The research must be along the lines of our textbook content for this week.)


2. Search for furniture bids from government agencies.


Risk management college essay help: college essay help

Imagine you are considering opening a consulting practice involving project management. In a one page paper discuss the vision of your business. In addition, identify the top three risks that you must address prior to making your decision regarding the viability of your venture. Be certain the risks are associated with the start-up project rather than the operational risk. Justify the risks. Be sure to use the content on risk identification.


IEP pHamplet college application essay help

It is the spring of your first year of teaching in a preschool setting. Juan, a student in your class, has an individualized educational plan (IEP), developed by a team consisting of a special education teacher, a speech therapist, Juan’s parents, and yourself. To smooth Juan’s transition into kindergarten, you call a meeting with Juan’s parents and the IEP team.   You are struck by the warm and informative nature of the team meeting. Realizing that Juan’s parents are new to the school system, you decide to create a pamphlet that will provide them (and eventually other parents) with key information. You recall that Juan’s parents remarked that they are still not sure what an IEP is and what it is supposed to accomplish. You decide to create a pamphlet summarizing key information about the rights and due process protection to children with disabilities under IDEA and how the IEP aligns with these goals. Then, at pick-up one afternoon Juan’s mother confides in you that she is worried about her son transitioning into Kindergarten it’s such a big step! You decide to reassure parents by outlining the transition process in writing. Last, Juan’s mother says she is anxious about what will take place at the meeting. Is he making progress? Will he be okay in kindergarten? You realize that providing an agenda beforehand will help allay their concerns. 


Create a digital version of a pamphlet for parents that will help them prepare for an upcoming team meeting focused on Juan’s IEP. Write a brief introduction about who will attend the meeting. Then write a jargon-free paragraph or two about the rights and due process protection to children with disabilities ages 3 to 5 years under IDEA, and how the IEP is aligned with IDEA goals. Then write a paragraph to summarize the steps Juan’s team will take to ensure his smooth transition to kindergarten. Last, create a bulleted list of a typical transitional meeting agenda, beginning with a discussion of the child’s strengths. Include graphics in your presentation so that it is appealing to the eye. You may want to use a template to guide your creation.  

Self Reflection

1. For each item on your pamphlet, explain how this guideline addresses the issues in the scenario 


Professional Communication essay help free: essay help free

The purpose of this assignment is to implement communication strategies for delivering negative news.

Select one of the following scenarios:

You are a student that recently failed a high stakes assignment due to a misunderstanding. You are disputing the grade you received on the assessment and you have decided to email your professor. Draft a professional email to your instructor.

Write a 100-250 word email responding to the scenario. Your email should have a subject or title line that is consistent with the content of the message. Incorporate the conventions related to delivering negative news by including the following elements: 

Buffer statement

Reasons for the situation or decision

Negative news

Suitable or desired resolution

Respectful closing

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Course Materials if you need assistance. 


MBA – Each topic 1 page – Total 3 pages writing essay help

Write 3 Pages in total (One page for each topics)

1. What Is a System? And What Is Systems Thinking?

Donella Meadows, the pioneer of Systems Thinking and author of Thinking in Systems: A Primer, defines a system as “an interconnected set of elements that is coherently organized in a way that achieves something. If you look at that definition closely for a minute, you can see that a system must consist of three kinds of things: elements, interconnections, and a function or purpose” (2008, p. 11). For this Discussion, using Meadows’s definition of a system, consider an organization you are familiar with and post the following:

Provide a brief description of the organization.

Provide two examples of a system within the      organization, and describe the elements, interconnections, and purpose for      each. (Remember, to be an actual system all three features must be      present.)

Now that you have identified some examples of      systems within an organization, consider your definition of what systems      thinking may entail. Provide a 1-sentence definition.

2. Mental Models

One of a manager’s most important skills is to be able to identify solutions to operational problems and manage corrective actions (change) to improve performance. Many times, it is the latter (change) that becomes the most difficult to manage. This challenge stems from presence of mental models, which are deeply ingrained beliefs, assumptions, and generalizations of how something should work, perform, function, etc. Mental models can have a detrimental effect on implementing change. For this Discussion, consider an organization that you are familiar with and post the following:

Provide a brief description of the organization.

Describe a mental model that you have witnessed and      that has interfered with or prevented an improvement process from being      implemented.

Finally, give your thoughts about whether you think      this mental model can be overcome.

3. Business Skills for Good: Personal Mastery

Becoming an effective leader and business professional requires you to develop a number of skills throughout your career. In this program, you will consider many different business skills—some tangible, and some intangible. And some of those intangible skills, when put into practice, can result in new opportunities for growth and development for yourself, for the organizations where you work, and for others within and outside of your personal and professional community. These Business Skills for Good will be highlighted in various Assessments throughout your MBA program, and in the Assessment for this Competency, you will discuss the role of personal mastery in your leadership development.

Consider how Senge defined personal vision as “the ability to focus on ultimate intrinsic desires, not only the secondary goals” (2006, p. 173). Simply put, personal vision goes far beyond traditional goals and objectives. With this definition in mind, respond to the following:

Define and present your own personal vision.

Briefly relate your personal vision to your ability      to become an agent of change within your organization, your family, or      your community.


response to the following 4 questions Please number responses based on instructions scholarship essay help

(1)Explain a situation you have observed (or read about) in which a firm made a decision considering irrelevant costs or did not consider relevant costs. What was the outcome of the decision, and what could have been done differently? (2)Making business decision always involve costs. The issue is how accurate the cost data was and how robust was the decision that utilize the cost data. Please explain a situation you have observed (or read about) in which a firm made a decision considering irrelevant costs or did not consider relevant costs. What was the outcome of the decision, and what could have been done differently? (3)Explain why pricing and production are extent decisions and not decisions that should be tackled with break-even analysis. Does the same apply for investment decisions? Provide a rationale to support your response. (4)Please explain why pricing and production are extent decisions and not decisions that should be tackled with break-even analysis. Does the same apply for investment decisions? Provide a rationale to support your response.


– Christianity played a significant role in the history of abnormal psychology. Discuss this reality and how this role has shaped modern Christian understandings of abnormal psychology. college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Directions: Every week you will be asked to reflect on and respond to a question and post your response to the question on the Discussion Board. Your response to the question should be clear, complete, and accurate. This assignment also requires that you read the answers posted by your classmates and each week respond to at least two of those postings. Question prompt – Christianity played a significant role in the history of abnormal psychology. Discuss this reality and how this role has shaped modern Christian understandings of abnormal psychology. The initial post (a minimum of 500 words) will include at least one scholarly reference and one question to the class. Please do not include the question prompt in your initial post. It will not count toward the length requirement for your response. Review several of your classmates’ posts. Students will also post two additional responses to their classmates. Each response will be a minimum of 250 words, and each post will include at least one leading question and one scholarly reference (i.e., textbook). Note: Wikipedia, WebMD, blogs, Simply Psychology, Very Well Mind, Huffington Post, Mayo Clinic, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Psychopedia, etc. are examples of inappropriate sources. Posts will adhere to APA style (i.e., properly formatted in-text citations, page numbers for direct quotes, and references at the end of the post).


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Hi, I have done Order # 355381626 with you.
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so as I said, Unfortunately, I have done Module 2 but I’ll send you module 3. so this class has similar assignments and I do have around 6-8 modules for this class, in that case, I could give all of them to you.
Thank you


Worldview – BIBLICAL / CHRISTIAN THEORIES AND WORLDVIEW ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW Purpose To write an essay in which you custom essay help: custom essay help


To write an essay in which you compare your worldview with one developmental theory
discussed in our course materials.
Every person who has ever lived bases his or her life on a set of basic assumptions. These
assumptions form the foundation of his or her worldview. One’s worldview influences and is
evident in his or her work.
Write a brief* essay in which you identify important aspects of your worldview, and then discuss
ways in which your worldview is compatible with at least one developmental theory.
1) In your first paragraph explain why it is important to consider worldview when
studying developmental theories (include at least 3–5 sentences).
2) In your second paragraph briefly describe key concepts and features of one
developmental theory discussed in our textbook (include at least 3–5 sentences). Be
sure to identify the main theorist, the name of the theory and at least one defining
characteristic of the theory.
3) In your third paragraph identify ways in which your worldview is compatible with the
theory you have described.
4) In your final paragraph, summarize and reflect on how what you learned about
worldview and its relationship to theories will be used in future coursework (include
at least 3–5 sentences).
*Your essay must include at least 500, but no more than 800 words. Please edit your work to
stay within these parameters.
1. Identify your sources! Current APA guidelines require that a citation be used to
identify any/all sources of information that are not considered common knowledge.
2. Do not include direct quotes; instead, paraphrase information about your chosen
theory. Remember that your source must be identified with a citation even if you
rewrite the information in your own words.
3. Your Theories and Worldview Assignment will include the following:
• A current APA-formatted title page.
• 2–3 pages of text (at least 500, but not more than 800 words).
PSYC 210
Page 2 of 2
• Use current APA-formatted level-one headings to identify each
paragraph/section of your essay.
• A current APA-formatted reference page.


Database – Discussions essay help: essay help

Create a discussion thread (with your name) and answer the following question(s):

Discussion 1 (Chapter 13): What are the differences between structured, semistructured, and unstructured data?

Instructions:  Your response to the initial question should be 250-300 words.  Next respond to two postings provided by your classmates. The first post should be made by Wednesday 11:59 p.m., EST. I am looking for active engagement in the discussion.  Please engage early and often. You are require to create your initial thread in order to view and respond to the threads posted by other students.  There must be at least one APA formatted reference (and APA in-text citation) to support the thoughts in the post as needed.  Do not use direct quotes, rather rephrase the author’s words and continue to use in-text citations.


For this essay you need to read: “A Traveler Describes Life Along the Erie Canal, 1829” and “James Madison Asks Congress to Support Internal Improvements, 1815” in the American Yawp Reader. Then in yo best essay help

 Then in your essay you should analyze the two primary source documents by connecting the description of life along the Erie Canal with James Madison’s call for internal improvements. Be sure to discuss how these two documents help you understand how the real the lived experience of historical people during the 1820s related to political policies and technological developments. 


EBP Change college application essay help: college application essay help

To Prepare:

Reflect on the four peer-reviewed articles you critically appraised in Module 4, related to your clinical topic of interest and PICOT.

Reflect on your current healthcare organization and think about potential opportunities for evidence-based change, using your topic of interest and PICOT as the basis for your reflection.

Consider the best method of disseminating the results of your presentation to an audience. 

The Assignment: Recommending an Evidence-Based Practice Change

Create an 8- to 9-slide narrated PowerPoint presentation in which you do the following:

Briefly describe your healthcare organization, including its culture and readiness for change. (You may opt to keep various elements of this anonymous, such as your company name.)

Describe the current problem or opportunity for change. Include in this description the circumstances surrounding the need for change, the scope of the issue, the stakeholders involved, and the risks associated with change implementation in general.

Propose an evidence-based idea for a change in practice using an EBP approach to decision making. Note that you may find further research needs to be conducted if sufficient evidence is not discovered.

Describe your plan for knowledge transfer of this change, including knowledge creation, dissemination, and organizational adoption and implementation.

Explain how you would disseminate the results of your project to an audience. Provide a rationale for why you selected this dissemination strategy.

Describe the measurable outcomes you hope to achieve with the implementation of this evidence-based change.

Be sure to provide APA citations of the supporting evidence-based peer reviewed articles you selected to support your thinking.

Add a lessons learned section that includes the following:

A summary of the critical appraisal of the peer-reviewed articles you previously submitted

An explanation about what you learned from completing the Evaluation Table within the Critical Appraisal Tool Worksheet Template (1-3 slides)

USE APPRAISAL Assignment as a resource


unit 6 lab essay help

I need this paraphrased so that it shows less than 10% on turnitin.com report. Please provide turnitin.com report.

This week’s Unit 6 lab showed us how hackers use a method of hacking called social engineering in order to gain access to certain information. The beginning steps of a hackers process they have to do their due diligence and see what they can obtain on a certain individual. This mean the hackers has to navigate through websites such as social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. to gain information on their targets. Unit 6 Lab’s reviews how hackers gain information, and how it maybe exploited in an attack, and lastly how to pick out an attack. The lab in Unit 6 gave us three individuals for a company called CorporateTechs. It had us conduct a search on LinkedIn.com and on Google.com for each individual. After conducting the search, the feedback from the search was pretty good, it provided enough information on the three individuals to be able to conduct an attack. Part number two of the lab, was for us to fill out the contact information in order for us to receive an email. This email appeared to be from a legitimate source with a conformation link. After clicking the link, it took us to another window where it showed us a message stating it was a phishing attack. It also displayed my IP address, and the web browser used. Part number 3 had us using Nmap to see what information could be open. The lab only had it use port number 80 which was the apache server. Then we used IPNetinfo to gain a little more insight on what’s being used. Overall the Unit 6 lab gave us a good insight on how social engineering is used, and what all entails to do so. Social engineer is one of the hackers many tools that can be effective to the untrained users of the internet.


10 questions essay help site:edu

1. You are the staging area expert on the project team for a large toy manufacturer. Discuss the four modes of applying data to the data warehouse. Select the modes you want to use for your data warehouse and explain the reasons for your selection.

2. Assume that you are the data quality expert on the data warehouse project team for a large financial institution with many legacy systems dating back to the 1970’s. Review the types of data quality problems you are likely to have and make suggestions on how to deal with those.

3. Compare the usage and value of information in the data warehouse with those in operational systems. Explain the major differences. Discuss and give examples.

4. Prepare an outline for a standards manual for your data warehouse. Consider all types of objects and their naming conventions. Indicate why standards are important. Produce a detailed table of contents. Saudi Telecom – Questions for Discussion

5. Why do you think telecommunications companies are among the prime users of information visualization tools?

6. What were their challenges, the proposed solution, and the obtained results? Mining for Lies Case Study 7. How can text/data mining be used to detect deception in text?

8. What do you think are the main challenges for such an automated system? Big Data and Analytics in Politics Case Study

9. What is the role of analytics and Big Data in modern day politics? Do you think Big Data analytics could change the outcome of an election?

10. What do you think are the challenges, the potential solution, and the probable results of the use of Big Data analytics in politics?


7.1 Cambridge Transplant Center Case Study This case introduces you to the Cambridge Transplant Center, which is eager to essay help online free: essay help online free

7.1 Cambridge Transplant Center Case Study
This case introduces you to the Cambridge Transplant Center, which is eager to expand its organ transplant services. As the case notes, the largest issue facing Cambridge is determining reimbursement for Phase 4 of the transplant process with the specialized company that handles these services. Phase 4 costs are either hospital or physician costs, and physician costs are already agreed on. Thus, this case focuses on how Cambridge should attempt to structure reimbursement for hospital costs associated with Phase 4 of transplant procedures.

Cost savings appeared to involve reducing the length of stay, but costs are not linear. In other words, shorter stays are not uniformly less expensive.

Imagine you are a consultant hired to analyze the situation and you recommend a fixed reimbursement amount for Phase 4 hospital services. The data provided to you reveals that 60 percent of the costs are fixed and 40 percent are variable. Current payers are reimbursing Cambridge at about $140,000 for Phase 4 services. Further, Cambridge wants to expand this service and has the capacity to deliver 30 more transplants per year; anything beyond 30 additional transplants would require additional fixed costs of 15–25 percent.

In addition to being asked to structure reimbursement for the Phase 4 of transplant procedures, you are also asked to come up with a method for handling outliers—those patients that consume extraordinarily more resources than other patients. Other hospitals charge additional per diems after some length of stay threshold is passed, while others charge some percentage of costs above the threshold.

Work through the case study and take notes based on the questions found in the Assignments section of this module.

View the 7.1 Activity: Cambridge Transplant Center Case Study next.

(this link opens in a new window/tab)


Structures that Recognize Employee Contributions: Long-Term Incentive Pay and Executive Compensation essay help site:edu

Strategic Compensation: Chapter 11
Lee, D. Everything You Need to Know About Stock Options and RSUs. Harvard Business Review. 2021. https://hbr.org/2021/08/everything-you-need-to-know-about-stock-options-and-rsus (Links to an external site.)
“2.3 (Dis)incentives from Bonus Plans” and “2.4 (Dis)Incentives from Capital Markets” (Page 33-41) in Murphy, K. J. (2013). Executive compensation: Where we are, and how we got there. In Handbook of the Economics of Finance . https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2041679 (Links to an external site.)
Case: Equity on Demand: The Netflix Approach to Compensation. Harvard Business School Case #CG19-PDF-ENG. (This case is available for purchase on the Harvard Business Publishing website with this link: https://hbsp.harvard.edu/import/855127 (Links to an external site.) this is the one I uploaded

1. When an employee joins her organization, she gets an option to purchase 1000 shares with a strike price of $2 per share, and these shares vest over four years. One year later, the stock price is $3 per share. Two years later, the stock price is $4 per share. The employee then quits and exercises any vested options. Which of the following statements is true?

Group of answer choices

a. The employee exercises the option to purchase 500 shares, paying $2 per share.

b. The employee exercises the option to purchase 500 shares, paying $4 per share.

c. The employee exercises the option to purchase 1000 shares, paying $2 per share.

d. The employee exercises the option to purchase 1000 shares, paying $4 per share.

e. The employee exercises the option, purchasing 250 shares at $3 per share, and 250 shares at $4 per share.

2. According to Murphy, what are the problems from CEO’s bonus plans based on accounting measures? Would these problems be effectively mitigated by shifting from accounting- to equity-based plans?

3. What are the differences between stock options and RSUs? Which of them carries higher risk for employees?

4. Evaluate Netflix’s compensation program. In what ways is it more efficient than the more standard practice whereby the firm decides the compensation mix for employees? In what ways is it less efficient?

5. The new CEO of your company, hired on January 1, 2019, is paid a compensation package (excluding fringe benefits) consisting of 3 components: stock options, annual base salary, and bonus. The stock options grant is 30,000 stock options with a strike price of $75, expiring after 10 years and cliff-vested after 1 year (i.e., they can be exercised on or after January 1, 2020). Annual base salary is $200,000. The bonus is a typical “80/120” plan based on what the company’s “Earnings Before Tax” (EBT) is relative to a “Target Earnings Before Tax” (EBT0) that is set by the board of directors. Specifically, the CEO’s bonus function, f, is as follows:

Bonus = f(EBT) = 0 if EBT < 0.7×EBT0

= $150,000 0.1×(EBT – 0.7×EBT0) if 0.7×EBT0 < EBT < 1.2×EBT0
= $450,000 if EBT > 1.2×EBT0

Assume the following targets and actual performance of your company in the next two years:



EBT (actual)



EBT0 (target)



Stock Price



What is your CEO’s total pay in both years assuming he exercises his options as soon as possible?

Group of answer choices

a.2019: $650,000 2020: $1,070,000

b.2019: $650,000 2020: $1,190,000

c.2019: $470,000 2020: $1,190,000

d.2019: $470,000 2020: $1,070,000


Please complete the following after reading the book Persepolis. The Iranian revolution was the result of a complex set essay help: essay help

Please complete the following after reading the book Persepolis. The Iranian revolution was the result of a complex set of social, economic, political, and ideological changes that the Iranian society underwent in the 20th century. What are some of these changes that you observe in Satrapi’s account in Persepolis?
Please make sure that your analysis is based on an analytical and critical reading of the readings.
Your essay needs to have a solid introduction where it describes the context within which these documents were created.
Your essay needs to be concrete in terms of referring to specific sections of the readings and giving specific examples to support your arguments. Please avoid making vague statements without due evidence.


Both classes are related to business. They are more discussions then assignments. You will be responsible for completing all the essay help online: essay help online

Both classes are related to business. They are more discussions then assignments. You will be responsible for completing all the discussions which to include replying to students along with assignments quizzes ect I will a pay at the end of every week. This insures you complete the work needed to standard for that week if at the end of the week grades for that week is 75 percent or below you will not be paid. I can be reached jahninsmith at g m a i l . c o m


I am writing an argumentative essay on the new abortion law in Texas. My main question is “Does the Essay college admission essay help

I am writing an argumentative essay on the new abortion law in Texas. My main question is “Does the Texas abortion law violate women’s rights?” and I need to write a annotated bibliography. Can u find sources that help my argument that it is violating women right and write an annotated bibliography.

here are the instructions for the assignment:
Annotated Bibliography Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to select sources and to (re)define your research question for your readers. Prepare bibliographic entries using in A Writer’s Reference “MLA Style (refer to MLA-4b, pages 394-423), and following each entry offer a critical summary/evaluation (5 sentences minimum per source which will be about 25 sentences for the entire assignment)). Your annotated bibliography should contain at least 5 sources. For each source, begin by brainstorming responses to the following questions:

For each source, begin by brainstorming responses to the following questions:

What is the purpose of the source?
Who is the author’s intended audience, and how do you know this?
What is the author’s thesis? What evidence supports their thesis?
What qualifications and expertise does the author bring?
Does the author have any biases or make any questionable assumptions?
Why do you think this source is useful for your essay? How will you use the source in your essay? (Does the source provide background or context? Does the source define the issue? Does the source provide evidence for your thesis? Does the source support, disagree, support and disagree, or complicate your thesis?)
How does this source relate to the other sources in your bibliography? (Does the source agree with another source? Does the source disagree with another source? Does the source provide further explanation or evidence for another source?)


Let’s say that you wanted to get a $1,000 loan that you would pay back in 1 year. Assume that essay help: essay help

Let’s say that you wanted to get a $1,000 loan that you would pay back in 1 year. Assume that you will pay back all of the interest and principle of the loan in 1 year. How much interest would there be if you borrowed the money from: A bank or credit union. A cash advance from a credit card. A payday loan company. List the amount of interest you would pay in each situation (include the company websites where you found the interest rates as well as the names of each of the companies you looked into).


Scenario Instructions: 1. The following scenario is your assignment for this block of instruction. You are the battalion chaplain. argumentative essay help

Scenario Instructions:

1. The following scenario is your assignment for this block of instruction. You are the battalion chaplain. Using this data as your collected interview information, write a report of interview seven-paragraph memorandum on 1LT Peter Pacifist in accordance with the rubric.

2. Your report will be no longer than one page (Arial, 12 point font), in statement format, and must contain the five key elements covered in class and outlined in AR 600-43. At the beginning of each paragraph, identify the element about which you are writing. The first paragraph will contain factual data about the applicant and interview; the seventh paragraph will contain point of contact information. Conclude with your signature block and signature.

General Information:

1LT1 Peter J. Pacifist, SSN 000-00-0000, is assigned to Headquarters Company, 3d Battalion, 81st Armor, located at Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121. He is the S-1 for the battalion.


First Lieutenant Pacifist was raised by devout, “God-fearing” parents who are members of the Church of God (Oklahoma).2 He attended Oklahoma A


LEA 11 a level english language essay help

Part 1: Wrestle with the essential question(s) and respond to it/them. Answer the question(s) clearly and concisely, providing evidence or examples for claims, cite the readings/videos/podcasts when appropriate, making connections to your life and/or current events, and being reflexive over how the material has shaped your previous and present understandings of the topic.

 Essential Question(s): What does it mean to be patriotic? Who gets to decide? 







For your Final Paper, you will identify and synthesize the concepts and constructs of personality theory that you find essay help: essay help

For your Final Paper, you will identify and synthesize the concepts and constructs of personality theory that you find to be the most accurate and appropriate in explaining personality and development.

Throughout the course, you have engaged, probed, picked apart, and evaluated the thinking of a large number of theorists who wrote during different historical periods from different disciplinary, paradigmatic, and ideological perspectives. Based on different realms of human experience, the theorists moved toward a fundamental understanding of a single topic and fundamental question: What is the human personality, and, more generally, what makes us what we are as individuals and as a species?

You have already begun this task by identifying what you feel are the most compelling concepts in the first four of the seven theoretical models covered in the course during the Week 3 Primary Concepts assignment. You will continue that process in the first part of this Personality Theory Final Paper by identifying what you find to be the most compelling concepts in the remaining three models. Then you will continue that assessment by synthesizing the concepts of personality that

Best explain the roles of heredity and environment.
Provide the best means of assessing personality.
Provide the best theoretical explanation for your personal journey of personality development.

Provide the most useful applications for you as a scholar and professional.
Your paper should be organized according to the following scheme, with sections organized under the following APA-formatted headings. Address the following specifications for each heading. (For instructions on writing proper headings and other document elements, see the Writing Center’s APA Style Elements (Links to an external site.).)

In your paper, include the following:


Start your paper with a general, academic introduction to the topic of theories of personality.

Explain what you plan to cover and the direction your paper will take.
Major Concepts

In Week 3, you identified what you considered to be the most important concepts from the psychodynamic, the neurobiological, the cognitive, and the trait models of personality. In this section of the Final Paper, you will present a concept from each of the remaining three models—behavioral, interpersonal, and self-psychology models.

For each of these three concepts:

Apply a proper APA heading to separate the section.
Describe the concept.
Identify the theorist associated with the concept.
Provide a rationale for why the selected concept is the most applicable from that model.
Keep in mind that the object of this assignment is to identify and discuss a specific concept from each model and not to focus on just one model or provide overviews of the models per se.

The Roles of Heredity and Environment

In this class, we have explored the roles heredity, the environment, and epigenetics play in the development of personality. In this section,

Synthesize your views on how heredity and the environment affect personality development.
Assessment in Personality Theory

In this section, reflect on the various methods for assessing personality that have been presented in this course, and select one that you feel is most useful.

Describe briefly the assessment method that you believe is most useful in assessing personality.
Justify your selection of this method.
Personal Applications

In this section of the paper, reflect on your personality and address the following items:

Identify which of the seven models best explains your developmental journey.
Provide at least one specific example of an element or elements of your personality that are explained by your selected model.
Career Applications

In this section, consider how you can use the knowledge from this course as a professional, addressing the following item:

Explain how you can use the knowledge you have gained about personality development to help achieve your career goals.

Provide a brief conclusion, addressing the following:

Summarize the ideas presented in your synthesis of, and reflection on, personality theory.
The Personality Theory Final Paper

Must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and must use proper APA headings with all document and citation formatted according to APA Style (Links to an external site.) as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA Formatting for Microsoft Word (Links to an external site.) resource.
Must include a separate title page with the following:
Title of paper in bold font
Space should appear between the title and the rest of the information on the title page.
Student’s name
Name of institution (University of Arizona Global Campus)
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Due date
Must utilize academic voice. See the Academic Voice (Links to an external site.) resource for additional guidance.
Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.
For assistance on writing Introductions


Dear Writer, I am in a Pre Doctotal Course where we practice coming up with a Problem Statement, the custom essay help

Dear Writer,
I am in a Pre Doctotal Course where we practice coming up with a Problem Statement, the purpose of the study or purpose statement etc.
This week the assignment was to create research questions to go along with the topic written below these instructions. please follow the instructions to create the research questions related below. At the end please include any references you use to the references listed below. Please include the two research questions you create to the information given and create one APA document.
Thank you.
Your assignment is to draft two or more research questions. These questions can be either qualitative or quantitative or a mixture of both.

Qualitative: Research questions must be aligned with the purpose statement. Qualitative research questions should be open-ended and reflect the nature of the qualitative design (avoid yes/no and closed-ended questions).

Quantitative: Research questions must be aligned with the purpose statement and should include proposed hypothesis(es). Ensure the research questions and hypothesis(es) are aligned with the purpose statement. The research questions and hypotheses must be directly answerable, specific, and testable based on the data collected.

(Quantitative/Mixed Studies Only)

Both null hypotheses and alternative hypotheses should be stated. Each must directly correspond with a research question. Hypotheses must be stated in testable, potentially negatable, form with each variable operationalized. Note: Each hypothesis represents one distinct testable prediction. Upon testing, each hypothesis must be entirely supported or entirely negated.

Length: 1 page, not including title page (reference page not required)
Week 4
Research Questions

Research questions allow researchers to address the problem and fulfill the purpose of any study. Research questions must be aligned with the problem and purpose of the study, both in content and in wording. One way to begin identifying the best research questions for a study is to try posing the topic as a question. For instance, if you are interested in teachers’ views of merit pay, your question might be: “What are the perceptions of teachers regarding merit pay for student performance?” If you are interested in determining if your new reading curriculum results in academic gains as measured by standardized tests, your research question might be: “How do reading scores change after implementing the new reading curriculum?” Or, “What is the effect of a new reading curriculum on students’ reading achievement as measured by standardized tests?”

Once you have identified a research topic question, you should formulate two or more sub-questions serving as the research questions for your study. For instance, consider the question, “How do reading scores change after implementing the new reading curriculum?” For this topic question, you might develop these sub-questions:

1) How do reading scores change for males after implementation of the new reading curriculum?

2) How do reading scores change for females after implementation of the new reading curriculum?

3) How do students rate reading enjoyment after implementation of the new reading curriculum?

Ask yourself, “How can I measure or answer these questions?” This will help you narrow options for an approach to use for data collection. Here is a checklist to use in the development of your research questions:

Did I create several questions closely related to my topic and aligned with my problem and purpose statements?
Are my questions measurable or answerable?
Is the scope of my questions reasonable for the time and resources I have to complete this research?
Will these questions help me better understand some area needing to be changed or improved?
Are my questions phrased to avoid leading language such as: “Since children hate homework, how many minutes of after-school work should be assigned?”
Are my questions worded to avoid the word “why” as this is very difficult to answer in any study?
Do my questions avoid a “yes” or “no” response, since scholarly research should provide more in-depth results?
The tool below can be used to help create research questions. Hypotheses are only required for quantitative methodologies.

Your research questions should be directly aligned with the purpose statement. Your research questions should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards where appropriate. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.
Content to Create Research Questions about below. ___________________________________________________
Children, from an early age, should have access to art, music, and other modes of creation through their schools and educational centers. This ensures that they can engage in an all-rounded development (Craw 146-148).

The problem is that currently in Early Childhood Education, the situation is highly dependent upon individual schools and educators. While some of them may choose to integrate arts in the education, others continue to focus on studies only and nothing else (Sullivan and Bers 341-342).
The purpose of this qualitative study is to clarify and elaborate the benefits associated with incorporating music, arts, and other creative modes in the early stages of a child’s educational phase. The study builds upon recent studies by various authors who attempt to explain the relationship between the success of early childhood motor development and the introduction of arts and creation modes in early childhood education.
For the purpose of this study, Bjorklund et al. (2017) elaborates on the perception of teachers on integrating art and mathematics with thematic work. The findings determine that students view education in science and math with art differently and that this diversity offers the students a myriad of dynamic learning possibilities. In a bid to determine methods to determine skills in art marking, Boyd et al. (2015) applied pedagogical and philosophical theories. The results showed that art teaching in early childhood stems a significant impact on their art enthusiasm. Craws article of Te Whāriki, a New Zealand childhood curriculum that promotes early childhood art-making skills, found that early childhood education student-teachers are more active in acquiring art and pedagogy (Craw, 2015). Data on the success of the inclusion of art and creation modes in early childhood education was collected from surveys and questionnaires from teachers in schools offering arts and other creative modes of activity. The surveys mainly involved questions like; what is the success rate of students involved in the art classes? What is the general student reaction to the art classes? A meta-analysis approach was also be applied whereby data gathered from different research studies relevant to this topic will be collected for a more comprehensive overview of the current topic (Akhter et al., 2019). Convenience sampling was chosen as the best option for this study as the study subjects all have different times of availability as well as how willing they are to participate and will be surveyed as such. A thematic analysis was applied in analyzing the interview responses and questionnaire answers (Kiger


Connection Between Our Culture and the News Media a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

For the initial post, respond to one of the following options, and label the beginning of your post indicating either Option 1 or Option 2:

Option 1: The framers of the Constitution were concerned that everyday citizens would not be able to understand or comprehend the makings of our government. They felt that everyday citizens were uninformed and did not care what was going on in our government. Even today we see where citizens are interested in government affairs seemingly only if our country is in turmoil such as unemployment, recessions, civil unrest, etc. Do you agree with this assessment? Are we uninformed? Do we wait till a crisis happens to voice our opinions?

Option 2: Many experts see the media as biased and more like infotainment. In fact, many people have turned to social networks as an outlet for news instead of CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN and other news stations. Do you see this as an issue? Do you see the news as biased or unbiased? Should there be more restrictions on the news stations?

Be sure to make connections between your ideas and conclusions and the research, concepts, terms, and theory we are discussing this week.


INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND FINANCIAL MARKETSVirtual Stock Exchange Project You will be participating in a virtual stock exchange! You will be buying and selling stock over the next 4 mod college application essay help: college application essay help

You will want to register for the game during the first few days of this course. To register your account, go to:http://www.marketwatch.com/game/YOURGAME**Your instructor will provide you with the name of YOURGAME for this term.
Game Password: PASSWORD**Your instructor will provide you with the password for this term.
Registration is free.
You will be “given” $500,000 in fictional funds.
Each position you take in an asset must be a minimum of 5% of your assets and a maximum of 10% of your assets.
Cash must not exceed 20% of your portfolio at any time. We want you invested, not sitting on the sidelines.
Resources that you may find to be particularly valuable for your research include:
MarketWatch: http://www.marketwatch.com/
Wall Street Journal: www.wsj.com
Yahoo Finance: finance.yahoo.com
Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates: http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/data-chart-center/interest-rates/Pages/TextView.aspx?data=yield
Bloomberg: www.bloomberg.com
Module 1 SLP Assignment
Make 3 stock purchases and provide information about the companies.
Please download the Module 1 SLP template. You will type your answer into this Excel workbook. When finished with the SLP assignment, please save the document with your last name and submit to the dropbox.
Purchase 1 through 3: Complete 3 stock purchases of your choice. Buy at least $10,000 worth of each stock. At least one of these stocks must pay a dividend. You are free to make additional purchases. Do not sell your required stock purchases yet.Don’t worry, you don’t have to use any fancy methods to pick these stocks. The only restrictions are they need to be publicly traded companies with data available on webpages such as Investing.com or Morningstar.com or any of the other webpages mentioned in the directions. Your choice of companies can be made based on a variety of factors. For example, you may want to invest in a company simply because you like its products and personally use them. You can also apply some of the criteria from the background readings such as the P/E ratio, or you can search the internet and see what different analysts are saying about this company.
You will need to include the following information for each stock in this workbook:Company NameTicker SymbolShort Description of CompanyReason for BuyingCurrent PricePrevious Close Price52-week High52-week LowBetaMarket CapP/E RatioPays a Dividend? (Yes or No)
SLP Assignment Expectations
 Answer the assignment questions directly.


INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN THE WORKPLACEAssignment Overview View the following presentation: https://sway.office.com/s/ozVssnT5rRZ7FPWe/embed What do you think happens when you put together a group o essay help

What do you think happens when you put together a group of people from a variety of diverse backgrounds and cultures? This is what you are going to learn in this module. Two commonly recognized benefits include:
better problem solving
increased productivity
Think of staffing a company like putting together a puzzle: fitting people into the best “fit” with their skills and experiences, but not forgetting about considering their potential, too.
Not only do new diverse employees bring their skills and experiences, but they also bring their knowledge and ideas. Employees should not be nervous about making suggestions in front of their peers because research has shown that diverse teams see a “60% improvement in decision-making abilities” (PM Editorial, 2017, para. 2).
Source: PM Editorial. (2017, October 23). Diversity drives better decisions. People Management. Retrieved from https://www.peoplemanagement.co.uk/experts/research/diversity-drives-better-decisions. Available in the Trident Online Library.
Every employee has valuable input regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or other cultural variables. It really all comes down to experience as to the quality of their suggestions.
Have you ever worked at a company where you had a supervisor who did not seem to appreciate you for your differences from your coworkers? If not, imagine that you were in that position—one where nothing you did seemed to please your supervisor. How would that make you feel? Given this scenario, would you be prepared to work all day with an upbeat feeling of confidence that you are a valued asset to your employer?
Your feelings really depend upon your own key personality characteristics, so it is important to know what those characteristics are. You can easily find out by taking the free Big 5 Test that is comparable to both the Myers-Briggs and Jung tests. The five factors measured by this test are: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability (also called “neuroticism”), and intellect/imagination (also called “openness”). The test only takes about seven minutes or less to complete.
Learn more about diversity.
Case Assignment
In this first Case Assignment, you are asked to take a personality test to see what your five major personality factors are. When you have completed the test, your assignment is to write an essay that addresses the results of your personality test and how your characteristics affect your job attitude and performance.
Your essay will cover the following five questions:
List your five personality factors, including your score. Describe a summary of each factor according to the report received after taking the test.
After reviewing your report, is there any part of the report that you do not agree with? Why do you not agree with it? Explain in detail.
Is there any part of your personality characteristics that you want to work on to change? Explain in detail.
How does your personality affect your attitude at work? At home? In a public setting? Explain in detail.
How does your personality affect your job performance? Explain in detail.
For this assignment, submit a 4- to 5-page essay, not counting the cover or reference list pages.
A good way to organize your paper is to divide it into the following sections:
Introduction that briefly describes the assignment and personality test
Do I agree with my test results?
Time for a change?
Personality vs attitude
Personality vs job performance
Support your arguments with at least two scholarly references to the concepts you discuss in your paper.
This assignment is about you, so feel free to write in the first person, using the words I, me, my, etc.
Note: A URL (website address) is not a reference. A reference always contains four parts: author, publication date, article title, and the source of the article. Sometimes there is no author, but the APA manual tells you what you can put in that spot instead. The source for a high-quality peer-reviewed journal article is the journal. When you find an article in the Library, look for the ” icon and click on it then select the APA format from the drop-down list and you can then copy/paste the reference onto your reference list. You may have to clean it up some because they are not always input into the database correctly.


Instructions You are the administrator of a clinic with 50 employees. You have been tasked with facilitating discussion with other health professionals in your clinic to select a new EHR system, which scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

You have been tasked with facilitating
discussion with other health professionals in your clinic to select a new EHR system, which will be
implemented across the organization. Please complete the assignment as indicated in the instructions
Part 1
Construct a plan to build 1-2 effective teams to collaborate in selecting a new EHR system for the clinic.
Identify the professional roles that should be represented on your team(s). You should be prepared for
possible disagreements regarding priorities and processes, so your plan must include at least three (3)
team/consensus building methods.
Part 2
Evaluate the concepts of change management theories, techniques, and leadership by assessing
typical challenges seen with implementing a new EHR system across an organization. Your evaluation
should demonstrate that you have considered how a transition to EHR would result in the need to plan
for change management interventions. Provide two (2) examples of challenges arising from EHR
adoption and detail the change management theories that you would enact to overcome resistance to
Part 3
Demonstrate implementation of a departmental strategic plan by detailing at least two (2) areas of risk
exposure mitigation, organizational or process re-design, training, or communication strategy, as they
relate to EHR implementation.
Part 4
Demonstrate understanding of the purpose of the procurement process. What are the purposes of the
Request for Proposal (RFP), the Request for Information (RFI) and the Request for Quotation (RFQ)?
Provide detail for when and how to use each to help an HCO more fully identify its needs and the issues
involved with planning for significant projects or purchases.
Assignment Requirements:
● Please complete all parts in a Microsoft Word document.
● The body of your document should be at least 1200 words in length.
● Quoting should be less than 10% of the entire paper. Paraphrasing is necessary.
● Students must cite and reference at least 4 credible sources 
● Please be sure you’re meeting APA expectations for written Assignments. 


INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN THE WORKPLACESLP Assignment Overview Groups and Teams at Work A 2014 study by Judge and Papata found that all personality traits are more predictive of job performance when t essay help online free

In addition, the study found that the employees’ traits also indicated how they would act in a situation because of those same traits.
You took a test about your own personality traits for the Case Assignment in Module 1. Did you find that the results were what you expected? Most people find that they are generally correct, but they all have a surprise or two. Did you know that if you were to wait an hour and retake the test that your results would be different? This is because as you read your first test results, you rationalize why the findings were correct or incorrect and then you try to change up your answers in an attempt to change your results. If you were to take the test after a much longer period of time after taking it the first time, your results may also be different. This is because your frame of mind when taking a test also impacts the answers you select.
To combat people changing their answers to get a “better” result, test designers reframe questions in several ways, inserting multiple ways to ask the same question. Some test-takers are bothered by the repetition of questions, most likely because they do not realize it is done intentionally. If they were to list all of the repeat questions, though, they would find that each is written differently from the others.
SLP Assignment
In the Module 1 Case, you were required to take a personality exam, such as the one recommended by PsychCentral because of its similarity to the Myers-Briggs (MBTI). The results may have been very close to what you think are your personality characteristics, although some of them may have been a surprise to you. Keeping those personality characteristics in mind and after reading the descriptions of all of the characteristic categories, think about how these characteristics affect your own work attitudes and job performance.
For this SLP assignment, address the following questions related to topics covered in this Module in a 2- to 3-page paper, not counting the cover and reference list pages. Note that when the assignment calls for a submission of 2-3 pages, this means the professor is hoping for three pages, but is willing to accept two as long as those are two full pages.
What are your personality characteristics? In what ways do they affect your attitudes at work?
How does your work attitude affect your job performance and behaviors?
Then, meet with your manager or a coworker who knows you well, and discuss your findings in your personality test. Discuss how they see you compared to your test results. In the final submission, include a paragraph of at least 75 words covering the highlights of your discussion with that person.
(If you are not currently working, you can select a family member, friend, or someone else who knows you well to complete this part of the assignment.)
Support your responses to the questions in this 2- to 3-page assignment with at least one high-quality reference from the Trident Online Library. High-quality references come from peer-reviewed academic journals and text books. All references must be properly cited and included on the References page.
Remember to spell check your submission. In addition, check for the correct use of basic APA formatting of the document and references, such as the use of Times New Roman size 12 font, double-spaced paragraphs, paragraphs indented ½ inch, margins on all four sides of the paper set at 1 inch, and bolded headings. You can use another formatting style, such as Chicago or MLA, as long as you use it consistently throughout your paper.
This paper is all about you, so it is perfectly fine to respond to any and all of the assignment questions in the first person.


Your precis should have exactly four sentences: – The first sentence identifies who wrote the text, where and when Essay scholarship essay help

Your precis should have exactly four sentences:
– The first sentence identifies who wrote the text, where and when it was published, and what its topic and claim are.
– The second sentence summarizes how the text is developed and organized.
– The third sentence explains why the author wrote this, her purpose or intended effect.
– The fourth and final sentence describes the “for whom” of the text by clarifying who the intended or assumed audience of this text is.

While a precis is not a long piece of writing, it can be challenging to write because it requires you to first, read and understand the article thoroughly, and second, to summarize the article concisely. Each word in your precis matters.

After your precis, please include 1-2 questions that you have about that week’s readings (including the article you summarized, or one of the other articles assigned for that week), and/or some discussion questions that you would like to discuss in class.


Essay – Painting Analysis essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

As part of the discussion this week, you made a brief exploration of a work of art to understand its subject, meaning, and intent. In this assignment, you will explore an artwork in more depth to consider the context in which it was created. Choose any painting, and address the following:

Explain the artistic movement associated with the work of art.
Describe the style of the artist (How is the artist unique within the movement?)
Examine in some depth the influences that shaped the work. Address at least 2 of the following:
Stylistic influences
Subject/content influences
Cross-disciplinary influences such as literature, philosophy, music, science, technology, etc.
Historical influences
Political influences
Reflect on your learning.
How did your research enhance your appreciation of the artwork?
How does understanding the context of a work help in interpreting it?
Include the following in your paper:

Name of the painting
Name of the artist
Date created
Image of the painting


Health Insurance Calculations – Medicare Non-Physician Provider Please review the lecture information prior to completing this task. This scenario is for a non-physician provider, such as NP or PA, essay help

  This scenario is for a non-physician provider, such as NP or PA, who contracts with Medicare.  More information is available to you in Chapter 9 of your text. 
Analyze a scenario to determine monetary responsibility for a visit.
Fill in the blanks in the following payment situations:
 Scenario 1
Calculate the following amounts for a nurse practitioner who bills Medicare as incident to a supervising physician (billed under the physician’s NPI).
Submitted charge                                                                   $75
Medicare allowed amount (MPFS)                                         $60
Nurse practitioner allowed amount (100% of MPFS) $    
Medicare payment (80 percent of the allowed amount)        $    
Coinsurance amount (20% allowed amount)                         $    
Provider write-off                                                                    $    
 Scenario 2
Calculate the following amounts for a nurse practitioner who bills Medicare under their own NPI.
Submitted charge                                                                   $75
Medicare allowed amount (MPFS)                                         $60 
Nurse practitioner allowed amount                                         $    
(80% of office charge or 85% of MPFS whichever is lower)
Medicare payment (80% of the allowed amount)                  $       
Coinsurance amount                                                              $      
Provider write-off                                                                    $      


This is a writing assignment on the documentary called “the color of fear”. My paper is 90 percent finished best college essay help: best college essay help

This is a writing assignment on the documentary called “the color of fear”. My paper is 90 percent finished – its just missing the introduction to the cast members( SEE ON SAMPLE PAPER). I am going to send you my paper – as well as the sample paper that was given in class so you can see what is missing.

This addition should only be a paper long – Thank you


Please see the film Shattered Glass (Lionsgate, 2003). You should be able to find the film online on Youtube cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Please see the film Shattered Glass (Lionsgate, 2003). You should be able to find the film online on Youtube Movies ($4 rental), Amazon (often free with ads if you are an Amazon Prime member, otherwise $4), Tubi (often free with registration) or on DVD.

Important: You must include a screenshot of the movie and indicate the website where you watched it in your response.

Important: Since you’ll be seeing this film in digital format, you must include timestamps in your response, particularly for question [a] below. Answers without this verifiable time identification will be returned.

We know clips from the film are available online. Using information from those sources is easily detectable and would constitute a violation of our Integrity Affirmation.


[a] What scene in the film made the strongest impression on you? Please describe.

[b] What habits did Glass develop that proved harmful to him? How can you avoid developing comparable bad habits yourself?

[c] What advice would you give to editors about how to avoid hiring someone like Stephen Glass? What kind of pre-employment screening do you recommend? Please remember this related Integrity Seminars video.

A word of caution: We’re not asking you to find outside commentary on this film. You’re being asked to think and write for yourself. Much of what we see online about the film is demonstrably wrong–and an invitation to plagiarism (we monitor two pertinent plagiarism sites in particular).
The more students appropriate someone else’s work and submit it as their own the less they expand their own capacity for creative thought. To the extent academic dishonesty becomes habitual, they’re diminishing the quality of their own education.

Repeatedly engaging in academic dishonesty is comparable to aspiring to be a top athlete, but hiring someone else to do all the practice and training. It simply doesn’t work. The failure inevitably becomes apparent on the athletic field and in the workplace. Meanwhile, when dishonesty is detected–as it often is–students are creating educational records damaging to their reputation.


Instructions Tracy, the manager at Ruby Red Movie Theater, is extremely worried about concession stand sales. Tracy has indicated that she is at a loss regarding how many employees should be working i essay help

Tracy has indicated that she is at a loss regarding how many employees should be working in the concession stand area and how many concession stand items should be sold per day. Tracy is even considering closing the concession stand area. Output, labor, and price information for items sold in the concession stand area have been provided in the Unit V Assignment Worksheet. Your assignment is to help Tracy figure out the optimal number of workers and the number of items that should be sold daily. Let’s keep the concession stand open! Access the Unit V Assignment Worksheet in Blackboard. Complete the following in the Unit V Assignment Worksheet. Part 1Complete the table, calculating the total variable cost of labor, total cost per day, total revenue, profit, average variable cost, average fixed cost, average total cost, marginal cost, and marginal revenue. Part 2Answer the questions after the table as a guide to use when writing your essay. Part 3Write an essay of at least 750 words. 
Briefly describe the calculations you made when filling in the table data. 
Indicate the profit-maximizing level of output and employees along with the two ways you found this optimal level. This profit-maximizing level of output and employees will tell you how to keep the concession stand open. 
Describe the average price level for concession stand items that would be required to force the theater to shut down the concession stand in the short run, and include how you determined this level.
Include a copy of the completed table and your answers to the questions in the worksheet after your essay (e.g., on the page following your reference page, if you have one). The word count will not include the information in the table. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references and citations used must be in APA Style.


submit a short, briefing paper on a significant security issue facing the modern Middle East. It can be anything: climate essay help: essay help

submit a short, briefing paper on a significant security issue facing the modern Middle East. It can be anything: climate change, weapons of mass destruction, human trafficking, terrorism, etc., so long as it fits within the geographic scope of the course. The briefing should be no longer than 1,000 words total 1.5 spaced in MS Word format. The briefing needs to introduce the subject effectively, examine the historical context of the issue, explain how it emerged as an important historical issue/event, describe its current relevance, and offer 2-3 policy recommendations on how to respond to the matter. The sketch needs to make use of high quality academic sources, such as books, journals, and intelligence reports (see Economist Intelligence Unit), should not use generic websites (i.e., history.com), and must use Chicago Style citations. This is a formal assignment and so all information used needs to be accompanied with a citation, using Chicago style citations. Assignments that are not formatted properly will be returned at a reduction of 5 percent.


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The assignment instructions and information have been given in a document in the files section. Read all instructions thoroughly and answer the questions with a high degree of accuracy. The following are some examples of the types of sources the writer can use for the assignment; scholarly sources, government sites, NGOs and media sources. Be sure to use reliable sources of information